On Women in the Alt-Right

WotW offers a few thoughts on the recent controversy over women in our movement.

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  • Not to mention. WTF is with all you hard core activists that aren’t making babies? If you aren’t having white babies you are worthless. You are less than a white cuck that is raising his wife’s son, some cat lady’s white baby. Really if all you are doing is wasting your load on porn, you are less than that cuck. I have no respect at all for white nationalists that have no white children, or imminent plans for them.

    • Why would you be an activist if you have a family you dope? Just makes you susceptible for extortion by the authorities and every minute spend on activism is spend better on your own brood anyway. Your just a domesticated animal trained long enough to show a pavlovian kneejerk reaction every time something you associate with your fucking mother is criticized.

  • How many have done as much as this bitch? Really? … She has more T than any random 10 of you combined. You want to push her out?

  • It appears the Alt-Right is infested with feminists AND white knights. You aren’t going to virtue-signal an end to white genocide: ‘Make white babies with muh Aryan maiden in a wheat field!’ Our birthrates are being sieved by ‘career’ women. How many times does this need to be explained? Why is it that only our people insist on this absurd ‘equality?’ Lana Lokteff is far and away the best woman in the movement, yet look at her…She is a feminist. She won’t even change her surname to that of her husband. She just had her first, and likely only, child in her late 30s. We are losing the numbers game because of the Pareto principle.

      • When I see the misogynic hatred coming out of you Alt-Righters, I now fully understand why White women massively refuse to join your movement(which hardly represent any significant number of Whites anyway…LOL!). I would not join it either. Its exactly the same male supremacist attitude of both Fascism and Nazism! In short: You have made absolutely ZERO IDEOLOGICAL PROGRESS since May 8 th, 1945!!… Sad, but true!

    • I don’t agree with what he said, I don’t think women should be trying for a leadership position over men (that’s how we got in this mess), but I don’t think he was vague. He was making points I’ve not seen elsewhere.

  • The problem is we have too many women on the alt-right who in reality are second wave feminist who only support the alt-right because they don’t want to live under Sharia law. These women want to preserve the gynocentric west. Thats why we have so many women in the alt-right who don’t want to get married, don’t want to have kids, don’t want to take their husbands last name (i am looking at you lana), even thou they say they support traditionalism. we need good women in the movement, not degenerate second wave feminist who join these movement for their own selfish agenda. Women are extremely important to the movement but they don’t belong in the front lines.

  • It’s simple. Unmarried women have no place influencing the alt-right. White Knighting will cease when the thirsty betas see the girl’s husband in the YouTube video. Ideally, hubby would also make sure she’s not shaking her chest in a low-cut top just to get views.

    Young, unmarried women trigger protective instincts in men. We automatically want to help them, protect them and/or marry (bang) them. Married women, especially if the husband is standing next to her, do not give off the same vulnerability vibe.

    The only women we should take seriously are women who make a point to prove they are not profiting off beta thirst by showing they are protected, loved and off the market.

    This still makes Lana Lokteff queen of the alt-right. (Nazi Taylor Swift is our Goddess)

    • “We automatically want to help them, protect them and/or marry (bang) them”

      True enough, but how much harm does this actually do? If the message is constructive, is it not better that young men watch a video with a cute girl, than watch nothing?

      • They have no ‘message.’ Read the comments. It’s just lonely guys who have added this ‘trad’ dimension to their masturbatory sensibilities. These mediocre sluts are nothing but soft-core stripteases. Women do not think like men. They do not have this ‘moment of truth.’ They are too busy watching makeup tutorials or rap videos. E-sluts represent nothing but a loop in the matrix distracting young men from there message, who pay these worthless whores and elevate them to relevance.

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