As Long As He’s Christian, Roy Moore Voters Are Not Backing Down

This video is just jaw-dropping.

In it, some fat Republican strategist harangues this group of Boomer nationalists about their support for Roy Moore.

That’s basically it. The entire video is this fat, sweaty, malformed man just taking cheap shots at the group and their candidate. He literally calls them pedo-enablers, stupid and worst of all insinuates that they don’t have any Black friends.

What sickens me is how these people never seem to want to fire back at the man.

They push back a little, sure, but they don’t push back nearly enough.

That being said, these were good people. You can see it in the way that they simply calmly outlined their case for supporting Moore. Not vindictive, but positive, offering constructive arguments, not just deconstructing whatever was thrown their way. They outlined their case with wide-eyed naivete that is becoming rarer and rarer nowadays.

Some were sharper than others though. Did you notice the Alex Jones-tier arguments that the two women in the back drop on the interviewer?  About Soros?

Seems that some of them are at least aware of alternative media.

And while that is encouraging, I want to point out that these people were chosen from a larger group of 60, and not one of them was Alt-Right. That’s not good. It means that our AgitProp is simply not reaching this age cohort. Meanwhile, radio voices like Limbaugh and even Alex Jones are.

If we want to branch out into this age cohort, we should glean what insights we can from interactions like this.

They put a lot of stock on Christian values. That was the only thing that they refused to cuck on. An important detail to say the least. And that’s totally fine for us as well. I say that if we can repurpose and retake the Amerikaner flag, we can do the same for Christianity as well. Luckily for us, Christianity is a rather red-pilled religion. At least on combating degeneracy and calling out the Jews.

Time to start bringing up the Jesus that calls out the synagogue of Satan, casts out money-changers from the temple and is the life of the party at Cana.

In other words, if we want to win, we better start playing the game of “Jesus Says”. Scripture can be quoted in various ways. The Zio-Evangelicals changed the definition of “Israel” around and got millions of Americans to worship the same people who literally killed Christ.

We can do the same.

Again, if it can work for retro-fitting the Founding Fathers as White Nationalists, I see no reason why it can’t work for Evangelical Christianity.

And this shouldn’t be interpreted as a critique of Nietzsche or neo-paganism or atheists or whatever.

It’s just facing the reality of the Southern Boomer electorate. Why not extend an olive branch?

Because the reality of the situation is that we either wait for these people to pass on to the next life or we have to start engaging them in this one. Their own Republican party is sending people to hold their feet to the fire for standing up for their pseudo-fundamentalist Christian beliefs. Now, I get the feeling we can get to these people by ramping up the fundamentalism, not toning it down.

So many key pieces of the White electorate are being given the finger by the Establishment that it seems almost a sin to not start picking up the pieces.

Let’s meet these people halfway. That doesn’t mean compromising our beliefs, but helping them see how theirs and ours are not necessarily incompatible.

It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • IN PERSPECTIVE: Remember that Moore was under attack for months by fake news (Fudgepacker Drudge) the corrupt Uniparty AND soros. CNN is calling Jones’ election a “massive” victory when the weasel barely won. Having spent millions more than they wanted, it’s a Pyrrhic victory for globalist swine, with the tallies so close Moore is right not to concede. White Pill Reminder: Fuckface election thief Al Franken is finished. The left lost a Queen promoting a pawn.

    THE PREDICTABLE: the lying twats from 40 years ago will now slink back into the shadows, parasite Ghoulia Allred will move on to her next host and Alabama is stuck with Doofus Doug, who will flounder without fake news covering his hide. He will fail to deliver the promised gibs to gullible Blacks; this should be harped on relentlessly.

    THE PREVENTABLE: Had Trump made The Wall his #1 priority from the start, Moore would’ve won easily. The Wall is a symbol of national unity even the dullest simpleton can understand. Instead Trump opted for a confusing tax plan with no clear benefits. He seems unaware–even now–his main enemies are GOPe scum.

    THE OPTICAL: On an aesthetic level, Jones is sickening to look at. His face is too small for his head and the lines framing his chin make him look like a ventriloquist’s dummy. It’s amazing pro-baby-killing Doofus Doug beat out Marlboro Man Moore.

    • THE BUTTHURT: The only thing EVERYONE knew was that the race would be very, very close. When voter turnouts are high, races aren’t EVER won by large margins. It’s #deplorble to be a snowflake about the large numbers of citizens who have met their #1 civic duty.

      THE BONEHEADED: Moore underinvested in his own campaign. He didn’t give his handlers a heads-up about his long-ago sex crimes. He didn’t raise enough money for his campaign. He sought no endorsements from Republicans who’ve built SUCCESSFUL careers (i.e. NOT been booted from he bench). And he sat out the last week of his campaign, while Jones crisscrossed the state and rallied the people to his victory. Mall rat Moore failed. Blame him.

      THE “MODERN PRESIDENTIAL”: Wake up, you Nazi! Your Cheeto fuhrer LIED to you! That wall was a shrewd campaign gimmick. It didn’t even cut muster as an empty campaign promise! Mr. “welfare for the rich” is not about to tax the donor class who fund his SHORT political future – and MAMMOTH legal expenses. (#MAGA = Mueller Ain’t Going Away) Besides, Cheeto already told you – he’s building you a “SEE-THROUGH” wall. Enjoy the “winning”!

      THE ACCOMPLISHED: Jones is a legal genius. He won an “unwinnable” cold-case quadruple-homicide. Alabama’s finest hour was when Jones secured a 1st degree murder conviction for EACH defendant he prosecuted. On Election Day this year, nobody forgot about the 2001 and 2002 church bombing trials Jones won. Those are Alabama’s trials of the century. Alabamians were destined to elect the man who won them. And you were a #moron to hope they would not.

      • “The only thing EVERYONE knew was that the race would be very, very close. When voter turnouts are high, races aren’t EVER won by large margins. It’s #deplorble to be a snowflake about the large numbers of citizens who have met their #1 civic duty.”

        >>>>>> How pathetic that 40% of voters is considered a “huge” turnout. It wasn’t Jones vs. Moore, it was fake news + communists + RINOs vs. Moore. And they barely won. Even a soy boy with noodle arms can bench 300 if he has 4 spotters lifting the bar.

        “Moore underinvested in his own campaign. He didn’t give his handlers a heads-up about his long-ago sex crimes.”

        >>>>>> But wait, I thought “everyone” knew about Ol’ Roy wanting a young wife. Curious how no one said anything the other 8 times he ran for office.

        “He didn’t raise enough money for his campaign. He sought no endorsements from Republicans who’ve built SUCCESSFUL careers (i.e. NOT been booted from he bench). And he sat out the last week of his campaign, while Jones crisscrossed the state and rallied the people to his victory. Mall rat Moore failed. Blame him.”

        >>>>>> If RINOs weren’t pretend opposition to demoshits rather than aiding demoshits you *might* have a point. Retarded Owl McConnell & Friends were the ones most threatened by Moore.

        “Wake up, you Nazi! Your Cheeto fuhrer LIED to you! That wall was a shrewd campaign gimmick. It didn’t even cut muster as an empty campaign promise! Mr. “welfare for the rich” is not about to tax the donor class who fund his SHORT political future – and MAMMOTH legal expenses. (#MAGA = Mueller Ain’t Going Away) Besides, Cheeto already told you – he’s building you a “SEE-THROUGH” wall. Enjoy the “winning”!”

        >>>>>> God-Emperor Trump never needed the donor class, why do you think they hate him? Lurch Mueller keeps asking what toppings fake news wants on his nothingburger. Trump’s in the WH, Hillary ain’t. Don’t worry, it’s only 7 more years.

        “Alabamians were destined to elect the man who won them. And you were a #moron to hope they would not.”

        >>>>>> And yet had Moore won, you’d be pissing and moaning today about what inbreds Alabamians are. Save your hyperventilating. The fire still rises.

  • Civil rights hero Doug Jones CRUSHES child molester pedophile Roy Moore in deep red Alabama! We in the Resistance are so happy. It gives me more pleasure to rub this IN YOUR FACE. WOOT!!! 😛 😛 😛

    • And a sore loser bigot is whining about it on the net. Keep whining. It changes nothing.

      And yes, Jones got a well deserved 96% of the black vote and black folk turned out in solid numbers to defeat your old child molesting bigot Moore. So much for white power, huh?

      So go burn a cross and have a good cry already!!

    • Wishful thinking at best. Having lived in the south, I can guarantee atleast eighty-five percent of blacks who voted for Jones did so from a place of tribalistic thinking, the afore mentioned number likely being generously underestimated.

      As for the white liberals, at least fifty percent voted for Jones purely out of a Tribalistic loyalty towards multi-culti Marxism, imbued with a seething hatred for any and all dissenters.

      Clearly a lot a tribalism here, buddy.

      I am sure some voted naively, believing in his live and let live, protect the victims drivel. The other few got swallowed up in the slander of Moore hook, line, and sinker.

      So I think it’s fairly fare to say that at least seventy percent of Jones voters were think tribalistically , which ultimately swayed their choice

      • Jones’ voters did not engage in tribalistic thinking. They engaged in critical thinking. Roy Moore said the last time America was great was during slavery. Hard to imagine anything more likely to turn black voters against him. And the accusations about his sexual predation on young girls would only be slander if they weren’t true.

        Moore’s voters did engage in tribalist behavior, voting for him despite abundant evidence that he is a serial child molester.

        • Nobody who votes for a left wing politician in the modern world is a critical thinker, you seem to especially lack in reason.

          • I lack reason? Because I disagree with you? I’ve noticed that very few alt-righters are capable of engaging in any sort of discussion with anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs. It’s either agree or be called a Jew or some other name. Not very impressive.

          • Now, now. Don’t get emotional. Your inability or unwillingness to admit or altogether understand that a lot of leftists think tribally is the only evidence of your lack of reason. Your differing viewpoint on politics is irrelevant. Nice straw man though.

  • I agree with outreach to all salvageable White demographics, and these look like good folk.

    Lately I realized that the problem with Christianity is that it is from it’s origin intertwined with Judaism. Oh but it’s an anti-semitic religion, they say. Like a kid that hates his parents.

    I like my religions wholly Judaism-free. I would prefer to be part of a religion that views Judaism as something completely alien, and of course hostile.

    The bar mitzvah is a lesson in greed and acquisitiveness; it’s a ritual attended by large gifts from family and other members of the Jewish community as a bribe and enticement to loyalty and identification with the Tribe.

    It’s much healthier to train a child to occupy himself with high effort activities that don’t cost a lot of money but provide a lot of fulfillment, such as music, arts, sport, literature.

    I am able to be happy without spending money because I have high effort hobbies. My hobbies are physical conditioning and math/physics. Playing a musical instrument, making art, learning a foreign language are also very good hobbies.

    As far as a religion, Buddhism teaches one not to be attached to material things and teaches one to avoid drama and conflict unless it’s absolutely necessary to fight.

    Buddhism teaches contentment as a virtue, a strength. Consumerism, which the bar mitzvah instills, regards contentment as laziness or weakness.

    I’m in a long term conflict with greedy men, and my Buddhist contentment and patience and thrift are my fundamental advantages in winning this conflict.

  • These honest, decent people do not know malice. They have not been trained on how to fire back at a Jew who is skilled at putting White people in the wrong – through the whole shitlist of grievance mongering. Their racism. Their horrible pedo-enabling churches. Their White Supremacist politics. Alt Right – this is your call.

    One traditional Roman Catholic in that group, one Alt Right red-pilled activist would have turned that disgusting haranguer around in less than five minutes. If he had turned out to be a Jew haranguer he would have been shown no mercy.

    The Roman Catholic response to this creep is : suum cuique. To each his own.

    Roy Moore is entitled to the presumption of innocence until his accusers come forward and state their accusations. The Jews don’t give money to women to pony up with accusations of the horrible sexual abuse they suffered (always more than 30 years ago) at the hands of a political candidate who is not good for the Jews? Give me a break.

    And yes. Definitely we are sick of gentle Jesus the good social worker the pansy of Palestine who blubbers away over the Schmolohoax. The real one did die for the sins of the world and condemns those who prefer their sins, their lies and their guilt schtick. There number is recorded in the NT for the ages and the ages of the ages.

    • Moore’s accusers DID come forward and state their accusations ya dolt and they were highly, highly credible, unlike Moore’s denials. That’s why he lost. 🙂

      Sometimes white people ARE in the wrong and this white guy was very much in the wrong when he molested those girls. If the alt-right is so caught up in its own persecution complex that it can’t see that, then it’s actually the alt-wrong.

      • Yes, they came forward 40 years later. 3 weeks before an important election. With no physical evidence. With forged evidence. With Democratic party backing. Moore presided over the divorce of one of his accusers decades ago. Why didn’t she say anything then?

        • Lots of girls who get molested don’t speak up at the time, or ever, for several reasons. They’re often in shock when it occurs and then they fear no one will believe them over their attacker. They know that some people will say they wanted it or they should have fought back. People who prey on kids know this. Heck, Roy told one as much after he molested her.

          As for evidence, there was abundant corroborating evidence; eight different women came forward telling versions of the same story; many of Moore’s former co-workers recalled his sexual interest in young girls; mall employees and others confirmed Moore was banned for his repeated efforts to date young girls. And Moore’s initial denial on Fox News where he said he didn’t “generally” date young girls wasn’t persuasive.

          All of the women were Republicans, many staunch supporters of Trump, so, no, his was not a Democratic scheme. Plus, what did they have to gain by lying and subjecting themselves to the hatred they knew would result?

          You believe Moore because you ignored the evidence, not because you weighed all of the evidence objectively.

  • Roy Moore and Donald Trump provide the perfect example of what to do: NEVER APOLOGIZE, especially to women. It is difficult at first, but you work it long enough and it becomes muscle-memory.

    Men have an inborn desire to seek mercy, but what most men do not understand is that women abhor simpering men because it looks weak and dries up their pussy. Nothing makes them more irritated that being horny and then suddenly turned off.

    They want you to slap them down. That is why the women are backing Moore and calling the accusers lying harlots. They are THOT-patrolling because Judge Moore laid down the law.

    This is the difference between the Republicans and Democrats in regards to #MeToo. Democrat men APOLOGIZED and the women did NOT forgive them precisely BECAUSE they apologized. They gave their men a shit-test and were let down, making them even angrier.

    This also provides yet another example of why women do not belong in your inner circle. They WILL betray you every chance they get. They will piggyback on all your success and dog-pile on you when you are down and reveal confidential secrets that you confided in her. It is the essence of feminism. A century of female empowerment is culminating at this very moment. This #MeToo coup is the what the ‘First Wave’ planned all along. It is the female Will to Power.

    We do not need women to bolster our numbers. All we have to do is remain standing as every other adversary collapses under its own weight simply because they placed women in vulnerable positions of power to distinguish themselves from rightism (cucking to the ‘power of numbers’) and it finally backfired at the worst possible moment because that is what women do.

    The Alt-Right is a powerful vessel causing ripple-effects in every direction, lapping at every dock and eroding every beach because it refuses to follow regular guidelines and stay in the shipping lanes. It will naturally pull women in its wake with its uncompromising undercurrent. Men built this ship and maintain it. Women are the guests, not the captains or shipmates, because in the event of an iceberg, they will be the first ones on the lifeboats, leaving all of us to drown because it is their ‘honor’ that needs saving, while it is our ‘honor’ to defer our lives because pussy.

        • You know, for a guy who calls others cucks, you sure do spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what women, do, think, and say. If you are going to defend Moore, why don’t you do it by actually showing his positive, masculine traits, if any. It is telling that everything you talk about comes back around to how terrible women are, how tightly they have to be controlled, and yet how quickly they will drop to their knees to blow us all after we have destroyed everything and made ourselves warlords of the wasteland.

          We could be talking about space exploration and you would make it about women in male spaces.

          We could be talking about the very nature of time itself and you would make it about that time that a woman wasn’t nice to you and how that made every single woman on Earth just like her.

          We could be talking about controlling a motorcycle at very high speeds in tight turns and you would make it all about how women need to be caged and controlled because they are just too evil to let live any other way.

          Please, please fuck off with your neckbeard faggotry. We get it. Womernz iz badz. Thanks for the warning. Now all of us that have never been rejected or cheated on can be on the lookout for the mean old demon succubus.

          Take your White woman hating cock suckery back to what ever MGTOW pit you congealed out of. It is impossible for you to love White people and hate White women. That makes you a natural enemy of the Alt-Right and the Hard Right very specifically.

          Either get with the program of saving our race(s) and culture(s) or go back to shilling and dividing and enjoy your eternally deserved and observed (((you))).

          • Uh oh, looks like the bitter beta finally emerged from his ‘Southern charm.’ I like that we are having real conversation now. If you haven’t noticed, I have only been here since THOT-gate, so yes it is still relevant.

            Sorry to wake you up from your wet dream about ‘muh Aryan maiden in wheat field’ lol. But I live in the real world and I will not let your E-whores ruin this movement.

            Nobody made you read my comment. Just thumbs down it and go back to your trad porn fantasy.

            I don’t give a fuck about what Moore is or isn’t. The point is that his role RIGHT NOW is killing cuckservatism.

            If you haven’t noticed, all of these relevant concepts were neatly assimilated into one rant. So go get me banned or something since you are such a good little shekel contributor and I am not.

            Wow calling me a Jew….how original. Amateur.

            P.S. I get more pussy than you. Maybe if you stopped being such a nice guy and stopped ‘respekt wahmen,’ it may change your fortunes.

          • I realize calling every person you can’t understand a ‘Jew’ or a ‘fed’ or a ‘leftist’ is therapeutic for you, but it does more to obfuscate who actually is one. So I suggest you stop misusing powerful labels over petty shitposting.

          • I understand you quite well. That is why I am having so much fun with this MGTOW-patrolling. I think you are worth saving from your own faults so I am trying. The PUA stuff doesn’t work here. This is internet world. No one here is trying to get passions flowing for sex. We are trying to get passions flowing for art, culture, civilization, philosophy, theology etc.. No amount of dread game, amused mastery, night game, day game, dark triad characteristics, or anything else is necessary here.

            These are two totally different worlds. I don’t need these women horny for me, I need them to listen to me, and to men like me, so we can start making progress. Having to fend off a PUA/MGTOW spouting fellow is taking time and energy. If you can’t see that you are only being divisive, then I have to call you out on it. Those are (((their))) tactics. No one ever said that MGTOW patrol would be clean or easy. There is going to be a lot of crying.

          • Sorry but people from Northern states where the former slave population magically disappeared are way more likely to have nigger blood. And if they are Northern ethnics from certain parts of Europe even more so. I have known two Yankees who both had distant nigger blood from the 19th c. You could see it in them too even though they passed for White. I’m not saying that to denigrate Northerners. It just happens to be true.

            And if you knew the South you would know that the Southern Gentleman is but one type of Southern man. Think of people like Waylon Jennings. They ain’t gents.

            It’s over the top, but your points on women are more or less true.

    • You do not know your ass from a hole in the ground, Weimar, which is probably where you have to stick it since you will never be attractive to women.

        • The MGTOW is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a faggot, neckbeard, kike shill, race traitor, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a MGTOW and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

          • Says the guy who’s mother doesn’t respect him, has struck out with women of ages, in his own words, yet still feels the need to ‘respect’ women as helpless creatures. Keep calling me ‘MGTOW’ if it makes you feel better, incel. Between the two of us, you’re the one who will use the ‘sex robot’ and ‘artificial womb.’ You are hopeless, as you are in your 30s, from the South. You would not change your ways to save your life.

          • MGTOW is not incorrect in diagnosing many problems with society. When I see comments like this I wonder if you have ever even read MGTOW material or considered their arguments.


    Evidence:Jeffrey Epstien’s PEDERAST PARADISE RAPE ISLAND…

    “ZEE PLANE ZEE PLANE!!! Master EPSTIEN.”……..squealed Jeffrey Epstien’s creepy fucking dwarf freak slave with an adnoid problem………in a white tuxedo…….

  • In it, some fat Republican strategist (Strategist my ass; this guy is nothing but a filthy ktyke who I saw last year on TV doing the same harangue with so-called ‘focus groups’, his job is to sabotage any right wing agenda) harangues this group of Boomer nationalists about their support for Roy Moore.

    That’s basically it. The entire video is this fat, sweaty, malformed man (a fat Jew) just taking cheap shots at the group and their candidate. He literally calls them pedo-enablers, stupid and worst of all insinuates that they don’t have any Black friends.

  • Roy Moore was friendly with girls in Alabama long before most of the people reading this blog were born. The problem is, the good old boy Southern humor of 40, 50 years ago doesn’t translate very well today.

    I expect Moore will win by 5% to 8% of the vote.

    • When a 30 year old man takes a 14 year old girl to his home and presses himself on her, that’s not an example of good old boy southern humor. It’s an example of child molestation. If one of those girls was you daughter, I doubt you’d think it was humorous.

      • As a Southern man myself, I can tell you my reaction would depend on how my daughter felt about the situation and how far along we all were in marriage negotiations. If he were to be her husband, I would be fine with it. If he were not to be her husband, he would be dead. Age isn’t really that big of a deal in the South. One didn’t have to be very old to get murdered or raped by a bunch of yankee faggots. Why should it matter to yankees now, except as a wedge between the same people once again?

        • Moore wasn’t thinking about marrying any of those girls. He was just looking for a good time.

          No sane man in this country would allow a 30 year old to marry his 14 year old daughter. I don’t care what the legal age of consent is. A 14 year old is nowhere near mature enough to understand and consent to a life long marriage to anyone, let alone a man twice her age.

          If you’d be fine with that, you’re one sick puppy and not because you’re from the south. My whole family is from the south and none would consider such a thing for their kids.

          • You have lived in clown world so long that the true way seems insane to you. In my life, I have been with women of many different ages. I have yet to meet one who knew what she wanted. I have yet to meet one who was mature enough to never make mistakes that she wanted to get out of. Age doesn’t matter. Obedience, discipline, right teaching, and a life of righteousness are what matters.

          • Everyone makes mistakes that they want to get out of. That includes you. And are you saying that your mother was never mature enough to know what she wanted? Is that how you developed such screwed up views about women?

          • My mother is in her early 50s and STILL has no clue what she wants or what will make her happy on her own admission. My experiences with reality have enabled my views about women. They are to be loved, protected, and guided by all grace, wisdom, and Divine authority. As with anyone, when they mess up, they are to be corrected. When they do well, they are to be congratulated and rewarded. Please don’t make assumptions about my views on women just because I don’t subscribe to your policies.

          • If your mother is only in her early 50’s, then you are, at most, 30ish, probably younger. In other words, lacking the wisdom of life experiences to presume to correct anyone. Spare us your pretentious posturing and grow up.

          • It is a shame that my point went so far over your head. People die of old age on a daily basis, never having given their own life meaning and purpose other than to perpetuate itself daily and accumulate things. They never found an objective truth that defines them and all things. Call the deeper things pretentious if you want, but don’t think you are beyond their reach.

  • May i post two links here for a persepctive on traditional Catholic thinking….

    And second, you need not read the article but instead read the comments. The only thing holding these people back from becoming your audience is a perception that you are committed to paganism…

      • I think you are correct amd i try to clarify this myself when i get ambitous on traditional Catholic sites.
        Nevertheless as you say we all need to get on the same side here, this is a real battle we face

  • One year ago…in response to the possibility of Richard Spencer speaking on any SUNY CAMPUSES….

    Governor Andrew Cuomo threatened to arrest Richard Spencer under NYS hate speech laws if Richard Spencer spoke on any SUNY CAMPUS…

    And then Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the following statement:”Pakistani Muslim Americans are absolutely crucial to the economic health and economic revival of NYS….’

  • Of course. Finally someone understands market segmentation and outreach strategy. Apply the same things to “honey pots or Honey thots”…As messengers they reach a segment, too. My contention always was to lead them, Lead men…Lead women. Get them on message.

    But, Vince, let’s not suggest the Alt Right should go full “World Church of Creativity.”, if you become overtly religious you can suffer backlash from established religions. How would you walk that line?

    Have you thought about an actual daily talking points or memes of the day?

    As an aside, “Unite the right” as an alignment strategy, which I m sure is still ongoing behind the scenes, should reach out to those guys (The Creativity Movement) – you probably already have.

    Kind of inspiring how long they’ve been fighting the good fight in their own way.

  • When Roy Moore is elected…

    The Democratic Party will announce an economic boycott of Alabama…

    If Hillary Clinton was elected POTUS on NOV 3 2016…it just would have meant the RACE WAR would have commenced a year ago…AND WOULDN’T THAT HAVE BEEN GROOVY AND FAR OUT!!!!….for the HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN NATION…would have announced:


  • Roy Moore is a child molester. Anyone who votes for him is not a Christian. It’s that simple.

    And anyone marginally literate who reads the New Testament can’t believe that Jesus would want anything to do with white nationalism.

    Maybe you should resurrect one of those random Norse gods to worship. See if that gains more traction.

    • If Roy Moore is a child molester…it wouldn’t be the real reason the Democrats hate Roy Moore….

      They hate Roy Moore’s Conservative Native Born White Christian American anti-homo Voting Bloc who they want to demographically exterminate…

    • Moreover…the evidence of Roy Moore being a pedophile is vaporous…

      Moreover…Roy Moore’s accuser knowingly voted for the wife of a very well known psychopathic serial rapist….so you and Roy Moore’s accuser can FUCK OFF!!!

      • The evidence of Moore’s sexual attraction is overwhelming. There isn’t just one accuser, there are several. The man is such a lech that he was banned from the mall for harassing young girls. He’s the definition of an old, disgusting creep.

        If you want this scumbag to be a standard bearer of the white nationalist movement, by all means take him. You don’t need enemies to undermine you. You’re doing that all by yourself ya sorry loser.

          • No. The management of the mall has changed since then, so current management doesn’t have records of who was banned. But five lawyers who knew Moore, two cops who worked in Gadsden at the time and several people who were employed at the mall in the 70s and 80s said they had heard that Moore was banned for soliciting sex from young girls. A district attorney who worked with Moore said it was common knowledge he dated high school girls when he in his 30s. JD Thomas, a retired Gadsden cop who worked security at the mall, confirmed that Moore was banned from the mall.

            Seems like lots of folks in town knew he was a creep, but no one did anything about it.

    • I am a Bible believing Christian for 47 years now and I tell you this. It is just such people as you in the Church that cause awakened, self-preserving White people to despise the Church of Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith. White people are in an existential crisis and you couldn’t care less. How about your children, friend…care about them? As to Roy Moore you are just one more slandering, useful idiot who deserves nothing but contempt. Moore has not even come close to having the accusations against him stick. But at least two of them have been shown to be lying frauds. But you don’t care, your pathetic sanctimony would rather see a 9-month-in-the-womb BABY MURDERER placed in the senate to, further wreek havoc upon the White CHRISTIAN people in this fading “nation.” Yiou are a terrible exampe of a Christian in this regard.

      • You are unbalanced. You have such concern for unborn children, but none for born children preyed upon by this sexual predator. You are many things, but a Christian is not among them. Just because Moore denies his pedophilia doesn’t mean he isn’t one. His accusers are highly credible as are the many people who recall how he harassed and hit on young girls.

        Oh, and it’s pure hype and hysteria to claim that white people are in an existential crisis. You may personally be in crisis, but the vast majority of white people are doing fine.

        • Another lying piece-of-scum. Doesn’t work for you though. But it does eat your cancerous heart out. Which is a very good thing.

        • Doesnt mean he is a pedophile either, nice try.

          How does presuming innocence before guilt is proven by a jury of his peers equate with one not being Christian?

          Have you personally known his accusers so as to be an expert on their character, claiming as such that they are credible?

          White people may be fine now but what about three decades from now when whites are less than fifty percent of the nation? 100 years from now?

          • I base my judgment on the totality of evidence. Is there any other way? Are you really claiming that no one can ever be considered to have engaged in wrongdoing if they haven’t been tried in court? That defies common sense.

            If Moore really was innocent of the charges, he would sue his accusers for slander and use the courts to vindicate his name. He won’t be doing that for the same reason that Trump won’t be suing any of his many accusers: they both know they’d lose if courts adjudicated their cases because the evidence if overwhelming.

            Whites are less than 50% of many states already. California, Texas, Hawaii and New Mexico. Those states seem to be doing fine. America will be just fine without a white majority.

          • Emotional drivel.

            There’s a reason we have the rule of law, so the unthinking mob, such as your self, doesn’t dictate who’s guilty or innocent. If you cannot fathom a woman or women making up false accusations, whether for her own nefarious designs or as a paid shill, then I believe the trendy word Cuck aptly describes you, versus naive.

            Those states you liberals love to highlight are places were whites have a monopoly on power and money. A quick glance accross the world shows any honest man what happens when whites became a minority in both the general population and the ruling elite. It’s not pretty.

          • Sure, some women fabricate stories, but there’s no reason to believe that these women did. And why would former co-workers and cops corroborate their stories? At a certain point, you need to take your head out of the sand and ask reasonable questions. If you have nothing but an imagined evil conspiracy to explain away credible witnesses, then you simply don’t want to admit the truth.

            As for the supposed downfall of the world when whites become a minority, you go ahead and wail away about that future. America will be just fine with whites in a minority. Heck, even in places where whites once held sway and were pushed out, like Zimbabwe, as bad as thing got under Mugabe, no one wanted whites to come back. That should tell you something about what it was like for native Africans when whites ran the place.

          • Evil conspiracy? Good msm talking points.

            Ah yes, Zimbabwe, a true a bastion of civility, prosperity, and high culture……oh, wait, that was Rhodesia. The white ruled nation.

            To address your last point with regards to Africans not wanting the white man back. Do you think that maybe, just maybe it has anything to do with the average IQ of Zimbabwe being 66? They are mentally retarded, literally.

          • I think it has to do with preferring kleptocratic misrule to tyrannical, racist misrule. As for civility, prosperity and high culture, that certainly was not Rhodesia. Rhodesia was a parasitic pigmentocracy in which a tiny immoral white elite sponged off the labor of a huge black majority while arrogating to itself all the arable land and the wealth produced by exploitation of substantial natural resources. True, they weren’t as bad or barbarous as the Belgians in Congo, but they were certainly were a tyrannical presence. Who would miss that?

            And frankly, if whites were so much smarter, as you claim, they would have managed their very good fortune better. Instead, they end up being booted out and their land and wealth confiscated.

            Any fool could see that was the end game. Had they only acted with foresight by creating an educated black middle class, their positions would have been far more secure. But they were fools.

      • real christians don’t see people in terms of race. read the bible you white trash southern fool. jesus asks us to love everyone no matter what tribe they’re from.
        but christianity isn’t about jesus’ word to bible belters… christianity is your bludgeon to cover up for your hatred.
        luckily, the rest of the country sees you people for what you are. this video is hilarious… and the world is laughing at alabama. “believe me”

          • interesting… never heard of the “no true scotsman fallacy.” however, that would work if jesus didn’t teach love and mercy for those who needed help… please do explain how jesus supports anything different…

          • Esoteric and Exoteric.

            Although I really don’t expect you to comprehend the nuance of Christ since you clearly have a sub 130 IQ.

        • Keep talking retarded “normie.” You only show yourself to be the scum-bag any other true normie would see you to be. Btw, I’m New Jersey born and bred. And you’re still a retard.

          • came back to this post just to laugh in your face… have fun at your dead end job today (if you even have one) buddy… happy holidays!

    • You don’t know if Moore is a child molestor, and you aren’t a Christian, in fact, you hate Christians. So spare us. I suspect that Roy Moore really did molest Corfman and he did almost rape Nelson. They should press charges and or sue him. But they probably won’t because it was 40 years ago and they really can’t prove anything.

      But if Roy Moore is guilty, that makes him MORE qualified to be a US Senator. Hell, Dennis Hastert, one of the longest serving Republican Congressmen, spent 40 years traveling around the world buggering little boys. My beef is that Roy Moore, a “Christian” Zionist whackjob, almost certainly has some juicy compromat and he’ll be a good little boy doing whatever Netanyahu tells him.

      But I’ve decided to endorse Moore simply because he supports 9/11 truth. That’s good enough for me.

      • What is it with you WN types? Everyone who disagrees with your foolishness must be a jew huh? That’s so much like the way communists operate that it’s funny.

  • Some people can try this tactic and we should allow them the room to try it.

    But we can’t change our movement’s core philosophy much to appeal to boomers.

    They don’t share the same incentive structure as us, and if convinced of race realism, they may decide to double down on saving their individual souls and helping the less fortunate, rather than embracing solutions that benefit the group as a whole.

    And yes, they will be gone soon, and once they are, the demographics will shift quite radically.

  • I agree. Jesus should always be framed as one of the earliest Martyrs in our holy war against Judaism, because he was. I don’t see mass numbers of white people reconnecting with their Pagan roots anytime soon, though thats totally cool for those who do just so long as they aren’t too autistic about it, and the vast majority of whites are incapable of becoming Nietzschean Supermen. They are weak and need to be led.

    The only problem is most of the Churchs are not on our side. I don’t have an answer to that one.

  • They don’t call it a generational gap for no reason. People get stuck in their ways and trying to dig them out is nearly as impossible as getting a child to listen to your experience earned life advice. They just want none of it. You can drag a horse to the river bu…….you know how it goes. Don’t drag the horse, just lay treats for him that lead him to the fucking river with salty goodness that will make him thirsty.

    It’s in nobody’s best interest to chase them because they’ll out run you, or at least out live you. A trick that’s in someones best interest is a good trick.

  • For years and years the liberals have used the morality of Christians against them — to hurt them. That has been one of the calling cards for liberals: “I don’t give a shit about your morality but I am going to force you to follow it to your genocide, slavery, and imprisonment.” I see no reason why we shouldn’t use it to help them.

  • We need to get this out of the way. Jesus is post-Jewish. He rejected and exposed Judaism and its leaders as being dishonest, sacreligious and untruthful. That’s why he was crucified. He told the truth, which was a threat to the leaders’ control over their adherents.

    I believe Judaism died with Jesus essentially. His name is the end of the long family lineage. Obviously Jesus did not have children, so his Jewish lineage ceased . (“The DaVinci Code” is a lie, BTW.)

    As a Lutheran I don’t have to dig that far into the new testament to assert that Jesus is a nationalist. (woman at the well, the great commission.) He was not a pacifist either. (I’ve come not to bring peace but a sword.) “Turn the other cheek” isn’t defeatist. It is a defensive strategy to leave your attacker wide open. This tactic is a classic martial arts move.

    • You are right. The covenant given to the Israelites was fulfilled with Christ. A new covenant was established and we are under it now. This new thing called judaism is the oral tradition codified into a written format, after the Roman destruction of the temple, and spread around the world.

      • Here’s the rough layout:

        1) Abraham received from God instruction.
        2) Ancient Israel established
        2a) Spiritual corruption.
        3) Corruption through racial mixing (the case of Solomon).
        3a) Idolatry.
        4) Israel is punished by God, King David’s line of succession is broken, replaced with the Herodian yoke (image of the anti-Christ) signifying the soon return of The King (Christ) as the prophets said would happen.
        4a) Along this political yoke a spiritual yoke is formed in the form of Scribes and Pharisees who deceitfully claimed post hoc that besides what Abraham a group of elder men established additional law and passed it on orally. Using these ambiguous and extensive formulations they manipulated power and oppressed peoples. With the approaching Christ’s arrival this caste was becoming increasingly malicious. Furthermore it became completely solidified in the 2nd cn AD and this is what we now know as JUDAISM, oral tradition of Pharisees continually being written down (it’s on flux, it’s built on sand)
        4) Pure royal bloodline is preserved by Providence culminating in St. Joseph and Blessed Virgin Mary (the actual right-bearers to the throne)
        5) Ancient Israelites adhering to the prophets became Catholic fleeing persecution to Europe. The prophets are Catholic because there is only one Church in Heaven.
        6) The CC is the Jerusalem of God. Pharisees having rejected the Godman for want of worldly gain (to exploit peoples) have lost everything and became accursed. The creed of Judaism is not relevant, its opposition to the Godman is, the only principle of Talmud is its anti-Christ doctrine.

        The racial dissolution of ancient Israelites went hand in hand with their spiritual corruption. Whoever adopts the spirit of Judaism, the spirit of power dialectics and relativism, eventually succumbs to similar ailments.

        If the AR thinks it can stand on mere racial techno-idealism, racial socialism, racial labour, it will soon find out there’s nothing to build on. Groups dynamics merely based on disillusionment with present state require that disillusionment to continue meaning the incentive to solve the situation is not present. Which means the syndrome of a gnostic racialist sect clinging to its own state and unwilling/unable due to its inherent doctrine to connect to the rest of society, the syndrome of the 80s neonazi group.

        Without universal doctrine and dogma individuals cannot understand each other’s destinies and form together as comrades. How can they show their guts to each other when they live on moving sand?
        Unless the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it.

        Either the New Right will be Traditionalist and Catholic or it will fall fail like Marine Le Pen failed. Either your cause is a Crusade for Christ’s Kingship or it’s just another dime a dozen.

        • Brilliant expose and in agreement with you sir. I learned something i had never considered in your post about the ancestral line of Jesus. I am a Traditional Catholic all the way. Reclaim the West in the name of Christ and recover the culture the Church has formed. Lets march now.

          • Correction: replace Abraham with Moses in above text.

            Catholic = UNIVERSAL, containing truth valid in any place, time and for anyone (Roman and Greek liturgy, because those were the languages on the Tree of Salvation, plus Hebrew)
            Roman Catholic = Teacher and Mother Church, where the Rock is.

  • The average white is more woke than they’ve ever been. Just listen to the people in the video. They’re calling out Soros. They’re aware of political manipulations against conservative whites.

    I like how liberals pretend blacks voting as a bloc against whites is the FAULT OF WHITES! LOL! This blame whitey for everything game will never end until WHITES END IT. That’s why we need an ethnostate free of Jewish and anti-white liberal machinations.

          • You are smearing white people and using racial slurs against us. That has nothing to do with pedophiles. It has everything to do with your racial hatred. Why are you so full of hate?

          • What’s with the claims of racial hate? You’re the only folks around claiming you want to destroy this country. Why do you hate America so much?

          • Your nigger race is the king of pedophilia. Michael Jackson is the self-appointed king of pop(ping) underage white/Jewish boys. You Africans rape virgins and infant because it a ritualistic cure for HIV, as per your voodoo animism. 1/4 of South Africans have admitted to participating in gang rape. That is something that only nonwhites do. You call it ‘riding the train’ in the Southside of Chicago. That is almost as homosexual as it is heterosexual, but negroes love it nonetheless. You people have sex with groups of other men together. You make eye contact with each other and bump into each other while engaging in sex with a woman. That is bizarre and less than heterosexual. So you have no right to lecture anybody else about morality. White people don’t do that. You blacks do.

  • We must simply continue what we are doing. Our “racist and anti-semitic” memes work just fine. These people notice them and they ignore it at first, but the seed is planted.

  • WE need to spread propaganda MUCH more than we do now. Seriously, most people haven’t even heard the facts about the things we believe. It’s amazing how brainwashed people are. We MUST WORK HARDER to teach people the truth.

  • Just now noticing the “illustrations” below the video. They’re blasphemous, of course, and disgusting. But they’re also as stupid as it gets. And how is presenting this garbage treating “fundamentalist” (meaning traditional) Christians any better than what Luntz did? Actually it’s worse. Like I said, really stupid. Really clueless. And you can’t afford “clueless.”

  • “And while that is encouraging, I want to point out that these people were chosen from a larger group of 60, and not one of them was Alt-Right. That’s not good. It means that our AgitProp is simply not reaching this age cohort.”

    This age group is very into Facebook now. If you want to reach them, that’s the best way. Lefties all have their “social media directors” to help spread their word, and the alt-right needs to do this as well. I’d suggest starting by posting related links under videos by popular media personalities like Paul Joseph Watson.

    • As much as I have come to despise the (((altlight))), they are normie palatable and force the cognitive dissonance to be acknowledged.

      I’ll use Ezra videos if I have to. There’s the added bonus that I can point to the same if ajjused of anti-semitism.

      “But Goy, I’m sharing videos by that based jew, I can’t be anti-semitic.”

  • The entire video is this fat, sweaty, malformed man just taking cheap shots at the group and their candidate. He literally calls them pedo-enablers, stupid and worst of all insinuates that they don’t have any Black friends.

    Actually, you were too kind in your description of this pasty, doughy, traitorous, utterly HANGABLE slab of dung.

    And…OH…for the day when a White simply recites the truth the NEGROES are nothing more than a degenerate, depraved, mentally handicapped worthless race of human beings. And I only hesitate to refer to them as sub-human because I, myself, am a Bible-believing Christian. The previous descriptives ARE SMACK-IN-YOUR-FACE…EVIDENT!

    • true bible belt christian here folks!!!

      true believer in jesus’ message and a sure bet to enter heaven.

      harry, i hope you live 40 more years so you can see what this country is going to become…

      and there’s nothing you can do about it. you’ve already lost.

  • I believe these people are natural allies. We certainly have some of the same enemies. Take fat, smug ‘conservative’ pricks to be one example of many.

  • As an atheist, I have no problem with, and honestly encourage cultural Christianity– it is a strong cohesive force & our nation was founded on it. That being said, I’m not a big fan of Catholicism– but I do prefer traditional Protestantism.

  • Mostly they want to be left free, but you missed the hot-button issues.
    Abortion (pro-life, including euthanasia)
    Homosexual militancy (Gay marriage, trans bathrooms, pride parades where they have sex in public).
    I would add (if you want to do JQ light) pornography, including the soft-porn and the trash in the movies and TV that show men to be idiots, and a woman or gay man is the hero. But let them notice (((the pattern))) for themselves.
    Also, many support Israel, which is a rabidly ethno-national state (it isn’t that religious). If Israel can be Jewish, why can’t America be American, which means Christian?

    Also, Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood, and was an Adulterer, and the latter was not merely an accusation. Shouldn’t we be tearing down monuments to an adulterer? If Moore is tarnished by accusations, why shouldn’t King’s actions be reason to reject him wholesale?

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