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It’s not quite the New Year yet, but here I am already reflecting and writing a sum-up post for 2017. I hope you won’t mind if I jump the gun a bit.

Let’s just say that a lot happened this year, to say the least.

First and foremost, 2017 was the year that the Alt-Right rose up and out of the internet and took to the streets.

2017 was also the second year of far-left anti-White violence from the SJW Left. They took it to new levels with their attacks on right-wingers of all stripes, (not just Alt-Righters) at rallies all over the country. The police continued to side with the left and this all culminated in the battle of Charlottesville.

We are still dealing with the fallout from that event.

Censorship of Alt-Right thinkers, activists and media outreach followed soon after. We face total media blackout on platforms like Youtube or Twitter.

Doxxing – which will always be treated as a cardinal sin by anyone who threatens to do it, or does it to any of our people for any reason and that includes people who consider themselves “right-wing” – of our activists continues.

“Its OK To Be White” remains a revolutionary sentiment that has to be expressed with only the closest of friends, out of the public eye, the corporate workplace or in academia.

But can you feel it?

For the first time in my young life, and I suspect in the lives of many older White Advocates as well, there is serious pushback. And it’s coming from all sections of White society. It’s slow, and the other side is doubling down. But extremism from the Left only benefits us at this point. Balkanization is our friend and secret admirer, leaving us little gifts with every new letter that is added to the LGBTQA acronym or blue checkmark on Twitter slipping up and dipping into anti-White rhetoric. The center cannot hold, and we stand to inherit the fallout. I wouldn’t want to be a moderate in 2018 because it I guarantee that it will be a rough year for fence-sitters.

To top it off, we have found our very first Alt-Right candidate for political office in Paul Nehlen.

But dedicated readers and followers of the Alt-Right know all that. All in all, it has been an amazing year, anyway that you look at it.

We have become a household name, our ideas are becoming part of a rising alternative subculture that the youth is undeniably drawn to. Through memes, songs, and meet-ups we have carved a serious foothold in the hearts and minds of Generation Z.

Any Alt-Right meet-up, conference or shindig is absolutely dominated by the youth. It’s easy to forget what a hard time the older White Nationalists had with reaching out to the youth back in the day when you consider the situation that the Alt-Right finds itself in now. Even the difference between 2015 – when I got involved – and 2017 is absolutely remarkable.

The Alt-Right was a lonely place just 3 years ago. It’s more like a non-stop house party now.

Not only that but as always, we are winning the Internet Wars.

For example, the comments section of any MSM hit piece on White people or garbage peddling Cultural Marxism gets absolutely demolished within minutes of its publication. There is a serious and actual #resistance out there now that is emboldened and fed up with the anti-White lies of the establishment and its media lackeys.

/Ourguys/ are consistently demolishing anyone who tries to pick a fight with us online. The ongoing Skeptic community collapse may seem insignificant to a casual observer, but it is a great victory for the Alt-Right and a further consolidation of the opposition online. Hundreds and thousands of fence-sitters are suddenly finding out that our arguments hold water and can’t be ignored any longer. The Alt-Lite – broadly defined – is feeling the middle ground that they stand on to be shrinking, and ours to be growing, which bodes well for all us.

Many Youtubers and internet content creators have started drifting towards our camp. There are too many new Alt-Right e-celebs to count now, and there are even more people who have at least started flirting with our ideas on their channels and pages in 2017.

Overall assessment of the situation: Feels great, man.

I think that I can confidently say that the movement is finally starting to mature and that 2018 belongs to us.

To top it off, dust seems to be settling on the optics debate, and we have decided to go the populist route instead of taking the fringe insurgency option. I think this was one of the most positive developments of 2017 because our message and our mission is not that radical or extremist when you get right down to it. We even weathered ThotGate intact, and despite all the Liberal gloating to the contrary, it didn’t break our movement or even slow us down. A lot of wheat got separated from the chaff. We lost a lot of opportunists and managed to rid ourselves of many freaks and shed some dead-weight. This is a natural process for any political movement. All we need to do is keep pushing, keep recruiting, keep refining our message and keep building up our infrastructure.

This is hard work, but it will pay dividends when the time comes.

Often times its easy to get black-pilled, faced as we are with tremendous odds. But nations, culture and the trajectory of history is like a giant oil tanker out at sea. And there’s a vicious battle in the cockpit for the wheel. Every incremental turn in one direction or another has to be fought over tooth and nail through wile, wit and unwavering force.

Huge changes in direction can be affected by just a single degree turn – a single spoke on the wheel.

Furthermore, each little incremental tug we manage to get on that wheel takes time to affect the massive tanker. Inertia and drift are powerful forces that will continue for a while even after the change takes place. Winning the internet is one such spoke that we have almost definitely managed to turn. The effects of it will only really start to make themselves seen in 2018.

Fighting for public space has proven to be another massive struggle, and despite setbacks, we will have to return to it with renewed effort in the New Year.

Even winning hearts and minds can only be done incrementally, because as we all know on this far-flung corner of the web, the red pill is a bitter one to swallow. Many have only just started questioning the course that the New World Order has charted for the entire White World. Their red pill path has only just begun in 2017, and they will only join our ranks in the new Current Year.

I can relate to this on a personal level because 2017 was a life-changing year for me as well. I was given the job of writing for and editing for starters, and got very involved with the movement both IRL and online. I wasn’t the only one.

Feels special, man.

Many, many others came onboard as well.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with a message of hope and optimism.

There are moments in history that stand out from the rest of history because of the great speed at which things start to move. We live in one of those periods, and we’re only gaining speed going into 2018.

There is no way that 2018 will pass without even greater gains for the Alt-Right. The great wheel of history is turning and I am happy to report that we are clearly on the right side of it. We’re all going to make it, lads. 2017 was the pilot episode and 2018 will be the year we get picked up by the network.

The future belongs to us; 2018 belongs to us.

Happy New Year, Alt-Right fam!

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • The counterview:

    2017 was a mixed bag, much like Trump’s presidency. Hailgate and Charlotteville each reduced the Alt-Right from a big-tent movement to its current size of Spencer & friends. It won’t survive a third scandal of that dimension.

    The strategy to show a presence on the streets is right and the activists seem increasingly experienced and professional, but not even the wildest optimist will expect a MLK protest march of 100,000 to Washington within the next five years.

    The AR may have reached a respectable budget for a blog but the SPLC has 319 million dollar in its coffers. Friction will undoubtedly help the AR, but every single American institution is still firmly in the hands of the enemy of the people.

    The best I can say at this point is that the AR is still alive and motivated despite the odds against it.

  • New Year Resolutions for the Alt Right.
    1. Provoke the left. The more radical they become, the more the masses move in our direction.
    2. Expose the Skeptic and Alt Lite leaders as frauds and shekel grabbers. Their followers will come our way when they realize we have the Truth on our side.
    3. Wrap our movement in the flag whenever possible. By showing our patriotic side we make ourselves more appealing to a broader audience of supporters and allies.

  • 2018 will be the year that “Fake Right” Alt Lite brands like Weird Mike Cernovich, Jack Proboscis, Laura Loomer, and Ricky Vaughn die out and are forgotten.

  • there was a very interesting on gab the other day: here is the post:

    Scuttlebug @scuttlebug
    2 days
    @AndrewAnglin My brother in-law was over for Christmas dinner. We were playing this very corny and very Jewish game called “What do you meme?” Anyway, one of the memes was pepe. My in-law, who’s a teacher, goes: “Holy cow! My seventh graders are obsessed with this frog!”

    Gen Zyklon

    True Story

    if true, this means something good….we are reaching the white youth…and they are responding…

  • In 2018, resolve to show the white agency you talk a good game about.

    One, save up enough cash for a year’s living expenses in an F-U Fund in case you lose your job. That will demonstrate to our adversaries that they can’t shove us around like they thought they could.

    And two, set better physical examples by getting into fighting trim. Don’t show up in public like that fat kid in Charlottesville who wore the Confederate cosplay costume.

    • I’d happily contribute to a campaign to get that young gentleman a gym membership, because he put himself on the line against the people who tried to kill us.

  • AMEN, Vincent…….

    And THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for the Alt-Right………

    “The great wheel of history is turning ……….”

    It’s Mystical………

    But, it’s Flesh and Blood fighting in the Mud at the Same Time………

    It’s Strange to sense the Absolute Powerlessness at one moment……..

    And then to have the Spirit Revived by witnessing a Marvelous Victory…………

    It’s best to remain Humble at this time……….

    Let’s all continue Fighting (hopefully, not each other)……….

    Himalayan Mountain Peaks are coming into View………

    We have only crossed the Foothills……..


      • I’ve only read amren’s blurb as of now. My impression is that silvers earn enough money to avoid the worst of diversity, so they choose mainstream anti-racism for status among peers.

        I thought you all might want to take a closer look at the data to see if right-wing views are indeed more common among gold-level IQ folks.

  • I see no reason to be secretive about saying it’s ok to be white. I think we should be rationally open about it. I am. When confronted at work, I say something like, “I’m no white supremacist [and truthfully I am not – I have no desire to rule or dominate over anyone; I just want white equality], but I can understand why that slogan has caught on. Just like I’m not a member of the Black Panthers, but I can understand why ‘Black Lives Matter’ is an important slogan to the Left.” Typically the liberals just keep pushing the issue, making their anti-white bias pretty obvious to the moderates in the room. Then again, I don’t work at Google or the New York Times. If I did I would never say anything that could possibly be construed to advocate for equality for whites for fear of being fired.

  • One of things that also happened to the Alt Right in the last twelve months is what DIDN’T happen to it.

    The movement did not run aground on some ideological rocks; nor did it cubbyhole itself as a political movement versus a personal movement, or vice versa.

    The Alt Right successfully remained the Big Tent Oasis for many feeling alienated from a quickly deteriorating and imploding “mainstream” culture.

    People who want to simply identify as White, can mix and interact with White Nationalists; those repulsed by the immorality of diversity and anti-“hate” laws can find common cause with those who oppose the corrosive effect of unthrottled immigration both legal and illegal.

    Thank you, Vincent Law, for the pieces you pen for this website and for thus fomenting a forum where ideas can be discussed and debated without lockstep agreement being the price for entry.

    • Sorry to counter signal, but 2017 was the year that the big tent began to eat itself, and I predict that these divisions will continue to grow in 2018. Hard Right vs Alt-Right, MRA’s vs Trad THOTs, Reactionaries vs Revolutionaries. Particularly in the last quarter of this year, there has been a lot more infighting than punching left. It doesn’t have to happen, but I think it will continue and probably get worse. Unless we can find something to unite behind like we had in Trump in 2015/2016.

      • >Particularly in the last quarter of this year, there has been a lot more infighting than punching left.
        Some people find comfort in fringe groups and don’t want them to reach main stream, because that would threaten what they have now, be it online subcultures or fantasies of a white empire. We should be aware that these people will protest against normalization. Ignore them.

        • To be clear I fall more in the Hard Right camp than Alt-Right. I don’t believe in sacrificing integrity to appeal to morons, nor do I think that more Republican governments are the solution to our problems. Ignore me if you must, but I will continue to speak my mind and say what I believe to be true, no matter how many downvotes I get in the process.

          • I don’t see that there has been much ideological conflict really. The disputes has been more about what kind of armor and shields we should display at protests, future galactic empires and if we should allow girls into the club house. There’s plenty of room for a boy’s magazine and I don’t mind how this website has sort of taken that role… and I don’t want to ruin that for you either. Perhaps I am the one that needs to shut up.

          • Nah, say whats on your mind. I always do lol. Disagreements don’t have to lead to infighting, but they usually do. Just the nature of the beast I guess. And disagreements will always be inevitable in a big tent movement.

          • What do you mean you don’t mind that “this website has sort of taken that role”?

            That role was already taken by both Daily Stormer and TRS. The results have not been encouraging. The absence of women who don’t agree that we are all filthy, worthless whores has lead to disgraceful purity spiraling, culminating in Thotgate, which nearly destroyed our movement.

            How many “boy’s magazines” do we need?

          • This site isn’t a boys only club. Lots of women post here. One of the regular writers is a woman.

            Thotgate was more about two specific women in the movement, than women in the movement in general. Apparently it got started with some Nazbols, got picked up by the Manosphere (Roosh, Aurini, Fatt Horney) and got ugly by the time DS picked up on it.

            I’ve defended DS in the past despite disagreeing with them on many things, but no longer feel any obligation to do so due to their optic cucking. Most of the movement is fine with women being involved. We’re anti-feminist, not anti-women.

          • What really bothers me about the whole Woman Question is that I can’t stand to see wasted talents/potential in this movement.

            When Anglin starts going off about thots, it really doesn’t bother me, because he’s just doing his thing, and he has had a lot of success with his antics. He has his own niche market.

            On the other hand, I’m really bothered by TRS misogyny, because I think Mike and Sven are very appealing to women. Sven’s casual, confident charisma and Mike’s combination of wit, passion, and sensitivity are very attractive. It’s not a question of going out of their way to appeal to women. They just do appeal, without even trying. They don’t need to pander or self-censor. The MGTOWs who are turning them against White women are doing us all a grave disservice.

            Richard is of course another story. He not only has tremendous natural appeal to women, but he is also a public face of our movement. If he tolerates outrageous misogyny on this site, newcomers will, rightly or wrongly, conclude that he condones it. Again, this is a shame, precisely because he is otherwise so appealing to women.

          • IMO TRS and DS are both infantile and appeal to lowest common denominator “dude bro” types. They know who their audience is and they aren’t going to attack them. Spencers biggest flaw is trying to appeal to everybody all the time, so rarely ever taking firm stands on issues. He’s very wishy-washy. A lot of the men in the movement have legit reasons to be frustrated with women, but many of them take it too far. White Sharia is just dumb.

            For all the shit he gets over his optics (which admittedly could be improved upon) Heimbachs actual content is generally pretty good.

          • Agreed about Heimbach. He is a thoughtful young man of depth and substance who is underestimated because he has not yet reached full maturity.

            My own sympathies are strongly national socialist, so his optics don’t bother me, and that’s exactly why my opinion is probably not a good indicator anyway.

            I must disagree about TRS, though. There is a lot of incisive commentary underneath all the shock jocking.

          • Also, I certainly think men ought to air their grievances. I would like to see a movement with complete freedom of speech, for men and women, with high standards of civility and intellectual honesty and fair play. Again, not on every forum, but certainly here on this site at the very least.

          • “outrageous misogyny ”

            Haha. Ok, we need a safe space here for you. And also another one for our black and jewish readers.

          • We don’t need that many, but as I wrote that comment I thought of what could have been if I had found a website like this 10 years ago and not lost myself entirely. I never had an appetite literature or history before very recently and I think this website can be that bridge for many young men. Some might have the wrong ideas, but it’s mostly the old ones that we should worry about.

            There’s room for many layers in this movement. I want a broad normie friendly political movement. This is not it.

          • I agree. I am a mother who has seen girlfriends suffer terribly when their boys have gone down the wrong path in life. If Anglin can keep White boys clean, healthy, and out of prison, I for one am grateful for it. In time, they will hopefully grow out of the worst of the locker room machismo.

            On the other hand, his approach is not right for the movement as a whole, especially this site.

  • I want to get involved. I have some influence with youth. I’d like to recruit others. How do I get vetted or find a local Meetup?

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