Left Out

Nobody wants to be here. For some reason, they don’t get that.

Journalists are obsessed with covering the Alt-Right. In truth, they cover the Alt-Right far too much given our lack of money, influence, and resources. But ensuring political dissidents like us remain isolated and fringe, stereotyped and straw-manned, is the whole purpose of journalism.

Trying to “explain” yourself to a journalist is like trying to talk a cop out of charging you with a crime, demanding an umpire reverse a call, or explaining to an SJW that you’re not actually a racist. The only way you succeed is if your interlocutor cedes the position of power, which isn’t going to happen. If he or she didn’t want to inflict suffering, the reporter wouldn’t be talking to you.

Still, journalists have to go through the farce of trying to explain things, usually with the intent of improving their audience’s self-image. Besides getting their subject fired, the purpose of Alt-Right pieces is to define what exactly led people into this movement, so as to prevent other people from following their path.

The premise is that something has gone “wrong,” that there’s some glitch in the subject’s personality which allows him to be dismissed, or that there is some individual or institution which created him that can be shamed or shut down. Witness the recent attempts to “explain” Mike Enoch or Andrew Anglin through clumsy psychoanalysis, mixed with cheap shots and wholesale inventions designed to make them look bad.

Every journalist thus approaches us seeking to answer two questions. The first – how can I make them look bad? The second – what are these Alt Right guys getting out of this?

Journalists are quite skilled at the first, as smearing political enemies constitutes the entire purpose of their profession. We can’t fault them for this any more than we can fault dogs for consuming their own vomit, hamsters for eating their young, or John McCain for wanting to bomb people. It is in their nature, and part of a heritage that goes back at least to the Philadelphia Aurora. In a traditional society, journalists would be relegated to the same social status as actors and prostitutes, members of an unclean trade who probably serve some societal purpose, but one decent people are better off not associating with.

Journalists can’t do the second. In some cases, there might simply be a tribal (or Tribal) grievance, and the hatred for whites is simply elemental and unchangeable. Yet others seem honestly confused. It’s not just that they don’t understand us; they can’t understand us. To understand what motivates the Alt-Right would be to unmake themselves, to cut away the scaffolding which supports their self-image and privileged position.

Which brings us to the latest hit piece on the Alt-Right, an odd attempt to criticize the Alt-Right for “looking left.” Several of the specific charges made by one Donna Minkowitz have been rebutted. But there’s more to unpack here, especially a bizarre comparison of the Alt-Right to Saruman.

In JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Saruman is a wizard with seductive powers of persuasion. He delivers hateful, vicious messages to those with whom that method works, sweet messages of solidarity to those who need a warmer touch. Where he trips up is when his opponent finally finds a way to make listeners hear both the vile and wheedling parts of his spiel at once…

In fact, the alt-right itself is a kind of Saruman—offering a grotesque caricature of social care, community, and the fulfillment of needs, predicated on the violent “cleansing” from the society of people of color, Jews, and what the right terms sexual “degenerates,” and the complete subjugation of women.

Of course, as the late Sam Francis (PBUH) noted, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which now serves a quasi-governmental role in tracking self-designated “hate groups,” attacked the LOTR film trilogy as “Eurocentric” and patriarchal when it came out. And this attempt to draft Tolkein’s civilizational epic in support of the war on whites is simply another attempt at projection.

The deconstruction of Western nations and the dispossession of European peoples is sold to us as part of a creed of love, compassion, and tolerance. Yet every single of us has seen the true face of those like Mikowitz in the death threats of Antifa, the genocidal pronouncements of Tim Wise, or the gleeful exultation greeting the extermination of the Boers.

The core truth none of these reporters seem to understand is that almost no one starts out here on the Alt-Right. Few “get” anything from it in terms this society would understand. Perhaps there are those creatures who are in the movement “for the money,” but they’d be better off financially working as a sandwich artist for Subway than as a white advocate.

It is no exaggeration to say every major institution in our society is aimed specifically at combatting people like us. The article implicitly admits this, noting the extreme security measures required simply for a group to hold a meeting, which, if it were discussing the fate of any other ethnic group, would enjoy funding and patronage from universities and multimillion-dollar foundations.

You end up here because you are driven here because the facts only lead in one direction. Perhaps some white nationalists start out as white nationalists or become skinheads as teenagers, but this can’t really be said of the “Alt-Right,” a characterization which emerged far later than WN 1.0.

Indeed, the whole point of the “Alt-Right” is that it crystallized as a response to the failures of conservatism and left-libertarianism; it’s an end-point rather than a beginning, and a set of ideas rather than an organization.

There will always be conservatives and libertarians, from Sam Francis to Hans Herman-Hoppe, who will think seriously about the consequences of their ideas and thus will be pushed in a direction many people would call “Alt-Right.” To remain in the “mainstream” of the conservative or libertarian movements requires engaging a kind of protective stupidity in which you deliberately shield yourself from certain concepts, refuse to read certain authors, and artificially limit your intellectual growth. The reason you get hapless goobers like Jeffrey Lord on CNN representing the “conservative” position is that if you actually take ideas seriously, eventually, you’re going to get purged from Conservatism Inc.

The same process is happening to the Left, though leftists themselves seem barely aware of it. There is no principle the Left claims to value which they will not eagerly cast aside if it means they get to hurt more White people. And those progressives who honestly believed in these principles will be pushed in our direction.

Overpopulation was recognized as a core concern of environmentalists only a few decades ago, and conservationism was founded by men such as Madison Grant who would be called “far right” today. But when the Sierra Club looked like it might actually do something about immigration, it was simply bought off. Now, we are told that stuffing an unlimited number of Africans and Asians into the First World will have no negative environmental effects.

Mass immigration, consistently pushed by the Chamber of Commerce and corporate America, is simply a means to acquire cheap labor. As even Cesar Chavez recognized, it’s simply the importation of scabs on a massive scale. Yet leftists not only defend it but define mass immigration as core to their political program. The modern Left has no greater enemy than the white working class, once its core constituency.

Because of the moral panic over “sexual harassment,” there’s no single man safe from having his life and reputation destroyed because of random accusations made with no evidence, sometimes decades old. Indeed, we are sternly warned to “listen and believe,” as if abandoning our reason now constitutes a claim to moral superiority. Yet the systematic sexual assault and rape of thousands of young girls over the course of decades by Muslim migrants is utterly ignored by feminists, even as they try to tell us we need to deconstruct our entire society because a guy she thought was icky asked to buy her coffee once.

Mankowitz says the Left needs to respond to the Alt-Right with a new vision.

What the left needs to do in this moment of doubt and danger is to put out our vision of care for all, mutual aid for everyone, a true beloved community—a deep and nurturing vision most of us have not mentioned since Trump won. Instead of spending our last breath heaping scorn on our opponents on Twitter, we need to launch long-term, grassroots campaigns of education and conversation in the sectors in which white supremacists are organizing: in the tech world, among white male veterans, and with libertarians and organized atheists, as well as among poor whites. We need to use what even the right acknowledges are our superior skills in organizing to, well, organize: convince, convert, persuade, excite with the vision of what a loving and mutual society would be like.

Yet for love to be meaningful, it must be limited. The Left must choose whether it wants a functional welfare state or mass immigration. And we know they will choose the latter because leftists are driven by hatred against us, not any positive vision of the future. Francis Fukuyama suggested the purpose of political development was “getting to Denmark,” creating a well-run and efficient social democracy. Instead, the modern Left sees its mission as imposing Zimbabwe.

After all the community organizers and professional revolutionaries, vanguard parties and symposiums on elaborate political theories, the left still doesn’t have anything that has ever existed which represents a “loving and mutual society.” Meanwhile, give us freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom to live in our own communities and other traditional liberties our ancestors took for granted, and we’re halfway to the ethnostate.

But we don’t even need to address leftist arguments directly. We know leftists don’t mean any of it. After all, what is this “education” and “conversation” that she speaks of? At least those of us who had to sit through the anti-white hatred of college orientation and the human resources seminars at our workplaces know these “conversations” aren’t meaningful exchanges of ideas, they are struggle sessions, intended to root out enemies and punish dissenters.

And “white supremacists” aren’t “organizing” in these communities. Let’s be blunt. Every Alt Right organizer is worth a hundred of theirs. But of course, there are thousands of professional “organizers,” subsidized by multibillion-dollar foundations, cheerleaded by the System media, trained and assisted by taxpayer-funded universities. We don’t have any professional organizers painstakingly crafting these coalitions.

What’s really happening in these communities are free conversations, empowered by the Internet and anonymous communication, in which people can actually examine facts and evidence without people screaming that it’s not allowed. Not surprisingly, this is also why the Left is so desperately working for ending free speech on the Internet. When a System journalist like Minkowitz says she wants to start a “conversation,” what she really wants to do is to end it.

Witness how they operate even within their own spaces. Progressives can’t even build a “loving” community within their own space, let alone in society. Straight white males certainly have no place within it. As we’re seeing with how progressive communities and journalists are ripping themselves apart, even if you deny every aspect of your identity, sacrifice your pride, and embrace your status as history’s most hated figure, you will still be hated. The only thing that’s been left to you, your pointless life of meaningless consumerism, can be taken away on the basis of an accusation of racism or sexism. Progressivism is a church with no salvation.

Indeed, the Left can’t tolerate its own history. It was Bernie Sanders who, quite accurately, called open borders a “Koch Brothers proposal.” It was Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to ever serve as the keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention, who headed the Jordan Commission and advocated immigration control measures far to the “right” of Donald Trump. It was Harry Reid who called for the elimination of birthright citizenship. The arguments changed not because leftists changed their minds about how to help workers, but decided it was better for their own careers simply to replace the workers. Such a process is taking place even within the Scandinavian social democratic states the Left once prized.

We can’t even say there’s really a “Left.” There’s just a shrieking horde of errant flesh, spastically and slavishly lashing in all directions, animated by the whims of whatever Narrative the journalists come up with. Wages, the environment, civil liberties, infrastructure, wealth inequality – none of these things matter anymore. There’s simply hatred of whites – full stop. What passes for an ideology is the creation of new forms of victimization. The Soviet Union could at least put a man into space and win a war. The only thing the modern “Left” can achieve is the creation of new gender identities.

Those leftists who did believe in the old liberal ideas will be driven into our ranks. It may be against their will. It matters not. Many of us were driven to this point, kicking and screaming and fighting it every step of the way. But the truth is the truth, and it must be carried forward, no matter how heavy the burden.

Journalists will never understand. None of us chose this. And even the most dedicated in our ranks are tempted to give in to despair at the unfairness of it all. Ideas most of our ancestors would have taken as self-evident are pathologized. Our heroes are slandered. The wicked profit from degeneracy. Those responsible for almost inconceivable evil and treason are hailed as our moral superiors. The media lies so blatantly and openly you are forced to question your own sanity when you see other people around you believing it and acting on it.

Yet this is where we are and our fate was to live at this desperate hour in our history. All we can do is find meaning in the struggle.

To take back Lord of the Rings from The Nation, when our people cry out, “What can men do in the face of such reckless hate?” we have an answer. “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.

Gregory Hood
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