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Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley, Don Camillo and Gregory Ritter present Alt-Right Politics’ year-end awards: Biggest Winner, Biggest Loser, Best Politician, Most Defining Political Moment, Most Boring, Best Comeback, Best Photo Op, Worst Lie and many more.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.



    Someone asks Jordan Peterson about Jewish involvement in Holodomor during Q &A. Also gives him a copy of 200 Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    The video starts 50 seconds in.

    Here’s the question:

    “In the book (200 Year Together) Solzhenitsyn documents the overrepresentation of Jewish individuals in the NKVD and the Bolshevik leadership. He claims that the ethnic hatred these individuals had for Christians played a role in the Holodomor. Jewish individuals had faced persecution in Ukraine prior to the Bolshevik rise to power. These individuals exacted their revenge on the Christian Ukrainian population. The result was the death of 4 million Christians.

    The line of good and evil cuts through the heart of every human. One cannot simply say a given ethnic group is evil. Every individual must struggle with the good and the evil in their own heart. That being said, it is important to understand what motivates groups to commit atrocities against other groups because the previous century has been filled with groups killing other groups.

    Like the Bolsheviks, Jewish individuals are overrepresented in the ownership and senior staffing of the US news media. The news media also is inexplicably hostile towards Russia. If the current war mongering against Russian Christians is in any motivated by the same ethnic hatred that motivated the Holodomor we must face that truth honestly.

    If Jewish individuals hated Christian Ukrainians enough to starve millions of them to death could the same thing happen today?

    Could Jewish individuals use their positions of power to seek out revenge against places like Europe and Russia that have a history of expelling Jews?”

  • I know everybody was drunk, but I was really interested in hearing more about the first translation of the Talmud. When all the scribes were freaked out at what they read and demanded answers.

    Were you guys joking? Where can I find more information about this?

    Thanks for having one of the smartest podcasts out there.

  • At first I thought Harry did something unusual for a royal – marry out of love. I thought maybe this girl had perfected her ability to charm and has Harry wrapped around her finger.

    But the more I think about it the more I think Greg Conte is right; Harry did something entirely conventional, and this mixed marriage is another political union.

    When you look at all of the party pics featuring Harry, all you see is blonde after blonde.

    The cucked royals have conceded defeat, and are signalling that, indeed, Gary Younge is more British than Anglo-Saxons in America – people such as myself.

    With royalty, everything is ritualistic, symbolic (recall the Spanish king admonishing the separatists in front of the portrait of his ancestor – mace in hand).

    The cucked royals are securing their existence. If they don’t follow the plan the monarchy would eventually be dissolved or they’d be assassinated by Rothschild agents.

    Yes, they play for keeps!

  • What I’ll have to say to my daughters.

    Ok darlings, it’s like this. You can go alt-Right, where you’ll be expected to hate yourself for being a women, constantly promising “I swear I’m not like that, suh, really and truly I’m not trash like most women.”

    Or you can be mainstream, and hate yourself for being White, but hate your Father and your brothers even more. You will prove your loyalty by saying, “bbbbut I swear I’m not racist like all those wicked White men.”

    Fuck all you MGTOW jokers and the cock you rode in on.

    • I wasn’t going to dignify your rage with a response, but I think that you would be significantly less triggered if you kept two things in mind.

      #1 Judging from your posts implying motherhood (congratulations), I assume that you are somewhat older than the rest of us. You may not know how atrocious modern people, both men and women, have become.

      #2 If you have followed the Alt Right at all for some length of time, you would know that we are just as critical of men as of women, and perhaps even more so. Each one of us males is expected to continuously prove to the rest that we are not trash like the rest of modern society through or words, thoughts, actions and associations. I think that the majority of non alt right white men are to some extent or another degenerate, weak, lazy, cowardly, and intellectually stunted, and am proud to prove that I am far above them.

      What this comes down to is that your not very good at handling criticism, even when it obviously wasn’t even leveled at you in the first place. Such hyper sensitivity has no place in a vanguard political movement.

      • I’m sorry brother, but someone on this podcast nominated “women” for traitor of the year, not whores or normies, or what have you, but “women.”

        There is clearly an irrational hatred of women, all of us, at work here. They call us married mothers “tradthots.” I thot being trad meant you weren’t a thot, by definition.

        Thanks for giving enough of a shit about us White women, apparently universally hated, to respond, but ultimately your response fails.

      • And yes, I am much older than most here, and I am a mother of a large family by today’s standards, but I most certainly am not new to the alt-right. I have followed Richard Spencer for many years. I never heard him say an unkind word about women until very recently. It is unbecoming, clearly inauthentic, and an attempt to pander.

        By the way, I have no problem with criticism of women. I have a problem with the suggestion that women are dissolute, and incorrigible, by nature.

        I object to the characterization of “women” as this or that. If you think there is any such thing as “women’s nature” go take another look at statistics for illegitimacy, welfare use, abortion, etc.

        We are not generic “women”, we are White women.

      • Another thing I’d like you to understand: Without Richard, Colin, and Andy, and Jared Taylor, and Greg Johnson,my younger children might never have been born. Their leadership made me want to do right by my people. You can imagine the deep sense of betrayal all of this has caused. Never mind the women who are turned off by what this movement has become, and decide to remain racially oblivious normies who stop at one or two at the most. I suspect this shit is causing serious harm to our race.

    • Just wanted to quickly say a few things here…

      1.) This was the first ‘inebriated’ version of AR-Politics that I’ve ever heard, and – on the whole – I fuckin’ loved it. I believe the only one who wasn’t drunk was Richard. This episode was clearly meant to be entertainment and I think 75% of what was said was done so in jest.

      2.) I don’t think Moseley hates women. He was boozed up and hanging with the boys, and I think he was just going for some cheap laughs when he nominates women as the biggest traitors of the year. More than anything it was probably the copious amounts of alcohol talking.

      3.) You do bring up a very good point about a small segment of the AR that simply hates females… is a point I myself raised several days ago in the comment section of one of the ‘Plus’ posts (the one about Lauren Southern). These “men” that despise all women are only about 5% of the AR, but they are a huge embarrassment and a massive liability to those of us that take this movement seriously. Intelligent, well-spoken women – like Tara McCarthy and this site’s Melissa Mészáros – can be incredibly powerful in attracting normies (both men and women) to the cause. Like-minded women in our ranks also make the idea of the AR much more palatable to the mainstream, and it makes it difficult for the mainstream media to simply dismiss us as ‘angry white men.’ I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the single biggest reason the AR has not crossed into the mainstream in a huge way is that the AR is not nearly welcoming enough to women who think like us.

      That’s all I got.

      • OK fair enough. I dont care what gets said about us in all-male company. What I don’t hear isn’t gonna hurt me, after all.

        The trouble is I listen to these podcasts while I’m doing some of my least favorite household chores, and I’m in a shitty mood to begin with, and then I have to be disrespected like that.

        Hopefully this will work itself out.

        • It will work itself out, people go ballistic quite a bit in the comment section. Luckily this isn’t a ‘safe space’ and people here are pretty thick-skinned. Again, your posts did touch upon some big issues that have needed to be addressed for a long time now. That they’re not being dealt with is a huge disservice to the AR. It’s the biggest thing holding us back at this point.

          Just as a quick aside, I’ve always had the suspcion that the most vocal women-haters who identify as AR (usually in an anonymous capacity, for example in the comment-section on YouTube, etc.) are actually SJW’s who seek to discourage women from being part of us. The left has shown itsellf to be absolutely terrified of Tara M. But they’re also rightly afraid of the power of women who are ‘just’ civic nationalists (Tomi, Lauren, Blonde in the Bely of the Beast, the list goes on and on). They know that once women become a more signifcant and visible part of the far-right, their ‘angry white male’ narrative gets revealed for the fraud that it is. That’s when real political power starts to become possible.

          Very recently Tara M. was basically begging the sane men of the AR to help keep the scant number of loud, verbally abusive, low-IQ, women-hating dirtbags in line. You hear the same sentiment from almost every woman who has the guts to be part of the alt-right and even the alt-light. People that offer nothing consructive and are here only to bash those that are working on behalf of the AR need to rooted out for the cancer that they are.

          There’s a hesitancy for many to address this head-on because the imbecile-incels are quick to pounce on ‘White Knights.’ Those of us who take the AR seriously, though, should be concerned only with growing the movement and furthering our cause. We will do that massively if we become more hosptable to women who espouse and live by AR ideas and values.

          If we take you at your word – and I don’t really see a reason not to – then you’re someone with deep AR convictions and you’re someone who has been a supporter of the cause for a very long time now. You’ve also done what the AR always urges women to, which is living by traditionl values and raising a big family. I recommend you at least consider writing an article expounding upon some of the points you made. If you’ve felt that the AR encourages self-hatred among AR women, then you’re probably not alone and that needs to be heard. You’re good with words and they publish guest articles all the time on this site. I’m working on a few myself.

          Alright I’m getting off this thread permnently now because I’m beating a dead horse. Obviously this is something I feel pretty strongly about because IMO it’s the biggest blindspot for the AR. Take care

  • Come on Mosely, you faggot. Come explain to me why women are collectively responsible for the actions of mainstream women while men are not so for the cucks who have brought our civilization to the brink of ruin.

    How bout it?

  • And let me tell you something else. If you are right that women are natural traitors, it is truly a good damned wonder that, even now, the overwhelming majority of White women who marry choose a White man for a spouse. Indeed, they do so as often as men. So what gives?


    (1) They have remained remarkably loyal despite their nature, or

    (2) That aren’t natural traitors to begin with.

    Which is it?

    You all fucking tell me. If indeed women are naturally disloyal and prefer aggressive men, the only God-damned question is this: Why do any White Women at all bother with White men after the fucking disgraceful weakness and cowardice you lot have displayed over the past century. What kind of men hand over their whole civilization because they’re scared of a fucking word?

    How about it, fellas? What do you have to say for yourselves?

  • Fuck right off straight to hell every last one of you! I can’t wait till a real White man comes sand puts you sorry bitches in your place.

    You obviously aren’t very fucking smart douchebags! I don’t want my White children growing up to be degenenerate traitors, so I’m raising and schooling them myself. You can’t turn the education and upbringing over to your enemies and expect them to grow up into loyal decent adults. Yet that is exactly what you menfolk collectively have done: turned your daughters over to the Jew. Yet here you are to stupid to understand, or to dishonorable to admit, your own responsibility for that.

    Most fucking outrageous, you shit all over women who come to their senses, which even the vast majority of men still have not done, for failing to live like a White nationalist before they were White nationalists.

    Come on this form and debate me, you sorry jokers. I will kick your ass like I’ve done the rest of these women-haters.

    Moseley, how about you offer up some evidence of Female Hypergamy Theory, you sorry manlet. I’ve kept asking and gotten none, you pissant.

  • “Even the Boomers who do know, don’t do anything”
    So Richard etc al, if you were a “Boomer who knows”, what would YOU do.
    I would like an answer to this, preferably from each of you.

  • What is the name of the book on racial features that Greg Ritter was reading over the Christmas holidays? Thanks!

  • At 1:15:29 in the podcast, Don Camillo drops some of the most powerful enlightenment in the history of this podcast. The Dönmeh (Turkish: Dönme) were a group of Jews in the Ottoman Empire who converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs. That word refers to Jews who were “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey (it’s also a Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not).

    The Saudi Royal family is rooted in ethnically Jewish stock, apparently. Wahhabism, which is the strict form of Islam ‘practiced’ by the Saudi Royals, was started by Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab. Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab was ‘Donmeh’ – meaning he was Jewish before *pretending* to convert to Islam to avoid persecution. The connection between Judaism and the House of Saud could help explain why America has had such a warm, unwaivering relationship with the Saudis for the last 80-90 years (despite the fact that the 9-11 attackers are all said to be Saudi).

    Don also mentions that the Armenian Genocide (of Armenian Christians) was engineered and ordered by Donmeh (and carried out by the ‘Young Turks’). I’ve always wondered why there was such powerful and well-funded denial of the Armenian genocide in the USA, especially in New York City. I’ve also wondered why it’s not taught in US schools. One of the many articles that talk about institutionalized Jewish denial of Armenian Genocide is here:

    There’s a lot more to this Donmeh thing, obviously, and the implications are massive.

    Here is a very in-depth Iraqi military intelligence file discussing the Jewish roots of Wahhabism

    Also, here’s a couple of the best articles I’ve found yet on the Donmeh…
    – The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)
    – The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II)

    An article about how Wahhabism the foundation of terrorism around the world
    – What is Wahhabism? The reactionary branch of Islam from Saudi Arabia said to be ‘the main source of global terrorism’:

    *sidenote: I found the bit about the Saudi Royals (sometimes referred to as the ‘House of Saud’) to be particularly interesting because a relative of mine was a pilot who occasionally flew members of the Saudi Royal family to destinations all over the world. He said that their religiosity was all an act, and that as soon as the plane was up in the air the alcohol started to flow (Muslims aren’t allowed to drink), the relgious attire was traded in for revealing, high-end fashion, and ‘western’ top 40 music was cranked from their on-board stereos.

  • re: Dunkirk

    “the enemy was never shown”

    except for 2 very blurry Wehrmacht (?) there at the end.

    I noticed this, too.
    I watched the film on a plane.
    It was very moving.
    It was inspiring.
    It made me think aboutt death in rare depth, intensity.
    Facing death with courage.
    The kind of high ideals which ONLY the Right is exploring now.
    The left are all riding a spent missile, heading for a wall somewhere deep
    in god-forsaken wastes.
    We have no time for that shit.
    The Warski steram showed me that there is nothing of substance outside of our camp.
    But what is useful about this is that they will bring this to the normie audience…
    who is now redpilled on sargon.
    Livestreamers will now normalize once “extreme” thinkers (like Richard)…
    Because like Warski, they want the views.
    They want to be top worldwide livestream.
    And next time they want 12 million people watching.
    That our enemies fear this is apparent.
    Hail Victory.

  • At this point I’ve probably listened to over 100 episodes of Alt-Right Politics – this one is probably my fav. Had me cracking up the entire time. You guys should do booze-soaked versions of AR Politics at least every couple of months or so….I’d bet they’d be a massive hit.

  • Did Richard wear a Plaid Tuxedo like John McLaughlin used to do on the McLaughlin Group year end awards?

  • The dirty secret of the Jewish Agenda. Jews claim to fight to destroy White Power, but Jews actually prize White Power. After all, without the support of White Power, Jewish Power would get nowhere. Jews are only 2% of the US. Without the support of gentiles, Jews couldn’t do much even if they have so much money. And the most talented and useful gentiles are whites. So, Jewish Power relies on the support of White Power. Jews don’t see White Power as a tiger or bear to hunt down and kill. If White Power goes, Jewish Power goes too.

    In actuality, Jews see White Power as a Horse to capture, whip, tame, and ride. That way, the Jewish master horseman sits atop the White Horse, which is used to trample on Palestinians and Muslims in these Wars for Israel.
    So, Jews seek to tame, harness, and control White Power than totally destroy it. It’s like any man with a horse. If he kills the horse, he has to walk on foot, and then, he has no speed and power. For him to have great power, the horse must be made to obey him and carry him on its back. It’s like that Steven Spielberg movie WAR HORSE. Jews see goyim as a horse to tame and ride.

    This is why Jewish bitching about White Power is so bogus. Jews really rely on White Power to push the agenda of Jewish Power. Jews must ride the White Horse. So, Jews want White Power to continue BUT for it to serve Jews than have its own agency and independence. So, White Power is to serve Jewish Supremacism. If White Power seeks independence, liberation, emancipation, and autonomy from Jewish Power, then Jews flip out and accuse it of ‘white supremacism’.
    Jews shame and defame white freedom & independence not because such is supremacist. It’s because if white power is free, it will no longer be enslaved to Jewish Power that is now in supremacist mode. A master fears the mere freedom of a slave because, once freed, a slave will serve his own interest than that of the master. So, in order for the slave-master to keep his supremacist power, he must shame the slave for daring to be ‘disloyal’ by having free will and agency.
    Jews talk endlessly of their own Emancipation. Jews say women should be emancipated to serve their own interests. But when it comes to white gentiles, Jews say it’s evil for White Power to be emancipated to serve its own interests. No, White Power must be saddled, bridled, and reined to serve Jewish Supremacist Power.

    This is why Jews are so contradictory. Even as they officially denounce White Power, they can’t do without it. After all, white gentiles are the ONLY people who feel sympathy for Jews. Blacks, Muslims, Hindus, Asians, and others don’t really care for Jews. Also, non-whites have far less ability and means to support the Jewish Enterprise and Agenda. It’s no accident that Jews gained the most wealth and power in nations where white gentiles have been the solid majority. If Jews had all moved to black Africa, how much wealth could they have accumulated surrounded by all those low-IQ savages and primitives? Jews gained most in white nations, especially in Northern European nations where gentiles have been smart, sober, and serious. They were the support system for Jews to make tons of money and gain influence.

    In order to make White Power sacrifice its independence and autonomy in order to serve Jewish Power, whites must be tamed psychologically and emotionally with ‘white guilt’ and command words like ‘antisemitism’ and ‘racism’. And even ‘homophobia’ as Homomania is really a proxy of Jewish Power. By elevating the minority elite status of Homos, Jews seek to normalize the notion that the great majority should honor, worship, and serve the elite minority. Diversity is also used to control White Power. If the white horses are harnessed with non-white horses to pull the carriage and wagons for Jews, there will be even less chance for white horses to break free and run off to serve their own instincts and interests.

    It’s about time the Horse of White Power said NO MORE to the Jewish supremacist rider. If indeed Jews are really opposed to White Power, why do they call on privileged white politicians, high-ranking white generals, successful white enterprisers, capable white engineers, and talented white managers to serve Israel, Zionism, and Wars for Israel? If Jews really hate White Power as something evil, why do they rely so much on White Power to serve Jewish interests? Why do Jews summon so much white talent and ability to serve the Jewish-Zionist supremacist agenda if white power is so evil? If White Power is so wicked, why do Jews want it to be so closely entwined with Jewish agendas and interests?

    It goes to show that Jews don’t really want to hunt and kill White Power. They want to harness it, control it, and use it for their own tribal-supremacist interests.

    It’s time for the white horse to unseat the Jewish Supremacist from its back. It’s time for White Emancipation, White Liberation, White Autonomy, White Independence, and White Sovereignty. Get the Jewish Master off your back.

    Asian-Indians gained independence from British Imperialism by calling for Civil Disobedience. White Power can gain independence from Jewish Zio-Globalist Supremacism only by calling for Racial Disobedience. There must be White Racial Disobedience against Jewish Vice Industries(like gambling which should be boycotted), Zionist oppression of Palestinians, Wall Street bailouts, and Wars for Israel(where Jews use white gentiles to murder and kill Muslim gentiles, all the while hugging ‘Muslim refugees’ as salt-of-the-earth allies against whites).

    And the question of every White Emancipationist to the Jew must be, “If you see our power as so evil, why do you ask us to serve your power? Why do you want our wicked power to serve your agenda?”

    • just reading the top i can say i dont agree. they used to think that way but after german they rather just take the technology we made, a few white sex and scientist slaves, and get rid of the rest so they dont have to risk anada u no whata

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