Mueller Must be Fired Immediately

I have been following this special counsel investigation pretty closely.

It’s complicated, convoluted, inscrutable, and yet subject to endless analysis.  In other words, it’s an irresistible story.  It raises interesting legal, political, and ethical questions; none of which speak in favor of the hostile elite trying to overturn a momentous election, one with particular significance for right-wing nationalism.

But mainly, it provokes one’s righteous indignation as it is so obviously an unjust coup attempt by the deep state, cosmopolitan elites, and other assorted shitlibs.

When we hear that Trump is thinking of firing Mueller before the year’s end, we shouldn’t holler “fake news.”  We shouldn’t fall into that false dichotomy of labeling as “fake” the news which we don’t like or aren’t quite prepared for (although I too am fond of that meme).  Instead, I would submit that Trump purposefully leaked this information so as to gauge the public reaction.

In this editorial space, the reaction is a resounding “DO IT.”

I won’t rehash all the twists and turns of this dubious investigation/witch-hunt.  Mainstream center-right outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and even the National Review have done a fine job laying out the contradictions and the improprieties of Mueller and his cronies:

When the special counsel picked his team, almost half the lawyers he selected had donated to Hillary Clinton. Legally that may not be disqualifying. It was, however, highly imprudent for a man presiding over the nation’s most sensitive investigation. Not a single Mueller prosecutor had contributed to Mr. Trump.


Those donations now provide the context for more recent revelations about the partisan preferences of Team Mueller. Start with the lead FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Hillary text messages with his mistress, an FBI lawyer named Lisa Page —who was then also working for Mr. Mueller. Andrew Weissmann, the lead prosecutor, not only attended Mrs. Clinton’s election-night soiree but turns out to have cheered an Obama holdover at the Justice Department, Sally Yates, for her refusal to carry out a presidential order. Meanwhile we learn that a senior Justice official, Bruce Ohr, met with both Trump dossier author Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson during the 2016 campaign—and that his wife worked for Fusion GPS.

Let’s focus instead on how taking this leap would be another step forward in the Trumpian ethos.  The idea of firing Mueller is appealing in that it would be yet another bold “Trump move.”  Whether it’s calling Mexicans rapists, proposing (and basically executing) a Muslim ban, banning transgenders from the military (court orders notwithstanding), Trump has acted with a zero-fucks-given attitude since announcing for President in the summer of 2016.

Keep that spirit, Mr. President. Mr. Mueller is a highly obnoxious presence in our daily lives.  His obstinate visage is splashed across newspapers daily, and he is lionized as an avenger of social justice warriors nationwide.  What’s worst is the utter hypocrisy of his cheerleaders trumpeting his integrity, with Mueller tacitly accepting this praise, when the facts say quite the opposite.  Hence Mueller has become a symbol of liberal hypocrisy in general.

This must end.  Nicht mehr! Get rid of this nuisance and continue to execute your agenda—our agenda—Mr. President.

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  • He should’ve been fired a long time ago, if for no other reason than a show of power. Make an example of him in front of other leftist sympathizers.

  • I say let it go on and on and on. Mueller will just make the Democrats look more foolish by the day.

    The anti-Trump hysteria from Mueller’s team is getting funnier by the day. It is discrediting itself, and the media along with it.

  • I suspect they want Mueller fired because they’re not finding anything, so if he gets fired they can claim something there but blocked from finding it, whereas if allowed to continue what are they going to do?

  • On Saturday…….

    I was driving home after shopping for some Winter Gloves…….

    In front of me was an SUV with two Bumper Stickers……

    “Putin + Russia = Trump!!”

    “Expose the Trump-Russian Collusion!!”

    I couldn’t contain my Laughter………

    I hypothesized that it must be a Liberal Woman driving the SUV……..

    So, I pulled alongside the SUV……..

    It happened to be the Most Butch Dyke White Lesbian I’ve seen in a while……….

    I had to contain my Laughter to avoid a Car Accident…….

    But, Reality is sometimes so very Simple………

    And Comical…….

  • The longer this “Russia collusion” crap goes on without any evidence being revealed by Mueller, the less people believe it. A year’s worth of “investigations” have yielded nothing the democrats/cucks/deep state can use.

    Trump firing Mueller would throw gasoline onto a fire that’s dying out, and the Muelleristas know that. That’s why they’re trying to meme Trump into firing him. Trump should let them continue to make fools of themselves.

  • Agreed. Mueller and his cronies should all be fired and eventually arrested. Also, if they dare try to impeach Trump or take him down, he will have millions of Deplorables at his side (mainly the “angry white men” the Left so viciously hates”) ready to raise hell…

  • Mueller is begging to be fired. The question is why?

    I believe Ryan (Romney) is 25 GOP votes short of sending Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. I’m quite sure McConnell (Bush) has the 19 GOP Senators he needs for removal.

    I believe Ryan (Romney) has the 25 votes pledged for when and if Trump fires Mueller.

    “Never do what your enemy wants, for this reason alone – that he wants it’ – Bonaparte

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