Alt-Right Politics: Paul Ryan, James Fields, and Tax Cuts

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ISSUE 1) Paul Ryan cucks and runs. Once, Paul Ryan was the fresh new face in Washington. Then Trump came along. Now the hokey congressman from Wisconsin is thinking about cucking on his legislative career. No doubt, he’ll land a sinecure at Heritage. You can look forward to reading semi-regular columns from him in the Post.

ISSUE 2) James Fields. “The Commonwealth” has added first-degree murder to Fields’ charges. If convicted, Fields would be the most incompetent wannabe murderer since Richard Reid. Is the prosecution trying to lose?

ISSUE 3) Tax Cuts. More stale red meat. At least Trump will have something to show for his first year in office.

AltRight Politics
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  • Re: Fields – My own prediction for the direction that the prosecution will take is that they will try to say that Fields caused something (his car, another car, a bystander, the sidewalk, an object on the sidewalk, etc etc) to hit her on the chest and that this blow on the chest induced a heart attack. They’re going to have to produce some evidence that shows that she was hit on the chest (doesn’t have to be hard, it happens in sporting activities) and an expert medical witness who says that the blow was cause of the heart attack. This is why they upgraded the charge in my opinion. His defence counsel will need to pick apart the links in this chain.

  • Def some entitled frat boys. But I trust them more than the commie jews( the people that really run this’s not yours or mine) that wanna turn dudes like me into cock sucking faggot heroin addicts.

  • just a bunch of entitled frat boys. this country belongs to all of us not just your little clique of snobs. and you really are not stupid enough to believe the crap you are spewing..your followers should feel insulted.

  • I massively enjoy the podcast, very fine entertainment. That said, my only gripe with it is the wild and unpredictable naming scheme you guys follow. I download the episodes and with like 4 different naming schemes it’s a little inconvenient to keep the folder organized / find the latest one to listen to.

    Thank you for this last stand of implicit cigar stench.

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