DC Is A God-Forsaken Bugman War Zone

I was hanging out with my friend in the burbs of DC. He had been in the city all day and as a result was in a bad mood. He said that he saw some homeless guy or at least some crazy guy on drugs relentlessly screeching at passer-bys. I inferred that he was black of course, even though out in the burbs, there’s been a noticeable uptick in White guys asking for change along the roads.

Do Americans notice these things living on their World Island? Or do you have to take a break from time to time to not be like the frog in the pot, getting boiled slowly…

Hmm, food for thought.

Anyways, the black guy I mentioned earlier- yeah, he was actually calling everyone around him “crackas” and even yelling about Trump.

Naturally, some huwhyte SWPL college guys with that whole boat shoe/prep school look came over and one of them handed the real talk nigga some money – bills no less. I imagine he had that trademark Rachael Maddow smirky smile on his face as he did it.

The black cussed them out, (after he took his money) and kept up his tirade.

The other huwhyte guy was already reaching into his wallet and desperately wanted to give the black some money, but the oncoming chimpout prevented him from doing much. He slunk away, disappointed.

My buddy shook his head after he told me the story and said:

White people suck.

Funny how we’ve come to the same conclusion as the Left, but for different reasons.

The virtue-signaling arms race has hit epidemic levels in the shitlib centers of the country.

To my complete and utter lack of surprise, I have found that in my absence, many people I know have totally broken off relationships with other people over Trump.

Amazingly, word has gotten out that I may have supported Trump. So I’m out now too. Boo hoo, I know, but still. Which I sort of understand I suppose, given the context. It’s like a Putnam-type defense mechanism. Or maybe “Cultural Cold War” is a better way of describing it. You have to turtle up and dial up the snark to keep out dangerous ideological opponents from making inroads into your little in-group.

So that means, certain bars are just off-limits. Certain casual acquaintances are out as well. It’s not even about keeping your mouth shut anymore, now you have to mouth off the right slogans as well. This is serious balkanization we’re talking about here, people.

I wonder if other tourists pick up on it or if I’m actually really super special, the prophesized and long-awaited Slavic inheritor of Tocquevillian+cyberpunk style social commentary…

Speaking of White people sucking, the case for why Western Whites have become absolutely unbearable is quite simple. Everyone has turned into an ideologue. And all they care about is virtue-signaling points, relative social rank, constantly creating insular little societies within societies and turtling up. This happens when you don’t have an organic community. You have to create one centered around a hobby or a religious/political point of view.

With an organic community in some village somewhere, you’re just born into a community that will never really get split on political questions. You can be a commie if you want, but you’ll always be little Vinnie to the grannies who watched you grow, skin your knees and sneak out into the garden at night with the village skank.

But maybe this is just Washington, I don’t know. After all:

DC is Hollywood for ugly people.

That’s a great one-liner I picked up from my buddy. He’s back from being abroad too, and as a result, back on his happy pills.

I didn’t need them when I was abroad.

Yeah man, I hear you there. Those Eat, Pray, Love chicks were onto something in their own warped little white girl way. Gotta get out of there from time to time – it’s not a healthy place. Everyone looks like a nu-male soyboy and the bugman quotient is off the charts.

Who could have guessed that dystopia would end up looking so gay?
Artists depiction of typical DC nu-male residents

Oh, by the way, everyone in DC is either a functioning alcoholic, druggie or joined at the hip to the pharmaceutical Jew. This is not talked about and you probably shouldn’t mention it while you’re there. But we’ll keep it a secret between us, and you can confirm it if you ever choose to visit DC yourself.

Anyways, glad to be out of there.

It’s depressing to write about the news and provide social commentary when you’re in the thick of it. Putting a couple thousand miles between yourself and the Poz allows you to relax and approach it with a Menken-style amused detachment and irony.

Now, I’m no Greg Hood in terms of wordsmithing, but even if I was, I don’t think I could write from such a raw and with-you-in-the-trenches style. Because frankly, I don’t know how people cope with it all.

There’s just this feeling of decay and boredom in the air. And it’s not even the kind of hedonistic, have fun while it all burns down feeling either. It’s not even fun. It’s just bad. If I was surrounded at the club by young Britney Spears-looking girls looking to get “degenerate” with me, that’d be one thing. I could see the appeal in selling out my civilization if it came packaged in late 90’s style tight, ripped jeans and wavy blond curls.

But it’s just more and more brown people in hijabs, fat chicks and guys that look like this:


Anyways, this was all really a long-winded explanation for why I wasn’t writing much. Shit just sucked and I couldn’t bring myself to. Instead, I spent my time griping with my buddy. Believe it or not, he actually ended up getting held up at gunpoint culturally enriched the very next day by the local DC fauna.

See, that’s what happens in the Post-First World.

You either spend all day hanging around the Whole Foods green zone, surrounded by fine DC bugman specimens like the ones above, or you venture downtown and risk the diversity. I know, it’s quite the dilemma.

Needless to say, I’m glad I don’t have to choose one or the other for now. Living among the bugmen in the trenches is a thankless task.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • When I watched that series ‘Life After People,’ I always wondered how interesting it would be for a series ‘Life after WHITE People.’

    The Laws of thermodynamics are shifting the radioactive separation the various races naturally segregate themselves by. The aerial view of county demographics are like various military columns trenching and retrenching.

    The bland suburban life whites created mostly as a refuge from nonwhites immediately following WWII looks like its finally starting to collapse. The big box stores, shopping malls and restaurants are shrinking their footprints because white consumer habits are changing drastically, along with the influx of cheap, anticapitalist nonwhites. White kids are not getting careers, married or buying homes because they have insoluble debt from learning obsolete skills.

    Thank God organized sports are finally to starting to fall too. That means white youths have stopped worshipping black athletes.

    So many different paths are leading to ROHOWA.

  • Remember when someone did that google search on gorillas on heat and pictures of African-American celebs and Black Lives Matter riots popped on the search? Ha Ha. Joogle didn’t have an algorithm to distinguish between Blacks and gorillas. And didn’t the red pill’d among us hop into their disqus sock puppets and start melting down social media on how racist and hateful and horrible Joogle was. That was about the most fun with Joogle it’s possible to have I think.

    Once enough Whites get it – seriously get it – they will flip this stupid script on the Jews and their Victim ID politics

  • I live in Asheville, NC and it’s not much better than bigger cities. Every guy here refers to their girlfriend as their “partner” and chugs soy. I’ve met more vegans here than anywhere. They all have tiny legs and speak with a weird phony accent. It’s disgusting.

    • The South has been inundated with libcuck transplants for decades. It has changed the character and voting patterns of many areas. So no, I don’t believe in white egalitarianism either. Sub-racial and genetic differences among whites are real and should be considered as well as broader racial differences. That’s why simply moving to the Pacific Northwest and thinking it can be morphed into an ethnostate is absurd.

      • I’ve been a fan of the “retreat and re-trench” idea precisely because it involves not just whites gathering together in a single geographic locale, but because it involves the “right-thinking” whites doing so.

      • The pacnw is a decent enough place to consider entrenching in considering the climate. Agriculture and ranching is relatively easy. But….. The metro culture permeates the entire state through legislation, making it difficult if not impossible to create separate communities. It would be a long battle to win from the inside out, taking over key positions and slowly changing the culture here.

  • Nice! What’s the signature look of the bugmen? The oversized nerd glasses? The short beard? The button down sweater? The last guy has them all.

    I have never heard the term until recently.

  • It’s really weird — as a woman, merely looking at the images of the strangely similar soyboys makes me cringe and want to punch them all in the face. Why am I getting this reaction? Some sub-conscious desire to force them to act like men?
    I can’t take it, I need to go relax in my kitchen. :'(

  • The “soul” of DC=DuPont Circle…..

    The homosexual filth and disease Cryptozoa that controls DC wants two things:1)the thermonuclear mass murder of Christian Russia if Christian Russia doesn’t hand over Christian Russian Male Infants Population to DuPont Circle and General Mattis….And 2)the Tranny-Freak-Norming of Roy Moore’s Zio-Christian Voting Bloc…

  • The D.C. area. Lived here most of my life. It’s an art form to weave through to avoid “those neighborhoods” or even the “good neighborhoods” at the wrong time.

    Hard to pick up the nuances as a visitor. As a friend tells me, when the slickly dressed man at the corner starting talking exaggeratedly loud and friendly-like to the man’s comrade, my friend figured it out and shooed his wife into their Capitol Hill home, pulled the curtains, got in the back of the house, and stayed there till the shooting was over.

    And then they put the house on the market.

    • There are areas that are getting better in the former ghetto filled with college students and hipsters. Gentrification seems to be in full swing at least.

  • Right now there are 3 Liberal Jews on the Supreme Court…….

    Kagan, Breyer, and Bader-Ginsburg…….

    And Sotomayor has Sephardic Jewish Ancestry…….

    Jews…….2% of the Population……..33% of the Supreme Court……..

    Jewish Supremacy MUCH??

    President Obama appointed Merrick Garland……another Liberal Jew……..


    He knew the GOP Senate would block him but they’d be blocking a Jew from being appointed…….and what better idea than to rile up the Anti-White Jewish Left against the White Goy GOP???

    But, that was Obama’s Legacy and he’s gone now……..

    And we have Judge Gorsuch………a White Protestant Goy……..because of President Donald J. Trump…….

    Do you want more Anti-White Liberal Jews on the Supreme Court??

    Then don’t Vote…….

    Maybe ‘Anglin vs. SPLC’ makes it to the Supreme Court………

    Maybe ‘Spencer vs. ‘some Liberal University” makes it to the Supreme Court……..

    “Fk the GOP Establishment……I’m going to punish them like a Cry Baby Omega Cuck and not Vote!!”…….

    Great Idea, White Goy……..


  • I actually saw a recent photo of myself doing the bugman “open-mouthed smile”. I immediately recoiled in horror. Note to self: be less gay.

    It’s not just D.C., Vincent. My current hometown is also a very tense place, so I generally keep my mouth shut. My wife and I do not agree on politics so we both do our best to avoid the subject, though even she once blurted out, “Were you happy when that girl died in Charlottesville?”

    Things are extremely tense almost everywhere because there is less and less holding us together as a society. Even sports, that refuge for the Average Joe has been sullied. I could give a shit about the NFL, but the BLM controversy (and associated commentary by the God-Emperor) has been a net negative for everyone.

    The end of the friendly political discussion is not a good sign for anybody.

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