Is Interstellar A Movie About The Faustian Soul Of The White Race?

Submitted by Will Westcott

Christopher Nolan’s brilliant space epic “Interstellar” is an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, but flips the script. Whereas Kubrick’s film tells an austerely visual story purposefully devoid of human emotion, Nolan’s film focuses entirely on the emotions and elements that define humanity. In short, the film is an exploration of human nature as the species strives to save itself from extinction. A fitting allegory for our own race.

The story begins with Matthew McConaughey’s character, Cooper, commiserating with his stepfather, John Lithgow, at the current state of mankind (the white race) facing extinction from environmental blight (demographic replacement) that is destroying the planet (Western civilization). Cooper is frustrated that humanity’s ambitious spirit has been reduced to farming to stay alive.

He opines: “We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down, and worry about our place in the dirt.” This isn’t science-fiction, but a sobering reality. The European race ascended to the moon, now it is descending to the mud. Interstellar foreshadows the calamitous doom that awaits humanity if we do nothing.

While Nolan may not have been writing explicitly about the white race, the analogy is apropos, especially when it comes to exploration and technological conquest, the quintessential Faustian spirit of Western man. The upward ambition to conquer the stars is a primary element of our conscious, to head forth into the great beyond. There’s a reason every great explorer belongs to the European race. While the advanced expeditionary ships of China turned back for home, Europeans set sail for even greater horizons. Cooper’s lament at the degraded state of humanity can only be interpreted as meaning the white race.

Another human quality Nolan emphasizes is lying. The film is an interplay of lies. Dr. Mann (Matt Damon) lies that his planet is habitable to save himself; Cooper lies to Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) that he’s headed with her to Edmund’s planet before ejecting into the black hole; TARS, the artificial intelligence robot, is programmed to lie because humans can’t handle the whole truth; and the biggest lie of all is from Dr. Brand (Michael Caine). His great equation to save the earth was a farce from the start. Plan A for the Endurance to return home was a lie to uphold the pretense that everything is going to be okay. Dr. Brand assumed that nobody would work to achieve Plan B (the real plan) to establish a new colony if it meant consigning everyone on earth to death.

Similarly, we live in an age of the Big Lie, where a fraud like D’souza fabricates an entire big lie about the Big Lie. What is our Big Lie? It’s the lie that race doesn’t exist, that race doesn’t matter, that race isn’t the foundation of identity. Put simply, it’s the lie of human equality. Instead of telling the truth, our leaders, like Dr. Brand tell us a lie because telling the truth would jeopardize their utopian vision for the future of mankind. If people knew the truth that a multi-racial society will never achieve “equality” only our own destruction, the masses would revolt in the streets in the same way nobody would go along with Dr. Brand’s vision to let everyone on earth perish.

Only when Cooper realizes the mission is a lie does the stark reality galvanize him to take a daring plunge into the black hole, which eventually leads to earth’s salvation. For us, dispensing with the lie of Multiculturalism and Diversity will mean our race will have to come to terms with our dwindling numbers, but our salvation will be far easier than Cooper’s leap of faith. Waking up our brothers and sisters is 99% of the work, the answers are innumerable.

Ultimately, the essential human element that Nolan settles on is Love. Not sentimental liberal love (that seeks to validate everyone’s equal worth–a denial of love), nor romantic love, but the deep love of one’s own–the love of family. It is the type of love a parent has for their child and the child for their parent that Nolan coveys as the most important human quality.

This is the love that drives Cooper to reunite with his daughter against all odds. As Dr. Mann (Matt Damon) morbidly explains to Cooper as he tries killing him, a man’s survival extinct is dramatically increased by fatherhood because the love he has for his child compels him to keep fighting for life where others give up. He is proven right.  Cooper’s love for his daughter pushes him to hold onto life and save himself and in the process all of humanity.

In the film’s climatic scene, Nolan calls upon Love as the key to everything. Watch:

Instead of becoming Star Child, Cooper emerges from the black hole trapped in an alternate dimension outside of his daughter’s room. He is ‘Murph’s ghost.” TARS has also traveled through the black hole and discovered the data needed to solve the quantum paradox of gravity that will save humanity.

In that moment, Cooper realizes he was brought to this space beyond time to transmit the information to Murph, he is the “bridge” to mankind’s survival. His only means to communicate across the dimensions, however, is through gravity.

“How?” TARS asks will the message be received.

“Love, Tars, Love,” Cooper responds back rapturously. “My connection with Murph is the key.”

With only one way to save humanity and only one way to ensure the message is received, Cooper seizes upon his watch. Murph will find the data if he codes it into the watch.

TARS, as a machine, is in disbelief that the watch is the right method, this is mankind’s last hope, and it his has to work.

“What if she never came back for it,” TARS says.

“She will, she will,” Cooper insists.

“How do you know?” TARS asks.

To which Cooper solemnly responds, “Because I gave it to her.”

That’s it, despite all the years of separation and sense of betrayal Murph felt towards her Father for leaving her, Cooper knows she will one day come back for the watch. Why? –Why do families pass down heirlooms, and fathers their special watch? Because it is within these physical pieces that the memories of our loved ones live on. The objects are “bridges” that transcend time, that carry on after them, that transmit the memories back to us. In the film, this calling to keep alive the memories of her father compels Murph to come back for her father’s watch. Before she leaves the house for good, to never return, she turns one last time and grabs the watch. At long last, the answer to everything is found before her as she gazes upon the timepiece.

How do I know we on the Alt-Right will win? Love­– that is the love for one’s own.

The love for our racial family will drive us to survive like it did with Cooper and will stir within even our most blinded brethren the calling to come home, like it did Murph, who comes back to her Father’s home and the room she swore she would never enter and reaches for the watch.

Murph represents our liberal kin and Cooper us racially aware whites. Murph, like liberals, spends all of her time trying to make a hopeless project work (Dr. Brand’s equation), which like Diversity, is an utter lie doomed to fail. Meanwhile, we on the Alt-Right, are doing everything we can to save the white race from its own annihilation. Like Cooper, we are seemingly trapped in an alternate dimension unable to communicate to our racial brethren. White liberals despise us for betraying their utopian vision and ostensibly ruining everything. They look back upon their ancestors and the Western civilization that was given to them with regret, guilt, and anger in the same way Murph resented Cooper for abandoning her.

In the end, though, our lost brethren will come home, and they will take hold of the watch, wherein they will learn the truth about themselves, the world, and their ancestors. Why? because love, the love of one’s own will continue to grow as our numbers dwindle and the light of our race dims. As the anti-white hatred escalates and our people face ever harsher persecution like our brothers in South Africa, the pull of family, of tribe, of race will penetrate even the coldest of hearts. They will turn home for an answer, just as Murph does in the film.

“What are we here to do” TARS asks Cooper.

“Find out how to tell her.”

That is our mission. Our race will not go gently into that good night, we will rage, rage against the dying of the light. The Alt-Right is merely the first glimmer of a fire that is only now beginning to flame.

We are the heirs to the greatest civilization to ever exist. When hope begins to fade, our kin will look home for what was given to them, and we will be there as the watch, with the message to save us from destruction.

How do you know? How do you know our people will finally wake-up and reclaim Western civilization?

Because our ancestors gave it to us.


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  • I never learned how to really play the game, but chess is a useful metaphor for Jewish Power.

    Not only are there different levels of mastery but different chess pieces have different roles serving various layers of power.

    Not all Jews play the Game of Power at high levels. Some are either dumb, mediocre, or too hotheaded to see the bigger picture. Uncontrolled personality can override and destroy even high IQ people. Norman Mailer nearly destroyed his career by stabbing his wife. Had she died, his career would have suffered a great setback. Roman Polanski ended up in exile because he couldn’t control his boing, a rather perverse one at that. Kubrick was smart to remove himself from the temptations. It’s like Dylan retreated to some suburb in Woodstock for awhile when things got too crazy.

    In chess, there is the gambit that looks like a bad move but actually sets up for something bigger down the line. So, what seems like Jewish stupidity or short-sightedness could be a gambit. It’s like in HOUSE OF GAMES and GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. The winners can see a little more ahead than the other guy. Even without the good leads, they have mental leads. They can use empathy to emotionally gauge the other characters. And it’s not just about a cold dry game but about emotions. How to manipulate emotions. The woman in HOUSE OF GAMES is conned not only by the brilliance of the huckster but his charms and flattery of her own repressed ego.

    Among the chess pieces, the lowest are the pawns. Some Jews are just pawns. The low-level Jews, the antifa bottomfeeder type and SJW dummies. They think stupidly and act dumbly… just like pawns in chess, but they can be effective in short bursts or their madness can serve as blocking tactics. Antifa terror suppresses Free Speech by nationalists, esp as Antifa and SJW get special protection from the Police as seen in Berkeley and Charlottesville. So, pawns are useful to the Power.

    But there are other pieces.

    Neocons are like the knights/horses. They are unpredictable. They are supposed to be ‘conservative’, but their motions always turn this way or that way. They seem to be moving forward but one can’t tell which way they will hook, left or right. Also, Neocons, as ‘conservatives’ who work(often very well) with Liberal Zionists, jump over the understood boundaries. Neocons jump from left to right to left to right.

    Jewish Media are like bishops. Bishops are mercurial and slip diagonally all across the board. When straight lanes are blocked, bishops can slip in sideways. And media are like that. As its signals go all over the place, it permeates into every household. Con or Lib, any American who turns on the radio or TV or even internet(due to ethno-monopoly control of platforms that work with ADL), come under the power of Jewish bishop power.

    Jewish Power in Deep State and institutions like Academia are like Rooks. Less obvious and mobile than bishop power when the board is cluttered but more solid and substantive. They are the bastions of power that give directives to the media on what can be said and can’t be said.

    Jewish oligarchic power is like the Queen. Super-rich Jews can exert tremendous power by donating to colleges, buying up politicians, funding certain kind of activists(in NGO’s), and spreading cash all around. Just think of what a sole Adelson or Soros can do. A lot.

    And then, there is the King. The King is chess is the most important piece, but it also the most vulnerable piece without much direct power. But if it goes, all else goes. Even if you got rooks, bishops, knights, and queen, a checkmate is checkmate. It’s game over. On that basis, the King is the most important piece even though, in some ways, it is the most ineffective and weakest piece.
    And this goes for Jews. The most important thing for Jews is the Covenant, though it’s been secularized in recent times.

    In some ways, what is most valuable to Jews is the idea of the Covenant(with God, History, Destiny, etc). Without it, Jewishness cannot exist. Without it, there would have been no plan to regain the Holy Land. Jews have gained a lot in history and then lost nearly everything.. but they carried on. Why? The Covenant. So, if a billionaire Jew loses every penny but retains the Covenant, he still has Jewishness that can be passed down through the generations. It is priceless. Because the Covenant isn’t one individual or institution, it has no practical or applicable power. It’s not like the military or money. But it’s the thing that gives Jews a sense of center and serves as a compass in their navigation through space and time. It’s like no matter how big a ship with how many crew and how many guns, the ships in the Voyage of Discovery would have been lost without the compass or other means to gauge direction.

    The Covenant is a strange and paradoxical thing. It keeps Jews humble but also most arrogant and megalomaniacal. As a pact with God, they must bow down before the Lord. Among secular Jews, the Covenant is with History and/or Justice, like Marx with theory of class and revolution. The covenant is humbling because it says Jews must serve something bigger than themselves, be it God or History or Humanity or Justice or Truth or some such. But it is also arrogant because it gives Jews the sense that they have a special place in history. Jews feel that without them, the world would be missing the axle. Wheels will spin out in all directions. Jews need to hold everything together because they and only they understand and see the Big Picture. This paradox was there in Jesus Himself, who was the most humble Man before God but also the most megalomaniacal Man who ever lived, claiming to be Son of God and God Himself.

    Jews are humbled by the Covenant because it allowed them to survive and carry on even when everything seemed lost. Even when all their fortunes were gone and their cities burned down, they had this special identity and sense of place in the universe.
    But because the Covenant proved their resilience and ability to comeback from the direst setbacks and tragedies(and because it connected them with the Laws of the Universe), it made them feel as the most special people.

    This Covenant cannot be owned by a single Jew, yet it belongs to every Jew as an individual soul. In pagan myths, if a man is favored by gods and made great as a demi-god-like figure, it is a favor bestowed onto him alone. But in the story of Abraham, what was given to Abraham is to be passed down the generations as a fire in the soul. It is the one equalizer between the richest Jew and poorest Jew, happiest Jew living in freedom and unhappiest Jew living in bondage. The Covenant reminds the poorest Jew that he could rise to the top because he is of the special Tribe. It also reminds the richest Jew that his life still has meaning and value because, even if he loses everything, he still has the Covenant that links him with God or History.

    Without the Covenant, Jews could not have risen so powerfully(as a People and Power than as mere individuals) after WWII and Shoah.
    Also, it is the ONLY thing that can last indefinitely. The richest and most powerful Jews today will die in a few decades. Soros and Adelson can’t live forever. And there’s no telling what their children will do the fortunes. No one lives forever. Radical individualism is dumb hubris. But Covenant is forever. It was around 2000 yrs ago and it can remain 2000 yrs from now if Jews pass it down generation after generation.

    So, to understand the psychological roots of Jewish Power, we need to focus on the King piece, the Covenant. It is almost invisible like the King in chess as it’s hardly moved and often hidden via ‘castling’. And yet, it is the source of Jewish Power through the ages. Without the Covenant, there can be rich and successful Jewish individuals who exert individual power, much like Bill Gates or Tim Cook does. But individual power is only for a lifetime whereas Covenant Power is for all time. Indeed, notice how even Cook and his ilk serve Jewish Power since it exists as a focus of identity. Cook may serve himself as a successful individual but when it comes to ‘something bigger than myself’, he defers to Jewish power of ADL because it exists as a Covenant, an Idea, an ageless ethno-proposition.
    Suppose there are 100 Irishmen and 100 Poles. Suppose 100 Irishmen have lost interest in their Irishness and just see themselves as either lone individuals or part of generic humanity. In contrast, suppose Poles cling to their sense of Polishness with pride and prestige. Over time, even the Irish individuals will come to serve and honor Polishness because it retains its force as an identity. It’s like if you have two big blocks of magnets and if you keep one magnet whole while breaking the other magnet into tiny little individual pieces, the tiny little pieces will gravitate to the big magnet and stick to it. Why are Anglos in Canada and Irish in Ireland celebrating Black History Month? Why are they into Holocaust Cult Worship? Because having cucked out their own identity as ‘white bread’ and ‘boring’, they either see themselves as lone individuals(the Irish ‘right’) or as generic humanity(the Irish ‘left’). Since genericism lacks direction, it is attracted to Other identities that retain its center and meaning. Since blackness is into ‘yo, I be badass and kick butt and hump every ho’, the cucked out whites are gravitating toward blackness. And some even turn to Islam since it remains a viable and powerful spiritual ideology. Christianity has become so generic that it caves to Homomania among Liberal christos or to Zionism among Conzo christos. “Muh holy homos” or “Muh holy Israel”.

    If Jews were to lose or abandon the Covenant, they could still be rich and successful, like many Wasps are. But they would have no power beyond that of individuals. Bill Gates is a very rich man and has power of money and position. But he is not part of any power as a people, culture, or tribe. He may claim to be of the Geek Tribe, but geeks serve technology and don’t live forever.

    And this is why Jews are pissed with Putin and Trump. Jews know neither Putin or Trump intends to hold Nazi rallies and send Jews to death camps. They don’t even intend to take away Jewish property. Even with Putin’s pro-Russian economic policies, many of the super-rich in Russia are Jewish or non-Russian. Some are even Muslim.
    So, why are Jews so upset? Because gentile nationalism is a nascent kind of gentile covenantism. The thing is a people cannot serve two covenants. For a long time, Jews were into serving their own Covenant and just getting along with goyim, thought to be different or even filthy(by some Jews). And in the Middle East, it seems Jews were successful but knew their place and were tolerated and didn’t get Too Big. In the Ottoman Empire, Jews were among the successful minority middlemen along with Greeks and Armenians. In such places, Jews sought success but not total control. Muslim World remained under the power of Islam. And Jews in the Middle East were more traditional and remained humble before their own traditions.

    The West developed a Faustian soul, and it goes back to Greek mythology and Germanic mythology. It’s what Joseph Campbell talks about. It’s the soul’s equivalent of breaking the Sound Barrier. According to traditional Judaism, there is nothing greater than God, and Jews better watch out.. or else they’ll end up like Edward G. Robinson in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. If Howard Stern, Harvey Weinstein, and Ron Jeremy had given lip to Moses, they would have been wiped out too with the help of Yahweh.
    And Islam means Submission. Allah is great and man is little and he better know his place.
    There is an element of humility in Christianity certainly. But it is also the story of Jesus the Man becoming God. It also about Saul-as-Paul playing the Promethean-Faustian figure and stealing the holy fire of the Jews and passing it off to gentiles and making that New Fire burn brighter and stronger than that of the Jews. Also, a Faustian Pact was made between the most pacifist of religions and most fiercest of all warrior races. Roman Empire collapse physically but survived and gained supremacy over all of Europe spiritually. Barbarians physically overran Rome, but the Roman Church spiritually spread its fire to the darkest and coldest corners of Europe. And Classical Learning, esp after revival during the Renaissance, set the white race onto a Faustian path. Unlike other peoples who accepted certain truths to be timeless, ultimate, and final, the Western Man kept on pushing the boundaries of what is knowable. Unlike other races who felt, “We know enough and the Great Power forbids us from knowing more”, the Western Man figured he had to go further and further and voyage and discover the entire world, gain greater knowledge, increase his power to make man closer and closer to gods. Transhumanists want humans to merge with computers and machines and become godly. In a way, even white cucking before Negroes and Jews is a kind of Faustian Pact. Though masked as ‘social justice’ or ‘redress for white guilt’, it is about the fascination with Power. A white cuck man who lets a Negro do his woman is obsessed with the Power of the Gro. A white cuck collaborator of globalism is awed by Mighty Brew(hebrew) and want to play a role in it.. even if it means betraying his own race and people. Why not go and be with More Power with the Other race if one’s own race now seems rather lame and boring in flyover country? Globalism is a Faustian Pact where Divertocracy combines Diversity and Meritocracy. Bring together the best of all humanity to rule over all the world. So, superior Diversity will tower and rule over inferior Diversity. Exclusive Diversity(open only to talent) shall rule over Inclusive Diversity(open to all the losers of the world).

    Anyway, Jews in the West were also infected with the Faustian Bug. Traditionally, Jewish Covenant meant humility before God. But in the Faustian West, the Jewish Soul sought more and more and more power and knowledge, culminating in atomic explosion and computers. This secularized Faustian Covenant is exciting but also dangerous because it has turned into Jewish self-worship of their own power and prowess. With the fading of ideologies — seriously, who believes in communism anymore –, there is only the Power.
    David Cronenberg made two interesting films on the fusion of Jewish Way and Western Way. RABID has a blonde Aryan woman who is operated by a Jewish doctor. The fusion leads to an explosive outbreak of epidemic. DANGEROUS METHOD has Jewish Freud and Aryan Jung playing tug-o-war with some neurotic Jewish woman. The movie ends with a caption about WWII and Holocaust. It’s as if, just like the fusion of the Jewish and Aryan led to a great tragedy in RABID, the horrors of WWII was, at root, caused by Faustian friction of Aryan and Jews, two people with strong personalities.

    Even though the ‘Aryans’ led in Faustianism whereas Jews humbly worshiped the almighty God, the funny thing is Jews had more Faustian content hidden within their souls. Paradoxically in a way, Jews were so repressive of Faustianism because they were fearful that, if unloosed, it would go totally out of control. It’s like those guarding nuclear bombs have to be more cautious than those guarding conventional weapons. Use conventional weapons in a rash way and you mess up part of a city. Use nukes and the whole city blows up. So, Jewish humility was deceptive. After all, gods are projections of the soul of a people, and the fact that Jews projected onto the universe an all-knowing and all-powerful one and only God means that Jewish personality is inherently power-obsessed. This was so dangerous that Jews had to project the idea onto the universe and worship Him as God. What might happen if Jews with their powerful personalities were to worship themselves as gods? ‘Aryan’ faustianism was about being great heroes. Jewish faustianism could be about Jewish prophets as gods. In the Middle East, surrounded by religious Muslims, Jews also kept to their humility. But in the Faustian West where ‘Aryans’ were encouraged to be heroes of discovery and power, this was bound to have much greater impact on Jews. Once unloosed from their restraints, Jewish faustian soul outpaced that of ‘Aryans’. Those who seek to be heroes cannot compete with those who seek to be prophets, then gods. It’s same with Negroes. Greeks and Western world came up with athletic competition of Olympics. And they hoped to dominate and be heroes/champions. Negroes in Africa were into physical stuff too, but they were forced to be humble because if they chucked their spears in the wrong direction, their asses would be torn apart by lions or stomped by hippos. In Africa, there were reminders that, as tough as the negro be, other creatures could kick their ass. But in the West, white men wiped out all the dangerous animals. So, white man could believe that man could be the physical master by winning in sports. In Africa, the toughest black warrior could act big but then a gorilla or lion might jump out of the bush and remind him what a wussy he be. That kept blacks humble. I mean if a crocodile bites off your leg, you know what real physical power is. But in the West, where physical prowess was decided in the enclosure of the ring or stadium, man could act like he is the toughest hero. When whites competed against the more muscular blacks, blacks didn’t just kick the whitey’s butt. His pride was no longer checked by gorillas, lions, hippos, and elephants. The frightful reality of wild Africa had kept in check the Faustian spirit of the Negro, but in the West, it realized itself fully. Whites had created a safe human environment where white men could be win in sports and feel like ‘champion of the world’. Blacks beat whites and took over this arena, as with Muhammad Ali declaring himself the greatest.
    So, even though White Faustianism led the way, it was usurped in brain power and soul-power by Jews and in physical power and funky power by the Negro.

    Jews are now obsessed with Power. Sure, they do believe to some degree in justice and other stuff, but Jewish Power comes first. Also, power is addictive. People with power want more power. It’s like Stalin and Mao kept craving fore more power, purging any perceived rival and enemy and then making fake enemies just to purge them to feel more powerful. But, with Jews, the Power Obsession is more dangerous because, even in secularized form, they have the Covenant. It’s like the Kim Klan in North Korea. Mao and Stalin were crazy about power.. for a lifetime. Stalin was not into creating a dynasty. Mao had no plans to turn power to his kids or nephews. So, it was power-obsession of a lifetime. But the Kim Klan created a ridiculous covenant that tied the fate of North Korea with the Kim Klan. So, Kim the elder passed power to Kim to Junior who passed the power to Kim the Retard. If Kim the Elder had been like Stalin, his nation might have changed drastically after his death. But the Power obsession became familial, and this is the basis of much nuttery and paranoia among the Kim Klan. It’s not just about fear of North Korea being attacked by outsiders but about the fear of Kim Klan losing the special national covenant.
    Jews are very different from the rulers of North Korea, but they have one thing in common. Jews, like the Kims, have a bigger vision of power. Kims are no longer satisfied with power-for-a-lifetime. They want the power to remain in the Kim Klan forever.
    The big difference between white gentile elites and Jews is that the former thinks in terms of power-for-a-lifetime on individual basis whereas the latter thinks in terms of power-forever-for-our-tribe. So, even though Bill Gates or Warren Buffet love their money and power, they are not interested in the larger Anglo family or identity. It’s about themselves as successful individuals. Beyond themselves, they just see ‘humanity’. To be sure, they are more sensitive to Jews and blacks because Jews and blacks insist on their strong sense of identity and pride. Unlike Gates and Buffet, Jews are not content to be mere individuals with success over a lifetime. Their sense of Covenant, now Faustianized, wants supreme power to remain in the Jewish Tribe. And this is why they hate Putin and Trump so much. Under Putin-ism and Trumpism, Jews as individuals can make all the money and gain so much influence and etc. But Putinism and Trumpism suggest at(if not blatantly) the possibility of the rise of white gentile national identity. Now, some paranoid Jews may worry about gentile mobs with pitchforks, and the Charlottesville torchlight parade did freak them out. But that is not the main concern. The main concern is that EVEN IF whites don’t become anti-Jewish, their own sense of identity will make whites focus on their own interests than on serving Jewish interests. The faustianized Jewish Covenant is addicted to Jewish Supremacism. Because Jews don’t have the numbers despite their great wealth and privilege, their supremacism depends on the support of gentiles, especially the whites. Even if whites didn’t turn anti-Jewish, let alone ‘nazi’, but didn’t feel like supporting Jewish interests and agenda, Jewish power would diminish overnight. Also, it is this white submissivist near-worship of Jewish Power that forestalls criticism of Jewish Power.
    Indeed, the freakiest silence in the West is lack of honest discussion of Jewish Power. It is surreal because the whole point of a democracy is to loudly voice opposition or criticism to the biggest power. But there is such deafening silence about Jewish Power.

    Because Jews depend on White Submissivist support to maintain Jewish supremacist power, Jews must be especially harsh toward whites. If whites show any sign of identity or group-interest, it must be denounced as ‘vile’, ‘rabid’, ‘virulent’, ‘odious’, ‘toxic’, ‘divisive’, ‘ugly’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘nazi’, etc. Of course, Jews use carrots and sticks. For those whites who are with the Program, they are lauded as ‘progressive’, ‘caring’, ‘woke’, ‘compassionate’, ‘anti-hate’, etc. It’s like taming animals. If they disobey, punish them hard to show them who is boss. If they obey, pet them and shower them with affection.
    Be very insulting to whites who clamor for identity and be very smiley-faced to whites who cuck out totally and wag their tails.

    There was a time when Jews feared anti-Jewish elements because of threat of violence or endangerment. It was about survival. But now, Jews fear the fading of pro-Jewish sentiments because they are addicted to power. Jewish supremacism is fearful of anti-philosemitism than classic antisemtism. The main worry is that gentiles will be anti-Jewish but more pro-themselves than pro-Jewish.
    It’s like a hungry man will eat just to survive. It’s about life. But when he has more than he can eat and eats just for pleasure, he gets angry if he isn’t served the fanciest cake.
    Power has a similar kind of logic. When Japan faced the West in the 19th century, it had no grand designs. It was only worried about power. It was fearful of the West and desperately hoped to catch up just enough to be able to defend Japan and survive. But then, Japan toyed with the imperial game and lo and behold, even ‘defeated’ Russia and gained foothold over Northeast Asia. And then, they got addicted to becoming the dominant Asian power FOREVER and that meant preventing the rise of a unified modern China. So, the logic of power went from survival and defense to domination and supremacism. Japanese became so addicted to dominationism that they even risked a major war to cling to their ambition. The idea of retreating from China and just being a normal nation was no longer acceptable to the Japanese. So, a people had worried about survivalism became addicted to supremacism, and then, ONLY supremacism was acceptable and anything less was intolerable.

    As the US rules the world and as Jews rule the US, Jews rule the world. It is a dizzying kind of power. It is Faustian Covenant on steroids, and Jews now want it forever. Because Jews don’t see themselves as mere individuals or part of a generic humanity, their main identity is as Jews, and so, their sense of power remains tribal and supremacist. Jewish individuals are no longer satisfied with success as lone members of society. They want this power to remain with the Tribe to the end of time.

    Also, even though non-whites in the West may compete with Jews, they also come under the influence of Jews. This is esp true of East Asians who are such slavish servile dogs under PC. All those Asians in Ivy League schools become servitors of the Empire, just like all those non-whites who studied in Western colleges in the Age of Empire were turned into dutiful servitors of the empire. They were about the Queen than their own people.
    One problem back then was that white race-ism was a thing. So, even as non-whites were welcomed to study in Paris and London, they were so many reminders that they were not quite as good as White Folks.

    But now, non-whites who come to the West feel different because they are welcomed with open arms by Jews who really run the show. (At least officially with open arms since there is the issue of affirmative action that hurts Asians.) If non-whites who went to London or Paris in the past felt slighted and even disregarded by whites, they now feel they have the advantage over whites. After all, PC associates whites with ‘guilt’ and many other bad stuff. Also, they can’t help noticing that whites in white nations are now subjects under Jewish power. So, if non-whites side with Jews, they can rule over whites. Just look at the smug smirk on Fareed Zikavirus’ face. Or that lowlife Metha Suckasstu. Or guess who the editors of Harvard Crimson are:

    Servitors of the Jewish Empire. So, even as they may resent Jewish power, they know that it is Jewish Power over whites that has given them entry into the halls of power and privilege. They may serve under Jews but will serve OVER whites in white nations.

    Obama knew this well to as the editor of the Harvard Law Review. He had to serve under Jews but it meant serving over whites. Over-underclass.

    Anyway, what Jews fear most is White Identity. It’s no longer about Shoah. Jews are not fearful of survival. I mean even the most anti-Putin Jews admit Jews have it pretty good in Russia. The real problem is Jews are no longer fixated on survival but on supreme power. They are like Japan in the 1930s when its military was no longer about survival(from Western Imperialism) but about ensuring permanent Japanese domination over Asia.

    This is why Jews fear Alt Right more than anything. Alt Right is about White Identity. And that can lead to White Covenantism, their own sense of special destiny with History. And if whites serve their own identity, they will disregard that of Jews, and then Jewish supremacism will crumble. Jews will still succeed as individuals, but white nations will no longer have “Muh Israel” and “We Worship Jews” as their main themes.

    When a slave wants out of slavery, the master isn’t afraid of his survival. Rather, he fears the loss of his supremacist status to which he’d grown accustomed and addicted to.
    White Emancipation means end of white submissivism to Jewish supremacism. And White Covenantism, if such is possible, means a new kind of covenant that may surpass the power of Jewish Covenant since there are many more whites.

    Poland and Hungary are minor powers, so why are Jews so angry with them? Their nationalism is a kind of covenantism. Poles and Hungarians are saying their nations belong to them as holy lands, just like Israel is to Jews. This sounds fair and square. Jews and their nationalism, Hungarians and their nationalism. So, what is the problem?
    Jews are not satisfied with their own nation and own power. They are addicted to non-Jews serving Jews to maintain Jewish supremacism. And to ensure this, gentiles must forgo their sense of blood and soil to serve and honor the blood and soil of Jews as the one and only true nationalism.

    Every people need a Covenant with history. Look how this powerful idea enabled Jews to survive all kinds of storms through the worst of times. Covenantism will decide the history of mankind. Those who forge it will survive. Those who don’t will wash away into generic humanity or end up serving identities that retain powerful identities, like the Irish that now cuck to Jews and Negroes(and even Homos who redefined ‘pride’ to mean homo.)

  • I stopped reading at “Christopher Nolan’s brilliant space epic”. Good God, the dumbing down of White men is so pathetic. You lap up the kike prole propaganda and even masochistically engage in Talmudic parsing of the ‘plot’. NEWSFLASH – it was written by Shlomo and his pals as subtly poisonous propaganda to denigrate YOU, WHITE MAN.

    Five minute on Google searching ‘Christopher Nolan + Interstellar’ and reading the synopsis on Wikipedia proves this without a shadow of a doubt. WAKE UP and stop consuming this cuck filth.

    I recommend you turn on Wagner tonight and reread Mein Kampf, so as to de-Jew your mind and soul.

  • Mr. Guest Writer
    I applaud your review. You have excellent word choice, a clear view of organizing content, and a positive flare for building interest. Your subject matter choice was very good, and your conclusions well grounded. I don’t usually read movie reviews, but your is special.
    Thank you
    Jeff Hilson

  • From the article: “If people knew the truth that a multi-racial society will never achieve “equality” only our own destruction, the masses would revolt in the streets in the same way nobody would go along with Dr. Brand’s vision to let everyone on earth perish.”

    The above parallels the theme of a recent WN novel I read: “Hold Back This Day”. It would make a far better movie than “Interstellar”.

    • Yeah, Ward Kendall holds very little back. You might also want to check out “Beyond This Horizon” as well.

  • The quest does lead to the Genesis. And we do have records that have been transmitted to us. If you know the patriarchs from the begats and begots you can still place the different races and ethnic groups today.

    Evolution is a Jew lie.

    The Whites have made great journeys out of the place of human origins and they have faced many extinction level events – most notably the genetic corruption project recorded in Gen 6. But they continued with monogamous marriage and the generation of children. And for this reason, the White race exists in its nations.

    • I’m afraid that Charles Darwin was NOT Jewish. Darwins first area of study was to become a Christian Theologian.

  • “What is our Big Lie? It’s the lie that race doesn’t exist, that race doesn’t matter, that race isn’t the foundation of identity.” The Left clearly says race exists and is important, for every race except of course the white race. Imagine what Libs would do if a Sam Adams commercial were to praise white culture the same way Modelo Beer praises Mexican culture. They would have an apoplectic shit fit. Race does exist. The Left knows that. It is time we recognize it ourselves, and celebrate ourselves the same way everybody does. That would be equality.

  • Faust was a man who sold his soul to the devil for knowledge. Spengler used “Faustian” to describe the White man who sold his soul to technics.

    Read: FAUSTIAN IS NOT A GOOD THING. Why doesn’t AltRight understand this?

    The White man needs to END the Faustian drive or else it’ll kill what few of us are left after the disasters of the World Wars.

    • “Faustian” is a good thing. It’s taking the Faustian drive too far that’s bad. If you follow the “Faustian Spirit” link it goes to a Sam Francis AmRen article that says:

      “Faustian dynamism: … In a general sense, Spengler is referring to the innovative, aggressive, creative, mobile, aspiring, inventive, and daring qualities that have always characterized Indo-Europeans.”

      Innovative, aggressive, inventive, daring qualities are not inherently bad, but they can be if taken too far, as you rightly point out.

      The problem with Faust was not that he was searching for more knowledge and experience, the problem was that made a deal with the Devil to get it.

      In the sense that the author and many people use “Faustian” they are describing the natural characteristics of Faust in the beginning, not the entire tragedy and full plot. The story is a warning about being overzealous, not an attempt to remove all zeal.

      In short, stay Faustian, just don’t deal with the Devil.

  • “Instead of becoming Star Child, Cooper emerges from the black hole trapped in an alternate dimension outside of his daughter’s room. He is ‘Murph’s ghost.” TARS has also traveled through the black hole and discovered the data needed to solve the quantum paradox of gravity that will save humanity.”

    So let me get this straight; if Cooper and his daughter Murphy represent the love that will be needed to save humanity, then, is the Jew and his filthy minion the root cause of why the earth is being destroyed ?!? That’s the lesson that I’m getting out of this, after all, for every action (love) there exists an opposition and equal reaction (Jewish/nonwhite hatred).

  • This haunting article is sublime. The kind of spirit that has made such an article is the kind of spirit that, against all odds, can save the European race—for our foes cannot equal such an article. Well done.

  • But what if a good portion of the white race is hellbent on using its Faustian spirit to maintain and perpetuate the lie of equality? To commit suicide via dilution?

    That’s the problem with all these comparisons with the past. White societies in the past were able to reach great civilizational heights because of tribalism. Today we don’t even have enough tribalism to eject invaders from our homelands.

    Our modern challenge is an internal rot, a disease. It is not the same as external challenges like exploration or conquest. It will take an entirely different approach.

    • Equality went hand-in-hand with the West’s exploration, technological progress, colonialism, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Whites enslaving or killing non-Whites, but we should never have given them our scientific secrets. Now the third world population is out of control and we’re dying. That was Faustianism.

      What the White man needs is a rejection of the Faustian drive- of striving, exploring, expanding, accumulation of wealth and knowledge for their own sake- and a return to blood, soil, isolationism, and religion. Basically we need a new medieval era. Contrary to what some fruity types claim, medieval Europe was far superior to what came after.

      • Oh really??! A “medieval Europe” in which the slightest opposition to religious dogma meant horrific torture and death by fire??! A period in which 90 percent of the population did not know to read and write, in which the almighy Church litterally fatten itself on the misery, starvation and death of millions??! “Great time to be alive”, really!

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