Nordic Resistance Movement Intervenes In School Where Kebab-Crime Against Whites Is Out of Control

The Nordic Resistance Movement really took it to the next level with their latest stunt.

This was an incredible action. It hit right in the feels.

Here’s the executive summary.

Two weeks ago there was a scuffle between a Swedish teenager and an immigrant at the Lorensberg School in Ludvika. This led to the kebab calling his older brother, who then went to the school to beat up the Swede.

A teacher took the Swede into a room where they locked him in there, for his own safety. Other teachers at the school prevented the kebab from entering the school so he left.

On his way back home, the kebab met a group of 7th grade students so he just decided to beat one of them up. The kid couldn’t go to school for a couple of days because he needed to recover from his injuries.

Meanwhile, the principal has his priorities straight. He is now focusing on preventing this incident from leading to a spike in xenophobia.

In an e-mail, the principal Göran Törnqvist and vice principal Madelen Goldmann (pretty sure that name echoes) wrote that the school has employed a study coach and that a female employee will be there to “give hugs to all the students every morning five days a week.”

Seriously. This is what they believe the correct course of action is. Free hugs.

Nordic Resistance has previously interviewed a student from the Church School which is in the same city of Ludvika, with a population of 15,000. The student said that the school has experienced bomb threats, a knife incident which led to the school evacuating, several fights and sexual harassment.

Needless to say, this is all primarily coming from the non-Swedish students.

The Video

They come to the Lorensberg School and unfurl a banner that says: Swedish Youth – Hit back!. They then use a bullhorn, and green flare. The guy on the microphone then says:

“We who stand here today come from the Nordic Resistance Movement. Two weeks ago an innocent student was assaulted by a racial foreigner. A person who does not belong here in the north. Your principals want the problems to be hugged away. Defend yourselves! Hit back! This betrayal from those who rule, the traitors also known as politicians, is unforgivable. We in the Nordic Resistance Movement fight for our right to be safe in our own country. So that our young don’t have to go to school with a knot in their belly out of fear that the foreigners will do something to you today. Once again! Join together and defend each other. Join the Nordic Resistance Movement and aid us in the struggle to retake our country!”

Holy shit.

Could you imagine that happening at your school? I mean, I know I did. To come back to the school with an army at my back to unleash righteous judgement on the Jewish administration, the cat lady teachers and the brown wannabe gangbangers would be oh so sweet.

A kid can dream, I suppose.

Adults tend to forget that little detail of growing up in a Multi-Kulti society. The White Tax extends to their children. Any White kid that has had to go to school with Vibrant Diversity has been a victim of racial bullying. Put simply, they develop faster than we do. By age 11, most of the Latino kids have a full handlebar mustache – and yes, I am talking about their girls here.

They also form gangs by age 12. And the White kids simply do not. They remain atomized and easy pickings in the hallways, bathrooms and cafeterias. Especially when they bring their older brothers and cousins into the fight. These “people” don’t fight fair. It’s them, their brother, their cousin against you. Lonely you.

Worse, the wardens…hmm.

No, nothing, it’s just funny how I immediately start thinking of prison when I remember the old public school days.


Worse, the teachers and administrators gas-light you and tell you that the problem is you. You provoked them. You need sensitivity lectures from the guidance counselor. You don’t have a right to self-defense. You’re the fucking White male here and don’t forget that Black history month is coming up, so study up on how much you suck!

The kids’ reaction

A couple of kids then approach the Nordic guys, which triggers the fat, frumpy cat lady who gestures for them to come back to school, back under her wing and watchful shrew-gaze.

They small talk with students who basically say there’s problems at the school and they say that they’ve heard of the organization before.

The Principal and teachers all stand around nervously. The principal is the one in grey with the chronic cuckface who shakes his head angrily when the Nordic Resistance says that the kids need to band together and defend themselves.

In response, they decide that there is definitely going to be a school meeting to talk about the horrible nazis tomorrow.

And then, the stunning dismount.

The NRM tells the kids that everything the organization does, it does for them.

Oh man.

What a great way to get Generation Z on your side. You go straight to them and you tell them that you’ve got their back.

They may have a dopey, weak, fat cuckold of a father and a shrieking, pants-suit wearing shriek of a mother that only managed to have them and no older brothers, but they’ve got the Nordic fuckin’ Resistance at their back.

That’s a powerful message. Best of all, it teaches the kids that banding together with your fellow Whites is natural and the only way to reassert dominance at school and in the neighborhood.

We need to start doing similar actions.

Generation Z is ready for us. They’re ready for our message. All we have to do is meet them halfway.

Vincent Law
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  • Without proper financing and political support it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the result. With my all support to the movement, I still have doubt. The most important, to create network and financial funding.

  • Fantastic work. I can’t see this happening in the UK and yet white Brit kids are subjected to racial violence all the time. The schools just call it something else, bullying for example, and refuse to acknowledge the racial component – unless it’s round the other way then all Hell breaks loose.

    • The UK has become a fundamentally repressive society that is in many ways worse than the Soviet Union was. The UK government must be toppled, all globalist politicians and other enablers “removed.”

  • Great job by the NRM. Great messaging. Hard hitting w/out making it easy for the MSM to pigeon-hole you. We know they’ll be called Nazi criminals by the media but show the White kids that need help that their is someone there to help you, that you can associate with the NRM, etc. & not need to hide your name. That’s the battle we must win.

  • Ah Christ. That blonde kid was wearing a jungle-ball hat. More work is needed. Every Scandinavian needs to refreshed on their biathlon skills for when the neccesary assassinations start taking place. We need to channel, rather than crush, the mass murder spirit that resides within white men so that it can become useful rather than turned amongst ourselves in infamy or suppressed in self-medicating overdoses.

    • These kids are fighting for survival. They have been betrayed by everyon’e. Even their own families often. The invaders have cultures that evolved in places where everyone always wanted to live. Their cultures have specialized to fight people, for thousands of years. A street in fifty years, a field in a hundred years.
      We have a culture specialized to fight nature. We know how to turn taiga into fields in 200 years. When you go to sweden and see “stone fences”, thats what you you see. Swedes carrying rocks for 200 years to turn taiga into fields. And how to cushion the blow those years when we lose our one growing season.
      You are a total shithead for bitching about a kids hat in times like these.

      • You exemplify cucked Scandinavians to a tee. It was not even a criticism, yet you took it that way. But you roll out the welcome mat for colored savages to rape your women and children. Don’t blame me for your sexless masochism.

  • This is what it takes ladies and gentleman. Real group tactics. And when his uncles ride by your house later that night, you pay them a visit with superior fire power before dawn.

  • If you did that in Britain then all the demonstrators would get a minimum of five years in prison. The Nords still have freedoms central Europeans have lost. Yes, Maddie Goldman is a Jew.

  • Imagine Africans surviving in all that snow without the gibs. It’s just unnatural for them to be there.

    • They are actually getting sick from lack of sunlight. Once we can not afford to send them on vacation to the countries the fled from 4 months a year and have social services feed them vitamin D they will die off. Sweden might be worst off culturally in all the world. But this is the perfect battleground. Here we can not lose because the land itself is on our side.

  • Being able to react like this to incidents is very important, for many reasons.

    However, I can only urge them to go to the School board meetings. Urge change there too. Try and project and impress your movements future goals onto their current leadership.

    The education system is a big target for lasting change.


  • This is what should have happened for Keaton in Knoxville. That part of east TN is very DARK! It’s too bad the Alt Right movement is focused on blaming women for everything these days. This is where the AR could be. This is what we should be doing. Seeing this still gives me hope! Baby steps are still steps!

    • I don’t think this would ever even occur to White americans. We have grown up generation after generation with blacks assaulting us and being disruptive. Europe is just now getting to see how dark it is outside.

      • as an American, I agree. Without any blood shed, and despite our “constitution” and “guns” and tough-talking “patriots”, America went from 90% white to now barely 60% white (and I even question those stats), and white babies are a minority now. White Americans tolerate the black on white violence and even when mestizos and other 3rd worlders attack us. “Oh, we all bleed red! Oh, let’s not be racist!” and then the “civic nationalist” cucks. It’s also getting more common everywhere I go seeing mixed race couples or a white couple with a nonwhite kid. These same White Americans, even those on the ‘right wing’ side, will fight each other. There is no uniting.

        I have more faith in Europe turning their continent around before America does. These instances, and countless others (Poland, Hungary, Czech, Generation Identitaire, etc) give me a lot of hope for Europe’s future. These types of European men (and women) will be the ones who save Europe.

        God (or Odin) bless them all!

    • When white women seek to spread #MeToo to radical rightist politics and every other walk of life, they will be left to their own misery. It’s really not that hard to act like a lady, but you harridans make it look like rocket science.

      • You are an idiot, Weimar. The MeToo campaign A) relates to a very small number of white women and B) is unrelated to race. Painting all white women with a broad brush (no pun intended) is unintelligent. Most white women behave with dignity. Sexual assault is a crime. Learn basic discernment.

        • See, you actually defend this horse shit rape hoax. I am glad to see them disgraced, but I bet 90 percent of those Jews did not do any of it. We cannot allow you lying bitches to have power ever again. Get used to loincloths, missy. White Sharia beckons.

  • The signs. The uniforms — hat and jackets. The flags. The low key speech. All bespeak professionalism.

    I think Richard Spencer has injected a similar professionalism into the Alt Right. Albeit, by his choice of suits and stylish clothing (such as at recent Lafayette Park event.)

    A movement that exudes class like that recalls Marshall McLuhan’ famous line that “the medium is the message”.

  • Sweden is probably the worse off country in the entire white world. Pretty soon the government will start giving metals of honor to the migrants who can rape the most white woman. Sorry, I meant the migrants who culturally enrich the most white woman.

    • Everything in Sweden in transparent, compartmentalised and catalogued. Almost all other countries in the world, quite a bit less so. If something like Rotherham had happened there, the victims would have been intervieved exhaustively until every single incident had been entered into the books and government statistics. I’m not suggesting that things aren’t bad in Sweden, I’m just not entirely convinced they are much better anywhere else. Complacency and smugness will get you, your movement, your people and your race dead. Resist the temptation of the ”well, at least we aren’t as bad off as Sweden” excuse.

  • Another part of the backstory is that the politicians in the Ludvika Municipality have been decomissionhing village schools and forcing children top go to central schools for the last few years. The Nordic Resistence Movement have one man in the political representation in this local “commune” (city council). And they campaigned really hard against this centralization. The NMR collected a large portion of the signatures needed to “prompt for plebiscite”, 10%+ of the population, to stop this centralization and decomissioning of village schools. But even though 13% of the citizens in Ludvika signed the petition the politicians stopped the plebiscite.

    Imho, orthodox national socialist Nordiska Motståndsrörlesen are guaranteed political representation in the next election thanx to this. I really dont like their ideology but they are still a god sent, they are better organized than anyone else and they are more dedicated than muslim suicide bombers. I can not help but stand by them, whatever my misgivings.

    • Ops, Nordic Resistence Movement is spelled Nordiska motståndsrörelsen in swedish. (spelling is important for voting reasons).

    • Going to a Nordic Resistence Movement event is magical. Everything is organized. And there is this undercurrent of raw dedication and determined, slow, conviction. Its hard to describe. But its magic.

  • As usual, I blame the Boomers. They fully embraced the “violence is wrong” culture. In Boomerland, “violence doesn’t solve anything” and righteous violence doesn’t exist. Jesus was a super-cuck that never fought back, ever. Him telling his disciplines to buy swords and using a bull-whip against the (((chosen))) is completely ignored. Instead of fighting back against a bully and maintaining your honor, Boomers recommend you befriend the bully and never resort to violence. In Boomerland, losing is actually winning because principles. So even though a bully humiliates you, beats you and takes your lunch money everyday, your actually winning because you’re not violating your nonviolent principles. It’s what Jesus would do.

    • So true, so true. The kids with Boomer parents would get told off by the administration AND their parents for defending themselves. They were bred to be cucks when they grew up by the Boomers.

    • There is no problem that can’t be solved with the appropriate level of violent force. Alien attack? Violence. Constipated? Violence. Out of money? Violence. Jews and slaves destroying your countries? Violence.

      The virtue of the White man is knowing when, where, and why to use violence.

    • Boomers, be they in Western Europe or America, were born into a nice, post-war nation. It was safe, the economy was roaring, they were given everything, etc, and in return they tore down their parents and previous generations of Westerners who provided them the safety and luxury they provided them through blood, sweat and tears.

      Now in their old age, there are Boomers who have become white nationalists and many who still sound like stoned hippies at Woodstock. Almost like they never grew up.

  • People always say that Sweden is too far gone, but my prediction is that the resistance will actually start and flourish here first.

    • Those with nothing left to loose, loose it. When your back is to the wall what choice do you have. An old Hungarian, retired, who substitute taught where I did my internship used to tell me that Sweden would be the first to go full on NS once the betrayal of the liberal/left marxist social experiment was fully felt by the young and vulnerable. He said it would be a rebellion of the youth against their liberal/left parents. That was 15 years ago! This guy got out of communist Hungary. Hopefully he was right.

  • Cut out the soy, plastics and phyto-estrogens in the food and send the young White males to martial arts training. Systema , the Russian martial art is steadily gaining in terms of support.

      • Back in the 1920s, AH said the SA should be trained in boxing and judo. A lot of the “new” systems can lead you to prison if you use them IRL and you’re not a Jew in Israel/Palestine.

        • Point was, barbell allows you to become much stronger in something like half a year, and boxing can teach you to spar decently in the same amount of time.

    • Systema schools are for orthodox larping camp followers who want putins dick putin them. Its another commercialized fraud at best. If you ain’t a fighter non of this garbage will help you. Even a soy boy whos a born warrior will take a rock and bash your head in without ever doing a minute MMA training in his life.

  • Latinos and Semites don’t develop any faster than we do. Negroes do.

    If you’re talking about niggers I could see the point, but what, Nordics can’t win a one-on-one fight? I’ve watched videos of Nordics getting the hell kicked out of them by a SMALLER kebab-eater because they don’t fight back. Stop raising weak males.

    I don’t have experience fighting Muslims, maybe they’re all dirty losers like Jews, but with blacks, unless it’s gang-related, if you kick one of their asses they will respect you and leave you alone.

    Sounds like you were beat up a lot as a kid, Vinnie. You should get treatment for your PTSD.

    • Latinos DO develop faster you stupid nigger.

      Nordics CAN win when its one to one but it never is because they form up into gangs and take you on as a group or they bring in their older siblings.

      The only one coming off as butthurt and with PTSD is you with your overacting navy seal tough guy schtick.

      Tip your contrarian fedora harder you colossal faggot.

      • Thank you for the white-pill. The (((powers that be))) need us to be always atomized, they (((like Sarah Silverman))) instinctively know that a collective comprised solely of – race conscious – whites will be an invincible steamroller.

      • There are many examples where whites were victorious even when outnumbered. The Anglo-Zulu War (100-200 Brits vs 3000 Africans), Battle of Blood River (400 whites vs 20000 Africans), countless battles between Europeans vs Turks (Gates of Vienna, Siege of Sinj, Battle of Hodow), Russians driving out the Mongols, etc.

        We can be brave and defeat our enemies, even when all the odds are stacked against us. We just have to chose to unite and fight back.

    • Whites, especialy in the anglo countries, tend to negotiate rather then fight with an outgroup. There is a difference to countries like greece, italy, eastern european countries that end with -ia because you have a big feral animal population in those and boys often grow up torturing stray cats and dogs. This form of practice killing forms a character that has an experience with violence and also knows how much blunt force trauma a mammal can take untill serious damage is done. Not having this experience makes urban populations often very bad in close combat hand to hand action, or very good cause they grew up in situations where others preyed on them and you have to act or get fucked. What makes Semites so aggressiv is because they lack the time preference to think about the consequences of their actions, but the action itself is not very qualified. When you see the MMA charts, there ain’t no arabs or africans.

      So i would say Burton is right about his point that it is the faul of parents who raised weak males. And every time i see little timmy whiteboy kicked the shit out of them my first thought is “where is his father so that i can kick the shit out of him”.

      And now you have to shoot old yella timmy! don’t be a bitch!

      • Why don’t you guys stop squabbling like little girls and fucking unite?

        Unless of course you are JIDF taking advantage of relatively open comments sections.

        But if you aren’t stop being cunts.

        • Pfffff, why should i unite with bitches like you who are so dysfunctionaly paranoid that they suspect jews behind everthing that in some way hurts their feelings. I’m not the salvation army, let the weak fall where they may.

          • Wrong. You are the salvation of our people. Who else will be? It is easy to say that the weak and the foolish deserve what they have coming to them. Anyone can sit and wait for judgement. A man changes the situation. A man does something, just like the men in the video.

          • That what is dying should be left to die.
            – A.H.

            Waiting for a savior is a typical anglo peasant mindset. Do or die. Those who wait for social consent to maintain and defend their own existance can go fuck themselfs.

    • The situation here was that the kebab called in his older brother. Say 18 year old. Who then proceeded to attack an unsuspecting and unrelated 13 year old. I guess shame on us nordics that an unsuspecting 13 year old got the shit kicked out of him by an 18 year old.

    • From my experience living in a multicultural neighborhood where Whites are a minority, it’s rarely a 1v1 with any of them. It’s most commonly a 4v1. And even when it is a 1v1 and you win, they will come back with more, or with knives and guns. It’s safer for you and your family to just take a beating rather than risk being shot at again or have their cousins try to run you over.

      • yeah, thats the point in being a social animal, mustering more muscle power then the other group. Humans ain’t natural 1v1 noble duellist types, thats ritual violence to settle ingroup conflict, outgroup violence is everything goes. If i would live in a diversified hood, i would go after the youngest and weakest of the others too. And the bigger once i would ambush or burn their cars. Everything goes. Maybee after a year it would become a habbit to kick pregnant females.

      • but you can find many examples in history when whites/Europeans were outnumbered (even highly), yet they still destroyed the armies. We need that collective strong tribal will we used to have. I have a feeling whites will be getting that back soon. They either fight back, or we all perish. it’s that simple (and dire)

  • Despite all the talk about Sweden being lost I found it has a lot more balls (and brains) than us in the anglosphere. They have a large number of bold nationalists, some of whom are active internationally, and confront their politicians a lot more directly. The only problem is that the system seems out of reach for them, as it is for us.

    • Fortunately the establishement here are so far removed from reality they are all but helpless. This country is going to crash and burn. And thats a good thing!

    • “We did not vote our way into these problems, and we will not vote our way out of these problems.” “We are not going to defeat our enemies by being nice. We will have to be like Vlad, Martel, Franco, Skanderbeg, Arminius, Sobieski, etc”

  • Great article and great action by Nordic Resistance! Swooping in like superheroes to come to the aid of their little brother. This is pure gold and also proof you can pull off perfect optics while still being openly NS, something we Americans have yet to master.

    Btw, the weather, the sky and the whole scene there look exactly how I’ve always pictured Skyr, er, I mean Sweden.

  • Sweet!
    Schools are quasi penitentiaries anyway. The best thing about these >90% diversity schools is that school shooters are per se pro-white partisan resistance fighters. You could basicly lock up all these diversified schools during class, barricade the doors and flamethrower the building.

    “Could you imagine that happening at your school? ”
    We had something similar. White Power Activists showing up and distributing Music CDs and such. Was too soft for my taste. This talk of “hit back” violence is way better then fucking Music. The worse it gets, the better it gets. Finaly some action.

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