UK to Ban Depictions of Traditional Living in Advertising

The Left are gearing up for quite a fight in 2018.

From the creeping normalization of pedophilia to a “limitless and permanent migrant quota” being now openly planned by the European Union, the next year is already showing us a preview of the challenges we will have to face in order to secure the sane, stable livelihoods of the next generation.

One of the more absurd liberal assaults that we can expect in 2018 comes from the United Kingdom, in a motion which seeks to further erode and shame traditional families by literally banning the depiction of conventional gender roles in advertising.

The UK is no stranger to banning things or people that hurt the feelings of their LGBT lobby or the surging Muslim population (which currently stands at around one million in the greater London area). Most minorities from the third world who live in Western Europe ignore the media’s overbearing messages to live childfree lives and explore the wonders of gender fluidity. Although migrants do join forces with suicidal whites in condemning conservative values, and participate in all manner of radical leftist/feminist protests for muh rights, they are only biding their time until they grasp control over the weakened native population through achieving a demographic majority. Make no mistake — all the mainstream media and university propaganda urging for the need to dismantle “whiteness” and to expose children to transgenderism are engineered for the destruction of only one particular target — native Europeans.

According to The Scotsman:

A new rule will be introduced in the UK Advertising Codes following a review of gender stereotyping by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which found more needed to be done to tackle advertisements featuring stereotypical gender roles and characteristics. The ASA review published last summer, provided evidence for tougher regulation of advertisements with stereotypical gender roles or characteristics which can be harmful to people.

The ASA are an independent regulator of all media in the UK who are handed guidelines on what material to crack down on by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP). The ASA’s 2017 report on gender stereotyping within advertising allegedly includes evidence which “demonstrates that reinforcing and perpetuating traditional gender roles can lead to suboptimal outcomes for individuals and groups in terms of their professional attainment and personal development.”

But upon opening the 81-page “qualitative research” document, it is revealed that the report was created by two women who held “mini-group discussions” and “depth interviews” in 2016 with an unstated number of anonymous adults and teens recruited “on-the-spot.” The report is simply a long list of quotes by the attendees who were asked about various adverts and how they may be portraying harmful stereotypes relative to body image and gender. When you create a “study” by presenting random commercials to people off the street and tell them, “here, look for the offensive things,” then of course you are going to get some results. Not to mention, based on the quotes, some of the participants had trouble expressing their thoughts in proper English or seemed indifferent to the questions at hand.

The study concludes that women “more quickly (compared to men) expressed concern about gender portrayal in adverts” while “female ethnic minority participants were also quick to deconstruct messages” and “also noted the lack of diversity in terms of ethnic representation in adverts.” As for the men, they typically did not find any content offensive. They “expressed similar concerns about gender portrayals … only after some debate and discussion around this issue.”

Advertisements that the ASA wish to ban include a 2012 Asda commercial depicting a mother struggling to prepare her home for Christmas, a commercial for baby milk that shows baby girls growing up to be ballerinas and baby boys becoming scientists and rock climbers, and a GAP image showing a smiling white boy wearing a shirt with Einstein’s head on it. Oh no! Better not let boys think they can be smart!


The ASA will set out their new advertising standards in Spring 2018.

No matter how much the radical left try to convince people of the harm of traditional gender roles, there is no legitimate proof that “equality” leads to a world of peace and free love, but there is countless evidence (as well as basic common sense) confirming that the promotion of feminine men and masculine women is harming relationships, leading to a decline in birth rates, and contributing to record-level rates in mood disorders. A lack of a traditional family hierarchy also risks children growing up without a clear understanding of their place or role in the world.

As the heavy-handed liberal indoctrination escalates in force in the West, it’s practically guaranteed that the children of the future will either become trannies or the most conservative generation in decades. The best we can do is not despair, but live up to the values we believe in and give our children the best shot they have at a successful life.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.