Join, Or Die

Submitted by Way of the World

Why are thousands of young Whites more interested in Sportsball than protecting their own women, their own culture, their own country?

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So why do german white hools stand up against bitish white hools? The answer points towards a very important and confusing fact: IT IS EASIER TO STAND UP AGAINST AN OUT-GROUP THAN IT IS TO STAND UP AGAINST THE OWN IN-GROUP !! That says: we are existentially dependant on our in-group! -> and therefore: he who controls the in-group, controls every individuum of this in-group. Jews go for the head. It´s the central practise since time immemorial of the Jew: corrupt the head = victory. Buy of the king = victory. Pay no matter which sum, it is always worth… Read more »
Josie Sloan

Ok I am a white Scottish-American, but what is it that makes white people better than all the other races? Not looking for hate though I know i might get some just looking for someone to explain this to me please?


The appreciation of synthwave.

Chris White

Because we’re not niggers or spics, who are lazy, uneducated, stupid (and therefore, ignorant), extremely inconsiderate, and mighty annoying, just to name a few of their many endearing qualities.


I don’t know about Germany or Britain but in Italy the Football Hoolies are an integral part of the nationalist scene. The inter-European rivalries aren’t going to go anywhere and I don’t see it as a big deal. It’s only natural to favour your own group.


i remember years ago i heard a rap song made by some arab kids who rapped about how Hamas and PKK and everyone of these Muzi Gangs should join together against Zionism. I had a good laugh back then, i have a good laugh now.
Not gona happen.

Hipster Racist

Excellent video, especially the part about putting aside intra-national conflict and promoting the interests of the White race as a whole.

Plus Member

I have listened to many WofW commentaries.He is very thoughtful and right on.Whites must unite.Our future as a people demands it.


Grown men running around kicking a ball. Even worse is grown men who throw themselves at their feet.


Excellent. Many nationalities, one race. Same goes for men and women. We must work together in perfect harmony.

Fidelis Ad Urnum

Excellent video and very timely.

Fidelis Ad Urnum

Because it’s safe.