Left Out

Nobody wants to be here. For some reason, they don’t get that.

Journalists are obsessed with covering the Alt-Right. In truth, they cover the Alt-Right far too much given our lack of money, influence, and resources. But ensuring political dissidents like us remain isolated and fringe, stereotyped and straw-manned, is the whole purpose of journalism.

Trying to “explain” yourself to a journalist is like trying to talk a cop out of charging you with a crime, demanding an umpire reverse a call, or explaining to an SJW that you’re not actually a racist. The only way you succeed is if your interlocutor cedes the position of power, which isn’t going to happen. If he or she didn’t want to inflict suffering, the reporter wouldn’t be talking to you.

Still, journalists have to go through the farce of trying to explain things, usually with the intent of improving their audience’s self-image. Besides getting their subject fired, the purpose of Alt-Right pieces is to define what exactly led people into this movement, so as to prevent other people from following their path.

The premise is that something has gone “wrong,” that there’s some glitch in the subject’s personality which allows him to be dismissed, or that there is some individual or institution which created him that can be shamed or shut down. Witness the recent attempts to “explain” Mike Enoch or Andrew Anglin through clumsy psychoanalysis, mixed with cheap shots and wholesale inventions designed to make them look bad.

Every journalist thus approaches us seeking to answer two questions. The first – how can I make them look bad? The second – what are these Alt Right guys getting out of this?

Journalists are quite skilled at the first, as smearing political enemies constitutes the entire purpose of their profession. We can’t fault them for this any more than we can fault dogs for consuming their own vomit, hamsters for eating their young, or John McCain for wanting to bomb people. It is in their nature, and part of a heritage that goes back at least to the Philadelphia Aurora. In a traditional society, journalists would be relegated to the same social status as actors and prostitutes, members of an unclean trade who probably serve some societal purpose, but one decent people are better off not associating with.

Journalists can’t do the second. In some cases, there might simply be a tribal (or Tribal) grievance, and the hatred for whites is simply elemental and unchangeable. Yet others seem honestly confused. It’s not just that they don’t understand us; they can’t understand us. To understand what motivates the Alt-Right would be to unmake themselves, to cut away the scaffolding which supports their self-image and privileged position.

Which brings us to the latest hit piece on the Alt-Right, an odd attempt to criticize the Alt-Right for “looking left.” Several of the specific charges made by one Donna Minkowitz have been rebutted. But there’s more to unpack here, especially a bizarre comparison of the Alt-Right to Saruman.

In JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Saruman is a wizard with seductive powers of persuasion. He delivers hateful, vicious messages to those with whom that method works, sweet messages of solidarity to those who need a warmer touch. Where he trips up is when his opponent finally finds a way to make listeners hear both the vile and wheedling parts of his spiel at once…

In fact, the alt-right itself is a kind of Saruman—offering a grotesque caricature of social care, community, and the fulfillment of needs, predicated on the violent “cleansing” from the society of people of color, Jews, and what the right terms sexual “degenerates,” and the complete subjugation of women.

Of course, as the late Sam Francis (PBUH) noted, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which now serves a quasi-governmental role in tracking self-designated “hate groups,” attacked the LOTR film trilogy as “Eurocentric” and patriarchal when it came out. And this attempt to draft Tolkein’s civilizational epic in support of the war on whites is simply another attempt at projection.

The deconstruction of Western nations and the dispossession of European peoples is sold to us as part of a creed of love, compassion, and tolerance. Yet every single of us has seen the true face of those like Mikowitz in the death threats of Antifa, the genocidal pronouncements of Tim Wise, or the gleeful exultation greeting the extermination of the Boers.

The core truth none of these reporters seem to understand is that almost no one starts out here on the Alt-Right. Few “get” anything from it in terms this society would understand. Perhaps there are those creatures who are in the movement “for the money,” but they’d be better off financially working as a sandwich artist for Subway than as a white advocate.

It is no exaggeration to say every major institution in our society is aimed specifically at combatting people like us. The article implicitly admits this, noting the extreme security measures required simply for a group to hold a meeting, which, if it were discussing the fate of any other ethnic group, would enjoy funding and patronage from universities and multimillion-dollar foundations.

You end up here because you are driven here because the facts only lead in one direction. Perhaps some white nationalists start out as white nationalists or become skinheads as teenagers, but this can’t really be said of the “Alt-Right,” a characterization which emerged far later than WN 1.0.

Indeed, the whole point of the “Alt-Right” is that it crystallized as a response to the failures of conservatism and left-libertarianism; it’s an end-point rather than a beginning, and a set of ideas rather than an organization.

There will always be conservatives and libertarians, from Sam Francis to Hans Herman-Hoppe, who will think seriously about the consequences of their ideas and thus will be pushed in a direction many people would call “Alt-Right.” To remain in the “mainstream” of the conservative or libertarian movements requires engaging a kind of protective stupidity in which you deliberately shield yourself from certain concepts, refuse to read certain authors, and artificially limit your intellectual growth. The reason you get hapless goobers like Jeffrey Lord on CNN representing the “conservative” position is that if you actually take ideas seriously, eventually, you’re going to get purged from Conservatism Inc.

The same process is happening to the Left, though leftists themselves seem barely aware of it. There is no principle the Left claims to value which they will not eagerly cast aside if it means they get to hurt more White people. And those progressives who honestly believed in these principles will be pushed in our direction.

Overpopulation was recognized as a core concern of environmentalists only a few decades ago, and conservationism was founded by men such as Madison Grant who would be called “far right” today. But when the Sierra Club looked like it might actually do something about immigration, it was simply bought off. Now, we are told that stuffing an unlimited number of Africans and Asians into the First World will have no negative environmental effects.

Mass immigration, consistently pushed by the Chamber of Commerce and corporate America, is simply a means to acquire cheap labor. As even Cesar Chavez recognized, it’s simply the importation of scabs on a massive scale. Yet leftists not only defend it but define mass immigration as core to their political program. The modern Left has no greater enemy than the white working class, once its core constituency.

Because of the moral panic over “sexual harassment,” there’s no single man safe from having his life and reputation destroyed because of random accusations made with no evidence, sometimes decades old. Indeed, we are sternly warned to “listen and believe,” as if abandoning our reason now constitutes a claim to moral superiority. Yet the systematic sexual assault and rape of thousands of young girls over the course of decades by Muslim migrants is utterly ignored by feminists, even as they try to tell us we need to deconstruct our entire society because a guy she thought was icky asked to buy her coffee once.

Mankowitz says the Left needs to respond to the Alt-Right with a new vision.

What the left needs to do in this moment of doubt and danger is to put out our vision of care for all, mutual aid for everyone, a true beloved community—a deep and nurturing vision most of us have not mentioned since Trump won. Instead of spending our last breath heaping scorn on our opponents on Twitter, we need to launch long-term, grassroots campaigns of education and conversation in the sectors in which white supremacists are organizing: in the tech world, among white male veterans, and with libertarians and organized atheists, as well as among poor whites. We need to use what even the right acknowledges are our superior skills in organizing to, well, organize: convince, convert, persuade, excite with the vision of what a loving and mutual society would be like.

Yet for love to be meaningful, it must be limited. The Left must choose whether it wants a functional welfare state or mass immigration. And we know they will choose the latter because leftists are driven by hatred against us, not any positive vision of the future. Francis Fukuyama suggested the purpose of political development was “getting to Denmark,” creating a well-run and efficient social democracy. Instead, the modern Left sees its mission as imposing Zimbabwe.

After all the community organizers and professional revolutionaries, vanguard parties and symposiums on elaborate political theories, the left still doesn’t have anything that has ever existed which represents a “loving and mutual society.” Meanwhile, give us freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom to live in our own communities and other traditional liberties our ancestors took for granted, and we’re halfway to the ethnostate.

But we don’t even need to address leftist arguments directly. We know leftists don’t mean any of it. After all, what is this “education” and “conversation” that she speaks of? At least those of us who had to sit through the anti-white hatred of college orientation and the human resources seminars at our workplaces know these “conversations” aren’t meaningful exchanges of ideas, they are struggle sessions, intended to root out enemies and punish dissenters.

And “white supremacists” aren’t “organizing” in these communities. Let’s be blunt. Every Alt Right organizer is worth a hundred of theirs. But of course, there are thousands of professional “organizers,” subsidized by multibillion-dollar foundations, cheerleaded by the System media, trained and assisted by taxpayer-funded universities. We don’t have any professional organizers painstakingly crafting these coalitions.

What’s really happening in these communities are free conversations, empowered by the Internet and anonymous communication, in which people can actually examine facts and evidence without people screaming that it’s not allowed. Not surprisingly, this is also why the Left is so desperately working for ending free speech on the Internet. When a System journalist like Minkowitz says she wants to start a “conversation,” what she really wants to do is to end it.

Witness how they operate even within their own spaces. Progressives can’t even build a “loving” community within their own space, let alone in society. Straight white males certainly have no place within it. As we’re seeing with how progressive communities and journalists are ripping themselves apart, even if you deny every aspect of your identity, sacrifice your pride, and embrace your status as history’s most hated figure, you will still be hated. The only thing that’s been left to you, your pointless life of meaningless consumerism, can be taken away on the basis of an accusation of racism or sexism. Progressivism is a church with no salvation.

Indeed, the Left can’t tolerate its own history. It was Bernie Sanders who, quite accurately, called open borders a “Koch Brothers proposal.” It was Barbara Jordan, the first black woman to ever serve as the keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention, who headed the Jordan Commission and advocated immigration control measures far to the “right” of Donald Trump. It was Harry Reid who called for the elimination of birthright citizenship. The arguments changed not because leftists changed their minds about how to help workers, but decided it was better for their own careers simply to replace the workers. Such a process is taking place even within the Scandinavian social democratic states the Left once prized.

We can’t even say there’s really a “Left.” There’s just a shrieking horde of errant flesh, spastically and slavishly lashing in all directions, animated by the whims of whatever Narrative the journalists come up with. Wages, the environment, civil liberties, infrastructure, wealth inequality – none of these things matter anymore. There’s simply hatred of whites – full stop. What passes for an ideology is the creation of new forms of victimization. The Soviet Union could at least put a man into space and win a war. The only thing the modern “Left” can achieve is the creation of new gender identities.

Those leftists who did believe in the old liberal ideas will be driven into our ranks. It may be against their will. It matters not. Many of us were driven to this point, kicking and screaming and fighting it every step of the way. But the truth is the truth, and it must be carried forward, no matter how heavy the burden.

Journalists will never understand. None of us chose this. And even the most dedicated in our ranks are tempted to give in to despair at the unfairness of it all. Ideas most of our ancestors would have taken as self-evident are pathologized. Our heroes are slandered. The wicked profit from degeneracy. Those responsible for almost inconceivable evil and treason are hailed as our moral superiors. The media lies so blatantly and openly you are forced to question your own sanity when you see other people around you believing it and acting on it.

Yet this is where we are and our fate was to live at this desperate hour in our history. All we can do is find meaning in the struggle.

To take back Lord of the Rings from The Nation, when our people cry out, “What can men do in the face of such reckless hate?” we have an answer. “Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.

Gregory Hood
the authorGregory Hood


  • Gregory Hood forgot to encase Minkowitz’s name in triple parenthesis. The Soviet Union was able to win WWII and put a man on the moon because Stalin killed and imprisoned most of the (((Bolsheviks))) who offered nothing but raw hatred of the Tsarist past and the Russian people much like America’s progs and SJW’s are consumed with hatred of white people.

    Stalin became a champion of the Russian people. America is still waiting for their pro-white Stalin to appear and deal ruthlessly and harshly with our biological and political enemies.

    Any white person with healthy instincts will eventually come to embrace white nationalism and alt-right ideology.

    • That is why they are furiously trying to create a militarized police state with all freedoms in the trash; so squash any resistance before it gets off the ground.

    • It would be wonderful if progressives hated us white people; at least then we would have a clear target. The problem is they don’t. Establishment progressives like the centrist democrats don’t give a fuck about white people; like the Republicans, including Trump and his horde of Koch-backed minions, all they see is green. Grassroots progressives don’t hate white people; in fact, many of them are white ( And of those who aren’t, many advocate for white people; see, for example, Black Lives Matter’s recent efforts to call attention to the execution of Daniel Shaver (

      And there are progressives concerned with the critical affirmation of white racial consciousness: critical, because we as white people have to recognize the fact that the history of whiteness has not always been glorious, affirmative because we cannot allow the darkness of our history to weigh us down, but must learn how to refashion white identity in a manner that promotes the peaceful co-existence of people of all races (see Linda Alcoff’s book The Future of Whiteness).

  • Can’t help myself. I’ve been gushing about Hood for years now and I should move on from the knee-jerk reaction to this article but…WOW, JUST WOW.

    There is usually at least one slap-in-the-face line by Hood in his pieces but too many to recite in this one. But this one brought a bemused, ironc, sigh for its impact:

    ” The media lies so blatantly and openly you are forced to question your own sanity when you see other people around you believing it and acting on it.”


  • How can you claim that the left has no room for white people when the vast majority of lefties are white? And if the alt-right’s power and influence are overrated by the elft wing news media, the same can be said of the way that antifa’s rather marginal influence is wildly magnified by the alt-right and news outlets sympathetic to it. Antifa only rears up to publicly confront the alt-right, so if the alt-right is largely unimportant then antifa must be even less consequential.

    • How provincial are you people? Whites are a minority on earth – something like less than 10%. Bernie Sanders, the candidate for White lefties, LOST because the candidate for non-White lefties, Hillary Clinton, got more votes.

      “antifa’s rather marginal influence”

      Antifa has friends in local government like Berkeley, is spearheaded by Senators like Tim Caine’s sons, gets positive, glowing reviews in mass media, and has the Israeli-sponsored terrorist group, JDL, organizing their “actions.”

      Does truth and reality matter to you people AT ALL?

      • “Whites are a minority on earth – something like less than 10%.”

        Whites have always been a minority on earth, so this is not news, though people of European decent are not less than 10%. If whites are declining as a percentage of the world population, it’s because they’re choosing to have fewer kids than non-whites.

        Bernie Sanders lost because he couldn’t convince people that an avowed socialist could win in the general election, not because he was for the white leftists.

        Antifa may have friends in a few local governments, but the alt-right has Trump in the white house and that loser Steve Bannon as their champion. It has Faux News and its imitators constantly fighting for its cause.

        It’ll still amount to nothing in the end, but it is not without influence.

        • Bernie lost because the Clintonites in the DNC waged a systematic media campaign against him. That is what we learned from Wikileaks.

        • Whites are being responsible by not overpopulating the earth. It’s the non-whites that are contributing to global warming by popping out so many kids. Why aren’t you lecturing them? Oh, it’s because you are anti-white.

          Also, Senator is a federal office, not local, and Sanders was most certainly the candidate for white leftists.

          • Global warming is not caused by having kids. It’s caused by burning fossil fuels in cars, factories, etc. And guess which race burns fossils fuels out of all proportion to its proportion of the human population? Whites.

          • Clearly, the solution is to stop ALL non-white immigration into White countries, and to STOP trading White technology with non-Whites, so Whitey won’t infect the world with our anti-environmental ways, right?

            But we know there is NO scenario that you would accept stopping non-White immigration, because you don’t care about the environment, you just hate White people.

          • Stopping non-white immigration won’t halt global warming. And there is no such things as white technology. There is simply human technology. All technology builds on prior knowledge and is cumulative.

            Keep going on with your silly noise about hating white people if you like. It just makes you sound juvenile.

        • No, on the eve of WWI whites comprised 30% of the world population, so almost 1 out of every 3 people were white whereas today it’s less than l in 10.

        • Whites are not choosing to have less children, you imbecile. A comment about this topic I left elsewhere:

          “The reason that birth rates are low in the west is because it’s prohibitively expensive to have children. Debt is out of control, housing is unaffordable, and work is increasingly precarious. These are hardly conditions in which people start families or are even able to plan for the future. Mass immigration compounds this problem, it doesn’t solve it, since it increases competition for both increasingly scarce work and public resources. But it does solve the problem for elites who would prefer not to have to invest in their own society or its institutions so that people can afford to have children again.

          What this means is that we’re essentially a disposable population and that our rulers have decided it’s simply cheaper to import the 3rd world than it is to get about the business of actually governing and creating a society that is capable of recreating itself and its social fabric. The end result isn’t like ethnic cleansing, it is literally ethnic cleansing. The end result is a people cut off from their own future and marked for disposal.

          Having families isn’t just about the birth rate or producing reliable units of labor and consumption because we have pensions to pay if the boomers expect to shuffle off into the twilight in the same luxury they were accustomed to for most of their lives. It’s also about structuring people’s lives in socially beneficial ways. Having children invests us in the long term success of our communities and gives us a shared future. What kind of society do we expect when this is no longer feasible for the average person? What kind of culture and politics does it produce? I guess we’ll get to find out.”

          • You’re the imbecile. You snidely deny that whites are choosing to have fewer kids, then you stupidly list the reasons that whites are choosing to have fewer kids.

            Yes cost is one reason many Americans – of all races – limit the number of kids they have, but there’s another one: selfishness. Kids consume huge amounts of resources and if you’re spending them on your kids, you can’t spend them on yourself. I know many dual professional white couples that have one child or even no kids because they insist on having high end cars, living in exclusive areas, eating out frequently at top restaurants, travelling abroad often and, for those with a child, sending their kid to a prestigious private school. Almost all easily could have a solid middle class life if they lived more frugally and lived in a nice suburb a bit farther out, but they won’t do it. They’re simply not willing to sacrifice their own lifestyles.

            There is one group of white Americans defying the trend towards extreme selfishness when it comes to family size: Mormons. Mormons have 3.4 kids on average, as opposed to the 2.5 average for Americans generally. And Mormons tend to have very stable families and lead solidly middle class lifestyles, so it is entirely possible to have larger families. But most Americans are not willingly to make the sacrifices necessary to do so.

          • Obviously if you can’t afford children because of your garbage casino economy and you don’t have children, *it’s not really a choice.* That is the whole point of the comment you’re responding to. And nobody cares about your silly imaginary anecdotal people that you “know.” The simple fact is that most whites haven’t had a raise in 40 years even while the cost of necessities outpaces the general rate of inflation. That is why people don’t have children, and no, it’s not a choice. Yes, mass immigration compounds all those problems and increases those roadblocks. So, I don’t see a rebuttal to the argument I presented. We’re not all Mormons.

          • Of course we’re not all Mormons, but the question you should be asking is how Mormons are able to do what you claim so many others can’t. Plainly it’s not due to race because Mormons are overwhelmingly white.

            And you’re wrong to claim that “whites” haven’t had a raise in 40 years. The average American hasn’t had a raise in 40 years but that includes everyone. If you just look at white Americans, they have had significant increases in aggregate income, though almost all has gone to the top 10%, with the lion’s share going to the top 0.1%

            You know full well that I did rebut your argument. If millions of Mormons (and latinos) can manage to have 2 or more kids, there’s no reason that most whites can’t as well as long as they’re willing to sacrifice to raise them properly. But fewer people are willing to sacrifice or do without in order to have more than 1 child.

          • Regardless of how you think people should react to precarious work and increasingly unsafe and unaffordable neighborhoods that result from your disastrous, lunatic, genocidal immigration policy, all that matters is how they do behave. And you keep going on about the top 10% when I’ve already pointed out to you that 30% of your billionaires are Jewish when they’re only 2% of the population. You’re going on about this, again, as if we’re all free market fundamentalists and you’re telling us something we don’t know. We are not free market fundamentalists. We’re not supports of the Kochs, who in fact want the same goddamn immigration policy you want because they want cheap fucking labor.

            “Well it’s their own fault they won’t have kids when men can’t find gainful employment to attractive wives or affordable housing in safe neighborhoods to raise them in.” No, actually, it’s your fault because you’re supporting an immigration policy which drives wages down and turns cities into fetid 3rd world garbage dumps.

            I don’t get what you’re confused about. You’re a useful idiot for capitalists, the very same capitalists you’re complaining about. Your ideas about diversity can be found in any corporate HR manual and you’re sitting here acting like you’re fighting the power or something or that we’re supporting them. We aren’t supporting them. You are. You’re actively defending their policy. We’re not.

            Most people on the alt right are economic nationalists, they put the interest of the nation before the interest of private companies. That’s what the critique of “globalism” is all about. And that’s been the argument for decades, even before the alt right when it was paleocons making it. Sam Francis, one of the original founders of NPI, the group Richard Spencer now heads, said outright that defense of capitalism wasn’t a conservative issue because capital was a revolutionary force that uprooted tradition and reduced peoples to units of labor and consumption and countries to markets. Most people on my side of the aisle see the same capitalism you’re whining about as an anti traditional, anti national force that is contrary to our interests. We want trade and private property but we want it yoked to a national interest and very often the interests of capitalists, like the Kochs, are contrary to the national interest. Does it make sense now? Because you’re clearly confused about who it is you’re arguing with. Go take your arguments to the National Review comments.

          • If 30% of billionaires are Jewish, then 70% are not. That 70% is overwhelmingly white.

            If you’re not a free market capitalist, then what are you? What reforms do you want? Simple expelling non-whites won’t change the fundamental economic dynamic. You can boot out every non-white and every Jew and there will still be extreme concentrations of wealth, increasing automation and a sizable population of working class whites unable to find gainful employment because when wages rise, efforts to automate increase. We see the same trends in virtually every country.

            The days of tens of thousands of workers manning factories are not coming back.

            And how, exactly, do you yoke trade to the national interest? Some modified form of national socialism? Where has that ever worked?

          • Actually, the current average family size in the US is dropped from 3.6 in 1960 to 1.9 today, so Mormons really do stand out for defying the national trend.

        • “Affordable housing” increasingly means living in 3rd world conditions with your migrant scab labor pets who the left incites against us when it blames us for their suffering and mediocrity while our (((media))) celebrates our dispossession and academia explains to us how we don’t exist. And you think people are simply choosing not to have children? Is that a joke?

  • Plenty of white people on the left. Many organizing white working class communities.

    If you think Trump or his Koch-backed minions care about any of you, you are seriously mistaken. The Left has many problems, but it is the only hope for ordinary working people of all races.

    • “Redneck Revolt” doesn’t do SHIT to organize working class communities, it’s just another Antifa group full of college kids. The Koch brothers support the left’s mass immigration scab labor policy – just endorsed it in the WOPO. 100% of “the left” supports mass immigration which HURTS working people of all races. You’re just a corporate shill.

      • The Koch brothers also support the right’s wealth concentration policies. The Koch’s are all in for the latest tax give away to the rich. The Koch firmly support treating corporate donations to politicians as a form of protected free speech because it allows them to control politicians.

        Organized political parties and institutions on the right have nothing but contempt for white working class people and the poor regardless of race.

        The real divider in America is class, not race, but you alt-right rubes will be happy living in a shack if the right convinces you that your shack is better than the hovel that blacks live in. The wealthy have been playing poor and working class whites for suckers since the days of slavery and you’re still falling for it.

        Meanwhile, the ultra-rich live lives of such excess that most people can’t imagine and you alt-righters would die like the dupes you are defending them as long as they’re mainly white. Stop behaving like serfs!

        • Mass immigration is a part of those wealth concentration policies. Where do you think wealth goes when you’re driving wages down with mass immigration, genius? Isn’t it obvious you’re useful idiots? And are you seriously trying to argue that the left cares about free speech? Surely you can anticipate my response.

          As for class, from my comment above. I went to college and read Marx too, a lot of us did.

          • So what if you read Marx? His was only one extreme analysis of class divisions. Besides, you basically agree with what I wrote. Yes mass immigration of low skilled labor drives down labor wages and increases the profits of the owners of capital. And who are they? Overwhelmingly they are white. So while the left may be playing right into the hands of the .01% that owns most of the equity in this country, so are race obsessed right wingers by keeping the working classes divided.

            If the ruling elite felt any kinship towards working class and poor whites, we’d see that concern reflected in policies. Instead we see life expectancy continuing to climb for the wealthiest while it is actually falling for working class white, especially women. And what has Trump done to stem the opioid epidemic that’s killing more whites than cancer and murder combined? Nothing.

            Capital supports policies that allow the wealthy to accumulate more capital. The organizing principal of the elite in this country is, and always has been, the pursuit of wealth. Race only matters to the degree that it helps or hinders that goal.

          • Nobody here supports the Koch brothers. Why did you think they did? You’re doing this weird thing where you’re trotting out these canned talking points designed for Bush era free market fundamentalists circa 2002. Do you not understand that we have our own criticism of those people? Who did you think we were referring to when we used the term “cuck?”

            First, in terms of per capita representation among the evil ruling class you whine about, they are not white, they’re *Jewish.* Jews are 2% of the population yet 25 to 30% of students on any ivy league campus. They are nearly 30% of your billionaires. !00% of your fed chairmen. I can go on and on. Why would Jews, a separate ethnic identity with its own perceived interests, care about the white working class? And when did I even suggest that a white elite would care about the working class? I never suggested that, nor do I think it. Nor does anyone else writing for this site or posting in the comments. What the hell are you even talking about?

            The point is that you can’t unite the working class by replacing disparate ethnic and racial groups with a single class identity because, as I explained already, *race is real.* In order to unite the working class, it has to be possible for them to form communities that people can rely on where there is common identity and social trust. That is impossible to achieve with a black population that destroys neighborhoods and schools. One which the left incites against the white population and scapegoats. Nor is it possible to do so by promoting mass immigration which only overwhelms increasingly needed social services while pitting people against one another for a dwindling number of already inadequately compensated jobs.

            So, no, the white working class is not “voting against their own interests” and we would all see that if we just understood your tiresome Marxist theory of “false consciousness” and how the ruling class uses race to divide and conquer. It is not, in fact, in their interest to import violent black populations into white working class neighborhoods that have much lower crime rates. It in fact drives up the cost of housing in safe neighborhoods. It creates a situation in which being poor doesn’t just mean living in a trailer park, but means living in Liberia. And no, those are not conditions in which whites are likely to have children for all the obvious reasons.

            No, it is not in the white working class’s interest to vote for somebody like Obama again who uses HUD to push blacks into white neighborhoods. For many working class whites, the only wealth they have is tied up in the equity in some salt box house and that can disappear overnight when Laquanda’s 6 kids start stealing car stereos and destroying the schools.

            It is not in the white working class’s interest to import people who will overwhelm the welfare state they depend on. Nor can you expect them to want to pay into a system which primarily subsidizes other people’s families when whites can’t even afford their own. None of this shit is in their interest and that is why you’re not going to be able to unite a white and black working class. What do you not understand?

          • You keep going on about “whites.” Now you say the term does not include wealthy whites. Rather silly to exclude the most accomplished and intelligent people from your movement. Maybe you should ask why so many successful whites have no use for the alt-right.

            You then say that there can be no working across racial lines because of your delusions about the ubiquity of black criminality. This makes no sense. Blacks can be a very powerful voting bloc, as we just saw in Alabama. Working together to achieve economic goals means voting for policies that help middle and working class people regardless of race. Policies like requiring companies to provide a share of equity in their companies to the workers, the way they do in Germany. Policies like reducing the cost of college so that working class people can send their kids without them taking on tremendous amounts of debt. Policies like progressive taxation so that middle class workers keep more of their incomes. Those policies haven’t anything to do with blacks moving into any supposedly desirable white neighborhoods, but they would improve the circumstances of all working class people. But it’s more important to you to denigrate black people. That’s what I mean about poor whites still being willing to put up with being treated like garbage by the elite as long as they can look down on blacks. 300 years after the end of slavery and you’ve demonstrated that the strategy of divide and conquer still works with many working class whites.

            And much of your rhetoric about racial living patterns is terribly outdated. The most significant change going on today is not blacks moving into white neighborhoods, but whites moving into black neighborhoods like Harlem in NYC and seemingly every part of DC.

          • Look, go read what Jared Taylor has written about race realism. Those arguments are far better supported than you realize. You’re clearly not familiar with any of it. We’re not talking about blacks or whites as individuals, we’re talking about aggregate group dynamics, group traits. Imagine two bell curves with a middle that falls in different places. They overlap. That’s the reality of racial population dynamics. It’s not individuals that matter from the perspective of policy, is group dynamics which matters because that’s what determines the sphere of social and political possibility. The distance between where one curve and another falls is the difference between a high trust society where people don’t have to lock their doors at night and a 3rd world hell hole which requires a police state.

            As for blacks, the American black community on any number of metrics is roughly identical to Ivory Coast. Crime correlates to race, not to income. The wildly elevated level of black crime in the U.S. is characteristic of black populations everywhere you find them, in Africa or elsewhere. As for the colonialism excuse, the most advanced countries in Subsaharan Africa are the ones that had the most contact with colonizers, not the least. The simplest of all competing theories is that these aggregate black behaviors and outcomes are the product of biology. If you find that to be outrageous biological determinism and racism, well, we’re race realists. The term “racism” is meaningless to us. “Racism” is just pattern recognition plus the drive for self preservation, something everybody does and must do. If everybody is racist, then nobody is racist.

            There is a class divide within white society. There is a white portion of the ruling class. There is also a Jewish contingent which has specifically Jewish ethnic interests. It’s both. That’s not a hard concept to grasp. And it’s pretty obvious if you look at the power structure. I’ve already given you the stats on Jewish overrepresentation. We can argue about if it’s the Jewish contingent that is leading the white contingent, or if it’s the white contingent leading the Jewish contingent, but there’s no way to understand it if you’re pretending that Jews don’t perceive themselves as their own ethnic group with their own interests. That’s what politics is in real world, it’s not magical ideas, it’s competing ethnic groups. That’s all it ever was and all it ever will be.

            “Policies like requiring companies to provide a share of equity in their companies to the workers, the way they do in Germany. Policies like reducing the cost of college so that working class people can send their kids without them taking on tremendous amounts of debt. Policies like progressive taxation so that middle class workers keep more of their incomes.”

            Sounds great!

            “Those policies haven’t anything to do with blacks moving into any supposedly desirable white neighborhoods, but they would improve the circumstances of all working class people. ”

            They would not. What happens instead is that the white working class ends up on the hook for subsidizing the families of a permanent black underclass. That black underclass will remain permanent because these are people with an average IQ of 85. There is no amount of money you’re going to be able to throw at them which is going to improve their academic performance. You realize that whites from families that make 20k outperform blacks from families that make 200k on SATs? You realize that per capita, we actually spend more money on black students than white students and get far less return for it. Heritage Foundation’s research showed that. They’re corporate neoliberal shills, but that research holds up. So what the left will really do is just scapegoat white society for black misery, criminality, and underperformance. Blacks will destroy neighborhoods, whites will be ethnically cleansed from their own communities, and you’ll reverse the cause and effect and blame us for it. All the left’s policy prescriptions will amount to is us being blamed for nonwhite underperformance and being squeezed out. Non-Jewish, non-legacy whites are something like 8% of Harvard’s student body, for instance.

            Here’s what I think you’re doing. When I attribute black poverty and criminality to biology, to race, I think what you’re hearing is a denial of systemic causes for poverty. So, to you, it sounds like I’m saying “personal responsibility, libtard, get a jerb,” like Tea Partiers or boomer conservatives from between the 1980s to about the 2000s, right? That isn’t what anybody is saying. We all recognize the importance of environment, affordability of housing, access to employment. We all understand that institutions and access to resources shape life outcomes. Nobody said they didn’t. For instance, most of us can see that you have a declining white working class that a generation ago was doing just fine. The reasons for that are not that people suddenly got lazy and they just need to be personally responsible, it’s because we offshored all their jobs in the name of free trade and market fundamentalism. See? I get that. We all get it. So you can stop explaining it.

            The issue with nonwhites, especially blacks, but to a lesser extent hispanics, is that race is real. It isn’t solely attributable to environment. It’s like you can’t hold these two ideas in your head at the same time.

            Imagine a female body builder. You realize that a female body builder in peak physical condition can lose an arm wrestling match to some schmuck who never works out at all simply because he has a y chromosome? That’s not an exaggeration. Ok, well for her to be in top physical condition, she had to have access to a gym, a trainer, time to train, etc., in other words, it requires access to resources, an environment which could enable her to reach her potential, right? But it’s the potential that’s the issue. Even if she does everything perfectly and has all the obstacles removed, she’s still getting her ass kicked in an arm wrestling match by a guy who doesn’t work out at all. Can you see how this applies to race?

            Blacks on average have an IQ of 85. I know you want to pretend IQ isn’t meaningful, but it is. The potential simply isn’t there. It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at them, how much you stamp your feet and scapegoat white society for wildly disproportionate black crime rates and abysmal academic performance. None of that is going to change because it’s *biological.* Maybe if you had these institutions or those institutions you could get better results, but the fact remains that you’re never going to turn blacks into white people on paper. The culprit here isn’t white racism, it’s just black biology. Yes, that’s a racist view. I am a racist. We are all racists, if we’re going to agree that “racism” has any meaning.

            What we want is economic nationalism. Like I explained elsewhere. We want a trade policy that benefits white American workers. Many of us are open to a welfare state so long as it’s one that doesn’t provide perverse incentives which lead women to replace fathers with the single mother handout state. Most of us would support one that encourages intact families because when people can rely on families and families can rely on communities, they have less need of a welfare state and there will be more resources as well as political will to provide assistance when it is needed. We want trade that makes family formation possible because families are the basic unit of communities and communities are the building blocks of our society. In other words, we want trade that is subordinate to the national interest. We’re not individualists, we’re communitarians. It’s not about our “economic liberty” or our “individual rights,” it’s about the obligations that we have to our communities and to future generations. See?

            Let me try it a different a way. Here’s a paradigm which might make it click for you. The baby boom right and left are really dueling individualisms, or dueling notions of “progress.” Each seeks to do away with what came before, to “liberate” us from it in the name of “individual rights.” For the left, these rights are social. For the boomer market fundamentalist right, those rights were economic. The left wanted social liberty. The right wanted economic liberty. Each sought to liberalize both spheres. Our choice was destroying traditional marriage and gender norms or antiwhite politics with the left, or it was destroying our economic life with the right. We would liberalize neither sphere. We’re not talking about individual rights, as in what communities owe individuals, we’re talking about what individuals owe communities and future generations. It’s a right wing socially conservative conception of a collective public interest. Whereas the boomercons you think you’re arguing with, or people like the Kochs for instance, would call any conception of the collective public interest “collectivism” or “statism.” Do you see the difference now?

            Look, man, there’s a serious learning curve here. You really don’t understand any of this stuff. I can’t get up to speed here without writing a massive essays like this. I’m not an economical enough writer for this.

            Whatever, I did my best.

          • I’ve been reading Jared Taylor’s race theories for at least a decade. Sounds like you’ve bought into them entirely. I don’t. They’re one grand rubber theory.

            For example you repeat the trope that black America “correlates” with Ivory Coast “on any number of metrics.” And that, you say, is down to biology. And what explains the metrics that don’t correlate with Ivory Coast? And why Ivory Coast and not some other country?

            You claim that black crime is a function of biology, yet the crime rate has fluctuated dramatically and is at its lowest recorded level. What explains these changes? If biology explains crime, crime rates should be fairly fixed. Of course there is a huge social factor in what constitutes crime. Blacks are far more likely to be arrested for drug possession though whites are as likely to be in possession of illegal drugs. Are we to believe that biology explains why blacks use drugs and sociology explains why whites use drugs at the same or higher rates?

            The murder rate for whites in America is higher than the rates for whites in the UK, Germany or France. Is that also due to biology? Or do we only look for biological explanations when they accord with your beliefs?

            And you’re wrong about crime. It correlates with income and education much more strongly than race.

            As for IQ, we’re learning more and more about what factors go into determining cognitive ability. Yes, there is a strong genetic factor, but there’s also a strong environmental factor. What we’ve learned so far is that racial differences in intelligence are shrinking and that many environmental factors explain much of the continuing differences.

            But even your arguments about IQ are framed entirely in racial terms. You point to blacks and claim the potential for improvement isn’t there, yet you fail to draw the logical conclusion, which is that for a significant percentage of the white population, the potential also isn’t there. Perhaps the reason we see an increasingly stratified society is that lower IQ whites are being left behind. That was one of the (less well known) arguments in The Bell Curve. If that’s true, then all of your efforts to improve the white working class are likely to fail. The potential simply isn’t there among the lower IQ whites who make up the white working class. Clever whites will keep doing just fine.

            Also, what I find most telling about the race theorists is their indifference when their theories turn out to be wrong. For years one of their core assertions was that differences in life expectancy between the races are a function of differences in intelligence. Smarter people simply live longer, they asserted, so efforts to reduce health disparities were doomed to fail. Then it became well documented (by actual scientists) that poorly educated latino immigrants have the longest average life expectancies in the country, exceeding whites and Asians. So the race realist crowd just stopped making that argument.

            Race realists are just modern myth makers. They look at the current state of race relations and offer seemingly plausible explanations. Then scientists and serious researchers produce breakthroughs and the race realists give ground.

    • Spoiler: neither Trump nor the Left cares about working class whites, except to use them for votes

      They’ve become a safe target for abuse and exploitation, because they failed to control their own institutions, and let outsiders control them instead.

      That’s why they need to build their own worker’s party

    • Your ideas about diversity can be found articulated in any major corporation’s human resources manual. Don’t you find that a bit strange? Is there ever a point where you will explain to us how flooding the country with cheap labor and overwhelming already inadequate social services are in the interest of the working class you claim to care about?

      Gee, if race is how the ruling class divides and conquers the working class, I guess a permanently fractured multiracial and multicultural society would be ideal for them, yeah?

      Look, it’s simple: You’re right. The ruling class does use race to divide and conquer the working class but you’re mistaken in the belief that you can trade disparate racial and ethnic identities for a single global proletarian identity. That will never happen because race is real and pushing, for instance, a black population that is 27x as likely to murder whites as the reverse on to unsuspecting white communities destroys social capital, makes social trust impossible, and hobbles their ability to rely on communities when they need them the most. And they’re going to need cohesive, functional communities if you’re going to continue to drive their wages down by importing people who you incite against them for political advantage.

      Working class whites are the only group of people in an industrialized country with a declining life expectancy now. Is it possible that they have interests specific to them like every other group and will need to pursue those interests if they expect to avoid drowning? Or is believing that whites have a right to exist racism?

  • If nothing else, one thing Trump has accomplished is publicly exposing the scabbiness of the MSM. Fine article.

  • “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” HL Mencken

  • Gregory, your fine article develops a compelling idea in tight, spare prose. When you have time, please write more articles like this.

    Your article still wants further editing at these two points:

    1. “In fact, the alt-right itself is a kind of Saruman….” In your published draft, this thought does not seem to follow from the preceding thought, especially in view of the phrase, “In fact.” Have you deleted a preceding, bridging paragraph, forgetting to replace the deleted bridge with another bridge?

    2. “The media lies so blatantly and openly you are forced to question your own sanity when you see other people around you believing it and acting on it.” To what does the pronoun “it” refer?

    3. “The Soviet Union could at least put a man into space and win a war. The only thing the modern ‘Left’ can achieve is the creation of new gender identities.” This is especially excellent prose.

  • You want “free speech” and this is your forum, so maybe you could explain something to me: How is it SO unbelievably “hard” for White people to do what every other group has – and is – doing? Why go snowflake about having to attend schools that criticize your culture (Anglin and Enoch WEREN’T “left out” of college. They both quit it, much to their detriment.)? Or watch your behavior around women, as women have always had to do around men? Or toil away as a “sandwich artist”, so that you can be less of a #basementdweller ? You’re, obviously, not going to beat or join “the establishment”, despite your claim that Whites can outsmart and outwork *anyone*. So, why won’t YOU conform to our current society, instead of whining about society’s unwillingness to cater to you? After all, Whites have helped to build all of this. Our first judges, journalists, 1%-ers and university presidents were White. Most of them still are. And our social infrastructure has most of the flaws it’s always had. Only its casualties have changed. You’re not angry at the “System”. You’re just angry that it’s hurting you, which is understandable, but still hypocritical.

    • “So, why won’t YOU conform to our current society,”

      First of all we don’t share a society anymore. There are two Americas. Your leftist America and it’s hijacked institutions sustained by a passing fad in ideology called “multiculturalism”, and our White America sustained by the eternal and immortal Blood of our People, bound together by inviolable Laws of Nature .

      Our America is going to destroy your America. End of story.

      The only alternative to our victory over the left is both of our Americas being destroyed by ultra Masculine and Patriarchal Islam.


      • You’re right about there being two Americas, but you are flat out wrong about the divisions. In America today there are the rich and the non-rich.

        If you think the ultra rich whites who own the majority of equity in corporate America and the professional class that sits beneath them feel any kinship with you, then you are still thinking like a serf beholden to his lord.

        The rich feel nothing but contempt for you. They believe America is a meritocracy, that they’ve earned all their wealth and privileges and they disdain those who haven’t been able to succeed.

        And they have overwhelming political power. The only threat to their ability to continue to stack the decks in their favor is if the working and middle classes of all races unite.

        But that won’t happen while you’re off on some racial fantasy and the left is busy denouncing you. Bickering like serfs and playing into the hands of the rich.

        Prime case in point: I can’t believe how many working class whites are stupidly championing this latest tax bill that does nothing but shift more wealth to the wealthiest. How idiotic can working class whites be? When will they wake up and realize that they’ve been sold a bill of goods?

        • Jews are 2% of the population and 30% of your billionaires. They are 25 to 30% of students on any ivy league campus which pumps out your future defense intellectuals, CEOs, and so on. 5 out of 6 major media corporations with 90% of the market are run by Jews. 100% of your fed chairmen are Jewish.

          Now, if they were simply white, you’d point to these numbers and conclude that it’s the result of systemic white supremacy, yet if we point out that they are Jews, all of the sudden an ethnic and racial group at the top of the pile become scrappy hard working underdogs and to think otherwise makes us conspiracy theorist loons. Do I have this right?

          Our relationship to our ethnic Jewish overclass is identical in every important respect to the Indians’ relationship to the Raj or the Algerians’ relationship to the French. They’re a foreign ethnic group with their own interests with disproportionate influence in all our most important institutions. If our interests are opposing, it’s their interests that win out. That is in fact why we have this immigration policy in the first place. It’s why nobody could tell us what the U.S.’s interest was in toppling Assad and propping up proxies in the horrific civil war there other than to tell us how he was a big bad man, the next Hitler. I could see Israel’s interest in splitting Syria off from Iran, but I’m still having trouble understanding what our interest was.

          As for the bill of goods, like I pointed out above, race is real. It’s you who are supporting the same immigration policy as those evil capitalists you whine about, not us. If race is real and if race and ethnicity are how the ruling class divides and conquers the working class, then a permanently fractured multiracial and multiethnic society will be ideal for them. How could it possibly not be fractured if the left scapegoats us for nonwhites’ supposed suffering, if black men are 6% of the population and committing over half the homicides, if “multicultural enrichment” looks like Pakistani grooming gangs raping the daughters of working class whites who couldn’t afford to flee to your gentrified hipster neighborhood?

          And have you seriously not figured out yet that there are right wing criticisms of free market fundamentalism? It’s like you think you’re arguing with evangelical flag wavers chanting “get a jerb” circa 2002. Do you really not understand that the alt right is the evolution of the paleocon right? After all this and you still don’t understand the goddamn difference? That’s embarrassing.

          • Actually, Jews make up 25 – 28%% of the student populations of Harvard, Yale, Columbia and U Penn, but only 15% of Brown and 12% of Princeton. And if the Trump administration succeeds in banning affirmative action, the figures for Asians will exceed those figures, so non-Jewish whites will very likely become a distinct minority at the top schools in the near future.

            The flaw in your analysis is that American Jews are not like the Indians to the Raj or Algerians to the French because being American is not based on notions of blood kinship, however much the alt-right likes to pretend otherwise. America has never been and never will be like France, Germany or Russia in this regard.

            The ruling classes divide along whatever lines work. If people like you keep falling for the racial divide, then they’ll continue to use it.

            The alt-right is the wrong solution to a very complex set of problems, most of which are a function of significant economic change coupled with a palpable white fear of loss of social position as the country changes demographically and becomes far more competitive.

            As whites becomes less dominant, it’s entirely predictable that they begin to act like any other minority group, with many of the same insecurities.

          • First, the Jewish enrollment numbers you’re posting support my original point, which you weirdly did not address. I would assume that if you could address the argument I made, you would have already.

            Second, the United States is not, nor was it ever a “proposition nation.” There are no proposition nations, nor can there ever be because nationhood refers to people, tribes, extended genetically related families, not to abstractions or political ideas. The idea that the United States is a proposition nation is a Cold War propaganda trope, not a principle of this country’s founding. Watch the damn video:


            Your predictable sperg arguments about how the U.S. is a nation of immigrants is false. It is a nation of white immigrants. “White” is the founder’s word, not mine, the very same word you will find in the Immigration Act of 1790 which restricted citizenship to people of this racial distinction, which they recognized even then. Your arguments about how “whites don’t exist” because people people didn’t like Irish immigrants only have meaning if you don’t believe that race is objectively real and a biological fact. If you do understand that it is biological, then you will recognize – as almost everybody does – that a Somali and an Irishman are not interchangeable. Irishmen are more similar to Germans and Scandinavians, and therefore they are more able to create a coherent and singular society. It’s really very simple and obvious but you’ll go on pretending you don’t understand it because otherwise, you’d have no argument.

            “The alt-right is the wrong solution to a very complex set of problems, most of which are a function of significant economic change coupled with a palpable white fear of loss of social position as the country changes demographically and becomes far more competitive.”

            You don’t even know what our solutions are. You don’t even realize what we’re arguing. You seem to be under the impression that we’re all Bush era free market fundamentalists. We are not. As for the “palpable fear of loss of social position,” it is actually the palpable fear of violent crime and being made a stranger in your own community. It is the rational fear of being priced out of safe neighborhoods. It’s not about ego, it’s about your daughter not being gang raped by Pakistanis that the left imported to incite against us and and so corporations could drive our already stagnant wages down. It’s fascinating how you go on pretending that you don’t understand this and instead cling to this moronic and unfounded argument about ego, and “social position” and so on, as if downwardly mobile whites who haven’t seen a raise in 40 years and who have exploding suicide rates believe they are “privileged.” Is it a privilege to be able to afford a neighborhood where blacks don’t threaten your family’s life and Pakistanis don’t gang rape your daughter? Because crime correlates to race, not to income. Whites, apparently, can be poor without having crime rates on par with Ivory Coast.

          • Also, even if it were true that the United States was a proposition nation, why would we tolerate a Jewish ruling class and institutions they control which reflect their interests rather than ours? What would the U.S. being a proposition have to do with anything?

            It wouldn’t really matter if Jews had the position they had simply because they worked harder and deserved it. Are we supposed say “gee, I guess we’ll have to open the flood gates to the 3rd world and send our sons off to die for another multitrillion dollar war for Israel because Jews deserve their success and the United States is a magical idea rather than an actual, real life, flesh and blood group of people.”

            Can you see now why meritocracy doesn’t square with multiculturalism?

            Your arguments are poor because they’re stock rebuttals to arguments none of us are even making. You have no idea what we think about anything and that is why you can’t anticipate my responses. I know it’s confusing when we lose an argument, especially when we’re convinced that we’re arguing with dumb hillbillies who “vote against their own interests” and don’t understand that they’re victims of “false consciousness,” useful idiots for the nefarious, all powerful Koch Brothers, but the fact is that you don’t even know what we are arguing. Wouldn’t you have to know what somebody’s position is to know if you disagreed with it or not?

            I’ve already addressed your argument about false consciousness and divide and conquer. I’ve already pointed out to you that if race really is how the ruling class divides and conquers the working class, then it would be a multiracial society that would be ideal for them, one in which we would be legally prohibited from forming our own communities which would then be better able to unite and advocate for themselves. Lo and behold, that’s the society we have and it’s the left which gave it to us all in the name of diversity.

            Diversity or working class interests. Pick one. You don’t get both.

          • I confess I find many of your argument to be incoherent. You’re quite right that i don’t know exactly what the alt-right stands for because it doesn’t stand for any concrete idea. At least not yet. It seems to be based on a shared set of grievances, with any number of supposed solutions, many of them bordering on fantasy.

            However, one point you made I’d like to challenge is the notion that America is not a proposition nation. America always has been a proposition nation united by ideas about freedom and democracy as opposed to blood kinship.

            You can say that the founders intended it to be a white nation, but who really cares? They also intended the vote to be limited to educated, landed white males and no one else. They intended for it to be a slave holding nation. Does anyone living in America today really feel bound by those ideas?

            Without a doubt, America today is a proposition nation today. Huge majorities reject any notion of race being a qualification for citizenship. You do not need to be white to be fully, 100% American. You’re arguing that America should be what the founders wanted rather than what the people want, which turns the idea of democracy on its head. This is America; not Italy. The American people are only concerned with retaining the America the founders wanted to the extent it’s consistent with what we want for our country.

          • The alt right is ethnonationalism. It’s the same thing you find in Europe. It’s just the modern version of paleoconsevativism. It’s nationalism. It looks confusing to you because you’re looking at it through a false paradigm that came out of Cold War Babyboom liberalism.

            “However, one point you made I’d like to challenge is the notion that America is not a proposition nation. America always has been a proposition nation united by ideas about freedom and democracy as opposed to blood kinship.”

            Watch the video I linked you elsewhere. This is a fantasy history, a Cold War propaganda trope that dates from the 1970s on. That is not what this country was until the cold warriors decided it relatively recently. There are no proposition nations. Nationhood refers to people, like I already explained. And that will remain the case regardless if you want to recognize it or not. Those are the laws of history.

            As for what the people want, mass immigration was never put up to a vote. Nobody ever got to vote on it. The closest we came to that was Trump. Regardless if Trump turns out to be a scam artist, the simple fact is that he put mass immigration up for a vote and people voted against it. It’s never been popular. You can look at polls going way back. There was never a time when the majority of the population wanted mass immigration. So who is really ignoring democracy?

            And a word about this. You realize that mass immigration isn’t like other issues we vote on in a democracy. It’s not prayer in school or capital gains taxes. Democracy assumes the possibility of loyal oppposition. If one side loses, they still remain loyal to the system. But in this case you’re asking people to vote on if they have a right to exist or not. How can they remain loyal if they should lose that vote?

            Nations are not ideas. Nations are *people.* We are a people, this is our homeland. It’s not a dumping ground for the 3rd world because democrats want voters and corporations want cheap labor.

          • The alt-right is not nationalism. It’s just old fashioned racism. It rejects the presence of a huge chunk of the nation’s population. Its chief complaint is not that immigrants are coming, but that non-white immigrants are coming here. It presumes that someone white with no ties whatever to this country has a legitimate claim to live here but that a black person whose family has been here for 300 years does not.

            As for the people not voting on mass immigration, so what? We live in a republic. If you’re making a list of objectionable things never put to a popular vote, how about nuclear weapons or policies that tax hedge fund billionaires at lower rates than secretaries or policies allowing drug companies to engage in price gouging? All those policies also likely would change if this was a direct democracy, but it would also grind the business of government to a halt.

            If a majority wanted to restrict Congress’ ability to determine immigration rates, we could do it by constitutional amendment. To my knowledge, there is no effort to pass any such amendment.

            And if the closest we came to a popular vote on immigration was the last presidential election, then a majority voted for immigration and against Trump’s immigration plans because he lost the popular vote by 3 million.

            I have no idea what you mean about someone voting on whether they have the right to exist. No one and nothing threatens the existence of whites in America. But if you believe there is a racial homeland that belongs exclusively to whites, that homeland must be somewhere in Europe, which is where whites originated, not America.

          • You realize the U.S. was 90% white as recently as 1965 when the Hart Celler act opened the flood gates to nonwhite immigration, right?

          • According to the Pew Research Center, the US was 84% white, 11% black, 4% hispanic (which can be any race) and 1% Asian in 1965. By 2015 those figures were 62% white, 12% black (almost no change), 18% hispanic and 6% Asian.

            Of course, separating out hispanics as a race is misleading. The vast majority of Euro-ish hispanics identify as white ( ex. Christina Aguilera and the majority of African-ish hispanics identify as black (Tyson Beckford).

            Yes, I know that many latinos don’y consider themselves whie or black, but I expect that as the 2nd and 3rd generation of latino immigrants grow up and are assimilated into American culture, they’ll “become” just plain old white or black, with ethnicity being more about food than anything else, like with Italians.

          • Also, I don’t buy that the alt-right is motivated by fear of crime. Crime rates remain at historic lows and very few whites are victims of crime not committed by a friend or relative. In fact, when you ask people about their most pressing concerns, fear of crime doesn’t even make the top 10.

            You seem to occupy a world where blacks exist solely to threaten your family and Pakistanis exist solely to rape your daughters. These distorted, stereotyped beliefs are a liability.

          • Oh, it’s all a conspiracy. Go move to Camden or Detroit. Why don’t you already live there? You can buy a house for the price of a used car and since you people believe that poverty causes crime, don’t you think those places could use your tax dollars? Send your kids to those schools. I live in a neighborhood that is going black because Obama’s HUD pushed them into our community and now people are worried about property values, when that’s all the meager wealth these people have.

            “Crime is at historic lows” while incarceration rates are historic highs. Gee, could the two be related? It means nothing if crime is at historic lows to people who have to flee neighborhoods that are being turned into Gary, Indiana. That really is what this is about. People look at what’s happening in Europe and how whole cities have been destroyed and turned into no-go zones where people flee or have to live in fear and they see the same thing happening here when we force Somalis on Minneapolis or whole towns in the South are suddenly populated by Mexicans. And before you give me your bullshit boilerplate about how Mexican immigrants have lower crime rates than the “native population,” that is bullshit which aggregates black crime stats with the general population. So if you’re white and Mexicans are flooding into your town, you’ll be surprised to find that their crime rate is actually twice the rate of the white population. It only becomes lower when you add the 6% of the population that is black and male and committing over half the homicides.

            The world I live in is the one you and everyone else lives in and if you want to see what it looks like, why don’t you take a good hard look at the statistics. It’s our neighborhoods where your “diversity” gets dumped, not your gentrified hipster neighborhood or whiteopian suburb where the trash can’t afford to live.

            The bottom line is that mass immigration isn’t in our interest and so we don’t support it. Nor do we support globalist corporations that put private financial interests before the national interest, in this case, meaning American workers. You support their immigration policy. They sold it to you the same way the neoliberal Democrats sell you wars. They turn everything into a moral yellow ribbon campaign virtue signaling opportunity for gullible whites who think they’re smarter than the racist rubes in an imaginary trailer park somewhere. It’s not war, it’s “humanitarian intervention.” It’s not an invasion of cheap labor for corporations or a weaponized permanent underclass that the left can wield as a weapon against a declining white society, it’s “amnesty,” they’re “refugees.”

            Look, I know it’s difficult to accept that you’re a damn fool and you got taken for a ride because somebody appealed to your vanity, but that’s precisely what happened. Get your head out of your ass.

            Think about this for a moment. Those stupid whites, “what’s the matter with Kansas,” want pro labor trade policy. That’s a huge opportunity for the labor left, but they can’t capitalize on it because they keep saddling their platform with mass immigration and calling people racists for complaining about the fact that you’re destroying their neighborhoods or scapegoating them because blacks can’t do algebra and refrain from raping elderly white women and setting them on fire (google it). Every policy you want you won’t be getting because of your moronic race politics.

            Gun control? You can forget it because people have to have some means of defending themselves if you’re pushing people who are 27x more likely to murder them as vice versa into their neighborhood. Single payer? Many of us support it, but it can’t happen if you have open borders for all the obvious reasons. It just becomes a beleaguered working class subsidizing everyone else while it gets squeezed out of existence by both the top and bottom of the class spectrum. I could keep going. Virtually everything the labor left wants it could actually get, or at least some compromise, since you have a nationalist right that actually thinks they have some reasonable ideas. We really could get a better deal for American workers, but that’s not going to happen because you guys won’t cut the cool kid antiwhite bourgeois university leftists loose. We’re not signing off on our own dispossession, sorry. So that’s that.

          • So basically the alt right might support sensible economic policies but only if the left buys into your extreme racist beliefs? That is never going to happen.

            In your fevered imagination, every black male is a murderer and rapist of whites. Yet 87% of white murder victims killed by other whites. The vast majority of white rape victims are raped by other whites, usually a friend, co-worker or family member. And the vast majority of black murders are against other blacks. It is interesting that you trumpet that blacks are “responsible for half of all murder” yet neglect to mention that they are also half of all victims. That is true even in cities like Baltimore that are undergoing a period of elevated killings.

            The odds of being murdered by a stranger are extremely remote everywhere in this country, yet you carry on as if any black person is looking to kill you and rape your wife. The truth is that your wife is 10,000 times more likely to be killed by you than by the black boogie man who lurks in your dreams.

            The only one with moronic race politics is you. There is no rationality to your approach to race. Just rabid hatred. That does not lead to any realistic policies. God forbid you should get to know your non-white neighbors as people.

            Oh and your claim that mass incarceration explains the drop in crime isn’t born out by facts. California’s prison population fell by 23% between 2006 and 2012 and violent crime dropped by 21% during the same period. Other states saw similar decreases in prison populations and crime.

          • Oh, and approximately 50% of Jews in America marry non-Jews, the vast majority of them white, so I think it’s a stretch to claim that Jews are a separate ethnic group in America from whites generally. Given such high rates of intermarriage, I’d say they’re as white and intermixed as any other white ethnic group.

          • Look, we’re talking about the politics of organized Jewish groups. Groups that claim to advance what they believe to be the Jewish community’s interest. It’s a criticism of that politics. Their interests are not our interests. For instance, Jamie Kirchick explained recently why mass immigration is in the Jewish interest. His argument was essentially that it’s dangerous for Jews to be a conspicuous minority so a “tolerant” society is good for Jews. In other words, because Jews are afraid of any conception of nationhood which would exclude them, we now have to open the flood gates to the 3rd world and force Pakistani grooming gangs on white working class communities. Do you see how what Mr. Kirchick believes the Jewish interest is isn’t in our interest?

            Jews themselves do not believe they are whites. Their politics is rooted in what they believe to be a specifically Jewish ethnic interest. That is why they have well funded groups devoted to that specifically. That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s not a secret. It’s what they tell us themselves. The ADL is a fine example, but there are others like SPLC or HIAS, and countless others. This isn’t my interpretation of the Jewish interest, it’s the interpretation of organized Jewish groups who say publicly why they are doing what they are doing.

          • In light of Jews’ history, it would appear to me to be common sense for them to want to live in societies that are tolerant. How is a tolerant society not in everyone’s interests? Just look at the least tolerant societies today. Are they prosperous? Do people want to move there or flee from them?

            Jews do believe they’re whites, but they’re whites that have suffered a lot of discrimination because of religious and ethnic bigotry. There once were many societies dedicated to fighting for opportunities for Italians before they became white.

            The ADL exists to protect Jew from bigotry, not to harm non-Jews. The SPLC is not a Jewish organization.

            Besides, there are any number of ethnic and regional groups that exist based on shared interests, beliefs or heritage – The Daughters of the American Revolution, The Daughters of the Confederacy, The National Urban League, The National Baptist Convention, etc.. Why is it such a problem if Jews also have them?

    • You must not be actually listening or reading. I’ve heard and read hours and hours of content about how other peoples have been damaged by the system. By the way the (((1%)))is not as white as you think it is.

  • I am only on the fringes of the alt-right, but I want to be here. Are these articles and boards echo-chambers? Unquestionably they are. But every day at work, in my kids’ schools, in the Universities, at seminars and national, professional conferences, from the government, from the media, and just about everywhere else, all I hear are openly hostile demands that white males be minimized, discriminated against on the basis of their race and gender, and made irrelevant. I constantly hear hateful rhetoric directed at innocent white people who have done nothing other than be born white. In contrast, you at the alt-right will not judge me for the color of my skin, and you demand I be treated equally instead of being oppressed for being white. Thank you.

    • You are already at the Center of the Alt-Right…….

      Due to your own Lived Experiences…….

      The Alt-Right isn’t a Website Comment Board………..

    • “In contrast, you at the alt-right will not judge me for the color of my skin. . . . ”

      No, they’ll praise you for it. I suppose everyone prefers praise to condemnation, but, really, is white skin itself worthy of praise? No hard work required by you as an individual?

      When did white people in this country develop such a persecution complex? The negative things being said in some very limited quarters about white males are nothing compared to the toxic hatred that has been directed at non-whites in this country for centuries. Stop whining and just make sure your kids have the education, skills and self-confidence to compete.

      • You’re wrong. You know nothing about me or my friends, or what we have gone through. I was often homeless as a kid. My father abandoned us and my mom raised 4 kids with nothing more than a high school diploma. And she did that in the 70s when women were barely allowed in the workforce, and an equal salary for females was impossible. She tried to get welfare but was refused. The black person at the welfare office said, “You white. White people are not allowed to get welfare. It’s for black people.” A federal judge forced us to attend inner-city schools – you know those schools that liberals say are horrible and underfunded. Millions of white kids in the 70s were forced to attend those schools, and we seemed to do OK. After high school I joined the military to help pay for college (b/c of Reagan I got the worst educational aid in the modern history of the military). In the military I was denied opportunities for various posts and promotions just because of the color of my skin. After the military, I was denied college opportunities because I am white. Att college (where I busted my butt and was the top student in my class) I was denied resources given to minorities. because I was white. I did well in college and got into an Ivy League Law School. There, I was again denied opportunities and resources that were available to minorities, because I was white. As a side, I racism in that law school that schocked me, because growing up in the south we were nit racist (contrary to the popular myth). You couldn’t be; it would be stupid. There were too many blacks around you and you could not function in society if you were racist. Anyway, I graduated from law school and applied for jobs. Well you’ll never guess what? Yep, I was denied opportunities, and continue to be denied opportunities, because I am white. The alt-right does not believe in white supremacy and does not want white supremacy. Being a race realist is different from being a race supremacist. They just want whites to be treated equally. It is not fair to punish us just because blacks have been treated poorly in the past. We didn’t do it, and we damn sure didn’t benefit from it (see my 3rd sentence above.). You go back about 200 or 300 years and you’ll find that every race was doing the same things white people did. Hell, whites were getting rid of slavery in the Medieval ages. The Africans brought slavery to Europe. That crap you saw in Roots about ships going to Africa to kidnap slaves was just that: crap. It may have happened a few times, but extremely rarely. It was cheaper to buy the slaves whom the African Tribes and Muslims had already enslaved. The difference is whites were the first race ever to free their slaves and outlaw slavery. Russian whites did it first (as a country, many individual whites did it in America before Russia did.) All my childhood friends have a lifetime of experience very similar to mine. All we ever wanted was equality. You are too stupid, ignorant, or racist to see why that is needed.

        • Sorry Charlie, but your story rings false.

          No one single person can deny you welfare benefits.
          You were never denied a promotion or opportunity in the military because of your skin color.
          You did not attend an Ivy League law school because if you did, you would know that the Ivies allocate financial aid based solely on demonstrated financial need. So you would know that your claim to have been denied resources due to race is false.
          Also, if you graduated from an Ivy League Law School and passed the bar, you also would know that the vast majority of such grads have multiple job offers and that whites still tend to receive more offers at higher pay.
          Plus, you don’t come across like a lawyer.
          Three hundred years ago, every race did not have chattel slavery. They didn’t even have that in Europe. Chattel slavery in which slaves were not considered people at law was unique to America.
          Africans did not bring slavery to Europe. That is simply a lie.
          The triangular trade in which Europeans captured Africans in Africa, shipped them to the new world in return for sugar, rum and other products that they sold to Europe was very real and it went on for centuries. All the major European powers participated in the transatlantic slave trade.
          Yes, some Africans sold others into slavery and their actions were a monstrous wrong, but it was European demand that created the trade.
          Whites were not the first race to free their slaves. Many societies never practiced slavery in the first place. And of the countries that freed their slaves, only white Americans required a war to end slavery. That’s how much they were wedded to it.
          It is a lie to claim that all whites ever wanted was equality. This nation was founded as an apartheid state based on white dominance and supremacy. Whites wanted to exploit and subjugate non-whites and they did so for several centuries. What you’re seeing now is the push back and it has been a long time coming.
          No, you aren’t personally responsible for harming non-white people just because other whites did so in the past, but you and all of us will experience social changes as things become more equal. That may seem like discrimination to you because whites are becoming less privileged than they used to be.
          The alt-rights claim that society is turning against whites is mainly overwrought hype.

          • You are more concerned about rhetoric than the truth. That doesn’t surprise me. Liberals do not even believe truth exists. I never said I was denied financial aid. You made that up to push your agenda. You can say all day that people are not supposed to be denied welfare, but tell that to my Mom who was crying when she told me they wouldn’t give her welfare because we’re white. We could not afford our heating bill and my sister burned herself boiling water just to take a sponge bath with hot water. I did pass the bar, and I did find a job, but I was told by several employers they were only looking to hire minorities. Three hundred years, every race and every nation was trying to conquer other races and other nations. Lots of nations had slaves rise up in a war for their freedom. The Left’s claim about noble savages who only wanted peace is a bunch of crap. The Mexican-American war is a perfect example of that. Mexico took the Southwest from Spain by war. Later Santa Ana was so brutal his own people fought against him, including at the Alamo. Today everyone on the Left claims Mexico was a bunch of peace-loving farmers living in harmony with nature until bad whitey came along. Baloney. The truth you do not want whites to be equal, and to push that agenda you don’t care about what they suffer. Until you demand equality for all people and all races – until you agree that men and women should be judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin – we will be hopelessly divided.

          • Just because your mother told you that race is the reason she didn’t get welfare doesn’t mean that it was the reason. If one rude government employee refused to process your mother’s application she could have asked for a supervisor. It just doesn’t ring true that one woman could deny your mother’s application because of racial animus and that be the end of it.

            Also, name the employers who boldly told you that they weren’t looking for white lawyers to employ. Such a statement would be a per se violation of federal equal employment laws and most states equal employment laws too, so I don’t believe any employer would subject itself to liability for employment discrimination by making such a statement.

            Even if you have experienced some racial discrimination – and I seriously doubt it – it’s still far less extreme than the discrimination that black people experience today. By every objective measure, white skin still confers substantial and measurable societal benefits.

            It’s easy to say you want everyone to be treated equally, but whenever subjective decisions have to be made about whom to hire or promote or admit, someone will lose out and if you’re that person, it’s tempting to believe it must have been because of bias against you even if that isn’t the case.

          • One more thing. You said, “if you graduated from an Ivy League Law School and passed the bar, you also would know that the vast majority of such grads have multiple job offers and that whites still tend to receive more offers at higher pay.” Tell the class of 2009 and my class, many of whom are still looking for legal jobs, they were supposed to receive multiple job offers with higher pay. You come across like you work for the government, a university, or some other tax-exempt organization that sucks off the taxpayers and that never has to worry about the practical day to day problems of the real world in the private sector.

          • I work in the private sector. Always have and I know that the legal market suffered substantially in the last recession and that lots of law grads had difficult times finding jobs, but Ivy grads had much better prospects than others and the legal market has recovered to a large degree. If you’re in one of the major legal markets – NYC, DC, LA, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas – and can’t find a job even though you’re an Ivy grad, there’s an issue with you that concerns employers and it’s not your race.

            But I still don’t believe a prospective employer would tell you that they weren’t looking to hire whites. More likely some other white person resentful of having to compete with non-whites falsely claimed that they “had” to hire non-whites. I’ve seen that happen a lot and it’s mainly motivated by anger that whites aren’t as privileged as they once were.

            As I said, the relative loss of privilege may seem like discrimination when it’s actually society becoming more fair. There’s no way you can have equality and have whites continue to be privileged over others the way they always have been in this country.

          • Whatever. Like I said. Until you agree that people should be judged by the content of their character – and not by the color of their skin – we will be hopelessly divided. #HopelesslyDivided #ByAnyMeansNecessary.

            If you think people should be judged because of their race – because of claims of, or even real, past discrimination that has nothing to do with that individual or the situation at hand, you are free to think that. You are wrong: morally, ethically, and even legally.

            The original point though is that I came to the Alt-right because of people look you — people who demand discrimination against whites. You have once again, albeit only anecdotally, proven my point.

          • I haven’t proven your point Charles because I haven’t at any point suggested that anyone should be discriminated against.

            If, as you say, you want everyone to be judged according to individual merit, you’ve come to a very strange place to find people who share those values.

            The alt-right is not about equality, but division and hatred. Just read some of the comments on here. Anyone who disagrees with dogma is attacked as a Jew. Expressions of racist contempt are the norm. This is where aggrieved white losers come to fantasize with each other about a whites-only world.

            Either you’re lying about what you want or you’ve come to the wrong place.

          • One last thing. If you grew up facing homelessness and poverty and managed to become an Ivy League law grad, that speaks volumes about your drive and individual ambition. You are to be commended for making such a journey.

            It’s sad that you’ve bought into the alt-right’s anti-white propaganda. Yes, some people out there say things that are anti-white just like some people out there say things that are anti-black, but the vast majority of people are trying not to give in to their prejudices and tribalist instincts because they know that the folks offering tribalism don’t have any solutions other than to destroy this country.

            The alt-right dreams of breaking America up into ethnostates. Is the destruction of this country what you really want?

          • The federal government occupies America. Washington, D.C. rules without the consent of the governed. In doing so, according to the Declaration of Independence, they are denying us our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With Obergefell, the Supreme Court, the highest judges in the land sworn to uphold the law and the constitution, is stealing money from us and giving it to same sex couples. There is no dignity in armed robbery. I am an atheist, so I don’t have a religious objection to gay marriage. In fact, in my law practice, I do pro bono work for same sex couples – not much anymore – and I still do for transgender persons. For example, I am a big advocate of the ABA’s relatively-recent LGBT initiative (though I guess now it is a few years old: time flies). Nonetheless, I believe in the rule of law and that government should rule by the consent of the governed. If the majority in Obergefell can convince themselves that stealing money from Americans is the “right thing to do,” and if they can throw Christians in jail for being Christians, and if they can criminalize Christianity – and they have – I don’t see them stopping there. There are numerous videos on the internet of police watching white people get beat up by antifa, and the police do nothing until the white defends himself, and they arrest the white guy. Moreover, if the Republicans can elect Donald Trump (and, yes, the alt-right members on this board will rip me a new one for saying that), if the Democrats believe it is OK to rig their primary to make sure Hillary wins, and on and on, then yes. We need a new government by any means necessary.

          • ZThere is a chasm of difference between making the government more accountable and destroying the United States as a political entity. One is an entirely reasonable desire of anyone who loves this country; the other is treason.

            How exactly did recognizing the right of same sex couples to marry amount to stealing money from “us” and giving it to gay couples?

            And if gays can be denied service simply because of religious objections to homosexuality, surely religious objection must also allow the denial of service to divorcees, people in interracial marriages and their kids, people of different religions and people of different races. Thankfully, we disposed of such discriminatory practices in the 1960s. I see no reason to retreat just because some religious people want to express animus towards gays.

            Anyway, the federal government does not occupy America and you know it. It governs with the consent of the people. If the people get fed up enough, they have the means to change it. Fewer than half of eligible voters even bother to vote in most elections, so the people are hardly up in arms in the face of a tyrannical government. The means to make a change remains very much available. The hard truth is that a majority of Americans are disinterested.

          • I have to finish work so this is my last one. 1. Read the Obergefell complaint. What was their complaint and prayer? If you read it you will see they asked for money: the mighty dollar and benefits. With Libs it is always about money. Where does that money come from? It comes from Americans who voted over and over at every level of government not to give them that money. Where does the Court have the authority to order states and the feds to create a new expenditure? They don’t. Don’t tell me gay marriage was in the Constitution or in the 14th Amendment, when sodomy was criminal in every state when the 14th Amendment. was adopted. And not many years ago in Bowers the Supreme Court itself held criminal sodomy laws were constitutional. The Court has the power to interpret the Constitution, not amend it. And they certainly don’t have the power to amend it to require wealth transfers to their favorite political group. But that is exactly what they did. They pointed their guns at our heads and said give same sex couples your money or go to jail for not paying your taxes. They can lie, and you can lie to each other and yourselves, but everyone knows that is what happened. Nobody voted for it, everyone voted against. Only the judges with their tyranny forced it on us. The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

            2. Regarding your comment saying Christians should deny service to divorced people etc. if they deny service to gay people because both are sins. It is not up to the government to tell people what their faith is or should be. Go read the concurrence in Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church (Supreme Court case) and if you are objective you will understand.

            3. Don’t believe the lies of the media about the alt-right. See the video here.

            Why would they have this manifesto – which we published for ourselves and to ourselves – if we didn’t believe it?

            4. On the Jewish question, just because one observes that by and large many Jews discriminate economically against non-Jews does not make one anti-semitic. It certainly does not mean the one doing the observation is a Nazi who wants to kill all Jews. Like with anybody, of course, you engage people based on their actions and deeds, etc., not their race, religion, etc. But liberals don’t want that and don’t do that. And you can not deny that many Jews are liberal, nor can you reasonably deny that Jews discriminate against non-Jews. I don’t care what the ADL says. I have wanted to write a short story for years about a Jewish scholar whose life is ruined because he publishes a paper based on detailed research about the number of Jews killed on the Holocaust. He loses his job, his family, and his home. He gets death threats and is ostracized. He is called a Holocaust denier. His life is ruined, because in his paper he found that only 5,999,999 Jews were killed in the concentration camps. That is where the ADL is today. In many cases, for the observant, their religion demands discrimination. At law school many of my Jewish friends refused to eat with me and would not let me eat with them. It was not Kosher. I tolerated that, and respected them for their religious views. One is still a close friend.

            We just want to be treated equally, and not be oppressed as we have been our whole life simply because we were born white.

          • 1. Obergefell (at least as argued in the SCOTUS) was about the right to marry. The court’s authority to overturn bans on same gender marriage is the same as its authority to overturn bans on interracial marriage.

            2. Obergefell did not result in any wealth transfers. Damages in one case do not amount to a wealth transfer of any significance. In point of facts, gays are more likely to be higher income and not to have children than heterosexuals, so gays are net contributors of wealth transfers to others rather than beneficiaries.

            3. A manifesto is all well and good, but any group stands for what its members do, not merely what some of its leaders say they stand for. It’s pretty clear that the alt-right is a haven for a whole lot of racists. Largely silly and ineffective racists thankfully, but still, it’s bigot central.

            4. Sure Jews often discriminate in favor of their own. You’d have to be blind not to see that, but that doesn’t change the fact that the alt-right is rabidly, reflexively anti-semitic. Just read what your fellows have to say. Apparently, there’s no worse slam than to call a poster a Jew.

            5.Wanting to expel all non-whites and Jews from the country is not just wanting to be treated equally.

            6. You have never been oppressed for being white. Not getting the job you want is not oppression. Being prevented from voting, being beaten or denied fundamental human rights is oppression.

          • 1 and 2. Obergefell unquestionably results in wealth transfers: in the form of reduced taxes, government benefits, and social security, for starters. The GAO did a study that showed the adverse financial effects of DOMA on gay couples. And you can lie to yourself all you want. Same sex marriage was never in the Constitution. The Supreme Court is stealing from us. This is about the rule of law, not same sex marriage. I say let them marry. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us? Australia did it right. 3. That manifesto says a lot. It is a little over the top racist, but it has a lot of truth the Liberals want to ignore. 4. If you could read my other posts you would see I have clearly said a separate ethnostste is not going to happen and we need to focus on equality for white people. 5. I have been beaten because I am white. I have been in police custody because I am white. You will never believe that is true, but it is. I have never been denied a vote, but neither has any living black person. Don’t give me that voter ID crap. Black people think it’s racist to say minorities can’t get an ID. The next time you go to DC and the black women who checks you in asks for your ID, accuse the hotel of requiring ID because they do not wanting blacks to stay there. If she doesn’t get it, explain to her the voter ID controversy and how the states want voter ID because blacks can’t get an ID. She’ll think you are the racist for believing black people can’t get ID. 6. (I think I messed up the numbering.). Yes, many on this board are racist and virulently anti-Semitic. Many on the Left are racist and virulently anti-Semitic. That is what race realism is partly about.

          • If allowing gays to get married increases their collective access to benefits like social security and reduces their taxes, it results in a net reduction in the amount of wealth being transferred from them. It does not result in net transfers of wealth to them. It’s only YOUR money going to them if it results in the transfer of more money to them than they’re transferring to others. As I noted, since a minority of gays have kids and since gays are on average better educated and have higher incomes than the average American, they are net contributors of wealth transfers to others, through federal, state and local taxes, even with marriage equality.

            I’ve seen this first hand. There are a couple of towns in West Virginia that have become weekend getaways for gays from D.C. The locals are ambivalent about their towns becoming gay enclaves every weekend, but they love the extra tax money generated by all those weekend homes because it subsidizes the local school system.

          • This is crap. You are basically arguing that because same sex couples are generally more wealthy than average Americans (I agree that is true), it is acceptable for the Supreme Court, ultra vires and without authority, contrary to every vote taken on the issue – whether at the federal level, state constitutional level, or state and local referendums (including liberal California) – to create government expenditures that “reduce” their wealth transfers. That’s like saying the Pink Panther (assuming he were charitable) was not really stealing because he was rich: he was only reducing his own charity. Gay marriage was never in the Constitution and the Supreme Court does not have the authority to amend the Constitution. They are stealing. They are tyrants. They are ruling without the consent of the governed. And according to the Declaration of Independence, they are denying Americans the fundamental rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “To secure such rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Governing is an art (which is what Kagan said), my ass. The right thing to do (Breyer and Sotomayor), my ass. There is no dignity in armed robbery. I used to disagree with christians when they said that gay couples are immoral. Now that gay couples accept stolen property, I have to agree. Turns out the ignorant christians were right.

          • The SCOTUS did not create any new governmental expenditure. It merely affirmed that right of Americans to marry without regard to sexual orientation. If Congress wants to eliminate benefits conferred to married couples, it can do so and the changes will apply to gays and straights alike.

            And where in the constitution does it prohibit gay marriage? It doesn’t, just like it never prohibited interracial marriage.

            Your argument is completely irrational. Who gives a toss if gays weren’t able to marry when the country was founded? It is the job of SCOTUS to say what the law is and it did so. It is also the job of the SCOTUS to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. It did so properly.

            Oh and prior to the ruling in Obergefall, 37 states had already legalized same sex marriage and those states contain the majority of Americans, so you are wrong about the court acting against the will of the people.

          • You obviously don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Thirty seven states did not legalize same sex marriage. The federal judges who sit in the Circuits that govern 37 states legalized marriage. Every state (except Maryland and I think maybe Washington and Oregon, definitely not California) – about 30 of them, voted against. Leave me the fuck alone you racist piece of shit.

          • Now, now Charles. Let’s try to keep it together. No need for profanity and such. How you jumped from attacking Obergefell to calling me a racist is something only your tortured logic can understand.

            The fact remains that gay marriage was already legal ( you know, according to the law) in 37 states before Obergefell. And, yes, to their credit Maryland voters decided to approve same gender marriage. But the larger issue was whether the issue should have been decided by popular vote. It should not have been. Insisting that “the voters” should decide whether two gay people can marry is as absurd as having voters decide on every marriage between any two people. I’m sure you didn’t go out and seek majority approval before you got married. Gays never should have had to do so either. That the constitution is silent about marriage is not the point. The guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that you referenced earlier certainly includes the right to marry the spouse of one’s choice unless there’s a compelling societal interest to prevent it. Religious objection is not a compelling societal interest, nor is bigotry.

            That question – whether the right to marry should be decided by popular vote for some but not for others – was firmly within the purview of the court to decide.

            And as I said earlier, who gives a toss whether christians or anyone else like it. It never was any of their business in the first place.

          • When were you ever beaten and jailed just for being white? Are you seriously claiming that a cop came along, saw you were white and arrested you because of it?

            Voter ID laws can be racist if, as occurred in NC, the state legislature looked at what types of IDs whites are most likely to have (like hunting licenses) and deemed those acceptable and then looked at the IDs blacks and liberals are most likely to have (like IDs from a state university) and deemed those unacceptable and couldn’t come up with a facially neutral explanation for the differences.

            Or closing voter registration offices in racially diverse areas and on the weekends knowing that many poor people lack cars or can’t take off work during the week. These has been no documented voter impersonation fraud, so why all the barriers to voting? Most other democratic countries are trying to encourage greater voter participation.

            Race realism is just another form of primitive tribalism. There’s nothing novel or uniquely white about it.

          • I see you are a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. Because there you go again, making up lies to push your agenda. I never said I was in jail. I said I was in police custody. I don’t need to prove the facts of my life to you. Even if I were to show you a video of the hateful and physical racism I have suffered, and a video of what every other white has suffered, you would not care. You are not going to change your mind. You believe all whites are privileged, that none have ever suffered any material discrimination, and that none have ever faced any material racism. You probably think even the disabled kid who was tortured on video for being white is an acceptable cost that is needed to temedy the harms you believed whites caused. You believe that whites should not be given equal treatment. That is all we want. That is all I want. You and I are hopelessly divided. I will conclude by paraphrasing Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis. Just leave me alone.

          • Don’t presume to tell me what I believe. Yes, I know that some whites have experienced racism, but the vast majority certainly have not. On balance, white skin confers substantial privileges in our society. Feelings aside, every objective measurement of social and economic value confirms that being white still gives you a leg up. Denial does not change truth.

            I do not believe you were ever taken into police custody solely for being white. If you were, please provide some details. Otherwise, drop the claim.

            You and I are hopelessly divided because I deal in fact and you deal in emotion. Sad commentary for someone who purports to be a highly educated lawyer.

          • Tribalism *IS* the solution. Biology > ideology. What are you some sort of flat-earther liberal creationist? It’s 2017, we’re all about science now. Your superstition belongs in the past.

      • “No, they’ll praise you for it. I suppose everyone prefers praise to condemnation, but, really, is white skin itself worthy of praise? No hard work required by you as an individual?”

        Yes it is worthy of praise… by fellow whites, and non whites who have benefited from the privileged fruit of its tree…its the phenotypic
        outward manifestation of the internal  white european genotype…the most successful productive creative genotype in existence…demonstrably so, above any and all others combined.

        “When did white people in this country develop such a persecution complex? ”

        When the political and cultural landscape decided it had no qualms in the persecution of white identity and ingroup preference.

        “The negative things being said in some very limited quarters about white males are nothing compared to the toxic hatred that has been directed at non-whites in this country for centuries.”

        Haha limited quarters lol…non whites populate the majority of the earth where toxic hatred for others particularly non whites is part and parcel of existence unlike the benevolence altruism and egalitarianism demonstrated by whites for centuries towards non whites.

        ” Stop whining and just make sure your kids have the education, skills and self-confidence to compete”..

        education?..compete?.. lol…you’re not even a good troll

        • If the white european genotype is demonstrably so much more successful, productive and creative than all others, why are you on this website having a prolonged pity party about how put upon you are for being white??

          And I don’t know what evidence there is of this supposed benevolent altruism that whites have shown to non-whites. Can you point out some examples?And please don’t give that pap about slavery being an exercise in exploitative benevolence.

          • Q).”If the white european genotype is demonstrably so much more successful, productive and creative than all others, why are you on this website having a prolonged pity party about how put upon you are for being white??”

            A).Lol u sad little triggered troll, “pity party”? a first time reader first time poster UNLIKE U an ur pity me act.

            Q). And I don’t know what evidence there is of this supposed benevolent altruism that whites have shown to non-whites. Can you point out some examples?And please don’t give that pap about slavery being an exercise in exploitative benevolence

            A). GTFOH@WTFU.the evidence is all around u ..thats clear to all but the blame, willfully ignorant or just plain retarded… u clearly a pastiche troll act.

          • Q).If the white european genotype is demonstrably so much more successful, productive and creative than all others, why are you on this website having a prolonged pity party about how put upon you are for being white??

            A) lol ..Theirs NO “Ifs” about it as U KNOW FULL WELL u triggered troll….”PITY PARTY”…im a first time reader first time poster UNLIKE U…

            Q).And I don’t know what evidence there is of this supposed benevolent altruism that whites have shown to non-whites. Can you point out some examples?And please don’t give that pap about slavery being an exercise in exploitative benevolence

            A) Course u dont because ur a pastiche troll account having “PITY PARTIES” on multiple articles…the evidence is all around u ..ur clearly an AMERICAN ..theirs a big wide world FULL OF EVIDENCE of white(Euopean) benevolence beyond ur imbecilic echo chamber….

          • Please. The whole purpose of this website is to provide a safe place for white racist snowflakes to whine about how unfair the world is for whites and share common fantasies about an all-white world. I mean, it really is pathetic.

            If there are so many examples of white altruism “for centuries” as you claimed, it should be easy for you to provide a few examples. I won’t hold my breath.

            Oh, and please look up the difference between “there” and “their.” They have two different meanings.

  • Leftist environmentalists seem unable to grasp that unlimited south of the border invasion into the permanent drought areas of the southwest and CA is totally insane and irrational. The LA times just reported that some fires may have been caused by faulty utility lines and the Bel Air fire originated in a homeless camp cooking stove. Meaning we can’t even integrate the people who are already here.

    • Read CITY OF QUARTZ by Mike Davis…pdf online…Davis is literally a Commie no apologies enthusiast for open borders…notwithstanding…CITY OF QUARTZ is a deep ecological autopsy of Southern California….Basic thesis:sprawl requires the suppression of natural cyclical burns….biomass builds up….explosive monumental fires that we see today….

      California must be allowed to die via a Cordon Sanitaire Policy….Texas…Arizona also…

  • Great Article……

    But, several months ago……..Richard Spencer gave a Talk in Georgia……..

    He said…..”We have a White Problem”…….

    Several White Southerners in the audience objected and wanted to bring it back to Blaming it all on Jews……..

    Fast Forward to Last Night……….

    White Alabamans were soundly defeated by the Anti-White Jewish Left…….

    Due to their own Abject Stupidity and Apathy………

    We are in a Race War……….

    If you don’t Vote……….

    You, your Family, and Descendants will DIE out……….

    Any Pied Pipers within these White Movements telling Followers not to Vote are OUR ENEMIES……..

    REJECT THEM………..


      • Accelerationists are beneath it all……….


        Truly Contemptible COWARDS……….

        Our Demise has been Accelerating for quite a while……….

        And all these COWARDS will continue to say……

        “One Day……..One Day……..One Day……….

        It will all Accelerate to a Point where our Victory will be in Reach!!”……


        Accelerationist Apathetic COWARDS who stand back and hope it all Crashes Down………

        Won’t do a Damn Thing into the Perpetual Future………..

        If you can’t even Summon the Basic Courage of a Citizen to Vote…….

        You’re not going to be able to Summon the Monumental Courage of a Warrior it will take when the Real War finally arrives……..


        • Voting Republican doesn’t accomplish a damn thing Pechey, and you fucking know it. And by voting in this system you are giving your consent to the enemy to continue doing exactly what they’ve been doing. Contributing to this bullshit system is not “brave” it is cowardice. You wanna know what is brave? Dropping out completely and making your own way.

          “A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him.” Ezra Pound

          • For a movement to have any chance, it must tap into the majority. The majority still respect the electoral process. They aren’t yet at the point where they realise that the process is in fact a fraud, and that a real revolution is needed. The process and the reality of the futility of the process need to sensitively broached with every last white man in the country. England the rest of its Empire have fallen. If such a racially Germanic country as the United States falls, the World is lost to Armageddon.

          • Which is why I hope Drumpf gets impeached…

            The sooner the multitude loses all faith in the democratic process the better. When their backs are against the wall and they have no other options, then and only then, will the godawful normies fight for their worthless, pathetic lives.

            “It is only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything” Tyler Durden

      • Allowing women and non-whites to vote has led to this situation. Democracy is only something for educated / veteran white men. Expanding the franchise has unfortunately destroyed both our nations and the very concept of democracy itself.

        • Educated whites are over represented among shitlibs. Making it only military members doesn’t work either; Rome effectively had that as well as Greek democracies and they imploded. Restricting the franchise does not work because a faction will always be willing to expand the franchise to gain political power.

          Democracy is fundamentally flawed. Whether the way forward is monarchy, a party state or oligarchy I don’t know, but democracy will not save us.

          • You’re right. I spoke too broadly and recklessly. Educated is nothing without actual achievement and investment in the future of society. And the educated class in most countries is, as the (((zeitgeist))) demands, suicidal and directly against their own interests. In many parts of the Empire you had to be a landowner and of a certain age to vote in colony legislature. I imagine that this is the best way forward, certainly nothing involving women, any non-whites/non-christians or non-landowners/non-freeman.

            I wonder if Democracy is fundamentally flawed, as even having a privy Council is suggestive of a need for wider input, and aristocratic chambers are representative of regions to a point.

    • Voting is the absolute bare minimum that any adult can do. Why would any genuine nationalist bother to place their neck on the block and draw the jews’ attention to them by running for a seat when those who would ultimately benefit the most from their election won’t bother to engage with the system?

      The jews want you disenchanted. When you aren’t disenchanted enough they go to the 2016 levels to attack those candidates that may not bend to their every whim.

  • “But the truth is the truth, and it must be carried forward, no matter how heavy the burden.”

    Perfectly expressed.

    It’s the Left’s whole sale rejection of “Truth” or enlightenment values or more accurately the hard earned European culture of aspiring for reason and evidence that eventually made many of us crack.

    The towering lies !!

    It’s so maddening that on some days I believe I would accept enormous reparation payment to Negros IF they would simply admit the obvious fact that they are on average dumb and lazy.

    And this perversion of our what our people built is the single biggest indictment of the Jewish people. Taking the best part of who we are, twisting it and using it against us is the outrage that demands the burden be carried.

    MUST be carried.

  • Comrade Richard Spencer

    You must start throwing the NAZI!!!!!!!….RACIST!!!! charge back at the creepy mother fucking mutant cockroach antifa and the filthy high school whores known as the Boomer Normie Women and Gen X Women who post on twitter…

    The algorithm:start with the nose picking-narcissistic homosexual mutant looking purple lips Kenyan Foreigner’s NEO-NAZI COUP IN THE UKRAINE…..

      • I don’t agree….And I don’t agree with the Waffen SS mass murder of millions of Christian Russians….and mass rape of Russian Christian Women….And don’t forget the Bosnian SS and the mass murder of Serbian Orthodox Christians……

        The Soviets were on the right side during the KOREAN War……Hitler was a retarded ape…

        • Totally agree! Resurecting Hitler and the Nazis is certainly the MOST IMBECILIC IDEOLOGICAL BLUNDER ever made by so many WNs!! Hitler HATED Slavic people(who represent more than HALF of all White Europeans!), and wished to completely exterminate them! On the other hand, he and his buddy Himmler had only PRAISES for the radical muslim sand niggers!! Does that sounds like being a “great defender of the White Race” to you??! If Hitler was alive today, he would probably be supporting ISIS!

  • All we have to say to the fucking biological Kharzar MUTANT Donna Minkowitz and the Jew Tapeworm Parasite Ben Shapiro is this:”YOU WANT OUR PEOPLE DEMOGRAPHICALLY CLEANSED OFF OF US SOIL…. ….GO FUCK YOU YOURSELVES….YOU GD KHARZAR PARASITES FROM HELL!!…WE ARE AT WAR WITH YOU!!!..


  • The J-ws have murdered more people than any other race in history. Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Germans,Ukrainians, Russians Poles. Genocide is part of jewish nature. If you think you can vote yourselves free of them, you’re mistaken. Peaceful solutions are off the table.

  • Roy Moore should have gone on the attack and said this:

    “MY Democratic opponent MR. Jones voted on Nov 3 2016….for Hillary Clinton who covered up the crimes against innocent women…..who were raped by her violent psychopathic serial rapist husband Billy Clinton from Arkansas…..”

    Say it over over over again…Roy Moore should have in the last few weeks…

    • It wouldn’t have mattered. The Republicans were squarely against him. They have to be to get the “nice guy” endorsement from the media to get re-elected. Both parties are different wings of the same globalist party. They only disagree on who should be in power at any given time. The agenda is the exact same.

  • Never forget this:If Hillary Clinton had gotten Alabama state residency…..these Black Women and Liberal White Women would voted Hillary into Democratic Senator of Alabama…..

    You remember Hillary Clinton right?…The Jew Yawk Senator married to the violent psychopathic serial rapist and pedophile Bill Clinton…who covered up Bill’s sexual assaults for years……Doug Jones voted for Hillary Clinton on Nov 3 2016..

  • Trigger White Liberals…White Leftists….Black Woman…..and other nonwhite-members of the Democratic Voting Bloc into higher levels of open hatred against THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…

    The Alt Right should keep its message very simple:

    1)We opppose nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS

    2)We support friendship with Christian Russia

    3)We oppose the economic policies of the GREEDY CHEATING WHITE MEGA-CEO CLASS


    Knock it off with the esoteric stuff…

    Bill Blizzard and his Coal Miner Army…And Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers should be our inspiration……

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