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The only question remaining is whether they are knowingly lying or whether they really are this stupid.

Twitter Bans Some White Nationalists, Who Flee To Safe Space” gloats the Daily Beast about The Great Twitter Purge of 2017. It makes me tired to point out Gab is not a “safe space,” nor “far-right,” but simply a place that allows more free speech than Twitter. A “safe space” means opposing views or different groups are excluded in the name of making those inside the “space” feel comfortable in their bubble. This is why campus leftists demand lavishly funded “resource centers” only those of a certain demographic group or ideological orientation can use. Any leftist can join Gab and post about his views; someone who understands the reality of race can no longer join Twitter and post about his views. Twitter is becoming a “safe space” for egalitarians; Gab is not becoming a “safe space” for the Alt-Right.

Yet perhaps the Beast is on to something by redefining a term into its opposite. The most valuable commodity in our collapsing civilization (besides Bitcoin) is ownership of media outlets, something which “may define a ruling elite more precisely than the celebrated Marxian formula of ‘monopoly in the means of production.’” It is the disproportionately Jewish media elite (and, higher up the pyramid, the disproportionately Jewish financial elite which controls that media) which constitutes the real elite of the world. Like the priest-kings of the distant past, they possess the power to reinterpret reality for the vast masses of people. Some female journalist at the Daily Beast is akin to some parish priest during the Church’s days of power. And the greatest power the priests of weakness possess is the redefinition of words.

Orwell is the most overcited author in political commentary, with “Orwellian” deployed far too frequently to describe our world, usually in regard to the use of surveillance cameras or government censorship. Contra an especially stupid Hillsdale College Professor and National Review contributor, Orwell was a socialist. But he was a man who despised cant – be it from right or left. His 1944 analysis of the way most people use the word “fascism,” as something “almost entirely meaningless,” could have been written yesterday. And 1984 is not fundamentally about “surveillance,” but about the ability of power to change the meaning of words and the perception of reality.

The goal of the Party’s Newspeak in the book is to make political dissent not just unrealistic but unthinkable. Certain concepts are to be rendered impossible to express. When obvious contradictions appear, Crimestop, or “protective stupidity” protects the Party member from falling into thoughtcrime.

In the distant recesses of memory from the times when I was race-blind, I recall how racial equality was taken as a given in my own mind. When evidence began to accumulate and lead towards a “racist” conclusion, I would wrench my mind away, the same way a medieval Roman Catholic might forcibly wrench his consciousness away if doubts crept in about the Resurrection or the Virgin Birth. Most people operate in this way. It’s not that they don’t notice certain problems, but they simply will not let their thoughts trend in this direction.

If pressed, one can summon anecdotal evidence such as “I know an Asian who failed math” or “I know a smart black guy.” The more well trained can dutifully repeat unfalsifiable and unquantifiable theories about the unlimited power of “white privilege” or “structural racism.” Thus it is we have innumerable men and women, educated by the world’s finest universities and possessed of high IQ’s, considering questions like “why are Australian Aboriginals not equal to whites even though we spend twice as much on them?” Obviously, some of these people are simply going along with the multicultural program either out of hatred for whites or for private gain. But the more terrifying possibility is that many, perhaps most, really are confused by these questions and simply can not force their brain to entertain new theories.

Watching people distort their consciousness is amusing at first, terrifying upon further reflection. For all the complaints about the “tyranny” of National Socialist Germany or Fascist Italy, only leftism can create the kind of unlimited, crazed insanity of hunting down “wreckers” and scapegoats needed to explain the failure of the egalitarian vision.

Hierarchy is by its nature limited and bound to the concrete; greatness is pursued but imperfection is recognized as an unfortunate reality, like the existence of death or suffering. But a vision of unlimited equality can never be satisfied and there must always be someone to blame, some villain responsible for why the plan didn’t work this time. A Cultural Revolution-style mania is not just inevitable, it’s everlasting as long as those in power sincerely believe in the coming utopia, which is always just one more purge away. Thus we end up with the unlimited radicalism underlying “anti-fascism,” whose ideology defines practically the entire world as an enemy to be exterminated and then somehow, someway, “equality” will arrive.

If we are not allowed to consider the reality of racial inequality, we are similarly not able to realistically consider policies such as health care, education, or national security. The current multicultural order will not just fall like the Soviet Union, but it will fall for exactly the same reason. Claims are being made about the ability to manipulate reality which simply cannot be achieved. The USSR claimed its system was the most efficient way to organize an economy, but it couldn’t produce basic consumer goods. Our entire society is built around the goal of pursuing “equality,” but there are entire schools in Baltimore where not one student can do basic mathematics.

As cognitive dissonance increases, so too will the repression. The Twitter purge is only a small example. No “Alt-Right troll” can muster the fanaticism and hatred a typical journalist has for the average Trump supporter. Twitter could have easily banned people from making violent threats. Instead, Twitter is purging people for making prohibited arguments. The claim that Jared Taylor of all people is associated with a “violent” group gives the game away. And it won’t stop there. Even as power is consolidated, the definition of “racism” and “bigotry” will continue to expand. Already, “Nazi” is essentially a racial slur meaning “any white person I don’t like” and “white” itself has become something of an insult.

After all, if the Internet has shown us anything, a sufficiently large discussion forum, if not strictly moderated, will become “far-right.” What is the “far-right” except militant common sense? Degeneracy and criminality are opposed. Beauty and health are prized. Hierarchy is recognized. You are able to take your own side. No wonder the media is so worried about Taylor Swift having a social networking application which hasn’t kicked out the Republicans yet.

Because the enemy is ineradicable, the persecution will be unlimited. Every white person in America is guilty at some level. James Traub at Foreign Policy tells us the enemy isn’t just Trump, but the “Donald Trump in all of us.” America is “decadent,” but not because our identity has been deconstructed, our blood and treasure squandered in pointless foreign wars, our culture turned into a whorehouse, and our land occupied by contemptuous foreigners providing a sociopathic elite cheap labor and bought votes. No, it’s “hatred of the other” that’s the problem. We need to imitate Great Britain after the fall of the Empire, he tells us, as if Cuck Island is supposed to be anything other than a cautionary tale.

In the nightmare society that is emerging, every single person in the country will be surveilled and policed by an unlimited number of volunteer commissars. The sins for which you can be professionally and personally destroyed are unlimited and constantly redefined. As Mark Steyn accurately observed, a general accusation by someone you don’t know is now enough to end your career, and social relations are essentially becoming “impossible” because of how the Left has weaponized both race and sex. Thus, all one can do to survive economically is to reveal your true thoughts to as few people as possible. In the land of the free, you must assume every other person you meet will, if they have the opportunity, accuse you of some newly developed sin in order to profit off your destruction, or simply to feel good about themselves.

Defending the infinitely malleable nature of man in 1984, the Inner Party member O’Brien tells Winston Smith “men” are a thing of the past. “Your kind is extinct; we are the inheritors,” he said. Can we call the degenerate meat sacks kept waddling through the streets of the post-West by constant injections of high fructose corn-syrup and antidepressants “men?” People, of whatever race, have an identity, a sense of being, what we used to call a soul. There’s something irreducible and irreplaceable about each individual person, which is why we mourn and say a person is “gone” when their mind is fragmented by dementia or disease. But what of those who will denounce and disown friends, family, spouses or colleagues based on accusations of newly invented sins and redefined words? Such creatures are something more than automatons, but something less than people.

And yet, when the indoctrination and intimidation is lessened even the slightest bit, it seems that most of our race truly do have a healthy sense of life. The support of the “far right” is always far greater than what polls suggest, and the only thing holding it back is repression. This is why misanthropy, while tempting, is ultimately mistaken. And the hysteria of our enemies, the crudity of their technique, and the brazenness of their lies gives cause for hope. They must win everywhere, every time, and in all places. We only need the freedom to speak and organize, and our path to victory is set. Our enemies are paranoid. But their paranoia is justified. And so should be our optimism.

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

Gregory Hood
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