The 3rd Intifada Is Upon Us

The holidays are upon us. Which begs the question why Donald Trump could not have waited until January to announce his support for Jerusalem becoming the capitol of Israel…

Because we all know what that means. The fireworks are about to start:

German police evacuated the city centre of Potsdam, near Berlin, on Friday afternoon after a package was found near a Christmas market containing fireworks and “hundreds of nails” in a tin.

The suspicious package was handed into a Potsdam pharmacy at about 2.30pm on Friday. An employee opened it, discovered wires, white powder and batteries inside and called the police.

Their Days of Rage will run up against our Days of Apathy.

In the inevitable showdown, I’m putting my money on Rage getting some good shots in, but Apathy ultimately prevailing.

Europeans and other White infidels are going to be on the receiving end of all this. Not to worry though, precautions have been taken, and you won’t even notice them.

I wonder, if they started calling explosions and bomb packages found in crowded Christmas markets “Diversity Presents” would people find it more reassuring?

But back to Trump and the Jews.

Ivanka and Kushner seem to still have the White House on lockdown. Kushner, a Chabad Jew with nationalistic sentiment only for the 51st state of the United States, seems to have had a hand in this whole process.

So was it 4D chess from Trump or another case of Ivanka whispering into his ear, “Daddy, make Jerusalem the capitol,” and Trump just doing it?

I hope it was the 4D former. I hope it was a move to give one faction of the Jews what they want so that they stay on his side and help him with his domestic agenda.

It has to be said though that Ivanka in general, is totally shit-tier.

She seems more concerned with proving to her NY elite peers that her daddy isn’t as bad as all that than she cares about Trump’s true mandate from White America.

But back to the Intifada.

I don’t have high hopes for its success. What has changed since the second Intifada? Israel has put up massive walls, seized more territory and sieged Gaza.

And I have little sympathy left for the Palestinians. It’s hard to root for such an incompetent team, even though you sympathize with their plight. Who will even support them? The Saudis have made a separate peace with Israel, and Egypt can’t even send troops into their own Sinai for risk of offending Israel, which has dissolved into total anarchy. Meanwhile, their own Hamas fighters are Sunni and some have been fighting in Syria against Assad, Hezbollah and the Iranian Guard.

But here we are, at the start of the 3rd Intifada. And I think think they have a chance.

Sure, Israel will begin crushing it by bombing them into submission and shooting down the teenagers throwing stones. The only question is whether the world media stay quiet about Israel’s bad behavior.

Maybe not. If they can blame Trump for this somehow, why not pile it on? There is a debate now over whether the US should support the Arabs or the Jews.  On the one hand, the media hates Trump, on the other they are shills for Israel.

So where does that leave us on the Alt-Right?

We shouldn’t get pulled into it on the Alt-Right. After all, are we not busy enough with our own Intifada?

Are we not oppressed as well? At least the Palestinians have no illusions about their occupier and what the Jews plan to do to them. We should be so lucky to have Israeli tanks in our neighborhoods. At least then we could see our enemy plainly before us and rise up in righteous rebellion. Naked oppression is easier to rebel against.

But we’re kept down by kappos drawn from within our own ranks.

We have people denying the reality of our occupation, which is something that no sane Palestinian can do.

In the open air prison of Gaza, only the clever survive. Every incompetent Palestinian leader there will soon be dead, decapitated by either Mossad or by his own people. A new generation of elites will rise that are hardened and born into the struggle.

The Palestinians have lots of children which means plenty of young men to throw away into Israeli prisons or to strap into suicide vests. They have an identity that hasn’t been taken away from them. And they have no illusions about how they are going to achieve their freedom.

Again, I don’t feel too bad for them.

We should be so lucky.

Vincent Law
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  • Just think of it it’s taking out multiple birds with one stone. He’s fulfilling campaign promises that other presidents have lied about by making it the capital. He’s fulfilling the Masonic Christian “End of the World” prophecies by instigating what they truly want, world chaos, death, and destruction that was coming one way or another regardless. He’s provoking the jews arab cousins and greatest historical ally to fight one another while Israel is in turmoil over corruption. Knows America couldn’t protect Israel if all out war happened and or Russia nuked the place if they got dragged into it. Either way Israel is destroyed fulfilling other prophecies non-religious related. If we make it through all the destruction Christians who have that death cult Zionist attitude will have seen it all come to pass and be left in shambles after Zion is destroyed leaving them nothing left to support Israel or Jewry over. They’ll be psychologically tortured for having destroyed the world and not been “saved” while dealing with the JQ HQ ironically. They’ll look for how this all came about and realize the jewish diaspora was instigating this all from the start.

    Just a little mental masturbation but it could be interesting.

  • “And I have little sympathy left for the Palestinians. It’s hard to root for such an incompetent team, even though you sympathize with their plight. Who will even support them?”

    Have whites been any more competent in defending their domain from Jews?

    At least Palestinians put up a fight and were defeated.
    In contrast, whites cucked and surrendered to Jews, blacks, and homos.

    Also, Palestinians never had the support that black South Africans had. SA was hit with sanctions and forced to end apartheid. Israel has been supported by the great powers of the world.

  • Great conclusion. “The Palestinians have lots of children which means plenty of young men to throw away into Israeli prisons or to strap into suicide vests. They have an identity that hasn’t been taken away from them. And they have no illusions about how they are going to achieve their freedom”. In the West we are being robbed by high taxation, we were robbed of any feeling of unity among our people and communities and what is worst because of woman’s rights and equality we were robbed of family and future. Left without nothing and nothing to lose.

  • This was a stupid geopolitical move on the part of Trump because it aligns Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt with Israel against the Palestinians, Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

    Egypt already had an aborted and unsuccessful revolution in 2011/2012. Don’t be shocked if there’s spillover from Palestine into other Arab countries.

    If the House of Saud is toppled, that’s a political earthquake and economic shock that will end Trump’s Presidency just like Iranian Revolution doomed Carter.

  • The first intifada was a military desaster for the palis. The second one too. The third one will be waged just to create a humanitarian desaster so that the palis can bitch to the west about how oppressed they are. The best thing we can get out of this is some entertaining combat footag about two tribes of semites going at each other.

  • This was Trump’s Worst decision yet as President. I think it was even worse than the air strikes on Syria.

    • hohohoooo, listen to Andrew Jackson over here about bad decisions. The airstrikes were the same thing like the new kid in school beating up a low-tier bully to make his point. This Jerusalem thing is an symbolic act that creates a lot of problems for the region and occupies them with themselfs while the west is the laughing third.

      • Maybe so. Keep in mind, bullshit between the sons of Shem tends to result in the spilled blood of the sons of Japheth.

  • Aryan Skynet put this all on the record starting the day that Trump announced.

    Jared Kushner is Mossad. His father was a Mossad sayanim that sponsored a US visa for Golan Cipel, a homosexual Jew Mossad spy that was buggering the closeted gay governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevy. McGreevy then put Cipel in charge of the New Jersey Department of Homeland security, allowing him to funnel anti-terrorism money to Israeli firms and to hire more Israeli plants into US government – as well as to cover up parts of the 9/11 terrorist investigations. There are all sorts of other stories about Jared Kushner’s father – these stories are documented, have been exposed in the mainstream media for 20 years, but few people remember them.

    It’s not Ivanka whispering in Trump’s ear. It’s not Trump playing 4-D chess. It’s Jews playing 4-D chess against the typical Breitbart & AltRight Trump fans who have extremely short memories and typically can’t play regular chess, much less 4-D chess.

    Trump has spent his ENTIRE life as a front man for the Jewish mafia, for Israel’s Likud party, and for Benjamin Netanyahu personally. Trump was leading the Israel parades in New York City in 2002. Trump did TV commercials for Netanyahu’s election. Trump helped launder Jew mafia money through the cut out firm Resorts International in the 90s. Trump’s famous Twitter account was used for Obama’s entire administration pushing the most ridiculous Israeli propaganda, especially the retarded “birther” conspiracy theories from Israeli Jew Orly Taitz. Trump’s campaign was STARTED by three New York City Jew Democrat lawyers back in 2014. It was Jews that got Trump to speak at the CPAC conference during Obama’s second term. Trump’s political mentor, Roy Cohn, was a homosexual Jew that blackmailed all the closet homosexual pedophiles in New York. Trump and his very close friend Jeffrey Epstein have been trafficking teenage White girls and pimping them to wealthy Jews and Whites while secretly video taping them. Epstein had ten phone numbers for Trump is his diary, Epstein’s procuress, the Jewess Ghislaine Maxwell, herself the daughter of Robert Maxwell, also Mossad, recruited teenage White girls directly from Trump’s famous Mar-A-Lago resort.

    All this is heavily documented, on the record, essentially “open secrets” going back decades. Trump has been saying that he would move the embassy in Jerusalem for his entire campaign, and he overruled not just the US State Department, but also all four branches of the US military and all the intelligence services because they all know this is nothing but abject humiliation for America, proving that Jews rule America, and will cause us another 20 or more years of constant warfare for Israel in the Middle East.

    Trump’s not playing the Jews and the Jews aren’t playing Trump. Trump and the Jews are playing you.

  • The European angle could very well be the one to watch. The Israelis are not really afraid to summarily execute uppity Arabs; international condemnation be damned. Trump could just be trying to destabilize Europe, i.e., get the European people to see just how absolutely cucked out of their minds their elites are – knowing full well they are incapable of acting pragmatically like the Israelis.

    Alpha Trump has more respect for his daughter than the average woman, but at the end of the day he will do as he sees fit – no man let alone a woman will TELL him (or whisper) what to do.

  • It happened on 9/11 lasted for one month….George W Bush and Rudy Giuliani were so scared by it that they told their White Male Voting Bloc to go back to watching NFL NEGRO BALL….which they did….but for one month the imported Democratic Party Voting Bloc from MUZZIE World and H-1 B…L-1 B Visa Part of the World……..was very very scared that their racket was about to come to an end….

    Reminder:Gulf War 1…Gulf War 2……5.6 Trillion FUCKING $$$$$$….

  • Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish, so he goes out of his way to deliver The Holy City to Israel. But, thank God, he is not the only one with power in this world. As a holy place to all major three religions, Jerusalem must have a special status and be administered by the UN.

    • The UN is for the goyim, the Israelis only petition the UN when it conveniences them – to be fair, most sensible countries do the same.

    • If one feels that the Arabs have some kind of right to rule Jerusalem, then one must also accept that they have a right to rule in New York, Tampa, London, Brussels, and every small town in America and along the Rhine. The Arabs are not native to the Levant. They invaded it in the 7th century and conquered Roman Palestine and Jerusalem from a weak Byzantine Empire. The Arabs are invading the West now. A consistent position would demand that Arabs have a right to subjugate the entire world, including your town, state, and country. Jerusalem is holy to the Muslims because they conquered it. Likewise, London etc. are holy to the Muslims now that they have, de facto, conquered these places. If you want to support the Muslim rape project and the anti-White UN, then go for it. Just know what you’re saying or else it might come back to haunt you. It sounds like a contradictory position for a White Nationalist to have.

      • The ZOG machine is trying to steamroll over all peoples and cultures that stand in the way of total hebrew supremacy. Our struggle is one and the same. ZOG must be destroyed.

          • The main difference is one of them is backed by the (((USA))) the overbearing Jewish mother of the world, and most of our problems with the Arabs stems from the fact that they view us as Jewish Lackeys (I can’t say I blame them.)

          • Yes, and let us also not forget they attacked us, raped our people, and took merchants and sailors as slaves long before we established Israel as a State. No matter what our involvement with Israel, we will have to deal with the barbarians.

          • To be clear, Fuck Muslims. Everyone of them should be cleared out of Europe and NA.

            Israeli imperialism is a much bigger issue though. Stopping that solves a lot of other problems. Feeding it just creates more problems.

          • Muslims are the ones who are colonizing White lands, not Jews. Muslims are trying to do the same thing they did for the past centuries, which is conquer Europe and rape White women. It is dishonorable to take the side of a people who are dishonoring your women and stealing your land.

          • That’s old shit. That’s not why Europe is getting flooded with A-Rabs today. A stable Middle East is in Europes interest. Not stirring the shit pot for Israeli interests.

          • A stable middle east is will serve again as a raiding hub for organized attacks on europe. Those who see the refugees as a threat, useless deserters with smartphones that will be abused by predatory old female socialworkers, realy need to read up on their history how a real threat looks like. Also, majority of the refugees coming to europe are christians and come from africa. The problem is not stability or instability in these regions, the problem is people in the west letting them in. And to be honest, i think raping and murdering refugees in europe serve as a good darwinian selection mechanism to weed out the weak.

          • Yes, the people in power who let them in are part of the problem. The US destablizing areas like Libya and Syria is also part of the problem. I don’t care if their degenerate rapists in their own country, when its imported into my backyard is when it becomes my problem. The first step to stopping this migration, is to stop fucking with their countries. Let them run their countries as they see fit. It isn’t any of our business.

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