White Alabamans Were Stabbed in the Back!

I’ve heard a lot of kvetching from all quarters of the right agonizing over why Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones.

The answer is very simple:  Establishment cuckservatives betrayed the White voters of Alabama and caused him to lose!

It’s so obvious.  Mitch McConnell and the rest of that gang broke ranks from their own party.  They sabotaged Moore’s campaign by either withdrawing their support, or counter-signaling him completely and encouraging people not to vote for him.  Jones’ margin of victory was razor-thin, and Moore would’ve won if Republican leadership had closed ranks behind him for the sake of white people and our country.

Arch-Zionist Sean Hannity, who attached himself to Trump-populism to avoid fading into O’Reilly-like oblivion, revealed his true colors when he pretended to be so shocked by the “sexual allegations” against Moore that he withdrew his support.  Does anyone actually think Hannity would not prefer to be cheerleading another Middle East war, for a Jeb Bush or a Marco Rubio?

Roy Moore and Steve Bannon openly declared war on McConnell and establishment Republicans.  Establishment Republicans wanted Roy Moore to lose, and they made it happen.  Roy Moore winning would’ve been much, much worse for them than getting Senator Doug Jones.  For the price of one Democratic Senator, they get to discredit Bannon and shore up Wall Street neoliberal establishment ranks in the Republican Party against populist-nationalist primary challenges.

And McConnell and the Republican leadership are anti-White.  Let’s make no mistake about that.  I saw Peter King on FOX News last night, going on about Bannon and “hate”… Peter King is an anti-white Zionist traitor.  All of these establishment Republicans are traitors to White people, and they sold out the White people of Alabama once again last night.

Don’t talk to me about Roy Moore’s flaws as a candidate.  Don’t talk to me about his margin of victory vs. Trump’s margin of victory in Alabama last year.  Roy Moore faced a slanderous, all-out assault from the liberal media and his own party leadership and was outspent by a factor of five to one.

Don’t talk to me about women being to blame.  Sixty-three percent of white women in Alabama voted for Roy Moore!  That’s a huge majority and is really quite remarkable considering the avalanche of #metoo propaganda crashing down on white women from all sides of social media and the news and entertainment industry.

This election was also a way for establishment Republicans to deal yet another blow to President Trump.

Just look who was denouncing Roy Moore:  Mitt Romney, John McCain, and all the usual suspects.  Gary Cohn held a (((holiday))) party celebrating Moore’s defeat.  Why are we blaming candidate Moore, or blaming women, or blaming religious conservatism, when it is so obvious who is to blame?

This is war, people.  When traitors at the highest levels of leadership sabotage your effort, and cause your enemies to win, you don’t blame your own troops for not fighting sufficiently hard enough.  You blame the traitors who sold you out.

The Republican leadership stabbed the White people of Alabama in the back.  McConnell, Ryan, Romney, McCain… Hannity… Cohn.  The same anti-White traitors who took us into the Iraq war, flooded our country with third world immigrants and destroyed our economy.  This is a small clique of enemies and traitors at the highest levels of power, and they must bear the sole responsibility for this defeat.

Jared Kushner is watching us take turns denouncing Moore, denouncing women, denouncing Christian conservatism and he is rubbing his hands together.  McConnell’s many chins are obscenely folded into a smile of deep satisfaction.


  • “There’s something obviously at play, because why would the Alabama Supreme Court suddenly decide to destroy electronic voting records just about 4 hours before the votes started getting counted?”

    Trump knew last night would happen, Election Integrity Commission can now investigate

    Voter Fraud in Alabama Confirmed, Write In Votes for Moore Erased!

    Video: Jones Voter admits on live TV, Jones voters came from around the country

    “Alabama election gives George Soros dangerous influence in US Senate”…?

  • So now even Sean Hannity isn’t white enough for you now? Jesus H Christ!

    Moore lost because he is a child molester and that disgusted just enough white moms to cause him to lose. That’s the sum of it. Jews did not make Roy Moore molest 14 year old girls. He did it all by himself because he is a vile creep.

    The lesson of his defeat is not to attack this person or that person for not being dedicated enough to whiteness. It’s for the Republican party to be sure to field decent candidates.

  • Anti-white supremacist/nationalist =/= anti-white. Strong paranoia going on in these quarters. I don’t blame you. Democrats and Republicans alike have collaborated to gradually redistribute wealth, concentrating it in the hands of the few, and destroying communities in the process with their endless wars, outsourcing, and pharmaceutical poisons.

    As much as you want to believe that non-whites are cutting in line to reap the benefits of welfare and social services, they have been suffering from poverty and the destruction of their communities for generations. The difference is that now the captains of industry are slowly making their way to majority white population of the US. Instead of blaming isolated foreign elements (blacks, Democrats, liberals, establishment republicans, (((hollywood)))), how about we work together to understand the political and economic conditions that have resulted in the impoverishment of our communities?

    The only way forward for the American people of all races is a united coalition of progressive organizations aiming toward the freedom of development and equality of opportunity for all.

  • Establishment Republicans want their party to beshort-range, tunnel-vision monomaniacal economo-maniacs, as little concerned with social issues as they cannot avoid.

  • Inconsequential overall.
    The point of backing Roy Moore is not that he is a good thing to our movement; it is that he is merely the lesser of two evils. Of course, he’d of been stalled and investigated into ineffectiveness entirely if he had won: the same fate as every cuck not named Donald Trump. The old and spiritually dead GOP does not have the fire or motivation to overcome the Utopian left – nor would they, even if they held that power.

    We’d be better off accelerating the collapse. Hitler did not usurp a more or less functional regime: he built upon fire and ruin, and by overpowering the Right: not by entryism.

  • Trump can’t win on Nov 3 2020 because of the Demographic Shift in Red States….


    Post-WW2 America should have had a policy of 0 HINDU LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND 0 JAMAICAN LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…THIS IS WHO WE ARE!!!!

  • I don’t ever want to hear about Roy Moore ever again. Let this fucker go back to wherever he came. He lost and that is all he should be remembered for. In other news, it is rumored Paul Ryan will retire from Congress next year. Highly unlikely Paul Nehlen would replace him. Too bad he can’t a better way to worm his way into government as a lieutenant governor or treasurer or something.

  • This article should says, “Alt-Right cuckservatives betrayed the White voters of Alabama and caused Moore to lose!”

  • The cockroach Sean Hannity has the largest fucking home in Llyod Neck..massive…easily 20 million….his backyard goes right down to Target Rock…The beach by Target Rock has been turned into a toilet bowl by off-the-boat Chinese Legal Immigrants….The Park Rangers put a great big metal trash collector by Target Rock with a notice begging the Chinese to please put their shit into the garbage collector…Target Rock=beach habitat for the endangered Piping Plover……


    • Do you think Hannity really loves Israel or it just a cynical act of someone who knows what he must do to stay on top? Either way, it is disgusting, but his shilling for the Jews is beyond outrageous.



  • That may be, but there were good reasons not to like Roy Moore, a ridiculous figure. We need smart modern rightists, not clowns like Moore.

    So, yes, the Cucks are bad people, but Roy Moore gave them good cause for them to despise him.

  • I am full accelerationist. Reforms that we need are not politically possible until after the collapse starts. I dont see this as defeat and I didnt see Trump’s win as our victory either. We need to get people on board with our agenda and nothing works as good as system’s overt hate towards us.

    At some point violence is going to be needed because brown people will never want to leave on their own. We need our people to be on board with that and they wont be unless things get significantly worse first. Elections dont matter.

    • It takes a long time to come to this revelation but I am in total agreement. My instincts and leftover brainwashing made me initially upset with his loss. And 30 minutes later I realized how insignificant his election would have been. 24 hours later I realized that his victory might actually have been a setback in the bigger picture. Things are going to have to get much worse to wake people up. The election results; the evident apathy of whites as revealed in polling data; these things prove how far we have yet to go before real change can begin.

    • You got that right fella. The “brown people” who have been here since before this country was founded aren’t going anywhere. Believing otherwise if just a fantasy.

      • @RTB – You’re truly ignorant. Mexicans have no significant historical heritage in the US. Sure, there are true natives such as the Yaqi in California, and the Hopi, etc. But Mexicans are native to Central America. They were brought into the areas now known as California, New Mexico and Arizona by the EUROPEAN Spaniards, but are NOT native. That’s why they need to be driven out. Their dreams of Aztlan are not based on any historical reality.

        • I didn’t say they were native. I said they were here before this country was founded and they were. If the US hadn’t started the Mexican-American war to gain more territory, California, New Mexico, Arizona would still be part of Mexico.

          And by your standards whites don’t have any significant historical heritage here either. Other than native Americans, everyone else is an immigrant in historical terms, including the nationalist whites have ironically consider themselves nativist when they’re actually natives of Europe.

  • Peter King, not Steve King. Peter King is a bugman out of New York. Steven King is an aging Aryan prince out of Iowa. Definitely not the same guys.

  • Moore’s problems were stupidity of the White vote and a fraudulent Black vote. Unless it’s a landslide for the White vote, democrats will always have a capability to rig elections with a fraudulent minority vote.

  • Real pro-Aryan change will not come from ballots, it will come from a fanatical revolutionary elite of true believers. This will soon become evident to all.

    • If a fanatical pro-Aryan revolutionary elite of true believers ever actually tries to threaten the integrity of the United States, we will utterly annihilate you. Believe that!

      • @RTB – You’ve got a problem… You’re not an American. You, and people like you are totally opposed to the original values of America., which was to secure for the white settlers and their posterity a nation. Therefore you no moral right, let alone spiritual right, to this land.

        • Sounds like you’re the one who isn’t an American. Do you know what really distinguishes Americans from every other nation? We are a forward looking people not hide-bound by history. Always have been. Most Europeans, by contrast, are caught up in trying to live in accordance with their great ancestors. Legitimacy there is all about consistency with historical precedent. Legitimacy in America flows from the consent of the majority and we feel free to fashion whatever future we want.

          So while the founders may well have envisioned a nation populated by Northern Europeans (not generic “whites”) and their African slaves, the people have since made sweeping changes to the type of nation we want.

          The founders also didn’t want the US overly involved in foreign entanglements, yet here we sit, a global superpower sustaining democracies around the globe.

          In sum, I don’t give a toss about what type of nations the founders wanted. That’s what really makes me a true American. You, on the other hand, sound like a hide bound, lost European.


    They DIDN’T support their own well-being or that of their children and grandchildren. And made themselves the ENEMY of the 67% every bit as much as the 98% depraved, degenerate blacks that voted for Jones.

    And for this THEY DESERVE TO #%&@.

  • No, Ahab…….

    White Alabamans stabbed themselves in the Back due to their own Ignorance and Stupidity regarding the Socio-Racial-Political Landscape………

    It’s not Mitch McConnell’s fault that White Alabamans gave the Anti-White Jewish Left a Huge WIN……..

    It’s White Alabamans fault………

    Stop kvetching about the GOP Establishment………

  • Trump made a deal to defeat Moore. He signs off on the stealing of the election, and gets from McConnell in return, some judges confirmed, and his tax bill passed. And he is so busy, no time to visit Alabama, not even once. And his top aides hold a celebration party when Moore loses. There is no one so blind as one who refuses tomsee.

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