Paul Nehlen Is The Alt-Right Politician That Was Promised

I’ve finally found a candidate that speaks my language, which is why I officially endorse him for President in 2024.

I’m talking about Paul Nehlen. And I know, I know, he has to run for Congress first. But I’ve got my eyes on the big prize, and I’m sure that he does too.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that the man has some sick bantz.

A man who shares my love for Vaporwave/Fashwave.

Who enjoys using Wojack to taunt his enemies.

Who is comfortable with his likeness being immortalized for all eternity as a smug toad.

Helicopter memes are a hit and miss with me, to be quite honest.

Counter-Semitism always gets me to perk up and listen though.

This one gets a standing ovation.

If you haven’t heard yet, take it from me that Paul Nehlen is absolutely based and my favorite soon-to-be congressman of all time.

If his Tweets weren’t enough to convince you that he’s /ourguy/ then his retweets surely will.

Now, are we giving this guy the kiss of death by endorsing him?

Not sure, maybe we are. This could be like a Papa Johns scenario all over again.

That being said, it’s not on us. He already put himself out there by going on Fash the Nation and posting those edgy memes. So, we can’t really put the cat back in the bag on this one. And now at least we get to see if our theory regarding the political climate is correct or not.

You know what I’m talking about because everyone talks about this turning point, when the accusation of being a racist finally loses its edge in the public’s guilt-ridden consciousness.

In other words, have we hit the point where people are finally sick of that accusation being lobbed at any and all opponents of the left? Did the Dems really overuse it with Trump? Will this smear register in voter’s minds and affect their votes? OR. Will the media’s hit job on Paul backfire by getting the #deplorables riled up and supporting him just because they are anti-#fakenews?

All questions that we should put to the test out in the field.

My personal feeling is that the overuse of the term “racist” and the loss of trust in the media mean that the timing is just perfect for Paul’s run. See, with Roy Moore in Alabama, the media had to switch it up. They had to play on the #metoo sexual harassment/pedo angle. The racist stuff was there, but the libs clearly felt that it was not enough this time. They needed to go for the soft underbelly of Moore’s campaign- the woman electorate.

In other words, I think this will be an excellent field run for a great Alt-Right candidate.

In fact, if you just told me about the candidate and left out the politics, I’d immediately tell you that he has a shot. Self-made wealthy man. Check. Hip Gen X tattoos that point to a Libertine past enjoying punk rock that’ll make him appeal to the rest of Gen X. Check. Photogenic? Check, check, check.

I also honestly believe that the memes will go over most people’s heads anyway. It’s /pol/ humor, which is pretty out there and completely alien to the minds of anybody 40 and up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the older voters just not understand what “goyim” and “groypers” and helicopter memes are all about.

Which is good.

Furthermore, I’m an informed voter. I listen to NPR. I study the issues.

Check out this policy proposal he put out there.

I never thought I’d live to see the day. The right officially championing free speech, non-censorship, and freedom on the web instead of Patriot Act-inspired bullshit. Feels good man. Actually, if anything, Paul’s proposal does not go far enough. The concept of “intellectual property” or whatever legal thingy Hollywood uses to ban pirating of movies needs to be done away with.

With KAT and Piratebay down, I can’t even find a decent site to download season 5 of Vikings in 720p.

Yes, that’s right, we as right-wingers should champion the pro-pirate cause. Anything that starves Hollywood and Netflix is officially part of the Alt-Right platform as of now. Based Paul will lead the charge when the time is right, I’m sure.

But wait, wait. One more.

That one puts me into stitches. Amazing.

He even has Trump’s endorsement.

That means that when its time for Trump to endorse a candidate, we just remind him who his real grassroots friends are. And point out who his real enemies in the swamp establishment are.

People may not know it, but Wisconsin has some of the most hardcore conservatives in the US. How do I know this? It’s only logical. See, they have to be seeing their Swedish neighbors in Minnesota self-destruct with their mass importation of Somali campaign. And Wisconsin is just like Norway. Warily keeping an eye on their insane neighbor and ready to learn from their mistakes. Logical right?

The voters will welcome Paul with open arms, just you wait.

Paul is literally the long-awaited Alt-Right political project physically manifested in a good-looking, shit-posting, high-T Amerikaner. Give him your energy.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Nehlen blew it on twitter. Since announcing for 2018, he should’ve tweeted only one time for each talking point at, one or two times for his #ShallNotCensor, with remaining tweets for his campaign stop schedule, endorsements and beat downs of GOP cuckness. @Nehlen has no regular detailed, point-by-point challenges to Ryan. There are beat downs of meaningless jews like Podhoretz and Shapiro however. That keeps the influential #fakenews jewers like Tapper away. Nehlen could’ve scored a CNN appearance if he stuck to his talking points – of course he’d get jewed by the likes of Don Lemon, but the exposure would’ve been worth it. All the shlomo-shekelstein level cartoons and the like did was to get his campaign shoahed by Breitbart and Bannon. For shame.

  • Paul Nehlen is running for U.S. Rep (R-Wis.)…

    Paul Nehlen is running against a weak opponent Current U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

    Paul Nehlen strength: he is a successful businessman who puts America first.

    Paul Nehlen seeks to close the door to the flood of invaders entering our Nation.

    Paul Nehlen recognizes the threat that mass immigration brings to our economy, culture and stability of our Nation.

    Paul Nehlen understands that the last of Boomers will be retiring in 4 short years, and many immigrants are placed on Social Security upon entry.

    A Nation can have safety nets or multiculturalism – but we can’t have both.

    Paul Nehlen is running against a weak opponent…

    Current U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) bad policies include but are NOT limited to those listed below…

    1. Ryan is bad on Gun-Rights earning a B rating by the Gun Owners of America

    2. Ryan is bad on immigration earning a D+ rating by Numbers USA.

    2017: Ryan voted in favor of increasing foreign worker visas

    Rep.Ryan voted in favor of H.R. 244, the 2017 omnibus spending bill. A provision of the bill
    allows DHS to raise the H-2B cap by 70,000 in 2017 by excluding returning H-2B workers. The spending bill, and the H-2B provision, covers half of 2017.

    2015:Ryan voted for the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase refugee resettlement

    Rep. Ryan voted in favor of H.R. 2029, the Omnibus Spending bill for 2016. This legislation would fully fund the refugee resettlement program and include increases in funding to accommodate Pres. Obama’s proposal to resettle an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States in 2016.

    Paul Nehlen understands a Nation can have safety nets or multiculturalism – but we can’t have both.

    The vicissitudes of human events must be altered from time to time to preserve the blessings bestowed upon us by our forefathers.

    The preamble of our US Constitution, states; ‘to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and your posterity.’

    WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY OF 1828 defines Posterity as:

    POSTERITY. 1. Descendants; children, children’s children, etc. indefinitely; the race that proceeds from a progenitor. 2. In a general sense, succeeding generations; opposed to ancestors.

    Nobody wants to live in a third world Nation.

  • eh, I have been following nehlen for a while…and although he would be an improvement over just about any GOP congressman, he is basically a conservative…meaning not alt-right…he never says anything about decreasing immigration in general….he wants to cut entitlements …

    he never talks about lots of issues that come up here on this website…
    …so, don’t get too excited about him…the media is freaking out about him now, but once they learn more about him, they will like him…

  • Let’s get him elected Congressman to replace Paul Ryan or else something small like a WI State representative like David Duke was elected Louisiana State representative.

    It’s a huge mistake to put all of our time and efforts, our hopes and dreams that some White savior will somehow be elected President of the United States and magically restore the idealized world of Ike’s 1950s America.

    It doesn’t work that way and beside the system, the deep state swamp can pretty much resist any positive changes our way from a populist, White President.

  • Battle Plan – How to Defeat the Jews

    I have a battle plan how to defeat the Jews. Right now the Jews are trying to shut us down, they ban people on twitter, only a matter of time before they control the internet like in China.

    We need to work together, like an army. Get organized.

    In the movie 300, when the Spartans work together, in a Phalanx formation, they become undefeatable.

    The war is for now online.
    Our job is to wake as many people up to the Jew.

    Like John Nada in “They Live”, we need to simply destroy the antenna that is constantly brainwashing people.

    There are many jwoke posters online, but they are disorganized, and waste a lot of energy on talking.

    Here is the plan:

    An army of posters who can storm the comment sections of Infowars, Breitbart and other conservative websites. The comment sections are uncensored. Also on youtube and other comment sections.

    The liberals are too brainwashed, but the conservatives just need a little push, to become jwoke.
    It is a game of numbers, the more people we awake, the more powerful the movement becomes.

    People are persuaded by a majority opinion. If, in a comment section, only 3 or 5 comments mention the Jews, they will be considered “crazy”.

    If you have an army of posters, you could have 200 comments, and 100 of them talk about the Jews. When the majority of people talk about something, then an ordinary reader will think “maybe I should look into it”, “it is impossible that all these people are crazy”.
    Those 100 people can also upvote each other’s comments.

    It can be like an army, with lieutenants who coordinate a single attack, and a general who coordinates all the attacks on the comment sections.

    This is war, and this is serious. The Jews will start to assassinate the key leaders, just like they did with Lincoln Rockwell.
    We need to be organized like an army.

    We also need to give our soldiers ammo. Soldiers need bullets to win the war.

    We now have people who post cryptic stuff like “1488” or “the goyim know” or “oy vey, shut it down”.
    This will not persuade any conservatives, and it will just look weird. They will not understand this kind of language.

    We need to post cold hard facts, in a language that a normal person can understand, and that doesn’t look weird. This will prompt people to do their own research.

    No cryptic speak – just facts and data about the Jewish control – as detailed as possible.

    I understand that not everyone has a way with words.

    For this, we can have a website…. with texts one can post. You have the knowledge and the sources and the eloquence to write this.

    Just a database with short texts, filled with facts about the Jewish control – that people can copy paste onto comment sections. They can be creative about it, but they have something to work with.

    This can open people’s eyes. It will be the ammo that our soldiers use. It is better than posting “1488” or “Hitler was right”. Most people don’t have a way with words.

    There needs to be a website with quotes and information people can copy and paste.
    Then, we need to spread the word, and all the alt-right people who post shit on the internet…. can join this army.

    Another website can post links to specific comment sections; an army of posters can then descend like a swarm of bees and redpill people.

    This is like WW2. We are fighting for our own survival. For now the war is online, and we need to work together like an army.

    There needs to be some kind of organization for this to work, a general who can look at the big picture, and a few lieutenants who can coordinate single attacks. The rest will be anonymous soldiers.

    I have also seen a few people who make twitter threads with history lessons about the Jews. Some of them have already been deleted.
    Even if they are not deleted, few people read their posts, and it becomes an echo chamber.

    All their knowledge can be put to good use. They should make a website with all the history info (that they now post on twitter and it gets deleted) — and an army of posters can post the link to that website on the comment sections.

    You have the contacts and the knowledge to make this plan work. This is war. We need to work together, and become organized.
    The work is to redpill new people.
    Then, as the movement grows, the political leaders will also appear. Paul Nehlen is a new dawn, there will be more like him.

    We need to be smart, use the right ammo, work together like an army. The Jews have incredible power and money, they can literally hire 30 thousand people to delete all our twitter accounts and youtube channels. They have a lot of money and power. Only if we work together and get organized as an army, will we make the transition from fringe movement to mainstream consciousness.

    We need to reach critical mass, and for this, the priority is to redpill new people.

    If enough people are jwoke, the war is already won.

  • I gotta say, the smugness of Vincent brushing off people he believes are “too old” is almost as big of a turn-off as the stupidity of trying to sell readers on the coolness of Paul Nehlens tattoos. If it truly is elections that you believe will turn the tide, you are foolish. But assuming you are right, why not go after Americans that actually vote? Have you spent any time checking voting demographics for age? If your ideas are brilliant and factual, why put off the group of brothers that are the most capable of seeing things your way and a huge potential voting bloc? Why the insistence on pursuing young, emotional people who lack experience and knowledge and don’t vote? Your article here seems almost intentionally incorrect. It’s an example of short-sightedness coupled with irony and reads like an immature, impetuous dumbass wrote it. I can use to teach lessons to my kids when they get older.

    • Older Americans are, for the most part, entirely too brainwashed. In order to get a large enough proportion of them on our side, we would need to water down our message and pander towards their conditioning. Whether we do that or simply wait a few more decades for them to meet their inevitable fate is still, I believe, up for debate.

      • You think you need to “water down” a message to older Whites? What is your stance on hipster tattoos and Twitter? Do those more reflect your idea of values? Lol.

        • I have no tattoos and maintain a country western style of dress. As far as others’ clothing habits, I couldn’t care less. Nice straw man, though.

          Of course we would need to water down our message if we wanted to appeal to older whites. Do you believe they would be receptive if we tell them that Adolf Hitler was perhaps the greatest European in history, and that National Socialism is the best form of government? The indoctrination is too deep.

  • Yeah. Now imagine how much more he would get if not for the Charlottesville fiasco.

    He does genuinely look like a good guy, though the WND and the University of Phoenix look a little kooky.

    But yes, altright needs to focus on electoral politics, not these demonstrations or marches. And really, Daily Stormer is poison to the altright itself. Desensitizing the bubble to Nazism is what led to Nazi flags flown at Charlottesville.

  • This guy is going to loose. The best we can hope for is that his campaign can reach more normies. If Alabama can turn blue someone tweeting “the goyim know” will go down in a lite blue state

  • I live in Wisconsin…Don’t give voters here too much credit. In our First District they return Ryan to office regularly. Oh, and I’m well past 40 and my synapses are firing just fine on all the memes. Little Mogadishu across our state line is well worth watching.

    • Law writes articles that often insult or off-put people for their older age. And then he follows it with articles like this where he tells us how being “hipster” means Paul Nehlen is palatable. He doesn’t see the irony of the hipster Alt-Right.

        • If you cannot fathom why we have an issue with the majority of boomers, please, by all means, retire from politics. Let us young bucks fix your mess.

          • You young bucks are going to fix “our” mess. Yes, you’re just a few snarky comments short of total victory, I can sense it.

          • Typical boomer, arrogant and completely un aware of his complacency and ignorance. Conflates realism with living on his knees.

          • Only an absolutely emotional idiot brushes away his advocate and comrade. Do you suppose you can wait out the likes of Jared Taylor? He’s a “Boomer”, you dipshit. Why would you need to wait for anything at all? The truth compelled every age and genre.

          • If boomers won’t wake up to reality and begin to see life through a pro white lense, than they are no comrade to me. Now, there children and granchildren are an entirely different story, I welcome them with love and open arms.

  • Nehlen is an American politician we’ve been waiting for: one who doesn’t just hint at the existential issue, but states it plainly and makes it his platform.

  • Its the Trump strategy, just kicked up a few gazillion notches. We need to meme this guy to victory. Press and a meme-war (even if that seems omg so last year) are going to give him some of the advantages of incumbency. Support this man!

  • Great article Vincent! I just started following this awesome goy so I missed a lot these amazing tweets. This blows my mind and I am so happy and excited about this guy being a real homie. Almost brings a tear to me eye. /Our Guy/ AF

  • This site is such a disappointment. It should not have the name of our movement.

    Wisconsin is Norway so Nehlen will win.


    • Amen. This article is brimming with stupidity. I’m ok with the name of the site and I’m ok with half of the content. But emotional led thought written like this has got to go. Who is editing here?

  • Accusations of racism are “lobbed at any and all opponents of the left”? Bullshit! There are a few politicians on the right and MANY ordinary people on the right who *aren’t* racist. And even other Republicans admitted that Moore was a pedo and that Nazis and Klansmen are racist. By supporting those #deplorables, your “movement” CHOOSES not to support the non-racist majority. Own it!

    • Actually, I’ve noticed that anyone who supports [actually] enforcing U.S. immigration law is referred to as “far right” by the libtards in the MSM and Democrat Party. And of course the Republicans who attacked Roy Moore are RINOs. “Nazis and Klansman”?! Nigga please, that’s gradeschool-level stuff.

    • The trouble is that Whites are called “racist” anytime we advocate for our own interests, while other groups are not. There is only one possible result of this double standard: total dispossession of Whites. I’m sure you understand this, so my question to you is this. Why do you want Whites to be a dispossessed minority, and eventually assimilated out of existence?

      Seriously, why?

  • What a rambling mess.

    Paul Nehlen is a very interesting individual and even though I personally don’t care and would vote for him, some of his language and going on Fash the Nation are mistakes in the public’s eye. It’s a bit cringey. There’s edgy and then there’s reckless. He’s a bit more of the latter. I hope he wins but I have my doubts.

    • He’s pushing the Overton Window.
      Even if he fails, he is accomplishing more than milquetoast conservatives who beat around the bush for a living.

    • Nehlen doesn’t bother me, but will he bother other people so they won’t vote for him? He might be Trump all over again in that regard.

    • I share many of your concerns. OTOH, I remember hearing that Trump was unelectable because he mocked a disabled reporter; because he made a comment about Megan Kelly “bleeding from her whatever;” because “grab her by the pussy;” etc. So I am not yet ready to count Paul Nehlen out. He may be going too far — or he may be going just far enough.

    • unfortunatly, legions of “muh conservatism”, aka american good old john deere, would massively vote for conservative Ryan, because, you know, tax cut and israaaaaeeeell my love.

      • In what way is “muh tax cuts” any different than “muh tweets” and “muh tattoos”? That’s exactly what is written in this article.

  • It’s gonna be a tough battle for him to actually win that district, which falls within Chicagoland. I know he really has his sights on it, but perhaps he could find a consolation endeavor to pursue in the likelihood that he does not win because he is far more valuable than somebody like Roy Moore.

    They already shuttled in a carpetbagger cuck just in case Paul Ryan steps down, which would be the only way Ryan leaves. He is not going to be defeated in an election. That’s not how it works.

    No sitting Speaker of the House has ever been unseated, besides segregationist Strom Thurmond.

    The Speakership, along with all these bureaucratic positions, are the only form of ‘Cincinnatus’ America practices, where it represents this ceremonial resignation in the middle of a term rather than ‘disgrace’ the office from overstaying, even after only holding it for a few months despite decades-worth of career-building. Jeff Sessions will probably retire soon in this strange manner.

    Great Britain does it a little differently with ministers and party leaders promptly resigning after electoral defeats, victories and hung-parliaments and all other weird shit. It’s like a form of collective autism that is inherently white because no other race does this. They hang onto to power as long as they can breath.

    I think he knows this and that he represents the small gangway that technically separates the Alt-Right from Breitbart/Trump, who will never distance themselves from Nehlen no matter what. So if anything this is a positive development because the rabid Trump posters will be given higher doses of Red Pills.

    I just worry about his trajectory. Multiple electoral losses are not sexy. See Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

    • “It’s gonna be a tough battle for him to actually win that district, which falls within Chicagoland.”

      I respond:

      Ahhhhhhh – he’s running in a Southern Wisconsin Congressional district – that’s not Chicagoland. The locals hate and detest most everything about Chicago – Chicago racial anarchy, Chicago sanctuary city, Chicago Lib Left, BlackLiesMatter politics etc.

      You’re not very good at geography are you mate?

  • Thanks for the advertisement! I will vote for Paul Nehlen and I will vote AGAINST Ryan.
    Drain the swamp.

    Trump 2020 vision for the future. Unite the Right. Make America Great Again, Safe Again, Wholesome Again.

    • That’s what Trump wants you to think. Haley took down the Confederate flag. I will go to my death before I vote for her for president and I think he is grooming her for that position.

  • Oi Vey! This goy named Nehlen is totally off the reservation. His presence in Congress would cause many Jews myocardical infarction.

    But before we get too excited just remember the district he’s running in is full of cucked cheese heads who voted for Paul Ryan 82% to Nehlen’s 18% in the 2016 primary.

    • Even though that’s viewed as a big loss, considering his extreme rhetoric 18% is an accomplishment. Someone similar in Canada or Britain would get 1-2% if not arrested outright. They’re far more cucked than America.

  • A lot of people might whine, “oh, but he’s probably not going to win”… that’s not the point. EVERY SINGLE VOTE PAUL NEHLEN GETS IS A WIN FOR US. This is totally a zero-sum game. Nehlen got one more single person to vote for him? Another MASSIVE victory for our side. Another huge defeat for the establishment cucks and the system! As we grow stronger, they grow WEAKER. Pat Buchanan didn’t even crack 0.5% of the vote in year 2000. If this guy even cracks 5-10% with his bold experimental candidacy, that would be a monumental accomplishment for the Alt Right. This is not about elections, but about increasing our strength and weakening our enemies, inch by inch. Nehlen is a trailblazer who is fearlessly and heroically going where even Trump trembles with hesitation. We must ALL get behind this guy 100%, NO EXCUSES!

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