Paul Nehlen And The Red Pill

Richard Spencer
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  • First person to create this will create a world-wide revolution and fulfill the duty of the 14/88 WITHOUT EVER FIRING A SHOT; Create the technology, possibly by refining CRISPR technology and gene-drives to allow for a “Race-Change” procedure. In that, say if you’re a black and you want your DNA to be that of a white person or even asian, you can become a carrier. Imagine two blacks get this procedure done and then they end up giving birth to the Eurasian master race. Eventually through choice, they would be able to join us. Don’t think africans would choose to do so if given a chance? They want their children to turn out healthy, intelligent, better than they are, that’s the drive of all organisms’ self-interest. That’s why they want to mate with whites so much and you see things like them straightening their hair and bleaching their skin. It’s also why you have the few of them at the higher end of the bell curve who know the reality of the lower end. The intelligent ones will choose this. The lesser so will inevitably do stupid things and end up disappearing through natural selection / imprisonment for stupidity.

  • That was an Excellent video. Spencer hit on all of the points perfectly. Production value 1st rate. Loved the ”Paul” comparisons & hit on the ultimate dilemma of which way to run. My only question is even with Bannons $ and normie-friendly messaging could have Nehlen actually beaten Paul Ryan? Sure he could’ve made it a race but what does that get us if in the end he falls short? At least now we have something tangible & real. It makes it that much harder for the Newsweek’s of the world to try to sell their myth of an Alt Right in decline. Now we can count on ‘The Forward’ & other J-Media running scare stories of the Alt Right’s new standard-bearer. Lets keep piling up the victories, each one a little bit bigger then the last & riding that wave into an unknown but promising future.

    • No he couldn’t have won. The alt-right needs to pick their districts carefully. Not much point competing in districts that have no potential for a win.

  • He revealed some of his “power level” way too soon. Like you said he was exuberant about his awakening. He’s smart – there’s a place for him. It may or may not be as a politician.

    His xian shield he’s trying to hide behind may save him. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Trump if you’re willing to stick it out and not give up, you can out last the news cycles.

    We’ll see. Lots of hurdles to go.

  • On Sunday, Iran’s interior minister warned that “violence, fear and terror” will be fought, following the third consecutive night of unrest.

    “Those who damage public property, disrupt the order and break the law must be responsible for their behaviour and pay the price,” Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli said.

    Late Sunday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the citizens are “absolutely free” to protest and criticize the government, but the protests should not descend into violence. “Criticism is different from violence and damaging public properties,” Rouhani warned, calling for the rioters to refrain from disruptive behavior.

    Rouhani chided Trump over his comments concerning the situation in Iran. “This man in America who is sympathizing today with our people has forgotten that he called the Iranian nation terrorists a few months ago.”

    I stand with President Rouhani against President Trump……….

    There is now UNITY between President Trump, Hillary Clinton, RINO’s, Anti-Trump Jewish Dems, the #NeverTrump Neocons, and Israel First Breitbart Alt-Lite………

    Paul Nehlen offers a Stark Alternative……..

    Neocon-Free America First………

    Breitbart MAGA is a FRAUD……………

  • Nice production values (although you failed to credit the music composer properly). But I don’t agree with the analysis; it seems about a year out of date. Things are moving as fast as we want them to move. Ann Coulter retweeted Nehlan today. Trump didn’t get anywhere by being cautious: in the 2015-16 context, he was “terrifying” (according to cartoonist Scott Adams, a Trump supporter); every ninnie and normie clutched his/her pearls at least once during the campaign. Yet Trump won. Candidates need to be increasingly bold. Pushy. Jews win because they push, offensively. Are we pushing in a revolutionary way, or playing defense? Are we pushy enough? Do we have the chutzpah required to be the true opposite of reactionaries? I doubt your cautious take is the wisest one in the long run.

      • David Duke ran after leading the Klan. If Spencer wanted to, he certainly could enter politics. But it’s not going to work in his current residences of Montana or Virginia.

        One of our guys needs to run in a super right wing Southern district somewhere like Alabama.

      • Why not? I didn’t get that from the vid. Obv Spencer running would be like Ron Paul, but it would be really crazy. He should run for governor or even president.

    • Spencer wouldn’t have a chance of winning in any district in the U.S. Sorry, most American whites don’t think like us.

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