The Twitter Purge: What’s Happening?

December 18, 2017, was set to be a Day That Would Live in Infamy—the day the Alt-Right was banned en masse from Twitter upon the release of its new rules.

The results were more ambiguous.

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance were the most notable victims of the purge, notable because no one can remember Jared ever engaging in “abusive” behavior; if anything he should be criticized for his politeness. One purge seemed directly political, though: Twitter banned Britain First and Jayda Fransen, whom Donald Trump had retweeted last month, to the gasps and pearl-clutching of Theresea May and most of the mass media. (Britain First expresses your basic, Rebel Media-tier, neocon populism: “We hate Islam, but love, love, love Jews and Zionism. Not racist!). Other notables included Michael Hill, The Traditionalist Workers Party, The League of the South, Hunter Wallace, Vanguard America, and many others.

The purge is real, but I suspected it was overrated.

I then called on Alt-Right Twitter to post AmRen material—to use the site as a free-speech platform, which is its essence and destiny.

I thought I had escaped the Purge, but when I woke up this morning, I learned that I had been put into “time out.”

The offending tweet comes from a thread in which I compared Pim Fortuyn to Milo, two members of the “Degenerate Right” who based their careers on populism and immigration heresy. Fortuyn expressed some authentic nationalist feelings, whereas Milo put forth only liberalism. Perhaps Twitter’s Committee On Public Safety were simply searching for bad words. “Faggot” set off a bell.

Okay. No tweeting for the week.

Let’s see if this remains just a slap on the wrist. Perhaps Twitter is biding time to come up with a definitive strategy? Perhaps they are afraid of the news stories and “Is this censorship?” handwringing that would result if they gave me a compete ban?

Whatever happens, we cannot abandon Twitter.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Not going to bother with a new account if/when I get suspended.

    Just a minor request – when you guys set up the ethnostate and nationalize Twitter, be good sports and unban me, thx.

  • This crackdown is ridiculous. The only thing that such actions accomplish is that the non-agressive intellectuals in movement get pushed aside and militant thugs to surface. These idiots are creators of their own destruction.

  • If they want to sell twitter they would do better in taking the leash of the right. Then the globalists would HAVE TO buy it to shut us down. Since twitter is already cucking to the globalists there is no need on wasting money on shutting it down. Twitters owners should have read the art of the deal.

  • “Dangerous Faggot” was the name of Milo’s college tour, right? The people doing this should really understand the context of what you’re (we’re) tweeting before deciding to ban us.

  • Did you all forgett that Twitter does that because the company gets pressured by the European Union to do so? I see more Euro Cucks then Kikes involved in this purge. So where are all the Burgers who said “Iraq hates our freedoms!” 15 years ago when Europe hates your freedoms?
    oh yeah wait they are dead because that was 15 years ago.

    But anyway, how about an invasion of europe because they hate freedom of speech? How about that? Flatten some Urbanites, cull the herd, end european socialism with famine and war. I would sign up for that.

    • Your invasion never ended. You still have troops here and massive american cultural marxist tax exempt money stream into Europe every year.

      • “You”? Me? My invasion never ended? Oh man, i shouldn’t had that last shot of vodka, seems i totaly blacked out on my invasion of europe.

        And oh boy just look how my first comment just had a massiv loss of likes because some euro-cuck faggots are pissed that their faggy governments just bitched a US company to comply with their pathetic hatespeech complains. These people live in driving distance of you but still you can’t to a fucking thing about it. America won’t help you this time to bang out your own pathetic state of serfdom. Save yourself or go to hell.

        • Most of the British are absolute cucks, Andy. They take it a step further and even feel a need to ardently signal how much better they are than us American White trash racists. Think about it: just how many people from Britain do you know of that are political figures or activists of a truly Alt-Right tier Nationalism? Can’t think of a significant much. Similar to Poland.

          Pompous, without reason. Annoying.

          • Britain has the worse Political Correctness Tyranny in Europe. Worse then Germany, way worse then Sweden, and their government System is so heavly staffed with Muds, Pakis and Negroids already. These governments do way more damage to us then some kike lobby group writing articles about how we want Boomer Genocide.

  • I’m sure everyone knows or can guess my opinion of the Holy Roman Catholic Jack Dorsey. But, that said, in real world politics, Dorsey is no different than the anti-White Roman Catholic politicians allied with the Jews in Congress, the state houses, city governments and county commissions.

    I find it interesting that Jack Dorsey says he is “personally overseeing” his Twitter purge much to the pleasure of his Jewish friends at the ADL and elsewhere.

    • Look at how their ideology has altered their physical form. The two soy boys look like a couple of emaciated, degenerate faggots. Their (((sin))) is written on their faces. Liberalism is a spiritual sickness. A literal warp virus that I suspect is mostly transmitted via Apple products.

    • First of all, our guy is the handsomest of the three. Second, it totally breaks your brain when a normal dude that looks like he works some corporate job in the office next door starts to say crazy red-pilling things. Good man, Patrick Little!

  • I believe this Twitter Tempest will ultimately lead to Twitter’s demise.

    John Belushi played a tank commander in WWII in a Saturday Night live routine. The skit made fun of a trope from WWII movies where soldiers would out a spy by tripping him up with a simple question that every American GI would know the answer to.

    Belushi’s character asks the alleged spy something like, “Who plays second base for the Yankees?”

    The spy in the scene fails to answer and is shot. The farce continues as members of the bonafide American tank crew who get the answer wrong are also shot.

    Finally, his crew eviscerated, Belushi’s second in command, the only soldier left, casually asks Belishi, “So, who DOES play second base for the Yankees?”

    Belushi is stumped. “Realizing” that he is a spy, the tank commander character turns the gun on himself.

    So it will be with Twitter, I think. Their convoluted, twisted, distortion universe rules, will ultimately lead to their downfall, like a man looking at himself in a funhouse mirror and not realizing the enemy he has found is really himself.

    Disclaimer: I may have gotten some details of the show wrong and would be indebted to anyone who may have a link to an online copy of the performance.

  • I’ve read a comment by someone banned multiple times that says this: you get banned from Twitter for “homophobia” and “Islamophobia.” “Homophobia” because Twitter is run by homosexuals and “homophobia” is so natural to young men that they have to police it constantly. “Islamophobia” because Muslims are a *really difficult” sell to the West and the most likely place where the anti-White dam will break.

    Note that you can be “anti-semitic” and even (((Hollywood Nazi))) on Twitter, because both of those are good for Jewish power – so good, in fact, Jews are responsible for a huge fraction, if not even a plurality, of both.

    As far as the celebrity Alt-Right and specific organizations, yes, looks like they are going to do it slowly to avoid coverage in the major media.

    • I got booted off of Twitter twice. The 1st time for criticizing the cast of
      Hamilton for their disrespectful treatment of #VP Mike Pence. The 2nd time for criticizing MSNBC’s Canadian Muslim anchor Ali Velshi for his disrespectful treatment of #Congressman Jim Jordan during the healthcare debate.

      Ali Velshi personally engaged with me, and I let him know that he is a guest in the USA, and I was more interested in what the Congressman had to say than what he had to say.

      In the Hamilton discussion, all I did was defend Pence, and I didn’t say more than Newt Gingrich had said in Pence’s defense—that was enough to set the homos off. Once again I did engage with them, they started the discussion with me.

      • “I let him know that he is a guest in the USA.” That’s right. We should remind them that this is not their home at every opportunity.

        • Non-sequitur? Your comment is saying that their banning people like Taylor and Spencer, but keeping “Hollywood Nazis” because they are good for the Jews… Except the “Hollywood Nazis” you are referring to were banned before Spencer was, the article even says so. Indeed most of them were banned long before this purge, so what the fuck are you even talking about? Which “Hollywood Nazis” are on Twitter right now?

          LOL desperate to respond to you? I usually just downvote your dumbass comments without reading and move on. I don’t actually enjoy conversing with delusional conspiracy theorists all that much.

          • You apparently didn’t read the third paragraph of my comment, and didn’t understand the first sentence.

            “Which “Hollywood Nazis” are on Twitter right now?

            A vast number who are not “celebrity Alt-Right” – as I pointed out in the comment.

            “I usually just downvote your dumbass comments without reading and move on. I don’t actually enjoy conversing with delusional conspiracy theorists all that much.”

            You should go back to down-voting without reading, as that is the best strategy for someone of your mental limitations.

          • “A vast number who are not “celebrity Alt-Right””

            Yes. It’s going to take more than 2 days to ban everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders. If those people are still up this time next year then start conspiracy theorizing.

  • Jews think that they can put the Genie back in the Bottle……

    But, it’s too late………

    Too many White Goyim know now……..

    And we know A LOT……..

    If the Jews think they’re going to Shut us up now……….

    And everything is just going to go back to the Days of ‘Schindlers List’……


    The Jews must understand that their Crimes against the White European Peoples can not be Forgiven or Forgotten………

    They must be Paid for………

  • THE GREAT PURGE OF 1967!!!!


    I suppose our Jewish friends in OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!!!….must have had very good reasons to PURGE the White Christian Crew of the USS LIBERTY……that’s what PASTOR JOHN HAGEE told us this past SUNDAY at Church service……

  • So like…what exactly is the proper response to THE GREAT PURGE OF 1965?




    Alex Jones’s response to the Great Purge of October 1965:



    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act….


  • Richard,
    You are more provocative than Jared, no doubt.
    Even when faced with the most hostile environments, though
    (C-Ville, UF, Build Kate’s Wall…) you always conduct yourself as a reasoned, professional, commanding gentleman.
    You are too polite and dare I say “normal” for Twitter. They don’t know quite what to do with you. In which “birdcage” must they place you?? How do they handle a family man who sings Karaoke, dances at parties, and is likeable? J
    #FreeSpencer ?


    God Bless DENIS KEARNEY….and SAMUEL GOMPERS…..!!!!

    Chinese “Americans” will get to purge THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY…on NOV 3 2020…. by pulling the lever for POTUS Kamala Harris….

  • I can’t believe Jared Taylor of American Renaissance was purged by Twitter. He is a gentleman with not one anti-semitic bone in his body. He is not in any way hateful, nor does he instill fear in people. He is simply an advocate for white and European interests.

    #FreeAmRen #FreeSpencer

    • If he’s not anti-semitic at this point then he’s not very perceptive. I for one am not at all in disbelief he got banned. If you think politeness and “not being hateful” is going to save you then you don’t know the enemy that well.

      • ^This. The coming tide will create millions of new Christians as they see the demons dancing behind the eyes of our foes. You don’t have to believe when you can see.

      • The purpose of Taylor’s “politeness and not being hateful” isn’t to “save” him from anti-whites. The purpose is to appeal to the smartest and most capable Whites, which Taylor is very successful at. Taylor’s audience is not anti-Whites.

        • Hipster how can you know who the smartest and most capable are when you can’t even read the context of my response? I was not claiming the purpose of his politeness was to save him from anti-whites. I was responding to Jill’s disbelief that anti-whites would ban him despite not being hateful.

          Personally, and feel free to disagree with me here since it’s only a matter of taste, I find Taylor to be a bit weird and boring. I never found him particularly charming or persuasive. But each to his own.

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