Sweden: The Nation With No Voice

WotW takes a look at how Sweden is dealing with multiculturalism, examines the Swedish psyche, and watches some TV for clues about the Sweden of the future.

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  • I refuse to listen to one word coming out of Johannson’s mouth …… he’s a psychopath dedicated to destroying his own people – despicable !

  • We need some straight talk.

    ‘Twitter Purge’ is a misnomer. It’s an ADL purge. ADL is a
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    University of Illinois. Brother Nathanael has a great video on that

    ADL is using its muscle on all platforms. It’s easy because Google and Facebook are owned by Jewish Supremacists. Google works with Zionists in Israel. Google gives big bucks to Israel that continues to steal Palestinian land. And illegal colonization of West
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    Twitter wasn’t created by Jews, but it’s not been very successful financially.
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    Alt Right is anti-war. Spencer denounced Trump’s attack on Syria. He’s for peace. Though no fan of Obama, he praised the Iran Deal as a path to peace and understanding. Spencer also wants no more cold war with Russia. He wants mutual respect among nations. Also, he is opposed to any escalation of the US
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    And yet, Spencer is called a ‘nazi’. In contrast, these Jewish supremacist, the military industrial complex, GOP cuck puppets, and neo-liberal Democratic hawks are supposed
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    Jews use the smear ‘neo-nazi’ against the Alt Right because they can’t win a
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    Alt Right is feared by the Jews because it speaks the truth.
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    Only Alt Right speaks the truth with integrity and courage. And that is dangerous to the Power.

  • How about showing us some Swedish hockey teams? The Winter olympics is coming up the Swedes usually do well. Very few mudslimes or cult marxist on the Swedish national hockey team. Sports can often work well for us. It’s really only basketball, American football and some/most French and British soccer that is dominated by Black/Arab thugs, race mixing etc.

    A few winters back the white hate, blonde chasing #$W#$ NBC Brian Gumbel once said the Winter Olympics looked like a NAZI party rally. And he was right

  • Ive been to Sweden once for just a couple of days back in 99 if memory serves. For some reason one evening I decided to watch a television(they had english subtitles for everything, thats how you get your whole population to know the language by the way) and I caught an episode of Xena something something and a documentary about dick surgery, without censure or anything. The time was certainly below 11 pm.

    Didn`t make much of it back then, swedes seemed weird all around, but probably should have.

  • As an American who lives in a swedish community where the traditions are still upheld, and the blood is still moatly pure, with a little German mixed in, i can tell you this- Swedes are too nice. Simple. They will give you their last penny if you need it more than they do. Now their niceness to these shitskins is really screwing them over. But another thing about Swedes, when they finally DO get mad enough to put their foot down, look out. The soft spoken gentleman will whoop your ass, and then afterwards, politely ask you not to make that mistake again, as if the anger never existed.

  • I don’t agree that the high trust in Swedish society is inherently bad. What’s the alternative? Homeschooling your children and arming yourself against your neighbors? Americans need to identity individualism and market liberalism as problems and not solutions.

    • It’s not “high trust” that’s the problem. It’s putting the nation’s welfare in the hands of the government as a surrogate parent. The end result is a grotesque abomination like Sweden where most adults behave like helpless children. Global capitalism stinks and I don’t support it. But the healthy alternative to it is national capitalism, not the cancer of socialism, regardless of what “the fuhrer” had in mind.

      • This was a comment under the video on youtube. Spot on.

        “It’s the same way dogs were domesticated over thousands of years. Just keep feeding them until they eventually lose their hunting instinct. If you turned 99% of all dogs out today, nearly all would have to scavenge for food and most likely end up starving because they literally can’t support themselves anymore. Socialism domesticates humans like dogs, reducing their self-sustaining drive for survival, leaving them dependent on someone else for their sustenance and continued survival, and that works very well in the government’s favor. Sad.”

        • Machiavelli has a comparison between the centralized Ottoman Empire and the French feudal state. The centralized generalized wellfare state is not very old in sweden, it really took hold after ww2, after experiments in the 30ies.

          The problem for us swedes, or rather our vulnerability to modernity, is much older than the wellfare nanny state.

          • “After WW2” still amounts to 70 years. That’s two full generations. That means an average 40 year old Swede AND his parents knew nothing but nanny state comfort. That’s more than enough to create the docile population of modern Sweden.

          • No, previous to the social democrats seizing power and brainwashing the Swedish people we did not have these problems, what previous to the totalisation of government power through the welfare state demonstrated a “weakness” in the Swedish people? What are you basing your claim, that Swedish people are genetically inferior to non-Swedes, on?

      • This development (mass migration and multiculturalism) is pushing Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia) towards what critics call Americanization of society. When people no longer identify with their countrymen, when they no longer feel part of a nation, they loose trust in government, they loose their willingness to pay taxes. The result of that is not a patriotic spring or racial awakening, but people give up the nation, they no longer want it. People stop seeing themselves as a community and become more individualistic, more like you. Turning Europe into the US is not the solution.

        • What makes you think I want Europe to become like the US?:)

          America is run by corporatocracy, not National Capitalism. It’s far from what I have in mind. Corporatocracy and socialism both destroy the nation in the long term. They just use different paths to get there.

    • The alternative is tribal, ruthless, hierarchical societies. Aka Rome. Now you know why all fascists took their aescethics from Rome. It’s war of the few against the many. Hierarchy vs Equality. Pride vs critique. Image vs word. Strength vs weakness.

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