Blacks Want to Impeach Trump

Rep. Al Green has an unsavory look about him.

Black Americans, who are among the most coddled groups in history, cannot quite grasp the concept that they are not in control of who represents the country.  They cannot quite grasp that Whites are allowed to choose our own representatives.  And as the lowest IQ subpopulation, they are the most credulous of the “Russian collusion” narrative.  Put these factors together, and it results in Blacks and other low IQ minorities being largely in favor of impeaching our President.

Al Green, a Black Democrat congressman from Texas, with the stumbling inarticulateness we would expect, is leading the push to impeach President Trump.  He forced a vote in Congress for which 58 Democrats were in favor.  His justifications for impeachment, which he notes do not have to involve criminal violations, are apparently for Trump’s racism.

Which is totally justifiable, by the way.

He filed his articles of impeachment against Trump “for associating the presidency with white nationalism, neo-Nazism and hate” and “inciting hatred and hostility.”  This hyperbole references Trump’s rather evenhanded reaction to Charlottesville, his retweeting of Britain First videos of Muslims brutalizing Whites and other Islamic perfidy, and for the so-called Muslim ban.

Also included in Green’s articles of impeachment are Trump’s criticism of the ridiculous kneeling Black football players, and his criticism of the grotesque Black congresswoman Frederica Wilson (she of funny hats, and the “scandal” over Trump’s phone call to the widow of the Black military casualty).

Almost all members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted for the impeachment resolution.  It was like a collective outburst of primitive rage.  This included the following CBC members:

Reps. Alma Adams (N.C.), Karen Bass (Calif.), Joyce Beatty (Ohio), Yvette Clarke (N.Y.), Lacy Clay (Mo.), Danny K. Davis (Ill.), Dwight Evans (Pa.), Fudge, Alcee Hastings (Fla.), Sheila Jackson Lee (Texas), Robin Kelly (Ill.), Brenda Lawrence (Mich.), Barbara Lee (Calif.), John Lewis (Ga.), Gwen Moore (Wis.), Bobby Rush (Ill.), Bennie Thompson (Miss.), Waters and Bonnie Watson Coleman (N.J.).

These people are not our friends.

The Democrat leadership are not even in favor of this impeachment movement (yet).  Treacherous as they are, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer realize that impeachment is neither feasible nor justified.  “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Pelosi said; implying that perhaps later would be the time.  Presumably they would welcome a different political situation in which they could impeach, but they’re at least savvy enough to know that at present it is a wild and impetuous move.  Their Black pets in Congress do not understand these dynamics, and instead act on their childlike emotions.

In sum, it appears that Blacks think that non-obsequious behavior towards them merits impeachment and other reprisals.  When any group is subjected to such undue praise, they tend to lose contact with reality.  One sees this phenomenon with beautiful women, who have it so easy that they no longer negotiate the world on a rational basis.  Likewise with Blacks, who have been so immune to criticism for so long that they have forgotten that they are not in fact above reproach.  With luck, they will soon learn to adjust to this new reality.

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  • Ah, Al Green, my man, what up? Honorable Al crawled out of the New Orleans genetic swamplands in September, 1947 which makes him one of the first wave of mulatto Boomers in poor, confused, Post War America. Al first flexed his college brainpower at Florida A&M, was found lacking, flunked out, then scurried over to Tuskegee University, pillar of Black Thought even today. (How could a negro actually flunk out of Florida A&M in the 1960’s?) After Tuskegee, it was straight on through to Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern, where, in 1974, his black ass was guaranteed a J.D.

    Just like the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina thugs did years later, Al moved to Houston. Back then it was Alief, a Houston suburb along the swampy banks of Brays Bayou. He quickly became head of the local NAACP, a somewhat currently maligned acronym having to do with alligators and the like. Al found a home when Alief’s population boomed after the socially engineered 1974 Oil Shortage brought immense wealth and corruption, a wave of criminal Vietnamese refugees, and subsequent ethnic diversity to that area of East Texas.

    Al honed in on the newly redistricted 9th Congressional District with its approximately 20% poor whites, 55% black and Mexican, with the rest made up from the dregs of Saigon. Al was set for his political life.

    Look into his light brown eyes, his pocked marked, hairy cheeks, broad animal nose, thick, sneering lips. What we see is the latest genetic iteration of those sleaziest of land based pirate poltroons who would hook several lanterns on a mule, walk it up and down a dark Mississippi delta beach, to lure schooners onto the sandbars. Al’s modern lanterns are three little words: impeachment, Trump, and racism. Let’s hope the captain of our ship of state is on to Al’s tricks.

  • “These people are not our friends.”

    It is hardly a secret that these black politicians were never our friend, however the positive thing with this is how the average conservative type, that believed the cuckservative garbage from things like Fox news or National Review in the past, can no longer be easily deceived. The NFL kneeling, BLM, these black politicians that care zero for the constitution for the US founding fathers, all make it close to impossible now to sell civic nationalism to the conservative types. The battle lines are so clearly marked that the number of people that still believe that somehow everything can still be rescued by raising the flag and citing Jefferson.

  • Impeachment is completely unjustifiable. I’m not on board with everything Trump does. He’s another president serving the Jews and he should not have recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Christians should be outraged by this, but they’ve been destroyed. But, impeachment of Trump would be a coup that would justify a violent uprising against a criminal government.

  • Hindu “Americans” are onboard with the Russian Collusion story…..and their presence in the US effectively nullifies THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS VOTE…..on Nov 3 2020=Hindu-Jamaican POTUS Kamala Harris and vicious racist Hindu Attorney General Preet Bharara…

  • A Civil War in America 2017=A RACE WAR!!!

    The Civic Nationalist Cucks who sell herbal Male Enhancement Supplements on their Civic Nationalist Cuck media outlets are going to be in for a rude awakening during a home gang-rape-of-White-Wife break in…by Negro Youth…

    As will the Civic Nationalist Cucks who marry child-brides from Guyana….

  • Blacks are in total dellusion on the immigration issue. They would have had much better off if not for 42 mil foreign born people and their offspring in this country. How can they not grasp this reality? Mexicans want nothing to do with Blacks. Same with Indians and the Chinese. Blacks should be on the forefront of the border and legal immigration reduction issues. But, paradoxically, they are not. Must be the IQ.

    • Low IQ does explain some of the Blacks’ irrational attitudes toward immigration but it is mostly explained by their hatred for Whites. Blacks would gladly cut off their nose to spite their face. As long as something hurts Whites, Blacks are ok with it; even if it also hurts Blacks.
      This same phenomenon explains Jews’ irrational policy on immigration. Jews could not possibly be better off than they are currently in America and that is because of the White majority. Yet, the Jewish hatred of Whites is so deep and instinctual that they cannot stop themselves from fucking over Whites whenever possible. Supporting mass 3rd World immigration will certainly fuck over Whites but then the Jews would be stuck in a 3rd World shit-hole full of people who hate Jews.
      Jews are certainly smart enough to see this coming but THEY JUST CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES!

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