Insha Allah: The Rape of Britain

WotW contrasts the public face of Islam in the West with its hidden, darker side.

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  • Now the fact is that no one in their right mind would expect a frog to suddenly stand up and perform an aria so why, then, would anyone expect these subhuman animals to act any differently than they do ? And once awake to the fact that they are going to be predictably savage and unevolved, it then becomes incubant upon us to separate them out from decent society and/or deport them back to their camels where they can enjoy uninterrupted pedophila, violence, murder and all the rest of their primitive repertoire without being interfered with.

  • Hi, this is going to be irrelevant to the topic, but relevant to the U.K. I am trying to spread word of a petition to Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle from obtaining a title/role within the British royal family. If interested then please feel free to sign and spread word the petition. Thank you and God bless along with God save the U.K. and the British monarchy

  • Actually James, White women are the most loyal to their race out of all the other race’s they stay with their own the most. Going to Clubs and seeing liberal whores who have actually been indoctrinated by Jewish and other media into thinking its all ok is not a place you should be going. Plenty of good white women exist in our countries and they don’t do this kinda shit. Lets stop with attacking our own race and see the real reasons why they are doing these degenerate things.

    • The facts are that millions more marry Muslims than reverse and millions of white men are rendered Incels because of it in Europe if not America. Muslim women marry at half the rate of their men to non-muslims and about half the muslims marry white women. If you are 10% of the population and marry at random you’ll only at a 10% chances marry somebody of the same group so with whites being in the majority of course the majority marry whites at at random they’ll usually end up with a white. MOST MUSLIM MEN COME TO EUROPE FOR THE PUSSY AND ARE SEXPATS MAKE NO MISTAKE.

      European white men are the worlds most cucked men and unless people start saying that openly that millions more are married to their women than they can marry of the women of the other group then it will not change. East Asians in America have started that conversation but white men in Europe are in a worse position amongst the young in their own countries and do nothing about it and its in their own countries. It hits the slavs worst as the western white men lose so many to the tune of millions to the black and muslim guys but many then just marry Slavic women. What happens to the slavic men in western Europe?? CELIBACY and most Slavic men are having fits about what is going on but there is nothing that they can do about it.

      • One reason white dudes will convert is because that will give them access to girlfriends and In France, Holland and Germany many men I know did this to get muslim women and that accounts for the 25% of muslim women marrying white men. They convert. If turkey joins the EU or stops holding its border tens of millions more men will be unable to marry and then millions of men will convert to marry. THATS HOW ISLAM TAKES A NATION and then europe could actually fall far sooner even within 60 years as slavs are incels and could access wives. Its mostly falling on the men who were dodgy anyway, and thus nobody cares about them but if it gets much bigger then it will hit the regular middle class white men and they will not blame themselves but the situation and convert

    • What these woman-haters don’t understand is that when Whites move en massed out of neighborhoods, those left behind are under tremendous pressure to “fit in.” Individual Whites don’t see their race as looking out for them, so see no duty to be loyal in return. And so it goes. It easy, but ultimately unfruitful, to blame individuals for systemic problems. That goes for whiggers as well as “mudsharks.”

    • Only a minority of White women will race-mix, but in a large population that still adds up to a lot of slags for non-Whites to prey upon, and those are ones that get noticed.

  • I mean European men are totally cucked and by cucked they should really try to get a number for an estimate of the bridge and even cohabitation shortage. In uk census you can see about double the number of

    In clubs in europe you see about 5 white women get with non white men for one in the reverse direction when i have counted and i actually have and most parts of europe on the streets you will see at least 50% more women with non-white men than in the reverse direction. I used to count when i walked around and its shocking. Its actually shocking in places and only in a few wealthy cities with white dudes with asian women do you see anywhere near parity in terms of white men with non white women. Asian men in America complain about being cucked but we are cucked in our homelands and they are hardly cucked in their homelands only in other folks homelands where we are actually cucked to fuck now in our homelands. Simebody who cares needs to collect whatever data they can and get even just estimates out as that give numbers to the annual bridge shortfall as a gross figure. it will resonate with so many white european men on low wages who are mostly hurting and angry and know that they have been screwed over by muslim men marrying their women, and then getting the extra women to have as second wives.

    If the estimates say thats it involves extrapolations due to incomplete data even estimates will be great. We hardly care about smal issues like economic arguments but prospects to date and marry being destroyed as has now happened has hit many men like a ton of bricks. I think at least 50% of white low wage men in Europe are angry about this very issue but they all think its just them and that there is no issue and they are told they should just dress better but the odds are heavily stacked against them at this point and the women get angry if the ratios are ever pointed out as they say its racist. They also don’t know that the men are being fucked over and many could become allies if they realized that the lower wage men were being fucked over. Most slavic men cannot at this point date in western europe but there is no bride shortfall number to show them

  • The biggest issue now that NOBODY focuses on is the interracial marriage disparities in Europe. If we exclude the black IR dating disparity which huge also and cohabitation disparities and focus on Islamic ONLY there is I believe a bridge shortage of over half a million ANNUALLY in Europe now. In UK there is 10% of Europeans 30 million Muslims at 3 million and you get around 100k Muslim men marrying non Muslim women. If you look at arab/white interracial marriage data in France where somebdy worked it out its about 50% of the men, and 25% of the women so thats half the rate. If we look at census data in the uk on arabs its also about half the rate. If we extrapolate this data although not perfect as I am not a journalist you can see that if the IR marriage rates are similar across europe around a million women are marrying mulism men each year as the population is ten times larger than just the British population, but only half a million in the reverse direction creating an imbalance of .5 million per year. THAT IS VERY CONSERVATIVE THAT HALF A MILLION EUROPEAN INDIGINOUS MEN MISSING MARRIAG ANNUALLY AND SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE POINT OF ALL ARGUMENTS TO REDUCE MIGRATION FROM CERTAIN GROUPS. Other racial groups eg asians are statistically minor in europe where they are more numerous in the usa, and blacks are largely men and are about 10 million with where measured around half of these with white women so half a million annual shortfall is very conservative as it excludes the shortfall with black men and east asians are minor in europe unlike america. WHY WHY WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT LOOKING AT THIS TO TRY AND PUSH THE CLOSED BORDER IDEAS??? WHY ARENT THERE ARTICLES TALKING ABOUT EUROPES .5MILLION ANNUAL BRIDE SHORTFALL and working out the logic by which we can arrive at such figures even if due to supressed data we are not 100% sure but closer as an estimate thab anything else????

    its banned by islam in the reverse direction which is why it happens to be so extreme. Europe has at least half a million shortage of brides for indigenous white men every year and thus half a million men miss marriage and even the alt-right refuse to discuss this even though sex is hte biggest selling point you could ever have and would red-pill literally every single man who heard it ten times more than anything else that could be shown to them. The truth is when you look for data its hidden extremely since its so dangerous. in the uk ir data includes white british with white irish to hide whats happening but its about half a million men annuaally in europe at the very least i reckon miss marriage due to this.

    AMerica has many asians where we have hardly any ( thats where we have ratios in white mens favour ) and they also have native american women who the white men have good ratios with also and that evens things up where europe they only import groups whose dudes are here for the chicks and muslims refuse and ban dating in the reverse direction. European white men are sexually fully oppressed and nothing would red-pill men faster than getting estimates of gross numbers of men missing out on marriage. You need articles talkin about the bride shortfall in europe as its ruining mens lives and even libtards would be sympathetic to men if they thought we were oppressed at least in europe – which we are. The bridge shortage needs addressing and either evening out or banning muslim men dating European women. Estimated figures are what is needed, and you can do the calculations yourself if you look at figures.

  • Can the moderators do a little more work restricting foolish, defeatist, women insulting, White nationalist insulting comments?

    The Rotherham rape scandals work for us.

    And principled British nationalists have and are fighting the good fight on this subject.

    • Limeys and their commitment to censoring views that they don’t like… I don’t think the MGTOW’s need to be censored, or the American patriotards. They should be free to say what they like, and I should be free to call them faggots when I don’t like what they have to say. It’s really not a big deal, just interweb bantzing.

    • It would indeed be nice if they would do that. We are all White people here, so in theory, we should have no need of censorship. Rather, we should just hash it out like grown-ups. Unfortunately, the MGTOWS have learned the dark arts of (((sophistry))) and do not fight honorably. They don’t use reason, but ridicule and shaming to silence their critics. The result is ever-spiraling hatred of women that appears, to the outside world, to represent the mainstream of this movement, discrediting our noble cause.

  • Great Britain has been finished for quite a while now…….

    We all know and can see the Sinkhole they’ve Become………

    They let the Rothschilds take over their Finances……..

    And then elected Benjamin Disraeli as their Prime Minister……….

    And that was like 200 yrs. ago……..

    Now, their Aristocratic Lords of Parliament are mostly all Pedo FAGS or Jewish……..

    The Aristocrats are Sniffing/Smoking Coke or Coalburning………

    And Prince Harry is marrying a Fame Seeking Whiglatto…….

    White Aristocracies dependent on Jewish Finances undermining the White Workers…………

    The System’s Efficiencies are Underperforming…….

    Let’s bring in some Africans……


    The System is Failing and Corrupt…….

    Let’s Marry some Africans…….

  • The craziest thing about Rotterham was that not a single father of those raped girls took matters into his own hands and brought vigilante justice to the rapists. England is the most cucked country in the world, followed by France and then America.

    • No, there were fathers who tried to intervene. The police sided with the Pakistanis to stop them. No, this is not a joke. Yes, the British government is attempting to murder its population.

          • David, I’m a woman. My contempt for the MGTOW faction is well known. Like the unhinged Left, you really can’t parody the MGTOWs I guess.

          • One of the MGTOWs is indeed the very Skinner you replied to here. On another thread, he said women are “amoral to the point of being evil.” No joke, and little pushback from the menfolk. I am trying to stop these people taking over the movement.

    • I agree about Britain. How any British father could live with himself knowing they did that to his daughter and he did nothing is disgusting. Some things are worse than death or prison.

      You’re way off on the cucked order. Britain, Canada and Australia are at the top. Just watch their media. Followed by France, Sweden and other European countries. I don’t count Germany because they’ve been occupied since the end of WW2. Other than Russia, Poland and a few other Eastern European countries, no white country would elect someone like Trump. So no, America is not near the top. Considering how many Jews and niggers we have I’d say we’re doing relatively well.

    • You forgot Canada (led by Fidel Castro’s son Justin) (really… look it up), Sweden (which graciously took in tons of chosen ones during WWII & are now being annihilated from within due to that kindness), Belgium and the Netherlands.

  • Hold on. Have I got this right? St. Paul’s Cathedral hosted an Islamic choir together with reciting of the Koran — in the cathedral itself? This makes the Church of England heretical. Heretics have been burnt at the stake for much less.

  • Que the Amerimutt faggots lulz’ing at the Eurocucks.
    Que the bitter MGTOWs saying ‘those white wimminz is sluts. They got what they deserved. White Sharia NOW!!!’

    American WN’s are some of the most morally bankrupt people I have ever encountered and have a completely warped sense of entitlement. I for one look forward to the day that the Mexicans hang them up from tree’s and beat them with sticks like pinata’s. I’ll be fucking laughing at them.

      • I’m Italian, not Mestizo. And I’m not sorry for expecting a certain standard, beyond simply being white.

        Aryan translate literally to noble. Noble = having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

        Some (not all) WN’s need to start acting like it. If they want to act like untermensch subhumans, then they’ll be treated as such. Being white and male doesn’t make you special.

        • I agree with you on this.
          The ideal of the Old World True Aristocracies was that they were aristocracies of soul and spirit first, and then race secondarily. Race is obviously essential, but without the right inner constitution it amounts to nothing.
          The Swedes are some of the most pureblooded Europeans on the planet, and yet they are completely psychologically unprepared for some random Arabs invading their country.

          • Yes. Material wealth and comfort nurtures a lot of negative qualities. 10 years ago Sweden had some of the lowest crime rates in the world and one of the highest standards of life. Now that they are faced with a threat a lot of them are folding under the pressure. And a lot of them are simply naive and living in a bubble.

            Still, Nordic Resistance Movement are doing a lot of good work and setting a standard that all of us should be striving for.

            This comment was inspired by a lot of the commenters who will remain unnamed giggling like children about the New Years chaos in France. I’m no Macron fan, but he’s at least as good if not a little better than Drumpf. Thats why the Left in France rioted when he got elected, just as they did in America when Trump got elected. Where were all these tough guy Yanks when Ferguson or Baltimore were burning to the ground? Play acting on the interwebz, I’m sure…

          • You’re the second person who told me that Macron is actually not that bad. I’m glad to hear that if it is true, for I just wrote him off as a shill without looking closely.

        • Throwing all of us Americans under one umbrella and slandering us like that is not very noble, bud.

          I could call you Canadians pussies and point out that your entire White future up there depends on us good ol boys down here but, that wouldn’t be the noble thing to do, would it.

          • Fair enough, but it goes both ways. You need our natural resources. We need your money.

            A lot of Americans have misplaced arrogance, and sometimes need to be chopped down to size.

          • Murcia! Fuck Ya!

            In all serious, we’re on the same team. Even the unsophisticated skin heads types are in this fight with us. I do agree with your nobility comment but now is not the time to seperate the wheat from the chaff, I think that’ll happen naturally down the road. Unless one is a leftist team White should be enough for now.

        • Italian is white, Johnny boy. The Mexicans, muslims, blacks, Africans, etc. will never think of you as anything but white. They’ll be killing you or your descendants first, Johnny boy. And you’ll wish to god the WNs were there to protect you. Then again, if you are a truly good liberal, you probably won’t have any descendants. Your name will be dead to the world, which is probably why you don’t care. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

    • Fancy meeting you here, Craicher. Last time you and I had a tete-a-tete, you told me you hoped I would be “raped by a pack of niggers” and all my children hung by the noose. Or was it Michele you said should be raped?

      Have you had a change of heart?

  • This is precisely why those on the Alt-Right need to stop being a squeamish about using violence to achieve our means. What kind of men sit back and let this happen? We let outsiders appeal to the corruption in the worst of our people in order to gain access to our society so that they can victimize us. Stop acting like deporting or killing those that refuse to leave is off the table. When our spokesmen get squeamish about this it’s hard for anyone to take us seriously.

    • we should have a election and a referendum. i know it can get trolled but that works out because it would be used just to get a general idea. scary thing is it will hint at how many are actually committed. the number can be much larger or smaller than we or our enemy realize so it is a risk.
      unfortunately, nobody seems to realize the risk of not acting. trump showed us that. maybe he is not finished yet but it is getting flat out weird and if they use the election year as an excuse when they already have the houses, i dont think that is acceptable. if we arent fighting back by next winter idk it is back to square one i guess. we are being pulled left now, not right, unlike during the election

    • also this isnt 1933. a small group of people arent going to be able to tell the whole world german invaded poland because they wanted to kill everyone that didnt have blond hair and blue even when poles have those features. the sheep will stand down as they do now and any decent goy knows we arent the bad guys

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