Ghosts of Christmas Past

There is a pair of clichés about the Christmas season that carries more significance than we might think: “Christmas is for children” and “Christmas makes me feel like a kid again.

The first refers to a certain innocence we envy in the children around us, who seem to really believe in Santa, magic, and the world of fairies, and who instinctively love Christmas. For us, Christmas has become both expensive and cheap: the over-planned parties and schedules . . . the chore of buying gifts that will be quickly forgotten, disposed of, or re-gifted . . . the trudging through horrible, muzak-filled malls. . . “Becoming a kid again,” at least for a time, is our redemption.

And it’s a very real feeling. Entering the world of adults is, among other things, entering a world that is incessantly moving forward. Our lives are defined by projects, goals, accomplishments, deadlines, etc. Christmas, on the other hand, is an Eternal Return, a natural cycle that gives us a respite from linear thinking and planning.

We experience this Return not only through the season itself (when the nights become long and cold) but also through ritual. Ritual is something modern people, even devout Christians, are too quick to dismiss. Ritual is, we think, a dispensable, even embarrassing, remnant of something irrational from long ago. But ritual is, among other things, a way we can physically experience being-in-the-world and our own past. We remember through our bodies and senses just as much as through our minds, such as when we visit our old high school and whiff a certain smell to the grass that recalls the entire experience. Every Christmas, we do the same things over and over: drink the same drinks, hang the same decorations, hear the same music. In reenactment, we are transported back to a series of moments earlier in our lives. We become “a kid again.”

These memory-experiences are mostly postcard flashes. Every Christmas Eve, for instance, as I glance at lights on the tree and the too-dark sky, I re-live waiting, greedily, for Santa. Another flash, which is still quite vivid, comes from age seven or eight, as I lay in bed feeling real guilt and inner turmoil over wanting to believe in Santa Claus but no longer being able. Smelling hot-spiced wine, “Glühwein,” I’m reminded of wandering the streets of Vienna in December as a young man in my early 20s, hearing the sounds of the Christmas market in the distance . . . observing it, while not really being a part of it . . . and not having a clue what to do with my life.

“Bob’s eggnog recipe” or your favorite “Christmas sweater” might seem like recurring jokes. But in their ways, they fulfill the function of grand ritual. And this aspect of Christmas holds not only for our personal lives but for our people and civilization as well. We have become so accustomed to Christmas rituals—and so accustomed to them in the form of kitsch—that we forget how deep they take us into our race’s history . . . far deeper than what the holiday is said to celebrate. For the rituals through which we understand ourselves are fundamentally Pagan in both essence and form.

The Conversion

In his famous book The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity, James Russell wrote of a “double conversion” that occurred when the early Church began spreading beyond the Mediterranean and Near East and sought to bring “the Germans” (i.e., the northern European tribes) into the Christian fold. At the time, these Europeans practiced what is now referred to as Germanic Paganism, a constellation of myths, gods, and symbols that was, at once, centered on the tribe and family and also shared by White men across the continent. Europeans did, eventually, profess Christianity, but the real “conversion” was that of Christianity itself, which both accommodated Europeans folkways and began to be articulated by them.

This process occurred on various cultural levels, from the Europeanized image and conception of Christ to notions of Right and sovereignty. The mix of Germanic, Scandinavian, and Roman customs that define “Christmas” is a metaphor of this history. For Christmas remains the most radically Pagan of all holidays, if we have the eyes to see it.

This begins with the day itself. Nowhere in the Bible does December 25 appear as the birth date of Jesus Christ. (If the shepherds were attending their flocks by night (Luke 2:8), then Jesus would have been born in Spring.) December 25 was, however, well known as the birthday of Sol Invictus, the sun god who was patronized by later Roman emperors, including Constantine. The 25th was Dies Natalis Solis Invicti—”Birthday of the Unconquered Sun,” when, after the Winter Solstice, the arc of the Sun across the sky begins to rise again. The famous literary pun of “Son” and “Sun,” which works across Germanic languages, was a real experience of our ancestors. “Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this sun of York” (I, i, 1-2). Hamlet, by contrast, sardonically claims that he is “too much i’ the sun” (I, ii, 67). His rightful inheritance has been snatched away from him through treachery, and he wonders whether he up to the task of taking it back . . . a feeling shared by many of us.[1]

Thinking in the way, the meanings of things we take for granted unlock themselves before our eyes: the evergreen (the endless life cycle) . . . the Yule log (festival of fire) . . . kissing under the Mistletoe (the sacred plant of Frigg, goddess of love, fertility, and the household) . . . and, of course, Santa. “St. Nick” is only remotely related to Saint Nicholas, a Church father at the Council of Nicaea whose feast day falls on December sixth. The character of Santa is much more a conflation of various Germanic gods and personages. One of these, as evidenced by Santa’s descent into the fiery chimney, is the smithy god Hephaistos or Vulcan. (In other words, “The Church Lady,” and many puritans before her, was right to fear that Santa has an etymological connection to S-a-t-a-n.) Most important of all is the chief god, Odin or Wotan, who stares out at us from behind Santa’s many historical masks—from Father Frost (Ded Moroz), the Slavic god accepted by Russian Communists, to the jolly fat man promoted by Coca Cola. Odin is the Wanderer from the North, a god of war, but one who delivers gifts to children during Yuletide. Odin commands Sleipnir, the horse with eight legs, who, in his translation to contemporary myth, became the eight reindeer: Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!

The War on What?

A few years back, Megyn Kelly, then a Fox News host, was roundly ridiculed and condemned after she declared on national television that “Santa just is White” (along with Jesus). She affirmed this in response to an African-American blogger who argued for more multiracial depictions of Santa, or for him to be racially neutralized as a friendly Penguin. Santa, as we can know, is White, but in ways that Megyn is unable to understand.

The amusing “White Santa” controversy was only one variation on a theme. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Fox’s programming is packed with denunciations of the “War on Christmas”; these are made, almost without exception, by conservative Republicans and nationalists, who seem to define their identity against an ever-growing list of PC atrocities.

Like so many other “conservative” causes, opposing the War on Christmas masks much more than it reveals. To begin with, focusing on “secularization,” exemplified by the dreaded “Happy Holidays” greetings, is convenient for Americans who want to ignore the ways Christmas rituals are being vulgarized by consumerism. Apparently, maxing out our credit cards on useless junk is fine, so long as the checkout girl says “Merry Christmas” and the indoor mall features a nativity scene.

Those who lament the “war on Christmas” rarely pinpoint what exactly is being warred upon. Undoubtedly, there is an elite in the United States and Europe that has contempt for Christian belief. But this effort has not led to any decline in public festivals and holiday merrymaking. The Bolshevik or Puritanical dream of “banning Christmas” in favor of grey-on-grey efficiency or de-Paganized Christianity has very few advocates and little chance of materializing. In my lifetime, the Christmas season has grown noticeably longer and public and private festivals, more elaborate and intense. To be sure, much of this has to do with the fact that America’s post-industrial, consumer-driven economy depends on end-of-the-year gorging. But I also sense that something bigger is taking place—that in a multicultural, multiracial society, Christmas, alongside football and super-hero movies, is one of the preious few collective rituals shared by all of us.

Glimpsing The Gods

Christmas is being de-Christianized, the result not only of snooty liberals but of the gradual waning of faith across the population as a whole. What remain, though, are the Germanic, Latin, and Slavic customs and rituals of Yuletide. These might seem vulgar, hallow shells of themselves—Christmas kitsch—but they are distinctly European and distinctly ours. And they are a starting point for becoming, again, who we are.

In the small ski town in which I spend celebrate the holiday, every Christmas Eve, everyone goes to the base of the mountain and watches skiers descend the slopes holding flaming torches, which creates a magnificent display of lights. At the end of the parade comes Santa, illuminated like a god.

As I mentioned, one of my stranger Christmas memories is of struggling with my failing faith in Santa, as if in disbelieving in him, I would betray my parents and family and the whole joyous season. But what is belief, really? When we honor Santa by speaking of his coming, when we leave him offerings of cookies and milk, we effectively believe again in the gods. When we celebrate Christmas, we become Pagans again.

For the time being, though, we know not what we do.

An earlier version of this essay was published at on December 25, 2013.

[1]: This opening line from Richard III references the turning of the seasons, of course, but also Edward IV’s identity as the son of the Duke of York and his victory at the battle of Mortimer’s Cross on February 2, 1461, in which, it is said, three suns appeared in the winter sky. Essentially, Edward is a man called on by the world itself to rule. Hamlet is speaking to his uncle, Claudius, who’s just become both King and his father through marriage to his widowed mother.

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  • Beautifully written article. The Yuletide traditions will remain strong, for consumer’s sake’s……which is, at least, a wonderful ancillary effect. The Christmas kitsch aspects, to me, are what makes Christmas the Eternal Return. For many there was never a reverence for Christian deity. It was Saint Nick and the Yuletide rituals that made it magical. These rituals are distinctly European.

    And it’s wonderful that some of the more obscure traditions (e.g., Krampus) are becoming trendy. Having popular culture embrace historic European traditions, even if only in a shallow and fleeting sort of way, is IMO a welcomed departure from the usual vapid onslaught of popular culture.

    I could see widespread celebration of a dechristianized Yule et al. becoming a trend that unites the most antithetical sectors of society. Some would use it as a kitsch refutation of Christianity that keeps the holidays fun. Others (e.g., us) would use it to celebrate our glorious traditions as a people (and for that nostalgic Eternal Return).

  • This was a beautiful piece and exemplifies the tone that we “pagans”/Asatruar/Rodnovery/etc try to exemplify in our messages all the time: that our basis is our own, that our gods are native to us, and everything great about our people comes from inside, from an inner potential and ancestral spirit that needs tapped in to.

  • In re Paganism; Christianization of Scandinavia began in the Ninth Century, after 800 CE, and before Woden gave men the Runes to record their Pagan rites and rituals.

    Is there any Paganist literature not corrupted by the Romans, or is modern Paganism just an reaction to Roman Christianization influence? Is there any honest ab origin paganism?

    • The oldest know rune scriptures were written down 1800 years ago, but the oldest written books and letters are a thousand years younger written in latin letters by christian monks. Many of the sagas are handwritten copies of each other. By comparing them you get closer to the oral tradition that existed before Christianity.

      • >Many of the sagas are handwritten copies of each other
        More precisely: Many of the sources contain the same sagas and poems, and some of them are handwritten copies of each other.

  • Book recommendations.

    Tree of Salvation: Yggdrasil and the Cross in the North (Oxford, 2013) by G. Ronald Murphy S. J.

    Heliand: The Saxon Gospel (Oxford, 1992) by G. Ronald Murphy S.J.

    There may be a call for another Reformation to take our White Christian Church from the Roman church influence. Martin Luther had a copy of Heliand (Norse, Savior) and wrote on it.

  • Richard needs to Write more……

    This was a Great Read…….

    As an Atheist, I still love Christmas (minus the Consumerism)……….

    All the Decorations, Lights, Ornamented Tree, Historical Music, Food, Family, and sometimes even Gift Giving……..

    It Strikes a Chord with something Very Deep inside me…….

    It feels Good, Man!!…….


    • As a Atheist you’re right on point this holiday has nothing to do with Yahuwah it’s the Christian’s who are out of place worshipping the god of Saturnalia .

  • The Germanics were converted to a form of Christianity by Arian Christian missionaries, and the Germanics remained Arians’ for about 400 to 500 years before they were absorbed into the Roman Church. Arianism is at odds with the Roman Catholic Trinitarian beliefs, as taught most notably by the Irish Roman Catholics, and to a lesser extent by the Italians in the USA.

    When you read the New Testament Jesus says, in numerous passages that he is subordinate to the Father, right down to his death on the cross. In my opinion it’s not a big issue, but, it should be considered in understanding the history of Christianity and paganism

    My hunch is that Wotan, and Odin, etc. went the way of their Greco-Roman cousins Jupiter & Hercules, although with different reasons for the Germanics.

    • Clearly north and south Europeans have very close but different ways of understanding the world. Which is ok, we are brothers but not the same. As Southern European I feel the same way. That said, Europe is being taken by foreigners and in time of need, brothers stick together.

    • As I recall, the practical problem with Arianism is that if God the Father could send His son one time, why couldn’t he send Him again? Could God the Father beget other sons? How do you refute someone claiming to be the Son of God, if either of the above propositions is true? Making God the Son the absolute coequal of God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit sort of solves the problem.

      Another factor was that the Goths wanted to be Christian but they wanted to be different Christians than the Franks. Adhering to Arianism also solved that problem.

      • No need to send Jesus again the first time He stated It Is Finished. He paid the price for sin and all to Him I owe death had left a crimson stain He washed it white as snow. It’s a done deal. The first time He came was to be a sacrifice ohhh but the second coming He’s coming as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS YAHUWAH IN THE HIGHESTGLORY TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION COME TO JESUS NOW PEACE UNTO YOU!!!

  • I appreciate this article deeply. These spiritual cycles you are talking about, celebrating life and the seasons, and freeing the heart to allow men feel awe at the world around him again. . . I think we are just beginning to reclaim divinity in the world around us.

    It started with an existential catastrophe, sure. We have undergone a change due to that. When we saw the natural world as “creation” rather than divinity itself , we effectively de-deified it. Then, when scholars after the enligthenment reasoned the absurdity of “creation” in Christian parlance, the world around us became “resource”, and most moral attachments to the world was lost, as it became effectively “it” rather than “thou”.

    Now, we find that we are horrified as the divinity within ourselves and our race is fading almost completely, and we are in a terminal state of numbness.

    Whether consciously or unconsciously pagan, it is crucial we begin to see the emanations of the gods/god within the natural world again.

  • If anything destroys the Alt-Right it will be the ridiculous new-age pagan LARPers who are trying to rewrite paganism into some kind of “noble White religion” instead of what it really was — a bizarre hodgepodge of degenerate barbarian cults.

    Pagan LARPers are an embarrassing blight on the White race.

    And they certainly need to be purged from the Alt-Right.

    • What do you want to purge? The Greek myths? Hundreds of years of literature inspired by them? Pagan religions might not be sophisticated in your eyes, but the pagan myths are part of our culture and history and we have all the right reasons to be proud of it and to celebrate it.

      • Well said let each man choose this day whom he will serve the gods of your fathers so be it as for me and my house we will serve Yahuwah knowing the origin of a thing is of grave importance more so for the Christian than for those who are not. Those who are not can flow any way the wind blows from one idol or god or tradition the list is endless yet for the believe you are called to a narrower road for broad is the road that leads to well you know where and many therein follow it but few find the narrow way. My issue is never with those who are pagans or the like they know who they are not it’s the Christian tripping and most of that due to their laziness with not studying the word and the origin of the mess. Peace.

    • Ha, you try to sew division to “save” the alt right? If you’re really so unaware, go over to Counter-Currents and read some of the things they publish, such as “What Is a Rune?”.
      Out of curiosity, what are you? A Christian?

    • Pagan LARPing would be awfully cringe, but other than a handful of Europeans, I’ve never actually seen many. If anything, it’s both the “Nazis” and the various “Trad Catholics” that are the guiltiest of LARPing.

      • And the real culprit has still remain hidden his diabolical plan moves forward unhindered for he has deceived and shut the eyes and minds of men. So as to turn them away from the true and living Father Yahuwah to the imposter who poses as an angel of light with fake ministers of righteousness everything from pedigree to social standing to wealth standing you name it we’ll boast in it as if we control anything the very breath we breathe has an expiration date we are so pitiful spiritual hobo’s you brought nothing into this world and won’t take anything out. Peace.

  • Santa Claus is the Americanization of Saint Nicholas and NOT Odin. That is fantasy and sounds like the Blacks claiming the Egyptians were nogs. The reindeer story likewise. That is NOT an old European tale but some 20th c. American fakery.

    Make believe fairy tale history only harm our cause.

    God Jul.

    • St. Nicholas being attached to the still pre-American image of gift-giver/person you bribe to leave you alone was intentional and, yes, connected to pagan beliefs. Its all quite apocryphal though, so such autism will only give you a headache. Stick to memorizing pi or something.

      • I am talking about history and historians. Let’s stick to credible things please. It would do us good. I am not attacking paganism and understand quite well the pagan origins of Jul and have no problem with it whatsoever. But make believe history is just plain dumb!

        God Jul.

        • Fair, but I think there is a third way, beyond just “this or that was or was not appropriated from pagan traditions/spirituality.” The pagan-inclined can, within certain limits, read their paganism into history and their lives as a spiritual exercise, not an historical one. A lot of pagan and shamanistic beliefs indeed come from that same process of intuiting. That kind of spiritual material, of course, should be presented as such, and not as historical fact, but we should recognize that spirituality doesn’t simply come from the tomes of history. It is quite pointless to re-litigate this particular history anyway, as it can stir some pretty ancient animosities.

          Hail history, hail Odin, god Jul.

          • I can so respect your worship of Odin at least you know you don’t serve Yahuwah I get that what is so sad to me is Christians joining in on this religious holiday Christmas thinking they are serving Yahuwah when He states clearly come out of her this modern day Babylon worship not their gods who neither speak walk talk come out. I’m alright with everybody who know they don’t worship Yahuwah at least they got sense enough to know it. Peace

      • People perish for the lack of knowledge some are so comfy with whatever it is today feel no need to search for truth or Yahuwah for that matter sitting in church’s receiving whatever comes their way simply due mostly to laziness not dumb people just lazy. Yahuwah gave us a brain to my dear Christian sisters and brothers please use it and not all churches are bad Yahuwah was pleased with 2 of them .Just saying and I’m not sitting in judgement of anyone Christian or not. Peace

    • Satan transforms himself into an angel of light with that comes diabolical deception which is now running rampant in our modern world this Santa when studied (Satan) his origin is rooted not with St. Nicholas but with Old Father Of Time which is rooted in the Grim Reaper with further study Baby New Year this up coming holiday. None of these things or customs have their origin in the biblical observance of the holy days of the Lunar calendar .Dec 25th is the birthday of the sun god Sol Invictus be that as it may we are all free to choose this day whom we will serve Yahuwah or the traditions of men? Peace unto you.

    • You don’t have to be concern with this harming your cause paganism is at an all time high Yahuwah isn’t being sought that rapidly in the States in 3rd world countries they’re sold out on Jesus. This Christmas and Baby New Year as it’s referred to back in the day lines up perfectly with whatever doctrine you got going rest at ease you good. Peace

  • George Lucas was one of the Movie Brats who were greatly influenced by Westerns, esp John Ford’s THE SEARCHERS.

    Of course, his big success was STAR WARS, and it is in the news again. The latest installment LAST JEDI has been blasted in many quarters. Not just the Alt Right but from the fanbase.

    Mark Hamill himself wasn’t happy about what was made of Luke Skywalker. I haven’t seen it and don’t want to, but maybe the latest installment is really about George Lucas’ betrayal of his own destiny.

    Not for nothing was the hero named Luke Skywalker. Luke was the alter ego of Lucas.

    Like Luke, George Lucas was divided between his destiny as an artist and the temptation of business and money. He began as an experimental film-maker, and Coppola regarded him as his protege. His first feature film was THX 1138, one of the boldest sci-fi films ever. And he continued in the personal vein with AMERICAN GRAFFITI. And even the first STAR WARS was quite an imaginative leap and derring-do as film spectacle. With the success of STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES, Lucas had the money to make more personal films. In the 70s, that was supposed to be his Destiny. After all, the original plan was for Lucas to direct APOCALYPSE NOW with John Milius.

    Lucas was supposed to succeed in business ONLY TO make enough money to serve his true calling as a great American auteur of personal film-making. He would be the new Welles-Kurosawa-Ford-Kubrick. He would go even further than Coppola, his Obi-Wan.

    One day, with enough money, he would do what he was meant to do and become a great auteur.
    But in the end, he just went for the Empire of Greed. He just stuck to STAR WARS franchise and made them more infantile to rake in the bucks. He squandered art for bucks.
    But after the 6 films, did he not have enough money to FINALLY fulfill his destiny as a great personal film-maker? So, what did he do? He sold STAR WARS to Disney for billions and gave up on his Destiny for good. He financed junk like RED TAILS.

    So, maybe the broken-down Luke in LAST JEDI is supposed to be a commentary on George Lucas. Lucas’ myth of being this personal artist who took on Hollywood and did his own thing proved to be false. He just became another greedy mogul who marketed formula, and when he got through with it, he just sold it to Disney. He gave up his baby just like Luke Skywalker tosses away his light saber and burns the sacred texts. When Lucas gave up his vision(however already compromised) to Disney, he might as well have burned the myth. And when Yoda tells him to go ahead and burn the text, it’s as if even Yoda lost faith in the myth. Why not burn it when Lucas sold his life work to Disney for more money that he could possibly spend?

    So, Lucas’ selling his vision to Disney was like Luke in LAST JEDI burning the Jedi Canon and destroying the remnants of the Jedi order. He is conceding that it’s all futile in the end.
    Ultimately, the empire will always win. And this ’empire’ is a metaphor for universal lust for power. The ’empire’ is not some great Other Evil. It is lust for power itself regardless of which side wins.
    So, even though the Rebels won in RETURN OF THE JEDI, the victory only led to new power that birthed a new empire. So, even if the Resistance wins, it will lead to yet another empire. It’s like US won WWII and defeated Nazi empire and Japanese empire. And then US defeated the Soviet Empire. But the US became another empire with insatiable power lust. And the boomers who opposed Nixon and war just grew up to take power and run the empire themselves. So, even if the empire is defeated, the winners just create a new empire. And Jews who were victimized by WWII became the ‘new nazis’ of globalism fomenting wars and crushing Palestinians.

    Lucas was once one of the young turks of Hollywood. They were the rebels and upstarts. They challenged the Studio and the old way of doing things. But as they gained success and power, they became the New Empire, indeed bigger than any empire before. And if they’d started with idealism, they eventually grew tired of the dream and came to believe in money and power and judged everything by box office success and marketshare.

    So, the fact that Luke Skywalker is exposed to be a has-been phony who has lost faith in the Jedi mythology reflects what happened to George Lucas. Lucas became a tired cynical old man who just lived for money and power. His talk of personal film-making became just self-serving nonsense. He became the empire, a tired one at that. He betrayed all the Jedi principles of 70s cinema. He gave up on auteurism and became a mogul. He went over to the dark side while pretending to be on the side of light.

    George Lucas grew stale, cynical, and bored.
    And Luke Skywalker in the latest movie, as if to channel the corrupted and faded Lucas, is presented as a tired soul who no longer believes in anything. Also, he’s realized one thing. No matter who wins, good guys or bad guys, the empire will always win since the new boss will become like the old boss in time. Power has its own logic. Eventually, it purges naive and utopian ideals and became a naked game of power. The new empire is just an outgrowth of the Rebellion that became Republic that became Empire.

    And the fact that Luke beams himself as a hologram? It goes to show that Lucas has become a phony myth. The real Lucas is a greedy cynical old man who believes in nothing. The Lucas myth is a hologram beamed to the world. Lucas has become a hyped myth.
    Being a faded and corrupt soul as an artist, the only thing he has left is his legend that is propped up by electronic media. And since he has betrayed his true destiny to become a real artist, even his legend is fake. The fact is he even failed to fully realize STAR WARS as a visionary work, and worse, he even sold his baby to Disney to make billions when he already had many millions. He gave up and just turned into vehicle for merchandising and special effects.

    So, it’s fitting that the Luke in the latest movie is as tired and cynical as Jabba the Hutt.

    This is actually a fitting commentary on what has become of boomers, counter-culture, Lucas, and the dream of New American Cinema of the 70s that was supposed to be about the rise of the auteurs. But the auteurs just became the tired and cynical moguls of a new empire more soulless than previous ones.

    • The old STAR WARS just became greed. Those who bitch about how Disney ruined are missing the point. Lucas gave up on the vision and just pursued it as a business. I think a part of Lucas always felt a certain shame since he betrayed his destiny in following the footsteps of Ford, Kurosawa, and Coppola. So, after awhile, he didn’t even try to hide the fact that STAR WARS became just more excuse to make more money and keep Lucas relevant in the business since he gave up on his other personal projects, whatever they may have been.

      So, even prior to the sales to Disney, STAR WARS was just franchising. Disney paid big bucks for one reason only. MORE MONEY. It was purely cynical. But lest it be accused of shameless and naked Greed, Disney globo-corporate capitalists wrapped it with ‘progressive’ tropes of Girl Power, Diversity, Jungle Fever, Purple-Haired Lesbian Narcissism, and etc. But this supposed Space Socialism cost $200 million for one reason and one reason only. To rake in billions of bucks from around the world. For noble souls to watch this ‘progressive’ work of ‘resistance’, they have to fork out $20, big bucks for kids without jobs these days. Some socialism. To see Space Socialism, get in line folks, and hand over your hard-earned cash to see Social Justice long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

      Just like Wall Street wraps itself in ‘progressive’ homo colors to evade scrutiny, Disney squeezes STAR WARS as cash cow for milky way galaxy of dough, and it easily suckers all these ‘progressive’ critics by pretending to spread a message of Hope against Literally Hitler Trump. Corporate Disney, a force of ‘progress’. LOL. What a clown world we live in.

      Also, the media are owned by Jews, and they are kinder to STAR WARS now since The Tribe at Disney now own it. It now belongs to the Jawas.

      Jews in the media were hostile to Old STAR WARS because it was owned by gentile Lucas. But now that it is firmly in Jewish hands, Jewish media and critics praise it to the sky.

      No wonder cynicism keeps spreading.

      • Blame George Lucas. He created his own vision, and good or bad, it was his. He had control over it and was associated with it. Lucas = Luke. It was like a fantasy autobiography, about being torn between fulfilling his destiny as a true artist and the temptation to just go for the money.

        In a way, Lucas betrayed himself and just went for the money. But in some ways, he remained true to himself because he maintained absolute control over his biggest success, STAR WARS, a personal vision and possession. And his Industrial Light and Magic did revolutionize cinema that is the most technological of the arts.
        So, even though failed to become a Kubrick or Kurosawa(not even a Coppola), he made his own movies in his way, and he had personal control over his empire. He remained independent of Hollywood even as he worked in the mainstream.

        But he totally betrayed himself by selling STAR WARS to Disney, an unscrupulous whore factory. He was as foolish and deluded as the Lord in Kuroswa’s RAN who believes his domain and his prestige will remain intact even after he relinquishes power to his sons. He soon realizes that his sons, the first and second, are sharks who will even betray their father to further their own naked ambitions.

        Lucas was surely assured by Disney that his original vision will not be tarnished or compromised: The new sequels would carry on with the original concept of the Force.
        But once Disney got a hold of the material, it was totally turned upside down. Disney trampled all over the original vision and made it into a total freakshow closer in look to STAR TREK.
        Lucas gained the world but lost his soul. It’s all the more ludicrous because he already had more money than he could possibly spend. If he were strapped for cash, it’d be more understandable. He just got so addicted to more and more money. He became not so Darth as Jabba.

        He’s a rich man in business but a poor man in art. He has no integrity left. He has no respect from any quarter. He’s a total joke, like the lord in RAN after ceding authority.
        The old man Luke in the new movie seems as lost and disoriented as the fallen Lord in RAN.

        It is so fitting that Luke makes himself into a hologram in LAST JEDI because that’s what Lucas is in the New STAR WARS. With the original hexalogy, Lucas’s spirit was all over them. He made them with his own mind, heart, and hands. His body and soul were directly connected to those works.

        But, Lucas’s presence in the new series is totally an illusion. He sold the rights, and Disney can do whatever it wants to. And Lucas’ presence is merely ‘virtual’.
        Just like Disney is no longer what it used to be — a gentile operation in an industry dominated by Jewish moguls — and is instead only a brand controlled by people who have no respect for its founder, the STAR WARS franchise is now associated with Lucas in name only. Lucas is used a hologram in the new series, like the fake CGI Leia in the end of ending of ROGUE ONE.
        Just like Clu takes over from the real Flynn in TRON LEGACY, hologram faux-Lucas has replaced the real Lucas in the new STAR WARS. Without ownership of the franchise, Lucas’ power over the material is purely illusory. It’s like the fallen lord in RAN suddenly finds himself weaker than the jester. And in LAST JEDI, the old Luke is pushed around by some silly girl.
        It’s either the director rubbing it in or lamenting that Lucas betrayed his vision by ceding the rights to Disney. In that sense, the new movie could be as subversive as Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi epics. Straight on the outside but mocking on the inside. The director is telling Lucas, ‘You dummy, how could you have done this to yourself?”

        Lucas had the Force as long as he held onto the rights of the original. But once he sold the rights and gave up authority, his Force was gone. It was now owned by others, and his role in the New STAR WARS was purely titular and ceremonial. It’s the Farce.

        Worse, the new series proved to be regicidal because Disney did to Lucas’ vision what the Bolsheviks did to the Tsar and his family.

        Lucas helped Kurosawa realize the project of KAGEMUSHA where the original lord is replaced by a shadow. Lucas made himself into a shadow in the New STAR WARS.

  • The old Christmas-is-Pagan canard. When will this ever die? It’s based on faulty 18th-century conjectures. Modern scholarship has relegated this thesis to the dustbin already.
    As the historian William J. Tighe:

    “The pagan feast which the Emperor Aurelian instituted on that date in the year 274 was not only an effort to use the winter solstice to make a political statement, but also almost certainly an attempt to give a pagan significance to a date already of importance to Roman Christians… Thus the ‘pagan origins of Christmas’ is a myth without historical substance.”

    Nationalists who are pagan or atheist should spend less time detracting from Catholic and Orthodox nationalists and more time on working together to solve the problems facing the race.

  • Christmas like Easter are interesting holi(y)days. Neither were practiced by the early Christians or commanded to be celebrated by scripture. I have been in the camp that they both have pagan roots for years. We did not raise our kids to believe in Santa or even have a Christmas tree for most of their years growing up. As is mentioned in the article, the attack on Christmas is a general attack on Western culture and tradition. It was one of my favorite holidays as a kid but has become the most depressing as an adult. It is so sad what we have allowed happen in this country and the attack on Christmas is just one of many examples.

  • When our people finally realize they have been duped into following a fake religion and worshipping a fake messiah (intentionally concocted, controlled-opposition (((Christianity))), then, and only then, will we again rise to prominence on this plane(t). Our Æsir gods are jealous gods and offended that we have abandoned them.

    • Oh right…and the proof of your thesis is…that paganism caused the rise of white people “to prominence on this planet” in the first place?? Come on.

    • Cry loud, spare not. Lift up your voice like a trumpet and declare to My people their transgression and to the house of Jacob their sins. One of the ways the enemy will try to deceive believers will be from the pulpit, not only does he transforms himself into an angel of light he places his fake ministers of righteousness in the pulpit. Those who don’t believe or obey Yahuwah are already set in satan’s camp no problem. So when you say fake religion you are right, and the true children in relationship with their Father will see it also. People will hate on you just like they did when Jesus claim relationship with His daddy. Be of good cheer it’s the heart of man that is evil not my Father He is a Lover of my soul 🙂

    • Who are all the people down-voting these comments. This one just says “good stuff.” Hardly inflammatory. Some trad-Catholics got their rosaries in a twist. C’mon y’all, take it easy.

  • There’s an incredible depth to germanic traditions despite literal millennia of oppression. The European gods are part of our people and represent our very essence.

  • The earliest documented historical contact between Christian missionaries and Germanics seems to have been between Arian Christian missionaries and the Gothic tribes north of the Danube River.

  • And what Catholic with any understanding of Catholicism ever condemned paganism, root and branch?

    And for you Christian fundamentalists who worship America: democracy was invented and first practiced by the ancient idol-worshipping Greeks and Romans! Pagans all.

    Plenty of good things to be found in paganism, and among pagans. But also bad things!

    So guys…Christianity is good. If that fact interferes with your larger political and racial ideas, take it to heart! And modify your ideas accordingly. Don’t try out paganism again. It’s on the dustbin of history, rightly so!

    Merry Xmas, to racists and every one of us.

    • Racism is one stem of the ills of society people hate on color, size, got money(TRUMP) don’t have money, look good, look bad, sick, well, educated, not educated the enemy of our souls hates us and will use whatever doesn’t matter. Unless Yahuwah builds the house the builder builds for not. Success on this side of eternity is money and stuff, position so on. You brought nothing into this world and will take nothing out don’t show up to Jesus a spiritual hobo.Peace

  • Stop LARPing as a Wagnerian Viking, Spencer. This is not one of your opera productions of Das Ring Des Nibelungen at the Bayerische Staatsoper.

    We need an American Nationalism that appeals to Normies with stuff like Norman Rockwell and Irving Berlin Christmas songs. There is nothing more Christmas than Irvng Berlin.

    • Normal people who work retail in the holiday season can’t wait for it to be over and for Irving Berlin to be shut off. This kind of stupid saccharine shit is unappealing to everyone except children and those bourgeois individuals who don’t have to hear it all day every day for two months a year. Appealing to a large audience absolutely cannot mean embracing the most cloying garbage our culture pumps out. No one under forty and with half a brain sees Norman Rockwell or Bing Crosby’s Christmas albums as anything relevant; rather, they come off at best as hopelessly corny. Critiquing this corpse of a holiday is perfectly mainstream and will be well received by the entirety of the audience a site like this might seek to appeal to. This is worse than conservatism- it’s pure infantilism.

      On behalf of all the mid-20s store clerks working overtime through December so that decadent boomers can have a magical holiday season, I say it’s time for a real war on Christmas.

      • I appreciate the sentiment, however boldly it was phrased… I hope you will get to find some quietude and familial love on Christmas amid the cacophony and Chinese-made crap.

  • Well written, Mr. Spencer! I admired your analysis of Ritual and the War on Christmas debacle. When I first heard this years ago (in my leftist phase) I thought it was paranoid screeching, but now I realize it was more misdirection than reckless fear. There really is a war of sorts, no doubt spear-headed by the (((Cabal)))!

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