The Transatlantic Pact — Ep 5: The Woman Question

Chris and Evan are joined by PhilsophiCat and D’Marcus Leibowitz to litigate the activity of women in the Alt Right.

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  • PhilosophiCat does much better with her scripted Youtube channel videos.
    But, that’s why I like free speech. In the heat of discussion, her true nature is revealed. And so, I’m able to contemplate what appears to me, to be a dominator-feminist, virtue signaling brow-beater. How men kept their cool must come from years of experience.
    And, that’s another good reason for me to support the 1st Amendment.

  • Regarding the strategy of bringing on people like philosophicat, I find it difficult to figure out the strategy here. What’s the benefit? She sounds like a typical shrill, harpy, hysterical cat lady. This is NOT going to win over any new men.

  • “Feminism: advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.”

    There is nothing wrong with women and men advocating for the rights of women. there is no need to be ashamed of being called a feminist.

  • Lauren S. is disingenuous, cruel, and a resource siphon.

    D’Marcus gets it; this woman doesn’t. That C Lauren needs to go. She knew damned well that she was flirting with the altright in order to siphon more resources like the Sucubus she is. And as if that’s not enough, she had the nerve to try to discredit everything we’re working to achieve when she countersignalled American identitarianism.

    Oh yeah, in a different environment she would have acted differently
    Nibba Please – she’s from whiteville, Canada and chose a muzzie. I’m adapt at identifying phenotypes, and that guy does not look half black. He looks Asian – as in Muslim Indian or Paki. What a joke.

  • In regards to PhilosophiCat’s point about attracting women into the AR to increase numbers, I’ll suggest two scenarios and you can guess which one is more effective. One, try and attract the small percentage of women that would naturally be interested in radical politics. Two, keep the movement’s nature masculine in order to draw from the much larger pool of potential recruits from the male gender, these men can then focus on improving themselves and naturally attract women who take on their politics. As an aside, PhilosphiCat’s argument about staffing IRL protests with women because armies are reluctant to fire on women can be dismissed with prejudice. The argument relies on past engagements between mixed-gender protests and military/police units comprised of men. Western governments are now actively recruiting masses of women into the military and police. When a tattooed roller-derby enthusiast is looking down their sights at a woman do you think they’ll have the same instinct to protect women?

  • Everything PhilosophiCat says is a demonstration of why women should not take on a public persona or be taken seriously as leaders of our movement. Everything that comes out of her mouth is ‘what’s good for the sisterhood’.

    • We’re not doing this anymore. We are going to have lots of different people reaching out to different groups of White people and articulating why it is in their interests to join us. If that is not to be under the Alt-Right brand, so be it.

  • A deep analysis of gender differences is too complex and too difficult to substantiate to bear discussion in this kind of forum or, indeed, to direct action on the ground. Instead, a return to the tied and true patterns of the past is the simplest and most reliable way to move in the present.

  • Philosi_cat is, in my view, is absolutely right about one thing(based on my own personal experience) the “troll army” is not going to contribute to broadening the movement. I have often looked into a forum only to drop it like a hot potato when I have read enough repetitive garbage. What is strange though is that her strong stand on the need for standards seems to run counter to her defense of Loren Southern who has been accused of not having standards. The bottom line is that a strong, CONSISTENT value system is FUNDAMENTAL to any successful movement.

  • I think the important thing that no one mentioned here is what it means for someone like Terra McCarthy to make such ultimatums. When she does that, she becomes the rule-maker for the alt right. She is not in a position to make such rules. Even Spencer doesn’t dare make such rules, though he does counter-signal some more peripheral figures such as Fuentes. What Philosiphicat doesn’t recognize here is the foundational purpose of patriarchy, which is basically to avoid having men run around killing each other. When women become the rule-makers of a movement, the men will fight each other for womanly favor. I appreciate women doing good work in the alt right, and I think the trolling and “demoralizing” as she put it was unfortunate, but what Dmarcus was getting at is that women should not create the kind of divisiveness that would lead to such a reaction.
    As far as “demoralization”: Philosophicat, this is a dissident movement, people literally want us dead. We are going to be pissed when women create divisions among men. If Terra wanted to defend Southern, that’s fine. But she has to do it well, and just ignore the pushback or create more content for clarification or whatever. Some woman going to Fuentes to ask him to defend her from alt right men? That is some dangerous, snake-like shit.
    Alt right men on either side of this: let’s really stop talking about this, it can’t go anywhere good.

  • Seriously, the only role women play in this movement is donating their husband’s money. Other than that they do literally nothing else but brigade ‘mean’ comments. Look at mine. They go on here and just thumb them all down in bursts. I don’t care, but I’m just pointing out the obvious. They are here to spread feminism with their white knights doing their bidding. I despise the white knights more than these dumb bitches because they know there are only two reason they are overdoing on this pathetic chivalry-signaling:
    1. A shortcut to getting laid (or its online equivalence of thumbs up/shout outs)
    2. Phony political expediency (thinking women are the key to winning the race war)

    • Or they do it just because your presentation foams at the mouth with ego, entitlement, bitterness, and a detachment from our stated goals. We are about the race and the culture. Try to keep up.

    • Wife With A Purpose is where the AltRight women should be looking. They should be building their own cells and collaborating to relearn the noble art of motherhood and only as a secondary activity, spread the gospel of feminity over feminism to a female audience.

      If God doesn’t gift them with children, there are plenty of motherless white children who can be cared for.

      • I love Ayla. In my opinion, she is the most exemplary woman in this movement. Philosophicat will appeal to a whole different set of women, very high value targets at that. She has every right to do that. If online trolls calling themselves “pro-White” make it a priority to shut her down rather than going after anti-Whites, they will have shown themselves.

  • 5-10 years ago the pro-White manosphere figured all this stuff out. Men need to form men’s only organizations – NO WOMEN AT ALL – in real life. Normal Americans call it a “social fraternity” and academic types refer to the “Mannerbund.” Men create hierarchies and ultimately create Aryan civilization itself. Women have no rank in the Mannerbund/fraternity.

    Under patriarchy: a) wives submit to their husbands b) leadership roles are usually filled by men.

    That does not, and has never, meant that some random dude gets to order around – or expect deference – from a woman that does not belong to him. That does NOT mean that some random dude gets to go to a woman’s circle and start ordering them around. In fact, some random dudes getting into the face of some woman that is not his should get punished by the woman’s rightful patriarch.

    We already figured this stuff out years ago, apparently, the beta incel johnny-come-lately were to bush trolling for “thots” on Facebook and youtube to actually learn what real patriarchy entails.

    The Alt Right is NOT a fraternity or a Mannerbund. Spencer’s Phalanx was meant to be a real like Mannerbund. The online Alt Right is supposed to be an education and propaganda arm. There are plenty of online spaces that are, and should be, men only. Apparently, this website is not one of them – and obviously the youtube channels of women Alt Righters aren’t either.

    There is no legitimate “debate” there – this is just whining from loser incel MGTOW trolls who outed themselves by being overly concerned with what pretty girls were doing on youtube. Get a life.

    • Pro-white manosphere is a bit of a contradiction and also unnecessary. Being pro-white is automatically patriarchal. Manosphere types are not pro-white and seek to exploit women, not work in harmony as pro-whites do.

      Figured what out 5-10 years ago, what white men have been doing since recorded history and before?

      Men naturally congregate with each other and women with each other. None of this is new. I have yet to hear a regular AR woman say women should be included in everything. On the contrary I’ve heard them say on video that they’re all for the separation of the sexes and men should be the leaders. There really is no question here.

      There are a few disruptors and some anti-social elements that thrive on trolling.

    • LOL that last sentence gave yourself away….’pretty girls.’ You so badly want their attention and approval. That is why you are doing their bidding and fighting all their battles, as they demanded. You want a biscuit like a good little dog. You are fishing for cheap compliments and thumbs up. You keep using reverse psychology in calling these guys Incels and beta-orbiters because you know you’re just shoehorning this automatic, universal chivalry that they demand, despite being useless plain Janes, and trying to make it sound normal when it isn’t. They do not deserve respect.

      They are no different from amateur porn whores. A mattress, a camera and a….microphone (dildo).

      You’re so ready to hand out your mothballed, anachronistic chivalry to these brainless nimrods as a token to cut in line and get said attention from said ‘pretty girls’ before even the fanboy donors. Have some self-respect, man. Christ.

      • “You so badly want their attention and approval.”

        This is such a hilarious example of projection it’s hard to know what to say. Unlike you, I spend ZERO time interacting with pretty “trad thots” on social media. YOU do that, your “thot patrollers” do that.

          • A GUEST comment board. You are officially my number one enemy on this site, even more so than niggers and Jews. Nothing more contemptible than the sly lurker role you are playing.

          • I really hope you mean me. I can’t tell anymore because the site has stopped stacking comments where I can follow them easily.

          • That is not believable, you post a gazillion comments and make the impression of being totally obsessed. And you do this on a topic that is really mostly concerned with an online community. If your identity was offline and local then it is hard to see why this question is so important as to make you post thousands of comments on it.

          • I have been on this site less than two weeks, cliche cucked Swede. I have no Facebook, twitter or youtube. I am banned on the guest posting on Disqus because I made a very untimely Jewish comment on Hollywood Reporter right before the Harvey Weinstein story broke. All of my devices were banned in one swoop. Call me a liar. Like I care what a male matriarch thinks is good and noble. Unlike you cowardly lions, I work around diversity and am inundated with it all day and night, so much so that I am basically a colonial governor. I cannot discuss politics with anyone, nor would I want to because it is bad form. If you clowns actually got off social media you would possibly realize that. Nobody wants to be around somebody talking about news and politics all day. I certainly don’t. That’s why I post all this here. It’s called compartmentalization. Something you pretend ‘Alphas’ cannot figure out, which is why you look to women as your beacon. You chase after matching politics in them lol, no differently than some fetish category of porn. You have converged porn with political commentary and it’s pathetic because you cannot see how damaging it is, not only to your own lives, but to this movement.

          • Might I recommend therapy for severe sexual addiction? I believe you have a problem. Everything you say revolves around getting sex or not getting sex. The context doesn’t even seem to matter. I can only imagine what it must be like taking your order for breakfast at McDonald’s every morning.

    • I agree with the practical element of this comment. It is madness to advocate the silencing of female contributors/supporters of the mov’t. Women represent a highly educated and hence articulate voice and one that will certainly not submit to being silenced. While women’s voices have often not been audible in the corridors of power, they have always been effective behind closed doors. However, if men are ever to retake their proper place in leadership (and there are sound sociological and psychological reasons why that IS their proper place), they must begin to rebuild an ethos that is based on higher things; that is, values and virtues. To do this they must coalesce into MALE ONLY groups. Such groups have always existed because they have always been needed. Having lost sight of this fact is on a par with the other key lost insight, namely that strength lies in homogeneity because that builds/maintains unity. Diversity, of course, contains the seeds of dissolution.

  • A super obnoxious personality like D’Marcus Leibowitz calling others spergs is pretty funny.

    Is D’Marcus trad? No. Is Anglin trad? No. Anglin makes most of his money by being outrageous and getting donations. That’s not trad. Talking about women regurgitating talking points, all D’Marcus did here was repeat talking points from Anglin.

    Michael Isaac Peinovich clearly isn’t fully European in ancestry. Whether it’s actually Jewish is a question. People like him anyway and he does decent activism so we can overlook it.

    “THOT” is a niggerism. Anyone using that in their daily vocabulary is a degenerate, like Anglin.

    The only “problematic” female in the discussion is Lauren Southern. She deserves her condemnation, but she was never AR to begin with. Tara McCarthy defended Lauren which was a mistake and then made demands on the movement to suit her ego. Bad move. Express your disapproval of it, and I’m sure she understands that by now and move on.

    PhilosophiCat is falling into the same trap as Tara McCarthy. She makes emotional bonds with our ideological enemies and then feels compelled to defend them. Let’s be clear here, Lauren Southern is far more left than she is right. I’ve followed Lauren for years. Did you know that she’s for legalizing prostitution and drugs? There are a lot of questionable things about Lauren. I don’t give a damn if she wears short shorts. Those who attack white women for being attractive sound like jealous nigger women, D’Marcus and Anglin. “Who she think she is tossin her blonde hair around and lookin pretty. She ain’t nothin but a white ho.” That’s just petty shit. Legitimate criticisms against Lauren are not how pretty she is, what she wears, how much she gets in donations or that she did cosplay. Legitimate criticisms include her degenerate libertarian beliefs like legalizing prostitution, saying recently to Spencer on Twitter that America has no right to be majority white or a white ethnostate and then expressing doubt that there is a white race anyway. The last straw was that she defiled herself with a mulatto. That’s plenty of evidence to establish Lauren’s anti-white intent and low character.

    There will always be trolls. The difference here is that there is in fact some popular figures who endorse and promote hatred of women such as Anglin and create a hostile environment that is counterproductive to our desire to gain popularity and build a white community. Then there are others like Spencer who condone it and retweet scumbags like Roosh who attacked Lauren Rose with no justification other than she’s a white woman and she’s probably a whore.

    Bottom line: stop defending degenerates like Lauren Southern who are not AR to begin with. Also, don’t condone a hostile environment against innocent AR women.

    That being said, no one is above legitimate criticism, including AR leaders and including women as individuals. In my opinion everyone gets patrolled.

    PCat is wrong about including women in violent protests. This is a similar mistake as to putting women in street policing and the military. It’s a distraction, it’s a weakness, and actually puts lives in more danger because men naturally want to sacrifice themselves to save the woman. Unlike the political left, AR men don’t want to use our white women as human shields and martyrs for the cause.

    LOL, at Spencer being a man’s man. Have you seen the videos where he comes out in a shirtless leather vest like something out of Blue Oyster bar? Have you seen him dance? His taste in music is not very masculine. He has a history in theater. He can’t defend himself in a fight and runs away to fix his hair. He used to date Asian women. His BFF for years was queer Donovan. Objectively speaking, he’s certainly higher than a 1. That being said we all appreciate his activism and fighting for our people.

    • Anglin uses the word “THOT” to draw attention to the degeneracy of the Current Year and how women (and men) have fallen prey to it.

    • Its called “The Daily Stormer” not “The Daily Trad-Dad Lesons of fatherly Wisdom”. We need Stormtroopers. There is a heavy male surplus within the western demographics and always a lack of females. If one is a female and claims to be trad, there is not much excuse not starting a family.

      • It’s called being a hypocrite and buffoon. Anglin isn’t a stormtrooper. He said he’s above activism. He’ll send out his “troll army” to harass others while he sits in safety. Anglin is in no position to criticize others when he has so many faults of his own. Anglin is a self-admitted troll. That’s his motivation in life. He collects a form of welfare by living off of donations, which in effect is no better than the cam whores he hates.

        The whole trad thing is a straw man. I’ve never heard any of the notable AR women boast about how trad they are.

        Anglin has a lot in common with and quotes non-white scumbag, and advocate of legally raping white women, Iranian “neo-masculinist” Daryush Valizadeh who is obviously a sociopath.

        • This is what stormtroopers did, they went out and harassed others. Today you can do it online instead of bashing in shopwindows. What good is social media if not for harassing the enemy.
          And for the raping part, i just don’t give a shit.

          • Simple question… are Anglin and his cronies a productive force for pro-whites?

            Is hating innocent white women a rational and positive strategy for making AR/white nationalism more popular and mainstream?

            The hatred is out of proportion, full of lies, and harms innocent people. It is cultish in its character.

          • To answer your simple question: Yes.
            I wasn’t won over by Radix or the Neo-Reactionary, snobbish Intellectualism about how i should feel solidarity with every sorry drag of humanity because hes white, i was over by the force that effectivly attacks the people i hate.

          • The fact of the matter is that people are attracted by different things. Anglin appeals to certain people and intellectuals appeal to others. Both are essential components for our movement to grow.

          • Praise the Lord Hallelujah. Everyone in need this movement has not lost their minds after all. As Greg put it in his hangout with Woes, we need all sorts of Apostles to go forth and preach to the Nations.

    • Dude, your raison d’être seems to be ‘THOT’. I myself am first and foremost a ‘grammar Nazi.’ What bothers me the most are the abbreviations people automatically make for names and such. I also hate these oversimplified dichotomies like ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ because there isn’t enough nuance.

      But I got over it because it is just shorthand. We are in a cultural war. Hitler loathed smokers and promiscuity, yet nearly the entire Wehrmacht smoked and engaged in promiscuity, but he tolerated it. Why? -because they were too busy getting blown to bits to be overly concerned with his petty annoyances.

      (((Ecclesiastes 3)))

  • I got to the point where philosocat pulled the woman card. Treat us nicely or else. Who is going to have your baby? Every woman resorts to this at some point. They will always use their status as a woman as a bargaining chip. I was pretty neutral about this until I heard philosocat. She sounds like a very bitter woman with a grudge against men.

    I don’t troll these woman myself. I generally ignore them because they’re boring and just repeat talking points other people have said better. I’m also married and have no reason to beta orbit youtube celebrities.

  • There’s doctrinal purity (“no fags! no thots”) and then there is the real world, which is the place doctrinal purity goes to die. Look, the AR is not a majority political movement currently, and anyone who wants to advocate for WN can do so with my blessing. We need all the help we can get. Ideally, anyone White should be on our side.

    If Anglin and his cohorts want to keep women out of leadership that is understandable, but chasing away fringe supporters is not helpful. You don’t have to cater to them, just don’t drive them away.

    Do you know how much time young women spend on social media? All their spare time, basically. It is an addiction with them. So we are getting a lot of free publicity from female supporters. There is a reason Jews weaponized this demographic, they talk constantly and reach a wide audience.

    • There shouldn’t be a doctrine about those issues at all. You are either a white nationalist movement, or a conservative movement. Conservatism is just a minority group within the white world. A lot of people would like a white ethnostate to be a libertarian one. That’s a whole other discussion. White nationalism is about keeping the European world European, in all it’s diversity. Also I would be very supiscious about people trying to stir things up. Like those two faggots (Friberg and that Joyce), they are most certainly foreign agents. This is classic secret service playbook. This is a known method of creating division in a movement.

        • Yea but then you are talking about a certain political regime. I think you, if you want to succeed, should take Israel or Japan as an example. Everybody there is racist, no matter if they are left or right, gay or straight, thot or hausefrau. You need broad support to keep your country white. Everybody needs to be loyal to their race and culture.

  • Bless PhilosophiCat’s heart, she sounds like a genuinely good person I feel bad for her. Unfortunately this scene is a brutal, cold, but necessary environment.

  • My problem with all of this is that- and I have seen this before with the whole gay question thing- you can not decide who should be permitted to advocate for whites and who is not. Everybody, male or female, gay or straight, is free to contribute to the cause. The whole MGTOW movement is something seperate from white nationalism. As is Christian conservatism. You can have discussions about relationships and thots and everything but that has nothing to do with this.

    • “You can have discussions about relationships and thots and everything but that has nothing to do with this.” – Literally every major figure in the movement that has written an article about the pillars of the Alt-Right has included anti-feminism and traditional gender roles. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • On the contrary, John does know what he’s talking about: white nationalism. In Europe, identitarianism. Alt-right, as I understand it, is a different and considerably broader category…and, accordingly, a much more radical one.

  • Men and women will learn to respect each other again, when they EARN such respect. The (((left)) is delighted that we are at each other’s throats. Focus on your own behavior. Set a good example.

    • The Alt-Right seeks to be a mainstream movement, not a WN 1.0-style subculture. That’s the whole point.

  • I am so sick of this smug attitude that you worthless cunts have brought with you. YOU have nothing to lose. WE MEN DO.

    We got lucky by a miracle election, but we are losing the war…and there won’t be any armistice. Our enemies will show us no mercy. White women will survive to make mixed babies, but we will not.

    We already had a pathetic egalitarian WN culture: Stormfront. The best thing that ever happened to WN was when it was de-platformed.

    Your ‘freedom’ has brought white people and our land nothing but hardship. You whores naturally fall prey to the Pareto distribution, sieving our entire race just because you want to sleep with Chad for a night and have one of his criminal bastard genes, and then pretend to have a career, instead of going for a breadwinner and breeding 6 warriors while being a happy hausfrau.

    We are at the end of your feminist enterprise. You are seeing an entire generation (Z) and half of GenY give you a collective middle finger because they are asking ‘what’s in it for me?’

    No amount of shame or conflict you incite will change this. The line is officially drawn.

    ALL of us have broken families of some sort because of the power of women. That’s it. No equalizing blame between the sexes. This is 100 percent women’s fault and it will not be allowed to continue. At this point it makes more sense to open the gates to our enemies and pick up the pieces than continue with this Jew finessing.

    You’re getting white sharia one way or another because you begged for it.

        • The sensible happy hausfraus of this movement were perfectly happy to peacefully coexist with you MGTOW man Let’s while you worked through your anger issues. But you crossed the line attacking Tara McCarthy. She never countersignal led or complained about you. She just ignored you, and once even helped Andrew Anglin by having him on her show to help raise awareness about the situation with his site, showing courage where many men did not. She could have lost her channel for that.

          • She whined like a baby when her feelings were hurt. She needs to develop a thicker skin if she wants to be of any use. Women can’t threaten to run off when their feelings are hurt. You did the same thing on the trs forum. As soon as your feelings were hurt you rage quit.

          • I did not “rage quit”. I enjoyed a lot of the conversations we had, but in the end I just got tired of the abuse. There was no clear guidance on whether women were or were not welcome. I do not wish to be where I’m not wanted. Besides, you know I’m a Mom so I don’t have that kind of time for posting.

            I said what I had to say. Fat lot of good it did.

            BTW, any sign of GhettoJane? You know I think you are going to be a great husband some day 😉

          • You did rage quit. People weren’t agreeing with you so you left. You’re proving my point here. You’re playing the victim, just like Philosofat and McCarthy do.

            “BTW, any sign of GhettoJane? You know I think you are going to be a great husband some day”

            I don’t know if you’re trying to subtly imply I’m some mgtow loser here. I’ve been with the same woman for 17 years.

          • No I was not trying to subtly imply that. I was being sincere! I didn’t know you had a waifu.

            Now, let me explain this to you. I do not wish to be treated as I was being treated on that forum. I don’t care if you think that kid of behavior is normal. It’s not. It’s objectively outrageous. As I said in that last knock-down drag out, you people are entitled to your ways, however fucked up they are. In turn, people who don’t like being treated that way can leave. If that’s rage-quitting then whatever!

          • For the last fucking time, woman, your children are grown. You are not ‘being a mom’ anymore and you know it. Quit living in the past. You had two kids. WOW, congrats. That’s below your own replacement level. Most of us will not have the opportunity to have children because of your sexual ‘liberation.’ These women are not worth being made into ‘honest’ women. It is not even possible anymore. They have been lost to feminism.

          • Hi Weimar, are you talks to me? I thought we were supposed to be having a Christmas Truce. Anyway, for heaven’s sake I have more than two children, and the youngest is still in diapers.

            Do try to keep up.

        • Spoiler: Older women are supposed to be helping to keep the thots in line, curtailing their anti-civilization behaviors, not enabling them

          • Maybe when we win, I’ll worry about patrolling “thots.” For now, it’s just not a priority, and it shouldn’t be yours either.

          • We may not win without you ladies pitching in to turn whores into housewives. Better yet, make sure they never become whores in the first place. I really wish the good ones would wear uniforms so we can tell you apart from the others. It would make things much simpler.

          • Rex, the thing is we just don’t agree with you on this. We don’t agree that women need to or even can be shamed into being good wives and mothers, which we all agree we want.

            Where did this idea that women only respond to shaming come from? Is this Devlin’s doing?

            It’s really shitty tbh, fam. Any good Mom knows you can start instilling a sense of duty and virtue into children as young as five. If you think shaming is the answer, go ahead and try it. We can’t stop you, but then you can’t make us do your bidding on this.

            I’m telling you women do not need to be shamed. They need to be inspired. That is not our job as women. That is most emphatically YOUR job as men.

            We can serve as examples, but we’re not going to get anywhere attempting to shame women.

            Moreover, we’re not going to shame women for helping our cause. It ultimately doesn’t matter whether you think their actions are proper or not.

          • By the way, I fear that our leaders are being pressured to countersignal women to head off criticism from the Devlinites. This is of course the exact opposite of what they should be doing. In fact, if anything, I think they should be playing good cop, and the Devlinites should play along.

          • Sorry about the serial posting, but I wanted to clarify. I have not seen much of this “cock carousel” business, so I don’t understand that. But I have seen some of the groundless abandonment of husbands going on, and I learn about it from girlfriends who have been cut out of their grandchildren’s lives by a small handful of truly awful women. In both of these cases, I have told my friends just exactly what I think, but I had no occasion to address the thot in question.

            In only one case has this ever happened. I was sitting with a group of women and one of them up and said she was divorcing her husband for essentially no reason whatsoever. I was literally dumbfounded by it, but there was nothing I could do. If I had said what I thought, I would have been quickly shut down for violating the norms of the times we live in. Tolerance is the order of the day, and no one woman can control that.

            And let me be clear, I was outraged partly for the man in question, but Lso for the women who can’t get husbands to marry them because these women spoil it for everyone. I guess that’s just human nature.

            Either way, again I don’t see how women can fix this situation. I suppose you’re trying to say that women have a role to play in enforcing the norms of a new subculture we are trying to build. But then, as Woes explained in his video, the criticisms of these women are largely groundless, because they are seeking marriage and children, so there’s no need to shame them. That is my whole point, where shaming is most needed, you can’t really do it, and where you can do it, it’s not much needed.

          • I never watched any of these YouTube women. You said, “If I had said what I thought, I would have been quickly shut down for violating the norms of the times we live in.” That’s what some guys are trying to get through to you; there is so much work to be done on the woman front. Wouldn’t it be great if other women took the initiative?

          • The comment stack has gotten terrible so I have no clue if this was directed towards me or not. I want you to keep doing what you are doing. If you find time to convert younger women to the truth, go for it. If you are able to help your sons choose good, honorable, and submissive women, good. Work on your husband’s heart. Bring him into the fold if you are able.

          • I understand what you are saying. Do you know where the rubber meets the road? Speaking out, knowing exactly how you will be treated. Yes, you would lose those friends. Yes, they would torment you. This would fuel your desire to bring these people back to the true way. That anger, shame, and resentment that you sidestepped are exactly what drives almost every man here. We have all been a victim of that hell. I gave up a brother for this. There is no shame in being defeated. There is only shame in not having fought.

          • Anger, hate, rancor is what drives men; with every passing year Bing Crosby’s Christmas songs lose their meaning, because wholesomeness is anathema to our enemies.

          • We must choose to be driven by Respect, Dignity, and Love.

            We have to have respect for our traditions, more so than we have anger for our enemies.

            We must conduct ourselves with dignity despite our hatred of our enemies.

            We must love our people more than we have rancor for what our people do and have become.

            I had dinner at a steak and shake tonight before going to the cigar shop. I was at a booth in the back and found myself singing along to the overhead music before I remembered I was in public: I’m dreaming of a white ethnostate.

          • Very good points, but you have to remember that women’s social networks revolve around their children’s activities. Kids whose parents cause strife or disruption can and do get kicked off sports teams, out of clubs, homeschooling coops etc. It kind of has to be that way. If my children were excluded from activities they enjoy because of me getting on my high horse, I would be in big trouble with hubby.

            For now, I have to do what I can within the limits of the current order. Fortunately, that is rather more than you might think.

          • You see Rex this is why I stress the importance of dialogue between men and women. You all just giving orders won’t work, because you don’t have sufficient understanding of how women relate to each other and why. We have our own roles and responsibilities that require a certain level of conformity to work. If we tell you something won’t work, it’s for a reason. Many younger women are actually much more deferential to men than older women, because they don’t yet have the experience to understand when you are giving bad, unworkable advice.

          • Again, I understand your point, but you women always think you know better. We know the outcome. We want you to do it anyway. This is about commitment. It has to either be 100% or it has to be 0%. There is no in between here. Either you believe you should follow men or you don’t. I understand that in your position, your husband isn’t in his right mind regarding the race. Or maybe he is only looking out for his direct family. I am not able to judge him as I do not know him.

            Think of it this way. If you go to every city and claim to be a Nazi, you will be pushed out of every city until you find a city with a strong Nazi presence. Now replace Nazi with Christian, or Traditional, or Pagan, or Polymorphic Dragon Ponies. It doesn’t matter. We know you are going to be ostracized. That is the point.

          • OK fine. Well, no I’m not going to do it.

            (1) It’s morally wrong.

            (2) It won’t work.

            (3) I don’t have the authority to do it anyway, because Mr. Lexi would not be pleased. He is in charge of me. You are not.

            When seduction laws are reinstated, I’ll start shaming thots. Meanwhile, you don’t just get to selectively reinstate aspects of honor culture that are beneficial to men without also providing the protections women traditionally enjoyed.

            You may be a man, but I am older and more experienced than you.

          • Fair enough. Do what you must.

            What protections would you like? I personally am for couverture with some modifications.

          • Sorry, I don’t have the right to ruin my children’s lives, especially since (1) It won’t work, and (2) There’s a better way.

            How old are you?

          • Who is Devlin? I only visit here, ID and OD. Should I be familiar with Devlin?

            Without knowing exactly what you are talking about, I can tell you this. You just agreed that it is the man’s job to inspire the woman. All of the men here are inspiring you and imploring you to take an active role in bringing women and girls into line. Maybe you should trust us, even if you disagree, and just make it happen. You can always come back to us later and say it isn’t working. We can discuss where to go from there if and when it becomes necessary. At least try it first. I mean a good try. Spend a decade or two at it. We have until victory or death.

          • Instagram and now Snapchat culture could occupy trad women’s time around the clock. Your target audience could be the interminable supply of women behaving themselves in the most obscene of fashions. Of course, to challenge other women’s preconceptions would be too much for the Alt-Right women.

          • If we had the numbers to create a troll army, you might have a point. If y’all would let Tara and the other ladies do their work, we might have enough to do something like that sooner rather than later. It’s the same thing with suggestions that we run charity operations. OK, maybe some day we can do that, but for now we need to recruit. That means having different kinds of women advocating for Whites. The simple fact is Philosophicat is going to reach different kinds of women from Wife with a Purpose. Some women brought into the movement may wind up gravitating to more traditional views.

          • Shame is one way to influence. There HAS to be a negative stigma towards certain things, or people will do those things en masse. Murder is a good example. Rape is another. These techniques work on men. They work on women too. Sometimes, women need consequences that hurt on a mental and spiritual level instead of just their behinds.

          • You’re seeing shame as a negative.

            It’s not. It keep society in order. The end of shame, brought to us by our (((masters))) has almost certainly irretrievably destroyed our culture.

        • Lexi, your contribution to the continuation of the White Race is admirable.

          Please understand that every man is sick to death of women telling them what to do and trying to mislead them. Women should be focusing on women, and and men on men.

        • You prove my point by circling back to the main thesis you always counter-signal: Women are for procreation. It is her magnum opus.

          That said, do you consider a woman successful if she makes white children under any circumstances (out of wedlock)? Do any of the postpartum actions of a woman matter (divorce)?

          So would ‘MGTOW’ ironically be aligned with your presentation if they are against participating in the feminist entrapment known as marriage, which you seem to suggest is ok to eschew as long as children are sired?

          Niggers have this breeding strategy, which why they will probably outlive us.

  • women do not belong in the military, in war, and in politics. that’s just it.
    if they want to they’re free to get raped by hostile aliens.
    men are the patriarchs, the owners of our nations that we build and defend.

  • RSS:

    Seriously, please post the rss feed every time for podcasts. This should be a standard practice.

    With anyone, look at what they are selling. Some of these women are genuinely subversive – selling destructive feminist insanity, while pretending to be something else. Some of them are merely shekel-chasing camwhores. Both deserve nothing but contempt and the worst abuse we can subject them to. Stop white knighting for them, and examine your own behavior.

    Some of them are fine – and should either just be left alone to do their thing, or supported.

    • “Some of these women are genuinely subversive -selling destructive feminist insanity, while pretending to be something else.”

      Would this count as destructive feminist insanity?: “I don’t believe in ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’. If there is a job that needs doing, just do it.”

      • No. It’s an opinion you happen to disagree with. Fine, make your case. Don’t resort to hysterical name-calling and paranoia. It’s not a good look.

        For the record, here’s my view. Yes, there is such a thing as men’s work and women’s work. There are also such things as outliers, exceptions to the rule. Leave them alone. You hav more important things to do.

  • According to the woman in the podcast it’s a stupid comment to tell women to get back in the kitchen and not get involved in politics. SHE doesn’t understand that the Suffragettes were/are feminists and anti-traditional to their core.

    • I’m in the kitchen much of the day. It’s my happy place, so I’m fine with that. Why do you begrudge me a woman-friendly podcast to listen to While I peel the potatoes.

      I’ve stopped even listening to the Shoah, because it just hurts too much to be counter-signaled by Mike Enoch. I wish I could remember the episode, but he once spoke so tenderly about the joy of a Mother when she serves dinner and everyone gathers around to break bread and share the highlights of the day.

      • I would have no issue with a woman-friendly podcast explicitly targeting women; it would be perfectly sensible.

          • Then wouldn’t it just be better to leave us alone? Maybe save that shit for the paywall. That way, the menfolk can say what they think needs said, and women don’t have to hear it if we don’t want to.

          • You know, we have places where we men go to have those talks. These places are called cigar lounges. Part of the problem we are facing here is that a lot of the guys making comments openly, that belong in smoke-filled rooms, are too young to get in and buy a cigar and a good Scotch in the first place.

          • Whether you believe me or not I’m 27 so casting aspersions on people is a dead end at least in my case.

          • Ignore the spineless simp. He is playing the role of liminal fence-rider, dipping his toes where the water is warm and then removing them where it is cold. Very feminine move actually.

          • I didn’t name anyone friend. I am making a general statement that applies to the AR in general.

      • Frankly, it warms my heart to think that there are podcasts produced by/for white women which promote traditional values and give women tips on home-making, marriage, etc. It especially warms my heart to think that a housewife is listening to such a podcast while tending to her household and being the glue of the family.

        You are sorely mistaken if you think any of us have a problem with that.

        • But I thought plenty of folks were saying women shouldn’t be in the Alt-Right, which would mean losing Tara’s show, so I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

  • Tara McCarthy lost me as a viewer after watching a video where went on about the vegan lifestyle and how good it is. Needless to say the comments were not good and she posted a video of animals being butchered,pffff.
    It all just came across as a militant Liberal, so no longer watch her.

      • Why would you? Polarisation is good. The whole segregation stuff is about being with people you have things in common with. Why would i waste my time spending it with people that don’t agree with me.

    • That’s fine, but Tara has since countersignalled militant veganism, on the grounds that only Whites care about animals and they won’t fare well if we are destroyed, so we should focus on White survival rather than divisive tangents.

      I dare say you menfolk could learn a lesson from her.

      • I do like how strong Tara is on defending Etho-Nationalism, so i did not unsubscribe from her channel but have not watch anything since.
        At some point i am sure i will start watching again but that subject of veganism was just to much and i had to step away for a while.
        My attitude is, if you want to eat tree bark than have at it, i will never try to stop you.
        But she sounded so militant in her defense of animals, i could not help but feel if she were in a place of power like a dictator, she would remove our rights to eat a nice JUICY STEAK, and Lexi those are fighten words,LOL)))

  • A wise person once said:
    “Judaism’s great longterm advantage is that they’ve weaponized their exceptionalism, and anybody who resists gets added to their longterm kill-list.”

    This is possible only because of White Submissivism.

    Without white gentile support, Jews never would have gotten Israel and Wars for Israel.

    And for whites to support Jewish interests, their own identity must be suppressed, even vilified. People naturally want some kind of identity. We see this even among ordinary individuals. Why do so many people look up to celebs? They find their own identities as normal folks to be boring, dull, lame, square, and mediocre. So, by worshiping glamorous celebs, they pretend they are ‘sharing’ in the cooler personality. It’s like what Imelda Marcos said when asked why she spends so much money on herself in a poor nation? As ridiculous as her answer was, she was addressing a certain truth. She said the poor people of Feelippines needed someone to look up to as a model. She would be the glamorous face of Philippines, and all poor Filo women could take part in the collective fantasy. Same with the cult of Evita Peron, that floozy.

    When white identity is suppressed or vilified, whites need something to cling to as their Face, collective persona, meaning, and etc. And in the place of their own identity, globalists offered them ‘Muh Israel’ for white conservatives, ‘Muh Homomania’ for white liberals, and ‘Muh Negro’ for all the cucky-wucks who worship MLK and NBA.

    This is is why Jewish Power hates the Alt Right. Alt Right is reconnectivist. It is trying to reconnect white minds to their white identity and soul. It is trying to reconnect the white tree to the white roots.
    It is a kind of spinalism. A person’s body must be connected via nervous system to the mind to function. Without such connection, a person live and act independently as a whole. The Current West is suffering from spinal injury, and the globalist quack pulled off the greatest medical malpractice of all time. It operated on the West and severed the nerves that connect the white mind with the white body. The white mind(the educated white elites) has been cut off from the white body and connected to the Body of Diversity instead. So, the white elites no longer feel a deep connection to the white masses, the body of the white race. As for the white body, it has been connected to the brains of Neocons so that so many White Evangelical types think that the main mission of the US and Christianity is to serve ‘Muh Israel’.

    The West needs a reconnectivist spinal operation that reattaches the white mind with the white body. If such is possible, a new white mind must arise to lead the masses. This is what happens in a revolution. When the ruling elites lose the Divine Right or Mandate of Heaven and have lost the connection to the people, the people need a new ruling elite. Jewish Globalists fear this, so they seek to flood the West with New People who will undermine electoral politics. It’s the Diversity-Hacking of Elections.

    The globalists got some chutzpah. They demean nationalism, national sovereignty, patriotism, and all such stuff. They call for end of national borders. They say open borders is great and any newcomer is a ‘New European’ or ‘New American’ even if illegal. Illegals are called ‘undocumented immigrants’ or ‘dreamers’. So, they do everything possible to undermine nationalism and national autonomy… but they bitch about how evil Russia undermined American national sovereignty by ‘interfering’ in US elections. Evil Russia also bought some ads on facebook.
    How surreal. Globalists denounce notion of national sovereignty and patriotic rule of law… BUT they are up in arms about how a foreign nation got involved(however slightly) in national affairs.

    Same with Brexit and the Russia Scare. But the argument contradicts itself. On the one hand, those who oppose Brexit insist that national borders and national sovereignty are things of the past, BUT THEN they bitch that Russia or some other foreign entity interfered in British affairs.
    So, let me get this straight. True British national sovereignty is about doing everything possible to undermine national sovereignty, and if any foreign entity helps(even in the slightest manner) to shore up British national sovereignty, it has undermined national sovereignty.

    It’s like saying the purpose of good finances is to throw one’s money to the winds. And if someone picks up the money and shoves it back into the man’s pocket, the good samaritan has interfered with good finances.

    Or, it’s like someone standing on the edge saying, the ‘meaning of my life is to jump off the cliff’. And if someone pulls him back from the edge, the narrative is ‘you ruined my life!’

  • Some beta orbiters want positive attention from women, some beta orbiters want negative attention from women. They are both beta orbiters. Hey cucks, “negging” her still isn’t going to get her to sleep with you.

    If you are “trolling” women on their social media accounts, you are a thirsty beta orbiters.

    Why are you hanging around girl’s social media accounts instead of the many men-only spaces online?

      • That doesn’t even make any sense. Instead of attacking anti-whites, the “movement” has been hijacked by people wanting to attack pro-white women – by trolling their social media accounts like a beta orbiter. I’ve never left a single comment on the youtube account of any of these “Thots” – why would I care? Also I’m not attacking men – god you sound like a chick.

        • Your argument basically comes down to “why do you even care, loser?” The point is that there are going to be people in the comment section that will say things that are uncouth. The movement hasn’t been hijacked, those types have always been there, and they always will be. No major figure on the Alt-Right has gone out there and demanded that people take their side or stick up for them, other than women. Are we going to pretend like women don’t tend to cause more drama unless there are some kinds of standards enforced? Are we going to pretend like having feminist talking points like “I don’t believe in ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’. If there is a job that needs doing, just do it.” aren’t harmful? Are we going to pretend like it’s not destructive to draw a line in the sand and ask people to white knight for you or you’ll leave the movement?

          • All good points. What we will do is behave like men. Like Patriarchs. We separate the sin from the sinner if you will. We correct false doctrines and we put in place the correct way. We do not destroy those who hold to false doctrines. Correction, maturation, and discipline are traits of good Patriarchal leadership. Screaming at the problem and pushing away those who need correction shows weakness, cowardice, and a lack of manliness.

          • Acknowledging men’s authority isn’t good enough anymore Hipster. Now you’re a beta White Knight cuck if you don’t demand total silence from women. In time, that won’t be enough either. You’ll have to support marriage at twelve and FGM. These people are out of control, and they are going to destroy this movement.

          • What’s wrong with marriage at twelve? Let’s get scientific. Where’s the evidence that it’s bad? Considering the metamorphosis into cynical promiscuous callous girl that many girls go through between ages 12 and 15, I’d think that it would be beneficial for some.

            Yeah. 12 year olds marrying 16 years old. They can use birth control till they’re a little older. Can still go to school. And can short circuit the socially decadent scene in some co-ed middle schools.

            I’ll tell you one thing. Many of us are likely descended from this type of marriage which was prevalent a couple hundred years ago. I know I am from family history.

            I’d say it’s worth resurrecting just to give it a whirl in some prot-ethnostate-state on a couple hundred acres and around a hundred families to start off.

          • See, this is just the kind of talk I do think we need on the alt-Right. I think twelve is too young, but never mind, at least you stated your case rather than telling me I need to be raped and chained to the stove.

            In any event, I have previously expressed some ambivalence about teen marriage for exactly that reason. I really do not like seeing boys take advantage of girls sexually without any intent to commit. It makes girls hate men, though most of us come through it. I do actually think early marriage is better than uncommitted sexual exploitation of girls. And I think you are quite right that birth control for teen couples would be a good idea, but youth and poverty are bearable, even romantic in a way, but if you add kids into the mix it’s much harder if you’re still maturing.

            Another reservation: I went to college, got a liberal arts education, and sowed some wild oats. I didn’t whore around nearly so much as most girls, but certainly more than would be considered acceptable in a healthy society.

            I learned two things from this experience:

            (1) Getting pumped and dumped feels like shit. It’s much better to have a loving partner, and if you have one you should appreciate and cherish him.

            (2) Western civilization is magnificent.

            My concern about teen marriage is this: I know I wouldn’t be the wife and mother I am today without having learned these lessons. I’m not saying this is the way forward; I’m just saying I think we need to think about it. I think it would be very profitable to look at data on age of marriage and likelihood of divorce and/or marital satisfaction.

          • Indeed, I’m not sure what they’re really all about. I’ve a funny feeling they’re not so much concerned about whoring around so much as they are bent out of shape that they’re not the ones being whored around with.

            I will give Devlin’s a little crrrredit. He does acknowledge that the sexual revolution was initially marketed to men, and they bought it. Now, they’ve got buyers remorse, and are taking it out on women, even Moms who’ve been married for twenty years.

          • Doubtless, there may be some men that are simply wanting to be like niggers “getting some” and that is purely degenerate and shows no appreciation for women.

          • Funny you should mention that. Not three posts above this is a little jewel from (((Weimar Republican))) asking a respectable gentleman when his last conquest was.

            “The ‘Alpha Male’ doth protest too much, methinks. I’m beginning to think that you believe yourself to be the only ‘non-virgin’ man in the Alt-Right. Please, tell us when was your last conquest?”

          • Hey LARPing faggot, you call an anonymous internet troll a ‘respectable gentleman.’ Go fuck yourself you delusional parasite. I cannot take you seriously. You are nothing but a clueless counter-troll calling everybody feds and (((Jews))) and everything else. I have not even seen your criticize anything else, including leftism. You just want to fit in, in the worst possible way. Is that you Philosphycat?

          • You must have the reading comprehension level of a bag of wet hammers. Go and read my posts to Lexi for just one set of examples. She and I have disagreed about several things. She and I have also agreed about plenty of things. Please, at least put some effort into this. Like I said before, I applaud when it is appropriate. I correct when it is appropriate. The reason you seem to get so much heat from me and others here is that you ARE new by your own admission and we are trying to moderate you just a tad so you can fit in here and be of use. We have plenty of sperg lords already.

          • The ‘Alpha Male’ doth protest too much, methinks. I’m beginning to think that you believe yourself to be the only ‘non-virgin’ man in the Alt-Right. Please, tell us when was your last conquest?

          • Your statement is counter-intuitive. Can we agree that White girls menstruate at age eleven? This dictates that they can become pregnant at that age. What study has determined that White girls cannot carry a healthy child to term at age twelve/thirteen?

            And even if this so, we can also agree that some White twelve year olds are sexually active at twelve, and my suggestion to use birth control implicitly addresses the health issue inherent in young teenagers bearing children.

            I am going ignore the inference you drew that concluded your comment.

          • “In the middle ages there were few reasons the wedding could be dissolved. One reason was if either the man or woman were not of legal age, 12 for girls and 14 for boys.”

          • There is nothing wrong with a focus on righteousness and chastity at that age. There is nothing wrong with beginning to introduce girls to the ideas and responsibilities of marriage and childbirth at that age. A girl reaches peak fertility around 16. If a man wants to allow his daughter to marry a man at 16, that is perfectly legal and many states allow this union. Our culture needs to shift towards bringing children into functional adulthood in their midteens instead of their late 30s.

          • No women have any reason to defer to some random dude – especially not a beta orbiter on social media. Women should defer to their husbands, before that their fathers. That is what patriarchy means. Men’s organizations should exclude women entirely – OF COURSE.

            Alt Right does not give some pathetic incel virgin on the internet ANY authority over ANY women. This is a social movement, not a therapy group for loser males.

          • A beta orbiter will by definition defer to a random woman; the weak male orbits the woman. Not very bright are we? I agree that they should defer to their husbands or fathers, but do you not see how far we have strayed from that standard? You must be an unironic hipster.

          • I meant to ask you during our last discourse, does your husband travel in the same circles as you or are you alone in your ideas? I don’t think I have ever seen you speak to that.

          • I’m alone. He does not share my politics, but he does know it comes from a place of genuine love for Western Civilization as well as concern for our children’s future.

            Obviously, when you’ve been with someone for many years, you’re not going to believe ridiculous caricatures of irrational hate-filled mouth breathers.

          • So what is his hold up? Is he just too tired to step into another battle? My parents are like that. It is sad, but I don’t blame them. They passed that torch to me and to those younger than me.

          • More like too busy. He works hard, and what energy he doesn’t devote to work, he devotes to the kids.

            I was depressed to the point of immobilization for at least a year when I was first red-pilled, and I think people are just trying to protect themselves from that on some level, especially when they have as much responsibility as he does.

          • Yes, it can be seen as choosing between a normal life and the truth. If we do not plan for the future, we are all dead.

          • You are the definition of gaslight. Female genital mutilation? Are you fucking kidding me? We aren’t even Jewish yet nearly all white men in America are circumcised at birth. I’m starting to think you are truly evil.

    • And what are you doing right now? -White knighting as an interloper. You know you’re not gonna change the situation by counter-signaling Thot-shaming, so why do it? You just want something from these women (approval) while we don’t. They are not just useless, they are a liability. We want them gone. That’s as un-thirsty as it gets. Politics is not for dating.

      • I’m not White Knighting, I’m not defending a single woman – I’m attacking Beta Orbiters like you. Grow a pair and stop trolling White women. “Thot-shaming” is nothing but BEGGING women for attention and it’s as thirsty as it gets.

        Also, “Thot?” What are you a nigger?

          • I’m not a feminist, so I don’t see “men as a class” vs. “women as a class.” MGTOW losers are just the other side of feminists. Pointing out what losers the “thot patrollers” are is not “standing up for women” – it’s actually standing up for men by telling them to grow a pair and stop treating social media like a 14 year old girl does.

        • LOL who am I orbiting? Your male-shaming does not work on me, doofus. It’s been overplayed. They are overriding our movement and you are too giddy about it as if you want a matriarchy. I am not into masochism like you male feminists are. I want the white race to win the war and we cannot do that under your female monarchy you so desperately crave.

          You call yourself a hipster. That is even less worthy of respect than a nigger.

  • I just a read an article about a toddler girls “co-ed wresting match”! Her brother mistook it for a real fight and ran to her aid. It was so saddening reading this. What are we doing to our little girls?! The AR must succeed.

  • One thing I didn’t get to respond to was the question “isn’t it traditional for men to stick up for women when they’re being attacked?” The answer: It depends on the context. In this case it would have been traditional for a man to grab the woman by the wrist and tell her “we’re going home because you’re creating a scene.” By her logic, any time a woman feels slighted she can then demand that men stick up for her. It doesn’t apply to the Alt-Right, and frankly, when women do that in this context it seems hyper-emotional, possibly attention-seeking, and certainly divisive.

    Due to the length of the show, I didn’t get to address some of PhilosophiCat’s tweets and statements over the past few weeks.

    -“its communist thinking to exclude people or put them into boxes, and that we should treat people like individuals” – This is the kind of statement that we hear from cuckservatives and leftists to try and naxalt us and justify immigration. The Alt-Right is collectivist. We take a heuristic approach that will result in some people with certain talents possibly being excluded because you simply can’t vet millions of people. Group dynamics matter. Aggregate differences matter. Individualism is destructive, and there is a limit to how much people in the Alt-Right should treat each other or outsiders as individuals.

    -“I don’t believe in ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’. If there is a job that needs doing, just do it.” – This is pure feminist nonsense, and it doesn’t belong on the Alt-Right, period. There are certain roles that only men should perform (military, police, firemen, and for the most part, philosophers, politicians, and thought leaders,) and pointing to one or two individual women as worthy doesn’t justify not having those barriers in place. Look where that kind of thinking has gotten us.

        • Chill out. All the greatest philosophers of Western history are male. So what? Why should that determine what I may or may not talk about today? If you want to say that academic philosophy chairs should be reserved for men, fair enough. That’s a separate question from amateur philosophy.

          As I explained to Weimar the other day, you all really need to be more relaxed about gender roles. They are not that fragile, and they don’t need to be rigidly enforced. Moreover, you create unnecessary gender identity confusion when you make people feel that any deviation from typical gender roles means they are “really” the opposite sex, or homosexual. You are such a funny guy, why are you so humorless and uptight about this?

          • “You all really need to be more relaxed about gender roles. They are not that fragile, and they don’t need to be rigidly enforced.” –

          • “You all really need to be more relaxed about gender roles. They are not that fragile, and they don’t need to be rigidly enforced.” – I don’t understand how someone can claim to be Alt-Right and allow themselves to say something that sounds so similar to interdisciplinary post-modernist academic drivel. For god’s sake, at least rephrase it. Anyhow, you’re wrong. Gender roles had to be rigidly enforced to maintain stable societies. What’s next, are you going to give me the NAXALT and talk to me about Joan of Arc (a glorified flag-bearer) and Madam Curie (whose husband did most of the work).

            “you create unnecessary gender identity confusion when you make people feel that any deviation from typical gender roles means they are “really” the opposite sex, or homosexual.” – Relax. We all know that there are going to be tomboys, and will be the occasional straight guy who acts/sings in musicals.

          • This is not really acceptable, simply because of where that sort of thinking has landed us in the here and now. There has to be a hard reset, new boundaries have to be set, and they have to be policed pretty hard. All of the men here are in agreement about that. What we disagree on is how far those lines need to be pushed back and just how severe the penalty needs to be for crossing those lines.

            If a woman wants to tinker around with a CNC machining center, she is welcome to learn that skill. I don’t care if she enjoys that hobby. Maybe she can make some money for the family in her spare time.

            If a woman wants to be the chief of police, or a Senator, or the President of the nation….not no but hell no.

          • So race realism, fine. Gender realism, no thank you. You don’t want to be imposed on by a man, so you fancy yourself woke while your husband is not.

          • What are you on about? I have no problem with, as you say, gender realism. As I have said before, I would point to the yin and yang as the best conception of gender roles. The broad swaths of black and white represent the tradition she and templates that guide our people into the future, but the specks of gender atypicality on either side are where romance lives, because that is where we encounter each other as husband and wife. If the specks weren’t there, we would be so alien to each other, we would have no way to relate.

            My love of philosophy was what brought my husband and I together. This is the essence of my objection to extremely rigid gender roles without any flow between them. They destroy any basis for friendship between men and women, and thereby promote unnatural form she of intimacy.

          • Extremely rigid gender roles belong to a bygone and primitive level of civilization. The evolbiology of gender will look after appropriate division of labour SO LONG AS crazy people like today’s feminists don’t legislate insane discriminatory anti-male practices. You are right about the Yin/Yang. Many of the most excellent male leaders openly acknowledged the inspirational contribution of their female ‘muse’. An accurate understanding of gender difference implies the unique attributes (and hence contribution) of the female mind. I, for one, would hate to see the world deprived of that. Of course, that is precisely at the heart of the evil of today’s feminism. By insisting on the essential sameness of men/women it negates the very qualities that make women wonderful.

          • So true. Yes, these women are insane. So many women aren’t unhappy now because of their meddling.

          • Here’s the other thing. Yes, we believe in race realism, but when it comes to women, y’all constantly go on about “female nature” as though such a thing could possibly exist. White men are distinct from all other men, but when it comes to women:

            We all bleed red.
            There is no such thing a source race.
            It’s just skin color.

            You do realize this isn’t a genetic absurdity, do you not?

    • OMG! She is AWESOME and so right in everything she says. thank you for introducing her to me…may you find a strong, loving woman to spend your life with….you’d be so happy.

    • You were so calm I thought you’d cuck, but you were excellent. Listen to how her histrionic tone remained steady the entire time like a nagging schoolmarm. She does not want to help, she wants to be included – big difference.

      She reductively mocked you and us for our anonymity, as if pretending to be a nigger-kike is somehow child’s play and would not cost you IRL, while LARPing as a philosopher feline and repeating the most mundane talking points is risqué.

      Unconditional chivalry is male feminism. Female histrionics without consequence is feminism. We need to extirpate this vaginal venom from our movement before we are knee-deep in #MeToo menstrual discharge.

      Feminism is WORSE than multiculturalism.

  • Here is another childless catlady with a patreon account… but this one is different cause she says the things pro-white people wanna hear.

    Fuck no. This culture is sick and i don’t want degenerate parasitism because its “our” degenerate parasitism. As soon you beg for money on the internet you can go fuck yourself. These cicks are basicly just camwhores. And i still can’t wrap my head around what kind of guy would actualy give em money.

      • Once money gets involved, perverse incentives start cropping up.

        It’s one thing if the money is to fund activism, like security fees for a college speech

        It’s quite another if your job that you earn a living from is just to be a talking head on youtube.

        The incentive structure dictates that you would gravitate towards opinions that are more profitable, less likely to get you banned.

        This runs counter to the truth seeking spirit of shit posting.

        Anonymous shitposters tend towards radical ultra-nationalism, because it is true. youtube / patreon thots do not. Because the incentives are different for them.

        • I agree with you all on the money bit, it can be corrupting indeed. I do not agree however, with the position that women can’t be involved in the movement. They might not be the most original thinkers, but they sure carry their weight. I’ve seen Lauren do a lot of great interviews and she’s nice person as well. Which is not unimportant if you want to broaden the movement.

      • Repeating stuff men wrote and said before on Youtube i don’t consider work. Some people give Richard Spencer shit for being a Trust Fund Kid, but i rather have someone who has already money creating assets for himself doing politics then someone who asks for Donation for a Youtube Videos and Micro Blogging on Social Media.

    • For the record, I make a net loss making content. You can check my Patreon. I have, I think, 2 patrons right now? Hardly making big bucks. I feel very uncomfortable asking people for money and I hardly ever promote that I have a Patreon. Now, I have the opportunity to work as many hours as I want to for money, so every hour I spend working on videos, articles, or giving interviews is a huge chunk of change that I am losing out on. I do this because I want to, not because I want people’s money. I can make vastly more money working at my real job than doing this. As for being a camwhore, I think I dress pretty modestly, so I’m clearly not doing this just so people will look at me.

      • You made a video justifying female hypergamy. Your tone was that of an outraged, ‘oppressed’ feminist. You are like the Al Sharpton of women. We have enough infertile, incorrigible Plain Janes like you only here to vie for virile male attention, sowing division with your anti-male rhetoric. GTFO

  • You don’t go to a political committee to find a girl. Philosophicat, one goes to bars and cafes and the gym and classes for that.

    • Yeah, shes showing her approach to political movements by saying dumb shit like that. “Pussy Power” is a big corrupter. Single Women will show up and then it creates competition between the guys who should focus on working together. D’Marcus was realy dumbfounded by this attitude of hers “this is not a dating service” lol.

      • Then you all need to stop bitching about not being able to find a nice girl when you are actively trying to run them off.

        • When did i ever complain about that? And what kind of attitude is this to come with the same dating service bullshit that i just adressed? I don’t care if there is a “nice girl” who wants to play with the boys, her and our time would be wasted cheering her on doing something a guy can do better.

          • I hear these complaints all the time.

            It doesn’t matter if a guy can do it better. If “chicks get clicks,” so be it. What matters is winning.

          • If you hear these complaints all the time maybee you hang around with whiny little bitches. Also industralizing a talking head culture where chicks get clicks will lead the AltRight down the same road where conservatism inc. landed. This is not winning. This is getting comfortable. And nothing gets done by being comfortable.

  • Good point…has anyone ever been Redpilled from the content generated by Female Alt-Right figures?

    That’s a good litmus test of their effectiveness.

    • In my experience, very few have been redpilled by female content producers. I think some of them (Lana and Bre for example) do great work, but those that push feminist talking points or get men to take sides and create drama are more trouble then they’re worth.

  • Evan logic:
    1 we shouldn’t bullying woman in Alt Right
    2 Lauren is not an Alt Right but we still shouldn’t bullying her
    3 yes Lauren was pro race mixing, but we still shouldn’t bullying her
    4 Lauren twitted that race mixing is fine as long as he voted Trump, but we’ll just ignore it
    5 Lauren helping Alt Right so we shouldn’t bullying her
    6 Lauren is not influential so we should be dont care about her
    7 Attack on Lauren spreading division between man and woman, better spread division between mens
    8 we need to bullying man who don’t what to defend Lauren, and it doesn’t matter how many good thing he’s done for Alt Right movement.
    9 we need to promote Alt Right, but let’s talk how Alt Right is bad because they don’t respect wamen

    let’s be honest she ready to defend any woman and attack Alt Right if we do not do want she want

    • Lauren is not Alt-Right. She refuses to swear allegiance to our ideals. She likes skirting around the issue to get fans and donations. She deserves to be called out for this and for not coming clean with her past and rejecting her past mistakes. Since she has not disavowed her behavior, we have to correct her so that others don’t follow her path.

      Tara is another matter. She is openly Alt-Right. She was openly Alt-Right. Now, who knows? She did nothing but advance our ideals and our own people stabbed her in the back. Sure, she had some womanly silliness at times. This is to be expected. I don’t understand why she, an active asset, needed to be destroyed by our MGTOW branch.

      • Lauren Southern provided crucial help and moral support to Millenial Woes in his hour of need, at significant risk to her own economic wellbeing. That should be the end of the matter.

        • Significant risk my ass. She makes six figures by getting beta orbiters to write her scripts while she gallivants across Europe and North America, crashing at guy’s houses, trying to convince men to cheat on their girlfriends with her, and making disingenuous and contradictory statements. We gain followers by trolling alt-light people. Women in the Alt-Right who stick up for her are foolish. Sticking up for Millennial Woes did nothing to harm her current e-thot profession. Get real, pal.

          • “We gain followers by trolling alt-light people.”

            No, we gain followers to the pro-White cause by trolling anti-whites and dismantling anti-white propaganda. The best course for the “Alt Lite” is to simply ignore it. Eventually people will grow tired of “Alt Lite” and come to the full truth.

          • “The best course for the ‘Alt Lite’ is to simply ignore it. Eventually people will grow tired of ‘Alt Lite’ and come to the full truth.” – As I stated, a large portion of the people I have interviewed stated that they came to the Alt-Right by seeing us in the comments of less-edgy right-wingers. Almost every major figure in this movement aside from women on YouTube agree with this. Spencer, Enoch, Woes, and numerous others engage with them, and this combined with our anons in the comment sections give these people a stepping stone to the Alt-Right. You’re simply wrong.

          • I like Styx. Do you think he’s hiding his power level? I wonder if he’s not actually pro-White.

          • If you get results by commenting on Alt-lite channels, keep it up. But then isn’t Lauren Southern helping you by bringing in viewers who will see your comments?

            You can disagree without being disagreeable, can’t you. You don’t have to be a prick!

          • Lauren Southern is explicitly pandering to the profitable boomer con demographic by walking the line between conservatism and the Alt-Right. Boomer cons hate the “nazi” Alt-Right, but like identitarianism in Europe, because speech laws force the identitarians to hide their power level.

            That strategy is very lucrative for her.

            But we don’t necessarily benefit from going along with it. We need to be aggressively pushing our message, fighting to keep people moving down the radicalization conveyer belt and poaching her audience.

          • I’m not saying you shouldn’t poach her audience. Poach away, by all means. Ideally, viewers you guys poach would be replaced by new viewers, whom you can poach in their turn.

          • “You can disagree without being disagreeable, can’t you. You don’t have to be a prick!” – You might be pro-white, but you’re not alt-right. The Alt-Right makes gains because we don’t play by those rules. Nor do our enemies. Play nice and see how far it gets you in a culture war. Besides, why should we be nice to Lauren? She’s a race-mixer and a glorified-whore who has her beta-orbiters write her scripts for her. She’s a disgusting person. We need to bring shaming back.

          • I’m over giving a shit whether I’m this or that. If I’m not Alt-Right, so be it. You sound like a child sayin, “mine, mine, mine” about a toy he doesn’t want to share.

          • Hey for me it was a big factor that the AltRight trolls people that i hate not the pro-white stuff.

          • That is exactly what concerns me. There are a lot of people here who may vanish once we have bludgeoned their enemies to death. We need people who have a vision beyond wanting to see their enemies hang on trees.

          • Yes, and I think he’s exaggerating the idea that this is a coordinated attack by our enemies. Most goys on the Alt-Right agree that Lauren Southern is a thot, and anyone with half a brain realizes that Tara created drama by asking people to white knight for her. No man in this movement has ever demanded that people offer support under threat that they’d leave the movement. I have a lot of respect for Woes. I think he’s thoughtful and poetic the way he discusses our ideas and the threats our people face, but I’m forced to disagree with him in this case.

          • Do you have sources for some of those home-wrecker claims? I am honestly curious. Not much shocks me anymore, but I would like to see the proof behind the accusations.

      • Tara isn’t part of my racial in-group though. She’s mixed race and Jewish. That will never change, no matter how much good work she may be doing.

        We need to be able to express that fact in an uncompromising manner, without getting bogged down in distractions or deflecting from it.

  • The problem with these people that like to criticize these women fall under the following.

    1) They blurt out something along the lines “women don’t belong in politics!”

    2)”Why haven’t you made X number of children yet?”

    3) “Get back in the kitchen”

    4) Automatically dismissing all female points of view.

    5) Women are not needed

    6) Or foolishly fanboyishly following someone like Lauren Southern falsely believe X female is somehow on their side without validation.

    Females will always be half of the population. They will always and have always had some say on how a society is structured. Telling one that they “should be making babies” or to get lost is really none of your business to state. Some might just have 1 child, others more and some might never have any. Your parents or grand parents can inquire that question, but its really none of your business. Defending women also does not automatically amount to “white-knighting”. All of these memes about “white-sharia” are also incredibly stupid.

    • You took an awful lot of words to justify unconditional chivalry aka male feminism. Ask Islam how ’50 percent of the population’ contributes. You guys have not fought this through. Women have not had any say in the entire human history of politics until less than a century ago. So there goes your ‘always’ argument. You are in for a rough fight on your hands because many more people are woke to the WQ than the JQ. Women are not leaders. That is a Jewish idea. You left out one other area: hysterical women should be sent to convents or asylums. They don’t even go to finishing schools anymore.

      • Women HAVE always played a part in society even before the last 50 years. You are just either willfully ignorant or ignorant or both. Women played major roles in the womens suffrage movement which predates feminism. They even played a major role in abolitionism… It is even known that they served as spies during the American revolution and yes they did participate in battles, sometimes secretly..not many but they were there. Even during Nazi Germany one women, Hanna Reitsch served as a test aviator for many air craft designs. I could go on but the idea women played no role in politics, history or society for that matter is akin to saying that their is a total blank page in the history of women that spans centuries is just ridiculous. Lastly, I am not in for any rough fight at all, in fact I won’t even have to fight this. You are the one that is going to be in a rough fight against women…a fight you won’t win.

        • Women’s suffrage and abolitionism were bad. As were most of the other “bored upper classs housewife” social movements

          In theory women played a role in maintaining traditional society and keeping other women in line by shaming them

          But it has been a long time since we had that dynamic going and people aren’t sure how to recapture it.

          • There is no more traditional society to maintain. You menfolk surrendered the commanding heights of our culture to the Jews and let them destroy it. Women can only shame women whose transgressions are rare and almost universally condemned.

            The time now is to make a persuasive case for more traditional ways of life. Shaming only works in a context of broad cultural consensus, where of course you don’t need it anyway.

          • The jews inherited power by contract. For the last thousand years or so, the jews have benefited from the European tradition of massacring each other. Kingdoms needed ways to keep killing each other long after real treasure ran out. The jews had an economic solution for this and the result is what you see today.

            Women spent the last 5 decades working on destroying femininity and reversing traditional roles and expectations. Those will never return unless women like you spend the next 50 years reversing the trend and teach your daughters and granddaughters to do the same. Yes, you will be as unpopular as those rat nosed feminists were at the beginning of their demonic enterprise.

            I have every confidence that if you will try, you will be able to overcome judeo-lesbianism. Especially if you call it that when dealing with young girls who loathe the idea of being called a split licker. You ladies are uniquely talented at tormenting the minds of others. Put those skills to good use. Shame the ever living hell out of girls if they even hint at thinking like a hook-nosed split licker.

          • I think I’m starting to figure out the root of our disagreement about this. You think women need to be punished when they get out of line, and shaming is the method you endorse.

            I disagree with your view that women need to be punished. I know that sounds like a rather categorical statement, but let me explain what I mean by it.

            As a parent, I always try to use the natural/logical consequences model. As a parent, I do not impose arbitrary rules. My rules have a purpose behind them. If I tell a toddler to stop scaling the back of the couch, it’s because I don’t want him to fall down and go boom-booms. If he does it anyway and falls, he’s got his punishment hasn’t he? Of course, these are teachable moments for brothers and sisters, too.

            A large part of mothering is just helping kids learn to think through the consequences of their actions and learn from them. Even better is not to do the wrong action to begin with either because you’ve been warned about the consequences or had the foresight to see them on your own.

            Now, you can also learn about natural/logical consequences from other people’s mistakes, and a mother’s duty is to help children do that. Didn’t you hear about that woman recently who killed herself out of despair at not being able to have children because she waited too long. The alt-Right should know and remember her, and spread awareness of her tragedy so that some good may come of it. Obviously, this is an extreme case, but it is an indication of the pain in store for a woman who doesn’t make the right choices.

          • This consequences model doesn’t really apply to grown women, because society protects them from the consequences of their actions. Much of what society does involves protecting women from the consequences of their action.

            Men have a little choice but to fight for their tribe, because if their tribe loses, they will be killed or at least suffer greatly.

            Women have the option to defect against their tribe and side with the conquerors. And currently benefit from doing so. And they won’t be killed or punished by the conquerors.

            Yes, maybe in the long term the traditional mother is happier and more fulilled, but this society offers women many short term incentives to defect. And defect they do. If they realize their mistake later in life, it’s too late to matter.

            Men basically have to impose a new incentive structure on women, which provides incentives for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior.

          • Thanks for your reply. A couple of points:

            (1) I know women sometimes cannot correct their behavior by learning from their mistakes, because by the time they learn, it’s too late. However, you ignored my point about learning from other women’s mistakes.

            One of my fundamental objections to the treatment of the WQ in these circles is that sex realism is seen as trumping race realism. That is, there are different kinds of men, but only one kind of woman.

            Arguably, stricter criminal penalties are obviously needed in Saudi Arabia than in Sweden. This is only a problem when you have Saudi Arabian on Sweden. Otherwise, each can have their own customs appropriate to their own people.

            Why would you think that the same incentive structures would be appropriate for 85-IQ primitive desert women and 100-IQ White women. This is just silly.

            (2). You continue to ignore my point about White women who already have White children having a stake in the tribe nearly equal to men. Once you’ve cast your lot, defection is no longer an option, unless you don’t love your children. Have you not seen lionesses chase off male intruders attempting to challenge the dominant lion and take over the harem? They do this to protect their cubs. This is all really reaching to be honest.

            (3) Women who have been raised properly do not defect. You maybe too young to remember this, but in the White working-class neighborhood I grew up in, White girls simply would not associate with black boys ever, period. We thought we were better than them. This has all changed now, but that is not because women are naturally treacherous, but because they have been gaslit to think we’re all the same. Do you really think any appreciable number of White women would date black men if they were aware of the likely genetic origin of the 15 point IQ gap between us? I don’t know why you would think that at all.

          • Also, if you want to talk about incentives, let’s look at welfare, but then we’re also going to have to bring back the tort of seduction and/or shotgun marriages.

            MGTOW thinks anything less than placing the entire burden on women, with men walking away scot-free, is rescuing women from the consequences of their actions. ‘Twas never thus.

          • You really have a thing for MGTOW. I have been experimenting with the ‘Going Galt’ thing a little bit, where a syndicate amount of people walk away from an industry to the point of critical mass, causing a ‘tragedy of the commons’ for said industry, which I guess MGTOW is on an individualized/atomized level…. and it works.

            I was always an over-productive worker because I got stir-crazy if I was not busy doing something that needed to get done at some point in the future, unlike most people who can put it off without worry. When I saw others struggling, I automatically helped them out because we worked at the same place and ‘high tide lifts all boats’ blah blah blah. I got nicer and nicer along the way.

            And guess what I noticed in all of my job sites except for one? I got paid less, people lost respect for me and in a few cases I lost the gig entirely without warning even though all I did was work really hard and try to focus on not causing trouble.

            So there you have it. Everything I was taught to believe was not only a lie, but a pernicious myth. I was crestfallen because I loved working hard and making everybody else’s job easier since I figured it just benefitted us all if we all worked to our limits. But I was dead wrong.

            I racked my brain with endless introspection to understand what did I possibly do wrong this time and the next time after, carefully tinkering everything and slowly losing faith in humanity until I finally found an answer.

            What it reminded me of was the ‘Laffer curve’ of muh Reaganism…where too much output and taxation actually *decreased* overall tax revenue, which makes zero sense conceptually, as well as on paper.

            But I noticed the same theory applies in every other area of life.

            I stopped working hard, and then I started getting hired more and making more money, and gained an absurd amount of respect. My current boss tells me I need to come in an hour earlier all week and I said no thanks. He asked me to come in tomorrow and I said I don’t want to. Then he asked me when am I going to go drinking with him…this time I stay vague and say I don’t know.

            He asks me every day if I am happy (so I can be outgoing) because when I am not, the ‘entire building is miserable and are virtually strangers, not knowing what he would do without me.’

            If you have read through all this drivel, I now bring it back to women…

            My partner position is basically a female legacy placeholder seat. There is a revolving door ever since my steady partner left to stay home with her kids. Each time the chick is either devoid of social skills and know-how, or she is post-wall trying to finesse her way into overloading me with her share of duties.

            They do this by first introducing themselves as ‘crazy’ (and want to cheat on their husbands) to draw me in with sex appeal, even though they are older than me and post-wall, because they want their ‘training’ to never end after the first week if they think I am ‘hooked’ on them.

            Sure, at first it intrigues me as just a possible fling because I know they won’t last there anyway. But after a few days of pathetic sashaying, batting eyelashes and intense rounds of vulgar, ostentatious flirting, I force their hand (Tits or GTFO)…and have found there is formula to this female trickery.

            They always say ‘next time we will’ (or ignore your texts) whereas when you legitimately ‘date’ a woman/coworker, she wants you on the very first night, hanging on your every text, because she is on the rebound and is afraid the opportunity will never present itself again if it is not capitalized upon ‘in the moment.’ She is not afraid of actual PDA either, which is beyond the basic flirting of the female deceiver. She is straightforward in her compliments and intentions rather than open-ended puns of said shyster, who turns out to be ‘just kidding’ when the time comes.

            So the past few days I have completely ignored this little tart and hung back. I purposely make myself scarce or unapproachable when she inveterately requests me to oversee her basic duties. And something pretty telling happens… she comes on heavily touching and tugging me, tickling me, literally trying to contort my face into a smile and turn it towards her when I stopped being so affable, helpful and funny from the previous week, begging me to ‘be friends with her,’ asking me if I am angry with her. I just say ‘no,’ cross my arms or do make-work to look busy, and refuse to make eye contact, making it clear that coworkers are not my friends but peers.

            To the passive bystander, this looks like a horny woman shamelessly infatuated with a disinterested man who is playing it cool. But in reality, this is a desperate (not for sex) conman in female form teasing her soft-core sexuality on a man (whom she is codependent upon from sheer incompetence) standing athwart, who is wise on the difference between attraction and utility. She is there to make money, not babies, and she wants the easiest, most painless means of accomplishing that.

            I do not hold this against women because it is their nature to defer responsibility to somebody else, especially men. But I will call it out when women try to pretend that they are my equal.

            So I have watched as this current basket-case gains a little more experience from not being able to approach me as her reliable lifeline, but not enough to ever gain a foothold or self-sufficiency, inevitably buckling under her daily workload without my easily-accesible assistance. She asks everybody else in vain, but cannot replicate my guidance, until she simply stops showing up. Then the process starts anew.

            It is glorious. Every man needs to be able to discern the difference instead of falling into this trap and confusing male utility with female attraction. That is when men get cucked into this beta-orbiting bullshit and have no idea they are ensconced within it.

            That is why you women hate men like me who can see the difference and are sounding the alarm and shifting the sexual power dynamic back into the ‘everyman’s’ wheelhouse.

            All he has to do is recognize different female behaviors and ignore it when there is no possibility of sex instead being mislead by it into false hope to the point that he will do anything and everything just to settle for her acknowledgement rather than the original sex he thought he was getting.

            Women literally cannot handle male inattention or apathy. It triggers every physical, emotional and financial codependency a woman has on the average man, whom she loathes and pretends to deign herself by when she has to acknowledge his existence.

            So many honest guys have been made to be needlessly pathetic and sexually useless by the overinflated female ego that has corroded our birthrates, natural market corrections and biological balance in less than a century.

            I even do this for cars stranded in the road. I no longer help young women with their emergency lights on. They have hands just like me, so they can get them dirty too, but we all know they cannot and they suffer the consequences of that inability when that biological truth catches them by surprise.

        • First of all, if you get in the ring with me, I’ll knock your ass out, man or woman. Why? -because you need to be taught that you cannot just walk into a male locker room and become offended by superficial things you don’t like.

          You can find exceptions-to-the-rule all you want, but it isn’t/wasn’t a way of life. Men are wholesale sent into the slaughterhouse/workforce/divorce court etc. women aren’t. This is not the place for your Pussy power parade.

          We are running low on chivalry in the Alt-Right, so I suggest you either get used to it or take your shit elsewhere. If you become anti-white because of our bedrock anti-feminism, then you weren’t worth protecting in the first place and will be the first in our crosshairs when the time comes for your treachery.

          You’re not helping at this point.

    • On a person to person level, you are right. Asking someone you don’t know about their reproductive habits is rude.

      This isn’t a person to person matter. This is the gestalt race asking women, as a whole, what they have done to make more of us all. It is precisely our business. Having 3+ children is the only way we win this thing. Any other answer is death.

    • I give you an example of female contribution to something i can respect; Diana West. She wrote great books because she had something important to say. No e-celeb patreon gibs. Check out the book Southern wrote. Its a piece of garbage.

  • All people are inherently racist and nationalistic, we are born with a strong tendency to ingroup preference. The only way to turn this around into being stigmatized and abnormal is to make us nationalists into a sect. And to prevent others from talking to us. Guilt by association.

    Thats what makes women in the alt right so valuable. It makes it easier for non woke people to listen to us. And it also makes people with maybe a foot left in liberalism but that are still willing to talk to us and that are not demonizing us extremely valuable. People such as Lauren Southern. Because if we get a fair hearing, we will win.

    Juat compare the difference between Lauren Southern and Jordan Peterson. Peterson enforces the isolation of nationalists, Southern breaks it down. Peterson is a hostile and should be treated with hostility. Southern is a friendly and should be treated as such.

    • The only real value women offer us is social proof (bar the rarest of exceptions). Women and men notice when other women are interested in something. Most people can’t think for themselves but will follow what is seen as socially acceptable, and women play a big role in defining that.
      Tonnes of beta males out there. A friend just recently told me that his girlfriend doesn’t want to have kids, so he’s decided to not have children. Why would a man bother being with a woman that doesn’t want to have his children? Because deep down lots of men are cucks that’s why.

      • Women build culture.
        Women maintain traditions.
        Women build community.

        To name but a few. Your “real value social proof” is simply incorrect.

        • Women can also destroy culture, destroy traditions, and destroy community. Threatening to leave the Alt-Right because you’re getting mean comments is divisive, over-dramatic, and it shows a lack of dedication. If you’re Alt-Right you’re supposed to believe that we’re facing an existential crisis. If that’s the case, and you’re willing to create division and willing to leave the movement because of comments, then your drawbacks don’t outweigh your benefits. By the way, this isn’t the first time Tara has decided to up and leave. Last time it was over a comment Woes made about the fact that mass expulsions and deportations would require the use of force, which is a basic reality because these brown hordes will not just say “oh o.k., gravy train over, time to pack it in boys.”

          • Tara is not creating division. Her attackers are.

            If you think Tara has said something wrong, you are free to call her out.

          • Her attackers were originally anonymous people in the comment section and in replies on twitter. Every major figure on the Alt-Right that doesn’t have a vagina can handle attacks from such people, as can women like Bre Faucheux and Lana Lokteff

            I’ll just let Tara speak for herself: “Men in the Alt Right are going to have to decide whether they will continue to passively/actively endorse this behavior, or speak out against it. If you want more women speaking publicly about ethno nationalism, I suggest you choose the latter.”

          • Well, thank you for at least citing a specific example of conduct you find objectionable. That is honest at least.

            It stings when men don’t defend you from malicious, unjustified attacks. It’s a bitter sense of betrayal, especially when, as I have already explained, White women feel hated and attacked by society at large for being White, and then hated and attacked by our own men for being women.

            Tara may have made a mistake. I don’t see it, but I’m open to the possibility. I may just not know enough about group dynamics/politics to say. But here again, this is why I think you need some yin to balance out that yang. I know she respects Mark Collett, so why not have him talk to her in private. Then give her another chance. She will make mistakes one again, but hopefully not that one.

            Again, this all assumes she actually did anything wrong. If you can’t find a male figure in the movement who agrees with you that she made a mistake and is willing to talk to her about it in private, then that should tell you something.

            Going off on friendly women on twitter with no prior deliberation and no civility is not a good look.

          • “Well, thank you for at least citing a specific example of conduct you find objectionable.” – It’s not just that I find it objectionable, it’s flat out feminist and it has no place in this movement, period.

            “It stings when men don’t defend you from malicious, unjustified attacks.” – If they’re attacks in comment sections online then you need to get over it.

            “Tara may have made a mistake. I don’t see it, but I’m open to the possibility.” – Hon, she demanded that people white knight for her under threat of her leaving the Alt-Right. That’s attention-seeking, histrionic behavior, and it won’t be tolerated on the Alt-Right, D’Mark my words.

            “I know she respects Mark Collett, so why not have him talk to her in private. Then give her another chance. She will make mistakes one again, but hopefully not that one.” – Nah, we don’t need someone on our side that requires interventions every time they throw a hissy-fit. She’s done this before, leaving the Alt-Right twice, once to pursue homesteading, which was a failed venture, and another time because she got mad when Woes said that violence might result from attempting to deport and/or expel the people who have invaded our countries.

            We don’t need her. She’s more trouble than she’s worth. There are other cute faces out there that will have Spencer on for a discussion.

          • Spare me. Everyone needs “interventions.”

            Richard Spencer’s colossal fuck-up: heilgate, getting punched in the face, falling for the Charlottesville trap.

            Everybody fucks up. We live and learn and come out stronger.

          • this is so sad…there are bad women and good women…same goes for men…if you find a woman that you can relate to and who you can enjoy life with, you won’t be as angry with women…i think this is true. i met a great guy who totally respects me. we are best friends. that’s how a relationship can be supportive and fruitful. It’s give and take, Yin and Yang. sometimes we have to stand up to our partners when they are doing something harmful to the relationship but that’s life! I hope you find someone if you have not already done so. It seems that a woman hurt you badly? that is very common but hopefully you won’t blame all women for other’s bad behavior.

          • The idea of a female best friend was incomprehensible throughout the ages; it is incredibly insidious and will doom all of humanity, especially women.

          • why? YIKES…my husband and I are best friends…it’s working so far ;-)…we do have our moments though…one drawback i do want to admit is that we probably spend too much time together and we both need to find groups outside of our relationship where we can go without each other…i support the idea that both men and women need time with their own gender without interference from the other gender…i don’t believe the Alt Right is going to be able exclude women or control women though…

          • “…we probably spend too much time together…” in the friend zone. “It’s working so far.” The last two words (so far) tell me everything I need to know. Those words would have been absolutely alien to my grandmother. Women need to be reacquainted with the word meek.

          • Women subdivide men into 3 subcategories:
            1. Friend – dumping ground for her toxic dilemmas, no chance to see her naked.
            2. Provider – possible marriage material in her late fertility post-wall, post-promiscuity, may or may not sire her biological children despite being married.
            3. Lover – think Christian Grey types. Literally nothing she will not allow him to do to her. She will abandon her kids, husband everything to have him for even a few hours when given the chance.

          • “…no chance to see her naked.” If you mean in a metaphoric sense then you are correct; she will not allow herself to be totally defenseless. She may of course allow you to see her literally naked, which doesn’t matter all that much in the Current Year.

          • no I mean literally. Like women are still principled insofar as they would not ‘deign’ themselves with somebody they consider lower than them to save their lives. That is one part I do support about ‘MGTOW’. Anytime you find yourself mired in the ‘friend-zone’ or platonic cuck shed, immediately cut off all communication with her. That puts you back in charge and she literally will beg for your attention. She still won’t ever have sex with you, but it will change the power dynamic instantly.

          • “I don’t believe the Alt Right is going to be able exclude women” – The Alt-Right will be successful in excluding women who sow division or preach feminism. Tara McCarthy deleting all of her videos and locking down her twitter account is proof of that. We also successfully trolled Lauren Southern into revealing that she’s a race-mixer, and she took the bait. Sorry toots, but you can either have acid thrown in your face by Muslims, or you can be lady-like and have proper European social norms enforced on women by white men.. We’re going to make the choice for you, because frankly, you can’t be trusted to do so, as women’s suffrage has shown.

            “or control women” – If you don’t think women need to be controlled by social norms then you’re not traditional, You’re just an alt-feminist.

          • i’m not alt-right but i believe the US needs to stop allowing people to come here. so many diff cultures are overwhelming our ability to function and prosper. we can only take in so many people. I don’t tend to identify as a feminist. i definitely don’t believe anyone’s behavior can be controlled.

          • I am so sorry about these people. Please try to understand that we are trying to sort out some difficultissues and the very most extreme elements are gaining the upper hand using bullying techniques. Others of us are willing to meet people where they are in their intellectual journey towards the truth about our people and the righteousness of White self-preservation.

          • Ancient Athenians thought you couldn’t have an intimate friendship with women because we are too stupid, that’s why they had sex with teenage boys. You MGTOW manlets need to start being intellectually honest about the implications of your divisive poison.

          • “You MGTOW manlets” – You’re talking like a feminist with these kinds of insults. Just because you understand that women need restrictions doesn’t make you MGTOW. We have or want wives/kids, MGTOWs don’t.

          • Actually, never mind, I’m sticking with MGTOW. They don’t want a Wife. They want a cum dumpster and brood sow, as is made clear by the above comments indicating men and women can’t be friends. A Wife is by definition an intimate companion.

          • Just because men and women can’t be friends/intimate companions doesn’t mean I (can’t speak for others) “want a cum dumpster and brood sow.” I am capable of cherishing and respecting my wife (I’m not married) without being equals. It’s truly tragic that any of us (men & women) have to resort to such degenerate language: cum dumpster or cock carousel.

          • Something I noticed during the election was that self-described ‘homemakers’ were rabid Hillary feminists. Isn’t that something? They do nothing all day long but read BDSM torture porn and smut fiction and contemplate how to cheat on their husbands. Social media is nothing but an enabler for women to whore themselves. You can tell by their vulgarity that this is what they do all day long.

          • Not only female best friend, but female friend period (no pun intended). Women and man relationships are for one thing: Sex, and its the derivatives. Women will take advantage of their share of the power dynamic to accomplish her chores by using men ‘beneath’ her in status. We see this play out literally everywhere at all hours, including this thread.

          • Bwahahahhahaa. Pathetic feminist passive-aggressive drivel. Implying that I’m lonely or sour because I realize the obvious fact that there are a handful of women in this movement that -surprise, surprise- are causing division between men and pushing feminist talking points.

            “there are bad women and good women…same goes for men” – You’re ignoring the fact that men and women each have certain character flaws that, in the aggregate, skew more towards their particular gender. Got nuance toots?

          • You sound like you are trying to (((psychoanalyze))) D’Marcus. Just because your “boyfriend” is a cuck doesn’t mean every man has to take his example. Take your Jewish garbage argument somewhere else.

          • Women fill culture and traditions with meaning and color and make them worthwhile. For example, who in the family puts up christmas decorations? And create a christmas atmosphere? Which is what creates culture in children, these memories. Furthermore, much is made of womens lack of rationality. But this very lack is important in religion. Both sexes are vital parts of culture and tradition and community. And that is what we need.

        • Which cultures were built by women?
          Islam? Confucianism? Christiantiy? National Socialism? Judaism? Zoroastrianism? Hinduism?

          I’ve already made it clear I don’t mind if decent women participate. But I’m not going to pretend that women are spearheading this movement.

          • Consider christmas? Who in the family is usually the one that creates a christmas atmosphere? Who makes the effort to set up decorations? This simple creation creates the emotions and memories in children that is culture and tradition. Men are the fence, women are the garden. We can no more maintain a culture than women can guard the garden.

      • I would be very curious to know why she doesn’t want kids. Is she very beautiful? Many self-conscious women are anxious about losing their figures.

        Also, how old is she? Sometimes this is just immaturity talking. I could probably set her straight over brunch, or at a minimum open her mind.

        • She mid20s.
          I’d rate her a 5.9 but my friend loves her.
          Yeah it might just be talk on her part. My disappointment was in his indifference.

          • Well I promise you I’m doing my very best to help spread the word. I always tell girls and young women that it’s always better to have children young. That way, if you want more than 2, you can have more. If you don’t, you still have time to do whatever you want. That’s my normie pitch.

      • Quite possibly the single most important contribution women can make to this movement is simply being present and telling you to STFU once in a while. The last time I listened to the Krypto Report, Azzmador mentioned in passing that FGM would reduce promiscuity in women. I stopped listening, but I never made a fuss about it. I figured that in time this would all work itself out. I believe that episode was in the teens.

        That didn’t work. Easy-going men are intimidated into silence and women are just told point-blank our concerns don’t matter and we should just fuck off. The purity spiraling would have gone completely out of control with no women left standing in this movement. The men have failed spectacularly to police each other and disgraced our movement and our cause.

        In the past, I have bristled when called a feminist, but I just don’t even know what that means anymore. Am I a feminist if I don’t want to cut off my daughter’s clitoris. I’m starting to just not give a damn anymore what names I’m called. I know it’s a “slippery slope,” but ideas have momentum, and the men in this movement have failed to keep it under control.

        • And to who would you make a fuss about it? The enemy to police our behavior? A man in a leadership position to police his crowd? The same people who listen to Azzmador in the first place? I’m already practicing FGM with this Ham Sandwhich here and a Razor Blade.

          • The third one, which is what I thought would eventually happen anyway. Shame on you for jeopardizing this movement.

          • Shame on me? I’m not some little schoolboy you can mortify in front of the class for saying a bad word, i don’t care one bit what you think or how do you imagine yourself enforcing your will on feral guys on the internet. You talk this impotent shit about shame and thats exactly why the stormer crowd doesn’t want you around. Stormer has the youngest crowd on the alt right and they have enough of women patronizing them and telling them to shut the fuck up. And now they are down with female circumcision.

          • Except that I have never bothered the Stormer crowd once in my life. I have always thought Anglin was doing valuable work in his target market, but I don’t need Richard telling me how much women like to be raped on Alt-Right Politics. And the attack on Tara’s was uncalled-for.

            Honestly, can’t we all just get along?

          • So an Hour ago you wanted to shame me and the stormer crowd and now you retreat back to “can’t we just get along”. Fuck that. The Sexes always had very little to do with one another in a traditional society. In many cultures the houses even have seperate wings for male and female. We can’t get along cause we don’t get along. You don’t have a right to participate simply because something exists.

          • What I told you is that the Stormer crowd has a role to play, but if they swallow this whole movement, then we are done. And yes, you should be shamed for what you are doing. This movement is being hijacked and redirected, to our racial peril.

            I have been making the case that you are a menace to women, our roles, our relationships, and our families. Thanks for helping.

          • I just don’t care what you think. So don’t whine about your relationship and your families because your online life on twitter doesn’t play out so well.

          • I have no clue if the whole FGM concept being tossed around as an idea is in jest or not. How do you think real Patriarchs are going to react to young men when those young men try to go all african tribal slice and dice on those prized women? How would you yourself react if you came home one day to find out a mob of young men held your teen or preteen daughter down and sliced her sex into something unrecognizable?

            I know that the temptation to shitpost here is going to be extreme, but please try to be honest. We are all building a reputation here.

          • I agree that real White patriarchs would not tolerate that kind of thing, which is why I think these MGTOW give patriarchy and name.

          • Bitches get cosmetic surgery for her genitals all the time and a quota of FGM cases will hit those who do or would do piercings anyway. So just chill. The Law of Nature is Tooth and Claw. If some Patriarch counters FGM let see how this plays out.

        • men call women feminist to shame and humiliate. the word is used in their attempt to undermine and shut women’s voices and ideas down. they are afraid of smart, confident women. it’s too much for them and they have to a hit and run.

      • That is so tragic. I think increasingly women are not social proof anymore. I have seen in just the last 5 years how they have just fallen off a cliff in looks and social skills. I have seen so many men I know with the same girlfriends look like a small child carrying a mini Goodyear blimp. Men fall in love with women, while women fall in use with men.

        So many fat or unattractive young women just 10 years ago were very sweet, because they had to be or else men would pay them no mind, while the fake blonde, fake tans were intolerably stuck-up. Now the fake blondes/fake tans dropped the bitchiness, while the fat/unattractives have rebelled into this unsightly, unfriendly morass. The attractives have monopolized social skills amongst women, while these beach whales wanted access to the top 20 percent of men.

        I cannot stand this Philosofat. She refused critique Southern on anything despite distancing herself from her. That is called female in-group preference. She is obviously deep in her 30s and childless and is holding back ‘her man’ from having children with a fertile woman. Men are just too afraid of having their access to pussy disappear because unless you have a social circle, it will because there is no real social scene anymore to go to and meet new people, aside from Tinder.

        Start calling these rowdy ‘based’ bitches what they are: infertile, social misfits. Very unladylike. That is the real crux here.

        • From the most basic and fundamental metric they are essentially failures.
          The sad truth is that nobody cares about their careers, which are often in the most streamlined and simplistic fields. Unless a woman is a brain surgeon or true genius I am hardly impressed with their elementary school teacher, or even nurse careers, as commendable as these positions can be.
          A woman’s job is first and foremost to be a woman.

      • A man that I regard as a true brother married a girl a year ago that told him she didn’t want to give him children because she didn’t have faith in him. I begged him to pick a better woman. This is a military veteran who could have made The Golden One blush. I have literally seen women stare and sigh as he walked past them. That same man swore off all contact with me after I begged him not to marry her. There is no fixing some problems. The wheat is harvested. The chaff burns in the fields. Not everyone we love is getting out of this.

    • What’s wrong, though, with pointing out her thottish behavior? Doing so helps her viewers take the next step and move away from needing a pretty face to give them basic-bitch civ-nat talking points and on to the Alt-Right.

      • I still don’t understand why you can’t just turn up on her channel and explain to her viewers why she doesn’t go far enough. If anything, aaI would think being an obnoxious bully to her would reduce your chances of pulling her viewers further right.

        • “If anything, I would think being an obnoxious bully to her would reduce your chances of pulling her viewers further right.” – You thought wrong, and you have a lot to learn about the Alt-Right and why it’s been more successful than past white nationalist/advocacy movements. You might not like it, but it works. Bullying/Shaming is a tactic that works. I don’t care if it’s “mean,” but I want to win, and it’s a winning formula.

      • you are very obviously jealous of her..after all, you have to hide your identity…which is pretty pathetic in itself. and, may i point out that you are the one who is creating drama and making a scene…do you have a male friend to scold you and drag you out of the public forum? let’s hope so…good grief

        • “you have to hide your identity…which is pretty pathetic in itself” – You clearly are not Alt-Right, and I doubt that you’re pro-white. Mocking anonymity is the mark of an outsider. There’s all this talk about MGTOWs and NazBols supposedly conspiring to destroy the movement, but I would say it’s far more likely that there are leftists using subversive, leftist tactics to try and cause division among our ranks. After all, you already said you consider yourself a feminist. You are not one of us.

          • I am absolutely not one of you. Never will be. I hope there are people trying to destroy “the movement” I don’t even think about “whiteness”. i am content and don’t need to fixate on being a victim like Alt-Right people do non-stop. Same old whining and blaming over and over. I know exactly why you need to stay anonymous. you aren’t willing to face the consequences of being cruel, hate filled liars. you can fool yourself into believing you are providing some vital service to our society and your movement but you are just a loser in life. you tear down rather than create because your life sucks and you want to bring others down to where you are. you know this behavior is wrong and cowardly. how could you otherwise use people you hate as punching bags if you didn’t stay anonymous? i bet your’e the nicest guy to people IRL…you need an outlet for your hatred and your “right stuff” show provides that space for you. The women you hate so much and feel so free to diminish are not cowards like you. They don’t hide away. You are certainly jealous of them. I hope the women stay strong and avoid falling for your attempt at gas-lighting. Come out and let us see you. You’ll be a better person if you don’t have a curtain to hide behind.

      • Spending energy attacking Southern reeks of malice and jelousy and sexual frustration. She is a useful phenomenon. Leave it at that.

        • “Furthermore, as I said, friendlies should be treated as such. Why else would anyone become a friendly? We need more people that engages in conversation with us, not less.” – Southern continues to do what she does for shekels, I don’t think she cares much about people being mean to her unless she calculates that she will lose income or attention because of it. We attack Cernovich, Southern, and even Ben Shapiro because it works, and it gets more people over to our side. It’s a winning tactic, and so we will continue to utilize it.

          “Spending energy attacking Southern reeks of malice and jelousy and sexual frustration.” – Yet again, more (((psychoanalysis))) of the leftist/feminist variety.

          • FUCKING ATTACK ENEMIES YOU SPERG FOOL? You are a disgrace and a coward spending energy attacking friendlies.

      • Furthermore, as I said, friendlies should be treated as such. Why else would anyone become a friendly? We need more people that engages in conversation with us, not less. The spergs in the movement are desperate to prevent that. They know they are awkward unattractive spergs that will only ever find acceptance in a sect. Hence, they want to keep alt right a sect.

  • Ah yes the old Philosofat, I mean cat, lecturing men about masculinity, along with the rest of these empty-headed e-sluts. If you idiots are too clueless to see that all these ‘based’ childless cat ladies represent nothing but a feminist coup, then this movement and the white race deserve to die. This tubby bitch gets less than 2k viewers a video and has the audacity to tell critics of feminism to leave the Alt-Right.

    Dear White Knights, have some self-respect because nobody else respects you, including these mediocre 4s you are pretending are Aryan maidens in a meadow.

    I’m gonna shout from the hills until I’m banned: women are the death of any movement. Look at what they are doing to leftism as we speak. They will spread their #MeToo coup here next. Stop being a bunch of spineless, thirsty beta-orbiters and open your fucking eyes before it’s too late.

    Roy Moore was accused by Republican women voters. Women are not political. They side with whoever is the strongest at any given moment. Be strong and they will come on their own. Stop pandering to pussy.

      • They are all like that, pal. Look at them closing ranks and appealing to the chivalrous nature of you. They are taking advantage of YOU. They want you to get into a barroom brawl with me so. Not only will she not have sex with you after you get a black eye ‘defending her honor’….she won’t even bail you out jail.

    • Its not even a feminist coup, that would take agency, its just sucking off. They just repeat stuff a man wrote or said before them and then want some gibs. This fucking patreon money is basicly a dollar bill up their tong for a trick well performet. Its fucking pathetic.

      • I honestly don’t think it’s fair to throw all female content producers into that same box. Lana and Bre do good work, don’t push feminism, don’t cause division, and have thick skins. This is not the case with Tara McCarthy, and frankly, after discovering some of PhilosophiCat’s tweets, it doesn’t seem to be the case with her either.

        • This is not helpful. What has Tara said that you believe pushes feminism? It’s really shit-tier to make vague accusations against people without naming specifics. The word feminist is being weaponized to attack women in this movement and of course must remain deliberately vague to serve this purpose.

          If a housewife like me who has repeatedly countersignalled workplace equality measures can be a feminist, then the word doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s just a weapon.

          The question is not whether a statement or opinion is feminist or not. Ideas are either good or bad. Factual propositions are either true or false. Fight fair and leave it at that.

          • “This is not helpful.” – I suppose responding to mean comments by anons and threatening to leave the Alt-Right unless people white knight for you is helpful?

            “What has Tara said that you believe pushes feminism?” – In regards to feminism, I was talking about Philosophicat. Here are two of her statements that are certifiably not Alt-Right, and go against our foundational principles: “its communist thinking to exclude people or put them into boxes, and that we should treat people like individuals” “I don’t believe in ‘men’s work’ and ‘women’s work’. If there is a job that needs doing, just do it.” If you think these ideas are compatible with the Alt-Right, then you are not Alt-Right, and you’re just a woman that wants to be included or get attention.

            “The word feminist is being weaponized to attack women in this movement and of course must remain deliberately vague to serve this purpose.” – Says the harpy who was casually tossing around the term MGTOW over and over again in this comment section?

            “If a housewife like me who has repeatedly countersignalled workplace equality measures can be a feminist, then the word doesn’t mean anything anymore.” – No one called you a feminist toots.

          • Oh but I assure you, they call me a feminist all the time, good Sir!

            If you don’t like the term MGTOW, fine. What would you like me to call them?

            Now, with respect to Philosocat, I do not agree with her individualistic streak, but I thought we were supposed to be trying to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Can’t we put the Mommy Wars on the back burner for now?

            Final point: It’s really shitty to accuse women of just wanting attention in this movement. Here, GhettoTarzan is accusing me of being useless because I “rage quit” TRS because I couldn’t take the heat. Now here you are telling me that I just really enjoy all this strife. A girl can’t win it seems. Go away, and you’re uncommitted; stay and you’re an attention-whore.

            Look, the simple fact of the matter is that I am concerned about the survival and well-being of my people, and I’m willing to work with people who share that priority even if I disagree with them on other issues.

            Is that so hard for you to wrap your head around?

          • And by the way, as far as being included goes, yes that is a funny thing about humans. We crave a sense of belonging. There is nothing evil or unseemly about that. That doesn’t mean women should always be included in everything, but it’s ironic for a movement that supposedly recognizes a human being’s need to be part of something to characterize wanting to be included as some sort of character defect.

          • “If you don’t like the term MGTOW, fine. What would you like me to call them?” – MGTOWs are against committed relationships and marriage. You can’t be a MGTOW and be Alt-Right at the same time. You also can’t be feminist and be Alt-Right at the same time. You can call them misogynists if you’d like, and I think some of the commenters go too far, but so what? There will always be people making extreme comments. I would say, though, that people with MGTOW sensibilities can be more easily converted, while feminists are far more potentially subversive/dangerous.

            “Now, with respect to Philosocat, I do not agree with her individualistic streak, but I thought we were supposed to be trying to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” – It’s not just pushing individualism. The feminist idea that there aren’t jobs that are male-specific is subversive and dangerous to our movement. It goes against the foundations of our movement that have been outlined by virtually every major figure in the Alt-Right. There’s simply no place for that nonsense here. End of story. We have to be vigilant about such things because they are potentially very damaging.

          • Sorry, I’m going to have to disagree. If anything, feminists are more naturally pro-White than MGTOW. Feminists who value their traditional freedoms and status as White women have more of a stake in defending White civilization than MGTOW. I don’t think you were on that thread, but Weimar actually said that he would open the gates to invading hajis if his demands regarding women were not met. I think he actually repeated that sentiment here. I don’t know how you see that as anything other than a subversive hijacking of this movement.

            Have you ever heard Philosophicat say such a thing? No, because she PUTS HER RACE FIRST! Otherwise, I assure you, she would have long since been frightened off by the MGTOW creeps.

            Here’s what I think: I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you actually are pro-White first and foremost, but you want to pander to these MGTOW because you think they are more useful than the people who are repulsed and driven away by them. I can sort of understand this realpolitik, which is why I’ve been tolerant of them. If they do not return the favor and peacefully coexist with the rest of us normal people in this movement, then they are a liability. They are not going to win a culture war, and they will never defeat ZOG in open warfare.

          • MGTOWs are cowards. And have broken minds. They can not be converted, they are refuse.
            Feminism on the other hand is a mainstream ideology with humongus propaganda dollars behind it, from universities to advertisment to MSM. Meaning lots of people will just go along with it. The conversion potential from feminists is great.

          • Indeed, I started my red pill journey in the old counter jihad movement, then started learning about demographics. I realized that if we don’t start making White babies for our menfolk, we’ll all be done. Whitewomen cannot live under the rule of brown men, we would literally suffocate.

          • Oh for God’s sake..she had a moment of frustration and blurted out her opinion. look at all of you now…triggered, over-emotional haters…you’re using her so called mistake to dump your fear and hatred of confident and strong women. it’s good to know and Tara served your movement by pulling up the rocks to reveal how some men really feel. Some of you are using her tweet as an excuse to intimidate women. I hope they don’t fall for it.

          • ‘Strong’ woman. Feminist rhetoric. We do not want ‘strong’ women, if such a creature actually exists. Rhonda Rousey? Men are not attracted to headstrong or muscular women. Those are masculine traits. No matter how desperate, lonely or horny a man is, an aggressive woman is a turnoff because she gives off masculine energy. It’s an amazing phenomenon. Women are built to be submissive in every aspect. Pretending they are leaders is foolish and dishonest. Any daughter of mine that spouts that garbage will find herself locked outside until she learns basic respect for men. It will save her life some day.

    • I know it might seem insignificant to some, but to go to such great lengths to defend mediocre-looking women is really triggering to me. People got to get their shit together on the Standards (of beauty) Question.

  • These women put PRO-WHITE content out ! It´s great content ! They are great ambassadors for the White cause: HOW IS IT EVEN A QUESTION of how to “deal” with that???
    I am happy and grateful about every piece that comes out and promotes pro-White in this form: attractive, high-class people standing for our cause, absolutely normalizing and mainstreaming it

    … and then some dweebs find out that that´s not ok because… what… vagina… or… what is even the problem?

    Again: this is so destructive to the WN cause that it is, at least in its effect, like sabotage, and my primary reaction is to wish to see those to be dealt with as saboteurs are dealt with and that is execution.

        • Many do, and they do so without creating division by inviting people to white-knight for them because anons are being mean to them. No men in the Alt-Right do this. Clearly, there is a woman problem. Does that mean that we have to kick all women out of the movement? No, but it means those that cause division and can’t take the heat need to gtfo.

          • If you attack someone for no reason whatsoever, then someone defends her, the source of the conflict is the attacker, not the attacked.

            This is like Kindergarten-level common decency here. I really don’t know exactly what the fuck your problem is.

          • “If you attack someone for no reason whatsoever, then someone defends her, the source of the conflict is the attacker, not the attacked.” – Did you even listen to the podcast? The person attacking her were trolls in a comment section. They are an ever-present force of nature. If you need to have someone defend you because anons are shit-talking you, then you’re too thin-skinned for the Alt-Right, period.

            “I really don’t know exactly what the fuck your problem is.” – Temper temper young lady. I wagged my finger as I said that by the way.

    • I agree. I just don’t see the harm in women creating more online platforms for not only WN women but MEN to spread awareness and inspire action in others. Women need to feel welcome but also understand their place in the movement.

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