Self-Loathing Whites Mobilize to Spread Ethnomasochism

For some social justice warriors and oppressed minorities living in the West, explaining their contradictory views proves to be just too difficult a task.

Are you a liberal? Do you believe in white privilege? Are you having trouble explaining to offensively happy white people why their race is a genetic abomination that needs to be cleansed off the face of the earth? Is it too much mental labor keeping up with Donald’s Trump’s daily tweeting activity and describing why everything he does is pure evil? Has the Marxist indoctrination you received at university permanently stunted your ability to think for yourself?

When thinking and defending your own positions becomes too difficult, when screaming “racist!” and “fascist!” no longer cows your ideological opponents, it’s time to call in the professionals — the White Nonsense Roundup. According to CNN’s detailed report on the group:

White Nonsense Roundup is a social media watchdog group with about 100 white volunteers. Its goal: to relieve people of color from the emotional labor of engaging with a person’s racist or racially insensitive thoughts.

This is not a joke. There is a group online of white people whose purpose is to guilt-trip and shame other whites on social media merely for not hating their race enough. For not buying into the concept of white privilege or cultural appropriation. Apparently, any white person who tries to argue against the liberal mindset or hurts the feelings of brown people is considered to be spewing “white nonsense,” and can be targeted by this group who will flock to their victim’s social media account and proceed with inexhaustible energy to scold them on their inherently racist ways.

If you are curious what this group’s “white allies” look like in real life, please click here for a photo of them. You won’t be much surprised.

White Nonsense Roundup started up in 2016 as a result of the police shooting of petty criminal Philando Castile. The founder, Terri Kempton, is a book editor and college instructor who believes “it is our responsibility to call out white friends, relatives, contacts, speakers, and authors who are contributing to structural racism and harming our friends of color.”

“I think, as white people, we are taught that intentions are all that matters,” Kempton said. “We think that if our hearts are in the right places and we consciously doubt racism, we’re good to go. So that was a light-bulb moment to me, where I didn’t think intentions are enough.”

White Nonsense Roundup is most active on Facebook, but can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. The group’s mission statement speaks of blacks in strict politically correct speak, as though they are easily frightened beings prone to violent emotional outbursts at the slightest offense.

If you are a Person of Color (POC), you have enough on your plate! It’s not your job to educate white people about privilege, racism, and what’s really going on in the world. If a white person is filling your social media with white nonsense – anything from overt racism to well-intentioned problematic statements – tag us and a white person will come roundup our own.

It goes without saying that believing in white privilege is a mentally unhealthy way to live, for any ethnicity. For any being in nature to think that its mere existence is tainted by evil, that it and its descendants don’t deserve to live in peace, is fatal for the spirit.

An example of what believing in white privilege will do is this excellent recording from a city council meeting in Brighton, Minnesota, during which the female mayor bursts into tears after being called out on her ethnomasochism.

The mayor, unable to bring up any legitimate arguments, results to calling her opponent a “racist” and explains in a quivering voice that she’s extremely passionate about raising awareness of white privilege. Meanwhile, the male council members sit motionless during the exchange. One of them briefly raises his hand, signalling that he would like to speak, but the crazed mayor bluntly refuses him an opportunity to say anything. It’s stunning, and it’s our reality. These are the people in power in our towns and cities. Self-loathing women fighting against their own men, determined to bring an end to their civilization.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.