UK to Ban Depictions of Traditional Living in Advertising

The Left are gearing up for quite a fight in 2018.

From the creeping normalization of pedophilia to a “limitless and permanent migrant quota” being now openly planned by the European Union, the next year is already showing us a preview of the challenges we will have to face in order to secure the sane, stable livelihoods of the next generation.

One of the more absurd liberal assaults that we can expect in 2018 comes from the United Kingdom, in a motion which seeks to further erode and shame traditional families by literally banning the depiction of conventional gender roles in advertising.

The UK is no stranger to banning things or people that hurt the feelings of their LGBT lobby or the surging Muslim population (which currently stands at around one million in the greater London area). Most minorities from the third world who live in Western Europe ignore the media’s overbearing messages to live childfree lives and explore the wonders of gender fluidity. Although migrants do join forces with suicidal whites in condemning conservative values, and participate in all manner of radical leftist/feminist protests for muh rights, they are only biding their time until they grasp control over the weakened native population through achieving a demographic majority. Make no mistake — all the mainstream media and university propaganda urging for the need to dismantle “whiteness” and to expose children to transgenderism are engineered for the destruction of only one particular target — native Europeans.

According to The Scotsman:

A new rule will be introduced in the UK Advertising Codes following a review of gender stereotyping by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which found more needed to be done to tackle advertisements featuring stereotypical gender roles and characteristics. The ASA review published last summer, provided evidence for tougher regulation of advertisements with stereotypical gender roles or characteristics which can be harmful to people.

The ASA are an independent regulator of all media in the UK who are handed guidelines on what material to crack down on by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP). The ASA’s 2017 report on gender stereotyping within advertising allegedly includes evidence which “demonstrates that reinforcing and perpetuating traditional gender roles can lead to suboptimal outcomes for individuals and groups in terms of their professional attainment and personal development.”

But upon opening the 81-page “qualitative research” document, it is revealed that the report was created by two women who held “mini-group discussions” and “depth interviews” in 2016 with an unstated number of anonymous adults and teens recruited “on-the-spot.” The report is simply a long list of quotes by the attendees who were asked about various adverts and how they may be portraying harmful stereotypes relative to body image and gender. When you create a “study” by presenting random commercials to people off the street and tell them, “here, look for the offensive things,” then of course you are going to get some results. Not to mention, based on the quotes, some of the participants had trouble expressing their thoughts in proper English or seemed indifferent to the questions at hand.

The study concludes that women “more quickly (compared to men) expressed concern about gender portrayal in adverts” while “female ethnic minority participants were also quick to deconstruct messages” and “also noted the lack of diversity in terms of ethnic representation in adverts.” As for the men, they typically did not find any content offensive. They “expressed similar concerns about gender portrayals … only after some debate and discussion around this issue.”

Advertisements that the ASA wish to ban include a 2012 Asda commercial depicting a mother struggling to prepare her home for Christmas, a commercial for baby milk that shows baby girls growing up to be ballerinas and baby boys becoming scientists and rock climbers, and a GAP image showing a smiling white boy wearing a shirt with Einstein’s head on it. Oh no! Better not let boys think they can be smart!


The ASA will set out their new advertising standards in Spring 2018.

No matter how much the radical left try to convince people of the harm of traditional gender roles, there is no legitimate proof that “equality” leads to a world of peace and free love, but there is countless evidence (as well as basic common sense) confirming that the promotion of feminine men and masculine women is harming relationships, leading to a decline in birth rates, and contributing to record-level rates in mood disorders. A lack of a traditional family hierarchy also risks children growing up without a clear understanding of their place or role in the world.

As the heavy-handed liberal indoctrination escalates in force in the West, it’s practically guaranteed that the children of the future will either become trannies or the most conservative generation in decades. The best we can do is not despair, but live up to the values we believe in and give our children the best shot they have at a successful life.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • Here’s a little white pill for everyone. Slate published an article kvetching about the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas romance stories. The author fumed about the lack of rich vibrant diversity with the all White casts and that the settings are not in big city metropolis but in Small Town, Americana.

    When the author interviewed Hallmark about their offensive formulas, the CEO was bland and non-commital, advising that the would “look into” diversifying. Hallmark has attracted 80 million viewers with their squeaky clean White romances devoid of foul language, nudity, dry humping, edgy situations and, for the most part, leads consisting of one or both people of color.

    I believe the author was so miffed because it was only political correctness that kept the CEO from telling him to flake off and watch BET to get all the diversity he craved.

    Which brings me to my point. this simple woman doesn’t need a commercial to remind me to cook, clean, and care for my family. The people who sell the products to help me do this are better off saving their advertising dollars rather than doling them out to (((Madison Avenue))) who will only use commercials to push an Anti-White agenda.

    WE still control what we spend our money on. Hallmark can pick and choose their advertisers. If they are smart and they don’t strike me as stupid, they will make sure their advertisement complements their programming by keeping them wholesome and White.

  • It’s a scandal what is happening in the West. The degenerated Western culture is dying, commiting suicide. Those few who are still sane and normal need to prepare to go undergound. Few years and we will have to fight in resistance, hiding in forests and mountains… it’s a disaster…

    • pfffff no one hides in forests and mountains anymore. The recentr school shooter William Edward Atchison would have been of better use lighting up some shitbib magazine editorial offices. Worked for the charlie hebdo guys. Charlie hebdo doesn’t make fun of Mohammed anymore.
      But as Spencer once said “Are americans ready to fight like Palestinians”? I don’t think so.

  • ITT: 56% mutts larping as if Burgerland is some sort of Aryan shangri-la that doesn’t indulge in the same anti-traditional garbage, and that they’re not in a far worse predicament both culturally and demographically.

    56% “white” and declining rapidly…

  • This seemed like a hit piece on the poms, so fair enough I add my two pence.

    My own heritage is a typical Aussie Brit mongrel (all four countries) mix dating back to the first decades of settlement, with some eurojew thrown in over 150 years ago. But it’s a bit hard to feel like anything when you are essentially British and being British (something that used to be natural for Australians) is now devalued both here and in Britain.

    Oh, and I can’t go to England and live but Ahmed Shitskin from Pakistan can, because his grandfather (who had four wives) moved there in the 60s while my white family (who can track 90% of their DNA to the British Isles) didn’t. If I wanted to (and I don’t) I could meet any number of mudlim and shitskin khunts in Australia who have the right to live and work in my ancestral homeland that I don’t have and that I can’t pass to my own children because my religion didn’t believe in polygamy. Let’s just say that as much as I celebrated Brexit I also know that I will never willingly shed blood for those weak khunts.

    • It’s not that complicated. Just crack down. On everything. A criminal of any color or ancestry is a criminal. The same goes for a law-abiding citizen.

    • Out of interest have you ever been back there, AB? I ask because it was a profound experience for me returning to the home of my ancestors. It’s why I still feel connected to the place and could never write it off.

    • AbsurdinessBrown: The main problem here is that our mortal foes own the entire international technical and commercial system, and have done so for far longer than 1945. Your kind doesn’t fully understand that. Australian culture is actually weaker than English culture and when your time comes you’re even more f*cked than we are. It’s absurd to say the British are weak.

      Briefly put, your future is blatantly to be a Chinese colony. What are going to do? Throw rugbys at the Chinese Communist Party? Continue to be disgusting, ugly men, dribbling desperately over average women, in the desert, while obsessing over ball games? Also, it’s absurd to claim that the British are weak. I’m British and you should be more worried about my lack of desire to defend the shith*ole that is modern-day Australia. I hate to break the news, but you won’t beat the Chinese army and navy by writing bullsh*t comments on the Internet.

    • Militarily, yeah, so they could stop f-cking up the world. But if Hitler had occupied Britain, demolished ZOG, and put in non-traitorous politicians, England would still be England today. Britain destroyed itself in WW2.

      • The problem is that ZOG is owned by the Vatican. TheCityUK and Switzerland are merely banking arms of the Vatican.

        In all likelihood, there was no real plan to physically invade and occupy Britain. The world leaders have been working together clandestinely in the background, since the late 1700s at least.

    • Britain would have been greatly improved under German rule. Hitler, ironically, actually admired the British. He never wanted a war with Britain. Looking at the world today, everyone (except Jews of course) would be much better off if the Germans had pursued their plan to invade Britain instead of the Soviet Union.

      • That could never have worked. Also, there are fatal problems with NS-type models in reality. The Danes, Dutch, Poles, Czechs and many others still have massive problems with NS. Mainly because the middle-class bureaucrats in Germany are (and always have been) under the pay and orders of Jewish masonic higher powers. It was never a pure white movement. There are hundreds of pictures of top NS officials doing masonic handshakes, and the German Finance Minister was an open freemason and Zionist.

        You have to go back to the 1700s to see how Europe was truly sewn up. The 20th Century was just a pantomine for the consolidation of power. There was probably never a real plan to invade Britain, unless the true plan was for cultural and commercial destruction from around 1960 onwards.

    • Roosevelt was carefully making sure that the Poles picked a fight with the Germans and the Russians at the same time. The American Plenipotentiary in Europe (((Bullitt))) was operating behind the scenes gaslighting the French, Poles and Chamberlain into a fight.

    • Destroy? The way Hitler destroyed France, Belgium, Holland etc? They were liberated.

      Poland was destroyed, yes. In that it ceased to exist. As it had previously.

      Now everywhere bar Poland and a few other countries is (((occupied))).

      • You’re showing how thick you are there, Brown. Poland has been owned by “them” since the Middle Ages. It’s pretty much only North Korea and Iran that are still relatively (but not totally) independent sovereign nations. EVERY other country is now occupied. The Poles will get f*cked over in the end, just like everybody else.

        Dumb c*nt.

  • Fifteen minutes of watching the hopeless bumbling mediocrity (on her good days), Theresa May, who masquerades as British Prime Minister, is a powerful argument for keeping women in their traditional roles in the home.

  • Traditionalism is dead and it is not coming back. Women want all the luxuries of being trad-cons, like not working, as we see with the silly virtue-signaling memes form ‘based’ women. But they do not want to be home all day long with crying babies and then homeschooling their kids as they grow up or cook dinner for the breadwinner and all that. But most of all, they do not want to stay loyal to one man when they can show off their assets on social media and trade up.

    Of course it is the ideal, but it is not realistic at this point.

    • Traditionalism will reemerge naturally when modern decadence and degeneracy collapses in on itself. It’s an inevitablity, it’s just a matter of time.

    • You have a strong point on the trading up part. And that is what most Western women today hold as their trump card. “What are you some kind of control freak?” we all know this never ending story. That is why they must be put back in their place. We know how to do it. Our ancestors knew how to do it. It is not an enigma. No to all the “rights’ women were given in the 20th c.

      • Waiting around for women, or men, to change is like waiting for a virgin to knock on your door and ask you to marry her. We need laws. The laws create the morality not the other way around. Lead the sheep. Herd them. Never allow the bronzes to make to many of their own choices.

      • And I have a proven solution to that, which I elaborated in an extremely windy post, but so many people are knee-jerk crybabies. How are the laws going to change? But ‘muh 52 percent of voters!’ We won the election and control all branches, yet we still cannot change the laws.

        It will be women who change the laws, but only after they have been starved into submission from male inattention aka ‘MGTOW,’ which is why you see all the feminists and white knights freaking out over somebody like me. The Holodomor happened in one year. This can happen even sooner. I know exactly how women tick. It’s so simple, but all the cowardly men cannot handle it.

        • I like your content dude but I don’t think MGTOW is going to work.
          The women can just import a new population of men if white guys consider them inappropriate for marriage.
          That’s the predicament we are in.

        • Dream on with that fantasy. Even if mgtiw made a dent in the hyperactive attention they would just lower their bad behavior modestly

          Face it. White women are the biggest threats to western civ

  • I’m sure this will mean the end to the depiction of British (white) fathers as bumbling idiots. Oh wait.. that’s a Jewish stereotype, so that’s just fine.

  • In the Culture Wars worse is better. Banning the wholesome White native British family of yesteryear will just awaken and aggravate more native Britons. Good.

    The Crown Jews think they know what they are dealing with in terms of the Britons, the English, the Scots. Really they have no idea. Once a critical mass is reached this is the one population that can make life unliveable for the Jews and their Muslim occupation.

    No detail of life will be too minor for the awakened and aggravated Brit to use against these people.

    • No, worse is worse. The premiar that whites will awake is the situation is bad enough is totally false, just look at countries with high level of pc and race mixing like Brazil; do you see whites there revolting and fighting a race war?

      • If we want to see the long-term effects of this decline we can look to India, which used to have an Aryan ruling class thousands of years ago. The caste system collapsed, everyone revolted and mixed, and now the place is a cesspit of plebeian anti-culture and corruption.
        Brazil is in the relatively early stages of this process.

    • Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Native Brits to wake up. What evidence do you have to expect this? After all, the place is a democracy with a secret ballot, yet they still vote for leaders like Teresa May.
      No, there is little hope for the Brits. They have no guns and no balls. The best they can do is convert to islam so the sand niggers at least won’t rape their daughters and wives. It’s so sad.

      • Joe Boston
        The more muslims that come into Britain, the more the violence will increase.
        Currently there are many places were White people can flee to get away from the muslims.
        When there is no longer anywhere else for them to flee, you will see the Brits rise up like the Third Reich on steroids and eliminate their muslim problem.
        This will happen in all White countries, unfortunately many of us have a long fuse and will tolerate a lot of BS. This is what separates people like ourselves in the Alt-Right from cuckservative and liberals, we realized from the start that multicultural societies don’t work, but the other have to experience all the bloodshed of their own before they admit it does not.

      • haha. Most of the American men I’ve met I could rip to shreds, and I’m not even that strong by UK standards. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

        US demographics are appalling. Your young white women are f*cking blacks in record numbers. You lost your major cities DECADES ago, and did nothing about it. You are reduced to exchanging electronic messages online. The Leftist brainwashing in your schools, universities, media and corporate world is way worse than in the UK. In fact, your entire culture is totally degenerate and lower than any single European nation.

  • Who wants to bet they will not ban adverts that show muslim women wearing a kaftan abaya muslim dress with a head cover? Liberals are bullies who live to pick on Christians who do not believe in fighting back. But when people like Muslims (or us) fight back, they shut their yellow-bellied traps and run.

  • London is the longtime home of the Rothschild banking empire, it controls the British government and in turn the government shelters it and does its bidding. I wonder if the downfall of Britain finally rids the planet of this plague, or if they will just relocate to some other country after sucking Britain dry.

  • Britain – Our infectiously sore loser in Europe.

    The Britcuck believes it is the icon of civilization. We can’t let him be “right.”

  • Part of the White Genocide program. The media, all forms, in all countries, is part of the propaganda machine of the ruling oligarchy, or plutocracy, or bankers or just the good ole fashioned term; the rich. No nation allows this powerful tool to go unused. What can we learn of the West’s use of this tool? The rich are using this powerful tool to destroy the White family and commit White Genocide.

    If you want to know something about the loyalties and objectives of the ruling elites of any nation look at their propaganda. Look at Chinese television shows where everything is about traditional gender roles, happy families, the glorious past and so on. It would be considered fascist propaganda in the West.

    Hang the rich. In the West anyway.

  • The British have long been the shittiest Whites, basically spending the last 300 years of their history waging war on their cousins, whether Germans, French, or Americans, and handing the world to kebabs and j-ws.

    What’s happening to Britain now is payback for what they did to their German cousins. If the Muslims do conquer the English, we might have to thank them, for at least a kebab England will be less a threat to real Europeans than the backstabbing English cuckolds.

    • After taking France, Hitler should have plowed right into Britain and locked them down. He thought he could reason with them. They’re too pigheaded and too Judaized.

      • Germany will be the last domino falling, laughing its way into eternity while europe around it is burned to the ground.

        • Is Vegas taking bets on which European state falls into anarchy first?
          Sweden, France, UK, Germany; it’s a close call right now.

          • How so? Have you read the crime reports from theese countries? France is fucked. The UK also. Sweden could get rid of his migrant population within a month during the cold time and germany doesn’t lose anything on them besides useless money. Germany has like 1 terror attack and 99% of the migrant murder victims are boomers, especialy older women who keept them as toy boys. Just 3,5% of Americans even have a passport, so what the fuck do they know about europe.

          • Hilarious. Swedes are a far weaker race than Brits. Long-time hardened criminal Arabs and Africans from warzones aren’t taking orders from weak, submissive Swedish men any time soon. So good luck with that.

            Do you literally think that blonde hair makes somebody superior?

            Anyway, most of the “terror attacks” are NATO false flags anyway, you dumb c*nt. It’s mostly only thick Americans and Aussies who don’t understand that yet. Also, the masons in the UK run constant crime stories, as a demoralisation technique. They’ve been doing this for decades. Again, you’re not well-calibrated to the actual situation on the ground. The UK’s not going down. The banks have hundreds of billions in investments there and Third Worlders are no real use for them in unlimited numbers. Expect a Europe-wide anti-immigration push by mainstream parties in the next 10 years. The new arrivals are a tool, nothing more. They are to be used to get to a particular destination.

    • I take your point, but I do not care to see any European peoples or nations fall. This kind of thinking will destroy us.

      • It rathers destroys us to keep the worst people alive cause they somehow look like us. Hazardous cultures like the british deserve no nostalgic pitty.

        • So first we must strip Whiteness of its women. Now that we have settled that issue, we are to strip Whiteness of certain races in Europe? Just when I thought the heresy had been hammered out…

          How many times do I have to make this point? We correct those that need correction. We do not destroy them because they are our brothers and sisters. There is no replacing those people if we allow them to fall. Fight the infection, not the host. When you want to beat an infection you strengthen the host and weaken the infection.

          • While there are plenty of good working and middle class British and Anglo people, it can not be overlooked that an Anglo elite exists that is just as responsible for the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in as the Jews are. And most British people are lemmings who have obediently followed them every step of the way. If Oswald Mosley had obtained power things might be different today, but as it stands, a substantial portion of the Anglo populace is “problematic.”

          • It is no coincidence that Britain is awash in drugs, especially soul destroying pills like mdma. Bread and circuses. Makes you think twice about the nogs who said the government was bringing in the crack to keep them down.

          • “good working …. british people” there goes the next piece of toxic anglo cultural baggage: puritan workethic that work in itself is good.
            Its not just the anglo elite, its the common fucking peasant and the middle management that is full of shit.

          • I never said anything about stripping whiteness of anyone. To concider this lable within a conflict among whites is outright retardted. So i don’t care about how often do you make this point. “Wait a minute, that thing is still an issue, can’t be, i posted in dozens of comment sections my opinion”.
            The british are not my brothers and sisters, they keep a retarted culture alive that does a lot of damage to us all. This idea of correction itself is an anglo quaker concept of slave management and the modern prison system, And i don’t want to replace these people with an equal inanse creation. Are you daft? I want them to be gone. Its sick, its pathological, you get rid off the infection by burning dead bodies and the houses they lived in.

          • Andy, most British men could probably rip you to shreds and eat you for dinner. Wanting Brits to be weak, doesn’t make it the objective reality. Your impotent fantasies are a waste of time.

            You need to explain why American men have done nothing about being ruled over by hermaphrodites of all people (!) for hundreds of years.

            Americans themselves lost their major cities DECADES ago and did nothing about it. You’re all full of sh*t and need to be called out. Wishing destruction on the English makes you a Jew or an Arab with a white face. Modern England looks like paradise compared to the USA today.

        • Are you American? You’re not well-calibrated to the actual reality on the ground in modern Europe. Example: German, Dutch and Scandinavian women are now commonly selecting non-white partners, while in the UK it’s mostly the lower-class whites who do that. Many continental Europeans are complete slaves to the Jew and freemason. The allure of money is powerful in any country. Poland and Hungary haven’t even achieved anything yet and get all the praise from clueless Internet posters on the other side of the world.

          The English are merely powerless, since their enemies own everything. Americans can hardly complain about that. Your own elites run circles around you constantly and make you look stupid (which you are).

          Also, learn to write properly, before accusing others of being inferior.

    • Agreed almost 100%.
      However, Angela Merkel seems to be in a race to see if Germany can be islamified before Britain and she seems to be gaining ground.

    • This is very one sided (every great European nation tried to outwit its brothers) but not entirely wrong.

      You also should highlight that it was the corrupted elite that drove those wars.

    • Your post here is a good demonstration of why the “Alt-Right” needs to get real about human flaws and motivations on the individual level in modern Europe. The dumb neo-Nazi wannabes sound completely retarded and miss the essential points entirely.

      I’ll give you an example. Middle-class Germans are total slaves to the freemason and Jew and it has been that way since Germany was unified the first time around. Quite happy to re-elect Merkel, weren’t they? And the Bismarcks, Quandts, Ribbentrops are just wholesome family-friendly types, great people, with no connection to freemasonry? I’m sure they are warm, welcome friends to anonymous Internet posters from the US and Australia, just because you’re white (hint: they don’t give a sh*t about you or your pathetic praise. They’re not even pro-white. It’s all about power for them).

      You’re only seeing what you want to see. Let’s talk about greed. You can observe this greed for money in the modern Irish (wanting to be property millionaires without doing any work), Icelanders (building half their economy on investment banking and blaming others when it failed), the black-worshipping masonic state of France, full of lazy union members and a total lack of innovation, as well militarily attacking the Serbs, Libyans, Mali etc. on false pretences for economic gain. Or the weak Scandinavians, who stand by meekly as their women keenly invite Africans and Arabs into the country.

      Brit-bashing is way too fashionable in the “Alt-Right” and that has to change. In reality, English culture has a very strong conservative power to it. After all, Brexit helped Trump, then the later nationalist victories across Europe. Meanwhile, Poles are still trying freeload as much cash as they can (Poland still has an 80% pro-EU approval rating) and receive an ass-licking from “Alt-Right” types when they haven’t even achieved anything yet.

      Finally, do you even realise most English people actively avoid London, and many of the high finance roles are occupied by foreigners? Or just how unpopular TV and printed newspapers are in the UK now? How hated the BBC is? How the police are viewed as a joke by the general public? How hated politicians are (unlike Germans, who obediently suck the c*ck of their politicians on a regular basis)?

      Sorry guys. But middle-class Germans, Swedes and Canadians, even most Americans, deserve more hate than the Brits. Most of the commenters here are living outside of Europe and you’re not well-calibrated to the actual situation on the ground. Brits will still be around, while the American posters here have black grandchildren, and the Aussies have Chinese grandchildren. You have no idea what it means it be strong. You basically have sh*t for brains and need to abandon neo-Nazism for an actual real, modern pro-white strategy. Unfortunately, you don’t have the IQ for it.

  • According to my limited talmudvision veiwng here in the states, these rules are already in full force… Every nigger has a succesful family household, every family is mixed breedsand faggots, every white guy is a dumbass…

    Mission. Accomplished jewsupreemisist!

    • It’s funny watching these articles as any fair analysis of American adverts shows these new rules in operation already.

      The white guy is always a totally incompetent dork and the nog is a genius.

      The British cook up rules to force whatever American corporations already do stateside.

  • The implication of the lead phot is tghat it is supposed to represent “Traditional Living”. This may have been true before the 1950’s, but it certainly is not true, today

  • I firmly believe even fucking britcucks have a threshold, so let the leftoids promulgate their insanity further. They`ll get their Guy Fawkes masks and exploding parliament allright.

    • Britcucks have no threshold. Rotherham proved that. Giving up their guns proved that. Not caring about their free speech rights proved that. Britcuck cops will kick your door in if you offend a protected group on the internet. Not only that but they’re proud of it. Talk to Britcucks sometime. They laugh at Americans for wanting gun rights and free speech. “We’re more civilized than you are. We don’t need such freedoms.” They’re literally some of the dumbest, most self-defeating people I’ve ever encountered. They’re very similar to Canadians and Australians, but I give Britcucks the prize for being the most pathetic overall.

      • Then they need to be a focus of positive efforts from our side. What can we do to change the situation you just described?

        • What’s so sad is that this is really not particularly offensive if you accept feminist premises.

          (1) Women’s traditional roles are dull and worthless.

          (2) Women only embrace them because they are socially conditioned to do so.

          These premises have been hegemonic for fifty years, so this will not cause any backlash at all.

          • Yes, judeo-lesbianism is a very pervasive demonic doctrine. It presents itself as an angel of light and beauty but is really like a roaring lion, seeking whom it may devour.

      • Jack, they don’t laugh at the gun rights or free speech. It’s more the macho bravado of Americans, which is essentially empty and worthless on its own – and that the guns haven’t helped you much. You lost your major cities decades ago and did NOTHING about it. The Left totally owns your media, universities, corporate world, Hollywood. Your demographics are already far worse than the UK or Germany and many of your “whites” aren’t even real white people. A bunch of older, armed people in rural areas, are easily removed by an organised power – or simply just ridiculed out of cultural relevance by the technologically advanced youngsters in the cities.

        Face it. American culture is totally degenerate and retarded. This really needs to be emphasised. The USA, Canada and Australia are in a far worse position than the UK, long-term. Americans don’t even have anything to call their own, their own identity, or any real cultural power, outside of sport, guns, and your women f*cking blacks.

        Fact is, the Brits aren’t weak people, at all. You don’t understand us. in addition, the American orientation of the “Alt-Right” makes it look stupid. We will most likely get to see Sweden and Germany on fire, Poland forced to accept mass migration, Canada to normalise bestiality, and Australia become a Chinese colony. THAT is the reality we are seeing. The “Alt-Right”‘s determination to portray the English as pondlife (when in practice they are one of the strongest cards that pro-whites have) makes the entire movement look suspiciously like a trap, false flag or limited hangout operation.

    • I don’t actually think the Britcucks have any limit to the defamation they are willing to endure. I had a Scot friend a few years ago just admit that he was resigned to Britain becoming a majority non-White country and it did not seem to bother him in the least. And this guy has two children!!!!!!!!

    • They do have a threshold. That’s why tons of people don’t watch TV anymore, and boycott anti-British companies.

      By definition, nobody remotely patriotic is going to waste their time watching the typical commercial break on TV. Or most of the actual programming even, for that matter.

  • Britain, its people and everything it resembles needs to die and get wiped from the face of the earth. Their existance is a mockery to our species and a weakpoint for destructive forces to creep it. We simply have no right to let them live.

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