Alt-Right Politics: Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, and the “Moral Majority”

Listen to “Alabama Special: Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, and the “Moral Majority”” on Spreaker.

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most sporadically produced weekly podcast. Panelists Richard Spencer, Gregory Conte, Hannibal Bateman, Bryan Brathovd, and Don Camillo discuss Alabama’s special election, Roy Moore and Steve Bannon, and fate of the “moral majority.”

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AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Look, why should I listen to a podcast that tells me exactly the same thing as the MSM? Yeah, we get it, you don’t like Christianity and it pleases you to suggest that overt Christianity alienate all the “goodwhites” and waspy waldorf school types and their Jewish masters.

    The battering ram used to sink Roy Moore’s campaign was feminism. Which is really the reason whites are in this desperate demographic situation. But rich wasps would rather destroy civilization than oppose feminism. A war veteran professional lawyer in his thirties was taking out teenage girls with an eye to marriage. That’s perverted! Look, the very fact that anyone could have taken these accusations seriously and without any reservation is a result of pervasive feminism. The fact that the uniparty use this issue to sink Moore because he was a Christian, and even the “Alt-Right” turns its spittle cannons on Steve Bannon, tells us a lot about our contemporary situation and why people such Roy Moore and the Bundies who are willing to resist it with real determination and courage are the only hope we have right now. There certainly isn’t any hope to be found in those piling on Bannon and Roy Moore!

  • Richard: ease up, tiger. Attacking Steve Bannon is an error. It is a mistake.

    Bannon today is America’s foremost Buchananite. He is a foe of the Conservative Establishment, by root and branch, in word and deed, in practice and principle, during past and present. And while he states that he disagrees with you if directly asked, for the simple reason that (as you have noted) he actually does disagree with you, he also avoids most opportunities to attack you. Have you not noticed this?

    You’re a controversial public figure because that is what you want to be. You’re Mr. Vanguard, by your own design. You force persons like Steve Bannon to own or disown you. Bannon didn’t ask for that; but if put to it, he will countersignal you and move on. So what?

    Bannon isn’t pursuing you. He isn’t trying to harm or undermine you. He seems to be content to do his own thing in parallel with you. Let him be.

    Bannon is a Boomer, as you say, but so are lots of people, as for example your parents and mine. Bannon is about as sound as Boomers get—like, 97th percentile. I don’t know what else we want from him.

    Bannon ≠ Cernovich. I think that you should direct your fire elsewhere. Bannon’s work is flawed but good. Leave him in peace to do it. We have many, many better targets to attack—and do notice: Bannon is attacking those same targets, too.

    • P.S. Richard: if you want to poke some good-natured fun at Bannon every now and again, that’s all to the good. Your impersonation of Bannon is funny. I like it. The impersonation captures the character of the man.

      But take the edge off it, son. The edge is unnecessary. It’s mistargeted. It does not help.

        • It’s an endearment between peers, Andy, a traditional Americanism, a name you’d call a mate on the football squad, you know, back when one used to send the mate out onto the field with a spank on the rear (which no one thought was gay, back in the era in which an open shower room was still used for showering). It’s an implicit invitation to Männerbund. It’s tiny part of the great culture we’re trying to save.

          You can’t call a black man son, and Richard isn’t remotely gay. That’s the point, isn’t it?

          Thanks for the reply.

    • Bannon disavowed the Altright. What is it exactly that you think this boomer (literally a boomer) is going to accomplish. He’s a beggar (he begged at the alter of the ((donars))). And we have to stop acting desperate and clinging to a little crumb these politicos drop. We need to stop being beggars ourselves – ffs w’ere white men. Richard is ahead of the pack in this regard.

      • No. Listen to what Bannon is actually saying, to whom, in what context. He does not want to be part of the Alt Right. He wants to do his own thing without getting sidetracked by the Alt Right.

        Bannon was being baited by Leftist journalists in all the boring ways with which you and I are so familiar. So he says, Whaddayamean Alt Right? If you want to talk to those losers, then go talk to them! If you want to talk to me, on the other hand, then stop bringing Richard B. Spencer into the discussion!

        After all the Alt Right has suffered, to take offense at so little as Bannon has criticized us shows us to have thin skins. Our foes are the state authorities who have jailed the veterans of Charlottesville. Our foe is not Steve Bannon.

        • It is time to turn the page and grab the reigns. The Altright has brought identitarian ideas to the fore – not Bannon.

          At this point, we should be disavowing Bannon – not the reverse.

          What good is it if he is *possibly* sympathetic to us? Whelp, he’s not only *not* sympathetic, he was explicit in declaring himself an “economic nationalists* whatever that means.

          Mealy-mouthed fat man Bannon is literally a Boomer- and he’s too old to change.

          Paul Nehlen at least, wants to join the cool kids. He sees where the wind blows, and he’s a genuinely awesome guy–explicitly nationalist.

          But we’re not to the stage where he can win.

          Fat, “economic nationalist” Bannon is dead weight. Out with the old in with the new.

          • Only the young believe that they can prosper by provoking every prospective foe at once. My recommendation would be to stop provoking Steve Bannon. He isn’t even a foe, but you can gradually make him one if you try.

            Barack Obama gradually made Vladimir Putin a foe. Was that wise?

            For years, the Alt Right and its antecedents (some of you are too young to remember, though it was not long ago) earnestly prayed for a generous American Right whose factions would de-escalate conflict between themselves, whose factions would aim their fire at the Left.

            Bannon represents such a faction. Therefore, you might de-escalate.

            “Yes, but Bannon attacked us first!” you say.

            So what? I say. Learn better discretion, I advise. Turn the other cheek, I Christianpost. Be less sensitive to such inconsequential slights. The sword Bannon has turned against us has no edge because we are not Bannon’s target; and you know or ought to know why Bannon has pseudoattacked us—for Bannon’s attack was not really much of an attack at all. It was the Leftist press that drew the pseudoattack out. Give the press their due! Bannon can take responsibility for his own words, of course, but Bannon cares about us only insofar as Bannon wishes to avoid being conflated with us. It is not Bannon’s job to defend us from the (((snakes))) at CNN.

            Incidentally, I do know who (((Rebekah Mercer))) is, and what she has to do with Steve Bannon; but Mercer seems to be to Jews more or less what Thomas Sowell is to blacks. I do not especially care whether Mercer is based, but few media Jews appear to be less oriented against us than Mercer is. Indeed, Mercer is a Jewess who is actively working NOT TO REPLACE US, which is a little weird, but there you go. We can ignore Mercer for now. We can ignore Bannon, too.

            Bannon is a Stahlhelm. Bannon is a man of the Black Reichswehr, as it were. Bannon is not one of us and never will be, but can be useful to us nevertheless. In any case, Steve Bannon is no foe.

            Do not waste your energy on Steve Bannon. Help him where you can, maybe, but otherwise get out of his way. This will not be hard to do. Let the man be.

          • I am a millennial, and let me tell you, some of us are aware of things that occurred in past eras. Some of us read books. If we didn’t, then cultural legacy wouldn’t matter.

            And Steve Bannon is NOT the inheritor of Pat Buchanan’s brand of politics. Pat was an implicit (and sometimes explicit) American Nationalist – of the sort that equated being American with being white.

            Steve Bannon is an explicit economic nationalist – that is, he believes in tariffs, and that is the end of his overlap with Pat Buchanan. And he’s given no reason to believe that he’s anything more than that, or that he’s a secret /ourguy/.

            The reason Bannon was crucified by the J-left is simply because he was ambiguous and an outsider (though not in terms of politics) and they were nervous about someone that didn’t have the proper J-left and Neocon asskissing bonafides.

  • An excellent podcast. I made many of the same points as Spencer did on my blog and on twitter, specifically about Roy Moore, marriage, and Evangelicalism, in the last few weeks. In fact, Spencer hits on virtually all of the main points I spent the last few weeks making. Good.

    Evangelicalism is a fraudulent replacement for Reformed Protestantism and is now used as a replacement for real White Identity.

  • Have you seen Moores record? I’m glad he lost. I rather have a guy like Jones that will discredit the institution of government further then an authoritarian shitbag like Moore. Alabama was a loss one way or the other. But it was a win if you just wanna see this whole rotten thing come burning down.

      • The guy is dumb as shit. You want some dumbass giving you dumbass orders based on his own dumbassness? What the hell are you even doing here? Just live the dildo livestyle and support BLM if thats your cup of semen tea you neurotic cattle person.

  • Richard was on fire this pod.
    I understand his reasoning behind countersignalling Moore on twitter now.

    Paul Nehlen doesn’t have a chance to win his own district, -and would be a waste of the Altright’s resources – but Brian is right: as a ‘barometer’ it is pretty incredible that a ‘mainstream’ candidate is saying the things he’s saying – and appearing on Altright shows.

    This would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. The nation is become extremely polarized, and we must capture the minds as we speed through the Kali Yuga.

    Perhaps due to his age, Nehlen can’t truly be /ourguy/, but rather than us emulating him, he’s emulating us – and that means he thinks we’re ‘cool’.

    The times they are a changin’

    K-Mac for president!??

    On the subject of limited resources:

    Remember fellas, resources ARE limited-and indeed women are masters of obtaining resources-even when they don’t provide anything for it. Don’t be a weak-sauce bugman; just crush resource siphoners like bugs.

    Women will go with the winners, not the beggars. If, 20 years from now, whites were ousted from all power levels, even “right wing” women will find themselves making Aliya into the arms of a brown guy. (Some are doing it now.) Just like the chosen people they have a homeland. Why? Because they can. It is nature and survival.

    And we must dispense with this moral equivalency nonsense. Invading the wombs of the people of your women is cuckery plain and simple. The reverse, while not ideal, is not true.

    White Shariah!

  • What’s wrong with displaying the Ten Commandments at the courthouse? It isn’t something new, it is something that happened for centuries. The religious right tried to bring it back, after corrupt (((supreme court justices))) lied about the meaning of the First Amendment to demand the the commandments be taken down.

    • “(((supreme court justices)))”

      The Supreme court is made up of mostly catholics and some jews in a majorty protestant country. The 10 commandments are still jewish law.

      • Funny, I’m actually skinny and don’t eat Cheetos. I meant his attire, not his looks (although, he could shave more frequently).

        • And I was referring to Trump (i.e. orange like a Cheeto). It took losing a major election to turn you against Bannon. When will you admit that Cheeto scammed you, too?

          • Dude can you go back to your 8 pol and your lolicon? The big boys are trying to make things happen.

  • Skipping the Steve Bannon phase is a big plus

    His vision was ultimately bad for whites; restarting the corn syrup cornucopia and creating racial harmony through consumerism

    We need a non-Eskimo, non-fake news version of Breitbart

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