What Exactly Does Modern Society Offer Young White Men Anymore?

I went to the theater, oh sorry, I mean the theaaahhtehr the other day with the gf. It was some Faust-themed Opera in the old Marinskiy theater. Tickets were pricey and sold out quick. We felt pretty good about snagging some, and about the whole cultural evening we had planned.

Naturally, I fell asleep for about a solid hour of the 3.5-hour performance. When I came to, they were still singing and cavorting around the stage, and I felt like I didn’t miss much. I had lost track of the performance about halfway through because they were singing in French the whole time and the translation was too small to make out without the binoculars. Like a trooper, I spent the first half-hour flicking between the yellow text through the glasses and then back to the stage. I didn’t last long though. She was a bit cross with me at first, but let it slide when I caught her taking a little snooze (when she thought I wasn’t looking) after the first break.

Everything is so deadly serious nowadays. Worse, the form is still there, but there is no discernable function to all this cultural stuff anymore. And I’m talking about the real function of all these social мероприятия. That’s all gone now.

See, I get the feeling that no one ever really gave a damn about the opera except a few gifted connoisseurs, the people who wrote the plays, and presumably the actors themselves. Theater simply fulfilled a societal function and the actors on the stage were peripheries to the main show.

Remember the opera scene in War and Peace where the Rostov family visits the opera, and Natasha gets aggressively courted by Kuragin, the dashing, but sadistic young officer? Of course you do, what young man hasn’t read the 1000+ page Tolstoy novel in his spare time? You clearly get the reference, but I’ll explain it just in case to the few uncultured drifters that may have stumbled onto by accident.

See, they’re at the opera and there’s a show going on somewhere in the background presumably, but the scene is all about Natasha and Kuragin’s flirting match. And when you read about how theater used to be done back in the good old days, it seems that people would spend the time drinking, flirting, and occasionally heckling the actors – which means a good time was had by all.

But not anymore.

Now, it’s art don’cha know. And it has to be taken with deadly seriousness. You have to pretend to be really into it, really appreciative of the actor’s voices, and really into the over-acted love drama between the fat woman and the male lead.

Back when we were blessed with a bit more vitality, virility and life-affirming flippantness towards these sorts of things, these little shows served a far more important function. It was a chance to have an intense sexually-charged staring match with the beautiful young governer’s daughter out in her brand new evening gown. Seriously, it was a chance for the young girls to put on nice dresses, the young men to put on their uniforms and for the ancient courtship dance to flourish under socially acceptable circumstances.

Nowadays, having a bunch of balding geezers sitting with their old frumpy wives, wearing a simple button-down shirt or just a sweater and a blazer, with her at least in something resembling a dress doesn’t quite cut it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Russians are better about putting more effort into dressing up than all the foreigners. It could just be the fact that tourists don’t bring a lot of luggage, or the fact that its a much more expensive and therefore important evening for Russians when they go out to the theater. But it still falls a bit flat.

Not only that, but none of us really get whats happening on stage. And I say this as a guy with solidly middle-brow tastes.

I’ve read up on my art history. I know about the revolutionary innovations that Mozart brought to the opera. I’ve done critical analyses of The Magic Flute and its Enlightenment themes for class before. I’ve watched Amadeus while I was traveling in Salzburg, eating “Mozart” chocolates and drinking Punsch I bought at the Christmas market.

From all that, you can clearly gather that I am the pinnacle of what it means to be a cultured and refined young man.

But eh, it all falls a bit flat without the actual function being there.

Without any real function in the whole affair, (except to make the gf happy) I’d rather spend the evening indulging one of my guilty pleasures of watching Dr. Steven Brule butcher his guest’s names and mumble about skratebwords.

The same goes for Church by the way. I’ve got nothing against Christianity, and despite hearing all the arguments against Christianity from the Alt-Right, I remain favorably disposed to the whole concept.

But, I come from an atheist family. I don’t have a habit of going to church. I’ve tried, but it’s so boring. No amount of theorizing about the importance of religion for a healthy state and peoples’ can get me to not yawn after the first twenty minutes and start shuffling/scratching my neck because its hot and I’m uncomfortable.

Blasphemy, I know. But no young man ever really went to church even back then to believe in god or get preached at in Latin or whatever.

Another scene from classic lit comes to mind, where Porthos goes to church to hit on the women, in particular, the young wife of an old rich man who is about to croak.

I’m referencing The Three Musketeers.

All of it is written in this flippant, but endearing tone that makes you want to plunge into the world of the Musketeers, where drinks, mistresses, and dueling hold center stage.

I think Aramis was a priest in the book though. He just happened to have lovers all over Continental Europe that acted like his personal spies and would send him letters with all the latest gossip info on all the comings and goings of elite society.

This is never really condemned, just sort of presented to you casually, almost with a shrug.

Such were the times!

Dumas seems to say.

I don’t know whether to trust Dumas, but religion seems to have been a much more fun affair for everyone involved.

Back then, it was part of people’s lives. It was worth fighting over. It was worth killing over. Young men can get behind that.

Oh, and the fact that churches had young eligible women there under the watchful eyes of their hag governesses and mothers probably had something to do with it. You could flirt, make some business contacts and get a free meal with some wine to wash it down to boot.

It was a sweet deal, and none of the perks took away from the godliness of the whole affair, I’m sure.

Life seems to have been more virile and fun back then. But now, the function that created these European traditions has been hollowed out. We lost the function a long time ago, and only now we’re starting to lose the form.

The fact that ancient churches are being demolished in France to make way for parking lots and mosques is just the finishing touch on what was started when churches lost their relevance in the daily french man’s life.

I don’t even begrudge the Evangelicals introducing rock ballads into their sermons, because I get what they’re doing – they’re trying to meet the youth halfway. And it sort of, kind of works. You have an occasional hottie come by. But she’s got eyes only for the dreamy guitarist singing about Jesus in the front. In her mind, she’s replacing the words “Jesus” with her name, of course, and thinking about what it would feel like to run her hands through Jesus Boy’s hair as he sings her name out instead. Overall, all the rock music approach seems to do is cheapen whatever holiness the ceremony had in a way that Porthos hitting on some hot church biddies never did.

It doesn’t end with Church either.

It seems that most of society today caters to monied, middle-aged types willing to shell out huge bucks for nostalgia highs.

Let me explain what I mean.

I asked my buddy in Sweden the other day whether he was going to go to the Christmas market. I asked him because of the context of all the bombing and attacks by Muslims in recent years. But he gave me some RealTalk.

Dude, I’m a 25 year old young man, what am I going to do at a Christmas market?

He had a good point.

Most Christmas markets in Europe cater to Boomers looking to buy kitsch and to be fair, the occasional middle-aged couple window-shopping and soaking in the romantic Christmas decorations.

There are some very young kids around too occasionally. Probably taken there by their grandparents, which is nice, don’t get me wrong.

But rarely any young men.

The young men are at the bar, or the club, wherever it is that the girls are at. Or they’re at home, playing video games, sitting on internet forums or getting drunk/high with their friends in the basement because they don’t even have these places to go to.

You can’t expect them to go to church, or the Christmas market or the opera when they’re broke, and there’s literally no benefit to going to any of these places anymore. Sorry, but not everyone’s a big brain nibba that can appreciate this sort of high brow stuff without the perks. And it’s not just young straight white men that this applies to.

Take the church example.

Would parents go to the choir recital (and give money) if their kids weren’t in it? Would men run away to be monks if they weren’t secretly gay or cast out by society? Would old grannies volunteer at church if there wasn’t a support network for them there, and they were close to becoming infirm?

Again, I come back to the thesis of my post. There has to be a function to make any cultural institution work. When the old institutions fail to do that, why are we surprised that they get abandoned? You have to sweeten the deal. You have to give people what they need. You can’t just demand that they show up.

And all of modern society seems to offer literally nothing to young White men. It’s as if society doesn’t want them to tune in, show up and have a stake in the future of that institution.

As a result, new institutions step up to pick up the slack.

PUA meet-ups help them learn the skills to get girls. In the place of a gentleman’s club, or underground boxing ring, or boy scouts-type activity, the Alt-Right has stepped up to give camaraderie and a sense of purpose. The internet gives them their entertainment and a place to intellectually grow.

As all the old institutions die, new ones rise to meet the demand and fill the vacuum. Till the perks come back, young White men are going to keep tuning out of society, cast adrift by previous generations that just don’t give a damn.

The lucky ones will wash up on our shores. The unlucky ones…well.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I enjoy classical music as background music when I am reading. I like to hear arias from Italian operas when I dine at an Italian restaurant.

    When I read the Bible, or books about the Bible I like to listen to Jewish music, or the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

  • No one willingly gives up power – not the feminists / females, not the males, not the immigrants, not the militarists, industrialists, the old or the young, gay or straight. Apparently there are a number of events in history that have led to female power – suffrage in the 1920’s, 1960’s campaigns. There are those that manipulate the beliefs of societies in order to give themselves power. How can we use logic to determine society? It is always biased in favor of one group or another. Apparently Hegel or like-minded talked about thesis – antithesis – synthesis. The alt-right may be a Hegelian correction to the rise of female power. There are often people in society that want power but perhaps don’t have the wisdom to use it intelligently. For example there are those that want to manage finances but don’t know how to budget. Weimar Republican below refers to “Aggressive disengagement”. White males want power too – perhaps we have in our own minds made compromises to female progress – females may object to this comment and say that males have given them nothing and they have taken the power. I agree with the point that he makes that white males (our demographic) make a significant contribution to society. Perhaps power should be distributed in proportion to their contribution. Sadly everything is subjective but in a democracy, society is driven by these individual subjectivities. I am concerned that there have been a number of changes in western society that do not appear to be in the interest of the majority – but appear to have been brought about by the influence of the mass media, anti-prejudice laws, school/ university system, workplace diversity policies. Everyone is prejudice – but in a democracy with free speech (perhaps not ours) where people can “disagree with what you say but accept your right to say it” – would lead to a society with less conflict and disenfranchisement. Sadly many men feel that they have compromised to minority groups but as is human nature these minorities want more and do not want to compromise and believe that they need to keep the momentum going in their favor. I want to believe that a peaceful stable society is possible but this will never happen in a society where everyone destroys each other for power. Perhaps this is a lesson that similar to Sun Tzu – power is like directing a river into a chasm. Or paraphrasing Baltasar Gracian – “In a mad world the sane will be called mad”. If white males feel that they are a group that is losing their power it is logical that we will try to prevent this loss – all judgements are somewhat arbitrarily subjective. Maybe we need to be just as mad as the rest of the world. There are a number of great books and scholars that have established our understanding of governing the hierarchy of society from the family to the globe – The Republic – Plato, The Politics – Aristotel, Sun Tzu, Clausewitz. Teach your boys to be self sufficient to learn the skills of The Scouts, manage money, do basic repairs to the house and to your car. If women don’t want us in their lives we need to find a way to live without them (I believe that most men have this capability). If some women are not willing to make a commitment to contribute to our advancement then why should we be willing to make a commitment to contribute to these women. Stay unmarried, childless, unattached. Its somewhat unstable to be subject to the mercurial moods of the contemporary mainstream left and political correctness – we need to opt out to maintain our sanity. Hopefully there will be other women who are more rational – as I find it difficult to imagine a world where all men live as “Daniel Boone” in the wilderness. There are a number of women that have made a significant contribution and sadly in the war of the sexes (and other wars) there will be collateral damage. Again sadly this may not repay our parents for the continuation of our genetic lines and their commitment to the community and the country – Periodically we could stop and take a minute for the sacrifices of our ancestors so that we can exist today.

  • Sorry your date sucked. No one enjoys the theater or opera. Even the symphony is boring as hell. Chamber quartets can be worthwhile. Join a dancing club, learn the minuet. You would love it, and I am not joking.

  • Wonderful insights in this article.
    Maybe a bit beyond the depth of some but it’s a really thoughtful piece & the central thesis is just spot-on.

  • Get me young hotties or I won’t play. It’s all about me. I’m your typical infantile white male. Mommy make me a sandwich.

  • We get it, you like classic and obscure literature and art, as well as getting high off of your own farts. Next article, I recommend getting to the point a lot quicker; I almost quit after the fourth paragraph because I was tired of you beating your dick.

  • its the same as always… if you’re good looking, you can have a good time in any place, anywhere, any period in history (even more so now) – everyone wants you. if you’re not, you’re fucked, and you start looking for validation elsewhere, like online or other subcultures. thats the final red pill

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! That is exactly what I have been advocating since I began posting here and it has been received very poorly, until recently, most likely because I have not articulated it very well.

    It’s how Mussolini and Hitler saw Marxism…taking the first 3 of 4 steps and then turning it on its head (Fascism/National Socialism). That is when all the magic begins and everything reverses.

    We white males hold all the power, even the NEETs. Simply withdrawing (in every direction) and hoarding personal resources, as per the strategies of Sun Tzu, John Galt, MGTOW and others, is not retreat but tactical retrenchment (means to an end, not end in itself).

    This is more effective than any war…because politics is war by other means, minus the internecine death/destruction because that then occurs on its own for the enemy under its own weight when left to its own devices and reduced to a smoldering ghetto.

    Our absence is far heavier than our (current) presence:

    White flight = Black blight

    Bachelorhood = Bachelorettes (Cat Ladies)

    Non-consumption = Budget shortfalls/negative corporate growth/unfunded liabilities

    Non-participation = Personnel shortages/lowered requirements/inefficiency

    Aggressive disengagement only seems so counterintuitive and cowardly because white men are so proactive that idleness feels entirely counterproductive, feminine and indolent, since we are stir-crazy, results-oriented workhorses, who created almost every single invention/institution in history, while women and nonwhites are built for receivership, not productivity or even criticism.

    But this overproduction has caused our dilemma.

    Think about it….how much of the success in your personal life (women, work, status etc) have you ever actually gained because you wanted it so badly that you telegraphed (virtue-signaled) your thirst? Probably hardly any of it.

    Most of it likely just fell into your lap when you were no longer consumed by not having it.

    That is how this will come about. The most derelict, transient whites in South Africa/Zimbabwe are harangued daily by even proper Africans, as they sift through trashcans for food, who demand that they give these rightful darkies a job. That is how we are looked upon in the grand scheme.

    Inattention is our greatest asset: Women, nonwhites, authority and cucks are all starving for it when it is gone.

    It is impossible to replace – they still require white male patronage, consumption and cooperation that women and nonwhites lack the discipline to fulfill. We are the only ones with credit.

    It does not take a majority or even a significant minority of concerted white male detachment to see tangible results and a tipping point. All it requires is just enough of a nuisance due to hasten diminishing returns on the things (chivalry, participation, cooperation etc) that so many undeserving demographics in this country take for granted from us.

    Then the foundation starts to crumble. Vacuums emerge. Panic beckons.
    (NFL ratings decline, cord-cutting, enrollment collapse etc from white male apathy)

    We are the buttress, the seams, and the sinews of society.

    They are the useless eaters and the pretend entertainers.

    Yet we have been forced into this ungodly cohabitation simply because we choose to participate.

    So many guys here are so focused on the finished product of an ethno-state, because it is so maddeningly existential and utopian, that they think we are either going to have this storybook happy ending of East-meets-West Transcontinental Railroad with handshakes, cigars and one final golden spike…or our cartoonish march into the death camps.

    But in reality neither will happen that way. There is not going to be this great inflection point reflected in electoral racial headcounts (we already had that) because that is a numbers game (democracy) we cannot win or even compete in at this point. So all these petty variables (nigger abortion, immigration etc) are negligible metrics just trying to buy borrowed time so scant it is self-defeating, due to natural growth.

    There is not going to be this Mad Max anarchy, but rather further accented fiefdoms and enclaves that we already have (suburbs/rural vs cosmopolitan metropolises) as we see in Brazil and South Africa.

    Just to put this into perspective….
    Our current birthrates/death rates (also Far East Asia) have been more decimated in the last few decades of peacetime than in any calamitous war or plague in history.

    Does that make any goddamn sense?
    Absolutely not.

    But some things you just cannot rationalize. Though you as a logical man have the ability to rationalize the irrational by observing it and letting it run its course to its logical conclusion.

    We can contour society better by not participating in this thankless, overburdening cuck role we have been assigned against our will by our enemies and by the unwitting gatekeepers in our own camp:

    1. Beta-orbiting/White-knighting (reflexive, unrequited chivalry)

    2. College (indentured servitude for antiquated, unprofitable skills/knowledge/’fun’)

    3. Careers (‘real jobs’/taxes/faux 401k/pointless routine)

    4. Homeownership (subsidizing cable companies, government schools, banks etc)

    Living and dying to fulfill these unnecessary, unwritten stipulations that no other race abides by is the source of our downfall.

    The highest suicide rate amongst any demographic and rapidly growing:
    -Middle-aged white men with a pension, mortgage and marriage/divorce.

    Now how could that be? These guys did everything right. They worked 9-5 for decades! They manicured their lawns so punctually and pridefully! They waved the flag for every war (except the one they dodged)! They put their kids though college! They watched the NFL every Sunday! They never missed a chance to inform every Gen-Y how much harder they worked than anybody else that ever lived!

    We must stay the course and follow in Baby Boomer footsteps because muh Social Security payments!

    • That is well said. The only problem I have with our total withdrawal is that we are running out of ways and places to do it. We will eventually be taxed, fined, imprisoned, enslaved, etc. until we have nothing more to give or have taken from us. Then they will take our lives. We have to have a good end game while we starve our enemies of our attention and resources.

      • That’s why I stressed that the critical mass I hypothesized does not require a majority of us or even a significant minority…meaning there is a limit to how much power ‘society’ actually has over us, and there are limitless ways to ‘rebel’ against this system…and I cannot stress enough how I absolutely am not talking about the LOLbertarian ‘NAP’ or any of that hysterical nonsense.

        You saw how terrified they were of the prospect of Trump and The Deplorables refusing to ‘recognize’ the electoral results of a Hillary ‘victory.’ That is some Third World/Second World Eastern European shit right there unseen in this country since maybe the Civil War or the Nullification crisis.

        I am proposing that this inverted blockade (Vercingetorix Siege of Alesia) be prolonged just enough, in just enough places, for the structural integrity of this entire superstructure to be undermined just enough to give way, where the writ of Cultural Marxism is no longer effective. Where white speech is no longer governable in public or in private amongst whites, like it still is.. No other race has to make sure the other guy of the same race is not offended by being politically incorrect against another race not even in the same room….while Niggers are allowed to speak freely in barbershops and in front of the very same whites.

        I know what I write is melodramatic and an oversimplification, but I think some of these examples serve as perfect microcosms for what is to come….Like the crumbling empires of ESPN, NFL. They are shackled to each other.

        Perfect example of total market dominance being funded by something like 88 percent of its paymasters who have never even watched it, but nonetheless subsidize it simply because it is bundled together as part of an ‘inclusive’ package of other channels.

        10-15k people cancel their cable/satellite every single day. ESPN somehow charges $7-8 per month per customer. That is a shit ton of revenue visibly disappearing back into the pockets of the forgotten man and away from corporatists and their pets. The entire powerhouse is slowly but steadily retreating from its ‘Worldwide Leader’ footprint.

        The hatred of ESPN has spread to NFL, its vendor. That hatred has then spread to a sudden disdain for publicly-funded stadiums in general. That hared has spawned youth athletic indifference so quickly that high school teams are disbanding from lack of participants. The average age per ‘fan’/gamer is skewing heavily into middle age when it used to be a kid thing.

        I really hated seeing typical boomers boycott the NFL only to brag about how much better college football and even high school football was. But I knew it was holistic and would eventually spread to all of it because the NFL is the heavyweight and everything else is the dwarfed undercard.

        You are gonna see all these leagues become high-time preference overnight as a result of this backlash and force a flurry of these new stadiums down taxpayer throats to replace relatively new stadiums because they know the window is closing and the sports bubble is bursting. (I’ll spare you more boring numbers for the sake of brevity).

        It’s as if the ratline of these supply chains has been doused with gasoline and sparked. Pretty soon every representation of sports will be seen as ridiculous by a significant amount of people who used to buy all the gear and video games and played fantasy leagues and consumed all the other meaningless statistical nigger-worship nonsense.

        Extrapolate that onto political parties. All it takes is one pillar to fall and it’s over.

        This same scenario is playing out with Hollywood. The technological monopoly just isn’t there anymore. Celebrities are laughingstocks now. Universities are about to fall off the debt cliff too. So many of these simultaneous fires are raging or are about to. That is why the #MeToo revolution gained steam…These coups and countercoups always happen when empires are in the midst of collapse (See Mali 2012 coup during the Taureg Rebellion).

        Also, just to show how much power you have individually, whether or not you know it….if you are currently single, that means MORE than one woman (since they outnumber us) is also single because of you.

        That means she (women spend 80/20 of the service economy) is not being subsidized and her debt has no chance of being repaid since she is counting on the bigamist union (marriage between man, woman and state) to rescue her.

        That means she will have terrible credit and will not be able to continue this infinite growth consumerism we are force-fed to purchase things like mortgages, new cars etc. ‘You’ are making that big of a dent just by minding your own business and not participating, whether or not it is voluntary.

        That is why I realized this year that the ‘make white babies’ meme is basically a distraction. It is a self-defeating superficial copout. This is how we win…and how most of us will actually be able to make white babies someday rather than virtue-signal with THOTs who surreptitiously sleep with nonwhites, so much so that they fit a predictable profile just by their cadence alone.

        “We’re surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them.”
        “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time.”
        “Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction.”
        – Lewis B. Chesty Puller, USMC

        • “No other race has to make sure the other guy of the same race is not offended by being politically incorrect against another race not even in the same room….while Niggers are allowed to speak freely in barbershops and in front of the very same whites.”


        • For such a long -winded fellow, I am unable to find a flaw in anything you say. I especially like your take on how unstoppable the white man is. After all, history is nothing more than a testament of our greatness.

    • You are exactly right. But the logical conclusion from this text is that while Marxism harms white men it’s going to destroy non-whites, fags and women and ultimately deliver power back to our hands.
      And the question I’m asking myself is whether designers of this system were unaware of this inevitable outcome or was this by design.

    • “They waved the flag for every war (except the one they dodged!)”

      LOL. That’s classic. I have noticed that several boomers I know, including some family members, were huge supporters of Iraq war II, Afghanistan and our interventionism abroad. Almost all of these guys ducked service in Vietnam.

      And most boomers don’t care if social security is around for Gen X and Y just as long as it’s stays viable for them until they expire.

      • This is how Justin Trudeau got elected, he promised to reduce retirement age.

        A year later and I see many of those same Trudeau-voting boomers complaining about Islamification and poor financial management.

        Problem is that Trudeau has already declared Canada the world’s first “post-national state” (i.e., first fully ZOG state), and the boomers haven’t understood what that really means yet, if they ever will.

  • This article is a very good example of why the alt-right will eventually and ultimately fail. There is nothing in you people that actually connects with the white middle and lower classes. Instead all I see in this article is the author whining like a petulant student about his cultural cummies. He claims that there are no more cultural activities for whites to partake in, but I must ask which whites have the money to partake in Mozart operas. Not the average white guy, at least. There is a large disconnect between the examples given by the author of this piece and life experiences of the blue collar whites.

    (The author also seems to have an unhealthy obsession with meeting women in cultural activities, which I find amusing. When I think of a church service I don’t think of these things at all, because I’m there for the religious experience, not the local female population )

  • Art is a secular religion.

    Greetings from one person of European ancestry to another; one hopes you take what I have to say below in the spirit of camaraderie, like the great conquering warriors of the past.

    The alt-right appears to view environmentalism as one of the components of cultural Marxism, but I would suggest that environmentalism is the non-political recognition of the Earth as our one and only home that needs to be preserved against the damaging effects of industrial civilization and human over-population. We are in the midst of the 6th great extinction – all lovers of Nature should be concerned about the future of the Earth’s biodiversity. Environmentalism is not liberalism; environmentalism is the scientific understanding of our planet’s ecology.

    Secondly: the alt-right promotes an unfounded conspiracy theory of white genocide that does not stand-up to analysis. There are about a billion white people in the world – we are not in any danger of extinction. This is not the gene-pools wars – white people are doing just fine.

    Nazism and antisemitism are both repugnant and must be completely rejected by rational, moral people.

    I say these things as a proud person of European ancestry who loves European history. It is clear that the left has adopted the perspective of constant whining about everything; we should not expect this to change anytime soon; live your life according to your own values and let other people do the same.

    Stop living in the past and join the present; people of European ancestry are not in a position of having to conquer or die. Surrounding yourselves with nothing but white people will not solve any of your problems; much of American is a white, ethno-state in which people are dying of despair and poverty. The enemy of the people are those who support the constant transfer of wealth upwards to those who are already wealthy. Everybody deserves affordable healthcare and a decent wage; our society is falling apart at the seams and there is nobody to blame, certainly not non-whites.

    • You can start by blaming Jews and non-Whites for starters because objectively speaking, they are responsible for society falling apart at the seams, fellow (((White))) man.

    • Your “Nazism and antisemitism” was the original environmentalist movement, look it up. Also, “affordable healthcare and a decent wage” were talking points in Mein Kampf long before they were put into practice in Germany’s inter-war socialist state. Liberalism is the handmaiden of global capital. The solution to the problems you mentioned is racial collectivism, not more of the liberal individualism which caused these problems in the first place.

    • We are well in the middle phase of white genocide. Non-hispanic whites were 36% population few decades ago and barely above 10% today. All of our habitat is being colonized by non-whites and most white countries already set to become minority white in not to distant future. Unless reversed minority will become small minority and that small minority will eventually blend in if there’s no escalation to hot genocide.

      Also we are barely at start of the 6th great extinction. Good news is it can still be stopped with collapse of industrialization. Which also seems almost inevitable at this point. Result is going to be massive loss of lives – most of it non-whites. This collapse will also create opportunity for us to get what we want.

    • “The alt-right appears to view environmentalism as one of the components of cultural Marxism, but I would suggest that environmentalism is the non-political recognition of the Earth as our one and only home that needs to be preserved against the damaging effects of industrial civilization and human over-population. We are in the midst of the 6th great extinction – all lovers of Nature should be concerned about the future of the Earth’s biodiversity. Environmentalism is not liberalism; environmentalism is the scientific understanding of our planet’s ecology.”

      Why don’t you go run that spiel by (((David Gelbaum))) and see what he says?

  • Dumas was Black, and society has no pity for #basementdwellers . You all can rot away there and rant, or at least until you get deplatformmed a la Reddit. Trust me, you won’t be missed.

    • Does it hurt to think only in #hashtags? Or is there only a pleasant buzzing sensation between your ears where your brain is supposed to be?

    • You would miss us almost immediately. We are your source of energy, vitality, and joy. Without us, you would have nothing to occupy your life. Go ahead and submit. You will enjoy it much more than the alternative.

  • While I agree there are few places for us to congregate now, and while you acknowledge theater and opera are no longer mainstay activities for youth to co-mingle, there wasn’t much substance to this article. Obtuse, overly personal, and tendentiously asserting some sort of “this is boring amirite?” opinion that you top off with a plug of Steve Brule (yes I’m familiar…) Sure, the role and perception of these forms of entertainment may very well have changed, but you discount the difference in attention span between then and now. Clumsily alluding to theater and opera as being some side show for co-mingling of the sexes based off of two fictitious accounts in War and Peace and Three Musketeers isn’t very convincing. How does this contrast with real life accounts of women needing to exit the opera house due to the emotional evocation felt from the opening of Wagner’s Lohengrin? Or what the audience’s violent rejection of Stravinsky’s or even some of Beethoven’s music when heard for the first time would suggest of their musical appreciation? Not that I really choose to debate it with further cherry picked examples, I’d say these broad-brush points aren’t quite worth making. There are things said I certainly I agree with, but I’m not sure why in your criticism of a (perceived to be) anachronistic entertainment form leaving a vacuum of social congregation must include such barely substantiated and clumsy assertions of their roles in the past; as if the aristocracy of those times were as low-brow as our average citizen today. Also, you endorse PUA groups as a cherry on top? Come on now, those guys are about numbers more than meeting a wife, at least mention that if you’re going to plug them as a “gentleman’s club” with much more clout than the “gentleman’s club” that has the poles in the seedy part of town. I expected more from the title and was a bit let down, seems hastily written. The issue of social alienation and lack of places for the youth to congregate is such a pressing issue, I would like to see more depth and care put into it’s ‘dissection’ and perhaps some solutions explored besides “PUA meetup groups” Quality over quantity please, you are already over-represented on this site. Basically I’m saying, “decent ideas, clumsy conclusions, shoddy organization, and poor overall execution.” C-

  • I think the most tragic thing about this piece is the way it unconsciously betrays the underlying social programming of our millennial generation. The ultimate dread is of _boredom_, the unforgivable son that of _being too serious._ Things must not be taken too seriously, or must be ironic, or must hold the attention of ADD-afflicted brains conditioned to constant, shallow stimulation from flickering electronic light-boxes.

    The points of this article are well-taken, but damn it, deep thought or religious reverence or even profound appreciation of high culture require a powerful attention span, the ability to concentrate, and the ability to reverently or at least earnestly approach something without smirking irony or flippant disregard. These don’t come easily to most people, and are learned skills, just like ballroom dancing, but the difference was our elites and our whole culture understood it and supported it.

    We’ve become systematically dumbed down, but even worse, we’ve been stripped of our ability to concentrate.

    • “The ones who truly love their traditions don’t take them too seriously. They march to get their heads shot off with a joke on their lips. And the reason is that they know they’re going to die for something intangible, something sprung from their fancy, half humor, half humbug. Or perhaps it’s a little more subtle. Perhaps hidden away in their fancy is that pride of the blueblood, who refuses to look foolish by fighting for an idea, and so he cloaks it with bugle calls that tug at the heart, with empty mottoes and useless gold trim, and allows himself the supreme delight of giving his life for an utter masquerade. That’s something the Left has never understood, and that’s why its contempt is so heavy with hate. When it spits on the flag, or tries to piss out the eternal flame, when it hoots at the old farts loping by in their berets, or yells “Women’s Lib!” outside the church, at an old-fashioned wedding (to cite just some basic examples), it does so in such a grim, serious manner—like such “pompous assholes,” as the Left would put it, if only it could judge. The true Right is never so grim. That’s why the Left hates its guts, the way a hangman must hate the victim who laughs and jokes on his way to the gallows. The Left is a conflagration. It devours and consumes in deadly dull earnest. (Even its revels, appearances notwithstanding, are as grisly an affair as one of those puppet parades out of Peking or Nuremberg.) The Right is different. It’s a flickering flame, a will-o’-the-wisp in the petrified forest, flitting through the darkness …”

  • America, 99% Protestant, 1% RC in 1789. A thoroughly Christian nation and people. Europe was similarly situated/blessed. IT WAS AFTER the West eschewed the Faith and the Scriptures underpinning the West for millenia that ALL THIS EVIL fell on us seemingly out-of-nowhere and in-no-time. The flippant, ignorant throw-aways about Church and Christianity are EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Here’s a Trumpism to sum up – Not good!

    • Bullshit. Back then, there were millions of African slaves and virtually NO ONE west of the Mississippi was White. You’re not even MAGA-ing now. Only making shit up, in order to appear coherent and focused.

  • Make relevant, bold art about Our People. Make happy end movies. Fill the churches with neo pagans and neo crusaders. Create charity for our young and weak.
    Do not make America great again, make planet Earth great for white people in a completely new, but very real way.

  • I have to agree that modern Western society offers close to nothing to young white men. The office job that most will get involves wearing a fake plastic smile as you nervously fret whether you’ve offended a member of the protected class (anyone who is not a white male) enough to warrant a career-deatroying accusation of sexism or racism. Most people don’t even go to work to do work anymore. With the overabudance of females, most office settings are social clubs where political manipulations and grievances are acted out. Meanwhile, 90% of these women will never make suitable wives. If they are capable of upholding their martial vows (very rare), most of these women will only be able to stand raising one child, two at most. So what incentive does a guy have when his job sucks and he doesn’t even have a decent woman to work for? I’ve fantasized about waves of Alt-Right men just retreating from their multilcultural-cesspool-urban sprawl megalopolises and returning to America’s abandoned small towns, where they form their own organic churches, community halls, schools and businesses. Is there any other answer than doing what Roosh and I did and settling in eastern Europe?

    • “I’ve fantasized about waves of Alt-Right men just retreating from their multilcultural-cesspool-urban sprawl megalopolises and returning to America’s abandoned small towns, where they form their own organic churches, community halls, schools and businesses.”

      I’ve reached the same conclusion tbh. It’s not really a popular idea around here though. Leaving the cities is “white flight” and “white flight” is cowardice.

      • LOL! Well, what would you call a hasty, defeatist default mode with no clear end in sight? For heaven’s sake, people even laugh at your #snowflake children when they pull a Cartman (“Screw you guys, I’m going home!”) because they didn’t get their way. White supremacists have been running to nowhere for decades. And where did it get them? In Opioid Ohio, or some other such hellhole of *their own making*. Many of you have your Whites-only communities, and you aren’t any happier for having them.

        • White supremacist huh? It’s not the same when black men and women stand up for their race and culture is it?? It’s wrong to convince white people that their heritage is inherently so evil that we can’t even take pride in it when liberal societies try to tell us how great African society is…. Just look at how the people of Africa treat each other….

    • No idea. Most Americans I’ve met are pretty atomized and catty and incapable of creating community. I was also a Roosh fan and followed his advice.

    • Small towns? Like that will happen. “Suddenly, Alt-Righters flux migrating to small towns.”
      Henry Covington’s Pacific Northwest is more appealing.
      The Northwest is suitable for us Neo-Nazi WHITE Supremacist skinheads to move to, I’d say.

  • “There has to be a function to make any cultural institution work. When the old institutions fail to do that, why are we surprised that they get abandoned? You have to sweeten the deal. You have to give people what they need. You can’t just demand that they show up” – good point. That is the reason why Islam is so powerful – it gives young men sense, it gives them women, it gives them family, it gives them a special place in the social hierarchy. West, or what is left of it, doesn’t give anything any more, it creates slaves.

    • Real Islam respects everyone. What you’re talking about is fundamentalist Islam, not real Islam, which respects everyone. The former gives to no one. Instead, it robs the weak to prop up the brutish. And I can’t wait until your fellow Nazis troll you for complimenting it! LOL!

      • You know Hitler was in favour of Islam right?

        “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. The Mohammedan religion… would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?” – Adolf Hitler

          • I’m not trying to endorse Islam. I’m illustrating a) that Hitler wasn’t the monster that you make him out to be and b) that many of us do acknowledge that Islam has a lot of good qualities. We aren’t the cartoon caricatures that you make us out to be, and we are capable of nuance. Still Islam isn’t OUR religion and we don’t want it in OUR communities. s.

          • Johnny, that monster nuked millions and millions of people, many of whom were other Gentiles. Perpetrating that carnage was his most significant choice, and no “nuance” can ever hoist him above it.

          • An understanding of History helps put things in perspective. I don’t care about the uninformed opinions of Greaseburgers like you. Trust me. (((Capitalism))) and (((Communism))) both have a lot more blood on their hands than Hitler/National Socialism does.

          • Johnny, I’m new here but I’ve learned the truth. I understand why there are so many “Greaseburgers” out there who still blindly believe the lies. When so many other people believe in the devil, it’s easier to just give over to it. But I’ll always be grateful to Dennis Wise, David Irving, etc.

          • In my opinion that is the only argument we need. Islam is an alien religion, end of story.

            Cuckserkvatives love to drum on about Islams inherent aggressiveness, which is true, but it makes the speaker sound like a soft puss.
            Our ancestors never complained they just fought fire with fire. They may have even thanked god for the test.

          • “Real” Islam should make anyone uncomfortable, because real anything is as such. You are a deluded dreamer

      • What about the importance of the lesser jihad in Islam?
        I personally have no issue with war, as long as it is contained and not waged in totality, as the world wars were. It is in my opinion a positive.

        Muhammed himself spoke of, upon returning from a bloody and violent campaign, leaving the lesser war and engaging with the greater war(internal meditation, discipline, and prayer.)

        Whence asked why he prescribed war so readily, Muhammad replied that maybe what one thinks is good for him is really bad and what one thinks bad really good, explaining that only God truly knows. Seems a positive endorsement.

        He also compared war with praying in the mosque 24 hours a day, explaining to the wife of a warrior on campaign who asked how she can equal her husbands actions, that only that level of discipline was comparable to the spiritual benefits of war.

        Muhammed is quoting in both Koran and Hadith as exclaiming that the only true Muslim is one who sells all his belongings and wages endless jihad, life or death being of no consequence.

        Although I doubt Muhammad would endorse to Zionist backed suicide cowards, Islam is a warriors religion. It’s purpose was to wage constant war in order, not just to reap material riches but most importantly, to gain spiritual rewards.

        P.S. I am not a Muslim and I prefer Christianity, though I respect Islams martial prowess.

    • Anti-race WHITE Liberals and Anti-race cuckservatives are in the process of destroying Islam so give it respect while you can. I’ve even seen fragments of Islamists trying to liberalize their Islamic narrative, having been influenced by the West’s war on Islam and the social scrutiny they recieve for practicing their religion.

      “The lesson to be taken from the Holocaust in WW2 is that it didn’t happen but it shoulda happened.” -Andre Anglin

    • Yes, the current doldrums are in a sense a sort of Christian extremism.

      Don’t forget that Merkel’s reason for letting in the Syrians was her Christian faith.

  • It’s not doing much for middle-aged white men either. Believe me, the older you are, the more you hate and despise the dystopia. It’s like living the role of Winston Smith.

  • You won’t believe the romp-facilitating function of opera if you take a lady to a performance on the FIRST date. Her own evening dress, her partner’s dark suit, the music, costumes and actors whirling around plus the champagne in the breaks tend to do a number on the femme-brain. If you are single or (like me) divorced, opera on the first date is a cultured and wholesome way to start an affair. There’s your function. Other than that – great article!

    • This is a great way to go broke also. First dates should be cheap, coffee and nothing more. Don’t waste your money just to discover you accidentally picked up an SWJ

  • My small town hosted a rap concert the other day. It seems that all the concerts now are rap. Or country whatever.

    And it is kinda the same thing imo. All the girls at concerts are there for the image. How does it make sense for a man to go to like a Jay-Z concert to meet women? Jay-Z is all about Jay-Z. Women go to these things because women are followers while the men are beta-orbiters since rap is all about the rapper himself being alpha.

    And you can’t heckle the rappers or rockers at these concerts either.

    It all has become too much about the performer and about positioning yourself. Which people convince themselves that they like and are into even though every concert I’ve been to has crap boomy echoing sound

  • So, is the goal then to simply wait for older people to die? What then? Is there some miraculous epiphany that will occur to the youth after a certain amount of elders pass away? What of those who are already in their mid twenties? They’ll be too old for the younger generation when that happens. What are the young white-boys of the Alt-Right doing differently than anyone else for social interaction? What hobbies do you all share in common? Where do you gather? How do you meet a woman and start a family? You mentioned young people sitting on their asses and playing video games. Do any of you work with your hands or is it exclusively the white collar, “IT tech” type in the group? There were no suggestions to accompany all the lamenting in this article. No mention or encouragement of gatherings or engagements for young folks to attend and mingle. Just wait for the old folks to die. That’s the plan? Waiting? Millennials brood but don’t often go anywhere with it. It’s more like selfish whining. Almost a suicidal, defeated tenor. I have a young son and he will grow up with nowhere to network or meet a girl with similar values if your generation has anything to do with it. Again, how are today’s youth, awakened youth even, any different than those who are older and asleep?

    • I think the Christian Church is the only means of reviving white culture and offer whites a place to network, interact and engage in culture such as song, dance and crafts. The church can serve a more social function, as many American evangelical churches too. For much of European history, Europeans understood the church to be an important part of the social fabric, without having to believe in any particularly doctrine of Christianiaty. Chiristianity and the church was taken for grant by most European societies — which were centered around villages — as simply for being “ours,” and not “theirs,” regardless of the doctrines and teachings. (Of course, essential positions like marriage between one father and one mother were never even questioned.)

      • I wouldn’t disagree. I am agnostic but see the values promoted by Christianity and the large majority of them are aligned with values I’d want my own children to share.

      • Just make sure it’s a local church/megachurch and not Catholic, Mormon or other church with global ambitions. Those are the worst cucks to hit the planet.

        Problem is that many churches demand tithes and that keeps a lot of people away. You would think the wealthy whites would see some benefit in giving more money to the churches to subsidize the young broke people, but they would rather virtue signal by giving their money to Jews and SWJs

      • You’re only listing the material benefits. As important as they are, Christianity was strong because White men were prepared to die for their goals, happily knowing they’d be judged accordingly in the next life/great beyond etc. There isn’t going to be any real revival without the ‘belief’ part being fixed, and good luck with that.

  • Image over substance.

    Many people still do go to church to meet chics or the other way around. So, that part at least is not dead.

    At one point I went to a folk dancing group in Sweden. My students went so I went too. The local villagers were there. Not many but some and mostly old men wanting to cop a feel of my students. Anyway, it was all form and no substance. I would dream back to how it must have been 200 years ago or so when this was a real party. There would be drinking, carousing, and cavorting. Now, it was just my students and a handful of lonely old men (a few old ladies) with no drinking, no flirting, no fighting, no sex, no nothing!

    We must put the substance back into our forms.

    • I think white society will have to reach such a point of desparation that they will have to force themselves away from their computer screens and smartphones and engage in folk dancing because it’s the only substance in their otherwise virtual empty lives. I think we could be reaching that point because most of entertainment is black music. A white guy has to understand that unless he offers white women a real alternative (than going to a Jay Z concert), he will be marginalized and rendered extinct.

      • I enjoyed learning the polka and waltz and other dances even though it was no longer an organic living custom. One thing that I always thought about is that in the modern world men and women never get a chance to touch and feel out (physically) each other. In folk dancing you are partnering with everyone at some point. You have you hands on their hips of lower back. They have their arms around you. You find out if they have any rhythm and if you gel together.

        Folk dancing will probably be outlawed by the feminist as it allows men to touch women without written consent. On that, some of my students (in their 20’s) would complain about the old men perving on them. Not in a serious way though. Just that they weren’t too keen on it. Who cares? Don’t go dancing then.

      • Black music is simple and accessible. You have to remembe rthat women are stupid, extremely stupid. They are not going to appreciate things like classical music. But they can sure get down to hip hop and reggae.

        • “You have to remembe rthat women are stupid, extremely stupid.”

          And that’s how feminism came to power. The same thing happened with NAACP. They took stupid, gullible people and told them that they’re the most underappreciated, misunderstood, oppressed people and white men are the cause of all that suffering… and BINGO, you have a political army. It’s a great Trojan horse.

          But for white men to allow these groups to corrupt our society, tear down our hopes, dreams and our pride, we’re not the most clever group either. I’m just relieved that white men are finally waking up to the problem.

  • My older, Millennial cousin was mocking the Church on Christmas day, and yet he had his daughters baptized for his materialist Boomer parents (they helped with the purchase of his home). All that is left today is a husk of our former civilization.

  • Excellent post Mr. Law. The is the best summation of the spiritual and cultural rot that is killing Western Civilization.

    The only good side (for lack of a better term) is how easy it is to be exceptional when most people are crap. I make deliveries to a few collages and the low-t soyboy problem is out of control. I look like James Bond simply because I’m intelligent, I lift and I make eye contact

    The question is, how do we start our own “fight clubs” so we can train these soyboys to become men of the west?

    • I don’t care what scientists say. In my opinion, birth control is making wussies out of our men. Look at any photo of any man from the mid-1800s, and then compare that to a photo of the same man’s great grandkid. What do you see? There are exceptions, but for the most part, you’ll see a man in the 1800s and some relatively androgynous-looking male in the 21st century. Why?

  • I agree with what Jay Dyer says in this video. Instead of reiterating what he says, I’ll just leave this here…

    • I think most people understand that politics is not a means of spiritual salvation or happiness. But politics helps us better organize our resources. And if resources are mismanaged, that will lead to material misery. I would rather be spiritual and in the middle class, than spiritual and begging for food. The food won’t save my soul, but it will reduce my material misery.

      • The spirit is the foundation of a people/nation. Since our current culture is devoid of spirituality, or any other greater purpose/meaning beyond the material, our people are collectively commiting slow suicide. Politicians can’t fix this problem.

        “America … has created a ‘civilization’ that represents an exact contradiction of the ancient European tradition. It has introduced the religion of praxis and productivity; it has put the quest for profit, great industrial production, and mechanical, visible, and quantitative achievements over any other interest. It has generated a soulless greatness of a purely technological and collective nature, lacking any background of transcendence, inner light, and true spirituality. America has [built a society where] man becomes a mere instrument of production and material productivity within a conformist social conglomerate”
        ― Julius Evola

    • This guy creates the impression that Orthodox Christian countries are in better spiritual condition than the West, and that Orthodox Christianity is the reason. The decadence has enveloped all of Europe, and much of the reason Orthodox Christian countries are in slightly better shape is that they don’t have the same material wealth. A lot of the kids haven’t gone to a Western university to become brainwashed by Social Justice. Nor can they afford to worry about Tibetans and Palestianians when they can barely afford to support their own families. But the commitment to traditional values and the Christian faith is just as vacuous in Greece, Ukraine and Russia as it is in the West.

      • On the surface, and from a distance, they seem to be in much better shape in Eastern Europe than we are in North America or Western Europe, despite not being materially wealthy. The Polish are proud to be Polish and intend to keep Poland for the Poles. They have a healthy pride and self image, that doesn’t exist anymore in much of the rest of the White world. Thats how it seems to Westerners anyways…

      • America received most of the Jews after WWII. Now Jews control all of America’s universities, hollywood, the media, everything. And through control of America they control all of Western Europe. The difference between America and Eastern Europe in cultural terms has far more to do with the level of Jewish influence than with the level of GDP.

  • The one overarching principle of Christianity is the idea that the world is moving towards a messianic age. That concept is incorporated into every iteration of Christianity, covering the entire spectrum of belief.

    That idea that the world is progressing towards a better place then imbued many walks of life with the energy to improve. Everyone in Europe (and later in the New World) could feel that they had something to contribute. Every work of art built on past art; every generation of scientists refined, clarified and added to scientific knowledge; no matter what job a person had, they could feel they were integral to humanities successive attempts to reach perfection. Democracy was a step beyond inalienable monarchy.

    Life had meaning.

    But today the general rule in America — if there is such a rule — is “do whatever you feel like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.” And even that has become amended to “…as long as you don’t hurt anyone ELSE.” And some, like Antifa, have abbreviated and distorted it to simply, “do whatever you want — including and especially hurting fascists.”

    This moral relativistic attitude leads to mayhem. Worse, it leads to lethargy. “If there’s no absolute right and wrong, then why bother trying to be good? I’ll just define ‘good’ as whatever I do.”

    I think this shift in approach to life explains the change from how people treated religion and art then in comparison to now.

    People took pride in the accomplishments of their nation. Sure they may have socialized at the theater, but it was MUH theater, and I’m going to dress up for it. They may have dismissed and mocked their religion as a joke, but they held on to its kernel that the world will be a better place tomorrow than today.

    The Alt Right may not have a crystallized core set of principles, but it does have some solidity, compared to the mushiness of say, the Republican and Democratic parties. In that sense men like Richard Spencer and Christopher Cantwell have become de facto religious leaders who attract a wide range of followers through their combination of offering hope without sacrificing showmanship.

    • Be careful what you wish for. SJW’s think they are progressing towards a more and more “just” world with their misguided universalism and forced cultural/racial (dis)integration/amalgamation.

      • No, that is the slogans they use. The point of the post is the slogans have little to do with what people actually think and do.

        The solution is not to change slogans. The solution is to punish people who misuse slogans. The problem is that we can’t do that because we are ruled by evil people who enjoy using power to inflict pain on others. Hence our current situation.

  • Well yeah it’s like poetry. I was considering this last night. What point is there reading poets from the 1800’s as a cultural tool?

    Did they have better poets then as now? No. They just had a few people who got published in an era that had less resources with which to publish poetry. So we know a few names and now there’s a poet on every forum easily searchable on the web.

    So where are today’s GREAT poets? Nobody is searching them out to be published. They are a dime a dozen, and only add to the already large amount from the 1800’s etc.

    So those poets from the 1800’s – do they carry the weight they used to ? Of course not. Not only are they “just another poet” many aren’t even writing about today’s issues or things we’d be personally invested in.

    It’s out of date, and we’re losing our ability to recognise new culture because it’s … passe – an affectation.

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