Honoring Our History Episode 15 – Roman Empire Finale

The grand finale of the Roman Empire is finally here! For this exiting last episode on this topic, Barbute and Lauritz goes through the following topics in somewhat jumbled order:

1. Wrap up of “good emperors” and commodus (preprepared)
2. Year of 5 emperors, crisis of the imperial office, crisis of empire
3. Severan dynasty, military dictatorship
4. Caracalla and fucking with the denarii
5. Overall decline, changes in peopulation, economy, military, 235–284 AD
6. Diocletian and imperial reforms, tetrarchy
7. Constantine the great, early church
8. Religious bait
9. Recovery/resurgance of the 4th century
10. Goths across the danube, Adrianople
11. Alaric, sack of rome, western empire crumbling
12. Romulus Augustulus

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