Parisian Migrant Youths Savagely Beat Policewoman, Burn Over 1,000 Cars

A video went viral across social media shortly after New Year’s Eve which depicts many dozens of running and screaming young men overturning a car in the street and repeatedly kicking a policewoman on the ground.

The video prompted immediate responses from French authorities and President Emmanuel Macron, who tweeted: “Those guilty of the cowardly and criminal lynching of police doing their duty on the night of December 31st will be found and punished. Force will support the law. Honor to the police and full support to all the agents attacked in such a low level fashion.”

The policewoman and her police captain were brutally beaten after being called out to a crowded party held in a warehouse in the southeastern Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne. A fight had broken out when a group of about twenty “particularly violent individuals” crashed the event and refused to leave. The men then vented their rage on the police. This incited others to let loose and attack cars with sticks.

Obviously, mainstream news only refer to the vicious migrants by the classic euphemism — “youths.” But they leave hints about the true nature and identity of the perpetrators. The Local France writes: “Video images show youths turning over a police patrol car to cheers from crowds,” and “French police have long suffered testy relations with youths in poor immigrant-heavy suburbs.” The Daily Mail refers to the migrants as “thugs,” and shows video stills of an all-brown crowd in full chimp-out mode. The Sun Daily calls the attackers “revellers,” which is likely the most absurd description of all since the footage from that particular New Year’s Eve party more closely resembles a Lord of the Rings-style orc invasion than any festive gathering I have ever attended.

As the two police officers were taken to the hospital and treated for concussions, the extent of the violence in Paris on New Year’s Eve was made clear. Youths torched 1,031 cars, and police made 510 arrests. The Daily Mail states that burning cars and destroying one’s own neighborhood is a “ritual among youths living in deprived high-rise suburbs.” According to Breitbart, “the practice is thought to have begun in the 1990s in Strasbourg’s deprived, high-immigrant districts, which quickly spread to other poor areas.” On the topic, a spokesman from the French National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Justice told Le Parisien that “vehicle fires are often associated with a context of riots and urban violence. It can also be a ‘game’ to break the monotony, or it could be motivated by vengeance after a violent arrest. Or it could just be to get rid of a car used in a crime or as an insurance scam.”

The best article on the topic of burning cars is the following one from The Local France titled What’s behind the famous French tradition of torching cars?

Every New Year’s Eve nervous car owners across France cross their fingers in the hope they can start the New Year with their vehicle intact. That’s because of a longstanding French tradition that sees youths in certain parts of cities torching scores of cars.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of French traditions, vicious migrant thugs mindlessly rushing through streets and burning cars are not among the things that come to mind.

An example of migrants enriching a stale French neighborhood with their new traditions.

If the above “tradition” shocks you, then you must remember the sacred liberal saying “all cultures are equal.” There’s no difference between car burnings and folk dancingFrance is progressing just fine, embracing its new citizens’ habits and gearing up to become a Muslim majority nation in 40 years.

On a serious note, it is important to pay attention to the progression of Paris, as dispiriting as it may be to any native European who carries a sincere love of his homeland. A once brilliant city, Paris is collapsing before our eyes, and if we wish to secure a different, more peaceful fate for our own nations and neighborhoods, it is vital we understand the (not only migrant-related) reasons for this devolution and speak openly about them.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


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  • All immigration depresses wages. The immigration of races characterized by low intelligence, terrorism and crime raises the crime rate while burdening the criminal justice and welfare systems.

    Third world peoples escape the dysfunctions of their societies and bring those dysfunctions with them when they immigrate to first world countries.

    The first world cannot be the social worker for the third world. We owe those people nothing. We need to keep them out of our countries.

  • From what I have heard, it is mainly a scam, people are setting their own cars on fire so they can claim they were destroyed in a riot, so the government and insurance companies buy them new ones. Sweet new ride if it works, and in cucked Europe, it does.

  • Having women speak out in our favor is fine for now.

    Once this movements gains more ground and we solidify into a machine that will have an impact on the national scene, this women will be much better off settling down with our men, supporting them and raising their children.

    The ultimate aim of WN is to keep power for whites, cleanse our corrupt system, and drive women out of politics, out of government, out of business, and back into the home where God intended them to be. They can of course still go to church, still go shopping, they can paint and participate in other hobbies and we won’t even force them to wear any ridiculous head coverings.

    None of what I stated Ismail controversial, all men in our movement should be on board and the women should get over emotion and accept their role.

    • So, basically what you are saying is that you’re anti-White, as I can think of no argument to turn off prospective “joiners” than yours. Are you Jewish?

      • Anti white? Only an irrational women could get such nonsense out of my comment. Anti white would be to continue down the path we are headed with the widespread acceptance of woman’s liberation. The majority of white women in the current condition are anti white by the very life choices.

        Just admit that you would rather have unlitimted choices than be duty bound to a system greater than yourself.

        Patriarchy is the ONLY answer to saving the white race and debating Jewish Hegemony.

        Nice try, buttercup

    • You all have helped me to understand myself better. Thank you. As they say, iron sharpens iron. The liberals are missing out by ignoring you. That would be like ignoring your college philosophy professor because you refuse to challenge your set of world views.

      Anyway, Vincent Law commented one day that some moderate normies – I forget what term you used – are “radical individualists.” I think I am a modified individualist. I say modified because I have experienced and observed massive discrimination against whites my entire life. I understand that it takes united groups to be a force for change. And I know with mathematical certainty that no race in the World is ever going to promote equality for white people. So we need a movement like this.

      That said, I want to interject my views on this comment about women. Part of my brand of individualism believes that we generate the most utils for society if for any any task or action we use the individual who is best suited to accomplish that task or action. When you classify groups, like women, according to their general traits – perhaps based on the bell curve- and, particularly by force, assign their roles, tasks or actions based on those generalities, you will fail to achieve an optimal state. Inevitably you will assign somebody in the preferred class who is in the middle of the bell curve to a task that could better be accomplished by someone in the second class because they are further to the right on the overlapping bell curves.

      To put it another way, even if we assume for the sake of this discussion that all women on average are less capable than men on average, why should I be forced to hire a man who individually is less capable than a woman who is ready, willing, and able to do the job and do it better?

      • Your bring up some good points, Charles.

        I personally believe that everything in life needs balance. Whether that be on the individual and familial levels or communal and national. That’s why I think we can learn a lot from National Socialism who blended the individual and collective into a seemingly perfect harmony, which any honest and complete study of their doctrines shows, excluding the modern propaganda of course. That said we cannot openly state any admiration or sympathy for that movement, not now at least.

        As to your point about choosing a more capable women over a man. I would say that I agree, there will always be exceptions. That doesn’t negate the fact the majority of women will be better suited for motherhood versus business life. Hanna Reitsch, who I brought up earlier in this thread, is a good example of select and elite women over performing in areas dominated by men, they occur but are rare.

        The ideal system would identify those women who are the exceptions, being naturally more masculine than their counterparts and thus more fitted for economic life,by the time they reach their teenage years. That being the time a truly just society should be able, to a certain extant,to place all its citizens in their respective spheres of excellence. That being done partially through cohersion, personal preference and aptitude, and familial history.

        Ultimately, I believe we could both agree on the overall negative effects women’s liberation has had on the society as whole, this is not the only troublesome movement but one that has done tremendous damage. A complete reversal whilst allowing the exceptionally talented women options would be more productive.

        When it comes to politics or government I’m of the opinion that no women should be involved no matter her talents.

        • You say exceptions should be identified. Why not let each individual identify that exception in each instance? Yes I am a believer in the invisible hand of the market. Of course I disagree with you on women in politics. Your view warrants a 48-hour lockup in the nuthouse. No insult intended. I am exaggerating merely to emphasize my point. I agree there is a problem though. The problem is akin to how to deal with the “what happens when a Democracy votes for terrorists to be in charge” problem. With the feminists, how do you deal with a powerful political group that is effectively voting for the oppression of others. Oppression may be too strong a word there, but you get the idea.

          • “Your view warrants a 48-hour lockup in a nuthouse”

            Thanks, Charles.

            Maybe you have just grown soft.

          • Like I said, I was exaggerating to emphasize my point. Statements like that are not going to make the altright any friends. Why can’t you be like the liberals and progressives? Lie about who you are and what you’ll do. Then when you get power, just do it and say the best thing we can do at this point is move forward.

          • I’m not sure. Don’t take offense to this Charles, as it seems that you may be a boomer but, a lot of us believe that with the boomers dying of in the next decade or two coupled with the shift in the Overton window of acceptable thought, we may not need to water down the truth in order to succeed. Deus Vult, Charlie, Deus Vult.

          • The trouble is, Barnabas, the MGTOWs don’t have truth on their side. When we tolerate lies about women, we undermine the credibility of our movement. We cannot afford to do this, because our credibility is our single greatest asset.

          • I’m not overly concerned about mgtows. Most women today are sluts Lexi. That’s not a lie it’s reality. The only question is whether or not to be theatrical about it. In a way those mgtows do you have truth. If anything they can be charged with being shortsighted or selfish, as pertains to their solutions( I.e enjoy the decline)Pretending that white women are precious angels won’t get us anywhere because eventually they need to be reined in and we should be honest about that. It’s a mutual process. Us men need to do more and we need to force our women to do more.

          • I do not believe you that most women are sluts, but even if it’s true, so what? White men let Jews take over our culture, so why would you not expect degeneracy? Why would you expect women to be any better at resisting the pizza than men?

            You don’t need to force White women to do anything. You need to push the Jews out of power. Everything else will follow from that.

            And it is the God-damned MGTOW menace that needs to be reined in. They are redirecting anger towards women that should be pointed directly at the Jews. I smell a (((rat))).

          • Get the fuck out with that bullshit.

            It’s funny how you girls always prove us correct when we say awalt. The girl below tried the same little cheesy accusation.

          • Was that comment directed at me? If so, you are a damned fool of you don’t think Jews are working to divide this movement along gender lines. I’m not saying you are a Jew yourself. I’m just saying you are falling for Jew d&c tricks, sucker.

          • My friend, you cannot win with them. They are irrational. Don’t even try. Just tell them what to do.

            Look at her insoluble cognitive dissonance.

            Her basic premise is women are infallible.

            That is medieval papal-level nonsense.

            ‘Women aren’t X, but even if we were, so what…because men.’

            That is called ‘whataboutism’…their last rhetorical device in their bag of tricks.

            Others include No True Scotsman fallacy…
            ‘A real man would do/be X.’
            (How the fuck would they know?)

            The counter-signal to antifeminism stems from (((The Authoritarian Personality))):
            1. You must be impotent/small
            2. You must be latently homosexual
            3. You must a misanthropic incel

            This is why guys like me are so over the top with the rhetoric. All you have to do is slap them down with words and they make themselves reacquainted with their true place because they are conformists, the gatekeepers, the wardens of the asylum.

            The only men they will actually rebel against are their fathers because that is safely a micro-level phenomenon and part of their sexual dynamic…After all, the first man a girl falls in love with is her father.

            All they care about is conforming to whatever attire is en vogue. Then they will post selfies and check the feedback loop of social media to see if their tits dazzled everybody with enough likes.

            That is an unserious creature that is primarily concerned with hypergamy and hypergamous maintenance, not statecraft.

            The JQ has been decentralized into the WQ, meaning ridding ourselves of Jewry will not rid ourselves of legacy Jewry.

            If we solve the WQ, the JQ solves itself.

            The natural empty-headed hollowness of women has been infested with Jewry instead of white children. They have become vessels of Jewry and its machinations instead of white men and our progeny.

          • As I have previously explained to you, shit-for-brains, I do not consider you a latent homosexual. Rather, you are a subversive faggot, and a divisive pawn of the Jew.

          • Listen you fucking cunt. I won’t dance around the bush on this one. I think you and every other woman that peruses politics with your dilettante talking points, especially fascism, is a fucking psycho. Even more than the average apolitical female ‘crazy.’

            The term I have coined for ‘based’ bitches like you is ‘shiksa shirker.’ You literally have an excuse or fallback for EVERYTHING.

            That is the ONLY way you are a ‘NAWALT’ and that is not a good thing. It’s CREEPY.

            This isn’t normal. It’s like a cocksucker helping you try on a dress or wallpapering your decor. It reeks of tomboy lesbianism.

            I’ll take a tree-hugging bitch who does her stupid ‘Free Tibet’ thing and then leaves all that bullshit at the drum circle before she comes home and blows me like we just met.

            I can just tell you are some needy, vile cunt of a spouse. I pity your sons and your husband. They deserve better than you.

            No man should have to come home from a hard day’s work to your constantly challenging, undermining, unloving, unsentimental brooding browbeating bitchiness.

            Most of all, I am sick to death of spoiled rotten useless whores like you pretending to know what manhood involves. Stick to the tampon business. We don’t invade your period blood drama, so stay out of ours.

            Your only accomplishment is splaying yourself like a dead starfish while a male plows you and another male midwife does the rest.

            You can’t accept even a little blame because you know it all comes crashing down after that.

            Your reign of terror is ending. That’s why you’re trying so hard to rally the beta troops once last time, but you’re failing. Nobody wants this bullshit dystopia anymore.

            I’m offering them a way out of the proven failure of beta-orbiting and into the multiverse of new ideas.

            You know what I envy? How all the savage nonwhites I am forced to be around all day long (and rip me off and sneer at me) have loyal women at their side no matter their ‘status’ or ‘attraction.’ Not so with white women. Our white women are such natural traitors they reflexively ingratiate themselves to the most degrading conservatism of nonwhite men ON A DIME despite their pretend empowerment that they force on white men.

            And no you bitch, I am a good-looking guy. Women even tell me I’m ‘pretty,’ which I thought was an insult for a while. They tell me I have a nice ass and a ‘nice build’ (even when I purposely stop lifting weights and become badly overweight every few years) upon meeting them at different places I work, along with all the other retarded female compliments.

            So GTFO with your straw man logic.

            FYI you cowardly cunt lioness who can’t address me directly…. But instead use vagaries like ‘mgtows’… I have and do use my own Machiavellianism and I hate it.

            The dirty world you cherish is unsavory. I want a world of honesty. I’ll gladly share the disgusting sluts I have charmed the bras off of and my tongue into for lonely guys out there if it means ending this nightmare you love so dearly.

            Enough you idiot cunt. All women are indeed capable of and likely to do this. We have graphs, charts and endless studies proving this. I am sick of this. My fucking god you evil harlot.

            You blame white men for causing feminism, complaining about it and giving actual solutions to it on the one hand, and then bitch that we are not doing anything about it on top of pretending that society benefits from it on the other.

            So which is it?

            This is what I call COSMIC dissonance. You have literally covered every based twice over in the universe for absolving any woman that ever lived of any blame BECAUSE you are so codependent upon every man you ever encountered, you ‘modern’ housewife. You literally need a man to tie your shoes.

            I’m so impressed.

            You don’t get a seat at the table because you are not my equal.

            My entire family history consists of nothing but divorcees through no fault of mine, dating back to when it was taboo in the roaring 20s. Go ahead and use another rhetorical device about how that is a unique problem and not a societal problem you cunt. I don’t want another white child to experience the hell I’ve lived through just because it is ‘a woman’s right.’

            It’s not supposed to be like this.

            Almost every woman I have ever worked with has been a shiksa shirker, carefully avoiding the actual labor and any blame, but always relying upon me to rescue her from the problems caused by her clockwork inability. Somehow she always has my number on speed dial when times get tough.

          • The trouble with you Weimar is that you exaggerate everything anyone says when they disagree with you.

            You: Women are the problem.
            Me: Actually, there is plenty of blame to go around.
            You: So now you’re saying it’s all mens’ fault.

            I have been working on the assumption that this was sophistry, but maybe it’s just some mental quirk of yours.

            Now, I will be taking a seat at the table, because I have earned it. I have always done right by family. And I’m not your equal. I am your superior. I am much older and wiser than you. You are ridiculously paranoid. You think everyone is against you and you have no allies. I assure you that is not the case. You might be very surprised to hear this, but the last state to enact no-fault divorce was New York. Guess who opposed it? None other than the President of the state chapter of the National Organization for Women.


            Unfortunately, Ms. Pappas lost that fight, and for good reason. States without no-fault divorce were seeing the same explosion in family dissolution as states that had rejected it. Stable marriage relies on culture, not statute books. The partisans of no-fault divorce were able to make the case that the law was just adapting to a changing culture.

            You are clearly a very angry young man, and you are taking it out on me for no reason whatsoever. My life has been nearly exemplary by your own standards. If you don’t like tomboys, don’t marry one.

          • Yeah, I think I got it that you’re an old bag and that pussy of yours doesn’t get moist like it used to. That doesn’t make you special. It makes you long past your prime.

            As per the unbalanced sexual dynamics you so clearly will risk everything to defend, you fall outside the Bell Curve of my basic interest, and thus you are not my superior as you so badly want to be or even an object of my interest.

            I would not do a double take on your wrinkly ass if you a car plowed into you.

            You are just some menopausal harpy I’ll sell to the lowest bidder when we implement white sharia and start trade partnerships with barbary pirates.

            You can link all the litanies of puke-posts I will not bother to read because I have researched all of it. The pill is what did it. Everything else is just symbolic, yet still has enough teeth to utterly ruin a man’s life. Something that you jealously guard as a ‘right.’

            FYI, everybody is angry in this movement. All you can do is play the victim to make yourself stand out.

            And YOU STILL cannot say one negative thing about women. You literally cannot do it. It’s beneath you. I am not joking. You are the most radical feminist I have ever seen.

            I have stated my views on what I believe crazy fascist women are. The issues you take to heart is a dead giveaway that you were a very promiscuous nymphette and I would bet my life you have slept with nonwhites and don’t even feel bad about it. I see it. I know it.

            I am an expert in hatred and fear.

            I bet most fascist women are more promiscuous and have more miscegenation experience and fantasies than garden-variety leftist hoes. I have seen and experienced enough evidence of this.

            If your life were so perfect, you would not be here. This is not a feminine thing and you know it. I see your neediness playing out. It’s pathetic.

            And as for your pseudo psychoanalytic… nobody has ever defended me. I have always had to learn everything on my own, for better or worse….and nobody ever will.

          • There you go again, speaking of women as pieces of meat (long past your prime). And projecting: You cannot say one negative thing about women. Actually, it is you who cannot say one negative thing about men.

            Here is another thing you don’t understand: I love my race, all of us, men and women. There are times I feel angry at White men’s excessive altruism, but then it is also that high-mindedness that has given us so much to be proud of. By the same token, I share the contempt many have for women who can be so easily manipulated into collaborating with the enemy on the basis of a picture of a dead baby on a beach. On the other hand, what sort of woman isn’t moved by such things. What is worst in us is often just the other side of the coin of what is best in us. All we can do is know ourselves and create a new society where our weaknesses will not be weaponized against us.

            I interact with young White men and teenagers all the time. They always make me proud. They treat me as they would treat their own mothers, even going out of their way to help me when I have my hands full with the children. I will not let your hateful treatment of me undermine my sense of solidarity with young White men, who share the same fate of my own sons.

            You need to get out more Weimar. It is easy to be spiteful to no persons on the internet whom you can demonize and then treat like garbage.

          • ‘I interact with young White men and teenagers all the time. They always make me proud.’

            And there it is……

            No wonder you despise your husband so much.

            You are cheating your husband AND the Bell Curve….as a ‘woman’s right’ because you benefit entirely from divorce (feminist reparations) laws. I truly pity him. That is beyond unfair.

            I am outside of my home all the time interacting with all different walks of life because I do something you have never done – WORK and provide for myself.

            You are a desperate housewife. You love the energy from somebody like me, which is why you tolerate my ‘abuse,’ which you always start, but I always finish.

            So try again, armchair crypto-Jew psychologist.

            You watch me say terrible things to men all the time. That’s why they all hated me so much on here, but also why they love me now without ever even apologizing.

            You are truly baffled how that works.

            Think of it as a nonsexual, pleasureless ejaculation. The poison is expelled, harmony replaces it.

            I even called out Spencer and got the most likes I have seen anybody else get here by far. Not even my goal. I don’t care who likes or dislikes me. I just have lots of ideas I am not allowed to share anywhere else.

            Stop using my argumentation against you and inverting it onto me with scant proof. That is a very nigger tactic (‘white men be da real terrorists’). You clearly don’t have the intellect to formulate your own thoughts….like every other Alt-Right THOT, who relies on sashaying (self-objectification) to hold men’s attention.

            I hold women to the very same standards I hold men to because you demand equality, so you are getting equal criticism. That’s how power works. If you talked like this to my face, I would absolutely backhand you…in front of your husband….AND I would fuck you behind his back as you would promptly demand.

            I truly despise how all of this works and I fought it for years until I realized you cannot fight it. It is a groove.

            I still do not enjoy it, but it is the masculine thing to do. Men do not talk to other men like this without fear of getting socked. It is a balance that has worked very well.

            And I will remind you one more fucking time. You CANNOT have it both ways. You can’t bitch about ‘objectifying’ women while also advertising women as ‘prizes’ meant to be ‘protected’ i.e. OBJECTIFIED.

            That is why you feminists oscillate between feminism and trad-con gynocentrism.

            You are a feminist nationalist, not a white nationalist. You think pussy is superior. You have skated on the overinflated value of sex, which is one of the most absolute minuscule aspects of life. So much time and energy consumed for such a tiny amount of actual pleasure, married or not.

            You know I’m not an idiot and that I’m right. Like Trump said, you’re a fighter. I’ll give you that.

            Of course, not an actual fighter because if we each grabbed the other by the hair and punched one another 5 times in the face…one of us would go the hospital and one of us would go to jail, with or without witnesses. Actually, even if punches weren’t thrown, one of us (not you), would still go to jail.

            Why? Because pussy.

            And I will say again…I do not hate women. When have I ever said that?
            In fact, I have kissed many of them, in front of their brothers, boyfriends, beta-orbiters, cock-blocking gal pals….have had them take turns jerking me off, one time even in front of what was likely a girl’s mother and possibly sister. I would bet my life all of them had men in their lives they called ‘boyfriends’ (alphas they orbited around as concubines in a harem) at the time of our ‘encounters’ because that is how it works in this shitty Weimar Republic.

            I hate the evil power women use to be undeserving overlords….and I am doing my part to take it away from you for the good of our race.

            I hate being mean, but a man must be in this dystopia you love so much… I will never go back to being a softie again because the cost/benefit is beyond absurd vice versa….and I want to share my knowledge of this with everybody else so they can reap the benefits too and avoid the hardship I suffered for so many of my prime years.

            Keep trying to figure me out. You won’t.

          • You have now made very clear what your agenda is here: running cover for the Jew as he destroys our race. Not that it wasn’t already obvious.

          • Well said. This needs to be a part of a white nationalist handbook or something, chapter 5 the woman question.

          • And I’m rather disappointed in your illogical conclusion that I was calling you a Jew. You’re smarter than that, aren’t you. When someone says, “I smell skunk,” are they calling you a skunk, or merely noting that a skunk is somewhere in the vicinity?

          • I’ve really been considering doing a NEET survival guide for Gentile economics or something. The Alt-Right version of Dave Ramsey I guess. Maybe in podcast form. So many ideas.

          • That’s another thing. Using words and phrases like Overton Window and Deus Vult (both of which I had to look up) is not going to gain you the mass appeal you need. Listen to authors like Carnegie in How to Win Friends and Influence People. After all, aren’t those at least part of the bedrock of White Culture? It seems to me it would be folly not to learn the wisdom of white statesmen from the past who helped shape the modern white culture. The other day I saw an article on this website about learning from the Black Panthers. Yes it is good to learn from other cultures, but why would you not learn from white culture as well? You guys are smart; you will be able to pick out the good from the bad, and what is relevant today and what is no longer relevant.

          • I can’t disagree with you. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve already download the PDF version, seems interesting.

      • Thank you for your thoughts on this, Charles. My concern about this approach is that in the end it winds up being dysgenic, possibly catastrophically so. Feminism tends to reduce the fertility of the most capable women. In the long run, this of course reduces the pool of talent available to society. Moreover, it may be that the mother’s genes are primarily responsible for their sons’ intelligence. Boys get only one X chromosome, and they get it from their mother. All known genes for intelligence to date are located on the X. These intelligence genes pack more punch for boys, because they don’t have another X to dilute the effects. That is why there are more geniuses among men, and also more idiots. At least during their reproductive years, women’s priority should be raising children. The more talented the woman, the more important this is.

        Now, women live well past menopause, and it is certainly reasonable for women who have been good wives and mothers to expect some degree of freedom and rights in their later years when they have proven themselves. This is really no different from what is expected of men when you think about it.

        • You are truly deluded. Your ahistorical feminism now extends to pseudo-science? Christ, woman. Are you now seriously trying to take credit and live vicariously through the genetics of successful men?

          Reminds of the ‘High IQ’ crowd.

          You are panicking. What did your husband do…or should I say not do to you?

          I am glad you wised up to no longer respond directly to me because you have seen the tide turn rapidly in my favor.

          All it takes is a slap in the face sometimes to change your perspective on something so monumental.

          That’s all it takes to wake up other men. We spar, brawl and sometimes even kill (rarely) each other….but immediately afterwards the experience converts the original hatred into friendship regardless of who wins and we shake hands and buy each other a beer.

          Women will never understand that because you actually enjoy drama and violence, while men just want it to be resolved immediately, since we are problem-solvers and you are problem-seekers.

          Men lead, women bleed.

          Notice how all the other guys that used to tangle with me and counter-signal every post I made on this subject now cosign almost all of my comments? Funny how that works, huh?

          Everybody, including your sisterhood of the traveling tampon, can see that fighting nature is futile. So they are getting with the program and abandoning your revisionist crusade.

          Nobody ever stopped truly exceptional women like Amelia Earhart or Madame Curie – nature did.

          Your ‘stay-the-course’ feminism cannot continue and you know it.

          • I have repeatedly walloped you at every turn. I only stopped addressing you directly because I am not a sadist who enjoys humiliating third-rate menfolk such as yourself.

            As I said above, baby boys get one and only one X chromosome, from their mothers. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but I didn’t set it up that way.

            You are nothing. You are expendable, worthless. Every single White woman is 100 times more valuable than you.

          • LOL your pussy gets wet every time I make an antifeminist comment. Then you scroll through and thumbs down all of my comments as part of your ‘repartee.’ I bet you even do it on two separate devices to counter all the up votes.

            You are sashaying this very moment to show off your ‘femininity.’

            It’s adorable.

          • Looks like you just gave away your own ‘eugenics’ program….

            Anybody you disagree with deserves to die without procreating, regardless of stock.

            Now that is what I call a visionary.

        • Might explain why Jewishness is strictly passed down by the mother. Their entire strength as a group is based on high IQ abilities.

    • Enough with all this garbage. Intelligent, aristocratic women have always had a place to do good works beyond home-ec. Lets not be so determined in our outlook by rabid feminism that we lose any understanding of nuance in gender. Your middle and working class families will often have a traditional division of labor, because the kids and home need caring for, but that isn’t necessarily true for upper-crust whites. No, women will not naturally ascend to high levels of politics and business, but some (quite few!) will have fruitful and worthwhile careers AND raise healthy families. If you’re a middle or working class person, it is not your place in the social hierarchy to comment on that.

      I am not that partisan one way or another about the woman question, but I fear some of us have picked it as the hill do die on. When it comes to this particular female writer, unless you are ready to put out better content that will supplant hers, honestly, shut the fuck up about her gender. Not your place, pleb.

      • Your being irrational and jumping down my throat.

        Don’t be such a cuck and get your panties in a bunch because I think your girlfriend shouldn’t have a job.

        • My girlfriend has 15 IQ points on you, don’t be so insecure about it.
          By the way, completely wrong application of the “cuck” label.

          • I’m typing on a smart phone and with all disrespect, fuck your grammar comment.

          • 1. You are using language that appears combative and will drive away potential supporters. It is better to put forth the appearance of being diplomatic and open minded while simultaneously pursuing the policies we really want in place. Talk is one thing, action is another, and if there is one thing I have learned about politics it is that people pay more attention to rhetoric than they do to actions. It is better to talk about women’s rights and how great women are at everything to get them on our side and then put in the policies we really want, which will take away all their government granted advantages and force them to compete with men at an equal level, which the vast majority of them will be unable to do and will then naturally go back to their traditional roles in society. At that point only the fringe extremists will oppose us while the mainstream will on our side because it is easy and profitable.
            2. We shouldn’t be infighting over an issue that, quite frankly, we are all on the same page about.
            3. Please stop fighting, we are all on the same side and want what is best for our people.

          • Most of what you say here is quite right, PA.

            However, I would caution you against implying that full-time motherhood, or as you say, our traditional roles, is for ordinary, mediocre women, while exceptionally capable women are destroy “better things.” As I stated below, it is actually more important to convince the exceptional women to embrace motherhood.

            I think this is a strategy that is both diplomatic and authentic. I also happen to think it will succeed. White women really don’t like their jobs all that much.


          • I like to think of theses little exchanges on here as sharpening our swords not infighting. It also helps to crush a lot of the blue pulled views some guys on here still carrying in regard to woman. They genuinely believe that we should keep female suffrage. Come one man, you and I know that ain’t execptable.

            Of course we don’t come right out and yell off roof tops that we want to take all women’s right said away though. We got to be subtle and slowly build towards that moment.

            Ultimately, it’s Power that is going to get white women on our side, pure and simple not pandering.

          • How about you read my comment below where I addressed Charles in more depth. You haven t added any value, only petty attacks.

          • “I would say that I agree, there will always be exceptions. That doesn’t negate the fact the majority of women will be better suited for motherhood versus business life. Hanna Reitsch, who I brought up earlier in this thread, is a good example of select and elite women over performing in areas dominated by men, they occur but are rare.”
            Yea, so we mostly agree about this point. Why, then, get in this thread to attack the author of the article and use such absolutist terms like “drive out women?”

          • Where dis I attack the author?

            I stated that having female voices in our movement for the time being is positive.

            My comment above was addressed to the female commenters of this thread and their hysteria towards Weimer’s post below.

            Granted, driving women out may be a bit extreme, it’s better to be forthright than beat around the bush. Eventually our leadership will need to be composed entirely of males and women for the most part placed in supportive roles.

            The only one I see leveling attacks sir, is yourself.

      • Whoa, looks like we got ourselves an elitist!

        And one who admires women!

        Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

        Gotta love the internet aristocracy. Lol

        Please, Sir… May I ‘ave some mo’?

  • Let’s wait and see how Macron plays out.

    Now, chances are high he is just another globalist shill but, things aren’t always as they seem.

    I’ve since been intrigued when I found out that Macron is a French nationalist who reminisces about the glory days of the Ancien Regime. To top it off, he apparently is a huge fan of Napoleon( who turned on the Jews late in his career when he finally opened his eyes) so much so had could be called a Napoleonophile. He has also expressed his dissatisfaction with the absolution of the Monarchy during the revolution, not too bad

    Google his more politically incorrect statements, they are refreshing.

    Lastly, he has recently created a government department specifically to target French Jews who evade taxes and send money to Israel.

    Eh….a man can hope, right?

    • >literally rothschild boytoy with innumerable skeletons in the closet

      Wake up already. Wasn`t Trump talking about walls and kissing jew ass enough?

      • That boy toy comment gave a genuine laugh.

        I’m not going to hold my breath on Macron, you can count on that. Just playing devil’s advocate towards the hope of having a crusader in the house of Satan is all.

  • (((They))) only spew the “all cultures are equal” line when they’re starting the process of destroying the host culture. When the host culture has been thoroughly invaded by 3rd worlders and peaceful repatriation is out of the question, they fully promote the supremacy of the sh-tskin culture and inferiority of White culture.

  • we need to start telling the police to do their job or be considered complicit. we have protected 0 people so far and never will till the cia controlled traitor cops are replaced by volunteers. just say when. i will do more harm than good if you cucks arent ready

  • First of all, thank you Melissa Meszaros.

    Someone commented “we should call them colonizers!” I think that’s a very useful understanding.

    Yes, and part of the understanding of the reasoning for this reverse colonialism is how white countries are just based on theft from former colonies and all their power and wealth is intently immoral.

    Liberals view third world migration as reparations for our moral wrongs. Danesh D’Souza popularized this understanding under Obama.

    “We” if you will, have been accutely aware of this cultural Marxism for many years. Marxist use this logic to inspire revolutionary spirit around the world.. Arab world, sub-saharans, anywhere they can. If you discuss this with immigrants it’s a common understanding they have. Thus, their confidence to come and defy assimilation and laugh at Whites who correctly assert them to assimilate.

    This is a subject for a much longer post. But, basically, it’s entirely correct to call them colonizers, maybe just settlers. They may or may not (many do) understand their situation to be that, either way, that is the case.

    One can look at the opening of the gates to the third world under LBJ as iconic of the mindset of egalitarianist which holds the anti colonial view.

    This is leveraging one of the 3 pillars of anti white dogma: colonialism, Holocaust, and slavery. Though I should revise it to 4 and add being a white male (subconscious bigotry, institutional racism, patriarchy, toxic masculinity, “whiteness” etc). The first 3 are event based, the fourth is essentially a masterful Psyop.

    (The Mexican example: )

  • Is that why Macron wants to control the media? It has been reported that the President wants to pass legislation to control and monitor news outlet especially foreign outlets for fear of interference in French affairs? What else does he has to hide from the French besides the outside world? Everyone knows that Paris and the suburbs are one but a huge cesspool of merde!

  • Nonsense, the French have been setting other French people’s cars on fire since Henry Ford invented them in 1793. Get educated.

    King Ferdinand did not stand at the killing blow of the Islamic rape of Spain at the end of 700 years of occupation by hostile invaders just to see France suffer the same fate.
    It is not a question of can or cannot. It must, and shall, be done.

  • Not one shred of pity. You need to understand that this is exactly what white women have wanted and they are getting it. They do not want ‘security’ or ‘resources’ for their children. They want ‘excitement’ and ‘liberation’ from their stale suburban lives.

    They want their pussies sopping wet from fear-porn and simulated rape. They want to get as dangerously close to violent death as they can before ‘The Great Pullback,’ which we are still nowhere near.

    I have even met French women who told me that all blacks are nice. Then I told them to be careful because Negroes are dangerous, but they laughingly (not even nervous laughter) told me they can no longer talk to me because that was a racist statement, as if I breached a contract.

    Well, I’m happy for them because this clearly brings them joy. So I will not interfere in their happiness and I encourage others to actually listen to women and refrain from aiding them. You actually gain their respect this way because you gain power over your own corrosive chivalry, and thus gain the ability to see the world far more clearly.

    I used to naively approach the nasty hookers that worked my street and tell them how dangerous it was to be out there, as they aggressively harangued me to become their client, but they didn’t care. In fact, their nigger pimp was actually far friendlier and even tried to break up a fight I was involved with one time when attacked by a junkie on my way home from work.

    This ‘egalitarian nationalism’ that all the womynz are prioritizing, and all their white knights are closing ranks to defend, is a complete nonstarter. Believe it or not, a MULTICULTURAL patriarchy would hypothetically function better to protect white birthrates than this bullshit feminist white ethno-state so many have been trying to shoehorn. Talk about a mindfuck.

    Both are garbage, but egalitarianism is the bigger pile of shit because it always circles back to the hellscape women’s rights create in times of surplus. That is when they want ‘liberation,’ but shockingly not so much during scarcity….

    The purchasing power of chivalry-shaming techniques against men is almost not worth a Zimbabwean dollar at this point. Without their beta-orbiting eunuchs leveraging chivalry in exchange for one-word text messages/emojis of pretend friendship, feminism/gynocentrism would be crushed overnight.

    The usual go-to ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacy of speculating what ‘a real man would do’ means nothing anymore because even the lowliest beancounter can put two and two together and see that record-breaking box office/book sales of psychopathic billionaires contractually stipulating BDSM bedroom tactics, and muscular-metrosexual vampires devouring young pussy, does not match the pearl-clutching histrionics of feminists or even the deck of cards ‘antifeminist’ Trad-THOTs, as both have embraced the #MeToo coup in ruthlessly toppling their male coworkers and bosses from their careers, as a female Will To Power.

    The Bell Curve female median cluster also strikes down the NAWALT theory.

    The statistics fallacy of ‘men’ did this because ‘most politicians are men’ will not work either. Those are the cuck sentries that the majority-female electorate voted for. They are their beta avatars fulfilling their obligations, while every nationalist man gets shot down at the polls or imprisoned for hate speech.

    The best thing a white man can do in this situation is nonintervention because aggressive withdrawal is the most powerful move he can make. All the chivalry in the world does not measure up to the strength of even a tiny minority of white male apathy.

    That is how the mighty NFL has been decimated in just 12 months from white men tuning out, and how Obamacare was a failure-to-launch because young white men refused to enroll in order to subsidize women and nonwhite leeches, whose lives are propped up for free while white men die earlier and earlier.

    So it will be white women who deliver the white patriarchy. They will be the ones busting down city hall demanding white men liberate women from women’s liberation.

    We simply have too many wars to fight simultaneously, and we cannot continue to fight them at the behest of mythical shield or wheat-field maidens…AND forced to watch our flank from the very women we are supposed to protect.

    Women have too much power and not enough ability. They badly need to be humbled by their own actions.

    Until then, all we can do is let the white female self-fulling prophecy run its course, and continue to point this out until a critical mass of white men have reached this consensus. That is when this nightmare ends. But it has gotten nowhere near as bad as it needs to be for white women to shed feminism/gynocentrism.

    This is the only way women will ever be ‘inspired’ because throughout human history they have been dictated by patriarchs. They were never the ‘catalyst’ for male invention/discovery. They were the compartmentalized breeders, cavalierly traded as a fig leaf from father to rival tribe, as token for future business partnerships, or usually just gifted to a loyal older bachelor friend…..but most importantly….safely away from power, and thus civilizational destruction.

      • It is a combination of
        -cock carousel
        -drop in white male testosterone
        -having children is low status

        • I haven’t seen any evidence of the “cock carousel” so I can’t comment on that, but it is definitely true that having children is low status. You can’t build a positive culture of motherhood on the assumption that women are psychopaths, which is why the woman-haters need to STFU unless and until they have something constructive to say.

    • You are wrong and you are a demonic, evil piece of shit, Weimar–just like your moniker implies.
      May your demonic soul be tormented in Hell for the rest of time. Be eternally cursed, filth.

      Normal men, reject this mentally ill garbage and his whole evil woman-hating mindset. Such “men” undermine white nations and are 100% demonic, making up all kinds of excuses why they can sit back and let Women be abused. Women absolutely do want and need security and protection.

          • Not sure why this comment received three down votes, bitter women perhaps?

            It’s sad how that conflate us wanting women out of politics and in the home with women hating. Seems leftist inspired.

            Eventually the right needs to come right out and state it’s vehement opposition to female suffrage.

        • In what respect is she in the small minority? Seriously asking. I want to know exactly what you mean before I respond.

          • How many women do you honestly know who are specifically pro white and sympathize with the altright?

            No need to get emotional Lexi, it’s unbecoming and only proves all the more that even you WN women need strict patriarchy.

          • Ok. Thanks for clarifying.

            First of all, I must disagree with you about me getting emotional. You must understand that women who are attracted to the alt-Right, by definition, have a sense of honor. In that way, we are different from mainstream women. At common law, a man who killed his wife’s lover “in the heat of passion” was less culpable than a premeditated murderer, precisely because his actions were considered understandable. When our honor is violated, we are going to be angry. If the men do not defend us, we will defend ourselves.

            Now when I say that our honor is being violated, I am not talking about mere criticism. As I have explained elsewhere, any good faith criticism is always, by definition, a compliment and a vote of confidence that the subject of the criticism can do better. Constructive criticism that clearly explains what is expected of us and why is most welcome. An example:


            Compare Daniel’s approach with the outrageous comment above that women are “amoral to the point of evil.” This is unfalsifiable, inflammatory, irrational nonsense that helps no one. Yet curiously, you do not criticize him for being overly emotional. Rather, you criticize me for objecting to this ridiculous hyperbole, which is worse than I have ever heard any feminist say about any man ever. Seriously, if you can find even one feminist who claims that men are all born psychopaths (amoral), I would be very surprised.

          • I can sympathize Lexi.

            Some of us may take our criticism of white women to far but, it’s not all unwarranted.

            The majority of white women as of 2018 are detrimental to us just by their life choices.

            A lot of us here accept the fact that eventually, if we are to succeed in this monumental task, women will have to take a backseat and would be better of filling the roles of wife, confidant, and mother towards the men in our movement.

            That doesn’t mean that the exceptional ones cannot serve us elsewhere like Hanna Reitsch, who was always held in high regard by the men who were her superiors.

            Women like you are rare as of now and even later down the road as we grow, surely your life experience can serve to testify to that.

          • And by the way, to answer your question. I know exactly one White woman who has alt-Right sympathies, and no men. The truth is that none of us knows what anyone thinks because we are all intimidated into silence.

            How did women vote in the last French election?

      • Ummm. Your ¨reply¨…only makes WR point. You are one nasty, utterly repellent ¨female.¨ You are…female…no?

      • Well, madam. So I guess what you’re saying is I’m deplorable AND irredeemable? Huh, how bout that.

        In regards to my handle, I’ll dumb this down for you since my fancy words are too stomach-churning for your delicate sensibilities… ‘Weimar Republican’ implies that yours truly, as well as anybody else currently residing in Western Civilization, is an unwilling resident of a society that resembles the hellishness that was 1918-1933 Germany.

        Nothing more.

        If you can’t stand the heat, get back on the treadmill and make yourself more presentable. #SickOfFatChicks

    • Truly, Weimar, you are mentally ill, caught up in delusions that you then rationalize with all kinds of smart-sounding verbiage that add up to a stinking pile of pig shit. There is no wisdom in you and no upliftment of our people can ever come from your kind.

    • Weimar is partially right. Women are amoral to the point of evil. The problem was never women; it was men who ‘freed’ them in order to hurt other men.

      “Women absolutely do want and need security and protection.”

      That is true. The problem is they do not want it. And if you give women freedom, they will pursue what they want. This isn’t fatal… except we punish men for exhibiting the behaviors women are attracted to which results in women going after the men most resistant to punishment or social stricture (aka criminals, idiots and other scum).

      • What is this? A game of whack-a-mole or something?

        I’m warning you menfolk. I don’t have the time to come here and babysit these stupid motherfuckers on a regular basis! I have a family to care for. You know, I’m raising children whose future you all are supposed to be securing.

        I have shown you how it’s done. Now do it.

        By the way, has anyone ever come up with any evidence that female hypergamy is impeding White family formation? I still haven’t seen any.

        • Like your friend Vicky Joy(lol), you are thoroughly unfeminine, if, by ¨feminine,¨ we are talking about the adjective of, let us say, a century ago.

          • Here’s how it works:

            The menfolk are too chickenshit to say what needs to be said. So the women have to do it. Then, all of a sudden some of the menfolk find their courage and call us unladylike.

            Have I missed anything?

        • “What is this? A game of whack-a-mole or something? ”

          Life isn’t fair. Don’t feel too bad- the point of morality is to get a group of men to cooperate in order to compete with/kill other groups of men.

          “By the way, has anyone ever come up with any evidence that female hypergamy is impeding White family formation? I still haven’t seen any.”

          The divorce rate increases with the number of partners a women has had before she marries.

          • How does that prove the Female Hypergamy Hypothesis?

            Also, sexual promiscuity is positively correlated with dark triad personality traits, which are inconsistent with marital harmony for all sorts of reasons. You would have to control for these to figure out whether sexual experience increases divorce risk.

          • On a first (rushed) reading, I saw nothing in this article that pertains to the question of whether sexual experience increases divorce risk, controlling for dark personality traits. I will read it again.

            Here is the money quote:

            “The good news, especially for readers of this blog, is that there are many Game techniques devised specifically to leverage female hypergamy to the benefit of men….push-pull, DHV, disqualification, outcome independent mentality, assuming the sale, etc. This is a benefit to the few individual men dedicated to learn Game, and more so to those committed to put it to practice. But runaway female hypergamy is a disaster for the West as a whole, after accounting for the few Machiavellians who can extract pleasures from its dwindling resource of feminine women. Female preference cascades in openly hypergamous societies are accelerating the lockout of beta males from the primest cuts of poon, while also locking out women from motherhood and happiness.”

            Two questions:

            (1) Why do mediocre men feel they are entitled to the “primrst cuts off soon”?

            (2) Why do men fail to take responsibility for their part in creating feminism? That is, why would men be surprised by female hostility directed at them when they dehumanize women by speaking of them as literal cuts of meat?

            But then, I am different (and more fair-minded) than MGTOW woman-haters. I choose not to judge all men by the words and actions of scum like Taharoosh. Otherwise, I’d be a feminist.

          • Dear downvoter,

            A thumbs down is not an argument. Kindly explain where my analysis goes wrong.

          • Again, I have only just read this article, but it appears to me that the main defect in the conclusion is that it only looks at women’s immediate impressions of male attractiveness without taking account of real-world acquaintance. Nor does it take account of the fact that women may well be much more realistic in real-life than they are in impersonal survey responses. Indeed, as U have repeatedly pointed out, women say most most men are unattractive, but then go ahead and reach out to them anyway. Men say most women are decent-looking, then ignore all but the most attractive.


            Still, no proof that female hypergamy is impeding White family formation.

            This evidence that it’s actually excessive male choosiness that is delaying White family formation continues to be ignored. I suspect the reason for that is childish “men” who are more interested in bashing women than solving the problem, which might require them to take responsibility for their own failures.

  • Get me Deleted…..

    But, Melissa is not Out in the Streets….

    And, that’s one of the Fundamental Issues we Face…….

    I’m in the Dirty Streets of Northeast America……

    And, I can KILL my way out….. thinks it’s Wise to Copy Liberal Progressivm……

    Melissa’s Place is Serving her Husband and Children……

    Get the F Out of and Steer Clear of the Man-O-Sphere………..

    I don’t EVER see White Women in the Streets AWOKE…….

    Stay in Hungary……….

    You’re NOT Built for THIS…………

      • When Nova starts tough guy posting, its safe to say he did take his pills and then had a couple drinks.

    • You are mentally ill. You criticize Melissa for not being out in the street and then imply that women should not be politically active, i.e. out in the streets. Your IQ must be around 85.

        • He’s not harmless as long as he is here making the good movement of this men look bad for either 1) agreeing with him, or 2) lacking the wherewithal to tell him to STFU.

          • I think it is the punctuation that is the bigger issue. Who ends sentences with multiple periods? At the very least we should take from the Nazis their insistence on proper grammar.

    • we need to get a monthly topic voting system, i know it can be trolled but who cares, a council/senate that we can hold accountable within our movement, and to start moving forward with more than just pretending we are going to vote our sovereignty back. i suggest constantly keeping a list of people on all alt right formats that can easily be prosecuted but the police refuse to even question. we need to get police to see that they are mercenaries and retire so we know who we are fighting. the police keep our society together same as israel is our greatest ally. btw i always lived not far from NYC. i think the problem is red state people just dont quite get it. they need to come join us here and get rdy with us behind enemy lines

    • I anxiously await the day that I get to take a piss on the ashes of the American empire. Can’t happen soon enough.

  • It’s typical of the Media (in France, as in Europe and America) to refrain from identifying the race of the criminals.

    “Youths”, “thugs”, “revellers” – the Media uses these terms, because they and the French government are on side with the migrants, and against the people.

      • half the youth is in debt and unable to afford kids. we are being flooded. our easter counter part, europe, is up the creek since ww2 and being flooded. the police are rounding up our guys. they arent going to risk the joy of holodomoring us because they know what will happen. if you are waiting for that, we are screwed. that is just an excuse to stay safe and warm

  • Some people enjoy torchlight rallies, and some people enjoy torched-car rallies.
    By the way, that policewoman exhibited various micro-aggressions while trying to
    “defend” herself. Someone should look into that.

    • #Metoo is unfortunately too busy to respond to this savage assault as they are currently fighting to secure the human right of all female-identifying individuals to have a lifetime supply of free maxi pads.

  • In the long term, it would’ve been better had the French cop been kicked to death. Such savage violence against whites is necessary, in order to wake them up.

    • I have a couple French friends, both cucked. I can only imagine how many times they can rationalize this shit in their heads before they don’t buy their own lies anymore. Whites have already begun waking up.

  • Who in his/her sane mind would want those Africans in his/her country and society? Macron and the global government. They are among us to strangle and eliminate the very way of our living.

  • It’s time to call them COLONIZERS and DEMOGRAPHIC IMPERIALISTS. They are not migrants. Migrants are people who move within the same nation. Immigrants are those who trickle in in manageable numbers to assimilate. This is full-scale Colonization and Demographic Imperialism. It is Mass Replacism.

    It is also about ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. White wombs are the sanctuary from which white life begins. All you white people began in white wombs. White wombs produce white life when it accepts white seeds. But France is about Junglois Feverois and UK is about Junglo-Saxons. White women are encouraged to go black and welcome ACOWW. That way, white wombs shut the gates to white seeds and take only black seeds to produce more people like Obama and Kapernick.

    Africans not only colonize white lands but white wombs. White wombs that should be the garden for white life is being trampled by blacks who use white gardens to make ugly vile savage black babies.

  • And meanwhile, the [white] BoBo’s were drinking their red wine, discussing the differences between Sartre and Foucault, and smoking Gauloises.

    Joke aside, I will never understand what’s wrong with the [white] french psyche; they were proud warriors not so long ago, and now they are literally committing assisted suicide via immigration, miscegenation and leftist politics.

    Sometimes I think Revilo Oliver was right when he said that we as a race simply have lost the will to live.

    • I disagree. Most are just ignorant. Most Whites are middle to upper class and rarely affected. The only coloreds they see are the few decent ones from Christian families who are in reality an exception to the rule, but to them its all they see. Normies dont even care about news anymore, so most happenings like this pass them by. On top of the (((news))) downplaying it. Whites have an inner fire, its why we succeed. It can and will be redirected to cleansing our lands once the danger becomes impossible to hide. Even the Whites we disagree with and look down upon have an inner fire. There is something in their life they refuse to fail at. Any fire can be spread in a desired direction. You just have to be the only side that it isnt being extinguished from.

        • True there are some good ones, but the bad ones truly are “inscrutable faggots.” Indeed that is the most accurate and succinct description of them I have ever heard.

          • It’s about 50/50, same as anywhere else. Their bad ones are just extremely influential. I definently should have mentioned Joseph de Maistre up top too.

          • I left out the Algerian Jew Derrida as in inscrutable faggot.

            Stick with:

            German philosophers and composers
            French painters
            English writers
            Irish poets

    • And the reason Oliver posited this conclusion was because of Christinsanity, and what he called the jew book, or the bible.

      • Blame it on yourself and your kind. You eschewed Bible
        Christianity 50 or so years ago. Now YOUR chickens are coming home to roost. You deserve to perish. Me and mine…don´t.

  • Identifying the particular orcs who delivered the kicks is pointless–the whole community should be made to suffer. I read that the male police officer who was beaten drew his gun but didn’t fire it, even when his partner was on the ground being kicked, an obvious threat to her life. The French police must really be scared of the ramifications of injurying any Muslim/Arab/African. If Macron were serious, he would order the French Army to occupy neighborhoods such as these and declare the French equivalent of martial law.

    • I read it somewhere, that he was beaten so severely, that he had to remove his pistol from his holster.

      I mean listen, I have no simphathy for them youtz, but come on now, how can I have any for this cuck? Wtf is someone like that doing in uniform?


      • I feel terrible for both of them. I hope the lady learns her lesson from this. She wanted equality. She got it, good and hard. I also hope any other girls watching this learn from her mistakes, and come over to the alt-Right.

      • Frantically trying to avoid shooting “muh sacred brown people” and avoiding losing his job.

        Next time he’ll just drive around the block and won’t even investigate what is going on in the warehouse.

        • That’s certainly what I’d do if I were a flic in the banlieue. Only respond to “shots fired,” with half a dozen squad cars and otherwise check out the crime scene in a café with an expresso. Why risk your life and career policing bicots?

        • He’ll break down the door for a domestic between a white man and a mad slutty wife and shoot the white man.

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