What Can We Learn From The Latest Terror Attack?

Look, its one thing to point out all the terror attacks happening (not to mention the foiled ones) and just say, “see, see, see!? We told you!” I mean we have to, after all, the media isn’t going to report these events honestly.


The man who deliberately drove a car into a crowd in Melbourne is a drug user with mental health issues but no known terrorism links, police say.

The Australian citizen of Afghan descent was taken into custody after a struggle at the scene of the incident.

The car the 32-year-old was driving hit a number of pedestrians on Flinders Street, a busy junction in the centre of the city, said Victoria Police.

Fourteen people have been injured, with several in a critical condition.

A second man, 24, was arrested after being seen filming the incident. He had a bag of knives with him, police added.

“It is now believed he had no links to the incident, however he is still assisting police with enquiries,” they said.

The driver was arrested by an off-duty police officer. Police say he was the only person in the car.

The officer sustained shoulder and hand injuries during the arrest and was taken to hospital.

The driver was also taken to hospital, under police guard.

See what I mean? Just another nut that snapped, according to the BBC.

And for a while, that’s pretty much what we did on the Alt-Right. Blindly, I might add. Just thinking that it was enough to present the facts of Islamic terror to the general public.

But that’s not going to work. You could have been forgiven for thinking that it would work back in 2014 or 2015 or even 2016. Back then, we were all waiting with baited breath to see how Europe would react to the mass invasion.

Surely, people will wake up when the terror starts and heads start getting chopped off?

Well, its been two years now, so what do you think?

Personally, I think that this line of thinking has proven itself to be dead wrong. For the LARP-minded among you, let me put it this way:

If pressed, and Civil War broke out the next day, maybe we’d be able to raise 500 semi-competent fighters within a week. And forget about the logistics of being able to feed them on time, or god forbid figure out a way to re-supply them, train them or anything complicated like that. That’s an optimistic evaluation.

Yes, we’ve seen remarkable growth because of the invasion and the wave of terror attacks. But mostly, society has drifted further to the left.

This is worth pointing out for several reasons. First and foremost, we need to debunk some right-wing truisms once and for all.

  1. No, White people won’t just “wake up” if enough people die from a terror attack.
  2. Even if there were another major 9/11, it would guarantee nothing. More Muslims came into the US after 9/11 than before.
  3. These sand-people are not as dumb as right-wing agitprop would have you believe. They know how to wage guerrilla war.
  4. Terror works and it helps them achieve their aims.
  5. The cops and the state are NOT on our side.

I want to knock out the last point quickly. Going into Charlottesville, one of the people I knew organizing the event was 100% sure that the cops were on our side.

Yeah, nah dude. The cops are all secretly red-pilled and right-wing as fuck. They hate liberals and Antifa and they’re totally on our side!

Several rounds of pepper spray to his face hopefully got him to re-evaluate his assumptions. But knowing how slavishly some right-wingers worship arbitrary authority figures, I doubt it.

In general, the state and the cops are interested in one thing and one thing only and that is keeping the peace and maintaining stability.

The reason that they feel so emboldened to beat up and abuse our activists is because they know that they can do it with impunity. Say what you will about /ourguys/ but they are rule-abiding for the most part. Meanwhile, if you man-handle Abdullah, his 32 cousins will pay you a visit in your off-hours or just toss a grenade at you when you’re getting in the car to go home. They will set off a bomb at the police HQ and the boomer police chief looking to retire in peace will back down. He’ll cut a deal with them to get the situation to simmer down. None of this is conjecture by the way. All of it happened in Sweden a couple of months ago.

And that’s because terror works and because the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Watching from the sidelines, we sometimes misunderstand the intended target or the intended result that the terrorists are aiming for.  That doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Not all these events can be attributed to Muslims simply chimping out.

Meanwhile, back to point 1.

Most people are pussies and cowards. This is true of all people in all history, but especially now.

It’s like the saying goes, “everything I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten.” Well, I certainly learned a lot on the playground and cafeterias of the public schools I attended. When confronted by a bully on the playground, most kids just roll over and show their belly. They take it, and then they try to befriend the bully to be his bitch, but at least no longer the primary target of his ire. They’ll round up on you for standing up to the bully, because you did not bully them yourself. Had you struck first and slapped the weak kid around, they might have ended up on your side, not his.

That’s just how group dynamics work.

By attacking innocent people over and over again, Muslims succeed in intimidating most normies into never criticizing them. It’s bad enough that it isn’t PC, but now there is also the very real threat that they might get killed as well. Don’t assume everyone is a hot-headed freedom fighter like yourself. Most people look for any and every excuse to keep their heads down and avoid conflict.

A few Muslims hardened from throwing stones at out of shape Jews in the West Bank or chopping off heads in Syria, are enough to terrorize the soft, Pillsbury doughboys that comprise 90% of Western society.

Those that say, “worse is better” are literally retarded and know nothing about the actual history of political struggle. We shouldn’t listen to those who join our movement with a burning death wish because for the most part, worse is worse and another step towards mass conversions to Islam in Europe or mass miscegenation and acting like Wiggers in the US.

Regarding the police, the stories I hear from my Swedish Nationalist friends about their treatment at the hands of blue-eyed, blond-haired policemen and what we witnessed at Charlottesville was enough to give me serious pause. And I hope sharing with you will help you re-evaluate your projections for the future as well.

Try some “hello, fellow White man,” reasoning with American cops and see where it gets you.

The main reason to look at these events with a critical eye is to learn from them.

We have to see what works and what doesn’t. Putting pressure on the police seems to do wonders. And because we are a part of society and not trying to create a parallel one like the Muslims, simple activism targeted at the police should work, instead of grenades and nail bombs. Hell, it should work against journalists, and low-tier politicians as well.

Calling them traitors, lackeys, low-T cucks and…well I am sure we can all brainstorm something even more insulting if pressed.

Standing in a public square and shouting about immigrants until one of our autists leaks information about the protest to Antifa may not be the best strategy going forward.

In fact, making the non-Whites the target of our ire seems completely counter-productive. The target should always be the Whites and the (((Whites))) that enable them. The target should be specific, and not just a counter-productive howl directed at society at large. Time to focus in on specific targets. Like Trump did with Hillary, who became the personification of evil itself for half the country. Or when Trayvon became the avatar for blacks demanding gibs. Or like Ted Bundy, who became the personification of Lolbertardian weakness and impotence. Or Christopher Cantwell, who became the symbol of rising White Terror to Vice-reading libshits. Or take Based Stickman, who became a rallying point for standing up to Antifa – if only for a while.

Media campaigns, meme campaigns and personalized attacks centered around a specific person work. 

Hint. This isn’t the 1960s. The cops are not beating up hippies and civil rights activists. They’re gunning for us now. And literally no one except boomers likes cops anymore.

If this cop had murdered a Black, there would be a mass chimpout. The media would be all over this nonstop.

But he killed a White guy, and there was no White chimpout. What message does that send the police, the media and society at large? It doesn’t even matter at this point if the dead man was a criminal, because in the eyes of many Americans, we are criminals too. What matters is that we did nothing. And now the police know who can be bullied. They already knew actually. And so do the media and the politicians for that matter.

Anyways, long story short, since the state refuses to do anything to stop these non-stop Muslim terror attacks, the very least we can do on the Alt-Right is learn from them. We can’t be complacent. There is no silent mechanism at work, pushing more people over to our side, in fact, it might be quite the opposite.

Seriously, lads. We should start learning to see the situation as it is, and not how we wish it to be. Time to start identifying the levers of power and chinks in the armor and start softly, ever so gently pushing on them. If the Muslims can figure it out, why can’t we?


Vincent Law
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  • What I like is how Alt-right or any other race group doesn’t even acknowledge the possibility of these things being false flags. You are leading the conversation, all of you to assure no one delves into that. Odd thing is, that removes the evil Muslim from the conversation and focuses on evil deep state. Don’t want to do that, eh?
    If you look close, your mind control technique mimics the MSM cept you play fake antagonist? Do I have that right?

  • The lawsuit against the hotel and its management is going to be huge.

    Remember this too. The cops, in most cases, only do what the local Mayor or city council man in charge of the cops wants them to do. That’s too often forgotten.

  • “There is no silent mechanism at work, pushing more people over to our side”

    Probably the only thing I disagree with. Our numbers are growing and continue to do so precisely because of the blatant hypocrisy.

    There was an article on normie boomer filled Breitbart the other day about that white hating greek EU commissioner saying the EU needed to be less white.

    I saw more mentions of the ‘kalergi’ plan in the comments than I’ve ever seen on any explicitly racial right wing site.

  • The next sea change in the Alt-Right will be take an anti-authority turn as we take over all Rightist politics and evict all manifestations of cuckservatism. There are too many natural forces working against this sycophantic-bootlicker streak within our baby boomer crowd.

    Be patient, people, it’s coming. Do not despair.

    This country has always had an anti-authority ethos dating back to the Founding Fathers. That is why we so jealously guard our firearms, even when it looks ridiculous.

    This movement specifically has its roots in the antiwar/anti-police ‘Old Right,’ which officially ended with Robert Taft in the early 1950s. That is when this virulent ‘proactive’ anti-communism took its place in the John Birch Society, where the unprecedented standing peacetime army became a permanent bipartisan feature to fight preemptive wars for other countries overseas. Eisenhower realized the role he played enabling this, but his farewell speech was too little, too late to stop it.

    There are two powerful forces of trust (law enforcement and organized religion) that are going away with the demise of baby boomers. We have already seen its derivatives (Christian Zionism, ‘free trade’, Military-Industrial Complex warmonger-adventurism) rapidly lose its Rightist zeal during the latter term of the Obama years and express itself in the rise of Trump.

    In fact, the supporters/opponents flipped. The ‘Black Bloc’ crowd firebombed every G20 meeting since the 1990s, but suddenly started defending TTP and NAFTA during the last election. Quite a reversal, huh?

    Inb4 (((Trump)))…ok whatever. Look at the demographic Trump represented, not what he possibly is or isn’t.

    Look at how organized sports were always a Republican pastime until just the past 12 months. All those tax breaks for publicly-financed inner city stadiums were always fought by Democrats. Now they are the ones defending it, while conservatives are championing its demise. Sarah Palin’s daughter is named Bristol, after the headquarters of ESPN, for God’s sake.

    That is how quickly and dramatically our culture has changed and is STILL changing.

    The laws of thermodynamics are working, and thus our positions and beliefs are finally representing this because the logical conclusions of our former positions have become untenable, tangible and inescapable from the fantasies we all used to have…or at least what we were told to have.

    I can remember the only place to read about politics was Glenn Beck’s ‘Theblaze.’ Right around the end of the 2012 election, intervention in Syria was beckoning and the Ron Paul trolls were the only people stopping the insanity. The cuckvangelicals in the comments literally said ‘We can’t let terrorists fight each other.’ The antiwar leftists were suddenly ok with an almost exact replay of Iraq: toppling a Baathist fighting islamism. This narrative could not be upheld any longer by all sides.

    The numbers don’t lie in Beck’s fall (personification of Shabbos goy cuckservatism):
    November 2014 – TheBlaze
    30.9 Million uniques;
    68.9 Mil global visits;
    183.3 Mil global views
    December 2017 – TheBlaze
    4.3 Million uniques;
    12.9 Mil global visits;
    26.1 Mil global views

    The realignment of left-right politics is not even close to finished. I saw Ann Coulter in person (march 2012) cucking about ‘muh shipping lanes’ cleared by these endless wars after Ron Paul acolytes called her out for warmongering and she just ridiculed them. It seemed insincere, but now I know it was because she just waited to tell the truth about race, women etc. until it was safe, like Hannity and Tucker Carlson have during the Trump Era.

    Cops are just like any other careerists. They are mercenaries that are given quotas to fill and are bored in suburbia, never getting a chance to play IRL Call of Duty. They want action and they want their pensions. Do not give them a reason to earn it.

    In most white areas police and churches are virtually absent or just symbolic relics. How many young or youngish whites do you know that are churchgoing or have ever been?

    Secular nationalism is not going away despite a few missteps. It is a youth movement, unlike what the Tea Party became.

    None of us worship niggers like Baby Boomers worship athletes or how GenX worship rappers/actors.

    All of us quit watching/playing/following sports when we realized we weren’t children anymore, unlike Baby Boomers. Most us realized how absurd college was while we were attending it and will never subject our kids to it, unlike Boomers. Kids growing up now are going to forgo college and it is going to fall from grace in the same way that sports, religion, music and television has in just the last couple of years. All because of young people refusing to participate in these bullshit hobbies and so-called rites of passage.

    It’s not some concerted effort but just second nature. So you guys are looking for this mass awakening that is not going to happen in the way you think it will, but it is happening all around you under the radar. Just pay attention to the statistics. The clues are all there.

    Tolerance is not a virtue of GenZ and half of GenY.

    • Now, this is a damn fine post. You are basically talking about the changing of the spirit of the age. The shifting of cosmic gears and thrones above the clouds that no man can hold back or predict. It is an interesting take, but I wonder how we use it to our advantage? Press the issue or sit back and watch? Do we fight it or help it along? Events like this have happened in the past and the entire scheme of world governance changed. Empires fall, entire people groups die or are scattered.

  • The anti-cop movement is a Liberal shill. The cop in question did nothing wrong. This is the world we live in now. 135 police officers were killed last year in the line of duty, 73 of them were shot. They are refusing to patrol certain areas because of the retarded criticism and persecution, from armchair critics most of which have no valid experience, that does not allow them to do their job safely. The result is murder rates are going up in these areas because they can’t do their job safely. This is the world we live in now. A multicultural one where you have to treat everyone the same because if you dare to identify the difference between one persons racial identity and another you will be slurred with all the Marxist crap. Daniel Shaver was not murdered, he payed the Marxist nigger tax.

    • Daniel Shaver made one mistake. He let down his guard and got intoxicated outside of his own safe home. The woman, who was not as drunk, was able to understand that the drooling fool of a cop meant “walk towards us on your knees” instead of “crawl towards us”.

      • I count multiple mistakes:
        1. He pointed a rifle out a window drawing the attention of swat.
        2. He didn’t follow instructions on leaving the room.
        3. He made actions when told not to move multiple times.
        4. He reached for his waste after being told if he continued to do things outside the orders he would be shot.

        He was an idiot. Didn’t deserve to be shot in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a multicultural world of subversion.

        • No, he didn’t deserve to be shot in any world. What that officer did was not reasonable at all. That man was no threat to him. Any fool could have gleaned that. Cop was a trigger-happy psychopath. He had multiple opportunities to take actions that would have averted that outcome. He could have cuffed him earlier, he could have talked to the guy to gain a better understanding of the situation instead of shouting orders at him like some sort of military commander, etc. He failed & failed again. What that officer did was not only unreasonable & unjust, it was plainly unlawful. It was obvious that cowardly, slobbering clown was no threat to anyone. Cop should be in prison.

  • This is one of the most poignant things you have written, which counts as high praise because I think you are a great writer. The bottom line is we need to build a community. Jack Donovan and Paul Waggener were right after all.

  • Vinny loses me with the worse is just worse cliche. How does anyone think white nationalism and the alt-right are finally gaining traction among the working and middle class? It’s because of Obongo’s strident anti-white politics from 2009-2017, shitty race relations and worsening economic prospects for white males. IOW, it’s because things are worse, not better. It’s forcing whites to reject all of the old paradigms, question the existing order and finally consider race.

    Some worsening of the economy, race relations and social relations usually precedes radical changes in thought and a revolutionary mood. I wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. As is it I think there’s enough evidence for any white person who hasn’t gone totally shitlib to realize that we are on the wrong course and a few tweaks to the tax code and more civic nationalism isn’t going to make all the races love one another and stop Muslim savages from committing more acts of terror.

    A booming economy and blacks, latrinos and muzzies behaving themselves isn’t going to turn whites into two fisted racial nationalists who demand their own ethnostates. But more racial conflict might.

    • Maybe not. Look at how frequently young women on youtube make anti-feminism channels for attention. We made it popular to be anti-feminist and we won. We never changed a single mind. Feminism was ALWAYS a bad idea and yet it flourished. The same thing is happening here. We are gaining people, not because of strong conviction, but due to a spirit of prudence among those who would be groupies or profiteers.

      • And we made it popular because it’s alienating a large swatch of the white male population. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Revolutionary changes in thought rarely happen in a vacuum.

  • The poor in america live on average on more square foot space then europeans and are more likely to own a car then middle class europeans. American pooverty is pumped up by gadgedry. And the poorer people get, the less money they have for the dumb shit they do now. If they get poorer, they need to see the family as economic unit again or suffer worse consequences.
    And the people who are even below that poverty, who gives a fuck about them. I don’t want trailer park trash in this ethno state just because its white trailer park trash.

    • Seriously what are you advocating…child labor? Sell poor White Children into prostitution in Muslim Michigan?…Is there no limit to the moral depravity of Anarcho-Capitalists?

      • Did you see me advocating there for child labor? You hysterical, emotionaly retarded catlady? Don’t bullshit me with your bullshit morality you just drag up to virtue signal your fellow catladies.
        But i rather have child labor then child starvation.

    • They would not be white trailer park trash in an ethnostate. White trailer park trash is a result of Jewish subversion among other things. Take a look at pre-WW2 Germany. The people were starving to death and there were tens of thousands of Whites committing suicide etc etc. In a few short years of White rule under Hitler Germany became a global giant when the rest of the world struggled with the Great Depression.

      • Bullshit. This is exactly the peasant slave morality mindset i can’t stand. What the fuck do you know about pre-WW2 germany. What the fuck do you know how much brute force and terror was necessary against the white lower class to beat them into shape and get rid of filthy tenement slums. There was no trailer park trash in nazi germany because they killed you if you were white trash. They got the black triangle and were killed off. Nazis don’t save white trash, they don’t blame it all on the jews, they purge it.

        • “There was no trailer park trash in nazi germany because they killed you if you were white trash. ” Provide evidence that this happened at all. I can’t find any. It appears your making up history. Many of the SS, Wermacht, politicians et al were what would be today labelled “red necks” and “trailer trash”. Himmler himself was a “red neck farm hand”.

          • Its the black triangle you moron. Antisocial Elements got flagged with the black triangle in summer camp. And being a low class chicken breeder doesn’t make one trailer trash you dysgenic oxygen waster.

          • And what kind of standards are the Nazi Leaders anyway. Himmler was a weak chinned pussy ass deskjockey. Goebbels had shity genes and was running around on his wife he had kids with. At least he had the sense to kill off the kids too in the end and take out his shitty genes with them.

          • Goebbels more than likely had an IQ at least twenty points higher than yours, especially if your writing style is any indication. He was also, in all ikelihood, judging historical records, Hitler’s most dedicated follower. Certainly highly honorable.

            I do agree with you on Himmler, he was a traitor, though I can not his jaw line, a very superficial observation. It would be wise to understand that, although height and looks are the ideal, they are not the end all be all, and can in some cases disappoint.

            Anyway, your bitter tone seams to suggest weak genes.

          • Clearly I referred to Himmler as a “red neck farm hand”, not as “trailer trash”.

            You seem to misinterpret the black triangle and the subversion of the Jews. These Germans were “trailer park trash” and “rednecks” because they had no power. It was taken away from them through (((bankers))), (((financiers))) and Internationalists and the global depression they caused. A similar event is happening today in the US and Europe, although I think if a great depression comes along it will be much worse. When Hitler took over, their power was restored and they stopped being “trailer park trash” and “rednecks” and like Himmler many of them rose to positions of prominence. Much the same way this would happen today. I wouldn’t claim that all of the trailer park trash would cease to be such, but by removing the subversion on these “White trash people” most of them would do just as happened in Germany in the 30’s.

  • Well, technically there is one other things cops are interested in besides maintaining order, (or at least big city cops are). They are interested in going along to get along so they can maybe make sergeant and retire in their 50’s with a six digit, COLA, tax exempt stress disability pension plus full benefits, with the fervent hope that their old municipality will somehow be able to keep coming up with the money for another 30 years

  • Worse is not better, but the reality is that things will become worse regardless of what we do. Where we are now is comparable to just after the fall of the Roman empire or the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, what the future will hold is unclear but it will become much worse before it can ever get better again. The best thing we can do is increasingly disassociate ourselves from this sick society, it will eventually come apart in ever more violent bursts, our only focus is survive as the white race. If we do survive the distant generations will see us as legends, if we cannot survive then it is just as well, because the world populated by non white brown masses will be a living nightmare for all.

    • Very Very sick and diseased….a fat fuck homosexual Kraut Catholic Priest announces to his congregation that he is a fat homo…..and his Conservative Catholic Congregation stands and applauds..This happened in Wisconsin two days ago.

  • Let the Hate RISE in you, White Goyim……..

    It’s Justified……


    “Antifas who shut down Washington DC, launched violent attacks on random Trump supporters and then destroyed swaths of the city for J20 were let off the hook thanks to the Honorable Judge (((Lynn Leibovitz))) engineering an acquittal. No surprise. System works for them.”

  • This is one funny article. I am full accelerationist and everything that is going on right now will end up working in our favor.

    Not only that, most of it is actually necessary for us to get what we want. I know many of people in alt-right are against massive liquidation of human lives. But its going to happen one way (executions) or another (starvation). Its important for future generations to know that we did everything for them and they wanted to eradicate us anyway.

  • I truly don’t think that I’m a Psychopath or a Sociopath……….

    I mean…….

    I can’t be the only person in the Alt-Right who kinda envies James Field in a way……

    Minus the Arrest and First Degree Murder charge………

    Am I really the only one who has dreamt about driving a Dodge Charger into a Crowd of Antifa??

    The only Real Question is:

    Why did he keep Braking??………

  • One of the effective mechanism of Jewish intellectual terror is targeting. The Tanya Gersh affair was ACTUALLY incredibly effective. There was noise from the local tribalist calling for a truce. The local businesses were going bananas and getting desperate.

    Why has has this and other similar techniques worked for Jews for hundreds of years ?

    Because of the focus and asymmetrical application of force.

    Jews have ALWAYS been effective even though they are an extremely small percentage precisely because they coordinate and concentrate their fire.

    Have you every noticed how inconsequential some of their targets are at the ADL?

    Some no-name major of a midwest city. A manager of a Stop n Go.

    But that is precisely the point. It’s BETTER to target the common because it’s that much easier to imagine yourself the object of this kind of tactic.

    Again, we don’t have to be effective ALL of the time. It’s simple Game Theory.

    ** I propose that simply create a “profile of the week”. That person goes on a list … like the ADL creates a list.

    Someone who has been especially execrable. And we profile their misdeeds and bring attention to them, their “community”, the company and perhaps their friends and family.

    The BEST target would not be a top tier enemy … like a Tim Wise. No, Tim Wise and his ilk would love it as a “badge of honer”

    But rather a second level “civilian” who doesn’t want trouble but thinks they are out of the line of fire. True believers in the trenches.

    Maybe some newby 24 year old cat-lady attorney who works for the SPLC and is coordinating with … let’s say the Charlotte police.

    Or maybe some junior VP of a fortune 500 who sends out a directive to hire anything that is not white and male.

    Again, nothing illegal or immoral. Simply profile their work and bring disproportionately massive attention to what they are doing and how it is effecting White people.

    We need our leaders to better define our enemies, call for specific action and use Art of War techniques to begin creating REAL costs of opposition.

    Bottom line: our enemies must pay a cost or

  • I disagree.

    I think a dirty bomb in a major American city -rendering it uninhabitable, could really shake the country apart.

  • The conversion-consumption mentality has come to define every aspect of Americanism and the West.

    A missionary is bored with existing Christians. His excitement and joy come with converting people into New Christians. So, he seeks out yet more heathens to convert. He gets his thrills that way. Already-Christians are boring. The glory comes with saving new souls for Christ. It’s like a hunter is bored with trophies on the wall. He wants to kill new animals. A fisherman is bored with caught fish. He wants the excitement of catching new fish.

    Same goes for shopping and collecting. A woman is bored with clothes and shoes she has. The joy comes in buying New shoes and clothes. The new stuff could be no better or even worse than the stuff she already has, but there is excitement in newness itself.
    And book collectors keep getting new books even though old ones go unread cuz of the excitement of getting new stuff. And people wanna travel to new places to feel the thrill again.

    So, America is more excited about New Americans. America must shop for New Americans. Old Ones are boring. America must convert non-Americans into Saved People by becoming Americans.
    And Europe is excited about New Europeans. Merkel is like a fisherman dragging in a giant net that overflows with tons of new fish.

    So, even illegals are ‘dreamers’. And the future is always more hopeful than the past or the now. As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow will be another day.” And Annie sang about Tomorrow. America is to be Tomorrowland.

    But as the retro-nostalgia of TOMORROWLAND showed, there can be no tomorrow without yesterday. And BACK TO THE FUTURE shows future owes to the past. And the Renaissance was about paving into the future by regaining lost knowledge, culture, and glory.

    Progs are into missionary zeal. They are about converting others into New Americans or New Europeans.

    Cons are more into the born-again experience. It’s about rediscovering the truth within you and drawing excitement from such realization via reconnection. To be born-again means to realize what’s inside that has been ignored or forgotten.

    Hilary was into converting the world. She is missionary-istic.

    Trump’s MAGA message is Americans must be born-again and find glory in the Americanism that they’ve forgotten. It is baptivistic, to be born again, to become who you are.

  • So you admit that the Muslims have a successful strategy and that said strategy consists of basically screaming “Allahu Akbar” and blowing yourself up in crowded public areas. I have to admit that you are probably right, Vincent. It reminds me of the monks dousing themselves and gasoline and lighting themselves on fire, it rings of is conviction. It says to the flippant pusillanimous western cucktard, “Fuck you I’m willing to die for me and mine, your move motherfucker.”

    And the visuals are stunning. The wreckage and aftermath of these terrorist events, the still photos of little blond haired princesses mangled by truck tires is like a Picasso as far as propaganda art goes. Dance floors littered with corpses. Ahh! The death throes of the west. What’s funny Vincent is that you do not realize we’ve already lost!!! The alt-right is that ignorant captain refusing to jump ship.

    The Muslims have a shared conviction that they are willing to die for and white people in Europe and North America alike have nothing but shame and humiliation burned into their souls by the Jewish media from the moment they are born.

    I agree that we need to focus on bringing people down Vincent, and we need to do it aggressively. We need to start being shrewd, we need to start kicking our opponent when he’s down…as long as the referee has their head turned the other way, at least. We need to start treating these people like the subhumans they are. The alt-right is the natural aristocracy, we are the tribal leaders, we just need to wake up our tribe. I have faith in Jung’s prediction about the Odin Complex. She’s coming back around again.

  • The reason why Western Globalists side with ‘migrants’ on some instinctive level is due to European Imperialist Legacy. European ‘migrant’ colonists arrived on other lands and gradually and then dramatically took over. It’s like the Pilgrims first arrived as ‘refugees’. And British convicts arrived as migrants in Australia and took over. So, newspapers like the Guardian are left-imperialist. They believe any people have the human RIGHT to barge into other nations and colonize it. It is a retro-justification for European imperialism, just like Diversity Cult justifies past imperialism that forced Diversity on the world.

    Using Guardian Left-Imperialist Logic, No people have a right to defend and preserve their nation and culture. All nations must be Tibetanized or Hawaiianized, i.e. invaded and transformed by migrant colonists. (But Israel gets Pass Over privileges.)

    Globalism is Left-Imperialism.

    • There is a huge difference between a refugee showing up at an advanced nations front door, asking for assistance.

      And a pioneer arriving, after a many months long voyage at sea, on a wild, over grown and un civilized continent. Having nothing but his own will to create, build and flourish.

      You shoul drop the leftist talking points.

  • I’m a little confused by your writing Vincent. Sometimes I think you are pro-accelerationism, but sometimes it seems the opposite.

      • I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful if that’s how my comment came across, Vincent is one of my favourite writers here actually.
        Just hoped to get a little more insight into this issue.

        • No, I agree with you. You didn’t sound disrespectful. Vincent has even responded to me directly here about writing an article about accelerationism. I think that opinions and convictions are changed here daily. I have lost track of how many times guys like you have made me see things from a better perspective here.

  • I agree, these normies are not going to wake up. As things get worse, their response will be to be even nicer to the Muslims. These people are spineless, cowards and deserve exactly what they are gong to get. We can’t win an armed revolt against the system at this time. They are too strong and we are too small and weak, and suicide missions should be avoided. We’re still in the educate, agitate, organize stage and will be for awhile.

    If you are going to go the electoral politics route, I would say that selling non-whites on racial seperation would be more productive than trying to convince white normies about the joys of white nationalism. Make it about empowerment of communities, not black crime and white victimhood. A lot of black nationalists and La Raza types already agree with you about pretty much everything. Pulling out the old race/Iq stats charts are insulting and demeaning to substantial portions of people who could potentially be allies (not comrades) . Focus instead on how multiculturalism has been a failure for all parties involved except the elites who profit off of cheap labour. Actually be populist, not divisive. Just my 2 cents.

    • That sounds to me like George Lincoln Rockwell’s strategy. It’s a proven method as far as I can tell.
      It was effective enough that he had to be assassinated.

      • Yeah. These Black Panthers seem pretty receptive to Tom Metzger and White Aryan Resistance. A lot of WN 2.0 types, have been so quick to distance themselves from 1.0 that they’ve ignored a lot of the good strategies they had.

        • He was gaining support from Muslim separationists, brought attention to the JQ, increased white racial consciousness, and got people to start questioning the real pros and cons of the Second World War.
          It’s a tragedy that he was killed.

          • He made one appearance with the Nation of Islam, hardly a great accomplishment. The JQ was widely known and understood not only by establishment Whites but even common people. Rockwell helped demonized White racial consciousness at a time when pro-White attitudes were entirely mainstream. The failure of pro-Whiteness during the 1960s was helped by Rockwell, who was a literal carnival act for the media. If I could go back in time I’d shoot him before he started his clown act. Rockwell was the worst thing that ever happened to the pro-White movement and his legacy is a legacy of 100% failure. No wonder the Jews loved him so much.

      • I agree to some extent. My concern is that young people are told we’re all the same, so what’s the harm in mixing it up? As much as I prefer to keep it positive and avoid insulting potential allies, it seems to me we must keep telling the truth about racial differences.

        • The Jared Taylor approach is effective in red pilling white people on race realism, I’m not saying he should stop doing what he’s been doing, but I don’t see it as effective in a political context in a country that’s already 60/40.

    • Yes, the normies are spineless cowards so why on earth would someone try to save something that does not want to be saved.

    • That isn’t how the world works. Slaves are slaves. They cannot be made into anything other than slaves. They exist to be told what to do. This is the majority mental form of most humans. We have two choices. Let our enemies control the slaves or control the slaves ourselves. The slaves don’t care which side they serve, so long as they are properly whipped. Be advised, they may ask for a ballgag before you start striking. Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc…

        • This is true. It can be reversed with better economic models. The State treasures dollars instead of daughters. Precious stones instead of precious sons. We just have to slowly shift the mindset of our own people to make this change.

      • It’s good to see this type of pure realism. Do we water down our message in order to gain power, though?


      I mean this would even top:MOSSIAC IS COMMING!!!!!!!

  • The 50 American states are the Occupied States of America, occupied by the federal government in Washington, D.C. (which demonstrably does not represent the people, and is not controlled by the people). The state and local enforcement officers are esssentially Vichy police, who enforce the occupation by the federal government. That is not intended as an insult. It is meant to be an observation of reality.

    • Indeed. But if this is true (& make no mistake, I think it is), is there really anything anyone might do against this government, against this system, that would justify condemning them or their actions? What is the right way forward? Who among us is any position to condemn those who do disturbing, terrible, even mad things to deliver us?

  • Notice how Trump is drawing a clear distinction between the US and the other Western powers with respect to the Jerusalem issue. The former is resolute, while the latter are cowards who are actually afraid of sandpeople. Meanwhile, Israel knows exactly how to deal with them: live ammunition.

    • Listen very carefully you little whop shit…Trump’s precious Israel could result in two family members of mine serving in the US Army paying the ultimate price for OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!!!…

      OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!! is an existential threat to the continued existence of THE NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN WORKING CLASS POPULATION….

      • Gulf War 1+Gulf War 2=5.6 TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!!!!………



        Wow…this would make a real neat billboard up and down I-95….now wouldn’t it….

        What shall we name this billboard?…hmmm……let’s see…By Jove!!!…I think I’ve got it….We shall name the above billboard the:WOW!!!!! SIGNAL!!!!

  • Trump Administration game plan:

    Bleed Christian Russia in the Middle East….The Reagan Cold War Game Plan of the 80’s……..Depeche Mode Music in the background….And hope Russia will collapse before the US collapses…

    I believe Donald Trump will be the first POTUS to be indicted and prosecuted for War Crimes…..his MAGAPEDES!!! are going to be the most despised insect species on the fucking planet….it is surely comming…..

    Maybe it would have been better if Hillary Clinton was announced POTUS on Nov 3 2016….accelerated worse is better….The Billarypedes would have had the honor of being the most despised insect species on the Planet…

  • I want to be very fair to Vincent Law’s comments…my conversation last night with my brother= verbatim Vincent Law’s comments….What I am asking Vincent Law to do is look for the cracks….crack em—frack em wide open……This is where the Alt Right rap comes in….WE BE ALT RIGHT RAPTOLOGISTS!!!

  • Here you got everything right. Criticizing jews or muslims or blacks or even women is a sign of weakness. It makes us look like the bottom scrape of society competing with other disadvantaged groups. That’s how the media like to portray us, and that’s how we should regard feminists and BLM. Target journalists, police, companies, NGOs, the government. The more power someone has, the more personal of attacks. The next time some mayor go after you: Take the rally to his home, at night with torches.

  • Oh I think we could get a lot more than 500…and I am gonna assume the support network for the start of Civil War 2 will come from THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN COMMUNITIES ACROSS THE US….But this isn’t the fundamental point at the moment.

    The fundamental point-issue is that the Alt Right has to have a simple easy to process rap to present to the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS that accelerates the revolt against the very nasty consequences of the passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT…..this is something we need to talk about about….

    On the one hand, I agree with the facts as you have presented them….however, it’s what you have left out that’s the problem..And what you have left out are two things:1)it’s an evolving situation….2)The White Working Class is pissed….I say this based upon conversations with White Folks and conservsations I have overheard post-9/11…Our People do talk negatively about both the Muslims and Asians when the Muslims and Asians aren’t around……

    More Worse is COMMING …no question about it…such as the Catholic Churches going full homo…..

    • I see your ranting capital letters and i know i will sit out this civil war if it means joining squads filled with angry boomers.

      • Don’t you like BILLBOARDS.?….THE ALT RIGHT should start thinking about a Nationwide billboard campaign across America to trigger THE WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING CLASS into an even greater state of hatred against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…….for the White Working Class would transition out of the cognitive dissonance stage into a state of full-blown RACE REVOLT!!…a hell of lot faster…

        Let us trigger THE WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING CLASS into a CAPTOPLECTIC mental state….

        You are a creature of little creativity and imagination…..

  • Hmmmmm.

    I pretty much agree but do note that there were/are some White groups that can/did hold the streets when faced with Antifa, Islam violence:

    White bikers.

    I encourage everyone here to work hard to get to know, join White bikers – they are better than White military veterans. It takes a set of balls to ride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists tend not to lick the boots of system cops.

    Hells Angels did solid security at Rolling Stones concerts – killed some uppity Black guy sporting a White girlfriend and brandishing a gun. The Hells Angels beat the system in court.

    Here are White bikers running off New Black Panthers who tried to intimidate some White home owner who shot and killed to illegal aliens who were robbing a neighbor’s home.

  • While bombing a police dept in Sweden might have got them to back off, i think it was more the politicians who have control over those officers job that made them back off the mussies than the mussies themselves.
    If anyone tried that here in America, the Feds would have endless funding and man power to hunt down and terminate the aggressors if they were White.
    I find it so hypocritical that so many conservatives love and respect George Washington yet if we do the same thing to our oppressors now, they will call us terrorist.
    IMO we will have to wait till there is a catastrophic financial collapse and SHTF before the rightful owners of America resume control. Most will be dead in 6 months with no power and i have no doubt who will be left standing between a culture of fanny pack wearing liberals and the Duck Dynasty type of Conservative.
    The DDC have their flaws as they are not “Race Realist” but with so few Americans left after the war, i think our way of thinking will prevail, and the normal source of immigration will resort back to focus on European stock.

    • This is wishful thinking.

      Putting your feet up, stocking up on ammo and mountain dew and just waiting has done nothing.

      Only people who believe “worse is better” can say that anything has come of that strategy.

      • I believe Trump is just a short delay in the inevitable collapse. If hillary had won, i think we soon would be facing the scenario i describe, but she did lose so there has been a delay. Make no mistake about it the communist in this country will come back with a vengeance to punish us for Trump and further their agenda of destroying America and complete collapse is their goal, it just will not turn out the way that they had hoped.

        • And when the collapse comes, what will our numbers be? 20% of the population? 30?
          And how much further behind technologically will we be then?
          And what if the collapse doesn’t come? What if our overlords manage the decline well, as they have done thus far, keeping the masses at subsistence level to thwart insurrection?
          Don’t we want to at least help precipitate the collapse? And how best can we do that?
          People keep talking about this inevitability or that inevitability, but there is no inevitability. We must will the future we want into being.
          We’re not doing enough.

  • It’s the economy stoopid. Really, comfort stops activism in its tracks. As long as we can escape into virtual worlds, eat like kings, travel abroad and build ourselves mini-castles there won’t be a lot of political action coming from normal white men. We’re too successful to commit to a metapolitical cause, typically. The whites who do commit to anything political on the left or right are few and far between and often are spergs or low IQ (looking at you antifa). In that sense, yes, worse is better.

    • The people who become worse off are the people who are already struggling and already closest to us. There are millions of White americans living in poverty. What will millions more living in poverty change?

        • The afrikaaners are a lost cause anyway. They were kicked out of liberal holland because they were weirdos in the first place.

      • Poverty is relative. I’ll sound like a civnat there but social mobility is still very much possible given enough effort. Now when the price of basic commodities goes through the roof and there’s no hope of advancement, then whites will start questioning the system in earnest. As it stands the frog is being boiled way too slowly to notice anything. It’s livin’ the life inside the pot. I do agree that it’s not the optimal scenario and that we should work hard to build up the movement mind you. But when it comes to putting ourselves on the line being too comfortable seems to be the main obstacle.

      • What did it change in the past? Answer:Violent Labor Revolts against Old Man Rockveller….Carniege-Fricke….West Virginia Coal Mining Companies…And the consequences for the quality of life for the White Working Class were profound and significant……The Cold War Ideology and the passage of the 1965 NON WHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT really should be understood as the counter-attack by the WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING MEGA CEO CLASS…against the enormous gains of White Labor post-Civil War 1 to Oct 1965….

  • Society drifts further to the left as well having growing right wing tendencies because society drifts further apart. And thats a good thing.
    You know why these eastern european countries are so nationalistic compared to the west? Because everyone who was ready to give it up became a muslim and worked for the ottomans. Bosniaks are just Serbs who converted.
    We lose nothing if white bugpeople submit themselfs to Islam besides workanimals and cattle, which become less and less important in the age of 3D printing and Harvest Robots.

    And there is something else. These Terror Attacks show how Muslims Weaponize their Drags, their Addicts, their wannabee Gangsta Types to be canon fodder. There are two Books on this. “Dying to win” and “The Management of Savagery” on this. Terrorism works. And if not, at least the former degenerate Loser Muslim Terrorists understands himself as part of the problem and understands that he needs to die too.

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