Overcoming White Guilt Is Crucial To Our Survival

Submitted by Marqui Marq

“The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals. This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”[1]

“White guilt” could very well be the manifestation of Dr. Hooton’s genocidal suggestion for Germany.

For clarity’s sake, we can assume “white guilt” to be roughly the modern equivalent of Dr. Hooton’s “denationalization indoctrination of ‘pure’ Germans” except that this idea has been extended from simply the Germanic races instead to the “white races” as a whole. This indoctrination works via enforcing selective interpretations of history and reality(via the school systems and media) that manipulate the unsuspecting victim (white people) into a never-ending sense of “guilt” and “malaise”.

This is consistent with the modern understanding of “gaslighting”, a form of psychological abuse that exploits the victim for personal gain. Although in this case, the concept appears to be extrapolated from a person-to-person basis to instead be used in an elite-vs-commoner manner.

Narcissists are puppet masters who manipulate their victims for personal gain. With precision, they are able to “pull the strings” of their victims without detection, and render them helpless. In order to understand how a person can become a victim of a narcissist in the first place, it is important to know that the narcissist has many faces (the proverbial man or woman for all seasons). Different faces are required by the abuser as they lead the relationship through different phases; The Idealization Stage, Devaluation Stage, and the Discard Stage.”[1]

“Anti-racism” has had consistent roots with this idea of an elite clique; a group of elite Jewish supremacists alongside their goyish collaborators who work together to exploit the commoner.

The roots of this idea can be traced back to the Jewish Diaspora alongside the hostilities they encountered with other groups. They labeled anti-Jewish sentiment from groups such as the Greeks as “Judeophobia”, the fear of Jews, later extended to a more general “Xenophobia”, the fear of foreigners. At least within the diaspora period the idea was somewhat rational; after all every group of people seems to make mistakes at points as well as also have conflicts with one another, and by this principle Jewish groups, while not completely innocent, would not be completely guilty either, and so would at several points be the victims of unwarranted hostility.

This historical idea of persecution seems to have been somewhat warped with Jewish “emancipation” as it became a tool to serve oneself rather than a tool to protect one’s kin.

The idea of an intellectual attack aimed at shaming a form of “racism” first came from Ludwig Gumplowicz who pioneered the term “ethnocentrism”.[2] A quick look at this mans life history, of course, reveals his attitude on what a “state” should be; “an institution which served various controlling elites at different times.” This idea of an institution directly serving elites is, of course, foreign to the egalitarian desires of most people but fully aligned with the ruling clique themselves as it can be directed against the commoner rather than the ruler.Grumplowicz reflects this mindset with his additional theories on ethnic conflict as he used them for understanding not only the Spanish conquest of Quechua peoples during the sixteenth century but also how the descendants of the Spanish (and other European immigrants) continued to “subordinate the indigenous peoples”.

This antagonism against the European “race” continued with the work of Leon Trotsky who later formed the idea of “racism” to attack notions of Pan-Slavism in the USSR. Leon Trotsky is known for his unique advocacy of a “never-ending revolution”; there was no intended social “result” for a revolution to be concluded because of course, Trotsky felt he was detached from such outcomes. Trotsky lived a life of luxury as he was funded by his international admirers. Even during his exile from the USSR, he managed to afford a heavily armed fortress home with several bodyguards in Mexico. A little-known fact is during the Stalin/Trotsky split many of the Stalinists decried Trotsky as “Rightist” in contrast to Stalin’s “Leftism”; this is because Trotsky desired to continue Lenin’s policy of empowering the “New economic policy” merchants, also called “NEPmen”, to enrich themselves via commerce. And so it’s not surprising to hear Trotsky’s own words with intense disdain as he mocks the “peasant” class of Russians who value their history while simultaneously decrying their “racism”;

“Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilized slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the ’racists.’”[3]     

But of course this idea of “racism” masks itself in false egalitarian principles appealing to all of humanity. This lie of “egalitarianism” is used to manipulate the victim towards self-harm. A useful tool to redpill an indoctrinated individual is proving to them that this concept of “racism” is NOT egalitarian, is not intended to produce a moral beneficial outcome but is a selectively used weapon and as a selectively used weapon lacks any legitimacy from an egalitarian standpoint.

Therefore we one use the egalitarian logic in itself to free oneself of this indoctrination, by citing the anti-egalitarian basis of “fighting racism” using Trotsky’s own works decry Stalin as a barbarian in an extremely racist and derogatory manner;

“Trotsky’s mammoth biography Stalin (1940) not only belittles Stalin’s revolutionary activities but actually sees his life and ‘moral stature’ predetermined by his racially defined genetic composition; after discussing whether or not Stalin had ‘an admixture of Mongolian blood,’ Trotsky decides that in any case he was one perfect type of the national character of southern countries such as Georgia, where, ‘in addition to the so-called Southern type, which is characterized by a combination of lazy shiftlessness and explosive irascibility, one meets cold natures, in whom phlegm is combined with stubbornness and slyness.’”[4]

These are the words of the founder of “fighting racism”. This disgusting hypocrisy repels the idealistic elements of the left as well as their allies.

This hypocrisy is NOT limited to Leon Trotsky;  even today noted “anti-racist activist” Tim Wise consistently alienates his Black supporters with his disdain for their issues and apparent ignorance of “his own privilege as a white male”.[5]Which makes sense considering his idea of “fighting racism” is simply scapegoating a “white male” as a target to blame for all of societies problems, rather than improving relations between various ethnic groups.

The key of course to overcoming this indoctrinated self-hatred is by learning self-compassion and self forgiveness. The Buddhist concept of mettā is useful for teaching this concept.

The practice gradually increases in difficulty with respect to the targets that receive the practitioner’s compassion. At first, the practitioner is targeting “oneself, then loved ones, neutral ones, difficult ones and finally all beings, with variations across traditions.”[6]

And so by this concept, we need to normalize and forgive the “oppressive” elements of our European history. A good way to do this is looking through historical examples of racialism in foreign races. The KKK, as well as other anti-foreigner ideas, are not a uniquely White sort of anti-social uprising. The Boxers Rebellion in China is one of several examples in which case a non-European race was afflicted with foreigner-linked hardship and so became extremely hostile to foreigners.[7]

“The uprising took place against a background of severe drought and the disruption caused by the growth of foreign spheres of influence. After several months of growing violence against both the foreign and Christian presence in Shandong and the North China plain in June 1900, Boxer fighters, convinced they were invulnerable to foreign weapons, converged on Beijing with the slogan “Support the Qing government and exterminate the foreigners.

The reason the Chinese are not demonized for this revolt is most likely due to the lack of a hostile ethnic elite influence over Chinese culture.

While reviewing this sort of example we can mentally put ourselves in the shoes of a psychological abuser; we can imagine ourselves in the position of trust over Chinese people, and intentionally abusing this historical event (Boxers Rebellion) to manipulate them into harming themselves. And by doing this we can realize such a dishonest interpretation of history can be a tool of manipulation, that such manipulation is morally undesirable that exploits others for personal gain, and in doing so we can realize how we ourselves, as Europeans, could be the victim of such manipulation. And in doing so we can re-view history from a neutral point of view and free ourselves from the hate-filled indoctrination of our current “educational system”.









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  • anti-white propaganda seeds are planted in the minds of white school children…the white guilt crop is harvested decades later by big business…whites afraid of being called racist will not vote against immigration….more mass immigration …bigger economy….more cheap labor….higher corporate profits are thereby gained

  • Let 2017 continue the Great Humanitarian Work of the Alt-Right……

    Awakening our White Brothers and Sisters to the JQ……..

    Let’s continue to Expose the Anti-White Behavior of the Jews……..

    There is a reason they’ve been Expelled from over 100 Countries……..

    The National Socialists weren’t entirely Wrong……..

    Yes, there are some Good Jews……

    But, the Vast Majority are the Enemy of the White European Peoples……..

    Do we Pacify because of Non-Absolute Statistics??

    Hell NO!…….

    They were behind the Twitter Banning of @WifewithaPurpose……..

    A Good White Woman who’s spreading a Message of Religious/Family Devotion and Birthing Numerous White Children……..

    The Jews don’t want White Females to See and Replicate this Lifestyle…….

    They dream, hope, and work for White Degeneracy and Implosion…….

    So, let’s Return the Gesture……

    ZERO Sympathy and Empathy for our Jewish Enemies……..

    Let’s treat them EXACTLY how they treat us…….


  • Overcoming our fear of being labeled ,defined, or misconstrued of being a “NAZI” is the crucial catalyst to moving to the next step of forming a political party with clear goals, rules, bylaws and FOUNDATIONAL GUIDING precepts akin to a Torah or Koran. This spiritual guide to “living” as a member of a political movement was brought into this world by the NSDAP and much further refined by the SS and its push for racial hygiene ,rigorous moral and physical fitness, intellectual striving that was molded to serve the STATE which was the embodiment of the FOLK. The TEMPLATE is waiting for refinement and adaption to modern political condition, individual state needs and the 100 % inclusion of ALL European tribes and their former colonies.

  • Ludwig Gumplowicz was one of the foremost theorists of Elite-ism along with Pareto, Michels and Mosca. He should be read.

  • What matters most is not White Guilt per se. It is the power of the TEMPLATE.

    The power of the Template decides who can feel righteous and accuse OR who must feel ashamed and defensive.

    Once the Template is smashed, it doesn’t matter what people believe.

    Take communism in East Germany. As long as the System was in place, the Template was “Marxism-Leninism is the truth, and those who espouse it are noble and should attack and accuse those who are anti-communist.”
    Under the System, the pro-communists could accuse, denounce, and condemn anyone deemed anti-communist. They didn’t need to give reasons. The System ensured that they would be favored and protected. All they had to do was point fingers and accuse. And the accused had to either deny their anti-communism or try to defend/justify it against all odds. The System enforced the Marxist-Leninist Template.

    But once the System fell in East Germany, it didn’t matter if there were still hardline communists or Marxist-Leninist true believers. The System no longer existed to protect, promote, and prioritize them. Few or many, they were now all alone to make their case with the System propping up and enforcing the Template.

    Their accusations no longer had the power to destroy lives because the System was no longer to back them with the Template.
    And anti-communists no longer needed to cower before the accusers. They no longer needed to deny their anti-communism. They no longer needed to defend or justify their anti-Leninism. They could freely express their disdain for communism.

    Same goes with ‘white guilt’. It’s not the feeling itself that is worrisome. Same with Diversity and Homomania. Before Diversity and Homomania were promoted and enforced as Official Templates, it didn’t matter if one espoused nationalism or anti-homo-agenda sentiments. One could openly push back against those agendas prior to institutionalization of PC as New Stasi.
    It didn’t matter is some people were pro-homo-agenda or pro-massive-invasion. They didn’t have the power of the Officially Approved Template, and therefore they could be PUSHED back.

    But once Diversity was cast into an Iron Template, those who were for it had the backing of the System. And those who opposed it could be destroyed by the accusers favored by the System. Once elite institutions enforced PC, only certain kinds of views and positions were allowed, and this had a ripple effect on all of society. So, if all elites from left to right were compelled to say ‘Diversity is our strength’ in order to maintain their status and privilege, the message was loud and clear that Diversity was now a Template than a mere position.

    So, the issue isn’t White Guilt per se. It will always exist as any society(even non-white ones has its share of self-loathing types). What gave Self-Loathing Whites or SLW’s an advantage is that the Jewish Globalist elites gained the commanding heights of power in the West and push the Iron Template of Diversity and Homomania. So, SLW’s are favored in the way that communist zealots, communist toadies, and communist hacks were favored in Stasi-dominated East Germany. But notice how the commies in all walks of life lost their advantage overnight once the System came down.

    The problem isn’t so much the existence of SLW’s. It’s that they are protected by the System that calls for Open Season on White Patriots. Once the Template is smashed, the Patriots can fight back with full force, and then SLW’s will crumble. After all, those who hate their own kind will lose to those who love their own kind.

  • “This antagonism against the European “race” continued with the work of Leon Trotsky who later formed the idea of “racism” to attack notions of Pan-Slavism in the USSR.”

    Rather than lie like an SJW, please be factual.

    From Infogalatic–”An entry in the Oxford English Dictionary (2008) defines racialism simply as “An earlier term than racism, but now largely superseded by it,” and cites it in a 1902 quote. The revised Oxford English Dictionary cites the shortened term “racism” in a quote from the following year, 1903. It was first defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “[t]he theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race”, which gives 1936 as the first recorded use. Additionally, the Oxford English Dictionary records racism as a synonym of racialism: “belief in the superiority of a particular race.”

    • You are technically right on the history of the word “racism” itself as it existed in the language. The point however was on the actual conversational use of the term “racism”. Trotsky was not the first to use the term “racism” in general, but he was the first to use the term in the manner of social shaming. Trotsky is not the creator of the term “racism” and yet he is the first known example of referring to “racists” while referring to actual people.

  • This country was once home to a collection of proud germanic tribes that protected their territories with sacred fidelity. How sad they would be to see that their descendants have devolved into naive impotent Eloi financing their own suicide while being governed by quislings who show deference to the ravenous feral savages that have invaded their lands.

  • White Guilt is part of White Privilege. Comfy whites can play holier-than-thou in the game of goody virtue because their safe environments don’t have red-pilling factors such as a black fist in their face.

    For many whites, self-righteousness is their main identity. It’s virtue vanity and guilt-cult supremacism. It’s like a drug to them. They vape it, snort it, and smoke it to feel holier-than-thou.

    ‘White guilt’ feels good. It’s their cocaine, their crack. It means they are such gooooooooooooooooooooooood people as ‘anti-nazi’ whites.

    Since Jewish narrative says whites = evil, the only way whites can feel good and superior is by demonstrating that they are the GOOD REPENTANT WHITES. So, they gotta smoke that PC crack.

    Paradoxically, two kinds of whites are most into anti-whiteness: The most privileged and the least privileged.

    1. The most privileged whites live in a gated community of safety. So, they are not red-pilled by problems of vulgar Diversity and black crime. They can stick to the PC narrative of all those helpless POC needing to be saved by noble white knights of PC. Also, privileged people are status-obsessed, and so they fear being outed as Politically Incorrect and therefor stick with the program.
    Furthermore, since they got money and means, the white elites can pick and choose only the cool and hip aspects of diversity like trying different restaurants and humping women of all races.

    2. The least privileged whites become anti-white because they lack the means to move from blackening areas. Thus, a Stockholm Syndrome takes place. As white girls see white boys whupped by black guys, they go with black studs for protection. Only tough black guys can protect them from other black guys.
    As for white boys, they figure, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Since blacks dominate whites in poor areas, the only way a white boy can be ‘cool’ is by becoming a whigger like Eminem.
    Also, low IQ poor whites have no culture and taste. Their idea of culture is rap music and porn that is about black guys humping white ho’s.

  • US should have barred all non-whites like the Founders intended.

    Also, ‘hate’ is when you aggressively attack others, not when you defend your turf from outsiders.
    Were Algerians and Vietnamese haters of France in their resistance struggles? No, they only hated French aggression and imperialism. They had no hostility against the French nation itself. They were only trying to reclaim their beloved homelands from foreign occupiers.

    Japan doesn’t want to be invaded and colonized by Muslims. Is that ‘hate’?

    Must a people invite demographic invasion to be on the side of angels? No, such a people HATE their own kind. Self-hate crime is the worst.

    Trump has allowed Russia and Iran to finish off ISIS in Syria. He also condemned the Iraq War and Libyan War. Notice that those who claim to love Muslims most did most to invade and destroy Muslim nations. And Saudis did a lot to destroy fellow Muslim nations Syria and Yemen.

    Now, if Trump’s stupid talk about Iran turns into real action, then he would be lowdown scumbag. I suspect he has no real animus against Iran. He’s just sucking up to Zionists. Paradoxically, one has to be more pro-Zionist if hated by Jews. Because Worship of Jews is the new religion and because ‘antisemitism’ is a cardinal sin, one has to prove one’s is pro-Jewish when attacked by Jews. Since Jews say Trump is hitler, Trump has to show he’s the best friend of Jews and shills for Israel. But, there’s no guarantee that he will really have a war with Iran. He could be going for rhetoric only.

    Btw, if the US doesn’t smash the Middle East, then there will be no wars, and that means no refugees. Muslims can then stay in their own nations. If Muslims wanna flee their own nations even in peacetime, it means they hate their own kind and prefer to live with whites. They are the self-haters. Why should the West welcome self-hating Muslims who don’t want to live with their own kind?

    Anyway, no nation can survive by allowing massive foreign invasion aka mass immigration. Mass immigration IS invasion. Mass arrival of Jews led to destruction of Palestine. Mass arrival of Spanish led to demise of native peoples in Meso-America. Hawaiians are a minority in their own homeland because of white and yellow mass immigration.

    Anyone who pushes mass immigration is an imperialist.

    People like Hillary, Merkel, May, McCain, Biden, the Bush clan, and etc no longer identify with their own race, culture, and people. They identify with power and privilege. If they must serve globalism to stay in the game of power and privilege, they will do so.

    The difference between past imperialism and current imperialism is that the former was about one people colonizing another people’s land whereas the latter is about ALL nations being demographically colonized by everyone as the all the elites of the world work together for their own aggrandizement and privilege. Of course, Israel gets pass-over rights in not being forced to allow mass invasion. But then, who controls globalism? Only Jews are allowed to have an arrangement where Jewish elites identify with and serve their ethnic kin.

    Of course, these immigrant-invaders do the passive/aggressive thing. They aggressively seek to colonize other nations but play ‘victims’ of ‘hateful bigoted natives’.
    Just look at those Hindus. They want to take over Anglo-made worlds with massive colonization, but they act like ‘victims’ of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’. Invading other nations is now a ‘human right’ according to globo-dominated UN.
    Mass invasion by boat, foot, or by plane ticket is supposed to be a Right. So, the US has to offer ‘sanctuary’ to illegals who are sacralized as ‘dreamers’.
    EU has to take in all those who invade by boat or come on foot.

    Natives are supposed to be into self-hate and shower love on invaders.

    How did the world become this stupid?

  • Healthy human beings don’t value egalitarianism. Wanting to be treated better or having higher living standards is not dependent on equality. (((People))) with ulterior motives link everything good with equality because they suffer from pathological insecurity, living in constant fear of hierarchy and authority.

    Trotsky’s racist attacks on Stalin seem inconsistent with his anti-racism because he is willing to say anything to lash out at a strong authority figure.

    • You could just as well argue — as Nietzsche did — that the ‘people’ who suffer pathological insecurity, leading them to equate the good with equality, are simply all those who are below average in looks, strength, intelligence, etc, etc. Which, by definition, is always half the entire population. It could be that certain (((people))) suffer this insecurity more than others, but it doesn’t make sense to attribute the egalitarian impulse to them entirely.

  • No! Let the people who are psychological responsive to that white guilt shit be that way and die that way. We need a fucking purge and not some attempt to drag every sorry piece of waste into the lifeboat because hes white. Our biggest adversaries are still other whites.

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