Judge Throws Out “Hate Speech” Case after SJW Reports White Student’s Private Phone Conversation

The 20-year-old young man in the photo is Wesley Richter.

A college student at the University of Vermont. His story is special.

When I first read of the trouble that befell him last October, I was reminded of stories of communist informers secretly reporting overheard, potentially problematic conversations made by unsuspecting neighbors to The Party’s secret police, and watching with suppressed glee as their neighbors were carted off to underground interrogation chambers. Unfortunately, this isn’t an article about life in the Eastern bloc in the 1950’s or about Romania’s Securitate and the relationship they held with their estimated half-million civilian informers. This is an example of life on American higher education campuses.

According to Burlington CBS affiliate WCAX, in October three students overheard Wesley Richter using “explicitly racist and threatening” language during a private phone conversation with his mother in the library multimedia room. One of them reported him to university officials for hate speech which allegedly targeted “black students and diversity initiatives on campus.” Police then charged him with a misdemeanor count for disorderly conduct. After two months of investigation, Judge David Fenster found no probable cause to support the allegation and dismissed the case.

WCAX’s video report includes a short interview with Chittenden County State’s Attorney, Sarah George, who was left disappointed by the ruling. “It is what it is,” she said. “The state put its best case forward. The judge looked at the law, but we see it differently. That’s what the process is for.”

Unsurprisingly, she still believes he is guilty, and as Burlington Free Press reports, if she receives “any additional information” that could lead to finding probable cause, her office may refile the case. After the judge’s decision was made, she added in a constricted voice: “What we allege he did, we still allege he did. It just didn’t rise to the level of a hate crime … This is one of the hardest issues that we deal with. The First Amendment is a fundamental right that we want to take very seriously and make sure everyone is getting the best of that. Sometimes, that’s a gray line.”

There, out in the open we can see the ill-will this lady holds towards Richter, even after he was acquitted of the ridiculous “hate crime” flimsily constructed by a triggered snowflake. Sarah George is out to get students for hate speech, tarnish their image and harass them, no matter formal rulings proving their innocence. Is this really what higher education has become in the United States? Innocent, normal, white male students being haunted by packs of gender-confused nazi hunters and diversity monitors who wait with bated breath in library aisles or bathroom stalls for the slightest whispers of racist speech?

Wesley Richter’s defense lawyer Ben Luna called the case “a significant victory for free speech and the First Amendment.” He added that the University of Vermont, the University’s police department, and the prosecutors overextended their constitutional power. “The court’s ruling reinforces my opinion that this matter should never have been brought.”

A reporter for Burlington Free Press followed Richter and Luna to the elevator after the hearing, determinedly asking questions even though the men clearly wanted to leave. When Richter and Luna were in the elevator, ready to go, the smarmy nasally-voiced reporter could not resist sneaking in the classic question-insult: “Is your client a racist?”

“Absolutely not,” Ben Luna replied.

Police, prosecutors and university officials declined to release the specific details of Richter’s criminally offensive conversation with his mother (the context of which must have been quite interesting). As the judge did not find probable cause, an affidavit that would have revealed the exact racist quotations was never made public.

While the decision is a small victory for our free speech, the fact that indoctrinated leftist student activists can freely harass other students and summon them to tiring court trials is in itself a tool to control speech, to exert mental domination by using the threat of the court system to discourage those of differing opinions from speaking their honest minds.

Richter is no longer enrolled at the University of Vermont. Probably to his advantage and mental health.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • Do we know the name of the person that initiated the complaint? Sure would be a shame if this person got doxxed.

  • Somewhat related. Just read an article about a teacher being fired for his alt-right views. In particular, i noticed how they mentioned his students were “shocked” to find out about his views and how they were “suprised people like him are out there”. I feel that in a way, things like this are good. Here’s why.

    1) the student was most likely not nearly as shocked that the teacher held these views, as to how normal someone with these views is in day to day life
    2) eventually, the intellectual ones, will look further into this because that man was their role model, and they want to understand.
    3) any students already aware of us, now have a martyr to fight for.
    4) in almost all of these cases, nobody around town has any prior negative opinions of the induvidual, and although more set in their ways, will to some degree have to make the same mental contemplation- was this man really how they make alt righters out to be? He seemed so normal and nice. Was he really that two faced, or are these folks not as bad as the news says they are?
    5) its the same for children who look up to older teens.

    It is sad that our brethren have to endure this mistreatment and completely illegal discrimination, but it brings the truth to light. Stay strong brothers!

  • Richter should sue the university and individual students who improperly used the legal system to harass him. He should sue for pain and suffering.

  • ” One of them reported him to university officials for hate speech which allegedly targeted ‘black students and diversity initiatives on campus.’ Police then charged him with a misdemeanor count for disorderly conduct. After two months of investigation, Judge David Fenster found no probable cause to support the allegation and dismissed the case.”
    What is going on here is that under a 4th Amendment interpretation this was at first an administrative search by the university. That can be used to deprive someone of a privilege but not something more substantial such as moving around i.e. jail. The police must form an independent probable cause for the defendant to incur such a deprivation. This did not happen here.

  • It sounds like (((lefties))) and their goy soldiers are now trying to codify hate speech laws through legal precedent in the lower courts (and gambling that they don’t get overturned by appellate courts or SCOTUS). No doubt the World Jewish Congress and ADL are looking for judges that they can bribe or blackmail into giving them rulings that place limits on the first amendment (i.e., muzzles white people who don’t hate themselves). And their looking for corrupt, rent seeking prosecutors like Sarah George who will carry their water in exchange for a part time gig on CNN or FOX and getting a book published.

  • A Pyrrhic victory. The young man was snitched on, harassed, reported to police, criminally charged, brought before the courts and dropped out of university. He is a victim of Leftist, Neo-Marxist violence.

    • According to the news reports, the informer emailed the President of the University of Vermont, one Thomas Sullivan at 8:33 pm. Sullivan then contacted two of his hirelings setting the chain of events in motion leading up to the arrest Mister Richter.

      Odd that the informer had the email of the university president, the email that the university president checked at 8;33 in the evening. The whole story sounds like blarney, and it must have sounded like blarney to the Judge who had the good sense to throw the case out.

      I don’t know for a fact that Sullivan is an Irish Roman Catholic, but, if I were a betting man, I would be that he is. The blarney gives it away.

      Oh, and let’s not forget about the anti-White Irish Catholic woman who is President of the UVA while we are considering things. She must really hate Thomas Jefferson the Founder of her school.

  • The look on their faces when the judge threw this out must’ve been priceless! Over a year ago they would’ve won. Obama would’ve had a press conference condemning Richter & passively calling for riots in undertones. But it is a new era! Reality is finally shifting back to something close to normal. I am sure everyone involved in this are beyond angry! So sweet!

  • Why didn’t the judge let this go to trial and give Richter a quick not guilty verdict and a good ass chewing for the DA ? It is quite likely that the DA violated special rules for prosecutors as adopted by the Vermont Bar. To wit:

    Rule 3.8 Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor

    The prosecutor in a criminal case shall:

    (a) refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause;

    A dismissal with leave might not be the best thing for Richter.

  • They must have thought they were in fully cucked Britain, Canada or Australia where he would be in prison for “hate speech.” If you say the wrong thing even online they’ll kick your door in there. Sorry, America still has protections on speech.

    • Jack Burton – Canada, Germany and the UK are police states in this regard, now. People are getting put in jail for speaking out against Muslims, the Holocaust, etc. It is unbelievable that the UK, Canada, Germany, etc. are throwing people in jail for speech. Our politicians and the globalists are trying to get rid of us, particularly White males. We are a threat to their plans.

    • Sure Jack, but for how long? I have no doubt that powerful Jews could get Donald J. Flip Flop to support laws proscribing “anti-semitism” if they pushed hard enough.

      The first amendment is hanging by a threat thanks to racial diversity and Jewish power and influence and president Kamala Harris, Corey Booker or even Lizzy Pocahontas Warren will deliver the final coup de grace if any of them assume office in 2020.

  • This is EXACTLY what they want . For us to be wrecked with fear of speaking truth or having free thought.

    Free thought will become the ‘illegal drug’ within the next decade, while at the same time every actual illegal drug will be legalized and able to be procured like candy. Its dystopia.

  • He needs to counter sue under the 14th amendment. Its a felony to deprive someone of their right to free speech. The intimidation of the law and allowing unsubstantiated accusal both violate the spirit of free speech. Every single faculty member and administrative member is guilty along with the narc students. They must face 5 years in prison and monetary penalties.

  • Chittenden County State’s Attorney’s Office has their own facebook page. As politically involved American citizens, it behooves us to let them know what we think of this prosecution, in order that they can better serve us in the future.

    • What do you mean by ” forgotten or forgiven” ? Who’s going to be doing the “forgetting and forgiving” ?

      Retribution should be the order of the day if and when the day comes my friend.

      • Seriously. They need to know how it feels. Anti white speech should be banned immeadiately once we take power. Either that or a certain ethnic group should be banned from speaking entirely!

  • I find this case odd. Our Jew-run media runs anti-Muslim, anti-Iranian, anti-Palestinian, and anti-Russian propaganda 24/7, but these Proglodytes never complain about the hate and hysteria.

    And our music industry is filled with Rap music that calls women ‘bitchass hos’ and promotes racial hostility and criminal gangsterism. Kids dance to this hateful and deranged music.

    Homos and trannies spread degeneracy all over the place and express endless hate and contempt for true values and decency.

    Our society is saturated with hatred from Jews, blacks, and homos. But that’s all Okay.

    But if someone has unkind words about some Special Group with Special Privileges and Honors, that’s ‘hate’ and must be persecuted.

    We are all Palestinians. We might as well be living under IDF rule in West Bank.

    • jews know the value of hate. That’s why they don’t want Whites hating anyone, especially those who hate us. Hate is a weapon, and jews want us disarmed.

      Hate must be embraced.

  • Mass Immigration is Colonization. It is replacist Ethnic Cleansing of whites in white nations. Whites must push back with Counter-Ethnic Cleansing and reclaim their homelands. It can be done. Algerians and Vietnamese pushed out all foreigners to regain their lands. Whites must do the same.

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