Kraut And Tears

There’s been some e-drama going down. I mean, when isn’t there e-drama brewing, though? Could you imagine the Alt-Right without the drama?

I sure can’t.

And this story is actually somewhat interesting.

Ever hear of Kraut and Tea? He’s some Anglo/German/Jewish guy living somewhere in Europe, making videos attacking race realism, but also critiquing SJWs. In other words…

You know all those faggots on youtube who think they’re redpilled edgy for criticizing Religion of Cuck™ and blue-haired feminists? That’s the “”skeptic community””. aka “le radical centrists”. You know the types. Sargon and his ilk. No one really gave a shit about these fags when they were just focusing on their low-hanging-fruit (bitching at le SJWs for hours a day) but then they started getting butthurt when white nationalism was growing in popularity, so they’ve tried going after us to remain relevant. And it’s backfiring spectacularly. – /pol/ anon

Why bring this up?

Well, because a lot is at stake. The Alt-Lite or the Skeptics as they call themselves are bigger than us in terms of viewer counts, sub counts and that sort of thing.

Sucks, but it’s true.

But why is this? Well, there are two factors at play. The first one is good. Lots of people are turned off by the antics of the militant left and look out there for another option, another narrative, someone who speaks out against their insanity. Both the Alt-Right and the Skeptics offer that.

However, their take is much easier to stomach.

Why? Well because Skeptics ™ decry all identity politics and demand that we return to some golden era of being enlightened atomized individuals. I assume that this is America circa-1990 or something. They basically say that the SJWs are bad, and that we’re just as bad because we also practice group identity politics only for White people.

It’s a nice little cop-out of addressing the real problems. Sargon, the biggest skeptic of them all in particular likes to hammer home this point and calls it “horseshoe theory.”

Sargon cannot debunk this meme.

To his credit, Sargon debated Jared Taylor, but was absolutely defeated.

And it seems like he never really absorbed JT’s arguments and just kept on keeping on. In fact, none of these Skeptics seem capable of debunking any of our arguments, so they have to resort to leftist tactics.

Meanwhile, meme-mockery is out preferred tactic.

Now, it turns out that Kraut and his crew kept a hitlist of Alt-Right personalities on Youtube that he planned to unleash “reckoning” on. That included doxxing, harassment and flagging their videos.

Is this important?

Well, yes.

This “community” is at odds with us and it competes for the same intellectual space as us. They serve as gatekeepers for hundreds of thousands of impressionable people – or rather as speed bumps along most thinking, disgruntled peoples’ journey to us.

And you can see why people emotionally latch onto them. Caring only about “the individual” and decrying group identity sounds a lot like what we’ve been taught up to 2007 is the right thing to do. So, it’s falling back on familiar territory and feeling reassured that this is in fact, new and edgy ground-breaking stuff.

Incidents like the Kraut one should highlight to everyone here that we’re at war with this community whether we like it or not. He even coordinated with a NYT reporter who wants to dox right-leaning e-celebs. We know this from a leaked discord recording.

And now we know who Kraut is too.

He has a very cringy post history on Atheist forums and on Reddit, showing interest in unusual kink sex, and actually seems to be ok with being cucked.

That’s his handle on many different forums.

The main reason why we are at odds with these people is that they are freaks we are competing over the same intellectual space and that’s why the conflict seems baked into the cake. They act as a gateway to us and not the other way around. They bleed fans and subscribers to us, and I have yet to hear a red-pilled Alt-Righter make the trip back over to them. It’s a one-way street, and they don’t like it. That’s why they keep trying to “take down” the Alt-Right. If we’re gone, they get to keep a monopoly on anti-SJW intellectual space.

In other words, this whole thing may seem like just shitposting and e-drama, but it is in fact actually important.

Worse, if one of theirs gets red-pilled by the Alt-Righters in the comments of their videos or something, they punish any deviation from the narrative.

This happened with a Youtuber named Rage Against Storm. She broke ranks and made a video promoting race realism that went semi-viral. This prompted Kraut and the other skeptics to dox her out to her employer and get her fired.

These people are not our friends. They feel threatened by us and now they’re starting to lash out.

Worse, none of them have anything interesting to say. And I can’t stand listening to pompous faggots with British accents pretending to be intellectuals. If you can, you should start taking T-injections, stat. Just take a giant needle full of Testosterone and jam it in your thigh and repeat until you can think straight again.

These milquetoast posers are unlistenable and useless.

Incident after incident like the one surrounding Kraut continue to pile up around these cancerous personalities. In all cases, we find out that they are somehow sexually, mentally or ethnically deficient in some way that affects their thinking.

It’s not even worth debating them in good faith anymore. And we won’t have to for long. They’re at each others throats over the leaks now. Disgusting details about all these freaks are coming out.

This guy used to be the second in command of Kraut’s group or something like that.

They got far, but in the end, we get to put our feet up and watch their entire community of freaks implode.

Attacking “es-jay-doubleyous” doesn’t make you anything special anymore. Do you understand that, radical centrists?

Your days are over.

There’s no holding back White Identity any longer.

Get with the program or get out.


PS: If you want to watch the fallout.


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  • The funniest thing about these “Skeptics”, who are just the 2017 edition of bow tie and fedora professional atheists, is that they themselves behave exactly like a cult.

    The reputation of the guru/preacher (in this case Cuck and Low-T) is what is most important, both for his congregation and himself. Truth, ideas do not matter. Protecting the guru’s image and suppressing unwanted ideas are what’s important. They, like Scientology and other such cults, have no problem doxing, harassing, threatening people.

    If these weirdos had an an ounce of self awareness they would realize that they are in fact a cult. This is ultimately the main issue of our society: most people need a religion in order to function properly. If they don’t have one that’s regulated and organized (a role Christianity traditionally fulfilled), they will either join foreign ones (Islam mainly) or create their own bizarre cults like being a liberal and believing that average 55 IQ Abo cannibals that didn’t even invent fire are exactly the same as Swedes or Japanese.

    I’m not even against atheists, just making an observation that people below say ~110 IQ seem to have problems functioning without an organized religion. They literally go insane.

  • Thank you for mentioning pompous idiots with British accents being considered immediately highly intellectual just because of their accent. I thought it was just me. Americans are complete suckers for that crap.

  • Once you realize the media’s hatred for the white race, the only logical step is to move out of the alt lite into the alt right. Race is real, I am preserving mine.

  • “And I can’t listening to pompous faggots with British accents pretending to be intellectuals”.
    I know, like we don’t have enough to be embarrassed about already, without producing these specimens too.

  • The alt lite is the gate-way into alt Right no questions asked. We are threatening the existence of the alt light because, (as we do with libshits) we completely and factually disprove what they “stand for”. It will eat it self alive, if anyone had half a brain they’d jump ship now. Great article.

  • Kraut brought everything he thought was needed to drive the Alt-Right from a public arena: scientifically-illiterate arguments, unethical tactics, moral self-righteousness, etc. He just forgot that, in practice, you also need the ‘magic ingredients’ of government repression, massive corporate funding and flagrantly biased media coverage. Let this be a lesson to others: if your shitty cuck ideology is not an official client of the governing class, then best to keep it far away from embarrassing altercations with us.

  • Kraut & Low T was NEVER an Alt Liter, he was, and is, a follower of the one true faith- communism. He has always aligned himself with various insane, radical communists online and off.
    The YouTube alliance w/ the so-called, “Skeptic” community was merely one of convenience to build his channel and make money.
    He only hates those dirty Muslims because they made a lie out of the fantasy tales, that the Neoliberal Socialists had spoonfed him as a boy in Germany. LOL.

  • Civic nationalism becomes a scourge after it outlives its usefulness, which is supposedly a primer for race/sex realism. America did not invent this type of half-cucked governance priding itself on decoupling ethnocentrism from its bedrock, Europe did.

    Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein could all easily be called Germany. Same deal with Belgium (France/Holland) and Transnistria/Moldova (Romania), and probably other fake countries that have been the seen of countless bloodshed…and for what?

    -Just to be different from the mainland and its people.

    This is what your broadened ‘principles’ get you. They end up separating from you and their own opaque identity in the end anyway. Look at what Pepe and kek led to after it stopped being edgy: Kekistan…. It’s embarrassing and it’s not innocent.

    Given enough time and unchecked activity, they will indeed differentiate themselves by inviting alien populations into their camps just to prove their ‘principles’ as a logical conclusion to its inoperable ideology (AnCapistan) or any of its harebrained derivatives (culch-a-roll cun-suh-v-autism).

    It helps to spot the nonwhites and degenerates that seek to keep nationalism grounded because it does not benefit them after a certain threshold eclipses its pretend edginess steeped in pernicious LOLbertarian conspiracy theories. They harangue white people to hold back on white identity and turn the other cheek, while they themselves are already having their own ethnic interests advanced by leftism regardless. Same thing with women and feminism. They can and will always be welcomed back to leftism in the same way Brother Nathanael can always be welcomed back to Judaism…because of their blood.

    It always circles back to that: BLOOD

    These ‘moderate’ multiculturalists try to tell us what is good for us because they are really telling us what is good for them. They regress to the mean no matter what and they try to take as many of us down with them because they cannot swim on their own. Why? Because swimming is a white person thing. These creatures drown in their own backyards because they are afraid of water. Just ask Rodney King.

  • Enough with the catty bullshit already. Alt-Lite may not be as ideologically pure as the average LARPer but you’re kidding yourselves if you think they’re not a stepping stone to AR. Regardless of your fantasies, very few normies go straight from centrist to far right. There’s usually a middle ground. For some it’s civic nationalism, for many others it’s libertarianism. Just about every AR guy I’ve come across including myself was a libertarian at some point. I don’t doubt that some of you made the leap straight from normie to Helicopter operator, but at least understand that your experience is not representative of the majority, and have some goddamn self-awareness and understand how petty you come across with this constant mean girl crap.

    No one who sticks their neck out to push back against white guilt deserves to be crapped on. Not when we have far worse problems to worry about.

    • Libertarianism was always about white identity by other means – free association i.e. segregation/secession/revolution.

      What do you think ‘muh free markets’ and ‘bankster wars’ meant?

      Remember the Ron Paul newsletters? Remember AIPAC banning Ron Paul and Rand Paul? Remember Ron Paul naming the Jew in front of Congress? Remember ‘End (((The Fed)))’?

      Come on. Most of us oscillated for years between identifying with anarcho-capitalism and outright fascism even before the Alt-Right because the overlap is not even debatable.

      • That’s all true. But there’s also overlap between AL and AR. Pushing back against white guilt, rejecting multiculturalism, highlighting migrant crimes against natives, drawing attention to the media’s anti-white agenda… the list goes on.

        The sad truth is direct confrontation of the JQ can be too costly for public figures and is guaranteed to ruin their livelihood. So I can understand if someone like Watson addresses the (((media)))’s anti-white agenda without directly calling out Jewish subversion. People like him still do important work and don’t deserve our scorn. Every normie who listens to Watson and Molyneaux is well on his way to AR, even if those guys identify as non-AR. But to acknowledge this we have to confront and eliminate the petty, catty, SJW streak that’s way too common in AR.

        • I’m afraid I have to disagree. The alt-lite merely exists as a form of separatism from the alt-right.

          Even it’s self-flagellating cucky namesake states this as some shitty, low-calorie brew juxtaposed in the shadow of the heavyweight prizefighter.

          It’s like West Virginia seceding from the seceded Confederate Virginia and rejoining the federal government. Look how different they are to this day.

          Libertarianism was the progenitor of the alt-right. It’s sinews are like inoperable bullets forever dislodged within our midsection. You could even argue that the alt right is basically an updated version of the Austrian school coalition (AnCap, classical liberal, PaleoCon), specifically ‘old right’ paleoconservatism.

          Libertarians like Rockwell still refuse to lament or critique white nationalism despite its totalitarian ambitions precisely because it is Jew-wise.

          It is our intellectual vanguard, but it ceased to exist as a relevant force because of the Trump exodus. It has been tapped and depleted, with its carcass since then being poached by leftism. Hence impotent ‘left-libertarianism.’

          The alt-lite briefly had relevance when it emerged as an alternative to the alternative of the new normal, but we already have that – it’s called everything else counter-signaling white nationalism. Take your pick.

          So it basically exists as a beachhead for leftism and cultural Marxism into our camp. It starts off as exceptions-to-the-rule diversity, but quickly spirals into #MeToo coups.

          The alt-lite exists solely to counter-signal white nationalism. It is a neoconservatism reboot.

          This is not petty infighting or purity-spiraling – it is fitness and countercoup. We must keep the vanguard serrated.

          Watch them all fall in line if we stay radical. Look at the primaries. Read Mein Kampf. We punch them and bloody them after mouthing off, they beg for food and shelter, eager to win our trust. There is nobody more radical than a convert.

          • Sorry, but you live in lala land. It was frankly embarrassing to read some of your last post.

            The “muh counter signal” crowd need to understand this:

            The left has institutional power.

            …meaning they can and are in the process of deplatforming any one associated with the far right. And to them one of the defining characteristics of the far right is “anti-semitism”. There is no virtue in getting yourself isolated and limited to spaces where you’re just preaching to the converted. When your opponent has institutional power, open warfare is not brave, it’s just stupid. The LARPers are getting silenced left and right, while “pussies” and “leftists” like Watson and Molyneaux are still out there reaching tons of normies and exposing the bullshit behind white guilt and the poison of multiculturalism.

            To say that libertarianism with its faggety rejection of any and all in-group preference is somehow more rightwing than AL is laughable. There are shit tons of libertarians out there right now screaming for open borders. That alone makes AL a much better philosophy. than libtertarianism. And I’m ashamed to admit I was once a libertarian.

          • It’s just writing, lightweight. Of course it’s melodramatic and exaggerated. That’s what you autistic moderates do not understand. It’s not to be taken literally.

            In case you haven’t noticed ‘muh mainstream media’ is collapsing. Your appeasement narrative means nothing anymore. Even proto alternative media like infowars is less relevant than during the Obama years. The web traffic numbers do not lie. The comment sections are good indicators too, as is the complete format flip of his conspiracy shtick. It’s over and your diet soda brand is on its way out.

            The purge is happening to even moderates like you. It’s good when it happens because it forces different platforms like hatreon to emerge. Laws of thermodynamics.

            There finally is an actual political dichotomy now rather than what your alt lite figure Alex Jones once called the ‘false left-right paradigm.’ It’s now either diversity or white nationalism. Pretty simple.

            The more radical the posturing is, the better the position to negotiate winning terms. You aren’t quite understanding that it’s about creating a new normal by changing the narrative of what is tolerable.

            Molyneux already endorsed white nationalism recently. Your guys are already jumping ship.

            Lol there is no libertarian movement anymore. The alt-lite is what’s left of it. That’s what Lauren Southern is, which is no ideology anyway because they are all a bunch of clueless poseurs and milquetoast neophytes, not these pragmatic strategists as you imagine them to be. The Alt-Lightweights aren’t even on their last legs. They are already gone. Nobody takes them seriously anymore.

            This isn’t LARPing. The internet is anarchy and it is the new battlefield. We are in the middle of a cultural revolution. Quit trying to be a gatekeeper stopping natural heads of steam.

  • Unbelievable that this Sargon guy called Democrats “unwitting racists.” He must be absurdly naive, willfully blind, or back-of-the-woodshed stupid. Democrats were racists when they supported the KKK to get votes, they are racists now supporting BLM for votes, and they will be racists in the future when they support La Raza for votes. Racism has always been a favorite tool of the Democrats. They have not changed for over 100 years: they have only switched races to be racist against.

      • First, there is a distinction between racial and racist. Second, everyone is racist to some decree. What makes one person “good” and another – such as the Democrats – “bad” is how they use racial identity and racism. Democrats use them as a weapon to accumulate power and wealth, to the detriment of others and in ways that cause significant harm and suffering, including emotional and very real physical pain from the very real violence of the Left. The alt-right identifies racial charactistics not as a weapon or to divide, but as a way to find common ground. One point of the alt-right is that there is nothing immoral about recognizing racial reality. Contrary to what the liberals want everyone to believe, the alt-right is not about increasing racism or making it worse. They have no desire to be racist at the level of liberals and Democrats. Love of your own people does not equal hate for others.

  • It would be ideal if the alt lite ceased to exist.
    For now, we can only look at the positive. Those who make it to the alt lite, continue to seek the truth and come to our side, are the very high level men we need. They have proved themselves worthy, in my opinion.

    The rootless tree always dies and so will the alt lite and their deception peddling cucks. The gods are on our side.

  • Amy Harmon, the New York Times Reporter, interviewed a man I used to work for while researching a story about a woman named Kim Suozzi who crowd-funded her cryopreservation.

    Bob “The Mantra” Whitaker probably shares a cryogenic dewar with Kim at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation now.

  • >Well because Skeptics ™ decry all identity politics and demand that we return to some golden era of being enlightened atomized individuals.

    This shows why the skeptics like Steven Pinker and Michael Shermer want to prop up the reputation of the 18th Century’s Enlightenment – in other words, these allegedly “modern” thinkers believe in the pseudoscience of a quarter-millennium ago, before we learned about evolution, genetics, thermodynamics and human biodiversity, and before we developed intelligence testing and statistics to make sense of human differences.

  • I legitimately respect hardcore commies more than centrists.

    They might be intellectual midgets and violent savages, but at least they believe in something. Which is more than you can say for centrists, whose only belief system involves not believing in anything but their own imaginary intellectual high ground.

    • God, we need a better class of enemy. I looked around at the world and realized that everyone is just so fucking insane. I am more concerned that a cracked out pony princess with gender issues and communist ideals will try to literally eat me than I am about black crime or jewish scheming.

      Think about it this way. In war, you can kill certain key people and the conflict stops. Who do you kill or imprison to stop the tide of horror that is coming? It isn’t a person, it is a spiritual wave of pure warp fuckery.

      I am going to start recruiting for my own Chapter of Grey Knights.

  • Romanticism was partly a Dark Renaissance. If the theme of Renaissance was the return of classical radiance after a long dark barbarian winter, one strain of Romanticism was about unearthing of the primal soul of barbarian Europe. Its appeal was a reaction to the traumas of Industrial Revolution. The rise of science and technology in the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment hadn’t threatened the World of Man. Prior to full-blown Industrial Revolution, science was an idea in the minds of men, and technology was firmly in the hands of men.
    But with the rise of Heavy Industry, science and technology seemed to swallow mankind into the bowels of factories bellowing poisonous smoke through massive chimneys. It was as if what had begun as man’s servant was now his master. For certain nature-oriented Romantics, the only answer was to reconnect with the buried and forgotten barbarian soul that had been one with nature. While modern man could not return to barbarism in the literal sense, he needed to regain the virility of heroes who were one with earth, trees, and rivers. While in one respect the appeal of nationalism was modern and futuristic, it was also Romanticist in appealing to primal blood-and-soil. And Modernism’s penchant for primitivism had its roots in Romanticism. Just like German Dark Renaissance grew fascinated with barbarian Germanic mythology as a counterbalance against soulless cosmopolitanism, certain modernists[though far from all] sought inspiration from Primitive Art, especially black Africans.

    What later came to known as the Renaissance had revived in Western Europe the ‘lost’ glories of Ancient Greece and Rome, but it took four centuries later for a similar revival of the indigenous cultures of Northern Europe, especially those of the Germanic Barbarians. The rise of nationalism — a force unstoppable even by reactionary monarchs who soon adopted it to legitimize themselves as the rightful representatives of the nation, a socio-political transformation that caused problems for the monarchs and aristocrats who were often inter-married with ruling elites of other European powers — all across Europe in the 19th century inspired each people to dig deep into their cultural histories, roots, folklore, and myths to distinguish themselves from others; such ethno-genealogical undertaking led to compelling discoveries about the forgotten past, but in some cases, ‘tradition’ had to be ‘invented’ in order to create a distinct mythos for every nation. The problem with Christianity as the foundation of national identity was that nearly all of Europe was Christian. Thus, pre-Christian pagan roots became central for some nations in the forging of national consciousness, and this was especially powerful in Germany, and its example inspired and influenced other peoples and cultures to do likewise.

    But this barbarian renaissance, or ‘barbarissance’, could pose dangers unlike the Renaissance of the 16th century. It was like releasing the angry Titans from captivity. The earlier Renaissance restored ideas and/or expressions centered around Reason, Logic, Light, Radiance, Beauty, Ideals, Moderation, Balance, and Civilization. Europeans were rediscovering a civilization that had been arguably more civilized and advanced than their current one. It was like the return of the Sun after a long dark winter.

    Thus, Renaissance inspired Europeans to be more rational, scientific, and sophisticated. It inspired more freedom but also the ideal of control and restraint based on humanist ideals. Also, Renaissance occurred within the context of devout Christian Europe, and the power of religion served to restrain some of the more debauched and decadent aspects of Greek and Roman high paganism.

    But in the 19th century, the revival of northern European paganism was an unleashing of barbarian impulses and aggressions at a time when mass consciousness & culture were coming into being in ever more urbanized and alienated societies. Instead of a people discovering the treasures of a civilization more advanced than their own, it was a case of the most advanced and powerful people on Earth reconnecting with the long repressed irrational barbarian-warrior-sorcerer passions within the recesses of their souls.

    In a way, there was an element of ‘barbarissance’ in Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud as well, even though they regarded themselves purely as ‘rational scientists’. Marxism brushed away the lofty ideals, high-minded theories, and grandiose narratives about history/society as self-serving elite-propaganda and reduced history to a brute struggle among the classes for Material Advantage. So, any moral vision of the future must address the fact that history isn’t about the struggle of high ideas but the war for Goods and Toil.
    According to Marx, history has been one of elites hogging the Goods created by the Toil of the masses. So, the masses must reject the opiate of high-minded ideas and struggle for control of material means of production and the goods. For Freud, it came down to sex since humans are really just animals who exist through reproduction. Since reproduction is key to survival, organisms have strong urge to have sex.

    However, the problem for humans, especially modern humans, is that the sexual drive exists in excess of what is necessary for survival — on the other hand, it was excessive sexual energy that fueled the struggle for civilization because lust incentivized men to gain ever more wealth and power to enjoy sexual-sensual pleasure; indeed, if humans went in and out of heat like certain species of animals, the Greeks wouldn’t have gone through the trouble to wage war on Troy for Helen.

    If humans went into heat just for few weeks a year, then Alt Right wouldn’t be so committed to the struggle. It is because Alt Right men feel desire for their own white women all year around that they want to preserve white beauty by struggling against other races, especially Jews and blacks, who threaten the sexual bond between white men and white women that produces and sustains white beauty.
    If Alt Right men felt sexual passion for only 2 weeks a year, then they would be indifferent to Jewish Power encouraging the mating of black males and white females for most of the time. Likewise, Jewish and black attack on whiteness cannot be understood apart from their boing-ish desire for white women. Because Jewish men and black men want to hump white women all year round, they must break the bond between white men and white women.

    Also, one of the biggest incentives for work is consumerism that offers virtual-sexual pleasure for a price. Most music, movies, or TV shows are fantasies of desire — even if not outright pornographic — , and in a world of plenty of food and clothing, people’s main incentive to work is pleasure. But then, for civilization to maintain order, this drive must be repressed, and that causes all sorts of complexes.
    Therefore, the Freudians embarked on ways to allow more sexual pleasure without undermining the order necessary for civilization. Aldous Huxley envisioned such a world-as-dystopia in BRAVE NEW WORLD where ‘orgy-pory’ is a statist mantra. Big Brother Is Blowing You. I wonder why no one thought to create a sex-control pill that would be like the Diet Pill that suppresses hunger.

    Such ‘barbarian’ impulses could fuel the creativity of German composers like Wagner or the thought-potential of philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche — who favored the barbarian era of Greek history over the civilized one, thus drawing a parallel, intended or not, with the conflict between barbarian Europe and civilized-Romanized-Christianized Europe — , but it could also be dangerous, especially as modern science and technology empowered Europeans to cause war, havoc, and destruction on an unprecedented scale.

    Had Nietzsche, Wagner, and Hitler come along in an earlier time, their neo-pagan impulses couldn’t have led to much harm. But they came along at a time when Germany was becoming one of the most powerful nations on Earth, and of course, throughout WWI and at the start of WWII, Germany was the most powerful nation on Earth. It’s one thing for a tribe armed with crude weapons to have barbarian souls, but when a nation with something like the Wehrmacht reawakens the barbarian soul, things can really get out of hand. Similarly, it was one thing for the Japanese to be into the samurai cult in isolation, but once they embarked on ‘world domination’ and invaded other nations, they could do incalculable harm to other nations. A people striving for world power must operate in the mode of reason, mutuality, and tolerance. To act both ancient-tribalist and international-globalist is a recipe for disaster — like mixing oil and water — , all too evident in the practice of Jewish power around the world.

    On the one hand, Jews are indeed the most international of peoples, but they are also the most tribalist-oriented in their commitment to Zionism and Jewish supremacism. Jews employ high-minded rhetoric and sophisticated strategy — they play nations around the world like pieces on a chess board — , but their primal drive is to serve & secure Jewish power and interests. Thus, Jews exploit radical universalism in the service of narrow tribalism, a problem that also plagued German power from the late 19th century to the end of WWII. On the one hand, Germany was the pioneer in university education, the producer of great scientists and philosophers with worldwide influence. But Germany was also the land of Blood-and-Soil ideology, of Will-to-Power philosophy, of neo-pagan warrior spirit, of ultra-nationalism, of militarism, etc. Though it’s been fashionable to blame the disaster of modern Germany on the power of irrationalism, the real problem was the odd combination of ultra-rationalism and ultra irrationalism.

    Indeed, if Germans had ONLY been ‘irrational’(or ‘atavistic’), they could not have produced great scientists, thinkers, engineers, managers, political philosophers, and social theorists. The modern university system as center of research catapulted Germany to the leading position of Western ideas and Universal science. But there was another side of German culture that was deeply sentimental, nostalgic, tribal/volkish, romantic, dark, irrational, creative, prophetic, and ‘musical’; and this side of German consciousness believed in the power of passion, in the thrall of being swept away by the storm. When Margaret Mitchell wrote GONE WITH THE WIND, it was meant as an elegy, of how the great war tragically destroyed the Old South with all its charms and privileges. But Germans romanticized the grand finale of Wagner’s GOTTERDAMMERUNG as awesome rejuvenation by hellfire and brimstone, a vision that was heroic than moral, like the redemptive apocalyptic overtones of the Bible. It was grand ecstasy than final judgement. The destruction was delirious and hopeful, like a forest fire that clears away the deadwood to make way for new life to sprout from the soil. Though advanced and rational-minded, modern Germans were also immersed in mythic consciousness. They were growing more civilized and barbaric at the same time — likewise in the Current West, ultra-intellectual science/technology seems to be advancing in the service of savage & hedonic Afro-Rap and Jungle-Fever-ism — , and to an extent, it was a trend embraced by the Left as well as by the Right.

    The communist left, despite its proclamation of scientific materialism and rational progression of history, saw the future in apocalyptic, nearly Biblical terms, whereby the bourgeoisie would eventually be brought down like the Tower of Babel, whereupon, all the people in the world, instead of being divided by language and culture, would be united by the Truth according to Marx. Such apocalyptic views certainly influenced Mao Zedong, who spoke of nuclear weapons as mere paper tigers, revolutionary redemption by World War III pitting the communist East & the Third world against the imperialist-capitalist West and its running dogs. To be sure, Mao was drawing inspiration from Chinese folklore and mythology as well. And there was Che Guevara who eagerly anticipated nuclear exchange during the Cuban Missile Crisis, willing to sacrifice Cuba in hellfire so that American Yanqui power would be no more, thereby paving the way for communist revolution in Latin America. Che was channeling the irrational apocalyptic messianism of communism though, to be sure, he was also reveling in typical Latino machismo; he was acting like Roberto Duran before a fight.
    But the cult of irrationality not only infected the communist left but the modernist/decadent/’degenerate’ left. Modernist artists often derided traditional Western art and sought inspiration from primitive cultures and arts from around the world, perhaps the most famous examples being Picasso’s fascination with African sculpture and Gauguin’s fixation on Tahitian women. Also, the growing knowledge in psychology(and theories linking art & creativity with madness, dreams, neuroticism, hallucinations, & obsessive behavior) encouraged many modern people to look favorably upon the irrational as the true source of inspiration and genius. Furthermore, the erosion of faith in God led modern individuals to seek new visions & myths; and for many, art became something like a new religion. Since art was the new god, it could no longer be just a respectable tradition. It was deserving of the explosive creative power of the gods. God, after all, didn’t need tradition, caution, patience, and good taste to create the world in seven days. He was a cosmic genius and ould create the world out of pure will and genius. With the artist as the new god, modernism prized artists who were bold and explosive in vision and expression. It is no wonder that Ludwig van Beethoven came to be held in such high regard. His style was as explosive as his structure was sturdy. Everything held together and could be appreciated as part of a tradition, but the dynamism contained within the form seemed on the verge of blowing it all up.

    • So what do you wager is the correct state of being to work towards? You say the Germans achieved a fusion of civilizational and barbarian ideals, but you make it seem like a bad thing, or somehow out of balance.
      Where do you think we are now?

    • Typical Goobler gobbledygook. Ignoring all the socioeconomic developments and geopolitical events that factored into WW2 and reducing it to some innate pathology of “ze Germans”. Where have I heard this before?
      And if the Germans arrived at “barbarity and modernity” what then did your glorious bolsheviks achieve?

  • Hitler always said that the worst enemies of true Aryan Nationalism are not Bolshevists but rather the cowardly and effete reactionary centrists. We need to destroy these traitorous womanish faggots.

  • I actually think people on the alt-light have potential. In my experience, alt lighters believe western civilization and American culture are good and must be preserved. They just don’t make the connection between culture and race. I think with a little persuasion, we can make them see the obvious connection between race and culture, and bring them on our side.

    • No, they think of themselves as radical individualists. They will allow the blackening of the White World to go on unabated as long as it is done by Brown individuals and not Brown collectives.

      That’s the only reason they can bring themselves to hate on Islam. Cuz its collectivist. Mental acrobatics to say the least.

    • They are just trying to appease that one black skateboarder at the park or that one black concertgoer in the Slayer mosh pit.

      Even if there are a few ‘based’ coloreds, they are not worth distinguishing from any other black because even their own children will someday unearth their own identity after they see a few Lil’ Wayne music videos.

      It’s just trying to delay the inevitable.

  • The extreme center (thank Greek anarchists for the term) is less trustworthy from the far left…

    The centre has proven itself the completely worthless political position from its to its inevitable end. All this has to do with its complete lack of understanding considering politics and its meta-physical connection with pain (consider the Greek or the German meaning here that also incorporates struggle, besides the unpleasant sensation). In short the center lacks any will to experience pain, subsequently this results to a nullified will to live. The centrists does not want to actively protect anything or to actively fight it because his simply has no want to experience life while simultaneously he has no longing for the afterlife!

    The center is the political space of nullified spiritual forces by the contrasts of its inner oppositions. In other words their wants are not vivid enough to motivate action while their fears are never felt strong enough to cause reactions. The only thing that is of their wish is only the fulfilment of their materialistic expectations and not that good enough. The skeptics have all that as they may do recognise the danger coming from the left but they cannot realise that only the true right can fight the left. If left on their own they ‘ll end up up accepting most positions of their opposition as long that can be deemed moderate. ‘Till that happens they ‘ll be an impediment to action and a bulwark for inaction.

    Plus I really think that most of these people, just like SJWs, are simply not getting any and on top of that do not dare to think of alternatives… I say this due to the way that they fall to defend their female members, specifically when they clash with the alt-right while the accuse of serial masturbators to Japanese animation. In general they are the face of mediocrity. If tit was not for the possibility of thought policing by them then we should not even be giving any attention at all to them.

    Honestly I start to think that these people are the ones that simply want to watch the world burn… they will not just enjoy it.

  • Why did you post a video of Jared Taylor? He’s stated publicly (look it up) that Orientals are superior to whites in almost “every way”. How does that place him on our side? Also, one of his best friends – a white man – is married to a Chinese woman. After banging her like a junkyard dog, she popped out three of four mongrels. And yet, this white man (he’s well known in Taylor’s circle) is “admired” by so many cucked alt-righters. We need to jettison these kinds of traitors.

    • I think you fail to appreciate the fact that some people will still fall in love despite appreciating the reality of race. If race realism is understood, and not suppressed, the mixing will be limited, but nothing will ever stop SOME amount of mixing. And where do you draw the line? Are English not allowed to mix with Armenians? I think it is better to affirm race realism than to artificially suppress race mixing. The vast majority of people will still mate within their race. You don’t need to go on a witch hunt to suppress the few who are able to go beyond race. That doesn’t mean I support the current indoctrination campaign to encourage racial mixing.

    • To clarify, I think you will have much more success preventing mass race mixing by exposing people to the reality of race than by initiating some campaign (could require violence) of opprobrium on race mixers.

    • Jared Taylor is a strategic thinker, from what I can observe. I follow Amren and have watched nearly every public appearance JT makes. He makes use of shifting talking points.
      Can’t really be sure how far he’d go with racial purity ruling on society but judging from his friendship with Sam Dickson I’d say he’s firm on European features being well grounded into promotion in the ethno-state.

      Who are you referring to who has the Chinese wife? You can’t constantly nag people about purity stuff its just not productive when its obvious to all of us that a fragmentation will occur along ethnic and ideological lines, inside that period our identity can be worked on and preserved to be saved. Besides, sheltering a few biracial WHITEs is not going to cause a pandemic.

    • “than by initiating some campaign (could require violence)”
      How far do you think current Western society can go by being exposed to political outcasts like the Alt-R distributing propaganda on the internet?
      As it is today it is mostly unmovable by us WHITE thinking WHITE advocates.
      I wonder just what scenario would have WHITE countries start considering their WHITE identity as the propeller of their civilizational strength.

    • Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey are experts on the Negro Question, just as Kevin MacDonald is an expert on the Jewish Question. Do you expect your biology teacher to also teach you French or physics? Everybody has their own domain, but they all rendezvous under the curriculum of white nationalism.

      Their only problems occur when they counter-signal ‘antisemitism,’ which is very infrequently.

    • Is there more to your complaint?

      Can you not look at the basic bones of a society and see the superior elements and the inferior? Many Westerners love the general orderliness of some (not all) East Asian countries. Where this orderliness is tarnished in those societies it is often so as it is in our own – over crowding, migrant populations, and ill fitting neighbours being moved in.

      It’s difficult to measure, but the modern Chinese are still overwhelmingly majority Chinese in thought, attitude and appearance, and the Japanese are so still Japanese. Which Western national could say the same since Stalin won the war to end all wars?

      If the greatest white scientist on earth was married to a Jap, would you exclude his services from the ethnostate?

  • The Alt-Lite is not a speed bump but an entryway to the Alt-Right. Only few normies come directly from the mainstream to the AR. Most come through various intermediary stopovers. I wish the AR would realize the complementary nature of both factions and stop wasting the few resources it has for punching around and pushing through its PFJ autism:

    • That is wrong. The only reason people get stuck on the Alt-Lite is because it exists. If it weren’t there, they’d go the whole 9 yards in one go. Get rid of the speed bumps.

      • That’s the fallacy you guys keep on committing. You don’t know how similar you already sound to the communist splinter groups of old. Keep your gaze on the price and not on petty infighting. The AR has an advantage in terms of real life activism and ideological consistency, but the AL is closer to normie thinking and has therefore a much larger online following. Use this to your advantage instead of larping Monty Python sketches.

        • You simply don’t understand the chasm of difference between Alt-Right and skeptic.

          If we are to use a WWII analogy, they see themselves as America against Nazi Germany (us) and Communist Russia (SJWs).

          The old Commies knew how to organize a party, I’ll tell you what.

    • I hate to say it but the monetisation of the AltRight may well be its undoing.

      The recent crowing about bitcoin may become an embarrassment later.

      The jealousy towards the imagined (who actually knows the truth) financial success of Loren Sorenstein etc could have been better suppressed by some commentators.

      I know a certain faction like a good purity spiral but I much prefer pranks, eg Roman saluting in front of the squinting ecelebrity embarrassing the hell out of him AND revealing his inability to be the butt of jokes himself, being an excellent and commendable form of trolling for the mischief it caused and his revealing reaction.

      Let the future public take downs happen with humour, trolling and gentle admonishment. If they piggybacked the AltRight, return the favour.

      Can an AltRight wife wear something from Deus Vult while “assisting” Faith and Lauren fill in the logical gaps in each of their reports, with praise as
      required and good humour for the rest? ?

      You should want to turn those speed bumps into loading ramps. Hijack them back. Turn them or expose them.

  • “And I can’t stand listening to pompous faggots with British accents pretending to be intellectuals.”

    I feel that way too.

    How did that guy get to be a somebody in the first place?

    In any case, you kicked his ass.

  • If they defeat us they’re just going to be defeated eventually by the Chinese, Muslims, Jews, or even Latinos.
    In the long run they’ll probably betray their principles and come together as a coalition of freaks rather than hold true to their philosophy of radical individualism.
    I’d bet money that they like being part of a democratic majority just as much as the people they criticize, they just wont admit it.

    • This is something that I often repeat on these fora but it again is relevant:

      After the fall of the Junta in Greece the two political powers that rose were the centrist PASOK (Pan-Hellenic socialist party) and the New Democracy. The first being centre-left started a campaign by simply attacking its centre-right counterpart blaming for the national schism that culminated before the Junta between the right and the left and for the subsequent envy that caused.

      The spineless New democracy reacted by giving indulgence to the communist traitors and criminals, near two decades later it would also burn the files that hold evidence of their accused crimes in what was its last but complete bow to the left, obliterated the critiscism. The solution the PASOK found was… to copy its position from the left becoming in essence a leftist party. The strategy was a success, that combined with its creation of the most heinous client state in the developed world worked wonders for solidifying the party’s power.

      How did the centre right reacted? After a semi-failed push to libertarianism, that lead to the afforementioned burning of the files, it simply copied the position of its main competitor. In this state i won two elections.

      Ethic of the story: cucks cuck centrists copy and internalise.

      Anyone who aligns himself with the centre one day will become either right wing or left wing and come to accept what he once thought as extreme.

      Exception is existing only for the case of the extreme centrist who simply has the most moderate of positions if he has any positions at all and simply stay apathetic refusing to act or state his ground… Libertarians are a good example of that.

      • “Anyone who aligns himself with the centre one day will become either right wing or left wing and come to accept what he once thought as extreme.”

        No kidding.

    • True but, do any of those groups stand a chance against Zionists?

      Muslims are the only ones I’m aware of that are knowledgable of the JQ and vehemently against them, though I’m not sure they have the intelligence to triumph.

  • This is great. And Duke Nukem is the perfect avatar of Alt Right triumph over disgusting bitchy passive-aggressive “skeptic” cuckacism. If you want to fight SJWs, you must embrace White Identity, and if you do not wish to embrace White Identity in this world of ceaseless cucking, you do not deserve to be online.

    Also, I didn’t know that’s what happened to Rage Against Storm. Sigh… of all the trad-thots I’ve digitally beta-orbited in the past year, she was my absolute favorite. <3 <3 <3 There has been a hole in my heart ever since she disappeared! 🙁

    • “If you want to fight SJWs, you must embrace White Identity, and if you do not wish to embrace White Identity in this world of ceaseless cucking, you do not deserve to be online.”

      I see what you did there.

    • Time to shoot bad guys and chew bubble gum and I am all out of gum

      Don’t beta-orbit its bad for you Rage was not that strong of a thinker but again a great shame what happened to her, something that proved the quality of Kraut’s character.

      Cowards act cowardly and betrayers betray.

      Kraut did both and so is both.

      The thing though is how the skeptic community did as a whole, especially with their disgusting witch hunt that terrorized the young woman internetically lynching her by a cowardly mobly attack proving them for SJWs lite.

  • You know whats also way bigger then you? Buzzfeed. And Vice. And Huffington Post. And it would be more concerning if it wouldn’t be. This fucked up society needs to manifests itself somehow and how pathetic would it be if we had a strong right but still such a fucked up society at the same time. And in such a climate pathetic losers like Sargon Cunt deserve their e-celebrity status. This is the sort of celebrity this rotten bunch deserves. Don’t protest the takedown of statues when the people don’t deserve such heros anyway. They deserve Sargon and pussy ass bitch radical centrism that makes no fucking sense just as the people make no fucking sense. So more patreon gibs to them that will one day just dry up when they figure they can’t afford their fucking lifes without them anymore.

    • While I was at the insomnia and standing factory that is known as guard duty a week before that gave me a lot of time for thinking and reflection I started poking the same question considering though the perilous situation of my country (Greece). This was correlated with the fact that I could not remember one time that the Greek Television had produced a series situated in the byzantine empire or during the homeric times, the days of Pericles or during the vast time period of ancient Greece. Then the content of most of our songs came to mind that sang only about some guy’s tryout to bed a girl in a club, his wailling for his ex who left him and vice versa and it dawned to me the same conlcusion.

      If a people has stopped desiring greatness he’ll receive none, if the sublime has slipped from the want of his consciousness he won’t even recognise it even if he sees it. When we come to care only for the current moment and pleasing our material needs is the only occupation of our mind how can we improve our lot? The answer is an obvious no.

      An another conversation that I had with a soldier also sprung to mind: he believed that scientifically we are at the doorstep of a new explosion of breakthroughs that would help propel us to new heights. My answer was that we don’t deserve as a civilization (we were speaking generally) such a happening and so we cannot receive this. We have lost the compass of our souls and hence our will knows not where to navigate and hence we have become lost.

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