Coulter Mocks Haley’s Israel Cheerleading

Coulter has more awareness than most conservative commentators.

It’s always embarrassing when you have to explain that you’re being ironic.  Irony springs from a kind of disconnect between reality and expectation.  Stupid people are very busy trying to understand things on a literal level, so they are not entirely comfortable with these rhetorical devices.

Most mainstream conservatives/Republicans believe that Israel is a kind of underdog that needs our help.  The reality is that Israel is the number one player in lobbying and controlling US politicians.

Mainstream conservatives don’t know this because they’re not avid readers.  So when Ann Coulter pointed out the absurdity of Niki Haley’s temper tantrum vis-à-vis the UN’s justifiable vote condemning the US recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, her Republican cheerleaders mistook her irony as sincere cheerleading:


The responses are just cringeworthy:

It is a kind of alt-right trope that conservatives live vicariously through Israeli nationalism.  This gives them “credibility” as they can claim that “the Dem’s are the real anti-Semites.”  And it lets them rail against Muslim Palestinians who are supposedly persecuting Jews.

When UN Ambassador Haley warned the United Nations, “The United States will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in this assembly,” in reaction to the resolution on Israel, conservatives said “Amen.”

What they fail to realize is that the people they think they’re protecting and advocating for are the force behind so much of what they purport to loathe, such as feminism, third-world immigration, etc.

So if you thought liberals were dumb, what then can we say about mainstream conservatives, who don’t even know who is screwing them?


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  • “And it lets them rail against Muslim Palestinians…”

    Regarding this quip, what virtually everybody ignores, or more likely is unaware of since the Zio media would never admit as much due to it F’ing up the narrative, is Palestinians are not only Muslim. There are a good amount of Christian Palestinians as well, so basically in the whole engineered Islamophobic frenzy that most so-called Christians are in, causes them to ignore and cheer on the oppression and slaughter of other Christians. But they are brown so who cares, right?

  • The Vikings Yule/Christmas special starring: ~ The Trumps ~

    Trump – Ragnar
    Barron – Ivar The Boneless
    Trump Jr. – Bjorn
    Eric – Ubba/Sigurd
    Melania – Aslaug
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    Marla – English whore pretending to have his child
    Tiffany – Stillborn
    Alex Jones – Floki
    James O’Keefe – Athelstan
    Steve Bannon – Rollo
    Pat Buchanan – The Seer
    Tucker Carlson – Halfdan
    Sean Hannity – Harald Finehair
    Ted Cruz – Aethelwulf
    Megyn Kelly – Princess Judith
    Paul Ryan – King Ecbert
    Paul Nehlen – Torstein
    Jared Kushner – Jarl Borg

  • Can someone explain how the alt-right has ended up siding with the “cultured” Palestinians of the “Religion of Peace”, against… the only democracy in the Middle East?! Anyone with half a brain can’t stop for even a second to decide between the two…

    • No true Western nationalist will shill for EITHER SIDE of the Palestine question. It’s an absurd distraction from our own serious problems. The alt-right should be mocking people who shill for either side.

      • I do t think that’s correct.

        The Germans became Palestinians overnight. Then the Palestinians became the Palestine.

    • Taking sides isn’t what it is about. It is about looking after our own interests, and not for theirs.

      The USA gifts Israel $5 billion a year. Gifts. No other country gets such a sweetheart deal.

      • The jew either extorts or bribes every pol in this golem gov. The jew opens the floodgates and turns all of those people against us. The jew comes with lies and betrayal. The most evil and dirty creature on earth.

    • Tired of fighting endless wars in the Middle East for Israel. It is not just the billions in military aid, but the trillions that we’ve spent to remake the Middle East to the Zionist taste. And thanks to said wars for Israel Europe is now a cesspool of disgruntled and dangerous Muslims. Thanks, jews.

  • I love it that she now attacks the GOP/Trump on taxes, Israel & obviously Immigration. Speaking up for Based Whites on free speech. Its more important to attack the ‘Cucks’ then the Dems. Ann has really impressed me lately.

  • This happens because of Protestantism, particularly the ahistorical American wilderness version of it where individualist settlers conquered land and with them carried a bible from the old world.

    This Protestantism is laudatory in many ways. Like, we probably would not have transistors or computers if Protestant Christianity did not exist. But blind stupid support for Israel is one of its downsides.

    • Christian ¨Zionism¨ is approx. 50 years old, give-or-take. It was first merely introduced to the US about 100years ago funded by Zionists out of Oxford. It didn´t begin ¨to take¨ until the 60´s when the horrifiying Scofield Bible (out of Oxford) had circulated phenomenally among Evangelicals by that time. IOW, it is A RECENT Protestant/Evangelical trend. Very sad, very destructive of the Christian/Traditional Evangelical Faith. Very destructive of the West and European/White interests. Which is pretty obvious.

      • No, I think it is genuine. I grew up in one of those churches, and if you read the New Testament again, you get that it is a legitimate interpretation.

    • May are ignorant fools who think that their brand of Christianity demands that they back Israel unconditionally.

      Also, the idea that Israel is a part of Western Civilization and that we have a common enemy in Islam.

  • The Jew ve invented your new dogs name and you are happy for the short time to use this one while pouring your primitive envious hatred. Go on with the Jewish dog-name!

  • OMG! I know so many of these types. They literally think I am a kooky conspiracy theorist for knowing more than they do about Israel’s real nature. So frustrating.

  • Evangelicals blind support for the State of Israel is the remnant from the past and the degeneracy in itself. More so when an army of liberal Jews destroying Evangelical values in their backyard.

    Haley’s “name taking” tweet was beyond my comprehension and below any diplomatic standards. At least, Trump is doing this Jerusalem non-sense for his grandchildren, but Haley and Evangelucals are a laughing stock in this issue.

  • The Jerusalem thing, for the USA, is not just about the state of Israel, itself, but also about the prestige of the USA in the world. The commie and muzzie nutbags in the UN decided to spit in the eye of the USA, and the USA decided to tell them to go f*** themselves. The fact that this involves Israel is not really the main point. At least, not anymore. In fact, it was US policy for decades that our official embassy should be in Jerusalem. Trump is simply the first president to have the balls to try to implement it in the face of this type of backlash. That’s a good thing for Americans, because it shows leadership and not-giving-a-damn regardless of whether you like Israel or not.

  • At least in the northeast the republicans still have in their ranks a sizeable amount of Archie Bunker types. They say they hate mass immigration but when there’s a new war pin a yellow ribbon to their ass and head to the rally. They are too dumb to connect war with refugee hordes. These people are found in the professional ranks: schoolteachers etc.

  • ‘Israel’ is not just some inhospitable bandit state in the Holy Land. ‘Israel’ is also Hollywood, Wall Street, K-Street, every branch of ‘education,’ corporate media, Cultural Marxism etc. equipped with its own phalanx of Shabbos Goys defending it with just as much fervor as Christian Zionists defending Israeli geopolitics.

    Every spire on the Star of David/menorah is a different ‘Israel’ dagger trained on Judaism’s greatest enemy: Europeans/Christians (excluding nonwhite Christians). Their Samson Option nukes are not pinpointed on Iran or Gaza. They were not even built for Arabs/Muslims.

    Hayseed dispensationalists, evangelicals and eschatologists are not the only stalwart defenders of ‘Israel.’ They were merely the corn-fed cannon fodder for its Mideast outpost. That is why ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Services’ and Al CIA-da have never attacked Israel, as they have replaced white Christians as the beasts of burden for International Jewry, clearing the field for Eretz Israel and slinging the refuse into Europe and white colonial settlements.

    The rest of the Shabbos Goyim are dispersed throughout every industry, nonetheless cucking for ‘Israel’ with just as much zeal, not out of cuckvangelical piety, but as barriers-to-entry cutthroats protecting their monopolies. Think Michael Moore, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Eminem, Glenn Beck, Roger Goodell, Jack Dorsey, George Lucas etc. openly siding with anti-white diversity against their own white consumers in exchange for protection, tax breaks, sponsorships, deregulation, publicity etc. Basically being bought out despite their principles because everybody has a price.

    There was a brief anti-Zionist leftism in Germany that trolled Jews about the Holocaust tongue-in-cheek in siding with the PLO hijackers in the 1960s/70s. But virtue-signaling Palestinian nationalism has since been sanctioned as benign since Palestinian extremism has become impotent…Thus another obfuscation tactic disarmed and appropriated by Jewry.

    There is no such thing as a ‘self-loathing’ Jew or an anti-Zionist Jew – excluding Weev, Bobby Fischer, Brother Nathanael and Ernst Zündel because even a broken Dreidel works twice.

    George Soros secretly subsidizes Israel just like they all do as some ethnic tithe, no matter the fables about ‘Nazi collaboration’ or ‘Open Society.’ Same deal with Chomsky and Bernie Sanders.

    It is simply a variety of affectations Jews use to obfuscate any snooping Goyim connecting the dots. That is why they annually sacrifice one of their own to Gentile sensibilities, no differently than the Aztecs/Mayans beheading their children for their Sun god: Anthony Weiner (2011-2016), Donald Sterling (2014), Jared Fogle (2015) etc.

    They used to actually execute them during the height/afterglow of woke white nationalism (The Rosenbergs, Bugsy Siegel) when Semitic skepticism was thoroughly ingrained in white society prior to the postwar false compound creation of ‘Judeo-Christianity.’ Now they simply exile them to retirement resorts.

    That is why these screechy ‘apostate’ Jews do not even contest their own ‘excommunication.’ They silently lean into their friendly-fire ‘demise’ like a hunted game animal does with tonic immobility to its hunter because they know the ethnocentric drill they trained for, which they have been unfortunately summoned to like duck-duck-goose or drawing straws. This is their expression of Jewish patriotism and martyrdom, which also includes contesting military conscription into their host country’s army.

    But we are entering new territory with #MeToo, as Shiksa feminism decouples itself from Zionism. Too many Jews are falling, too many Goyim are woke and the Mossad is resisting as much as it can to protect its bulwark of assigned Jewish mogul assets, as the entire superstructure of Jewish control crumbles, possibly leading to Anudda Shoah.

    So you are seeing many powerful Jews become ‘Kapo’ guards again to preempt the fallout of Gentile rage and protect their ghettos (empires), surrendering a few at a time to protect thousands of others slated for deportation.

    What nobody ever asks about our purposeful non-treaty (so no perimeters are established) in our ‘special relationship’ with Israel is which country would the Jews side with if we went to war with each other? Jonathan Pollard is a perfect example of how they would react.

    Most of us have a similar ethno-genesis where our turn-of-the-century German/Italian/etc. immigrant antecedents were conscripted to fight against their own countries of origin because the line was drawn by their new homeland: deportation or assimilation…Alien and Sedition Acts.

    Most Zionist Jews are Democrats. Rahm Emmanuel served in the IDF for God’s sake. Wolf Blitzer was born in a German gas chamber and became the top journalist in Israel before he became the top journalist here. So no DR3 applies.

    Republican Jews are simply satraps assigned to the vanguard and rearguard of white society. There are not enough of them to form a faction like there is in the Democratic Party. So you will see one or two sappers even on websites like this assigned to simply infiltrate and steer the direction just a few degrees off-course so that our message overshoots or undershoots and never reaches its destination.

  • Mainstream conservatives don’t know who’s screwing them. C’mon, they know and are down with it as long as they get their paycheck. Mainstream conservatives are cowards and sellouts not morons. The examples you cited in this tweets are from Jews.

    • The ones who know are the establishment. The grassroots truly are clueless. Half of them jerk off to Israel because they think Jews are keeping Jerusalem warm for Jesus, and the other half are brainwashed by Jewish talk radio hacks like Mark Levin who shill for Israel at every turn.

      • The Holocaust indoctrination among them is so strong! When I suggested casually that maybe the Holocaust narrative is not entirely accurate, it was as if I had said murder was ok. This is why I get annoyed with people who know the truth but discourage revisionist discussions about the Holocaust.

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