British Army Drops Historic Motto Over PC Concerns

Submitted by Reactionary Edward

The politically correct insanity of Britain reached a new level this week. It was revealed that British Army Chiefs had decided to drop the historic slogan ‘Be the Best.’ Apparently, the reason was that the slogan is not inclusive enough, and after a survey was conducted, the Ministry of Defence decided to drop the phrase.

They also decided to scrap the British Army’s symbolic crest (which features crossed swords behind a crown and a lion) because it was seen by some as elitist and aggressive.

It turns out these decisions were made because the Ministry of Defence did a survey of attitudes among the public. It is not clear though what types of people they asked, or indeed what questions those people had to answer.

This all comes just weeks after the announcement that the Government wanted to make the SAS, which is Britain’s elite special forces group, a woman-friendly organization. Women will be able to apply to join the SAS, and will also be allowed to carry lighter equipment than their male colleagues. Ministers have claimed that allowing women to carry lighter equipment is ‘not lowering standards’, when of course it absolutely is. To put this into perspective, some men have died trying to join the SAS because the entrance requirements are so tough.

Thankfully defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has put these insane measures on hold, and so the stupidity has at least been postponed for now. For context, Gavin Williamson is the Minister who recently called for British born Jihadists to be hunted down and killed. He is certainly a rare talent in a cesspool that is rapidly turning Britain into the next Sweden.

Many British Soldiers are currently sued by foreign families, and dragged through the courts for years on end, simply for engaging the enemy in combat. Firms of lawyers (yes, staffed by you know who) have been scouting abroad for ‘victims’, and then using the testimonies of those ‘victims’ to sue the Ministry of Defence. Thankfully most of these cases have collapsed, but there is a backlog of cases stretching back to the 1970s which are haunting ex-Personnel.

So if you’re White, male, talented, and strong, the future British Army might not be for you.

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  • This is going to be irrelevant to the topic, but it’s relevant to the U.K. well ladies and gentleman you all heard about the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and I am spreading word of a petition to prevent Miss Markle from obtaining a title/role within the British royal family. If interested please feel free to sign it and spread the word. Thank you so much.

  • Canada made a Sikh the head of the Ministry of Defense, and Trudeau appointed a Muslim African from Somalia as the Canadian Minister of Immigration. So a Sikh is in charge of the Canadian military and a Muslim from Somalia is in charge of the Canadian immigration system. It is incredible to believe, but it is happening in front of our eyes.

  • Am still wishfully thinking that the mudslimes and all other undesirables be gathered up into one huge amorphous stinky heap and the ones that refuse to go back where they belong be dumped into a big hold followed by a giant pouring of cement.

  • “They also decided to scrap the British Army’s symbolic crest (which features crossed swords behind a crown and a lion) because it was seen by some as elitist and aggressive.”

    An army’s logo is “aggressive”? Can’t have that!

    A proper logo would be a rifle with a flower stuck in the end of the barrel.

  • Not too long ago the British sold their last aircraft carrier in order to prop up their immigrant laden welfare state. I would say that absent an intervention from Trump, Argentina could retake the Falkland Island with so much as a Limey whimper in blowback.

    • Argentina is one of the whitest countries in the world now and the Falklands are better off in the hands of the Corn Beef tinners than in the hands of the third rate banana republic known as the UK.

    • Your comment could not have worse timing as five days ago Britain officially put its newly built aircraft carrier on active service, with a second due to be on active service in 2020. Not having an aircraft carrier on active service was always a temporary measure while these two were being built. As for the Falklands, the Argentinians have barely rebuilt their navy and air force since we destroyed it last time.

      • There are some very strange commentators on these boards.

        This one is well known as a cunt who talks big about Jews but is never found at street rally events.

  • Insane, yes, but see the bright side. This will make it more difficult for UK to take part in globo-imperialist ventures.
    An army of pansies, cucks, women, and color. Useless.

  • I propose we start an alt-right army. Not to take on the US – no chance there. But to take over Britain (or maybe Sweden). To save them from themselves.

    Now of course I’m not entirely serious, but maybe we should consider a print war against one particular country. Shame cucked Swedes and give aid and comfort to our Swedish Identitarian brothers.

    It seems that in addition to our limited resources as a movement, we compound our troubles through dilution of those resources. It takes a lot of power to make a laser work, but it’s the concentration of that energy that makes it an especially effective weapon.

    • Well, it’s not totally outrageous. Look at the IRA in Ireland. Also, maybe the UK will have some native British military officers finally take over the government just like the military does in Thailand. Maybe when the Muslims blow up 5,000 commuters at a train station in London, for example, we’ll see native, White British men come together and act to make our country safe.

  • I rarely pass unsolicited advice around. Nevertheless, I think an excellent piece of advice to both the author and some commenters would be to STOP RUNNING OTHER WHITE BROTHERS DOWN.

    Whether the wrongdoers in this respect understand it or not, it is the enemy’s work that they are doing for him. And not even for a penny’s recompense, much less the 30 pieces of silver that this would merit for a truly deliberate act of such a character. I like to take the hopeful outlook, so I presume that lack of understanding and insight is the cause.



    • I don’t consider Sweden a white country, politically, culturally, spiritually it is no longer white. The actual demographic non white Sweden is just a few decades away, so it is wrong to run this country down.

      • Well, like I wrote, not only do you work for the enemy, you ARE the enemy.

        It’s everyone’s part to see you through.

        • Cut it out. The guy´s attitude/response is perfectly natural and understandable. The grotesque behavior of white nations everywhere is beyond deplorable. And we shouldn´t notice and respond in what would be a natural way to anyone who is SANE? You´re virtual signalling like an SJW. Amiright?

      • I could, and do, say the same thing about the good ol U S of A, all the time. Swedens actually in much better shape than you are, so stop being a dick and worry about your own problems…

    • Quite right, Gellerman. A lot of dumb asses like to make themselves feel better about their country by putting down other white countries (most commonly Sweden, Britain, France) when the truth is that there are no problems in any of those country not shared by other Western countries. If you don’t support other White countries in their time of crisis then you are not pro-White.

  • Not surprising, considering how armies in most states are just big welfare projects. Can`t have tenants triggered, goy!

  • HA! Rejoice! For these are the persons, along with the mixed race mongrel horde American Army, that are supposed to stop the 1st Guards Tank Army at the Polish frontier.
    The End is Coming Sooner than You Realize, Inshallah.

  • Britain is perhaps in the saddest state of any European nation, I believe it’s farther gone than even Sweden.

    You can thank London and the presence of Jewish international finance for that.

  • We live in an era where biological realities are ignored in favor of an ideological agenda. Hard to process.

  • Hey, Alt-Right……..

    There are many things to Focus on…….

    But, Jews are one by one getting Our People kicked off of Twitter……….

    It’s Slow and Deliberate but it’s going to continue to happen………

    The #1 Focus of the Alt-Right should be to Awaken our White Brothers/Sisters to the Jewish Question………

    And ATTACK Back…………

    Treat the Jews as the Jews treat us………

    No Sympathy, Empathy, or Mercy…………….

    Crush these COCKROACHES…….

    • What they should do is protest Jewish organizations like the ADL and SPLC. Strategically, the whole twitter purge should be blamed on them and not twitter. The reason for this is that it will always be unclear what twitters motives are, if the censorship is a political decision or a business decision. ADL and SPLC are easier targets. They are small, and their agenda and motives are clear. They read everything you write online. Call their leaders and employees out by name. Demonstrate how vulnerable they are.

      • The ADL and SPLC study us like Scientists……….

        They see all our Disunity and Fractionalization………..

        And that’s how they are going about Purging us from Twitter……….

        They Purged…..Hunter…….TWP……..Vanguard……..Amren………

        They Purged……..@WifewithaPurpose………

        The only one the Alt-Right cared about was Jared Taylor……..

        And how much did the Alt-Right ever promote Jared Taylor??

        Not much…….since he never mentioned the JQ…….

        But, that’s the Point……..

        Our Weakness is our Disunity and Fragmentation……..

        And that is what @TwitterSupport, @Jack, and the ADL are taking Advantage of……..

        I sometimes disagree with Hunter and TWP…….but, nonetheless……..

        We’re a part of the Same Big Tent……..

        And James Allsup disagreed with both of them……..

        Same Big Tent……..

        And he’s gone…….

        And this same Pattern will continue into the Future……….

      • Chances are that the vast majority of the American public do not see SPLC and ADL as jewish organizations and do not have an opinion on them either way.

    • Amen to that. I think the Twitter purges and Youtube demonitization of even milquetoast, semi-philo-semitic race realists, all at the behest of the ADL and SPLC, should finally serve as a wake up call that pulling punches when it comes to Jews wins you no privileges and that we cannot coexist with them.

      • We have been utterly conditioned to see Jews only as Victims……..

        And even though we all know now that it’s a Myth……..

        Something inside of us Cautions us on Speaking the Real Truth……….

        Maybe some of that Conditioning is GOOD……..

        It’s definitely Working………

        I’ve never witnessed this many White People WOKE to the JQ…….

  • Fk PC…….

    Our Boy……..@RealJamesAllsup got Twitter deleted because he Offended a Jew……

    @Daily Wire…….Elliot Hamilton………Ben Shapiro’s Jewish Soy Boy Acolyte……

    This Jewish B*tch posted pictures of Slavic Gentiles mass murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks in response……….

    After the Jewish B*tch rattle-tattled to @TwitterSupport………

    Elliot Hamilton………

    Load the Gas Chambers………..

    Zyklon Time…….

      • If I agreed with you 100%……..

        You’d still probably attack me………

        I’m White…….

        My Genetics predispose me towards being an Individual……..

        Until, I clearly see my White Brothers and Sisters being attacked by a Foreign Enemy…….

        I clearly see it now……..

        And I clearly see now how the Romans brought Civilization to the Barbaric Northern Europa……..

        I thank your Ancestors…….


  • I agree. They should humiliate the military as much as possible, so that young White men refuse to humiliate themselves by enlisting and thus won’t end up fighting for you-know-who.

    The British military is no longer British.

  • The defence minister has stepped in and reversed the planned changes. Even so, the statement in a Ministry of Defence document that the slogan “be the best” “did not resonate with many of our key audiences” shows that they regard the ethnic minorities as their key audience!!!! Also worrying is that General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the General Staff, is the one who wanted to push the changes through — Britain’s top general is a cuck!

    • Also concerning is the bureaucratic tone of the language – the Ministry of Defence shouldn’t be commissioning documents from people who write about “key audiences”, as if the army exists for any other reasons than to defend the country.

        • Just the same will happen with the Army, the National Soccer team have suffered since. England won the world cup in 1966 with an all white players. The past Dinddus who were selected for the past 50 years for England and present, leave nothing to be desired! Good luck in Russia 2018 , Nig-nogs.

      • I think you got confused last time with Richard and Millenial……

        Homosexuals are banned from the Alt-Right…….

        Nothing personal…..

          • In a Healthy and Robust White Nation……..

            A Non-Celebrated, Humble, and Subdued Homosexual Minority would be Tolerated……..

            Our White History is full of contributions from Homosexuals…….

            From Michelangelo to Turing……..

            White America and White Europe are not Healthy and Robust…….

            The Alt-Right is the Spearhead trying to Fight this Decline…….

            We can not Tolerate Homosexuals in our Midst……..

            It’s Anathema…….

      • Nor should they be, at least not openly, because with homos, it all eventually boils down to their sexual orientation. In the end, as a group, they will choose their sex over what’s right any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

        So you’ll have homos gaining some foothold in the alt-right as a respected portion, and then they’ll use that status to push for homo issues within the alt-right agenda, and many will agree because, hey, they’re “our” homos, right? And the end result will be the same disgusting perversion of society that we have now.

        Homos can support the alt-right all they want, and, in fact, they should because it is the best thing for them. It would benefit them IN THE LONG RUN as much as anyone. But it has to be like the old US military – you can be gay, but you have to be quiet about it or you’re out. Otherwise, the same anti-male, anti-rationality leftist BS will end up winning.

  • Have been saying this for some time now.

    There is nothing honourable left for men to do which will remind them they are men.

    Honour is what’s missing from our society. Women decided back in the 60’s they would no longer be honourable, and it quickly spread into every sector of our lives.

    • You’ve got it backwards. Even Devlin admits it was men who embraced the Sexual Revolution first, then it spread to women.

      If you want someone to blame, look at your Dad.

      • I’ve come to realize that pampered homemakers are the most rabid feminists around. You are the perfect example. It seems contradictory, but such is life.

        The reason the women actually living the ‘trad’ life are so fanatical is that they believe themselves to be making a sacrifice. They are heavily infected with ‘equality’ regret, believing themselves to be sacrificing a fount of unrealized potential, capable of being as great as any man, but instead they ‘chose’ motherhood. It’s sad.

        You are a prime reason why feminism has been purged from the Alt-Right during THOT-gate. Gynocentrism is next. No more of this Jew egalitarian bullshit is gonna fly.

        You are using the same angry minority inverted screed of interchanging every bad character in history with ‘man’ instead of Jew, in the exact same manner nigger use ‘white.’

        Women like you would absolutely choose diversity and Zionism if it meant feminism would be preserved over white patriarchy. The problem is that feminism and white nationalism are incompatible.

        Thermodynamics betrays the ‘magic’ of chivalry you female supremacists take for granted. You literally, not even ironically, believe that women are G.O.D.S. and that men are the literal inversion: D.O.G.S.

        Women can do no wrong in your eyes. If you murdered your husband and kids, well, they were asking for it. He was unappreciative of you. He deserved it. Those bullets were softened because a woman fired them. That is what you actually believe.

        You will be called on your bullshit every time.

      • Lexi, ive been with you all the way in your defence against the attacks on our women youtubers. But shaming women for being of lose sexuality is the only way forward? thefinn12345 expresses himself very clumsily but we cant all be wordsmiths?

  • I think they should appoint radical Muslims to be all of the queen’s guards, household, and staff, up to the very highest levels, just to show how much they honor diversity.

  • All armies are not the place for strong and capable white men. Especially alt-right men. Until we get an ethno-state joining any army is becoming a pawn in the hands of the corrupt faglords who run our societies.

    • Its still a very good idea to do a few years in the army for a young man. Dont get gaslit! Most officers will be men and will not be on board with the hbtq train.

    • I have to agree with Martin, I think alt right men should look at the current military as a chance to be a Varangian Guard style mercenary. Go in for four years to get the GI Bill, training and prestige, so long as they start planning their exit strategy the moment they leave boot camp. This means saving up money, avoiding entanglements, and absolutely avoiding mil to mil relationships since women can allege whatever they feel like to the chain of command and be believed even more than on the outside.

  • People love to point out Sweden as the biggest fail of western culture, but I have to say, the UK is even worse. Sweden has at least SOME resistance. The UK has nothing. In Sweden it seems you can speak your mind and not immediately get imprisoned. The UK will imprison you for disagreeing with them at all. I can see Sweden being saved, because some of its citizens give a fuck about their country. But the Brits do fucking nothing, just expose their belly to the enemy. Britain is truly unsaveable.

      • Even in a cesspit like the United States they like to pretend diversity makes us stronger, therefore they would readily be willing to say, be army be the best American bear. The UK has become so weird though and so insistent to kill not only it’s own genetic identity, but indeed even the idea that they even as a worthy place, that they go to strange lengths like this. Of course it is due to wanting to merge it into the meaningless EU superstate. It is like they want to say, we are nothing, we are sh*t without mother EU. This is a psychological warfare experiment…and there is nothing in response at large. The UK is like an experiment on dead rats.

        There will never even be a UK Trump, let a lone a real nationalist movement.

    • Britain is just a territory, its the english that are important. Us europeans must stop identifying with institutions and start identifying with our peoples.

    • The UK is fucked due to London being a center of finance and thus home to many rich and powerful Jews.

      Since Sweden is a small country with no finance center, it stands a much better chance of nationalism taking root.

    • The only guy in England that seems to get it is Mark Collett.

      Even Charles Murray and Nigel Farage still pretend this is about competing ideologies, when it’s clearly about competing ethnic groups. I think Peter Hitchens understands what is going on, but is afraid to speak out fully.

      The British could have chosen Oswald Mosley, but in the end they sided with international finance. God save the remaining few true Englishmen living through this horror.

    • Also, whenever I go to London the multiethnic situation seems so much more relaxed than in sweden. Here the hatered is always crawling under the surface. In London there are many racial strangers that just seem to get along.

    • I agree, and I’m so sick of hearing about the awakened Saxon in pro White circles. It makes me want to puke. The Saxon has been a conquered and assimilated people for so long (almost 1000 years) that literally nothing exists of their old spirit. It is like saying an Angle. A what? A who? What spirit left that did exist was forced out of England long ago and sailed across the sea’s to the US and to a lesser extent Australia. England is a dead country. You can hardly even say England anymore without it being considered a thought crime. The dumb Swedes haven’t even gone that far yet. The kooks there just want to pretend that everyone can be a Swede. In the UK, the kooks know exactly who the English are and have determined it to be a crime. England will never rise. They’ve been good serfs for longer than most modern countries in the world have even existed.

  • I welcome anything that decreases the fighting capacity of the western powers. A young man that want to get the skills will just have to hold his nose and suffer through it and then get out after he got what he came from.

  • Here are some modest proposals for a new British army slogan.

    “Be Just the Way You Are — Because We Love You that Way — And So Will the Enemy”.

    Or, howzabout…

    “War Can Be Beautiful”.

    One more.

    “Peace Through Diversity”.

    • “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

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