Can A White Nationalist Learn Anything From A Black Nationalist?

Submitted by John S.

Have I always been a White Nationalist?

My family moved to a heavily integrated part of the country when I was five years old from a lesser, but still very much integrated part of the country and I can honestly say and without a trace of irony that I didn’t feel any racism toward these new darker students any more than I did amongst the yellow ones that I had previously experienced as the “other” (gosh, it’s oddly depressing to think that just 30 years ago most integrated communities were white’s along with just one minority group, usually blacks); however, my youthful “color blindness” didn’t blind me to logic and if anything it might have actually helped me be WOKE.

I remember one particularly aggressive bit of liberal government propaganda being when we had an assembly at my elementary school and there were 5 teams of people of different colors, but not colors representing humans, in other words, green, blue and orange as opposed to brown, red and black.  I got the blue team and I don’t remember the entire gist of it, but it was about not excluding people of different colors, etc. and my thought instantly became, “Why would you want to live with those who don’t want you?”  After asking this in the group setting to no avail, I decided to ask it when they had a Q and A for the entire assembly.  Needless to say, this question brought about angry stares and confused silence from an entire auditorium of kids and teachers, along with proper SJW activists.  One (white) kid got up to respond, but it was just flowery clap trap about God and brotherhood (if memory serves) and nothing of substance.  You can only imagine the applause.  When we got back to homeroom my otherwise lovely and memorable teacher proceeded to call me racist in front of the entire class. Luckily the 70 or so percent of the black students at my elementary school didn’t see me that way or life would’ve been mighty difficult for me for many years to come.  In fact, most black people I’ve ever known would probably find it shocking that I would be writing this as although I never was really a wigger, I was known as an honorary brother by some due, though again, not due to any kind of ridiculous affectation.

We were brainwashed, boys and girls.  We watched TV while our mommies worked and our daddies started over again and that T.V. and those schools served to handicap us by just a few strokes.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to place the blame entirely on institutions and intellectual elites as we all have our own minds, but we do need to take a very encompassing look at post-war America (and I’m talking Civil War here) and what we can learn from the past as to how we can save our nations and prevent this crap from poisoning our descendants like it poisoned us.

I still don’t really see myself as racist, but I am much more racially aware now and don’t see non-whites (and frankly many other Euro’s) as equals; however, this comes from pride in my values and the determination to see them exemplified to the utmost and if others pride my values over their own, well, that really tells you all that you need to know then, doesn’t it?

Amusingly, it’s always other Whites that seemed to have a problem with what I said. As I mentioned before, the Blacks in the school didn’t seem particularly bothered by what I had said.

What about the Black Nationalists?

Most seem to understand that we are different and that separate is better. Leaders like Malcolm X, in particular, stand out.

When I first learned of the life of Malcolm X (like most Millennials and Gen X’ers it was via the Spike Lee movie) I remembered being taken with Malcolm’s father, Earl Little, and I’ve since always wondered why he wasn’t a more direct influence on his son.  Now, obviously being a spiritual and political leader of his local black populace is very much akin to his son’s life and work as well as his violent end, but he had a very different approach as to how to overcome the inferiority complex of the Afro-American or Pan-African Negros in general.

I finally decided to look more into the life of this man and was shocked to discover that seemingly the only information about him has been gleaned from The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley. The Cliff Notes read as follows:

“Little, a Baptist minister by profession, was also an organizer for the militant Universal Negro Improvement Association, a black nationalist group led by the Jamaican Marcus Garvey. Malcolm remembers him as a confident, self-sufficient man, willing to stand up to white men. It was this aspect of his personality which resulted in his death. His organizing activities in Omaha, Nebraska, caused trouble with the Ku Klux Klan. His house in Lansing, Michigan, was burned to the ground by a white racist group, the Black Legionnaires; it is likely that this group murdered him.”

Now, this of course begs the question, why would the KKK or those of their ilk want to kill someone who’s trying to get Negroes to self-deport?  Wouldn’t this be the ideal Black leader for them to promote and coordinate with?  Can anyone on the Alt-Right really say that they wouldn’t be behind this guy 100%?

And there it is, isn’t it?

White supremacists want the Negroes here for the same reason that the slave owners who brought them here did…cheap labor.  Negroes were Mexicans before Mexicans, especially in the South, and the merchant class used racism to cruelly subjugate an ignorant and alien underclass as a weapon against the labor costs and therefore money and power of their white competitors (sound familiar?).

So, why don’t more blacks stand up for Earl Little and those like him and why is there not more known about him?  Well, aside from the fact that blacks aren’t very scholarly, by and large, there’s also no money or power in it for the type of non-blacks or scholarly blacks who would otherwise jump at the chance to promote racial demagoguery.

The sad fact is that after the Civil War (or Caesarean takeover of America, whichever you prefer) the house slaves and their slave masters made a pact against the field negroes and the non-slave owning whites to work together to stay wealthy and in control of their self-perceived “lessers”.  It’s basically elitism, in a nutshell.

Yes, elitism on both sides, the black elites, and the white elites brought us to this point.

What we really need are more Earl Littles to preach ethnic pride amongst a people in the midst of an obviously cruel identity crisis brought about by some sort of collective Stockholm syndrome or the otherwise basic soulless materialism of their more entrepreneurial and ruthless leadership (and can’t we all relate to that)?

But I’m not holding my breath waiting. We can’t babysit the black community forever. They need to take their destiny back into their own hands, just the same as we do.

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  • For Black Nationalists to have a diplomatic relation with Alt-Right Nationalists the Alt-Right would need to be in a position to be taken seriously by WHITE people, because the bad narratives being targetted at Blacks and WHITEs need to be removed before people come to their senses. The average Black believes the WHITE man is out to get him. The average WHITE believes that the WHITE man is the ? Devil?
    Blacks need leadership permitted to them. The Bizarro Government wont allow natural leadership to exist alongside itself.

  • GUEST WRITER: “Can anyone on the Alt-Right really say that they wouldn’t be behind this guy 100%?
    And there it is, isn’t it?

    White supremacists want the Negroes here for the same reason that the slave owners who brought them here did…cheap labor. Negroes were Mexicans before Mexicans, especially in the South, and the merchant class used racism to cruelly subjugate an ignorant and alien underclass as a weapon against the labor costs and therefore money and power of their white competitors (sound familiar?).”

    I get the feeling this guest writer is a Black female.

    • The so-called «white supremacy», that we always see in Lügenpresse , has his roots on free market and [anarcho-]capitalism.

  • Writer needs to refrain from use of term “Civil War’ when referring to the great unpleasantness of 1861-1865.

        • Formal Political Science textbook definition of “Civil War”:

          Armed conflict between two or more opposing factions for control of the same central government

          Now Monsieur Au Contraire, please give us a history lesson and demonstrate from the record that the political and military leadership of the Confederacy ever gave serious consideration to the capture of Washington DC and assumption of the governance of the non-Confederate states.

  • “Why would you want to live with those who don’t want you?”

    How would you know? And, assuming it to be true that they don’t want you, have you thought about why? Is it possible that there is a good reason for it? Is it possible that there are things you could be doing better? White identitarians claim to be reviving a sense of strength and pride in their racial identity, but they cannot do so without playing the victim. White identitarianism is cultural parasitism.

    • In the history of the world, diverse peoples have only been able to live together under the form of an Empire, such as the Roman Empire, but this was fraught with difficulties (think: Jewish uprisings, for example). A democracy is not suited to multiculturalism, which only invites strife between competing ethnicities. Multiculturalism is an experiment in the same way that communism was an experiment and it is contrary to human nature and common sense. Why is “white identitarianism” the problem? Countries in Asia such as China and Japan do not want diversity, and in Latin American, professedly multicultural, a racial hierachy automatically established itself. With a professor recently calling for white genocide it can hardly be said that whites are “playing the victim”. There is a true plot to perpetrate not only white genocide, but Christian genocide as well. As regards the Jewish people, they themselves have strived toward racial purity since the times of the Old Testament. Think of the parable of the Samaritan in the New Testament. The Samaritan was a shunned race, as they were a mixed people. The idea of “brotherhood of man” is a phantom that emerged with the so-called “French Revolution”, which was also not a revolution, but a form of genocide.

  • Can you learn from people with a unmixed average IQ of 70?

    Can you learn from people who never created a civilization of their own?

    Can you learn from people who had no accurate concept of mathematics and no written language until whites helped them create one?

    How can black nationalism and nationalists genuinely exist when they have no foundation to even create and maintain a black nation? Does Liberia really look like a functioning “black nation” to you or rather black tribes living in an open sewer in the remnants of what white colonials built for them?

    Can you learn from psychopathic clowns? That’s what niggers are. They shuck and jive and give you a big, teethy smile and dance and people find them funny at times, but really they’re just psycho clowns waiting for the right opportunity to attack you like in horror movies.

    What did Marcus Garvey and Malcolm Little really accomplish? Nothing. It’s an act. It’s affected opportunism for fame and profit. Niggers don’t really believe what they say. They have no higher calling other than self-aggrandizement. What niggers say is irrelevant. They’ve always been a slave class because of their primitive DNA. The only way they change that is through miscegenation with whites and Asians which they do every chance they get. Malcolm Little was what they call high yella.

    Niggers are a distraction. Jews are the #1 problem. I know people like to say it’s white cucks, but I would disagree. White cucks aren’t funding and organizing against us for the most part. They’re just willing dupes like those old, white whores Jewish lawyers rolled out against Roy Moore. It’s that international Semitic mafia called Jews causing our degeneration and eventual demise.

    I see Bannon is becoming increasing philo-Semitic to the point of absurdity. What a joke he turned out to be. Trump has disappointed us in that regard as well, but Bannon is really going for the gold cuck award.

    • Your people came out of that “primitive DNA,” son — one of the last of a lonnnng strain of humanity… homo sapiens sapiens. So, what does that say about the quality of YOUR genes? You ignorant dickhead who lives 93 million miles from an exploding giant nuclear fireball but is as pale as a vampyre… what does that say about you? lol. But don’t get me wrong. This is just a question. It’s really not that I give a fuck.

    • As August Babel observed, anti-semitism is the socialism of fools. You compensate for your impoverished understanding of the historical dynamics of global capitalism by conjuring caricatures of fantastical boogiemen.

      • “A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.” Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

        While white people do bear some personal responsibility for the situation that they find themselves in, that does not mean that Jews are innocent in all of this. They have been our spiritual enemies for millenia and should never have been given any power or control in any of our nations. The fact that hlaf of America is ruled by white traitors, does not excuse the fact that the other half are Jews.

      • August Babel (1840-1913) was an early German Marxist. What a surprise, a communist supporting the Jews who created that vile political cult.

        Soros and the the Rothschild clan are unfortunately very real, not fantastical, and they are ruining Western civilization. Drive them out, and all the problems they create will go along with them.

    • Jews make up 0.1% of the world population.. If they’re the enemy and control the world, maybe they really are the chosen people and not whites. Otherwise, how did whites lose the culture war to such a small group of people with supposedly inferior DNA? If you say it’s because Jews use deceit or are parasites, then by biological standpoint aren’t the tools and traits given to parasites just as valid to natural selection as raw intellect or physical strength? Nature selects the best fit, and maybe manipulation and deceit are simply better tools for survival than raw IQ or whatever it is that white claim makes their DNA superior.

  • There is much to learn from nationalists all over the world. However, I don’t feel that black nationalists are very serious about their ideology. And it doesn’t have any real traction among the larger black community.

    • Of course it doesn’t have any traction in the larger black community. They know good and well they would fall flat on there faces if placed in an American ethno state (a pre-developed one at that) and left to their own devices without a host to suck blood from.

  • “…and don’t see non-whites **(and frankly many other Euro’s)** as equals”.

    I’m not sure what you are doing writing on a white (i.e. Euro) nationalist site, to be honest.

    • If you expect Anglos to look at Latvians and the like as equals, then you’re dreaming. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer them to non-whites, but to act as though there isn’t a Eurpean pecking order is just dishonest. After all, it’s not a coincidence that most of the world speaks English and wears suits. I don’t see lederhosen and berets worn by everyone wanting to look powerful, but I do see suits and ties.

  • Actually, X’s trajectory also shows the civilizational problem that Islam is. Now, while X’s embrace of Islam was understandable, it was also deficient in that he didn’t have a full view of Islam or how Muslims are often themselves racist against blacks, or the role that Muslims played in their enslavement. Muslims use blacks opportunistically against Christians in an effort to delegitimize Christian civilization for Muslim advantage. But actually? They have no use for blacks in actuality.

  • We don’t have anything to learn from black nationalists and should not seek alliances with them. Racial tensions are at a boiling point and I have no desire to work with them.

    The only common ground between us is that we wish to live apart from one another but even then some black nationalists are demanding that whitey initially subsidize their dream of a coal black ethnostate either here or in Africa. Not one penny to such an execrable race who hates our guts.

    You don’t see white nationalists demanding that Jews fund our causes and potential ethnostate. Blacks and black nationalists hate whites but still have their grubby hands out and will still accept our checks.

  • ‘Tis simply necessary to remember that good fences make good neighbors (subsuming distance operating as the equivalent of a fence).

  • Yes.

    Let me also add that all of this Social Justice crap is really about delegitimizing the working people of this country, of any color, really. It is divide and conquer.

    This is how some rich faggot in DC can play victim to a working bloke from the hinterlands.

  • “What we really need are more Earl Littles to preach ethnic pride amongst a people in the midst of an obviously cruel identity crisis brought about by some sort of collective Stockholm syndrome or the otherwise basic soulless materialism of their more entrepreneurial and ruthless leadership (and can’t we all relate to that)?”

    I respond:

    Yeah occasionally there is a principled Black nationalist that we can at least talk to – George Lincoln Rockwell did receive a decent audience at some Malcolm X attended Black Nation of Islam meetings.

    But racial and economic realities are that we’re not getting much or anything with supposed alliances with Black nationalists or any Muslims.

    There is nothing keeping Black Americans from moving back to Black African countries or just moving to all Black cities in the USA like Baltimore where all the top political offices are run by Blacks.

    Guess what? Blacks don’t want to go to these all Black areas, just as Muslims don’t want to stay in existing Muslim countries like Algeria and Turkey that were once healthy, prosperous White Indo European societies. The Trojan war between White Greeks and White Trojans took place in what is now modern day Muslim Turkey.

    American Black Blacks, the great grandchildren of field slave negroes may have low IQs but they ain’t stupid. For every one Black Black American who will volunteer to move back to Black African there are literally 10 million Black, Black Africans in African that want to migrate to Western Europe, Scandinavia or the USA, Australia – i.e. the White West. They want to go to where life is perceived to be better – why should White people get to have all the nice, prosperous places to live? This was the reason of the Great migration of rural Blacks from the South to Northern industrial cities like Chicago and Detroit during World War I and World War II.

    • Most American Black Nationalist voices are marginalized and pushed to the background in favour of the completely establishment backed and funded BLM integrationist narrative.

      There weren’t nearly as many Africans and Arabs trying to flee their countries for Europe and North America until Hussein and Gaddafi were overthrown and much of Africa and the Middle East were destablized by US foreign policy/Israeli interests. This migrant crisis has been entirely manufactured by the globalist pigs who control the West, and it is (((them))) who we are fighting.

      Fighting Blacks and even Muslims is entirely counterproductive. So is cheerleading for the GOP.

  • There are plenty of black ethno-nationalist groups in the USA, it’s just that (((whites))) taught them how to get gibs from the state so they’re milking us dry through self-victimization instead of self-deporting.

  • There is indeed a tradition of black self-empowerment & dignity which the dominant US culture has tried to suppress … One interesting guy was US black dissident Robert F Williams (1925-96), who authored a 1962 book, ‘Negroes With Guns’ … he was forced to escape the USA for a time, and met with figures such as Chairman Mao in China … but in a less fascist USA of the past, Williams was allowed to return to the USA eventually, without being hounded and imprisoned for life etc, as might have happened to him more recently

  • This is the same argument that George Lincoln Rockwell made over fifty years ago. He spoke to the Nation of Islam and gave them a $20 donation because he agreed with Elijah Muhammad that the races should be separated and have separate nations.

  • Excuse me, but X saw the light when he made his pilgrimage to Mecca. There, he lived and worshipped with ALL kinds of Islamists – Black, Brown, Yellow, and all shades of white. When X returned to the United States, he continued to profess tolerance for White Americans. And he did that *while* he worked to secure the Constitutional rights of African-Americans. Prior to X’s assassination, he had genuinely and effectively rejected his hate and bigotry. This “article” is an appalling spin-job on his political and moral transformation. You ought to be ashamed of yourself! If you really honored X, you would do what he did – connect with the people you want to exterminate. Maybe that life change would convince you to shred your atrocious race-based hit list.

      • Never said he was fully evolved, Johnny. But, as bad as this video gets, it *was* an improvement from his previous speeches. And, in the short time he had left, his pessimism and coldness grew less and less vitriolic. Had he lived, I believe he would have moderated entirely, just like some former White nationalists have.

        • Well I think he would have continued to fight for HIS people, and had GLR not been murdered under similar circumstances, so too would he.

    • Can you provide any evidence that malcolmX did not continue to want separation after his trip to Saudi Arabia?

      “Hate” and race realism are not one sided nor black and white.

  • Racism, as it is normally used these days, is the inevitable result of putting disparate groups into one area and having them shove each others differences down each others throats. Eventually both sides begin to resent it. Blacks and whites are fundamentally different peoples with different strengths and weaknessess, therefore it is absurd to assume they can both thrive under one political system. Black nationalists and white nationalists are fighting for the exact same thing, racial seperation and empowerment of our respective communities, and we both have a much better chance of achieiving our goals if we work together to dethrone our (((common enemy.)))

    BN’s and WN’s uniting is also the last thing that the (((elites))) want to see happen and the oy veying would be grand. Also, optics…

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