Did The Baby Boomers Really Lose California?

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

In 1994, California voters approved Proposition 187, a ballot measure that would have denied social services and education to illegal aliens. Voters thought that they were finally getting rid of them by self- deportation. After all, they could no longer work at the Department of Public Welfare unless they spoke English and Spanish and this seemed like a plausible way to get them off the dole.

The proposition included the following key elements:

  1. All law enforcement agents who suspect that a person who has been arrested is in violation of immigration laws must investigate the detainee’s immigration status, and if they find evidence of illegality they must report it to the attorney general of California and to the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). They must also notify the detainee of his or her apparent status as an alien.
  2. Local governments are prohibited from preventing or limiting the fulfillment of this requirement.
  3. If government agents suspect anyone applying for benefits of being illegal immigrants, the agents must report their suspicions in writing to the appropriate enforcement authorities.
  4. A person shall not receive any public social service from a publicly funded health care facility until he or she meets the requirements above.
  5. A person shall not receive any health care services from a publicly funded health care facility until he or she meets the requirements above.
  6. A public elementary or secondary school shall not admit or permit the attendance of any child until he or she meets the requirements above.
  7. By 1996, each school district shall verify the legal status of each child enrolled within the district and the legal status of each parent or guardian or each child.
  8. A child who is in violation of the requirements above shall not continue to attend the school 90 days from the date of notice to the attorney general and INS.
  9. The attorney general must keep records on all such cases and make them available to any other government entity that wishes to inspect them.
  10. The manufacture, distribution, sale, or use of false citizenship or residency documents is a state felony punishable by imprisonment or fine.

Pete Wilson was elected governor. He ran on an anti-illegal immigration platform so voters thought the deal was done. We were going to take back our state.

According to Ann Coulter, approximately sixty million illegal aliens are now in the country. More of them live in California than in any other state. A few years ago, Governor Jerry Brown brokered a deal with Senate President Kevin de Leon to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, Medicaid was given to illegal children and the Dreamers, and Senator Ricardo Lara(D-Bell Gardens) has promised to implement single-payer healthcare so that all illegal aliens can receive it.

How did California go from Proposition 187 to where it is today?

Well, President Trump has said it is the fault of California voters, and because of the candidate that we vote for. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t believe that even legal Hispanics would vote to support illegal aliens. I believe that illegal aliens have been allowed to vote under Governor Brown’s “Motor Voter Law.”

According to an immigrant from Peru, she applied for a driver’s license and was asked if she wanted to automatically be registered to vote.

“Can I do that?” she asked.

“Do you want to vote or not?” the clerk asked.

The lady, who was a registered nurse, said okay and was recently deported to Peru for voting illegally. She left her grown daughter and a grandbaby behind.

The government of Clown World only goes easy on hardened criminals, like the one who returned to America again and again and then shot Kate Steinle. The message sent is that it is perfectly acceptable to kill a white American, but somehow we are supposed to believe that the government cares about voter fraud?

If so, why has the federal government not launched an investigation for voter fraud in California? If this doesn’t suggest that three million illegal aliens voted for Hillary, what does?

And whatever happened Prop. 187? It was ruled unconstitutional by a Jimmy Carter appointee, Judge Mariana Pfaelzer of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. This is the same court that declared that President Trump’s travel ban was unconstitutional, although in November, the US Supreme Court allowed it to take effect.

Why wasn’t Proposition 187 ever sent to the Supreme Court?

On June 23, 2014, twenty years after voters passed Proposition 187, Senator Kevin de Leon, the son of an illegal immigrant, declared it a racist proposition. Along with several Asian and Hispanic lawmakers – all Democrats – he passed Senate Bill 396 to erase the offensive language from California’s education, health, and welfare code. They held a ceremony on that day and declared it “World Unity Day.” The purpose was to celebrate diversity and to promote a united future in a country that none of their ancestors fought for or even founded.

De Leon has led at least two delegations to meetings of the United Nations and has worked closely with his pal, Tom Steyer, the Trump hater, on green energy projects. De Leon is currently trying to unseat Senator Diane Feinstein because his term as senate president is almost over. Steyer claims that he very well may run for governor of California in 2018.

Those of you who blame conservative baby boomers for the Steinle verdict need to seriously get real. California is being used as a UN experiment and its power is out of the hands of its citizens. It’s always been this way. You will understand when they come for your state next.

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  • Prop 187 said what California wanted years ago (Pete Wilson) days. Nothing has changed resident’s minds since then. Pelosi and Shumer can spin whatever they want. The reality will not change. The ultra liberal Democratic leadership is losing voters in droves for not representing their interests or those of the state’s.

  • Senator Kevin de Leon should be arrested, convicted, and put to death by lethal injection. One day this same fate must befall millions of traitors, both great and small. Death to traitors. Period.

  • The Mexican government is weaponizing the immigrants by telling the lie that Californis belongs to Mexico . California was never Mexico. In fact, the first Emperor of the so called Mexican empire was a Spaniard. Mexico has worked very hard to erase the Spanish and native peoples history in North America. There were no “Mexicans” in what is now called California when the U.S. invaded.

  • Melinda Santa Cruz is probably one of my favorite guest writers. What a great in depth look as to what “really happened” in California, and what we could possibly do to prevent it from happening elsewhere.

  • Anti-federalist writer “Brutus” (forget his real name) warned against this in his debates with Madison, Jay & Hamilton: the judiciary as set down in the Constitution would become its own government, over-riding the will of the people. Marbury v. Madison was a judicial coup. We have no courts of equity in America. 30% interest rates are “constitutional,” as are gay marriage and abortion, but not immigration laws.

  • You are right, guest writer. I voted for prop 187 and remember the court betrayal well. Same thing happened with anti gay marriage proposition

  • What I have learned from history is the long design that was set to destroy this country & all white countries for centuries! However, the worst damage done has been happening since WWII. The 50s seemed wholesome but it was a diverson. A false White utopia.

  • Of course it was not all boomers. Many of them, especially in the south, vehemently advocated against civil rights, desegregation, and immigration reform. But you can’t deny that ultimately it was the boomer generation that killed America.

  • The Left has very slowly, over time, “nudged” is to where we are. We need to nudge back, and you are the ones to do it. You all need to read Alinsky and adopt the liberals’ methods. You are perfect for it. Like liberals, you will not be bound by ethics or morality, but you will use them against our enemies. Like liberals, you will not shy away from force, power, and tyranny – even violence – when you have the upper hand. When you do not, you will appeal to rhetoric and casuistry – just as liberals have done. By any means necessary. That must be our motto – just like the liberals who work tirelessly and relentlessly to destroy us.

  • I have worked with, lived amongst and befriended illegal alien Hispanics, and their entire role seems very similar to our white homesteaders or ‘filibusters.’ They are enabled by the Mexican government to settle or raid (financially) the untamed frontier (white America) as individuals, but only insofar as being provided safe passage and diplomacy, rather than through a collective conspiracy.

    They do not seem to understand our laws, including the anchor baby amendment, even though many of them have kids born here, because they are too lazy to learn English. They regularly send these kids back to the Old Country for months or years at a time so they can work/party more ( and because their nannies are abusers), where they quickly unlearn English. Their ultimate goal is to go back home and have more money than their fellow countrymen.

    They do not understand our laws because they do not want to be here longer than their financial obligations are met. They wander around in Latin black markets rather than a tightknit, clandestine army descending upon white America, as rightists fear they are and as leftists hope they are, playing a passive role in white genocide.

    So when boomers say ‘assimilate,’ they are actually telling these illegals to stay here rather than leave when their goals are met and they are tired of America.

    Language is the most important form of ‘assimilation’ any noncitizen can learn, which is why it is better that they are made to feel as unwelcome as possible. That is their biggest complaint. They are all told that we are filthy rich and everything is a cakewalk, but become quickly dismayed by the cost of living, methodical work ethic and general unfriendliness.

    They all have their own ‘guy’ they go to for services, making an entire underground economy just possible enough to operate on temporarily. This peasant underworld functions very similarly to how Hollywood does because you think once you are in Los Angeles there are going to be celebrities littered everywhere, beautiful women getting ice cream cones on their break from auditions etc., but that’s not it at all. They are all hunkered down at all hours and emerge when regular people cannot see them. It is a miserable existence.

    They do not consume our cheap products. They want what reminds them of home no matter the cost because they are homesick. So they eat these ridiculously expensive seafood lunches and sugary drinks, whereas most whites just see food as scheduled fuel.

    They absolutely fawn over the white race too, while hating all nonwhites, including their own people. Just like they all do. Their women want white men more than their men want white women. We really need to exploit this. All races are OBSESSED with white men. Their women want to siphon white male genes and cuck their husbands. We need to utilize sex as psychological/colonial weapon of war like everybody else does to us, but we have not thus far. It will lift collective white male self-esteem and inexperience, and make white men rock stars again. Visibly using and discarding nonwhite women as the flotsam and jetsam they are sends a powerful message to our enemies and all other onlookers.

    A border wall is not even necessary if they are made to feel unwelcome. Something like a staged prison riot in San Quentin, where an entire block of Hispanic gangbangers mysteriously die of slit throats would be enough to cause millions of Mexicans to self-deport overnight.

    It will be just like when a levee is breached by floodwaters – eventually it retreats back to where it came from, taking back heaps of rubbish with it, making the cleanup simpler and actually making the land cleaner than before the storm

    • True what Charles said. All non-WHITE races absolutely despise WHITE people, especially despise WHITE men. Weimer is dreaming. Lulz

    • You are spot on about how Hispanic women look at White men (at least in SoCal). At first I assumed it was for a Green Card but, no, they know their men are inferior and they want their kids to have White genes. The same is true of many Indians and Pinoy who live here. I can’t bring myself to do it (sleep with non-white women) but I am considering it as I am sick of these White Feminist Women who seem bound and determined to destroy our people.

      Also, for the record, most miscegenation I witness around here is White men with non-White wives. If you do see White women race-mixing it is almost always with a Nigger.

      • I have visited the West Coast 3 times in the last year (first time in my life) and it changed my entire perspective on white leftism. The white women feminists are MORE racialist and picky than conservative women. This is reflected in interracial statistics and personal anecdotes (nigger-loving Trump voters). They are so picky that they end up alone, LITERALLY carrying cats in bags in public. I saw that THREE times in one trip to the Pacific NW. I did not see a single white woman with a nonwhite in Portland, but I saw many white betas with Asians. Clearly, it is not their first choice, but rather they are condemned to it so much so that they give in and just shack up with a gook to gain easy access to any pussy.

        I know I will get killed for this by skeptical trolls here, but so be it. I never really engaged in miscegenation UNTIL I became Alt-Right because I recognized the power of sexuality. Our colonial ancestors used it to defeat their enemies. It is demoralizing. That is what we have been subjected to an almost entirely one-sided onslaught that we just sit back and take because ‘muh principles’ that nobody else follows.

        I started doing this 2 years ago for New Years in Miami. I thought it was a joke at first, but then I just went along with it when I saw that I was actually cucking a mandingo in a bar. I have never really been attracted to nonwhite women so I projectile vomited almost instantly when I kissed one, and that was only the 4th time I’ve puked since 8th grade..all under extreme circumstances. But you have to do what you have to do. It’s payback.

        The white women on the West Coast are so horrible. I walked into my first pot shop in Tacoma and this girl, who looked to be 16, walked in and casually asked for an ounce and was promptly greeted and transacted by the young women behind the counter. While I was instantly harangued to show ID. I said it’s in my car, but I’m only 16. She did not get the sarcasm until I left.

        The point is white women are terrible because they have been allowed to be and they are not going to stop being terrible until there is pushback in every direction. You don’t have to care for the women you have sex with. But a man must constantly obtain sex as per Darwinian fitness, even if it’s nonwhite. I have come to that conclusion. Notice how these retarded bitches and their white knights ALWAYS point to ‘involuntary celibacy’ as their go-to riposte to any disagreement. It is a shit-test. Well, prove them wrong and fuck these subhuman creatures and then kick them to the curb so you can dominate white women and sire offspring.

        They get slut-shamed, we get incel-shamed, proving that sex is not the same thing for men and women. Therefore, neither is miscegenation.

        • I hear you. A Bush woman has more grace and body health than an American woman today.

          But you can’t go back to white women after being treated properly. You aren’t attracted to the crap deal white men are subjected to because of our horrible society.

          Since any foreign chick turns to a feminist in two seconds that’s not an option either. And since no non western country allows immigration you can’t get access to proper foreign women.

          Your plan is a recipe for a childless life.

          • Amigo, the current situation is already a childless life. The ‘married couples’ are going to have two kids tops even if he ‘did everything right.’

            Women have been unchained from their checks on hypergamy. They are going after the ‘top’ 1/5th of men, and either dying childless or with one bastard kid without a father figure, while the unwanted male population are not even getting sex. Our race is being sieved. For every single man, there is more than one single women. Never forget that. This is not a cure-all. This is one step towards flipping the sexual power dynamic imbalance currently skewed entirely towards women and ‘dangerous’ men.

            The sex war is the primary before the general election race war.

            Our birthrates are going to drop like we just suffered a world war, minus the millions of dead young men because women are worthless in their 40s. They are spent cartridges who cannot be reformed. But the up-and-comers in GenZ have a chance since they have not been exposed.

            We have to do something because this female worship is not helping anybody but feeding female vanity, who absolutely do not deserve it.

            You can go back to white women because you do not love the nonwhite women once you understand exactly what they want from you. The white women has one thing you as a white man craves: white fertility. But they can deny you access to it because of the courts.

            I have many proposals to flip this situation, which will make white women come crawling back. It involves mostly starving women of attention/resources by men hoarding all of it. It is not difficult if horny men can be taught to recognize the difference between a woman being sexually interested in them or just teasing them for resources/chivalry. If a woman is not instantly attracted to you, she never will be, which makes her useless to you and should be purged asap from your life. It is so simple.

  • Thanks for providing an inside look at what happened to California. I had no idea proposition 187 was so stringent, or that the current situation is the result of bad court rulings.

    There is a marked tendency on the part of big-brained white people to blame themselves or their own people for things done to them by their enemies. I’ve recently become very aware of it, because it’s even all over the Alt Right.

    Maybe it’s a leftover of the Calvinist mindset in America, or maybe it’s a defect of the northern European brain. But it really hinders is, because every other people on Earth have no problem blaming every problem they have on whitey even when their problems are their own fault.

  • Of course the Boomers are partially responsible. They voted in NWO-puppet Ronald Reagan who granted amnesty to these scum. Most of whom were living in California.

    • He told the boomers he was against illegal immigration and then “changed” his mind at the last minute. Back then, we still trusted our leaders to some extent. They weren’t as openly corrupt as they are now. We were sick when he turned on us.

    • Of course right? Come on Reagan was the better choice. Certainly you understand that people in the United States vote for the least bad candidate. The whole thing has been a con for generations.

    • Reagan granted amnesty as a one-time thing with the promise that demoshits (who controlled Congress) would then secure the border. Reagan also agreed to tax hikes in exchange for spending cuts which–surprise–never happened. Reagan was a smart dude, but forgot the old saying: Around Democrax NEVER RELAX.

  • California has by far the highest economic output of all the United States and its territories, and in fact, is in the top 5% in GDP of all countries in the world. We have reasonably clean air and water and are at the top of lowest unemployments rates in the country. All of this with the highest population of any state in the Union. If California is so bad, why do so many people from other states keep coming here?

    • That stat was true in the 80s. There have been many defense plant closires and off shoring since then. You also aren’t subtracting crime and welfare which are fraudulently added to gdp.
      Besides east Germany had a higher gdp per cspita in 1988

  • All very true. California today is the crucible by which America – and eventually the rest of the word – will be remade unless we stop this Cultural Marxist maniacs. Otherwise will end up in the world “Hold Back This Day”, Ward Kendall’s dystopian novel of the last whites on Earth.

  • Never expect Roman Catholics to stop Roman Catholic immigration, anymore than you can expect Jews to stop Jew immigration. That’s a fact of life many of you, and particularly Roman Catholics won’t admit.

    Remember that crazy Irish Roman Catholic politician from Orange County who declared himself the Latino candidate? Or crazy Father Jerry Brown, two time Governor of California. Then there’s Nancy Pelosi who preaches open borders form the Roman Catholic pulpits in California. That’s just starters.

    My relatives out in California, were worried that NAFTA would be the final nail in White California’s coffin. We would get the Mexicans and the Mexicans would get the jobs. That’s been another contributing factor for California slipping into the 3rd World.

    My ancestors started going out to California in the decades after the Civil War, maybe even before then? They settled in the Stockton and Ukiah areas. From what I’ve read Stockton is now a non-White 3rd World disaster area, and Ukiah still has a large non-Hispanic White population which is shrinking fast as the Latinos and other non-White population grows.

    • Judge Pfaelzer-ROTHMAN was a Jew.

      The Catholic Church, just like the Protestant Churches, has utterly collapsed all over the White World. Even the Evangelicals are now declining, Roy Moore couldn’t even get over the hump in ALABAMA. Christianity is dying in the West and Christian leaders now seek out non-whites and advocate for immigration to increase their flocks.

      Believing that this is a Catholic problem is dumb. This is a Christian problem. Your Commie Catholic Pope Francis is no different than Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore.

      • If we returned to the obvious subtext of the gospel that it was written by a well educated Greek to troll and satirize Jews things would improve.

          • Imagine if in 2004 a new religion appeared in Iraq. It was based around a God-Man named “George W. Hussein.” Its stories show the Iraqi resistance as evil, American soldiers and pro-Western Iraqis as good people who accept that the prophet George W. Hussein was the true fulfillment of Islam. The Battle of Fallujah shows God raining down miraculous white phosphorus like manna from heaven which saves the people from evil rebels and Abu Ghraib was a beautiful city where God spiritually purified Iraqis. All the Iraqi women are named variations of “Haji” and eventually Moqtada al-Sadr accepts George W. Hussein as the True Prophet and goes to his martyrdom.

            Just read Josephus side by side with the Gospels and realize the Gospels are a vicious parody on the losers of a war. The Germans figured this out in the 1800s.

        • There’s trolling and satirizing of the Jews in the New Testament. But, there’s the possibility that much, if not all of the New Testament was written to be performed as mystery plays around the Greco-Roman World. What better way to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

      • James Edwards really needs to explain to his audience that the opinions of Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention, are no more valid than his own opinions. Protestants cannot be bound to so-called good works like immigration, or any other suggested good work, our belief is Salvation is through faith In Jesus Christ alone.

        This is a hard concept for Roman Catholics and Jews to understand—particulary if the Jew does not want to understand it. Or if the Jew finds it, shall we say opposed to the Jews ways.

        Btw, demographics are destiny, and, a 3rd World nation has a 3rd World population.

        • Sola Scriptura doesn’t matter in the real world of politics. Who has more influence amongst Protestants? James Edwards or Russell Moore? Moore, like the Pope, has the power to influence his followers.

          • Russell Moore has no power over Protestants, he’s just another preacher. He can preach salvation by the good works of immigration until his breath gives out. That doesn’t mean he has any spiritual authority over anyone, but, himself.

            By the same token, the Pope decided to change the wording of the Lord’s Prayer. Already the Italian and French Roman Catholic churches have changed it!

          • If Russell Moore has no power over Protestants, then why does the Southern Baptist Convention exist?

    • Thousands of protestant churches in North America and Europe also facilitate mass migration. Christianity as a whole has a strong globalistic SJW side to it, you can’t single out catholics.

      • As a Christian, I wrestle with this fact daily. I am not entirely sure how to reverse that trend as it all stems from a misinterpretation of scripture that has been accepted for centuries now.

      • Protestants are not bound to the Church for Salvation like the Catholics. Any Protestant can say anything as long as he does not renounce his faith in Jesus Christ. So these “thousands of churches” you claim only speak for an individuals opinion. There is no hierarchy, or Confession, or Last Rites from a Priest as there is with the Roman Catholics. No Protestant is or can be bound to some so-called good work like immigration.

        • The teleological end point of Protestantism with its lack of structure and authority is a modern day Tower of Babel, with Transgender Anglican Priests and SWPL Unitarians fighting alongside Antifa and BLM against White people in Charlottesville.

          • That’s in your opinion. We do know for a fact that the Roman Catholic woman who is President of the UVA was, and is stirring the anti-White pot in Charlottesville, and we also know that the Roman Catholic Governor of Virginia and his Roman Catholic pal in charge of the State Police called off the State Police in Charlottesville. Those are the facts.

          • These unnamed preachers represent no one but, themselves.

            But, the Roman Catholic President of UVA, the Roman Catholic Governor of Virginia, and the Roman Catholic in charge of the State Police are on record now for having started a riot.

          • How did the Protestant preachers only represent themselves if they somehow managed to get hundreds of their parishioners to join them in battling the Good Goys at Unite the Right?

        • No such thing as a catholic hive mentality. The syncretic aztec death worship of Mexican catholics is condemned by white co-religionists, working class North American catholics have a tendancy to completely disregard the pope, there’s countless unique local traditions in European catholic communities etc.

  • Ah, those hordes of grubbing “illegals”. Sure. It’s THEIR fault you’re unhappy with the state of California. Never mind the millions of White Californians who’ve recently descended from illegal immigrants. Except for African-Americans, NO group has been punished for trying to build a life here. That’s un-American. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, White immigrants got free wives, slaves, homes, and land. During the 20th century, they arrived here, despite having fought against us in two world wars. Now, Hispanic Americans are emigrating here, often settling on land that was once part of Mexico. And their positive contributions have improved American life. Your rant is morally bankrupt and historically inaccurate.

    • Every Central American country (except Panama) was also once part of Mexico. (really Nueva España, just like Califas and the SW of the US) Do you think for one minute that contemporary Costa Rica would tolerate being overrun with contemporary Mexicans?

      BTW, please enlighten us on all of those “White” Californians who are “recently descended from illegal immigrants”. Curious minds want to know details on that.

    • What exactly do Mexican Indio peasants add to the United States?

      The USA is now a safety valve for the poor (IE, Brown) segment of Mexican segment. The middle and upper class (IE, White) segments of Mexican society has no reason to immigrate to America. So Trump had a point when he said Mexico wasn’t sending their best.

    • “During the 17th, 18th, and 19th century, White immigrants got free wives, slaves, homes, and land.”

      I love it when they just make up bullshit. It reminds me of the Eddie Murphy sketch where he puts on “white face” then goes to the bank and the bank President gives him free money. White Privilege, I tell ya!

      • Awwww, butthurt Hipster Racist can’t hack the truth. Why don’t you Google “mail order brides” “land grants”, “land lotteries”, “The Trail of Tears” (should be no problem since the alt-right has such a boner for President Jackson), and “slave auctions”. White Privilege, my ass! You aren’t even demanding preference for a REAL opportunity. Instead, you just want the “privilege” to be a #MORON!

          • There was nothing to “show off”. Every one of those facts were FUNDAMENTALS of American history! Hell, you could have learned them from watching the fucking Hallmark channel! Smh! Only a #MORON would call someone a “showboater” for debunking a racist rant with some basic historical facts.

          • You read “settlers were given land grants in the wilderness so they could start farms” and you read “white males were given the privilege of doing hard agricultural labor in the middle of bumbfuck nowhere – WHITE PRIVILEGE!”

            Your hatred of White people knows no bounds. Also, the stuff about mail order brides – either you are missing the point entirely or more likely it’s a fantasy of yours.

          • Give me a break! The Native Americans had that privilege too, that is, before your ancestors robbed them of it. Face it – you’ve descended from invaders, thieves, and moochers!

    • Once you see or hear somebody say ‘African American,’ you know they are full of shit. Six extra syllables than the simple one: BLACK. Sums up your entire crusade: making life as needlessly difficult as possible for whites because you aren’t comfortable under basic labels.

    • Peeing in public and murdering people, creating longer welfare lines and driving drunk, let alone molesting children is NOT a contribution.

    • Sure, having mestizos live 25 to a house and park their cars on lawns has enriched everyone’s neighborhood and lives.

  • No. The Boomers are responsible.

    They turned political power over to the Dems in the 70s long before California turned into Mexifornia.

    Even in the 90s when it had became painfully obvious how much damage was being done to the State, YTs in LA/SF still voted for the Dems.

    California delenda est

  • The author writes, “I don’t believe that even legal Hispanics would vote to support illegal aliens.” This sentence betrays such foolishness that nothing else the author writes can redeem this article.

    Of course you can find a few Hispanics who will tell you that they don’t want to pay for illegal Hispanics, just like you can find a few blacks who will tell you that the most important issue facing the country is lowering taxes on capital gains. However, the fundamental observation of ethnic nationalism is that most non-whites are tribal most of the time.

    Legal Hispanics have family members and friends who are illegal. Legal Hispanics feel a tribal connection to other Hispanics, legal or illegal, that they don’t feel with you, you stupid white guy. Therefore, legal Hispanics will almost always vote to support illegal Hispanics.

    Stop saying such stupid things like legal Hispanics will withhold support from illegal Hispanics.

    I lived in the Bay Area for 15 years and just relocated this year.

  • I grew up in California with the boomers. Most of the ones I keep in touch with are adamantly against what has happened to California. They are very much like the Whites who fled Detroit. It was totally beyond their control.

    • Simply not true.

      Yes, the _good_ people of Birmingham couldn’t have fought the Natty Guard and whoever else that evil cranked up bastard Kennedy sent on their own. Yes, if one decent citizen had struck down Pfaelzer for her evil act, it wouldn’t have singly changed the course of history. But if everyone had stood together, this all could have been stopped.

  • Depends what you mean by boomers. The working class of any generation is always somewhat down to earth in its own way. But hippie boomer culture did dramatically influence Californian academia which led to liberal boomer elitists and their globalist friends forcing mass migration down people’s throats. The dirty hippies of the sixties and seventies became today’s politicians and industry (tech) giants, that’s the problem. Social justice is embedded into Californian culture and white boomers are mostly to blame. Your conclusion still holds true mind you, the representatives of all states have embraced the liberal religion and will become just like California.

    • If you don’t look at this, and all history from a racial perspective, you end up having rubbish ideas.

      This is not a criticism, it is a truth. Like most of us, I have to undo a lifetime of programming to try and discern what the truth is when I hear the news, let alone consider the (((chequered path))) that delivered us to this mess.

    • A completely under discussed issue is imperialism. The “conservative” Americans have supported imperialism, both military imperialism as well as economic imperialism, rather consistently. Military worship is practically a defining feature of “conservatism.” Imperialism is my nature multi-cultural and multi-racial.

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