Alt-Right Politics — One Does Not Simply Zerg-Rush Jerusalem

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Richard Spencer, Greg Ritter, Don Camillo and Hannibal Bateman discuss 1) Bengali terror: Another ordinary immigrant embraces the inner snackbar. 2) Next year in Jerusalem: Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Did he clear this with the Saudis? 3) Bitcoin Blow-up: Prices are soaring. Get out while you still can.

4) PLUS CONTENT: The left-right spectrum examined: What defines a leftist, a rightist? Some political theorists have detected leftism in doctrines usually categorized as rightist, and vice versa. Kuehnelt-Leddihn famously considered fascism an ideology of the left. Is the traditional left-right spectrum a useful model?

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Japan is behind the bitcoin surge. They account for the majority of investors (who will hold) and major mining operations are moving there. They are also fully adopting it as an unofficial financial platform in day-to-day life, and it’s being pushed a secondary official currency.

  • There is a good case for us to remain neutral in the Jew-Palestine conflict. Our focus s to get jews out of power. I do not see how committing to accept or support their way in the middle east provides us with any leverage. To the contrary, if the jews want something like ideological benevolence in a certain question like Jerusalem, they need to answer to our demands. So, we should demand them to pull their people from power in our nations if they want any support. And we demand this beforehand.
    But this committing to Jerusalem on our side without demand fullfilled is ultra weak.
    And if we look at Aliya to a solution we have to address that Israel most probably will depend on outside help from greater powers. What a great prospect. For this reason alone the jews will not return home, because they need to run the gentiles media and gov. networks to provide the support.
    This is a very difficult problem and especially Richard seems to believe the jews would reward him with something if he just concedes to their ideology, supports them out of lack of strategy and hopes for the best. Weak.
    There needs to be applied a very strict and maybe ambiguous strategy instead.

  • A leftist is someone who defects from established social mores in order to accumulate power. A rightist is everyone else. This is why the left and right are not stable across time. It also means it is less then useful to try to sort ideologies by left-right since in power authoritarian ideologies trend towards rightism while liberal ones trend towards leftism.

  • The guys never mentioned terrorist immigrant Ayeed Ullah motivation. CNN & WABC even admitted it was for U.S support of Israeli crimes in Gaza. Had nothing to do with Bangladesh. Would’ve liked to hear them attack immigration/terror/ZOG as a unifying issue.

  • The Christmas tree was introduced by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, just to fill in the blank. Santa Clause comes from Odin on his Sky Hunt. Interesting video on this over at redice.

  • I know Richard stated his opinions on Lauren Southern some time ago but no comments about the thots or Millenial Woes’ Nazbol theory?

  • Why quote that sick animal Jack Donovan? Especially when speaking on Christmas? If we ever do seize power sick animals like him will be put down.

    • Quoting somebody doesn’t mean you endorse their views. I quote Marx from time to time, that doesn’t make me a Marxist.

  • Civil rights hero Doug Jones CRUSHES child molester pedophile Roy Moore in deep red Alabama! WOOT!!! 😀 😀 😀

    • Just admit you’re a homosexual. “Civil Rights” is codeword for ‘sodomites like me can pretend to be man and wife now…even though only 10 percent of us actually will.’ Why else would you be here saying these quasi homosexual onomatopoeias? You’re just here trying to flirt with guys you consider ‘dangerous.’ That’s why you weirdo libelers seek to inject this false narrative that the Alt-Right is homoerotic because a few Jewish plants make headlines. You don’t give a shit about a bunch of niggers anymore than we do. Just admit it, you coward.

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