Politics Under Persecution

Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable—the art of the next best.
Otto von Bismarck

Steve Bannon has reportedly cut ties with Paul Nehlen, the businessman who, in the spring of 2016, challenged House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Republican primary in Wisconsin’s First District. Nehlen had been on Bannon’s “ant-Establishment” docket for 2018—the men and women who would take back the GOP in the name of Trump. Now, according to Arthur Schwartz, an adviser to Bannon, “Nehlen is dead to us.”

His crime was a series of “based tweets.”

Bannon’s summary execution is revealing. He stood by Alabama’s Roy Moore until the bitter end, long after it was clear that the accusations of sexual misconduct—and very long after Moore’s abject silliness, with his six-shooter and ten-commandment monuments—threatened to jeopardize a Senate seat in the reddest state in the country. Essentially, Bannon will accept almost anything when it comes to hokey religiosity. But tweet out “It’s Okay To Be White,” and you’re done.

Nehlen should have been more disciplined. But the episode reveals that Bannon’s brand of “economic nationalism” and “Trumpism” is just another variation on the “color blind,” identity-less American Right. Bannon is not “our guy” nor has he ever been. Indeed, Bannon never understood European nationalism, which he supported throughout his tenure at Breitbart, but only as another version of the “Tea Party.” Speaking before the Vatican in 2014, he foresaw a day when the racialist elements within European nationalist parties would be “washed out,” in favor, I guess, of multi-colored, Judeo-Christian, middle-class populists.

So is Bannon of any use to us?

Potentially, still quite a bit.

Bannon commands many more resources and much more influence than the Alt-Right. Without question, a far better sequence of events would have been for Nehlen to stay on message and maintain Bannon’s support. Bannon would have thus channelled energy towards a candidate with an identitarian heart, as Nehlen clearly has, and not towards yet another Tea Party goofball. Bannon’s 2018 Congressional project represents “dumb money,” and it is far easier to redirect dumb money than build up funding sources from scratch.

And for that to happen—in this transitionary stage in which open White identity politics is not yet politically possible—great discretion is needed. Much greater than Paul showed this past week.

The Red Pill

Getting “red pilled” is one of the most inspiring—and traumatic—things ever to happen to us. It changes us, and not just how we look at politics, history, and society; it changes our personalities, ways of life, and relationships with friends and family.

It also brings a great deal of danger. Saying something as seemingly innocuous as “It’s Okay to be White” puts one’s job, status, and family in jeopardy. And the difficulty in swallowing the Red Pill is only matched by the difficulty of staying quiet once you have become aware of these shocking and hidden truths. (Nehlen clearly couldn’t keep a lid on it.)

Politicians rarely venture into the Forbidden Zone, regardless of the political climate and regardless of their own personal state of red-pilling. That is because politicians get elected by promising security and safety, with some bacon and patriotism on the side. Visionary leaders and activists, on the other hand, promise danger, excitement, and the moral satisfaction of being a principled heretic. Visionary leaders and thinkers can change the world, but they rarely get elected to Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

Visionary Vs. Winning Candidates

Any candidate who holds Alt-Right or identitarian personal views has a hard choice to make: Shall I be an Visionary Candidate or a Winning Candidate? Each one of these choices is equally valid, but each one demands different abilities on the part of the candidate and fundamentally different presentations to the public.

In his presidential runs in 2008 and 2012, Ron Paul was the quintessential Visionary Candidate. He never had a chance, and he said things that were hopelessly impractical: “Bring the Troops Home Now!” “Institute the Gold Standard!” “Read Rothbard!” etc. To Ron’s credit, he educated millions on libertarian theory and economics; he won over idealistic young people, if not their parents and grandparents; and his campaign ultimately funneled tens of millions of dollars into the libertarian think-tank and activism industry (which is ironically located in Washington, DC).

Rand Paul, on the other hand, is a Winning Candidate. He can draw from the energy of the libertarian movement, but he plays politics and picks his battles. Rand doesn’t call the American military an occupational force; he doesn’t claim that parking tickets are a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle; he doesn’t demand the legalization of heroine and prostitution—despite the fact that many of his libertarian supporters (including his own father) genuinely believe in all of these ideas. Instead, Rand chooses issues that resonate with his electoral base and touch on libertarian principles.

Again, both choice are equally valid, morally and even strategically. While a Visionary Candidate can be quixotic and LARPy, he can also be inspiring and courageous. While the Winning Candidate is inherently pragmatic, he is often too pragmatic. Indeed, I fear that our movement might get overly excited about a seeming “Winning” candidate, who can’t actually win or who would likely cuck when in office. Such “winners” actually represent a huge opportunity cost for the movement.

The essential thing is that a choice must be made from the beginning.

Some Interesting Exceptions

There are, of course, some interesting exceptions, and the fascists were almost always exceptional: Gabriele D’Annunzio, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Oswald Mosley were eccentrics and artists in their own ways. But we must remember that exceptions prove the rule. Remaining fixated on the fascists of continental Europe is not a “winning” strategy. Most who fall back on these movements as ideological guideposts do so from a position of desperation.

David Duke was also someone who blurred the line between the Visionary and Winning candidate. His former membership in the Ku Klux Klan certainly proved his bona fides; but his campaign rhetoric was not really that of White Nationalism. In his electoral runs, for Senate (’90) and Governor (’91) and President (’92), he spoke the language of “America First” (much like Trump) but also of Reaganism and eduation and welfare reform. Indeed, in his debate with Edwin Edwards in ’91, Duke presented himself much more like a “New South” reformer, whereas Edwards seemed like the good ol’ boy from Dixie. Many Republicans pretend to be nationalists in order to enact tax-cuts. David Duke was the rare breed who pretended to care about tax cuts in order to pursue nationalism.

Strategies For Successful Alt-Right Campaigns

I actually think that a Visionary Alt-Right candidate might offer our movement the most at this moment, and that so-called “pragmatism” is overrated. But let’s put that aside and focus on what it would take for a candidate to win.

A Winning Alt-Right Candidate should talk about implicitly racial ideas, which resonate with the White working and middle class. These include:

  • national identity and civic nationalism
  • dangers of multiculturalism
  • need for immigration reform and restriction
  • illegal-immigrant crime
  • America First foreign policy
  • violent Muslims, etc.

A Winning Politician should never tweet out Alt-Right memes, which are inexplicable and offputting to the uninitiated. Nor should he ever speak openly about the following:

  • racial differences in intelligence
  • philosophical identitarianism
  • problems inherent in the idea of Americanism
  • Jewish identity and influence
  • historical revisionism (of any kind)
  • problems with Christianity

There are, of course, ways of threading the needle. One could, for instance, say something like,

I respect Israel’s desire to maintain its ethnic and religious identity. As a conservative, I just want America to stay American.

Such a statement implicitly acknowledges the racial identity of America, raises the issue of Jewish influence in a roundabout manner, and puts a splinter in the minds of die-hard Israeli patriots: “If Israel can maintain its cultural and racial identity, why can’t we!?” In other words, it uses pre-existing logical pathways in the average conservative voter’s mind.

Nehlen’s fundamental problem is that he never made a choice. Perhaps this resulted from the fact that his red-pilling is an ongoing process. Nehlen is “Normie friendly” to say the least, and as an engineer, he is most authentic when he talks about economic populist issues. But through his week of tweeting, he swiftly transformed himself into a Visionary Candidate. Nehlen thus forfeited Bannon’s dumb money and made it much more difficult for him to win. Worse still, Nehlen is simply not comfortable in the role of Visionary Leader, nor is he an idea man for this position.

I admire Nehlen’s courage and forthrightness; indeed, I’ll back him and help him to the degree that I can. But we must be brutally honest: Nehlen made the wrong choice, and this probably can’t be undone.

Public and Private Positions

After the Wikileaks revelations, Hillary Clinton was roundly attacked for espousing a “public and private positions” on political matters. This was, her critics said, the philosophy of a hypocrite or con artist—if not a sociopath or “Sith Lord.”

In fact, there was great wisdom in her statement, for in the never-ending “Current Year,” we are operating under persecution and cannot be fully honest to voters and the media. Dog-whistling, while maintaining plausible deniability, should be the standard MO of any Alt-Right candidate. This is not “cucking” so much as it is understanding the political climate and the average conservative voter’s mindset.

As bad as the situation is, most conservative voters are deeply disturbed by the idea of raising the topics of race, identity, demographic displacement, and—heaven forbid— Jewish influence.

The Normie wants a candidate that will take care of him, and bring back the good ol’ days (Make America Great Again). But he doesn’t want to make any real personal sacrifices, any change to his lifestyle or mentality, which are necessary for this to come about. The Normie wants to remain “color-blind,” but he also wants his neighborhood to stay White. He wants to “be tolerant,” but doesn’t want his kids around gay preachers and teachers. He wants to “respect all cultures,” but he doesn’t want to see people in hijabs milling around the downtown mall.

The Normie Conservative is, in this way, afraid of himself and his own desires. He feels guilty for being who his he is. Both the Visionary and Winning candidate must understand this difficult and deeply ironic state of affairs—that the Normie will resist precisely what he desires most.

Whatever happens with Paul Nehlen, his very candidacy is proof of how widespread and powerful our message is becoming. Today, the Paul Nehlen controversy seems like an inevitability. Yet only a year ago, no one would have thought such a thing possible.

We should admire Nehlen, but also learn from his tragic missteps. For our goal is not simply to understand the world, but to change it.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • It may come across as subversive to be implicitly pro white. it might make more sense to be explicitly pro white.
    your advice here isn’t the only right option

  • OMG, Paul Nehlen was actually reading a book. This was too much for the Irish Roman Catholic blowhard Bannon. Call the Pope. Place the book on the Index.

    Bannon and other Catholic & Jewish assholes are actually upset because Nehlen was reading a book. Think about it for a minute. Reading a book!

    • may have principles but lacks reason. he seems smart because he doesnt even realize when things are way about his head. a leader must be strong wise and intelligent or he will be used by our enemy

    • Bad principles indeed, because his principles are actually detrimental to the western world but a low IQ trash can’t understand that because you are completely disconnected from reality

  • The real story is the fact that Bannon is a rosacea faced hypocrite. He’s a yuuge supporter of Jewish tribalism and has no problem with black and brown racial identity as long as they are civic nationalist and vote Republican but blows a gasket when a white congressional candidate merely tweets that it’s ok to be white.

    Every race has members in Congress who are loud and proud tribalists and who openly campaign as champion of their race. We can’t stay silent forever. How do you expect to win when we don’t publicly start taking our own side?

  • I guess Richard, but Nehlen lost to Ryan 82-18 just being a non-racial populist in 2016, so his lurch to the right and embrace of white identity and acknowledgement of the Jew as enemy combatant can’t hurt him too much. If he lost 52-48 then you might have a point that maybe he should have played his cards closer to the vest since his comments are bound to petrify some of the cucks in his district.

    Still, I think he showed great courage in what he did.

  • The idea that alt-right candidates should pose as civic nationalists populists is a catastrophic mistake. What does that make of the alt-light? Are they just adopting the right strategy? Absolutely not. The public opinion is moving steadily in our direction. Never compromise on the message.

    I do agree that Nehlen ruined his own chances to win, and I do agree that he would have been more useful to us if he had won, but what you are doing here is laying out a general strategy and telling us to step on the breaks.

    The correct answer to the question of strategies and optics is everything, we must do everything to educate, to persuade, to infiltrate, to terrorize. Every single action is a step forward, but in order to play out all these roles our movement must take on many shapes.

  • rlly don’t think Nehlen has any stink on him. Srsly going to punish people for the books they read?????? Spencer is being a total Jew about this and going full “Culture of Critique”

  • Spencer says something very important about the Normie state of mind. That’s why the Alt-Lite still serves a useful purpose because its civic nationalism can introduce Normies to the AR which, being located at the political fringe because it challenges the status quo most radically, is one bridge too far for most. The autistic obsession with the Joooz alone is enough to keep Normies away until the knife of multicultural immigration is almost literally at their throat. That’s why we should save our limited firepower for our enemies, and not waste it in factional conflicts.

    • And? Are you set to replace him somehow? Do you think that when older white people die that magically the Alt-Right message somehow spreads further and is more convincing? Millennials offer a far more bleak potential it appears.

  • If that’s Bannon’s reaction to Nehlen reading The Culture of Critique, then I assume Russia’s President Putin is dead to Bannon too. His sin was making a speech saying Jews founded and dominated the Soviet Union, making up 80 to 85% of its government. That would put them in charge when the government was killing millions of Ukrainians and others also.

  • Richard, I usually agree with you but not on this. Nehlen is a new way to get our message out. In theory, it would be best for an alt right candidate to keep their real power level hidden until in office and then reveal it like a Sith lord, at least for now. However, life isn’t perfect, and I think it’s great that Nehlen is being open since it helps detract from the baseless ad hominem attacks against us that we’re a bunch of ‘bad’ people. A respectable looking engineer with an established platform helping us is great. His chances at victory where already a long shot to begin with, he can be an educational candidate for now, and eventually, a winning candidate who will have the authority and respect for having spoken out for what’s right when it was unpopular and even dangerous to do so.

  • Spencer is 100% correct about the two ways to play politics. King from Iowa is the “normie conservative” that inches to openly pro-White. Nehlen, likely realizing that Bannon is a fast trip to nowhere after his moronic shilling for the even more moronic Roy Moore, decided to go the second route, “educational.”

    Now Paul Nehlen is what Richard Spencer could have been, if Spencer hadn’t have decided to go subculture by endorsing the 4chan troll crowd. Nehlen has a clean nose, not a whiff of stupid “1488” nonsense, and can now – win or lose – go on to an even higher profile as an overtly pro-White spokesman for normal pro-White Americans.

    I’ll be writing to Paul Nehlen and begging him to never use the tainted term “Alt Right” nor to ever have anything to do with the morons in the 4chan/1488/DS anime subculture.

  • Nehlen is an engineer. This means he has a classical mind which can perceive objective reality as objective reality. And he grasped Alt Right statements and positions in these terms. Is there any way the Alt Right can run with this guy?

    • Paul Nehlen’s also a multi-millionaire in his own right, a successful, well educated entrepreneur.

      The way I read Dick, is that he is trying to discourage people from putting the cart before the horse. Too many people get outsized reputations on the internet that in real life they can’t support. This isn’t the case with Paul Nehlen, or even a Roman Catholic billionaire blowhard like Bannon.

  • Being purged for tweeting “its ok to be white” is a value all onto itself. Imho, things are only going to get worse on the ground. Being a straight shooter will be seen in a completely different light a year or two down the line. And in the meantime, it spreads the message.

  • Wow Richard. This is beyond bugman behavior. It’s petty posturing and territorial vanity.
    We get it, you coined the alt right. Congrats. But you’re not the gatekeeper anymore.

    Now is not the fucking time to kick a man when he is down. This is failure to render aid.

    You are performing a live autopsy on a man who openly defected to our camp, not as electoral pandering (it’s a measly congressional primary for god’s sake), but as a genuine red pill awakening playing out in public by a powerless civilian being gifted with a temporary platform….AND he is STILL being pummeled, but instead you are already critiquing him from your ivory tower rather than supporting him just because he is not entirely literate in fashy memes or in wearing suits and ties like you did growing up.

    You’re behaving like the last senator in Rome with a dagger as Caesar is already bleeding to death.

    This is what separates leader from ideologue.

    This poor man needs our help. He is not a politician but a working class guy who dragged himself through engineering school, so he probably cannot handle being disgraced like a politician.

    This is bigger than some stupid congressional primary Ryan will win no matter what. He lost badly last year, remember? We are trying to build a culture, not a meaningless campaign.

    Nothing I despise more than disloyalty, especially when the man is crying out for help as he’s being disowned and battered from all sides. That’s why Putin and Assad are such folk heroes.

    • Yeah. Nehlen did more for the Alt-Right with a couple tweets than Tara McCarthy did in a year with her divisive mediocrity, and Spencer disavows him for it. SMDH. Even Drumpf was more hardline than this.

          • For sure we should keep up the propaganda campaign. As far as engaging with electoral politics goes, it depends on what position he would be running for. Alt-Right candidates in small local elections is definently realistic, when that community is demographically compatible with our message. Bigger elections on the state or federal level are probably a waste of time, unless we do it like Nehlen and put ourselves on that platform to shitpost and try and wake people up. Like I said in another comment here, compromising our message only to lose, or win only to be stonewalled doesn’t really accomplish all that much.

            I honestly think the best thing we can be doing right now is building our own communities/communes all over the continent. The American empire is in decline. I don’t know exatly when shit will hit the fan, but when it does, if we have our own communities we can cushion the fall for ourselves and our people if we have our own communities. The cities will be death traps when this happens.

    • This is how it comes across. Great post.

      I’ve “white knighted” Richard so many times, but this is hard to defend.

      Instead of a live autopsy, Richard should use this as an opportunity to point out how Nehlen is an example of sincere American politicians being stifled when they exercise their constitutional rights, by foreign interest and dual-citizens.

      That is something everyone can rally behind.

      It IS the major obstacle to becoming who we are.

    • WR has it right. “This is failure to render aid.”

      But could there be a reason to withhold the bandaid and kiss for the boo boo?

      We all learned (I hope) that when holding a firearm to always keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction, to keep the finger off the trigger till ready to shoot, and keep the gun unloaded till ready to use.

      Richard Spencer is the Sage of the Alt Right. Did Paul Nehlen avail himself of Richard’s sagacious advice in advance of acting? I don’t think so, or Richard would not have responded this way. And so the “gun” went off unexpectedly and now there’s a price to pay.

      And how did Richard respond? Like a father telling his son, “Next time you’ll be more careful.”

      Donald Trump came across as the cowboy of the presidential campaign; yet, he made sure to have someone like Steve Bannon in his corner with whom to work in close consultation with regarding the nascent Alt Right.

      Nehlen’s gotten media spanked. Now he’s got a chance to get up, dust himself off, and show that he’s made of the right stuff by putting Richard Spencer on his speed dial.

  • Paul Nehlan was always tilting at windmills in trying to unseat a Republican Speaker of the House in a solidly red district. However, in the privacy of the voting booth, many people who would be afraid to speak out in public may mark a ballot for Nehlan. If Paul Nehlan simply gets more votes than expected, it will be international news, and the altright will feel emboldened.

  • Ann Coulter just now retweeted Nehlan (December 31).

    Some people aren’t pussies, Richard.

    Jews won by being pushy. Are we pushy? Are we pushy ENOUGH?

  • A winning alt-right should also embrace policies of religious freedom, in the way Trump touted protection for Christians. He or she should attend or visit black churches in the target electoral district.

  • Paul Nehlen – AMAZING STUFF! – those tweets. I think the ultimate question is – can a critical mass of normies find within their pathetic souls the most basic natural impulse for humans – DO YOU HAVE THE INSTINCT TO PROTECT THE LIVES/FUTURES OF YOUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN? Even if not your own.

  • I believe that we’ll have more Paul Nehlen’s in the future as we continue to balkanize. It is refreshing to see a politician that knows what time it is.

  • Great article on what will work now vs what will work for the future.

    While i agree that a successful candidate must choose what he or she says at all times (professionally and personally) its important to be clear about our intentions and needs rather then what will win us vote at this current time, politically a party can be extremely powerful even when not in power and transparency is a key factor to earning trust and respect.

    Ultimately our goals are a collective of physical transformations of our western governments/ society and a rebirth of our bloodline, This will happen with fortitude and utmost belief of our ideas.

    That being said, sometimes the urge to troll or meme can be distracting and childish.


  • Let’s be honest he never had a chance anyways. I think what he’s doing is very interesting and I would like to see how it resonates with voters.

  • I look forward to the day when the Alt Right will be fielding both winning candidates and visionary candidates. The ‘visionary candidates’ need not be serious contenders – just truth tellers, waker uppers and foils for the Alt Right winning candidate who will look moderate in comparison.

  • Nehlen’s posts certainly damaged him politically, but in my view him using the platform he’s on to point people to Culture of Critique is a lot more beneficial to us than him playing the political game the way he is supposed to and losing. Or winning, and then getting stonewalled by bureaucrats.

    He’ll almost certainly lose, but I assure you, a lot of people are picking up Culture of Critique right now and considering Jewish power in America for the first time. I can’t really fault him for that.

  • Someone who is purposely a visionary candidate sounds like a spoiled brat living off of other people’s money and doing whatever he wants with no regard for consequences and actually achieving something. Must be nice…

    I’m with Trump that winning is everything. If you don’t win then you’ve wasted your time. Hillary wasted everyone’s time and money, lots of money. She’s a loser.

    Libertarians are overrated. They’re actually becoming a problem. They’re borderline subversives in our movement. I also find that despite their big talk about freedom and limited or no government, they’re the first ones to knee-jerk about language and ban you. They’re ninnies and frauds like on Drake’s channel. We should put a limit on libertarians in the Alt Right.

    Bannon is totally shilling for Jews and Israel now. He’s gone. He sold out. Jews made a push and he capitulated to their demands. Once that happens just write the bastard off and move on.

    I know a lot of people feel that way about Trump too, but even though Trump does have Jared in his ear daily and is friends with Net, I think there’s still some white rebel left in Trump that he will do the right thing. We’ll know more by mid-2018 if he’s completely sold out like Bannon or not.

    I do like Nehlen, and I don’t care if he tells some faggot to eat a bullet. I’ve said much worse on Twitter and they deserved every bit of it. The problem is your average normie is a timid little twit. So you do have to moderate yourself to a degree. Nehlen is edgy to the point of offending people and I think he enjoys doing it. Again, I like it and I’d vote for him every time, but most people don’t appreciate that type of behavior.

  • With all due respect, Richard you’re overthinking this. Listen to Paul Nehlen: he’s a totally honest man, likeable, straightforward, not trying to hide anything. The “regular people” can smell a phony a mile away, which is why so many of them chose Trump over Clinton. The common people don’t know or care about ideology or philosophy, they vote with their gut. They like honest straight-shooters. The best thing Nehlen can do is ignore Zio-cuck Bannon and carry on with the same cheerful relentlessness he has demonstrated up to now. Keep holding those weekly town halls, keep knocking doors, keep pressing the flesh. And the best thing we can do is close ranks and help him in every way possible, including not saying anything to undermine his candidacy. His courage and honestly are exemplary and he deserves nothing but praise. And if he does better than he did last time, without the backing of the Zio-cucks (because we all pitched in and helped with the phone-banking, etc) it will be a huge win for the Alt Right and a worthy advancement of the Overton Window. Remember, Trump got as far as he did by not worrying about what people think and almost stupidly just speaking his mind. He never apologized for anything and he never admitted a mistake. That attitude goes a lot further than you think, and best of all, it psyches out the enemy and causes them to get hysterical. It looks far better if we are calmly, cheerfully telling the whole truth while they point and sputter, than if we have our finger in the air testing which way the winds are blowing and if we appear overly concerned with optics and insecure about the resonance of our own message.

    • Exactly.

      The deep analysis should be saved for the podcasts.

      I saw this article and was excited to hear about our new rallying point with Nehlen.

      But the tone in this article is not good. We had a rallying point handed to us (free speech and the attempts by dual citizens and foreigners to silence it), AND a bridge between us and Nehlen – to mount future joint offenses.

      This article is isolating, negative.

  • I really hate this article.

    I find myself agreeing strongly with Hipster Racist for twice.

    Nehlen made a decision to “come out” and now he needs our moral support. This sort of article is demoralizing. We have to think in those terms sometimes; it can’t always be about being “correct”. And Nehlen is well aware that he doesn’t have much of a chance to win; he’s doing what needs to be done – shifting the Overton window – to use a too oft used phrase.

    Mr. Nehlen, if you are reading this, you have our full support. You are a true patriot, sir.

  • I see the comment I made on Medeival Roman Catholicism received a lot of down votes, which is odd considering it was entirely factual and in which I neither endorsed nor rejected it.

    I agree that modern Christianity is judaized and cucked.

    But unless we incorporate Christianity within our message in a positive way, we will not gain enough hard working, white blue collar folk to our cause.

    We gotta be realistic fellas and the reality is that the vast majority of whites who will be sympathetic to our cause are Christian.

    • I am an Evangelical, so I cringe when I hear about, of all things ¨medieval¨ RC. But I am not merely partisanly responding. America was 99% PROTESTANT at its founding. So don´t try to sell me…RC…of any kind.

      • I’m not trying to sell Catholicism. Merely stating how it combined Greek, Roman, and Norse traditions and thought within itself. The horrors of the Papacy and the church speak for themselves and should never be repeated.

        My main point is that we should rally all Christians, pagans, and non Christian white folk under a pro white, Christian ethics based tent minus all the weak, effeminate Judaic elements. Brannon’s Judea Christian values are a non starter and must be purged.

        • Hitler did not rally the germans based on religious ideas. It would not work here either, because most of the biggest churches like the Catholics and the Mormons are completely cucked and globalist open borders SJW tier. The rest are pro-Israel and nobody is going to separate them away from that core identity.

          The Alt Right movement is not a religious movement but a nationalist one.

          • I disagree. I think our task i much more difficult than Hitler’s and in order to gain a significant number of the masses, to be able to eventually have control of the fedgov, we would absolutely need to be pro Christian.

            Nationalist first, then white, than Christian. The amount of people we would lose if we didn’t speak pro Christian talking points would be significant, I think.

            Remember Weimar Germany was in the middle of a horrible depression, starved and broke, fresh out of a devastating war. Our nation is still relatively peaceful and stable (for now), most of the damage being phycological and spiritual. My point being, Germans were more desperate.

          • I think that the Christian thing was the old conservative coalition that dates back at least to the Reagan era, but which is now DEAD. If that coalition was still alive, then Trump would not have won the nomination. The mormons would have won it for whatever candidate they picked. The alt-right cannot out-Christian the mormons or the catholics or anybody else. That would be a losing strategy. The new movement is not anti-Christian, but it is pointless to compete on being Christian. The message that wins elections as Trump proved is economics and nationalism.

          • Sure, dude. Let’s turn a blind eye to the fact that the vast majority of Trump voters were white Christians. How do you expect to shift all of those republican voters that went for Trump over towards our side. If you merely want to gain s few local and state offices, sure but, we should set our eyes on taking full National power in the next couple decades.

            All those corn fed true blue patriots in fly over country are bible thumpers. we have a monumental task ahead of ourselves, in my opinion it is greater than history has ever seen. Not pushing a pro christian message along with nationalistic culutrual and economic mores would keep a lot them in the cuckservative camp. You gotta be realistic and you seem naive.

          • The “Christian” message is often exactly the opposite of alt-right beliefs. This was evident on Laura Ingraham recently where she was arguing against aborting an anchor baby! These same Christians don’t realize that abortion disproportionately happens among black pregnancies and is therfore a net positive for maintaining a racial balance in the country. Christians are the second (after the Jews) to be promoting Israel and open borders. It is a Jewish religion after all. I know Catholics and Mormons are a minority but all of the churches are pro-Israel. Which ones arent? It’s a cornerstone of evangelism. Open borders is likewise either there or going there in these churches, because like the Pope said this is what the religion teaches. Christianity is a cucked and self-destructing belief system for the West. It’s the gift of Jews to the goyim. We are stuck with it, but it is far from an ideal religion for maintaining a national identity. And the contradictions that it poses will cause the alt-right to self destruct. I just dont see the Christians going along with giving another go at gassing the Jews. Probably not going to happen.

          • I’m not concerned with what cuckservatives or church leaders claim is the Christian thing to do or right not, our end goal is to become the elite, so what the faux elite currently claims is irrelevant.

            You’re comment, though not incorrect, lacks nuance. I doesn’t matter whether the people are Christian or not the majority will never be pro genocide, so that is irrelevant. Your too short sighted and unless the altright begins to think in terms of gaining federal power whether through the ballot and if that fails, through a coup, or armed conflict. Any other objective is pointless and anthills to saving our white majority.

            The vast number of patriots who will provide the bulk of the work for our cause are Christians. End of story. They will not be willing to follow you unless you are pro Christian.

          • Well obviously it’s too early to talk about gassing the Jews.

            A successful strategy would be based on white identity. There’s a reason taht almost nobody among teh people who are leading teh alt-right are active Christians. The reason is that true Christians are pro-black and often pro-immigration. At best, they are civic nationalists.

            But yes at this point is is better to not talk about Jews. The goals should be to first carve out a space for white identity.

          • One more point, Charlie. You seem like a smart dude and little differences can be smoothed out. But you have to keep in mind that most Christians in this country are not mormons nor fundamentalist, hell most rarely if ever go to church. Yet they believe in Jesus and hold the Bible. Shit most haven’t even read the entire Bible but, the power of White Christian culture is the surest way to mend the divide between pro white whites, civ nat whites, fundamentalist Christian whites, and atheistic-nationalistic whites, law enforcement and military whites(who we will eventually need)

            That said it comes after nationalism.

  • O-Window: shifted.

    Richard, do a speaking event in California! Bakersfield would probably be a good place to go. I know things look bad but there are a lot more /ourguy/s here than you think.

  • Nehlen’s frustrations set in after Moore’s loss. The realization that all those town halls would have no more than six people no matter what. He was trying to unseat the Speaker of the House. It was never going to happen. It has been done once in American history, segregationist Strom Thurmond. He started tweeting like somebody who knew he couldn’t win, and that his associations with Breitbart and political aspirations would end silently anyway, so why not go out with a bang? Regardless, he needs to be embraced and given a warm welcome. Richard should make him a regular on the podcast. This guy stuck his neck out there knowing there was no going back. Well done, Paul. Welcome home.

  • Imagine growing up Christian and being taught that Jews are God’s Chosen People……..

    Israel is a Holy Nation and Holy Land………..

    And then being Red Pilled…….

    Read Paul Nehlen’s Twitter Feed……….

    Until you Fully Digest the Red Pilling……….

    And allow it to Work through your Mind…………

    To Transform your Worldview……..

    It’s going to appear somewhat Confusing to the Non-Red Pilled Normie…….

    We understand what Paul Nehlen is going through…….

    Red Pilling takes Time……….

    Sometimes MANY Years to be able to fully overcome the Brainwashing……..

    • and my God does it hurt to tear away all that carefully interconnected scaffolding we all have built around our core.

  • I agree with Spencer’s views.

    I would add Spencer also made a mistake in rubbing shoulders with likes of Andrew Anglin. Anglin has value as class clown, provocateur, troll, and prankster. He’s like Larry Flynt or Howard Stern of the Far Right. He can be amusing, but he’s like a sewage rat. Let him pop out of toilets and freak people out, but that’s not what we are.

    So, we shouldn’t get close to him.

    • I would add that Anglin is under attack by Numerous Foes you and I know NOTHING of……

      Or have EVER experienced………

      It’s easy to Psychoanalyze and Attack Anglin while posting easily on a Comment Board I pressed a couple of Boomer Keyboard Buttons…….

      Anglin is a Human Being……….

      What would you do if you were being Hunted Down by the Anti-White Jewish SPLC and their Paid Goons??

      His Family attacked by the Anti-White Jewish Lugenpresse??


      Masculine or Faggotry??

      Denying Natural Human Emotions isn’t Masculine………

      And being DEAD to our Emotions isn’t Winning……..

      Or is it??

      I’m not Andrew Anglin………

      And so I’m not going to Preach to One of the Most Hunted Men in America…..

      • You can’t really get sympathy for something that you instigated can you? It’s sort of like the “a Jew cries out as he strikes you.” If Anglin attacks someone and tells people to harass him/her as well then he should be prepared for consequences. Of course the Jew deserved it, but it goes both ways.

        • The SPLC Lawsuit found its Genesis……

          ……….in Anglin sticking up for Richard Spencer’s Mom…….

          Who was being criminally harrassed by (((Tanya Gersh)))……..

      • Anglin regularly writes articles encouraging white men to hate and physically harm white women. By definition, he is therefore not working to support white nationalism or white families.

    • Anglin gets enough money from donations that he could fund a small political campaign. That would be a funny thing to watch!

  • Great Read…….

    I admire Paul Nehlen as well………

    I disagree that he made Tragic Mistakes……..

    He just got ahead of himself a bit……..

    Not being able to Articulate the Red-Pilling like Mr. Frexit or Will Wescott……..

    He Jumped the Gun……..

    Because he wasn’t Completely Confident in his Recent Red Pilling………

    He tended to be Confusing…….

    It happens…….

    I think that Reality is Complex enough to have the Potential to turn Perceived Errors into Momentum and Victories……

  • How can you say all that and then criticize Bannon for dropping Nehlen? It makes no sense. Bannon IS a politician and any whiff of anti-semitism or racism in the current year would kill him off and his website. He and his reporters wouldnt’ be able to get anywhere near the white house. So he had no choice to cut off Nehlen. It doesn’t reveal a damn thing about what his real ideas are or his level of red pill.

    Bannon and Breitbart serve their purpose as the gateway to the alt right. They shouldn’t be criticized unfairly.

    • Breitbart is a terrible website read mostly by Boomer Cucks. It is Israel cheerleading idiocy with heavily modded comments that ban anyone who criticized Israel or brings up the JQ.

      There are much better Gateway sites to the Alt Right, like Daily Caller.

      • Breitbart is invaluable on the immigration message against Mexicans and Muslims. No other site is consistently and continually pushing the M&M message.

        Everything they post about Israel is to deflect accusations of anti-semitism and racism. Same reason they only hire minority reporters.

        If Breitbart was not explicity pro-Israel it would have already gone down like the Daily Stormer. All of the ads would have been pulled long ago, Bannon would be labeled anti-semite (they do it anyway) and he wouldnt’ be allowed anywhere near the president. His endorsement would be a kiss of death to any candidate who would be forced to disavow or accept being endorsed by an anti-semite.

        • Dude, Daily Caller has the same content as Breitbart, without as much of the Zionist crap.

          Daily Caller also doesn’t ban anyone so the comments are wide open for red pilling.

          • But does it have the traffic of Breitbart? Breitbart is, thanks to the liberal media, a household word now. I don’t think Daily Caller is nearly as well known.

          • I agree that we should all be shitposting on Breitbart. I’ve said it before, that we need to nuke Breitbart by constantly posting in their comments sections. We did this to NRO during the 2016 primaries, and NRO had to switch to Facebook comments, which killed traffic to NRO. People go to sites in large part to read and make comments. If we force Breitbart to shut down their comments or switch to Faceberg, then Breitbart dies.

    • Bannon’s an Irish Roman Catholic, and it looks like Paul Nehlen is going to muss up Irish Roman Catholic Paul Ryan’s hair. It always works this way.

    • To hell with that fat Goldman Sachs Hollywood henchman. Bannon is about as much on our side as Milo, or Bibi Netanyahu for that matter. We don’t need him, he’s a parasite trying to take credit for something which was happening anyway. There will be a lot of such opportunists emerging over the next few years, we have to be able to tell who is true and who is false.

  • The #altright can’t draw flies…at least Sharpton and Jessie can pack a building. When Steve Bannon has jumped off the bandwagon, then you know then you little movement is dead.

  • As usual, an incredibly insightful article the likes of which you just can’t find anywhere else. It takes a very high EQ to recognize how traumatic being red pilled is (I lost sleep and was ill for a day or so,) and how reality needs to be strategically spoon fed to the masses absent full honesty for now. I hope future candidates read this advice…

  • I’m confident in Paul Nehlen’s chances.

    Nehlen is doing real normie populist events and town halls in the district and is talking to Republican primary voters in normie populist ways. On twitter the memes he has been tweeting ARE the more esoteric Alt Right memes. Regular people don’t understand the helicopter meme and aren’t immediately scared off by a book called ‘Culture of Critique’. The anti-Whites are going to look insane to the normie when they start ranting about cartoon frogs and Kevin McDonalds.

    I thing Nehlen may pull off the best of both worlds strategy……….now lets wait a few months and see how well this comment ages.

  • As a retired long term practitioner of the political arts, for which I was paid and paid well, let me say, that nothing Paul Nehlen has done is fatal! Matter of fact some of it is very smart.

    The chances of Nehlen overthrowing a sitting Congressman, who is Speaker of the House, are less than zero. That said, I’m sure Nehlen is out to inflict maximum pain on the Holy Roman Catholic Ryan. Hoping that Ryan drops out, has the big one, is shot by his wife, or some other positive outcome from Nehlen’s point of view.

  • Either way, we are losing, normies wont vote for nehlen and bannon is a cuckservitive civic national. We should prepare for our demise into a minority group and find a way to take one or two states where we can accumulate as a majority. By the time normies wake up and try to vote for Nehlen types, it will be too late, and it will take too late’dness to wake them up. Once the non white become the majority they will vote to import more non whites.

    • We were never going to vote our way out of this.

      It’s likely a blessing in disguise that we quickly moved past the phase where we entertained that delusion.

  • Damn, Paul Nehlen really is our guy.
    Bannon is just a regular cuck. One wonders what, if anything, he got out of Evola.

    • That said, I completely agree with this article. Anyone who wishes to gain office or win over the mass must be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        • I can’t contest that. Their all scum and I generally despise con men but, we may have to engineer a few talking points so as to appeal to regular conservatives even if we think they are bogus and don’t plan on upholding them. They’ll come around once all the positives in the long run are witnessed.

          An example would be, instead of coming at regular whites with the full red pill about the Jewish plot for subjugation, we could simply point out how Israel takes all our taxes and how these powerful Jews in American banks, media, business etc, have dual citizenship, are more loyal to Israel and therefore can’t be trusted. At the same time we will say the exact thing about Chinese , saudis etc, with special emphasis on Israel and their minions, so as to counter any liberal harping of us being hateful antisemeties. We’re not we are merely Pro American and won’t tolerate any foreign interference. Yet we know who the true enemy is.

          • That’s not going to work because most Christians are pro-Israel because of years of brainwashing by their cucked churches. Being pro-Israel is not going to make anybody, especially a Jew, look bad. Quite the opposite.

            Instead, it would be better to promote Jewish pride and Jewish achievements, such as being behind every left wing movement in human history. That’s the real red pill. Nobody wants to hate the Jews for no reason, but if people are already conservative and see the Jews as being the moving force behind all the left-wing activity since Marx, then well that may just red pill them.

            Otherwise, they believe that people hate Jews because of the excuse given to them by the Jews to prevent any real inquiry. “Oy vey, they just hate us because they think we killed Jesus Christ.”

          • Not so sure, most will simply say that” it’s not all Jews” or ” Judge the individual not the group nonsense”.

            As much as I prefer the straight red pill Truth, I think you give people too much credit, they’re not like us and we gotta be careful how we approach these things.

            Pointing out the billions of dollars we send them and the huge influence they have on our foreign and domestic policy would be better, also showing Christians who fawn over Israel Talmud quotes may work.

            Then we add in your suggestions to complete the circle.

    • Nehlen is of course the far better man. He stands for truth regardless of popularity and consequences, but that’s not modern politics. Truth is no defense as ruled in Canadian court.

      When you think about how badass and advanced the Germans were, and they still lost, you have to think what are really our chances? Men like Nehlen say let’s forge ahead despite the overwhelming odds. That’s what we must do even with a 1% chance. You do it at the very least for yourself because that’s who you are. If you want the easy life then you’re with the wrong group.

      • Good comment. A great man once said that there is only one word he never learned and that is capitulation, and we all know that he certainly did not capitulate.

  • The idea of taking (((Bannon’s))) money and using it to work against him is a fun one.

    But Nehlen was never going to win election in that cucked district anyway, and the Bannon platform has not proved to be a winner for anyone except Trump, who had unique advantages and ran on a much edgier version of it, against a uniquely terrible opponent.

    I am not at all convinced that we can afford to prop up (((Breitbart))) by pretending to be them and lending them our energy. We need to seriously re-examine the idea of “giving Trump reinforcements in 2018”, and realize that it’s probably not happening… and it probably shouldn’t happen, if those reinforcements are beholden to international Jewry.

    Breitbart is weak after the Roy Moore screw up, heading into a potential massacre in 2018, with a deflated Republican electorate and an energized Democratic electorate.

    We should finish them off, clear away the fake nationalists, creating a stark choice between neo-liberalism and authentic nationalism. People will pick neo-liberalism at first, of course, but we will greatly increase our profile in the process.

    Nehlen is disrupting the system, and disrupting the ideological consensus and making our enemies on left and right very uncomfortable and for that I praise him.

    I am skeptical of any plan that empowers (((Breitbart))) or relies on people to hide their power level for long periods of time, then suddenly reveal it, despite incredibly strong incentives ($$$) that encourage them to continue the charade. Maybe people can do that stuff, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • That’s a stupid thing to say. Give the man his due. Trump came out of nowhere and destroyed the entire GOP, Bernie, Hillary and the mainstream Jew media. The man was a force of nature. It was an incredible moment in time and no one can take that amazing win away from him even if he’s disappointing us now.

        • Truth of the matter is, Normie Democrat’s and Blacks stayed away as they did not like Hilary. If they had run anyone other than Hilary we would be looking at a Democratic POTUS. I hate to break it to you but whites waking up and taking back our country from non whites, has long passed the point of no return. You can call Trump the last Hoorahh . Political solution to the invasion is over, its time to physically take it back now.

    • This!! You said it all, brother. The idea of hiding the power level until the “big reveal” after you win elected office is an absolutely delusional fantasy which appeals to some very smart people who are unfortunately very dumb when it comes to the practical reality of politics.

  • What I’m getting from this is we have to water down our message and be normal boring conservatives if we want any power. No. I’ll keep my views, and try to get more people into them. Not get people into an easier, more liberal ideology. What is easier isn’t always better.

    • This is coming clearly not what he Spencer is saying. The best example is our guy representatives King from Iowa. Pretends be a normal conservative but when I’m office spreads a much pro white, indentitarian mesaage.

    • Na it’s a deliberate two pronged type thing, where he shitposts like a 4channer on Twitter, but when he’s actually talking he sounds like a Trump/Bannon like guy. I don’t know how effective that’ll be but that’s the obvious play.

    • I hope Paul Nehlen never adopts the “Alt Right” label. He’s “pro-White.” “Alt Right” is just a bunch of extra baggage no one needs. Just be pro-White. Paul Nehlen is now the most high profile openly pro-White figure in the country and the most effective of my lifetime. Win or lose, I hope he doesn’t go anywhere.

  • I see your line of thinking Richard, but I’m following this guy closely and observing that every person who picks a fight with him is getting obliterated, as in all their careers have taken a huge hit just by going off on Paul Nehlan. Cerno got BTFO, this Curt Schilling of Brietbart just got fucking destroyed. And these are people with hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. And then I look at the growth of Paul Nehlan’s account, which is snowballing like mad.

    I think it just might be time. The conditions just might be right for a guy like this to take it.

    • Nehlen may not win the election, but he is the undisputed leader of the “pro-White movement” if he wants to be. He’s already far more effective than anyone in my lifetime.

      • No he’s not

        He’s not a pro-white leader, he’s just a normal guy who’s had it with the bullshit and is doing an effective kamikaze run on the system

        His actual ideas aren’t that great, he’s just having a great effect, by burning the capital he has built up at the right time and place. That’s a very good thing.

        I agree that he is wise to say “pro-white” and avoid other labels, but eventually all this will run it’s course and we’ll find his actual ideas relatively normie and boring, when he no longer has a large platform to shock people with them.

    • Interesting, I haven’t been paying too much attention but, if your right, which I hope, maybe we don’t need to water our message down.

        • Cerno made a long video where he repeated himself over and over, an obvious tell, that he’s going to quit social media. Cerno is a sociopathic liar, narcissist and degenerate who likes to manipulate others for profit. Although he is occasionally entertaining and does break some stories like Conyers so objectively you can’t say the man has no value. He’s one of those guys you enjoy hating and that’s his main appeal.

    • Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Curt Schilling had Nehlan on his radio show last week and was praising him. It was Breitbart who quietly removed the podcast out of fear of being associated with “anti-Semitism.” Schilling is very based and pro-White as far as I know…

  • This is why it was a tactical mistake to attack the alt-light so hard. Yes, they attacked you first. So what? Be the true noble aristocrat who ignores such pettiness for the greater good.

    What is keeping me from joining alt-right plus is the fact that my real name and address would go on your records, which are inevitably going to be hacked and leaked, you all must know that.

        • Damn! You guys are pathetic! If you’re that yellow-bellied, quit this hate group NOW! Because NOBODY’S going to coddle you here. It’s on YOU to hide your online footprint of domestic terrorism. And when – not if – you get doxxed, Spencer won’t be there to bail you out. No pity for you, if you let Spencer’s website wreck your life. He’s just going to take your money and run!

        • Oh, and just another heads-up – the SPLC has cracked the bitcoin “anonymity protections”. Sometime this week, they’re going to dox hundreds of alt-righters. So stay tuned! LOL!

    • This and many other sites (quite stupidly) are using Google analytics to track you. Google has collected enough information on you to fill a ten thousand page book. You have no privacy.

    • You can use cash to buy a Visa One Vanilla prepaid credit card. They sell them at most department stores/pharmacies. That’s how I signed up here and at TRS for paywall content. I also use TOR when I access Alt Right related sites.

  • Bannon is Israel First, Breitbart was started in Israel and exists to keep Whites on the Zionist plantation. Roy Moore was a Christian Zionist who would do anything Netanyahu told him too – likely easily blackmailed too, considering his scandals. So of course Bannon went to bat for him.

    Nehlen touched on the “Jewish question” therefore Bannon threw him under the bus as soon as possible. This, despite – or perhaps because – Bannon himself, no matter how much he toadies to Jews, is called an “anti-semite” because he sometimes, occasionally, inches close to White Identity. Didn’t stop them from celebrating his political demise with the “Goy, Bye” headline in the Huffington Post.

    Win or lose, Nehlen is high profile enough, and the “JQ” is becoming mainstream enough, thanks to the internet, that it’s good development. It simply cannot be avoided.

    • “Nehlen is high profile enough, and the “JQ” is becoming mainstream enough, thanks to the internet, that it’s good development.”
      Thanks to ‘Anglin and co’ you mean? It sure as hell wasn’t these other ‘muh optic’ geniuses that broke the wall.

      • Weev just did an interview with Red Ice and pointed out that his main target audience is 13 years old. So, no, it was not at all thanks to “Anglin and co” that the Jewish issue has become mainstream. It’s because of Ron Paul,, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Scheuer, the Iraq war, the anti-war left, the libertarian resistance to the Israel Lobby, Mearsheimer & Walt, and the hundreds and thousands of other adults in mainstream American society that have spent the last 15 years hammering away on the Jewish issue.

        Perhaps in 10 years, when Anglin’s audience is old enough to matter, we can speak of Anglin’s influence. I’m simply speaking to the people who are already out of the kiddie pool.

  • There is NO JEW about CHRIST .. stop using that insult term. We tell you plain that AFTER ZOG DROPS those that insult Christ will not have a good go of it.

    • Why must you love the jew on a stick so much? There is nothing European about Christianity. It’s an old middle eastern religion that conquered Europe. It is closer to Islam than it is to white people.

      • I don’t know, medieval Catholicism was almost entirely pagan, inundated with Norse, Greek, and Roman elements. If purged of the residue Judaic elements, which were small at the same but have since become dominant, I think medieval Roman Catholicism is a good synthesis of European spirituality and philosophy. Similar to the Positive Christianity Dietrich Eckhart, Rosenberg, and H.S. Chamberlain advocated.

        The modern Catholic Church is a Jew cuck fest as is all of Christianity in the modern age, so it’s most likely not feasible and probably best to let it die.

        • Medieval Catholicism was cool, but it wasn’t sustainable, because there was no scriptural basis for the cool pagan stuff it incorporated.

          Inevitably someone would crack open the bible and find out what was actually written in there.

          And so the pagan elements were gradually lost.

          • That’s why it was important to keep the Bible in Latin and out of the hands of the mass.

          • yes, but imagine trying to do that today. You can’t prevent people from reading the bible anymore

            Christianity had a good run when people weren’t allowed to read books about it.

            But there is only so much you can do to make a good religion based on book that drives people insane when they read it

          • Hence read the last paragraph of my original comment. Your essentially repeating my conclusion.

            You have failed to add any value to my original reply to Alex and have merely coughed up what any semi intelligent man can infer through common sense, so common as to be deemed not nessecary to share. Yet just like a common man you fail to grasp any nuance when dealing with Christianity, whether for positive or ill.

            Why waste my time?

      • Problem is that there is nothing to replace it. If the people don’t have Christianity eventually they convert to Islam. That vaccum does not stay empty for long.

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