How Albion Got Blacked

Submitted by Norman Burgundy

When he saw group of English boys being sold as slaves in a Roman market, Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-610AD) famously commented, “Non Angli, sed angeli” (they are not Angels, but Angels). The Italian pope was remarking how handsome and angelic the blonde haired and blued eyed kids were. The late pontiff’s comments clearly indicate that he understood Britishness as being rooted in specific racial qualities: British people actually look a certain way because British people are, well, British.

If St. Gregory were to see some “British” kids today, he would be a bit confused to find what the Romans called “Aethopiani” (Black Africans) and “Indi” (those from the Indian subcontinent) as the emerging majority population of Britannia.  Readers of American Renaissance already know the story of how far Britain has fallen under the deadening weight of diversity. However, as London has now become a majority non-British city under a Pakistani mayor, Muslim rape gangs are allowed to prey upon British girls with impunity, and Prince Harry, fourth in line to the British throne, is set to announce his engagement to a black American woman, an exploration of how Britain became a noisy, crime-ridden outpost of the “Global South,” is in due order.

The term “British”  has taken on a radically different meaning than it would have meant since the time of the Roman occupation of Britannia. In fact, in our Orwellian, multicultural world, one does not actually have to be British to be British. This maddening paradox was revealed in Richard Spencer’s recent clash with black “British” reporter Gary Younge of BBC’s Channel 4, who was on a tour of the United States to expose the racism that led to the election of Donald Trump.  As his brief interview with Richard Spencer progressed, Younge grew increasingly angry in response to Spencer’s refusal to adopt guilt for the transatlantic slave trade; however, what finally drove the Barbadian reporter over the edge was Spencer’s claim that Lewis would never really be an Englishman. This must have been a sore spot for Lewis, for he immediately ended the interview.

How could Younge ever have gotten the idea in his head that someone whose ancestors came from Africa could become a member of an Indo-European people drawn from Celtic and Germanic stock?

The answer this question is a circuitous and weird journey, for before an African man whose parents were from the Caribbean island of Barbados could think he was British, it was necessary for the British people to think that they were black.

In order for this alchemical transformation of the British soul to take place, British music had to become African music, for “music is the food of the soul,” and sometime after the Second World War, the British soul became black.

The “conservative” British journalist Peter Hitchens (brother of the late Christopher) wrote of this poisoning of the British soul in his 2000 work, The Abolition of Britain. In this dirge for his dying country, the British author notes that the degeneracy that became so prevalent during the Tony Blair era in which Hitchens was composing his work had at least partial roots in the cool jazz, swing, and big band music brought to Great Britain during World War II by jive-talking white American servicemen.

This black music (a racial thread that the politically correct Hitchens does not quite follow in this work) then led to the subtle transformation of British culture in American (i.e. black American) culture), which was vomited back into the United States during the British invasion of the 1960s and 70s led by bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

The argument may be made that much of these bands’ music is very white and drawn from deep roots in European (albeit pagan) culture –especially in the case of Led Zeppelin. However, there was no question that such blues-infused songs and covers such as “Brown Sugar,” “Since I’ve Been Loving You,” and “Roll Over Beethoven,” among many others, were, without question, black music.

Perhaps the most important album in the British invasion of ironically black American music back into America was the 1965 classic Beatles album, Rubber Soul, drawn from the Beatles’ experiences during their 1964 American tour Rubber Soul, in the minds of many music historians, defined pop music and has influenced, in many, ways virtually every popular music composition released after it. Rubber Soul contained such soulful hits as “Drive My Car,” which drew from the repertoire of black American music. Thus, in many ways, one of the greatest Albums of perhaps the greatest British pop musical group ever is perhaps more black than it is British.

Ironically (or perhaps not), Paul McCartney said that the album’s title was inspired by the ridicule black American musicians directed toward The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger’s attempt to act and sing black—they had called him “plastic soul,” but “rubber soul” sounded more clever.

This irony did not stop Rubber Soul from serving as a catalyst in Britain, America, and the entire West for the triumph of black culture via black music, which, in turn, enable the triumph of black people in the demographic struggle.

Before Prince Harry began dating a black American girlfriend, there was Mick Jagger’s foul crooning of “Brown Sugar.” Before East London became a war zone, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant sang in “black voice,” “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” There would not have been the “British” pop sensation of the 90s, The Spice Girls were led by the black singer of Caribbean descent “Mel B” or “Scary Spice” if the Beatles would not have covered “Twist and Shout.”

The death of Britain by diversity began when the British lost their soul, and they lost their soul by losing their music.

In the Obama era, the coup de grâce indicating how both the British and the American soul has been blackened can be found, unsurprisingly in a pop song, “American Boy,” by the Senegalese-Caribbean singer Estelle Swaray, who, like Gary Younge, identifies as “British.”  It is not the popularity of yet another African song among European people that makes the 2008 “American Boy” so crucial to our discussion–“American Boy” peaked at the top of the British charts, was nominated for “Song of the Year” at the Grammys, and the version Estelle sang with American Kanye West won the Grammy for “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.”  Rather in “American Boy,” we see the triumph of blackness and the black soul in both Britain and America.

The black singer Estelle, the “British” girl, clearly identifies her American beau as a black man who is wearing “fancy clothes,” which include such elegant attire as  “baggy jeans”  and “Sneaker’s looking Fresh to Def.” Estelle further sings that she wants to “kick it” with this American boy in the “hood” in Brooklyn and to see LA, which is in “Cali,” a black slang term for the once great American state of California. Estelle and her beau, played by Kanye in the “remix,” are the new “Anglo-American” couple who are going on a tour triumphal of the formerly Anglo-Saxon countries that were conquered by black music long before they were conquered by black people.

However, the bitterest irony is that the majority of people who listened to “American Boy” like the majority of people who listen to black music are white. Thus, if anything, “American Boy” is a song about the victory of negritude in the soul of British (and American) people. And, ironically, it has been through black American music performed by both white and black musicians that is blared in restaurants, airports, shopping malls, stores, and, yes, even churches from Moscow, Russia to Sydney, Australia, that has crippled the souls of Western men and women and made us welcome our conquerors with fawning adulation.

But there is still hope in the metapolitical struggle for the soul of Britain and the West.

Negritude is a condition of the soul as well as of the body, and it is only tossing off what the great but weird British Romantic poet William Blake called the “mind-forg’d manacles” of jazzy blackness will we be finally able to breathe with the strong souls that propelled our ancestors to greatness, per aspera ad astra.

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  • I have no formal understanding of music theory, composition etc. , but I do know what genres of music will repel negroes from shopping malls and Trader Joe’s.

  • While there was a form of negro worship present beginning with the minstrel days, and certainly plenty of debauchery not only in the 20s but… well always. The crystallization of radio, television, and movies is where you can start to see the aggregate relative to the mainstream and how it has devolved. Most noticeable in all these areas is a “honeymoon period” followed by (((rapid decline.))) Sticking to music for this post: From the minstrels came ragtime, and from that emerged swing. Swing, while parroted by people like Glen Miller and Benny Goodman, was certainly black before it was white. While considered degenerate by many at the time, to this day some of the staunchest ‘conservatives’ think of it as “good old American music.” To their credit, the contrast between that and what we have today makes that notion somewhat understandable. Putting aside criticism of swing, prior to Elvis we saw a different type of negro worship, still confined to a certain intellectualism seen in Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, Count Basie, and the later more post-modern, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. Elvis’ parroting of Chuck Berry dug out rock and roll out of the underground and into the mainstream, a sexualized and primal form of the blues that utilized electric amplification as well as the new (sexual) visual element of television; taking the common denominator down tremendously in one fell swoop. In paralel, RnB and it’s white counter, doo-wop come about. Into the 60s, Jumping on board the rock and roll train come the Brits with their own peachy take on negro appropriation, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Clapton. Of course, this was also the opportunity to inject drug culture into music especially LSD so famously popularized by The Beatles. The deification of Hendrix also worth mentioning, someone regarded as a “great musician” yet unable to do much more than write some quaint but very basic songs and “shred” pentatonic-scale solos while on acid. In the 70s, white rock forks into ‘metal,’ ‘soft rock,’ and ‘prog rock’ while blacks continue with RnB and a more mainstream blues. Into the 80s we see the drug and dance culture crystallize into something more mainstream and corporate, Michael Jackson and Prince show up, Rap is born in the background, and white musicians fork into new wave and more corporate metal. You have Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mack, still some whiteness about maybe whiter than the 70s, but in a shitty, corporate, watered down, and very Jewy way. With rap dominating the 90s, grunge is the last ‘kind of white’ mainstream genre and it’s basically shit. This whole timeline concerns the mainstream, which is essentially what Jews have chosen to promote. Is it purely democratic, purely money driven, purely agenda driven? I’d say a bit of all three but certainly with no regard to maintaining high culture, indeed that was the last concern and perhaps something to avoid. Yes it’s been a shitty ride down with a few interesting diamonds in the rough emerging, but as the spell fades we see most of what produced in the last century for what it is: Topical, banal, something analogous to crumpled up potato chip bags candy-wrappers, good for a second and then… well, rubbish. On a somewhat positive note, the internet is killing the mainstream industry… but the diasporic and unfunded nature of home-production is prone to appropriation and difficult to gain traction without succumbing to the toxicity of common-demonator plebicide. Our end result is a great mountain of manure speckled with a few gems doomed to obscurity. Cheers.

  • The Pope said ”Not Angle but Angels”…Back music has always been popular with the English working class…from the early days of Rock n Roll(Teddy Boys)….Soul and Blues(Mods) Ska(Skinheads) The Northern Soul scene of the 1970s…just because you appreciate black music doesn’t mean you have to appreciate blacks.

  • Rap music, as terrible as it is to music connoisseurs, is popular because women like it. Women like it because it is simplistic and better simulates sex with its ‘dance’-club vibe better than any current form of music, which is the only reason women like dancing too: a guiltless way to simulate feral sex, which white men chase after.

    It only started to be this way sometime in the 1990s when miscegenation started in earnest amongst niggers and whore white women (W3s). Before that they were into heavy metal or hippie rock.

    But it seems as though the club scene is finally dying out, along with the sale of music, because of the democratization of free streaming options. All of the bubblegum pop garbage you hear on the radio is not being listened to by blacks. They love the inaudible ‘drill’ nigger music. So they have no longer have any incentive to make this white-friendly music anymore, but instead stick to their cheaply-scripted ghetto puke that no women can stomach.

    Black ‘artists’ are wilding back to their jungle origins because they no longer have whitey’s ear anymore. They are losing whitey’s eye too because 10 percent of white sports fans quit watching sportsball each year.

    Nature abhors the vacuum being created right now in our degenerate culture because we have nothing to replace these dying hobbies with.

    • i never understood why bitches are into club music and this spasm form of “dance”, untill i realized it just some sort of fucking ritual. Women are not compareable to men in forms of brain and body chemistry. No wonder men never get the mindset of a creature that evolved to get fucked. Funny thing is, if you find male dance rituals in euro cultures, its usualy some sort of war dance.

      • The craziest thing I witnessed was last year at a country music dance hall… For the first time ever the chicks outnumbered the guys…by a lot, ya know how we all dream about. But that completely changed the atmosphere. They weren’t there to slut it up. It’s like they all synced up their periods at once or something and the entire ambiance changed from sexual, like it usually is, to some gossip mill. Without men outnumbering them, women cease to be sexual.

      • It attention whoring. And every man knows a club is the worst place to pull women. Also why women like to dance at homo clubs. Dont’t have to deal with men who think they are there to fuck.

    • Exactly. Women are it’s main base and appeal. If you turn on a rap station you can see that they pander to women too.

  • All this 24/7 promotion of the most mind-numbing/musicless garbage (rap etc) is a psy-op by the Jewish-controlled music labels
    The underlying message is ‘Oh…niggro is so cool….mate-with-the-niggro!’
    Has anybody noticed that white guys swinging electrics and behaving badly have disappeared from the limelight for at least a decade now?
    We are all niggers now.

  • What a load of bunk.

    The population of the United Kingdom remains 87% white, something the writer would know if he ever lived in the UK or visited areas outside of London.

    Brits really like black American and Caribbean music for the same reason that a huge chunk of the rest of humanity does – because it’s great music. It’s fun and infectious. The Beetles music was basically black music repackaged by a white boy band; and the same white Americans who turned up their noses at what was then called “negro music” had no problem jamming to the exact same songs created by black artists when performed by Elvis. Rock originated with black artists too, which means that even the racists who only listen to heavy metal racist rock actually love black music.

    It is said that Hitler disliked jazz and syncopation because they were black music forms. Plus, he was probably so uptight, he couldn’t understand what it was to move to the beat.

    The writer of this fluff piece seems to suffer from the same failing. Of course, Hitler only had one testicle. Perhaps this writer also . . . .

    • So funny how you niggers turn ‘Elvis appropriated that one black song’ into ‘white people stole all technology and land’ because ‘we wuz kanz in ansup Eegyp and built dem peer mids n shit.’

      You have the single-greatest coping mechanism ever fathomed to offset your inability to match Europeans in anything. Well, you are number one in crime stats, so I’ll give ya that.

      • Nice try at deflection, but if black musical contributions are so trivial and only a coping mechanism (even if the single greatest ever created), why is this nit wit of an author claiming that black music alone brought down the British empire? Can’t have both.

        • You didn’t even try to rebut what I said as true. You niggers invented nothing, yet you pretend with the disproven ‘out of Africa’ conspiracy and the other conspiracy of ‘white privilege’ to have been the originator of everything and then dispossessed of all of it by greedy whites. I stand by my statement.

      • Are you telling me that the Nazis thought their supposedly master race was so fragile and easily subverted by black culture that merely listening to jazz would overwhelm them? Not very superior if you can be brought low by a rendition of Duke Ellington’s “I’ll Take the A Train.” 🙂

          • No, they didn’t. They thought Jews were smarter then Aryans. They believed Aryans were morally better due to spiritual and moral qualities. Or to put it another way, the reason they, Aryans, fought for Aryans is they preferred Aryans.

            National socialism is applied biology; each race is seen as competing for resources to continue its own existence and each believes it is morally correct in doing so.

          • They did not believe Jews were smarter. Only more willing to use certain tactics a more noble German wouldn’t ever consider. You seem sincere but, don’t peddle this bulshit about Jews being smarter than Germans, it’s ridiculous Jewish lies.

          • Truth hurts, doesn’t it Barney? I’m sure you’re one of those who professes to believe in the inherent virtue of IQ in dividing whites from blacks. Well it’s pretty clear that Jews have higher average IQs than Germans, so that would mean that, yes, Jews are smarter than Germans. The Nazis knew it. That’s one reason they tried to wipe out the Jews. They knew they could never compete with them in fields requiring intelligence.

          • It’s been established that your intelligence is not high enough to judge anything of value.

            You probably fawn over Einstein, Spinoza, and Heine, hardly geniuses.

            Go watch your Girlfriends get fucked.

          • “You do know that the Nazis lost don’t you?”

            Against three global superpowers in a two-front war, after six years of fighting. Yeah great victory for the allies.

            America has never won a war on its own, not even it’s own revolution.

          • First, Germany was the aggressor in the war. It shouldn’t have started a war it couldn’t win.

            Second, Germany foolishly decided to open two fronts at the same time when it easily could have finished the war against the western powers before tacking Russia, since it had a treaty of non-aggression with Stalin. That tells you how stupid the Germans were to so wildly overestimate their own abilities – much as the alt-right does today.

            Third, Germany had two allies in WWII that also were (at the time) global, or at least super regional, military powers.

            The Nazis lost because they are outclassed militarily and because they were fighting for one of the vilest ideologies in human history.

            So, yes, quite right, great victory for the allies and the cause of freedom over bigotry and tyranny.

          • Whether they thought it or not is irrelevant. Anybody with a functional brain knows the Germans have been the most superior in almost every category form 700 AD till 1945. Theosophy, theology, philosophy, government, technology, science, literature, art. Germans dominate all fields.

            With the exception of their British cousins and some norther Italians,no body has close.

            Now fuck off, troll.

          • Germans do not dominate in all fields, nor did they dominate from 700 AD through 1945 either. Anyway, we crushed them on the field of battle. Twice.

            America outshines Germany by any number of measures. And just as you sit here drooling over Germany like some pathetic loser, I have no doubt many Germans are salivating over the dynamism that is America.

          • Facts don’t care about your feelings, faggot.

            Only one I see drilling here is yourself, over your beloved negroes.

          • Bah, what rubbish. Europeans like pop, rock and soul like everyone else. You’re tilting at windmills to say otherwise. You’re like some old Puritan curmudgeon insisting that anything other than the same boring old monotones must be the devil’s music.

    • Last time I checked, the Beatles had only a handful of songs with obvious blues or soul influences.
      They liked those genres alright but I see little connection
      The most common lie shitlibs propagate is that any music containing electric guitars is niggro-derived.
      People with no knowledge of music theory should keep their traps shut.
      80% of modern music would still exist even if niggers had never made it out of the jungle.

      • That, Rick, is called a lie. The Beatles themselves often said that the strongest influences on their music were black artists. The melodies, the style of performance, the use of guitar, all were taken from black artists.

        “We didn’t sing our own songs in the early days – they weren’t good enough,” Lennon remarked, “the one thing we always did was to make it known that there were black originals, we loved the music and wanted to spread it in any way we could.” – John Lennon

        If blacks hadn’t created gospel, the blues, rock and rap, world music would consist of classical and the drab common music that Europe had produced for centuries. It’s also the case that white protestant church music had a huge influence on the development of spirituals and the blues, so there is an interconnected nature to it all.

        • One can only imagine the level of consciousness the masses would still embody if jungle beats never became mainstream. Culture would certainly be less base and animalistic.

          • Spoken like someone who never learned to lighten up. In any event, the most base, barbarous and depraved expressions of culture would still be there, just as they always have been. But the culture, on the whole, would just be more boring. If you doubt that, just look at what cultural influences have (and have not) emerged from places in Eastern Europe and Russia of note over the last couple of centuries. Boring!

          • It takes a higher consciousness and intelligence to find mental engagement in the arts you claim as boring. I always draw a line between lightening up and maintain moral dignity. Their in lies the difference, what excites you, I find vapid, animalistic, and basic. In short, pertaining to the Lower self and lower races. What I find stimulating and full of depth you claim it to be boring, but we both know it is due to your inability to appreciate the higher. It’s not in your genes.

            As pertaining to Russia and Eastern Europe, I agree. They are far to saturated with mongol DNA, with the exceptions of the likes Dostoyevsky, Solovyov, and others of course. Still far superior than anything of African origin.

          • Sure Barnaby. Master race, superior genes, hot air, blah, blah, blah. The challenge for any artist is to engage his audience. There are many people composing classical music today, yet how many modern classical pieces have captured the imagination the way the old works have?

            Newly composed classical music (or its nearest expression) finds its widest audience in movie soundtracks (which is to say, as background music). There have been some phenomenal offerings, like the score to The Mission by Ennio Morricone, but they are exceedingly rare. Modern composers would love for their works to find broad appeal or at least attract sustained patronage from the wealthy, the way they once did. But they don’t and it’s not because so few people have the intelligence to appreciate them. It’s because society has largely moved on to new more interesting mediums of artistic expression. It’s called classical for a reason Barnsy.

          • On the contrary, a true artist aspires towards beauty and perfection. His goal is to bring his audiences mind upwards towards new heights, broader and deeper than before.

            You clearly are not intelligent enough to understand this, that much is apparent. With that said, I have no issue with you personally spending your double digit IQ on lesser noises. Keep saying you stupid for the hand that feeds you.

          • A “true artist aspires towards beauty and perfection?” What bunk. Some art strives to disturb and provoke. Some to inspire awe. Some to shame. A true artist sets out to communicate through art, but there is no limit to what that communication can be. Stop being so narrow minded already.

    • It is the lowest common denominator form of music. Just admit that you don’t have high standards or tastes, buddy.

      Your ancestors never devolved neither the capacity to create nor the appreciation for higher culture.

      No need to get your panties bunched up over it, being the will of Providence.

      Wagner, Bach, Mozart> jungle beats. The latter doesn’t even qualify as music when compared.

      Hell I’ll even add old country western to the former, no question.

      • My ancestors “never devolved neither the capacity” to create higher culture? If you’re going to do the condescension thing, you first should master basic English.

        Music is not created as a form of cultural competition. Music is an artistic expression created to be shared with and appreciated by others. By every objective measure, classical music appeals to exceedingly few people. Classical music in America is the domain of public radio; most symphonies survive on public charity. It is not a triumph of high culture if it is largely irrelevant.

        Meanwhile various form of popular music are not only thriving, but breaking down cultural barriers across the globe. It’s absurd to claim that it’s the lowest common denominator merely because it’s the most popular.

        As it happens, I enjoy many classical pieces, but classical music is a niche and likely will remain one. If it makes you feel better to call it superior because it appeals to a tiny percentage of the population, then by all means make yourself happy and do so.

        • Auto correct, yawn. Stuff yourself, faggot.

          Music is culture. You cannot separate the two. Just as european art, philosophy, science, and architecture is a product of the European soul, so is its music.
          The same can be said for Africans and their mud huts, voodoo rituals, and matriarchy.

          Anybody who honestly claims that the most popular thing is not the lowest thing is either being disengenuous or suffers from the very same low iq and low sensitivity as the mass.

          Classical music is superior, it has nothing to do with my ego. The level of intelligence, sensitivity, morals, and sophistication needed to create The Ring Cyle in comparison to the latest Drake album is so far greater that I’m not sure the difference could even be quantified.

          “Meanwhile various form of popular music are not only thriving, but breaking down cultural barriers across the globe.”

          Good boy, just as master wants it. Here’s a shekel.

          • Sure, there’s always a Jew behind every success that you find threatening. It’s one thing for them to believe they’re the chosen people, but it’s a real triumph to get a bunch of alt-right racists to believe it. They really have outsmarted you haven’t they?

          • Success?

            Better to call it scheming, plotting, and manipulating, all done in a spiteful mood.

            Though your referring to it as success is a sure tell of your judaized soul.

          • Also, I see you cannot address or refute any points in my post. Though I’m not surprised.

          • You’re just here to troll.
            Music is the bonding, rhythming expression of a people.
            (And ‘(c)rap’ is NOT music, contrary to what your limited mind thinks – that’s why is called ‘rap’.)
            That completely eludes you, because you are a cosmopolitan hack who has lost all sense of identity. ”
            The only honorable music to listen to is ONE’S PEOPLE’S music.
            But I’m sure honor means nothing to a purposeless being like you.

          • Music serves many purposes. You seem to believe it should only be used to divide groups. Sadly for you, music has never served that purpose, nor will it ever. Music unites people because even two people divided by different languages can bond over a shared appreciation for a beautiful, inspiring or insightful tune.

            You can rail away against rap until you’re blue. It won’t matter. Hundreds of millions will still like it. You may as well expect that your disapproval to stop the sun setting as hope to impact the popularity of rap music merely because you don’t like it.

          • The flaw of your thought lies in the difference of peoples and races.

            In order for European descended people to listen to and enjoy African music they first needed to be brought down to the Africans level. Degraded Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually over generations.
            A more advanced people cannot indulge in a lesser people’s culture unless the higher one is lowered to the level of the lesser.

            This is the point you cannot or will not grasp. Most here would have no issue if a European dabbled in or occasionally enjoyed authentic folk music, say from Asia for instance. As lon as he/she kept it in its place, i.e. Subordinated to their superior European music.

            African is a entirely different animal(literally). They simply are not civilized as per Europeans or East Asians. Neither in the past nor now. The music has no higher element, only sex, money power, all accompanied by am animal rhythm.

          • Indeed, take a listen to this abomination:

            James forgot to include “White” in his litany of inventions.

        • Every bit of music descends from baroque music, invented by Europeans. Little niggers pounding on a bucket with drum sticks is not music. Pretending to rhyme by stuttering lyrics with a bastardized vernacular is not music. Rap only survived because of the computerized beats created by Jews. No instrumentals, no vocals, no talent.

          Thank God blacks can’t make money anymore fleecing white people with ‘albums.’ Enjoy being irrelevant again. We don’t watch your stupid sports anymore either. Ha!

          Without white consumers, it’s back to the crackhouse! Bye bye!

          • Every bit of music descends from baroque music? Even the most accomplished classical musicians would never make such a stupid claim.

            Your beliefs are really irrelevant. Hundreds of millions of people love rap music. They’ll still love it after you’re just a distasteful memory.

          • Yes, globally, easily hundreds of millions of people like rap.

            Kinda makes your sneering seem like a gnat expecting to change the course of the moon by screaming at it.

          • Where? Name those people. I told you music tastes change and markets crater. Blacks are not creating music anymore that people buy. The bubblegum garbage made for whites is gone. Nobody listens to that horrid ‘drill’ music but ghetto blacks. Hip hop is circling the drain.

          • Who cares? I’ll wager that whatever musical forms evolve in 200 years will be increasingly universal while classical will still be followed by a tiny percentage of the population.

            Don’t get me wrong, Unlike you, I have the capacity to appreciate many types of music, including classical. Almost every modern musician studied classical at some point. Only a complete prude (i.e. you) thinks denigrating some musical genres makes him cultured or wise.

  • Well well… do blacks appreciate and use White products? So why wouldn´t we appreciate and use black products. I still don´t want my children and grand-children to be niggers. Gotta differentiate.

    • But here’s the thing: do you really think your grandchildren will care what you want? If they marry a black person and you call their spouse and kids niggers, they’ll just cut you off and go on about their lives. Happens every day.

      • Wrong. You didn´t get the gist of my statement; it means, no matter how much black music is appreciated, Whites still don´t want negroes as a race.

        Also, you probably don´t know my catch-line of my solution to the race-mix issue:

        the race-mixers have to live in the non-White country, they are not admitted in the White country

        This rule ends all race-mixing quickly and entirely. Hence, there is no problem…

        • The white country? What country might this be? The one that lives in your fantasies? And given the steadily increasing number of interracial relationships and interracial kids, I’d say some whites plainly do have an interest in “negroes.”

          Whatever rump group you might get to join you in your white fantasy land in which someone (the state?) tells them who they can and can’t marry won’t be large enough to populate a country. Actually, it’ll never come into existence because the US government would crush any such effort that became a threat.

          Your ambitions are too grand. You need to think like the Mormons. Instead of trying to divide this country up, just move to Montana or Iowa or some such overwhelmingly white place and content yourself with that. No one else in the country really cares what happens there anyway. That way, if one of your grandkids does marry a black person, you can pretend to be more enlightened than you are and visit every so often 🙂

          • Is that why all of you colored savages chase us everywhere we go? You can’t stop out of any of our homelands or colonies. You’re like cockroaches because only you will survive nuclear war.

          • Huh? Europeans are the people who insisted on foisting themselves on black and brown people. Europeans spent 400 years stealing, raping and pillaging from everyone else. Now the people from those same lands are coming to Europe and suddenly it’s a huge problem? I suppose that’s Karma.

            And if you’re stupid enough to wipe yourselves out and we have the wits to survive, that is entirely on you. It does put paid any silly ideas you have about being superior though, doesn’t it?

          • If Blacks think they are so great, why do they preferentially mate with anyone but other Blacks whenever possible?

          • Actually, the vast majority of black people do have kids with other black people, but as for interracial marriage and interracial relationships, most black folk have sense enough to take other people as individuals and not as representatives of some supposed other tribe. That’s a strength. As racial divisions become less important, people of different races will naturally intermarry more.

            I realize it threatens you and your devotion to whiteness because many white physical attributes are recessive, but such attributes only arose in response to the impact of the physical environment. As the impact of that environment recedes and the benefits of those attributes diminishes, it’s to be expected that such attributes will become less common.

            It’s part of the continuing evolution of humankind. Rage as you like, you can’t stop it.

          • Your reply is becoming desperate because you realize that you can´t beat the truth of my argument.

        • Only a complete knuckle dragger would interpret a reference to voluntary marriage as a threat of rape. You can call it rape if that makes you feel better, but we all know that for an increasing percentage of white women, nothing appeals like a black man?! That’s why you’re so angry ?

          • Ok nigger, you are in a box. You are admitting and bragging about white genocide AND you are arguing for white free association, which means you agree that whites should be allowed to practice segregation.

          • You’re an idiot. No one is arguing for white genocide. Maybe you should look up the definition of the word.

          • Oooh, your name calling is sooo terrifying ?

            Human races developed in response to environmental factors that no longer have the capacity to shape human evolution. So as humans continue to evolve (yes, we’re still evolving) and different populations continue to come into contact, many differences within humans will disappear or become rarer.

            Recessive traits that don’t confer a biological advantage almost certainly will decrease even as the human population increases. So, yes, fewer people will be “white,” but so what? Humankind will go on.

            That’s just science and the continuing power of evolution. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. It will happen. It’s written in our genes.

          • I cannot even read your drivel. You used so much verbiage to try your hand at pseudo-science. Yes, Africans will outlast everybody because you breed like cockroaches. You won’t maintain society though. You will regress back to your natural state of mud huts, malarial milkshakes, chucking spears, raping infants to cure albinism/HIV, dancing with the bubonic plague of your unearthed elder corpses, necklacing tribal rivals, eating bug sandwiches and cholera cookies. Oh yeah, and dying of thirst and starvation.

            You savages could not even invent the wheel or a two-story building. Africa is so littered with natural resources that your white ‘oppressors’ create the ‘magic’ of technology by tripping over rocks and finding raw materials. You know all of this and that is why you are trolling this site.

            The only thing you fear more than our hatred is our absence. Mixing the races does not improve humanity – it brings it down the lowest common denominator: Subsaharan African. Miscegenation is dysgenic breeding for whites, but eugenics for nonwhites because you colored folk are on the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder. You have nowhere else to go but up. So you can brag all you want about recessive genes, but rarity is what makes a resource invaluable, like gold.

          • That was quite a screed, though short on substance.

            In the case of genetics, rarity does not make for value. In fact, the reverse is true. Genes that initially may be rare quickly become widespread if they confer an evolutionary advantage. Genes that reduce advantage, such as those that cause disease, become rarer. That whiteness has not displaced non-whiteness on a global scale illustrates that whatever whiteness is, it is not superior to other human forms genetically speaking. Basically it’s a few genes governing melanin in the skin, hair and eye color.

            The other day a German woman who used to teach my kids sent us a Christmas card with her family’s picture on it. I was surprised to see that her husband is a big, dark chocolate colored man. They’re a happy beautiful family now with three lovely kids. I’m sure the idea of that infuriates you, but it doesn’t matter at all because as more and more people see others as individuals and not as members of opposing tribes, there will be more such families.

            You can try to make race into something more than it is, but humans remain a single, closely related species, alt-right fantasies to the contrary notwithstanding.

    • The Blacks love WHITE Women too much, if not more than their own Black wlomen, to find a returning to every man for his own race law appealing. As you can see by the ardent opposition arguing to this by the self iddntified Black reader of this site “RTB” that is of the likes that are so typically vocalized by Black men.
      Women don’t ever have any rational arguments just lovey luv stuff and so don’t ever chime in these debates other than standing behind the points Black males bring up…thats LIBERATED WHITE WOMEN for you.
      RTB makes a good point. Our Neo-Nvzii WHITE Supremacist idea society is not a structure that has applauding numbers behind it. Therefor the surviving WHITES who commit to the 14 words will have to be a small percentage of Western man, likely with the help of “Wheres the evidence?” thinking Russia; we will be split into territories. Those WHITE males who want to continue civilization over there, and those who don’t over there.

  • Much of what you say is true.

    But this ‘black music’ didn’t exist in Africa. It was music that blacks made by taking ideas from White Music. Without white music, there is no black music, and without black music, there is no modern pop.

    I think real black music, African ugabuga stuff, isn’t the problem. The problem of ‘black music’ is it is black-white music. It is the product of racial miscegenation of black rhythms and white melodies. Since the music itself is interracist, it promotes interracism.

    Also, modern pop music is very sexual, so people who are into it are less able to resist its temptations. It’s different with classical music that is more about the heart and mind. It isn’t appreciated through the groins and butts. It doesn’t get people into heat.
    So, even though Jews were profoundly impacted by ‘Aryan’ classical music — lots of Jewish composers owe a ton of debt to Wagner — , they could hold the music in their minds and gain control over it.
    In contrast, sexualized pop music takes possession of the whole body. So, the impact of listening to ‘black music’ is like trying to move like a black person and have sex like a black person with a black person. When a white woman bumps and grinds or ‘twerks’ to a rap song, she imagines having sex with a groid.

    Also, it’s not just the music. If it’s just the music, whites could just listen to black music done by non-blacks. But whites often prefer black music by blacks cuz blacks got stronger thicker higher voices. Also, sexualized music fixates on the butt and dong. And black women got bootier butts and black men got bigger dongs.
    Also, blacks excel in sports and beat up white guys. So, black athletes have taken over the iconic role of the Lancelot-Achielles-like hero of the West. Achilles and Lancelot were renowned for being the toughest. When black men and white men fight, blacks are advantaged, so blacks take over as iconic image of the top warrior hero deserving of the white damsels who’ve lost respect for white loser men who got whupped by blacks. Just look at NFL and NBA. And look at French soccer team. And look at British boxing champions and top runners.

    Iconism matters. Icons have power even against ideology. Consider how white ideology used to be anti-black. White attitudes and ideas about blacks were negative. But blacks gained iconic value via music and sports. Even when whites called blacks lowly ‘niggers’, blacks kicked white butt and became sports heroes. In time, whites surrendered to the icons and idols of black superiority as represented by Jesse Owens and Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali.

    With music, whites held the edge by taking black music and making it their own, oftentimes improving on it. So, Beatles and Stones took elements of black music and made it into white rock, and so white girls mostly listened to whites. Same with Elvis who came before. He acted like a White Negro. So, white women were still dreaming of white lovers. And until the rise of rap, there was generally white music and black music. White Rock took black elements but it was by whites and for whites. Some whites like soul, but it seemed too black. But rap and hip hop was different. Why? Prior to hip hop, there was no strictly black youth music. There was just black music enjoyed by blacks of all ages. But hip hop was about black youth rebellion, and this was appealing to whites whose music was more about youth culture and rebellion. So, hip hop caught onto white community in ways that earlier black music didn’t.

    Also, rap and hip hop are different from earlier forms of black music that had some sophistication, heart, sentimentality, and passion. Jazz was sexy but it wasn’t totally sleazy. Blues could be reflective and tragic. Motown was sunny and sweet. And soul had class, like Marvin Gaye’s WHAT’S GOIN ON. There was less of a youth rebellion mentality in the black community since even adults were less hung-up than youths.
    In contrast, white youth culture developed as a rebellion against Square Older Whites. So, it got nastier than black music. Punk was a very nasty and hostile music, and it was an explosion of youth rebellion. Black rappers took the punk attitude and finally created a black youth rebellion music with rap and hip hop, a decisive break from earlier traditions of black music. Prior, black music could be fun and funky and wild but not so nasty, vile, ugly, and demented.
    Hip Hop caught on with white kids cuz it catered to youth energies in ways that other black music didn’t.

    Also, with rise of music videos, the dance aspect of music became more important. Since black music is more dance-centric, the idols like Beyonce came to be favored. And white boys and girls got more into this kind of music. So, white ears became like aural vaginas being ‘coal-burned’.

    And the culture became more shamelessly pornographic. If traditional soul music was suggestive and seductive, the new black music of rap and hip-hop became downright pornographic. Compare Lou Rawls’ classy “you will never find” with some rapper yapping about ‘suck my dick’.

    Be that as it may, talent is talent and genius is genius, and each race has its own kind of genius, and good music should be appreciated. But music is always dangerous. Wagner was surely dangerous. Indeed, he was dangerous precisely because he was such a powerful genius. Consider the scene in APOCALYPSE NOW. People are getting killed all over, but Ride of the Valkyries make it seem so ecstatic and intoxicating. Music is like drugs, and we live in a hedonistic culture where people are expected to live mainly for intense bursts of pleasure. Pleasure-ism encourages white women to seek out the most intense pleasure. Since funky music and big black dongs give white women the biggest organism, the Negro dong has become the premier pleasure pipe for white women in the UK.
    Also, contraceptives means sex without consequences, and that turned people more like shameless apes. Contraceptives was the great equalizer in the behavior and attitudes of men and women. Women can screw 100 guys in a year and not fear pregnancy. We are now bio-techno beings since our biology is so influenced by technology.

    I would say this about current black music. Most of it sucks and have little value. I think black contribution to music has been pretty awesome in the 20th century. And some of it was sheer brilliance and genius. I mean Duke Ellington was one of a kind.
    But current black music is mostly formula, industry idolatry, mindless pornophonics, and totally manufactured by the system that no longer cares for inspired artists and just pushes new batch of idols.

    Whatever one says about the Beatles, Kinks, The Who, Stones, Van Morrison, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and etc, they were independent and individual voices and talents. But look at Justin Timburlake and Nikki Minaj. Look at Beyonce and Katy Perry. They are such tools of industry and fashionistas. It’s hardly different from J-pop or K-pop. This esp took off with madonna when that teenybopper idol decided to remake herself into an ‘artist’. So, idols replaced the true individuals like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell.

    And rap music has its charms, but it’s mostly foul-mouthed nursery thymes and baby talk. Also, its attitude is most negative and harmful. Rock has its impatient element, but Rock was about curiosity and experimentation. And rockers had great respect for other artists. They didn’t think they knew everything. And bluesmen also had a sense of respect for experience, age, and life itself. But rappers, like punkers, have this nasty attitude that they know everything there is to know by age 15, and life is all about yapping about ho’s and playing with guns. Dumb. It’s infant-with-gun mentality. But I can see its appeal to young teens whose hormones are raging with fight-and-fuck drives.

    Be that as it may, I think there was one positive about ‘black music’ and the explosion of rock n roll. It didn’t just produce fun youth music but opened up pandora’s box of high-energy creativity of all kinds. Indeed, Rock that followed rock-n-roll was notable for being so expansive, experimental, and open to so many idioms. So, explosion of rock n roll didn’t just produce imitators of black music but high-energy explorers of all forms of music. Beatles RUBBER SOUL has blackish music but also ballads, Greek bouzouki, and some amazing musical arrangement. Its best song is Norwegian Wood that isn’t very black. Also, white ingenuity and brilliance did things blacks had never thought of. Stones began by imitating blacks but their ‘satisfaction’ is beyond the complexity of most black music, and white rock, in turn, inspired Jimi Hendrix.

    So, rock n roll wasn’t just about the birth of a new kind of music but a pandora’s box of high energy creativity in many endeavors. It made people feel freer and less inhibited in many fields. This had a dark side, esp with rise of crime and drug culture(and pornography), but it also led to new expressions and explorations.

    In a way, it’s understandable why the British took to black music. In European history, it was the continentals who were more renowned for musical passion. The tempestuous Italians, the flamboyant French, the passionate Germans, the grand Russians, etc. In food and music, the continentals were more showy than the Brits, the nation of shopkeepers who were more cautious and restrained in their empiricism and logic. Continental culture was more aristocratic and bohemian whereas British culture was more bourgeois and middle class.
    Brits were masters of literature, the most restrained and inhibited artistic form. Also, British were famous for their landscape painting that was more about careful attention to detail than bold expression. If German Romanticism found its greatest expression in music, British Romanticism was largely literary. (Same with food. For a great civilization, British cooking was modest and dull compared to spicier cooking of other nations.)

    British literariness and anti-musicality had their advantages. It made fora more rational and balanced social order than Italy, France, or Germany. But it also made for a less exciting one. As long as the British had the Empire, they felt the glory of power and prestige. But once the empire was lost, Britishness lost luster. Also, the class factor made the Brits more open to themes of rebellion. The Angry Young Men of Britain wanted something new and authentic. They felt stifled in postwar world. Not only were things rationed but Brits didn’t even have the pride of empire. So, they rebelled and found meaning in black music, which is why blues esp became big among the Brit youth.

    When Britain had the empire, the culture of repression and restraint paid off dividends. Consider the scene in THE BOUNTY where Hopkins the disciplinarian isn’t very likable but still part of a great imperial team. But without empire, British discipline and sacrifice seem pointless to many Brits.

    It is pointedly expressed in the scene in AN EDUCATION.

    It’s instructive that one of the great anthems of British youth became ‘We don’t need no education’ by Floyd. At least when the Brits had an empire, one’s education could be used to rule the world. Brits had gotten addicted to greatness, but without an empire, everything looked pointless. So, they just decided on fun and color.

    Blacks, like Jews, are especially dangerous because they are seen as both victors and victims. If they were only seen as victors(in sports, money, music, wit, sex, etc), their power could at least be protested and criticized. But because they are also seen as victims(slavery or Holocaust), they have a holy glow around them that shields them from criticism. So, even when a Negroid kicks your ass and is humping your woman, you have to see him as a tragic Negro in need of your sympathy.

    People don’t care about victim-losers. Gypsies got killed by Nazis, but no one cares about them cuz they’re losers. American Indians got whupped by whites, but whites just ignore them cuz Indians can’t sing or play sports or got huge dongs. But when people who can claim victimhood also win big in ‘cool’ stuff, they are worshiped as demigods.

  • This article was a shock! I could never imagine the negro influence to modern culture! It really shines a light to Greece’s cultural isolation from the rest of the world. In fact, it is hard to be believed that black culture had become so influential. Of course I speak by a culture that is mostly influenced by itself or by the middle east i such a way that this is not evident to its members but still the article was a real eye opener. In my mind black music extended only to jazz and rap and as long as these types of music were kept in check things were good. Guess I was wrong rock is as black as break dance. Its normalization is truly worrying

  • From a recent interview with Peste Noire (French NSBM)

    No, I really dig rap music. Just like in French literature, I always felt myself closer to outcasts. My interest in rap is based on this same attraction to outlaws, troublemakers, gangsters and free minds. And as I’ve already said earlier, I am an ethno-pluralist: in the same way that I can be interested in the Japanese or Inca culture, I have no taboo on listening to black or Maghreb rap if it’s well cooked and as long as they do not renounce to break at home in Kemi Séba mode. There are distinctive voice tones, forms of phrasing and songs, the ones you can find in Niska or Siboy for example, which the whites would not be capable of reproducing. And this also holds for the German rap. A white will never rap as a black and vice versa. Preserving these racial specificities by preventing race mixing and diluting one’s culture within another is essential to me.

    Rap is bold, aggressive, belligerent, hypermasculine, it speaks only of pride and power, it’s actually mega-fascist in its form. Now I’m for all prides but in terms of the victimizing and the anti-white kinds of the Negro rap, of course it’s pure shit: once set aside the interest of their flow / voice / timbre, all so authentic, in their clips, their aesthetics, they just pick up all our symbols and creations. Their guns are Russian, their cars are German, and their clothes are French. Even their heraldry is pumped on European heraldry. These retards – who may be excellent musicians yet still retards – speak only of power and domination; but the real Masters, those who possess military technology, those who make luxury cars and manufacture Hugo Boss, are obviously the whites. The truth is that we became too fag because of fratricidal wars, race mixing propaganda and human-rights hysterics. The fact remains that it is we and not they who have the logistics, the tactical intelligence and the military resources to smoke them out. Let them, therefore, play with our toys in their clips; without us, they would have wooden sticks instead of AK47’s, and donkeys or goats for transportation.

    • In other words you really like black rap, but you felt the need to clothe your like of rap in racist gibberish to establish that you’re still an authentic white nationalist?

      • It’s not me speaking. I quoted the singer from Peste Noire, and I agree with what he says.

        Yeah I like some “black” music. So what? That doesn’t make multiculturalism any less of a failure. Wanting to preserve my own race and culture, doesn’t mean I want to deprive others of theirs. And just because I enjoy/admire aspects of others cultures, doesn’t mean I want to immerse myself in their culture either. Human diversity is a beautiful thing and ethno-nationalism is the only way to preserve it.

        • Some ideas are dead even as they’re being born and an ethno-nationalist America is one such idea. But whatever.

          You say you want to preserve your culture. What culture is that?

          The strongest transmitter of culture is language. American language and music are multicultural creations they’re constantly being re-imagined by each new generation. And they penetrate international borders, which is virtually every nation now has its own domestic version of American rap.

          Culture is also shaped by formal governmental and familial relationships, but these are broadly shared by the people of this country, especial familial relations. While few whites are involved in interracial relationships, an increasing number have close family members who are. That breaks down racial barriers (perhaps to your alarm).

          So I’m not at all sure what culture you imagine you want to preserve.
          Any American living today is the product of our highly mixed culture. It’s too late to pretend that whites are a separate culture in this country. About two centuries too late.

          • White isn’t a culture and neither is American. I don’t disagree. I’m Italian, and thats the culture I want to preserve. America is a cultural trainwreck and a failed social experiment. My Nationalism has nothing to do with American patriotism. You need a nation first, and America doesn’t qualify.

          • Yeah… There are legit regional cultures. Those should be preserved and expanded. If you live in one of the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Toronto, you don’t even have that.

          • I kinda got black pilled this summer when I finally drove through the upper midwest and pacific northwest. I had pictured the future ethno-state being there for years, but it’s just a big, inhospitable shithole. I’m almost at the point where I don’t care about any former European colonial outposts being preserved if it has to be a choice between saving them or Europe. It’s just land, which never stops changing hands. I’d rather us be reabsorbed into European society.

          • Yeah… I kind of have reached the same conclusion. North America could have been a white paradise, but too may mistakes were made too early on. Even the predominately white part havent escaped the degnerate culture. I don’t think it can be fixed at this point until things fall apart, and it could still be a long while before that happens. Who knows what the demographics will look like 20, 30, 40 years from now.

          • It’s not going to collapse the way everybody imagines it like Mad Max. It will be brick by brick. Look at the cities. We have a strange history of quarantining problems like Indian reservations. I think when it comes down it, none of the ‘issues’ like border walls, Muslim bans etc actually matter because people are approaching these as resolutions based on a numbers game we will not win no matter what, as if democracy is sustainable. As long as we keep the Alt-Right as this umbrella of ideas, somewhat assimilated, but intensely radical and relevant, it will at least keep us in a position to fight back in a meaningful way that keeps our enemies from achieving victory, and allow us to control our destiny as a people. I think we are nearing the point of needing to eschew elections and just focus on permanently changing white culture under the remaining years of the Trump era.

          • What country in Europe will welcome a bunch of white racists? Most in Western Europe would ban you if they knew about your politics.

            I suppose there is Russia, that white paradise. Russia, a grand kleptocracy in which reporters are killed for dissenting with the state. If whiteness is so great, why is the single largest, whitest nation a criminal state with falling life expectancy and national levels of alcoholism higher than anywhere other than Indian reservations?

          • The most wealthy and successful nation ever created is a failed social experiment? If we’re a failure, can you point out a success?

            Also, if you consider yourself Italian and not American, why not emigrate to Italy? Can it be that despite your anger at the changes taking place in American society, you know that America is still better?

          • America is an economic success, not a cultural or social success. A success would be an organic nation that is mono-ethnic, with strong local communties, and where the traditions of that group are revered, not apologized for or looked at in shame.

            I’m Canadian, not American, and I’ve thought about moving to Italy. I very well might someday, but my family is here in Canada. Italy is like the opposite of Canada and America. It’s culturally rich, but economically poor. It depends what you want out of life I guess. And yes, I would consider Italy, as well as most other European countries, superior to Canada or the US from a cultural viewpoint, if not an economic one. Too bad their all being flooded with foreigners who do not belong there.

          • Wow. I’ve never considered mono-ethnicity to be a characteristic of a successful culture, nor mere reverence for tradition. By that definition, a backwards village cut off from the rest of the world that revered its ancestors would be a successful culture, while Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Imperial Britain and present day America all would be failed cultures.

            Seems to me a successful culture facilities high levels of prosperity, happiness and freedom for its members. By that standard America, for all its flaws, is highly successful. It’s why so many nation emulate us. Canada scores pretty high by my measure too.

            I’ve only visited Italy once and found its people to be surprisingly insular and provincial. Clearly her glory days are in the past, partly because of too much reverence and attention to that past. Italy also has a huge problem with organized crime. Is it really less troublesome merely because all of the criminals share the same ethnicity?

            Besides, even mono-ethnic nations find ways to recreate tribal divisions, as we see with Spain’s secessionist efforts and Scotland’s repeated efforts to break away from the rest of the U.K. Even though the English and Scots have long since ceased to be meaningfully different cultures.

          • So, what qualifies as your negro culture?

            Animalistic, oversexed, degenerate music?
            Glorified gang and drug dealer lifestyles?
            Baby Mana culture?
            Victim praising?
            low time preference, low iq intellectuality?

            What little, and I mean little, culture survives this wretched hodgepodge nation is white.

            The anti culture of negroes doesn’t qualify.

          • “Animalistic, oversexed, degenerate music?
            Glorified gang and drug dealer lifestyles?
            Baby Mana culture?
            Victim praising?
            low time preference, low iq intellectuality?”

            Sounds like the Manosphere + White Nationalism 2.0.

          • Ah Barney, your name calling does nothing to support your arguments. As I said, there is an American culture – not a white cult or black culture -and we have all been shaped by it, regardless of race. Even you. Apparently, you’ve been driven mad by it.

          • It’s a schizophrenic reading a shopping list. Muh BMW Muh Rolex, Muh Bitches, Dis Niger make Munny.

          • You still at it dick breath?

            White culture in America is the constitution and all its perks, self reliance, Christian values, the Internet, automobile ( and well almost all tech you use) plus much more.

            Black culture is uh……drug dealing?
            Single parenthood?
            Gangster rap?
            Sickle cell?
            Aspirations for prison?
            Oh I know, fried okra, ah that’s it. Where would we be without blacks.

            You can mock with this master race hookah all day but, us unbiased folk know what is what.

            I’m done addressing you, I jut did not what utter stupidly to go up challenged on this website.

          • Barney, you really are not up to defending your ideas, are you? Plainly you haven’t had to think critically about any of the things you believe. If you did, you wouldn’t so quickly resort to name calling and tantrums when challenged.

            The hard truth is that the alt-right is composed of people who can’t compete in an increasingly competitive society where individual smarts and merit count for more and tribe for less. That terrifies those who have good reason to believe they just aren’t up to scratch. People like you.

            For people confident that they can compete, race matters less than it ever has. That’s why the richest young white man on earth married an Asian women. It’s why a British prince is marrying a multiracial black woman. It’s why the number of multiracial babies has tripled in the past decade.

            And sadly, it’s why white losers like yourself are on sites like this looking for the false hope offered by the alt-right.

          • I’ve repeatedly made points to which, you sir, cannot and will not refute.The name calling is my way of showing you your worth.

            If I’m a loser for visiting this site, what does that make yourself?

            Trolling a site, you claim to be so Insignificant and unintelligent such as to pose absolutely zero threat.

            Your either the worlds biggest loser, scared, or a shill.

            Not worth my time. Goodnight day.

          • I’ve refuted every point you’ve attempted to make.

            Name calling is a sign of frustration and immaturity.

            I visited this site because I wanted to gain a better understanding of the ideas motivating those who call themselves the alt-right. I have to say that on the whole, I’m disappointed by the low level of thought and discourse. Other than rabid racism and anti-Antisemitism and a hefty dose of misogyny, there doesn’t seem to be much to it.

            More than anything else it really appears to be a place to vent about how non-white people and Jews are the cause of peoples’ problems and use language that posters dare not use in personal interactions. It’s pure scapegoating. It’s a pity party.

            On the plus side, I’ve learned that despite the media hype, it is not a threat to anything I value.

          • There’s a lot of truth in there. Still, I’m a product of the environment I grew up in. Everyone I knew growing up listened to both “white” and “black” music. That doesn’t mean in the event of a RAHOWA scenario that there will be any confusion on my part as to whose side I’m on. I’m really more into Italian Fascism anyways too.

      • Watch some of these videos of European “identitarian” gatherings and they have a skinhead-type group doing rap and everyone there likes it. LOL!

    • America would be considered a protestant manifestation -(culturally) in the sense that the WHITE Supremacist Jew The Southern Israelite explains it. I really like Drake (his name) because he is really smart and of a different perspective base from the Alt-R.

    • I like a little rap. I don’t listen to it often because I am avoiding glorifying being so viceful. Blacks are a musically gifted people, or they got a musical gene running through some of them. As a Neo-Nvzii WHITE Supremacist skinhead I (& others) are not about or soley about harming or denying others their inheritance, at the center of any of the European man’s political struggles of todays is us attacking the us that denies us. Mainly to say that a revolutionary win for WHITE identity, for all of us is the forfeiture of a number of other WHITES; which is where our battle focuses, with WHITES.
      Everyone else will jus mold into the picture. What has been here is not the problem. Its what got here. The elusive Liberal mind has put everything into place so that nationalists can finally make this effort a global scale.
      Back to the rap music subject. Music definitely is a reflection on culture but in today’s media empire what becomes popular can be a rigged process and as with most the entertainment industry’s picks, rap music is not a good influence that should be amplified.

      • These days I’m more likely to listen to Swans or Current 93 or something like that than Rap music, with a few notable exceptions. When I was younger I listened to a lot of hip hop, alongside metal and punk music, and the music you listen to growing up tends to stick with you. Wu Tang Clan or Mobb Deep remind me of a certain era of my life and I still enjoy the music stylistically.

  • I work at a grocery store chain and I am subjected to everyone walking around the stockrooms bumping their rap music on their little fucking speakers for everyone to hear like it is cool. Pretty little white girls blasting “NIGGER THIS NIGGER THAT, KILL A MUDAFUKA CLIQ CLAT”, covered in tattoos mind you, and piercings too. One look at these bitches and you’ll know this article is PRECISELY on point.

    That is why ((They))) mainstreamed it. Quite a few blacks are wise to the Jews and to the fact that the Jews are behind the poison of rap. Most black guys are not nearly as obsessed with rap as these young white kids are today. They (black males) tend to admire athletes more than rappers from my experience growing up.

  • ““Non Angli, sed angeli” (they are not Angels, but Angels).”
    should be
    “Non Angli, sed angeli” (they are not Angles/Anglos, but Angels).


  • Nice article thanks! Only listen to ambient techno and early music (Bach and earlier) — most of the rest is blackface

  • The reason so many white teenagers listen to black music and become wiggers is because the Jew media has convinced them that they “have no culture”. And since they don’t bother to read about the glory of white history and achievement on their own, they actually believe it. As a result, they are desperate to cling to someone elses culture, even if it is disgusting and degenerate. And once they are black on the inside, they are happy to let in millions of negros who are “just like them”. It’s all part of the plan of gods chosen people.

    • From the 1980s to today, there’s an entire aspect of youth culture that implicitly, often explicitly, rejects Black influence. It has gone by many names, “New Wave,” “alternative,” “hipster,” “scene,” “grunge” – and that doesn’t even really count the various permutations of “heavy metal” culture that has always been pretty explicitly White.

      Alt Right hates all these aspects of White culture, calling the fans “bugmen,” etc. Except for Depeche Mode – considered literally faggy if not actually gay – gets a pass simply based on Richard Spencer’s celebrity status.

        • I would guess that among the White men in that subculture, Ron Paul was significantly popular. The culture has been heavily policed for outbreaks of “fascism” and “hipster racism” by the media.

          • Maybe I am thinking about a different subculture then. I will just take your word for it and hope you are right.

      • Grunge is completely negroid with its bluesy guitars, atonal screeching, and focus on misery and hard times. I used to listen to that crap until I was redpilled, I stopped.

        In music, negroid means anything with a driving rhythm. That basically means all popular music, from rock to metal to alt to electronica.

        White music is classical and folk, flat-out. And yes, Depeche Mode is completely f’ing gay.

          • If it has a drum it is african. If it’s lyrics focus on the desires.of the flesh it is flesh and african.

          • Comical. Drums are universal as well as the “desires of the flesh.” By your “logical” medieval madrigals are really “african” because they are about the “desires of the flesh.”

            Next you’ll be telling us White people don’t like sex or something.

          • Just because whites used drums doesn’t change the fact that they are african. Whites used strings and organs for centuries without drums because they are used for spiritual music, not base flesh music. People who used drums were not in high regard, just like actors were not in high regard. The point of this is do you want to turn back to a point where music edifices the spirit and thus the white race or do you want to continue down the same path we have been on since the early 1900s when black music started to be played by white musicians.

            I’ll ignore the sex comment since it was stupid.

          • “do you want to turn back to a point”

            No. Anyone suggesting we “go back” to some idealized version of the past is a LARPer, LARPing being the worst aspect of this “movement.”

          • You really are an ignorant one aren’t you? There was bawdy toons widely song in Europe extolling the base pleasures of the flesh since the time Europeans thought the earth was flat. There never was a time when music existed solely to edify the soul of the white race. You’re well into racial myth territory with that nonsense.

          • What he’s telling you, though he’s too ignorant to acknowledge it, is that all humans are Africans and in that he is correct.

      • Progressive Rock is a completely white artform invented by british musicians in the late 60’s. There is nothing black about Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). They were inspired by classical music which is also white. Genesis before Phil Collins made it a simple pop band, was also completely white, writing complex songs with different time signatures. If people want to stick with white music, then prog and/or metal should be their preference. There are several free streaming channels for prog. Morow, Aural Moon and ProgFM being the most popular. I can highly recommend them if you get tired of MSM music.

    • In a funny way, this is the penalty of America fighting against her King. We fought a war to be free of an English King and we won. The first thing we did was establish a new way of thinking. We are not Europeans. We are not English or Irish or German. We are American. The problem with that is obvious. So is everyone else. Everyone is American. So if dominant American culture is rap, it is the culture of all Americans. This experiment is a failure.

      • That is just ahistorical anti-white propaganda pushed by Jews. Americans saw themselves as “white,” the original colonies were all White Nationalist and the eventual USA was White Nationalist. This only changed with the advent of Television dominated by Jews – and it STILL didn’t change the minds of the majority of Whites until about 40 years later. Then, the internet happened and White Americans are rapidly returning to their traditional White Nationalism.

        • Well, we did rebel against our ordained King. That much is true. The rest of it is a very convenient explanation. It may be the result of propaganda explaining the past. People are waking back up, but that doesn’t mean that this American experiment wasn’t a failure. Indeed, it shows strong evidence that it is a failure since people feel the need to wake up from the matrix.

          • I guess it depends on what you consider “failure.” USA is the world’s only superpower, the largest and most technologically advanced economy, and American White men are the most heavily armed population on earth. USA is the only place on earth with free speech and a free press, and Americans invented the internet. Calling that a “failure” only works if you define “failure” to mean “America.”

            Monarchy is stupid and the American Founding Fathers were clearly superior in almost every way to the British aristocracy, which at that point was already degenerate and inbred.

          • All of those things are true. I do not deny that. What I call Americanism is this idea that no matter who you are, you can cast off your old physicality and become an American. No, you aren’t White or Black or Brown, you are American.

            If this were a metaphysical thing, I could understand as that is exactly what Christianity offers. Stop being this and become that.

            My problem is that Americanism tries to do that in the physical realm. Why are IQs falling? We are all American after all. That means we should have the same genetic potential! Why is the empire failing? Where are my children? Who is chewing on my legs?

          • Monarchy is one of the few stable systems; democracy inevitably dies when the elite figure out they can import a new people. The leaves dictatorship (which is unstable due to issues with transfer of power) and oligarchy/party states which can be stable but have a tendancy towards crazy factionalism (see- Chinese and Korean history for about 2000 years of examples).

        • Actually, the original colonists did not see themselves primarily as just white. They saw themselves as British. Back then the two were not even close to being the same thing. They sharply limited the immigration of east Europeans and southern Europeans considering them an inferior race of lower intelligence, unclean habits and uncontrolled passions. “Whiteness” was a later creation and if one generation could create the idea of “whiteness,” there’s no reason that later generations can’t create the more powerful and inclusive notion of “Americaness.”

          The founders also wanted the right to vote to be limited to a small number of landed, well educated white men. That means that virtually all the alt-righters wishing for a return to the nation that was originally founded would not be able to vote if the founder’ vision still held sway.

          • Explain then, how the Naturalization Act of 1790 allowed citizenship to ” any alien, being a free White person”, who had been in the country for atleast two years, of course. Why didn’t they simply say British, or Northern European?

            Go take your dishonest Marxist talking points elsewhere.

          • “British” is a subset of White, you moron. The original immigration act limited immigration to “White persons of good character.”

            The $PLC isn’t sending their best, folks

      • You mean, this experiment is an unheralded success! It’s amazing that two people can see the exact same thing and come away with diametrical opposing conclusions.

        • Strong European genes purged of indoctrination vs sub Saharan African whether indoctrinated or not.

          One tends to higher thing and greatness. The other towards the base, animalistic, and vulgar.

          The difference between our races and the main reason for sites like this. It’s time you should recognize this fact, buddy. Whether you will acknowledge it as superior is irrelevant, our minds are far removed from yours.

          This is why we find separation ideal.

    • But that explanation is too simple.

      If Jews used their media empire to encourage people to eat raw broccoli than hamburgers, how many people would favor broccoli over burgers?

      If Jew media stopped promoting black music and instead pushed atonal modern music, how many people would get into it?

      Jews pushed Barbra Streisand as a sex symbol, but most guys still preferred blonde shikses to Jewesses who look like Streisand.
      And Jews pushed Lena Dunham, but most guys still find her gross and ugly.

      It’s true that Jews played a role in pushing black stuff, but it caught on because it does appeal to people’s sense of fun and excitement.

      It’s like pornography. Some way Jews are responsible for pushing jungle fever interracism with white women having sex with black men. But why is that stuff so popular?
      Suppose Jews pushed interracial porn with short Mexican men or dorky Japanese men doing white women. How many white people would get excited?

      So, even as Jews are responsible for pushing this stuff, it is popular because people like what excites them most. And they find blackness to be raw, vital, tough, and wild. Fun and thrilling.

      • I see your point, but another factor is exposure. People tend to like what’s familiar to them, including with music. That’s why kids raised on rap or pop don’t tend to like even classic rock when they hear it, which was the popular edgy new music for their parents’ generation.

        Jazz was huge with Whites way back in the 1920’s, and was seen ass the new fun music the cool kids were into, but now it’s become music for old people itself. Maybe that’s because music just keeps getting better and better, or maybe not.

      • I agree it’s appealing to many but, only to the lowest part of man. Once you begin to raise your level of consciousness it reveals itself as base and vulgar.

        European history if studied, really boils down to a people who constantly strove to higher things and higher levels of consciousness, sometimes we failed, most times we succeeded but, up until the last 100 years we never fully gave in to our base natures. That has changed with the ascent of the Jew and all the forms of degeneracy they pedal, black music included.

        It may be a possibility that your average plebeian American or European 150 years ago, upon hearing negro music, may have initially felt a pull towards it but, they would have immediately recognized it as vulgar and alien and the part of themselves attracted to it as vulgar, evil and needing to be subordinated. That has changed with the slow erosion of our morals and inner strength.

        The higher castes would have never found it appealing, though.

    • Nah, they listen to rap because the music can be infectious, energetic and enjoyable to listen to. That type of thing has always appealed to the young. Plus, much of historical white music is dated and dull. How much classical music do YOU listen to?
      By contrast, rap is conquering the globe. Even lily white Russian musicians are now doing rap.

      Music is like any product. If your product doesn’t appeal, it won’t sell. You can blame the supposed foolishness of the customers for not buying what you’re selling (that’s what you’re doing), but if you want your product to sell, you make your product more appealing.

      That’s what most of the American music scene has been doing since the industry first emerged and recognized the widespread appeal of black music. Incorporating rap into pop and even country music is just a continuation of a process that’s been going on for over 100 years. It’s one reason American culture is such a powerful global phenomenon.

      • Americanism is a culture promoted by the Jews to subvert Western nations.

        Quote from a 1944 SS article:
        “Americanism is a splendid method of depoliticization. The Jews have used jazz and movies, magazines and smut, gangsterism and free love, and every perverse desire, to keep the American people so distracted that they pay no attention to their own fate. Even in politics, they are no longer influenced by the head, only by what is under the belt.

        The Jews would not be Jews if they did not want to apply such tested methods to the entire world. Nearly every nation in the world faced or is facing the need to combat Americanism, a generally pleasant retreat to a barbaric lack of culture.

        Americanism is not merely a moral-cultural form of degeneration, nor can it be combated by nonpolitical means. It has already been defeated when one digs it up by its roots and sees there plainly the words: “Made in Israel.” “

        • You are aware that the Nazis lost aren’t you? Utterly crushed by America. So maybe their ideas weren’t winning ideas. Maybe it’s time to stop quoting them and thank your lucky starts that you’re an American. Stop with all that utterly foolish Jew under ever bed nonsense. It just makes you come across as more of a loser.

      • It’s true that rap is popular but, that doesn’t prove the quality of rap. It serves only to prove the lack of quality among human beings currently populating the globe. Though more are awakening who have purged all modern music from their life’s. The majority has never in the history of our planet had good or higher tastes. This was true even in the greatest of civilizations, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and The Holy Roman Empire.

        The difference being that those civilizations had a noble elite, who pushed onto the unthinking mass higher and purer forms o entertainment( sub Sahara being an exception of course, having always delighted in demonic sex music). Today all we have is the Jews, their unwitting (or not?) foot soldiers, such as yourself, and the great unthinking mass.

        Rap is crude, most people’s minds are crude.

      • No, white women listen because it simulates sex. Just like Jazz. You niggers have no other thought other than sex, just like animals. It’s no different than trying to be funny and resorting to dirty jokes…it’s really easy and uncreative.

  • Before the British soul was negrified, it was Judaized. Britain lost its soul, and its empire, in WW2 when it fully surrendered to the jew.

  • The South tried to keep this negro music at bay. Being around Blacks, White Southerners knew what the Black and his so-called music was all about; that is the black man’s cock and his using it as an instrument of domination of conquering.

    I heard on the BBC yesterday a bit about, well the name escapes me now, the Black singer who died in a plane crash, Otis Redding. They said when he first came to Britain White teenage girls were literally ripping his shirt off trying to fuck him.

    I quit listening to all popular forms of music (including alt this or that) when I was 25. I went back a few times and every time I did I noticed how hollow the music was that as a young man I thought was “cool”. I can still listen to almost anything live but other than that rap, rock (all its forms), jazz, all of it, is hollow, empty, meaningless music. And it is all negro music from the soul of the negro, no matter how much Whites made it White.

      • What about Joy Division? That is the perfect example of Whites taking the Black form and making it White. BUT what is good about that music? It is DARK! It is unhealthy. The guy killed himself. If you are around that dark energy all the time it takes its toll on you spirit, your soul.

        Comes from the same dark heart, the negro.

        • He had severe epilepsy. He killed himself right before touring the US…his daughter is a beautiful blue eyed young woman.

          • Although I used to be pulled in by music like that, and live I’m sure they were hypnotic, and I don’t deny the creativity; everyone I know who was really into those types of bands was an emo type. Very dark, depressed, unhappy people. Often into drugs and bisexuality. Outcasts and losers. Not to denegrate the outcast but what good comes of this dark music and subculture? It pulls our people in, often our most vunerable ones, and gives them a meaningless purpose in a dark, depressing subculture.

            We need organic communities. White music is trad music and classical music. Personally I listen to flute, harp…that kind of thing and classical and some ambient.

            If you are young I get it. If you are no longer a youth, you really need to look at what your doing.

    • Black music also, understandably, has its roots in African music.

      Missionaries in Africa in the 60s were told by their new flock that the music their White children listened to was the same music that the blacks used to listen to / make when they worshipped the devil.

    • I agree with you completely about songs I used to admire as a child being completely vapid now that I am an adult and know history. 90% of the shit I was listening to was specifically anti-Jesus. I am still not a Christian but as I grew up I began to notice the pattern of Christians being under attack by the MSM.

      It all makes sense now that I know (((who))) they are.

    • The South didn’t do too good of job at that in Ocean Drive Beach, SC (now part of North Myrtle Beach) There’s a very interesting piece of Jim Crow destruction history involving race mixing at the beach, jigaboo music, a certain “New South” activist white newspaper editor in NC-SC state line Tabor City, NC and a Klavern in Tabor City that made the mistake of crossing state lines on a night ride to try to clean up the nigger mess in O.D.

  • Whites do it better. Blue-eyed soul is White music. It may trace it’s origins to negro music, but so what? China invented gunpowder, Europeans used it to make the rifle. Does that mean all these arms companies are making Chinese rifles?

    Blacks are heavily promoted throughout the entire entertainment industry. The scales are tipped in their favor in sports, music, movies and pornography. Most people will simply consume the entertainment offered to them. What’s the alternative? Writing, singing and producing your own music just so you have something to listen to on your way home from work?

    Get rid of all the Jew influence and most, if not all, entertainment would be completely dominated by Whites.

    • There is no question that Black/African music has influenced a lot of American/European rock and pop. The Beatles also had all sorts of Indian influence in their music. But the idea that Blacks “invented rock” and that Whites “stole it” is just another permutation of the asinine “cultural appropriation” ideology. Rock music is White music. Other than (((Paul Simon))) – who has actually used African polyrhythm in pop music? I had some crazy nut suggesting that 4/4 time is inherently African. It’s like these people have never listened to Scottish folk music before.

  • Nah, I’m still going to have to go with the Jews being the problem. Asian countries have adopted degenerate modern music and rap, yet they’re not committing racial suicide just because of Asian rap. Jews are the source of the cancer. If Asian countries had Jews controlling their media and making government policy they would implode faster than we are.

  • That may actually be beneficial in the long run. If you’ve ever bothered to look at the kinds of whites that mix (in every sense) with other races you’ll know we’re not losing much in terms of quality. At this point territory should be completely irrelevant to the altright as well, we can’t fight globalism and mass migration. It’s best to build an international community of our own and profit from the global village nonsense.

    • This doesn’t make sense.

      I’d like to see a kind of white that doesn’t mix in any sense that is actually doing something. They’re usually not.

      They’re usually incredibly materialistic as well as chauvinistic and ultimately bad mannered and ignorant. And covered in tattoos, revealing their cattle status.

      I’ll give Israel’s favourite son, Tommy Robinson a shoutout here as an exception. Unfortunately we all know that he has been bought out (and like all allies/puppets) this does not save him from destruction.

  • Do you know who the Rothschild Heiress Kate Rothschild is dating? An aspiring black rapper. Do you know who Arcadia Group Heiress Chloe Green is dating? A mixed race fellon with ink in his face. So lol – what comes around goes around.

    Negro music didn’t ruin britain. Britains did cause Brits are full of shit. So don’t blame the state of the UK on blacks or i have to send them a gift basket later lol.

    • No one has pride in being British. English, Scotish, etc somewhat maybe. Brits are afraid to offend anyone and don’t know what to stand for besides a standard of decency that the globalists control. Americans are about the same, and both are soothed by consumer goods

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