Champagne Socialist Rag Writes Piece Decrying Alt-Right As “Classist”

These kinds of lies are not big enough to really fight about, but they are lies none the less, and her article is full of them. They are designed to create an impression of the Alt-Right as a spent force, a pathetic and powerless group of people.

A remarkable piece about the Alt-Right recently appeared in the web edition of The Nation entitled “The Racist Right Looks Left.” In this piece, author Donna Minkowitz of Brooklyn managed to lie even more than usual about the Alt-Right, at the same time betraying the very real leftist anxiety over the rise of right-wing socialism.

First, the lies: Minkowitz lies boldly and shamelessly, in ways both obvious and subtle. Many of her lies would be unknown to anyone who wasn’t present at this year’s NPI conference, or in Charlottesville on August 12th, which no doubt excludes most subscribers to her magazine. She counts on the ignorance of her audience to get away with her lies, and she feels safe in the knowledge that the vast majority of her liberal audience does not want to be challenged with accurate reporting or uncomfortable truths which go against preexisting narratives. This liberal preference for comforting lies in place of unsettling truths was recently exposed for all the world to see by the NYT controversy involving their article on the Hovater family of Ohio. This is all in spite of the fact that the founding principles of her publication state:

The Nation will not be the organ of any party, sect, or body. It will, on the contrary, make an earnest effort to bring to discussion of political and social questions a really critical spirit, and to wage war upon the vices of violence, exaggeration and misrepresentation by which so much of the political writing of the day is marred.

Some of Minkowitz’s lies are small and petty, such as claiming there were only 60 attendees at the conference, or that the barn in which we met was “unheated.” There were close to 100 attendees and the barn was heated, but not very well. These kinds of lies are not big enough to really fight about, but they are lies none the less, and her article is full of them. They are designed to create an impression of the Alt-Right as a spent force, a pathetic and powerless group of people. Critically, these small lies omit the context of the event: that the conference was not even advertised, yet completely sold out within three days; that our ranks have exploded since November, 2016 and we could easily have tripled or quadrupled last year’s attendance, but for our First Amendment right to free assembly being so systematically violated by the government since August of this year, which will soon be challenged in court.

Some of Minkowitz’s lies are much bigger, such as the following:

McLaren said the conference would “resume” at a second location, but that turned out to be a dive bar in Alexandria, Virginia. There was no resumption of the conference, only brewskis. But only half an hour after 40 white nationalists sat down and demanded beer and pizza, the waitress on duty and the owner, also a woman, threw them out.


The waitress, a white single mother, said one of the NPI registrants had “thrown a dime” at her, and another had been sexually inappropriate and threatened her. More importantly, she had recognized the obscure Identity Evropa logo pin many wore on their lapels, and knew from prior reading exactly what the group stood for. She had no intention of serving Nazis….


So went one actual encounter between the NPI attendees and a member of the white working class.

This is a serious untruth because it portrays members of the Alt-Right as a bunch of vile hypocrites, talking about support for white working people while arrogantly treating waitresses and restaurant owners like dirt. I was at this bar (which should hardly be described as “dive” — although it may have seemed that way to Minkowitz’s cosmopolitan elite sensibilities), and on both our visits there last month and over the summer, I know for certain the waitresses were tipped extremely well and treated with the utmost courtesy by 99% of our group. We were politely asked to leave after it became clear the small Sunday staff was not enough to handle such a large unexpected crowd, and also because the bar owner wanted to avoid the controversy of being accused of hosting the Alt-Right, which is understandable considering the current climate of leftist political terror.

Such is the oppressive strangulation of free thought in which we live, that if a bar owner or any waitress anywhere were to actually say a kind word about members of the Alt-Right, they would soon find their lives (and the lives of their families) the target of an unimaginably vicious campaign of social media bullying and systematic economic terror. Look no further for the proof of this statement than the treatment of the Hovater family: by expressing politically incorrect political opinions — peacefully, politely and in the context of honestly and openly answering questions by a journalist — these restaurant workers and members of the white working class were completely dehumanized by the online liberal mob and denied the right to even earn their daily bread. What would have happened to the restaurant where they worked, had the restaurant owner not fired them? This is the true measure of 21st-century leftist support for “the white working class,” which is right in keeping with the historical record, namely the Marxist starvation and mass murder of millions of working-class people deemed “enemies of the working class” by Marxist governments.

Another big lie, stated flatly and authoritatively, is the following:

A major reason white people join this movement is because it tells them they are smarter and more worthy than the majority of humanity.

That’s a really effective lie, especially because it’s no doubt very relatable to the ivory tower liberals consuming this trash journalism.  “Oh yes, we read The Nation, we’re so enlightened! Not like those stupid unwashed masses of rural white trash who voted for Trump. We live in Brooklyn, we know how to correctly spell ‘bourgeois’! We’re educated and intelligent, we don’t meet in unheated barns, we don’t go to dive bars, unlike those right-wing losers. We are so much smarter and more worthy than those people who obviously joined that pathetic Alt Right movement because it tells them they are smarter and more worthy than other people.” I actually wonder if Minkowitz and her ilk are even capable of comprehending the level of idealism and selflessness at work in the Alt-Right, or if they are only able to conceive of ideals in terms of what personal benefit those ideals convey to their adherents.

Regardless, honest leftists and critics of neoliberalism should be asking: Why? If the members of the Alt-Right are a bunch of racist genocidal maniacs, why the need to pepper an article about them with blatant falsehoods? Can racist, white supremacist principles not be refuted without stooping to such methods? Are our arguments so convincing that one cannot win against them while admitting that a member of the Alt Right is polite, or tips well, or that we actually did have heaters set up in our barn? Does the strength of the case for leftist principles depend on barn heaters, that such insignificant details must be lied about? And if your writers and thinkers feel compelled to lie to you about everything from minor facts to major truths, is that not an indication that they should not be blindly trusted, that you should genuinely consider other points of view?

The intellectual dishonesty of this piece also extends to implying the neocon wars of the Bush regime were somehow not Jewish wars, when it is a well-documented fact that the major neoconservative thinkers and planners of the Iraq war were not only Jewish, but fanatical supporters of Israel. This article also repeats the now-discredited lie of Alt-Right-as-aggressors in Charlottesville, totally ignoring the recent official report which all but completely exonerates our side and exposes both the violent aggression of the leftists as well as the calculated police negligence designed to engineer a riot. Minkowitz finally stoops to such depths that she ends up claiming Richard Spencer is just like the evil wizard Saruman from The Lord of the Rings (yes, really!). And it should be noted this extremely Jewish and ostentatiously homosexual author, who wrote an entire book called “Growing Up Golem” about her grotesquely dysfunctional Jewish upbringing, employs a number of other characteristically Hebraic tricks in her article beyond the historical predilection for lying.

Jewish writers and activists often act as representatives and spokesmen of the small, forgotten, disadvantaged, marginalized minority against  the big, bad mass of the majority, and it always goes a little something like this: “the large dominant scary majority of patriarchal white males are trying to bully and intimidate our little helpless group of black people, Hispanic people, Asian Americans, immigrants, women, Jews, gay people, disabled people, Muslims, native Americans and the transgendered.” See how that works? Suddenly they managed to hide themselves in with about four-fifths of Americans, who they represent as the minority fighting against the power of the majority.

And of course, they always bury themselves deep in the middle of that list. Minkowitz does this at multiple points in her article:

[T]he alt-right is… predicated on the violent “cleansing” from society of people of color, Jews, and what the right terms sexual “degenerates,” and the complete subjugation of women.


Peinovich frequently exhibits a sadistic streak when he goes after individual women, Jews, and people of color.


The white nationalists [are motivated by] the roiling hatred of so many scapegoated groups: African Americans, Latinx, Jews, Muslims, women, Asians, queer and trans people, and others.    [emphasis mine]

By any standard, Jews — who represent 2% of the American population — are an extremely privileged elite, much more so than non-Hispanic white males. They are far and away the most disproportionately economically advantaged and culturally and politically powerful group in the United States, yet they always group themselves with the folks on the very bottom. So, for example, Harvey Weinstein is put in the same camp with the lowest-income black residents of Camden, New Jersey or Mexican immigrants doing hard agricultural labor in the southwest. Or, for that matter, single white moms working as waitresses in Appalachia.

A courageous nationalist once wrote:

What does anti-Semitism have to do with socialism? I would put the question this way:  What does the Jew have to do with socialism?  Socialism has to do with labor. When did one ever see him working instead of plundering, stealing and living from the sweat of others? As socialists we are opponents of the Jews because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.

Unlike the claims of Donna Minkowitz, economic justice for the productive working people of a nation has always been an integral part of the Third Position.

And here there is no contradiction: class can be changed, but race is forever, so the race struggle takes precedence over the class struggle. And there are two parts to the war on whites in North America — cultural and economic. The hostile elite consists of powerful Jews along with white traitors who wage economic war on our people. The Alt Right calls out both groups, and this is where the lie of Jewish billionaires-as-defenders-of-the-little-people is exposed. We can find ways to deal fairly and decently with every other group. We have no desire to terrorize or harm any poor, powerless group of people. We will find solutions to the immigration problem which are both just and humane. Our struggle is exclusively against the powerful, and they are the only ones who really stand to lose if we come to power.

This is why, for all their petty attempts to belittle our embattled movement, these privileged Jews and neoliberals really are scared of our appeal to honest, idealistic leftists. Our “desperation” comes entirely from the tactical reality of all elements of the establishment being mobilized against us, while human parasites such as Donna Minkowitz live comfortable lives sitting on the very top of the elite world while preaching “solidarity” with “the working class” and claiming to be “the resistance.” Our idealistic fighters know anxieties, indignities and dangers these smug cosmopolitans couldn’t dream of, and which they couldn’t handle if they experienced, yet we carry on because we actually believe in justice, in righteousness, and in truth, rather than cynically using these words like tissue paper to wrap a grossly materialistic agenda.

On economic questions, in the historical battle between labor and finance, the Alt-Right stands on the side of labor against finance. This position is not some tacked-on appendage to our racial worldview, but a direct consequence of it.

This is also a warning for the civic nationalist Trump. Jews like Minkowitz are merely doing what they’ve always done, but right now the white leadership of the Republican Party is inexcusably doing everything it can to enrich the Wall Street elite at the expense of working white families. Standing on the right side of the cultural war will not be enough to keep the GOP in power if it is used as a cover to ramp up the economic war against our people. In the Alt-Right, our worst enemies are not the liberals, the communists or the Jews, but the Paul Ryans of this world. In their blind greed and selfishness, they are playing right into the hands of the left, setting our economy up for another crash and positioning the openly anti-white Democratic Party for a vengeful return to power. Only a pivot into hard-core economic populism rooted in the racial, identitarian values of the right will stop the coming leftist surge, but if Trump cannot or will not stand up to the globalist plutocrats in his own party, then the Alt-Right will power on past him and build this insurgency ourselves.


  • Great article. Really is able to point at those in position of power who are corrupted without giving the left enough measure to scream at our so called “injustices”

  • During the Bush-NeoCon era ‘The Nation’ was a decent magazine for moderate Progressives/Libertarians. They attacked Wall st, NeoCons, Jewish Zionists, bad trade deals & seemed to care about the 1st amendment. Now they spew nothing but Post Modernist, White-Gentile hating, Jew worshipping, Wahabbist excusing, Globalist loving, Populist-hating, free speech censoring, propaganda for the uninformed masses.

  • Donna seemed so easy-going and genuinely curious at the conference.., now we see she’s just another lying, leftist media whore… L

  • I don’t get the tone of this article. The left has been telling us for decades that morals are outdated and petty and we should not judge. This is how they got gay marriage to become legalized. So now they’re writing articles that are moralistic and petty. Who are they to judge beliefs per se? Who is anyone to do that? It’s one thing if someone is breaking a law and discriminating when (let’s say) renting someone an apartment. But judging beliefs? Doing that makes them no different than the people they despise. By what measure is Richard Spencer “wrong?” The bible? The media? Hollywood movies? Give me a break.

  • Being blue collar working class and right wing, I have long had scorn for these rich bourgeois.

    We must not let Trump fight alone, only then doing an insurgency after he has gone.

    We must begin now.

    We must find our first true soft target in the left. We must rally everyone, and then erase it. Break just one of their institutions of globalcratic cosmopolitan power over the right working class.

    This will give us a victory, this will give motivation, this will galvanize. But we need to find that first soft target, to boost our morale from its ashes.

    Each target will become exponentially more easy to break after the first.

    • That’s right…Trump only gives a very small window to lay the foundation for a full-blown revolt on Nov 3 2020… because I can assure that Hindu-Jamaican POTUS Kamala Harris and her racist-vicious Hindu AG Preet Bharara are going after THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MALE POPULATION…

    • Any one of the mainline Protestant or Catholic churches are soft targets. They are all run by the same globalist hypocrites, fakes and phonies the lot of them!

    • Good points. Although I wouldn’t want to ‘fight’ with or along side Trump but do agree that our people should be using this particular time in history to weaken, subvert, and undermine leftist, liberal, progressive, and Marxist anti-Whites. Which isn’t to say that we can’t and don’t also ‘fight’ conservative, republican, and libertarian double-standards, hypocrisies, and lies on Race and other issues as well.

      It’s just that now happens to be a good time to use ‘force multipliers’ (willingly or not) among the latter to ‘beat on’ the former.

  • For at least 50 years, liberals and progressives have engaged in the systematic oppression of white people. I’ve seen it, I have experienced it, and I have lived it. They are extremely powerful, very patient, well-funded, very organized, and very professional. They will leave no stone unturned. When they see even a scintilla of a movement that advocates for equality for whites, they will do anything and everything they can to suppress it. The Altright is relatively small, for now, but don’t give up. Europeans and Americans see the injustice. Little by little, one by one, they find the courage to speak up and speak out against the Left’s unjust and racist treatment of whites. We will overcome their hatred and oppression.

  • A Mendelian cross-breeding experiment:

    What do you get when you crossbreed Hillary Clinton and Bella Abzug?

    Answer:Donna Minkowitz…Rachel Maddow…and Charlottesville very own Emily Gorcenski…three lovely biological mutants…

  • In Europe the Identitarian movement is very classist. The people there who make money with publishing companies sometimes even live in Lodges and small Castles. Reactionary movements have a dent towards a sort of romance where leading activist figures imagine themselfs as counts and knights and want status and money in case of victory.

  • The “left” abandoned the White working class for “diversity.” The Democratic party is now a coalition of all non-Whites and upper class, highly schooled urban Whites. Their coalition has collapsed; Democrats lost the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and 2/3rds of the state governments are in Republican hands. Trump is an obvious fraud and a lackey of the Jew establishment, but he split the left and has the overwhelming support of the White working class.

    The left has overplayed their hand. Bernie Sanders showed that the White left has nothing in common with the Blacks and Browns and peoples of color and are in fact hated by them. The various leftist protest groups like Antifa, BLM and pussy-hatters are viewed with open contempt by the vast majority of the White working class. Desperate attempts by the White left to reach Whites, like the podcast Chapo Trap House, have stalled and gone nowhere.

    Who ever reads The Nation anymore? There is no narrative that the left can come up with that will win back the White working class and politics has become purely racial. The Founding Father of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, rightly said, “in multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

  • Goebbels quoting lol. That’s the first time I’ve seen that but made me laugh. Love him or hate him the man had a sense of humor.

  • Remember, Dad used to tell me: it’s not about the article, but who wrote it. Does anyone expect Minkowitz to write true about Altright?

  • Trump is the dying gasp of Boomer America and the Republican Party. If he doesn’t screw up big time, he’ll get reelected, but that’s it. Regan revolutions don’t change anything. America’s problems are mostly racial and cutting taxes while expanding the military budget doesn’t actually solve anything.

    Trump was the Republican Party’s ace in the hole, even if the GOP are the first to deny it.

    • The Hollywood Homosexual Ronald Reagan handed California over to Greater China’s Geneline….Richard Nixon started the process in 1972…

      Rot in fucking HELL!!! Ronnie and Dick…..

    • That doesn’t make any sense. You obviously have no idea what’s going on. For the longest time before he ran Trump talked about running as an independent, but you CAN NOT WIN as independent so he was forced to run as Republican. Don’t you remember how the entire GOP was against him?? People have such bad memories.

      All you’re doing is signaling to your cronies saying Boomer this Boomer that, oh look at me I’m so cool because I repeat what you guys want to hear.

      Trump is the reason the Alt Right and little Richie Spence have any profile at all. So have a little respect, just a little, you ingrate.

      When little Richie Spence can manage any real political headway at all and achieve political office off of his parents’ money and donations from others, not from his own business as Trump has, then you’ll have some room to talk.

      • Of coursh asspained boomer will belittle Spencer. But the AR doesn`t begin or end with Spencer, and the point stands.

  • Great piece! You make an excellent point when you point out that if the Alt-Right was really just a bunch of genocidal, hateful skinheads, then there would be NO reason for the Left/Media to lie about us…
    Instead, they have to make stuff up to try and discredit our very rational and actually widely shared views!

  • The Bio-Mutant It (((Donna Minkowitz))) is in a political coalition with creatures….THE MUZZIES…who hate She-Male Mutant’s very existence……

    A coalition that is glued together with OPEN GENOCIDAL INTENT TOWARDS Donald Trump’s Conservative White Christian Male Voting Bloc…..


  • Go google photos of Donna Minkowitz….It is a biological mutant Tranny Freak….And this It, like it’s fellow Its, are in a rage state that the It Freak…The Old Farting Hairy Bulldyke Hillary Clinton…..wasn’t coronated Queen Bulldyke It on Nov 8 2016….

    For if the It, Hillary Clinton was announced POTUS on Nov 8 2016….Christian Russia would have been thermonuclear exterminated by now…for refusing to allow SATANIC LOOKING SAN FRANCISCO TRANNY FREAKS WITH SATAN HORNS ON IT’S HEADS to adopt Christian Russian Male Infants……The Left is a SATANIC BLACK MASS!!!

    • With Jews it’s good to look at them from different angles, because one angle will really give you that nasty, Armenoid, alien appearance with the everted lower lip, hooked nose and flattened occiput typical of the caricature.

      Only morons with no racial education, no awareness of sub-racial differences and without even a basic understanding of physical anthropology think every Caucasoid from the British Isles to West Asia is equally “white.” Some of these people are in our very movement.

      • Donna the It can’t possibly be a member of the same species….phylum… the very BEAUTIFULL Marina Zahkarova….

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