Trump Helps Putin Foil Terror Plot In St. Petersburg, Russia

I’ve written a lot about St. Petersburg – this beautiful but hapless city of wannabe intellectuals (now you know why I’m here heh) and cargo cultists.

Apparently, we have an Islamic terror problem here.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump for help in preventing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. Data provided by the CIA enabled Russian security services to find and detain terrorists

The Russian leader expressed his gratitude in a telephone call, adding that the Russian security services would also always share information with their US colleagues, were they to obtain data on any planned attacks on US soil.

Putin also asked Trump to convey his compliments to the CIA director, Mike Pompeo, as well as to the operatives that gathered the information about the terrorists. He said that the data provided by the US was enough to track down and detain the members of the extremist cell.

The White House later said in a statement: “President Trump appreciated the call and told President Putin that he and the entire United States intelligence community were pleased to have helped save so many lives.” The White House also confirmed that US intelligence agencies provided Russia with information “concerning a major terror plot in St. Petersburg.”

Earlier, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested the members of a terrorist cell linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The extremists were planning a series of attacks on public places, including a suicide bombing and an explosion in Kazan’s Cathedral in the center of the city.

Of course, the Russian government is doing everything it can to combat “extremism”.

That’s comforting I’m sure, but should they ever defeat the problem of extremism, they might just be left with the problem of Islam and I don’t know if they’ve got the stomach to go about tackling that.

The city periodically gets inundated with kebab merchants from the Caucasus and temp labor from the Stans. They commit some crimes, annoy some cops and eventually get purged. Then the timer resets, and we wait for the coming of the next wave. You know it’s high tide when they force one of their scowling, inbred, poo-eyed congregation members to start handing out “Al-Salam” newspapers by the metro.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking Sweden-tier flood levels here, but it’s annoying nonetheless. And perfectly natural, I’m sure. Just part and parcel of living in a Russian city.

More and more I find myself sympathetic to the retarded arguments of the Russian Nationalists who call for the complete disintegration of Russia along ethnic lines. Putting aside that this is exactly what the Liberals in Russia (and by extension, the fellas over in Langley) want, this might spare me the injustice of having to see these “people” hawking their wares around their makeshift bazaar near the metro every day. So, just for that, maybe I’d be down for voting Liberal-Nationalist.

Yeah, I’d totally vote for Navalny, except that he’s not running anymore. Putin is though, and he’ll win. As usual, I defer to Anatoly’s take on the topic.

Only, Russia has experienced what a coalition of liberals and nationalists working together can do to the country already in the 90s under Boris Yeltsin. (un)Surprisingly, they got rid of Soviet internal migration controls and the cities got flooded by brown people who were kept locked up in their vassal states before that by the Commies.

Yeah, confusing, I know.

Oh and don’t tell my casual acquaintance group of Sobchak-supporting liberal chicks or my other group of edgy an-cap pro-Navalny nu-Russians this…but the old Commies are by far the group that closest appeals to our Alt-Right sensibilities.

Judeo-skepticism, anti-Washington Consensus, anti-immigrant (but not race-realist unfortunately) and Soviet (read. traditional) values. Yep, that’s not bad. Don’t mention that you think Hitler is fuckin’ Based and you’ll find you have a lot of common ground with these people. And best of all, they aren’t keen on emmigrating, which the patriotic liberals and “nationalists” seem to all want to do.

Woah. There I go again, ranting about how retarded the political/cultural scene is here. I think the article in question had something to say about Russo-American cooperation in the sphere of anti-terror.

Hey, this is fantastic news!

Russia has always pursued the strategy of supporting America’s “War on Terror” and even adopted the same language during the Bush era. The logic behind this decision was simple, the Russian elites – still convinced of the possibility of Convergence with the western elite – wanted to win brownie points with the Bush administration and also to win support for their Chechen pacification campaign. They wanted to get the western liberal media off their back, so they throw in their lot with Bush’s “conservative” crusader campaign.

Remember when they tried to warn Obama about the Boston kebab-bombers?

Now it seems that Trump is finding common ground on the same topic that Putin was able to find ground on with Bush.

I think the biggest takeaway is this: Trump may bend to the neo-cohen agenda when it comes to periphery zones of interest like when he bombed that airstrip in Syria, started grandstanding against the Norks, poked and prodded Iran and moved the capital to Jerusalem, but he won’t indulge them in their end goal of destroying Russia.

Whether this is because Kushner and co are lower-caste Chabad Jews who sometimes act as a counter-weight to their more virulent neo-liberal cousins in power and Trump has thrown his lot in with them or because he’s simply not retarded enough to start a war with Russia – it’s definitely the better of two bad options.

And on the other side, Russia needs some breathing room to squeak through these elections without any color revolutions, finish modernizing its army and keep hardening its economy against Western sanctions. Hopefully, Trump and his crew can stave off the neo-cohens and give them the 2-3 more years that they need.

And hopefully, there will be enough of Russia left that by the time America collapses in on herself, that she too will be able to focus her attention inwards to start cleaning house. Because, yeah, let’s be real, the situation isn’t ideal.

And no, I’m not talking about corruption and pot-holes in the streets. That’s never going away.

But the Chechen, Uzbek, Azeri Muslim cartels operating in the cities could easily go. I think most Russians will be able to stomach the inevitable drop-off in quality hachipuri that will result.

With the American vice tightening around Russia’s neck though, its hard to address these problems. Just look at what’s happening in Ukraine. “Nationalists” win and pull Ukraine into the Western orbit of influence. Gay parades and migrant quotas follow soon after. Thanks, Based Nazis!

And look, I’m going to level with you.

If there’s going to be a balkanization or the blessed day of total RAHOWA here, it HAS to happen AFTER the American project collapses. Otherwise, it will be a Yugoslavia 2.0 scenario all over again. And the same goes for Europe.

Nationalists need to understand geopolitics to avoid being useful idiots of Washington.

We all live under the watchful gaze of the bugmen working in Langley and Farragut. Till they blink, we have to be very cautious indeed.

Vincent Law
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  • If you say so.

    I support the Caliphate as long as it is the Eco-Caliphate, the Monarchy as long as it is the Eco-Monarcy and the Raj as long as it is the Eco-Raj. #alt-green #eco-facism

  • Thanks for the mention, but…

    I don’t really know where you got the idea that the 1990s were dominated by liberals and nationalists. The former – sure. That was the golden age of (((Echo))) of Moscow shitlibbery. I cannot think of a single nationalist with any significant political influence during that time.

    Second, I regret to hear that those are the sorts of nationalists you seem to have fallen in with, but the vast majority of us do not want or advocate the “complete disintegration of Russia along ethnic lines” (a bizarre proposal anyway considering that the current Russian Federation is 81% Great Russian and 83% Slavic). The main exceptions are Jewish-promoted characters like Potkin/Belov, Maltsev, etc., but they are very much marginal figures, even amongst nationalists.

    At most, some of us might want to get rid of DICh (Dagestan, Ingushetia, Chechnya) and frankly I can see their point, those regions are as alien to Russian civilization as Central Asia (but with worse cuisine and more Islamic fanaticism), suck up resources, and have almost zero Slavs anyway. Otherwise, if anything Russian nationalists tend to have hardline positions against federalism and regional ethnic autonomies, which is the precise opposite of the ethno-political fragmentation encouraged by Leninists and liberals (recall Yeltsin’s “Take as much sovereignty as you can swallow!”) alike. Many of us are also unapologetically irredentist with respect to Belorussia, the Ukraine, and northern Kazakhstan.

    Cheat sheet to Russian politics: Our commies are America’s conservative boomers. After this mental adjustment, a lot of things become a lot clearer. Yes, they accidentally happen to have some “based” positions on some issues, but as you note they are totally cucked on the race question, and they are demographically dying out besides (KPRF performs twice as well as the nationalist LDPR amongst 60+ year olds, but LDPR performs twice as well as the KPRF amongst youth). They are dead weight to the nationalist project.

    • I suspect Zhirinovsky could have been a quasi-Trump figure in Russia if he didnt reach an <i>accomodation</i> with the ruling elite group. Or maybe hed be dead.

      I heard man was advocating for some good shit back in Benya days.

    • I concur: the nationalists that I read (Holmogorov, Prosvirnin) would never advocate for giving up any region of Russia, except Chechnya, maybe, because Chechens are like niggers but with business acumen, connections and traditions. They also like to date Russian girls only to dump them to marry one of their own.
      Sobchak supporters, on the other hand, like the faggot Krasovsky for example, wish that Russia had lost to Hitler (fuck that). Since she hadn’t, they wish she became the 51 US state.
      I’m sad that Vincent would vote for Navalny because he and Sobchak are all from the same shitlib anti-Russia tusovka.

      • Dont conflate Navalny with Sobchak, they are different sorts of drek. Navalny is your bona fide (((influence agent))) of the american deep state, while Sobchak is just a daughter of Putins benefactor. Her “opposition” is a well-calculated act to isolate navalnists and the like further while providing some visible foil to Dear Leader.

      • “… a single nationalist *with any significant political influence*”

        Pamyat, RNE, etc. all had zero political influence and promoted frankly retarded ideas with no future or prospects (cosplaying Nazis, endless conspiracy theorizing, “we’re anti-Zionists but not anti-Semites” i.e. the equivalent of “Dems r teh real racists,” etc., etc).

        At least under Putin one can name name Rogozin and Glazyev as semi-nationalists who attained some substantial degree of official influence.

        As we both know, a vote for LDPR/Zhirik then and now is not a vote for a nationalist party or candidate as such, but a referendum on what political vector we wish the regime would tilt more towards (I say this as someone who votes for them).

        • I agree on the RNE LARPing, Zhirik as a token pro-Russkie and social barometer. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Nazbol question:

          Nationalists in the 90s had no political influence in terms of institutional power, but speaking of discourse and shaping the public consciousness in Russia I’d say they were rather successful. In fact, riding the wave of post-Soviet resentment they paved the way to what Vincent mentioned in his other post, – the majority of parties and politicians in RF are right-wing. Of course, it is debatable.

  • About the right time for headlines when at the same time he threatens the russian energy market. The only thing russia exports is energy, besides weapons. Just like the bombing of a syrian airforce base with obsolete ordonance, this once more is the new kid on the block flexing its muscles. “do you know where we got this information, believe me, its gona be huge, i have the biggest information you have ever seen”.

  • “If there’s going to be a balkanization or the blessed day of total RAHOWA here, it HAS to happen AFTER the American project collapses. Otherwise, it will be a Yugoslavia 2.0 scenario all over again. And the same goes for Europe.”

    I agree. And that’s why American Nationalists (Patriotards who beat off to Lauren Southern videos on youtube) are the enemy. Their lower than Antifa as far as I’m concerned.

      • I think my comment speaks for itself. America is an evil empire, controlled by Jewish/Anglo oligarchs and populated by fat, stupid, ugly people. It, more than anything else is what stands in the way of achieving the 14 words. So why all the flag waving buffoonery and blue lives matter chanting. Fuck America, let it burn. I don’t agree with Antifa on pretty much anything beyond that point, but their stupdity can be harnessed and weaponized to our advantage. American Nationalists are a much more immediate roadblock to accomplishing goals at this point. Most of them are pro-system, pro-capitalism, pro-liberalism anyways. They just resent having blacks in their country clubs. Their counter-revolutionary faggots in other words.

        • Johnny, i agree with much of this last post.
          I should have been more specific in my first comment, i was referring to the negative comments about Lauren Southern. I know recently someone started posting links of her at 16 dating mixed race guy, but i have to say at 16 i think most of us did thing we would never think of doing as adults.
          My opinion from 16 to now is a complete 180, all i focus on now is what content Lauren currently puts out.
          She seems to be a strong believer in traditional upbringing as has wised up that “Demographic’s” are very important to maintaining a host countries culture. So for this reason i think her channel is a positive one, and one thing you have to keep in perspective is that she does not claim to be Alt-Right so we can’t hang her for any inaccuracies there.

          • Nah, she’s not Alt-Right, but a lot of people in the Alt-Right like watching her channel and think she is funnelling people into the movement. When I heard about the coal burning I wasn’t surprised and didn’t care. I was a little more bothered by Tara McCarthy saying if we don’t start being nicer to the girls then their going to leave, but I still didn’t care all that much.

            I don’t look to teeny boppers for my political news and views and neither should any of the other men in the movement. I also don’t care about appealing to normies very much, so their both useless to me.

          • Yes. It applies to BLM as well. I got the idea from Siege and it’s a good ‘un. They usually end up lashing out on the Alt-Lite too which is like a bonus.

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