Christmas Cancelled At German School Over ONE Muslim’s Complaint

So get this. It turns out that ONE muslim chick complained, and the leftists used it as a casus belli to really stick it to the German rubes at this school. You know, the ones that cling to the traditions that Leftists and the Tribe hate so much.


A 600-year-old school in Germany has ditched Christmas celebrations during class time after a Muslim pupil said that carols were incompatible with Islam.

After a stir in local media over reports that the Johanneum Gymnasium in Lüneburg had “cancelled” Christmas following a Muslim girl’s complaint that the songs conflicted with her religion, the school’s headmaster said that the school was taking “a sensitive approach” to the festive season.

Headmaster Friedrich Suhr confirmed that the complaint had taken place, but denied it was behind the decision of management at the school — one of the oldest in northern Germany — to postpone and make voluntary its annual Christmas party.

The headmaster also explained that that music lessons at the school would no longer include songs with religiously-themed lyrics, pointing to regional education board rules which require teachers show consideration to pupils from minority faiths.

It’s only a matter of time before Christmas gets canceled in Germoney. Of course, the theme of the “war on Christmas” has been a fixture of boomer conservatism my entire life in the US. Pundits like O’Reilly would constantly complain about the attacks on Christmas from the Left, the banning of religious words and songs and prayers in schools as well as Christian imagery getting taken down.

And this was before we ever started getting significant numbers of Muslims in our public schools.

As a kid who already went to a de-Christianized school and spent most of my time learning about the Holocau$t and black history, I only learned later that there was still an ongoing debate on the topic in the country.

But there isn’t one really in Germoney or most of the rest of Europe. The debate ended a long time ago.

This story is misleading then, and typical Breitbart boomer-fare stuff because Christianity has always been much more low-key in Europe and out of vogue. They never experienced the Evangelical renaissance that the US did in the 90s.

In other words, this isn’t really a story about the de-Christianization process that’s underway in Germany. It’s about the de-Germanification process.

A number of church figures have hit out at the school for taking an overly sensitive approach, with Catholic Bureau of Lower Saxony prelate Felix Bernard pointing out that religious music in Germany “is part of our cultural heritage”.

“The singing of Christmas carols constitutes neither a religious confession nor a service”, he toldHannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung.

Auxiliary Bishop Nikolaus Schwerdtfeger added it should go without saying that Christmas carols would be sung at Christmas celebrations in a Christian country.

“The fact that a school Christmas party can not take place during class time, I find a pity and also a bit absurd,” he said.

That’s pretty based for a priest. I did not see that coming.

When Richard Spencer says that he is a “cultural christian” I think he’s getting at something important. In general, most of us when we hear the carols and see the Christmas decorations, don’t necessarily associate it with faith in the bible or the bespectacled little grub shaking incense at us from the altar and mumbling about being humble sheep or something like that.

We instead take cultural, national and racial pride when we look up at these great cathedrals, artworks and historical achievements of the people that built it all. We feel it even when we look at the holly in the green wreaths and the familiar wrinkled face of Santa Claus beaming back at us.

God died in Germoney a long time ago. Now they’re coming to finish off the German people. They’re just using the Muslims as a battering ram to do it.

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  • As a society we need to be more willing to hurt the feelings of social minorities. Empathy for a minority is not as justified as empathy for a majority. To treat the two sides equally is immoral.

      • No, that isn’t “mob rule” and considering that you are an immoral, hateful fanatic, it’s hilarious that you think you can lecture anyone on morality. Why are you so full of hate? Who hurt you?

        • Why am *I* full of hate? Haha! Boy, that’s rich! I don’t want to persecute, exile, or exterminate anyone! I’m fine with everyone having equal rights and equal social status in America. How about you?

  • Muslims are acting just like Jews. Because of Jews, so much of Christian Culture was removed from US institutions.

    Muslims, the Other Semites, are following the Jewish Playbook.

  • Here’s a white-pill for you all: our (((enemies))) fail to realize that the remnants of Christianity are all that stand in the way of death squads. Without it whites will revert back to crucifixion (whatever the 21st century equivalent is) and other demonstrations of power and brutality. The anarchy we witness daily will necessitate a system capable of halting its destructive tendency. Perhaps, Fascism needed the collapse of Christianity (and the outmoded ideologies it birthed) to truly flourish.

  • Who cares about Christianity. It has many nice rules and traditions that I support, but the rationale behind it is ridiculous dogma that I cant stomach. On top of that we got this cuck pope…. so screw Christmas and Christianity. We need new religion.

  • This is my impression as well. Muslims don’t really care about the religious aspect of our traditions, religion they can relate to, what they don’t like is the traditions themselves. They don’t like the food and decorations, basically.

  • I’ve lost almost all faith in the Germans. They keep re-electing Merkel and other German Germanophobes. Far right parties are growing but are still small and lacking resoruces and appeal. They’re so guilt ridden over the holohoax and Jewish lies about WWII that they roll over and let a small number of Muslim barbarians kick them around.

    If Germany was racially and spiritually healthy they would be in the process of destroying every mosque and hanging every Muslim they can get their hands on. Islam was violently ejected from Europe at Tours in 732, later in Spain and finally at the gates of Vienna in 1683 because it’s an utterly alien and hostile religion that has no place in Europe.

    • For gods sake Uncle A. himself said what a pitty it was that Islam didn’t win at Tours in 732 cause if the germans had embraced a religion evolving around rape and conquest they would have conquered the world.
      Yes, germans re-elected Merkel cause the alternatives are worse then Merkel. Meanwhile the Euro destroys every other economy in Europe and makes it more alluring to buy german goods. And it didn’t cost the german people a single shell, a single bullet. The germans were among the first who build mosques in europe in 1915, during ww1, because they knew how much it pissed off all the other western powers who had colonies in muslim countries. And who gets the most Terror Attacks? France. England. What horror this is… from a german perspective. Oh no the Horror of dying French- and Englishmen.
      Try some maciavelli Tea and stop being so down all the time about shit that happens to people you don’t even know.

      • Uncle A. wasn’t always right. Just usually right. Germans can be strong conquerers without being boy fucking goat worshipers.

    • Germany was almost genocided during the 30th years war, like for real genocided and not this 1st world crybaby shit, when at the end only 250.000 germans were left alive and you throw the towel because of some fucking school where attendence is mandatory canceling their mandatory bullshit christmas. Weak.

      • You leave the bitterest, angriest and spergiest comments. Every single article. At least you sobered up and left the spelling errors out this time.

        What I wouldn’t give to see what you look like IRL.

        • I postet comments on like 5 articles. Don’t be so entitled to thing my sperginess evolves around going solely after the defeatist attitudes that are promoted here. One day i show up at NPI to collect my sperg elite metals. First class.

    • So whats the difference between this and a case where like in 200 years someone like you will post some shit in arabic that would proclaim what christmas is realy about and stuff.

  • Its not cancled its just not mandatory anymore and will not happend during school hours. School sucks anyway. Undermining the institution of School is a very good thing. Why would you celebrate christmas at school anyway. And what makes you think muslims, even just one, deserve to share our rituals with us.
    So maybee try some reflection and digestion instead of screetching about every headline that has the word “muslim” in it like some fucking breitbart boomer.

      • Cause mandatory school events are so much fun. If anyone gets Krampused into the depths of hell its the catlady schoolboard.

    • With all due respect, I think the crux of the post was that this is just the beginning, or maybe even the middle, of a process.

      The Muslims, if one studies them, apparently consider the very existence of anything non-Muslim, to be an affront. Tomorrow, the Muslim girl may complain that a history book maker her feel excluded. Or a math book. Or the very language that is conveying the knowledge.

      Slippery slope and all that.

      • The Math books in germany are already diversified. Let them have the fucking math books, they are shit anyways. Let them have the whole fucking school system and let the remaining whites be alienated from it. They gona slip on that slope and break their fucking necks.

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