The Woman Question

I should be bringing you the latest news about the Happenings all over the world. Today I was going to write about Syria and Putin – how the Russkies have basically mopped up ISIS. Or maybe about Bitcoin and whether someone is preparing the market for a big short.

But this Lauren Southern, Tara McCarthy thing seems to be on everyone’s mind (probably because everyone in the Alt-Right is a drama queen), so let’s dive in.

Do women belong in the Alt-Right?

Sure, but E-THOTs don’t.

If you don’t know what THOT means, it’s a black Twitter thing so let me ape-splain it to you. It stands for “that ho over there” and basically is the Current Year’s version of “skank” or “non-ladylike woman”.

The latest “scandal” over Lauren is pretty funny if you can take a step back and just enjoy the bants, the drama and the full destructive power of the Stormer NEET army unleashed.

It’s always nice to see the boys out there causing hell.

But a lot of women seem to not get the joke and I think it is because they are conflating issues here.

Not liking Lauren is not the same as being against women in the Alt-Right.

Look, there are a lot of people on the Alt-Right that don’t like Lauren. Does that mean by extension they don’t like you, and don’t want you in the movement?

That depends.

  • Do you have a past career as a dress-up toy for nerdy men to take pictures with and jack off to later?
  • Do you have some skeletons in the closet from your mudsharking days?
  • Do you try to milk money out of needy beta males by reciting Alt-Right talking points while wearing a revealing tank top?

If you identify with any one of these points, then the criticism directed at Lauren is also directed your way and you are right to be concerned. Your days THOTing around are over. You are about to get patrolled.

What about normal Alt-Right women?

If you simply share the same sex as Lauren, I don’t see why you would feel the need to be up in arms. When a chick gets called a slut, whore or THOT it really shouldn’t phase you.

Let me flip the tables on you for a sec.

See, no man gets up in arms about other men being called cucks – which is the direct male equivalent of THOT – and uses the opportunity to decry anti-male sentiment on the Alt-Right. Look at the abuse poured on Ramzpaul or Alex Jones’ Infowarriors. I don’t see men closing ranks and demanding that these figures be spared from being lampooned as impotent cuckolds.

But women in the West have adopted Feminist thinking patterns and identity as the Sisterhood of Traveling Skanks instead of as just White women. They think like an ethnic minority group and close ranks when one of their own is criticized, instead of standing with their husband, their father, their brother, etc.

This kind of behavior leads Alt-Right men to question their loyalties.

A genuinely “trad” girl is loyal to her tribe, her people, her civilization and her man. She doesn’t think of herself as part of a political voting block or as part of a separate parallel society within a society.

In fact, when she sees women acting like THOTs she patrols them herself.

And this really gets to the heart of the matter. There used to be a time when women would police each other and demand high levels of behavior from their sisters because if one of them acted out, it reflected poorly on the rest of the fairer sex and the reciprocal gentlemanly behavior would stop.

And I use the word reciprocal for a reason. Women were not always treated like ladies. They had to earn that kind of behavior from men. And since almost no woman acts like a lady, there is very little reason for men to act like gentlemen…especially considering that it actively hampers your chances of getting any.

But western women have stopped doing this self-policing.

They never call out THOTery when they should. And so they have abdicated their prerogative as the first line of patrolling. How a woman could go on as long as she did milking pathetic beta’s and civic nationalist mulattos for as long as she did without an outcry from the “trad” girl section of the Alt-Right raises questions in my mind about how trad these chicks really were.

And now everyone has to see the ugly side of THOTery gone wrong.

Instead of some quiet hen-pecking on the sidelines to get these girls into line, we have to see the Stormers getting their hands dirty.

Tara and whoever else shouldn’t be upset by this.

As far as I’m concerned, they had a responsibility that they failed.

And I think this can be an educational moment for everyone involved. This problem will periodically re-emerge on the Alt-Right because THOTery is a never-ending problem. It always needs to be vigilantly watched and when it emerges, it needs to be vigilantly called out (patrolled) and its beta enablers thoroughly punished as well.

This was just some community policing that got a little bit nasty because it was allowed to fester for too long.

I hope to see the Alt-Right ladies step up and help improve the behavior of wayward members of their flock going forward, just like we men already do amongst ourselves.

That way, we can avoid bringing the all-powerful online troll army into this next time, and everyone will be able to breathe a little easier for it.

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  • What the women of this community don’t realize is that many of them weren’t red pilled by white nationalists, but by manospherians/White sharias like Roosh, Heartiste, Rollo, and Forney and graduated into white nationalism. So before they came to the alt-right they had to deal with “red-pill women” who wrote blogs about being dominated by alpha males for shekels and views.

    So the foot soldiers, poltards, and stormfags have a natural aversion to women coming into this “idea space” especially when they have no original ideas. My view is if you want to come in and preach the trad message live the trad lifestyle.

  • There are some here that are confused by what what we mean when we say that the movement is anti-feminism. That means 1st and 2nd wave feminism too, not just purple haired 3rd wave feminism.

    • I have news for you. This morality of feminism you covet is based on a huge lie, built on a “Whoa is me” or “Poor me” mentality. This lie was created by people who don’t care about women or their children. They want women to hate being women and they want men to hate being men. They want men and women to have total obedience to the state. And looking at how quickly we’re embracing daycare or abortion, these people are winning.

      Feminism is a cruel Marxist trick to dismantle the core strength of society which is built on family.

  • Source the issue. (((Television and media))). Women ARE the battleground, and we are competing with (((influence))) for their minds. The presence and application of shame is what is under attack. Obviously we must preserve it, but there’s a paradox here finely exemplified by the WR/Lexi bickering. Shaming is a double-edged sword. The strong leader does not plead with the battleground to lend him victory, but defeats the enemy on it’s soil; yet shaming can be (incorrectly) construed as pleading with or complaining about the enemy (as Lexi often interprets and lashes back with accusations of such.) So, while it is vital to shame degeneracy, it’s potential interpretation as “pleading with the battleground” is a classic example of Jewish style mind-fuck. A double-interpretation containing both a positive and a negative, thus resulting in zero-sum. The tactic is to perpetuate a constant draw. It’s the essence of Jewry. You might call it “Jew-do,” a form of redirecting our energy back at us; and a similar dynamic appears in many other battlegrounds. How do you defeat such an tactic? Only one way, eliminate the source which promulgates the malignant second interpretation. Stay focused on the enemy and stop bickering with the women. They are lost to us until we root out the tumor but will fall back in line once it’s done, even once it’s in progress. That said, emphasis on the zero-sum, therefore hard-fucking-core is the only viable solution. Like being in a board-game while slowly dying to poison, and while winning promises the antidote, the game is in eternal draw. What do you do? Stop playing the fucking board-game, knock the table over, snap the fuckers neck and yank the antidote out of his pocket. That’s where the fuck were at.

  • Men of the alt-Right, I owe you an apology. I used to countersignal the idea of hypergamy, the idea that women would rather share one passionate Alpha with a will of steel, than have some uninspiring, insecure beta husband all to herself.

    I now see this may have been an error.

    • Great video. This attack on our gals is such a disgrace. And everyone who has joined in on it have just given witness to their own lack of judgement.

      • Here I see the sad part: Only a big-brained nibba with a titanic pair of testicles could possibly have worked up the courage to make this video.

        • Nice clickbait. For somebody who reflexively calls any masculine antifeminist a faggot, you sure to seem follow a lot of actual faggots. A ‘gay phase?’ No such thing. Male sexuality is not fluid like a woman’s. Millennial Woes is LARPing as a heterosexual. He is a fag and you are his hag.

          • Not clicking on your child porn links. Looks like you didn’t learn your lesson and you are back for more attention that you are clearly lacking elsewhere. Maybe you should wash down your boxed wine with a bucket of ice cream, and then binge on some Netflix.

            Two things you cannot admit yet signal endlessly:
            1. You are indeed a feminist who believes that men and women and equal, minus the responsibility, accountability and privilege, which should be reflected by law and culture.
            2. You enjoy the abuse that women, and you specifically, are receiving, making you a BDSM fantasist.

            You keep bringing up ‘MGTOW’ as if its an actual thing, when it is not even a movement but a critique, similar to libertarianism, that is not realistic enough to ever be practical, yet has a few basic ideas that can be assimilated into the overall Alt-Right disposition.

            Unfortunately for you the tide has turned into a consensus. The THOTpocalypse is over. Some Plain Jane dilettante is not worthy of attention. Women and politics do not mix. We need to accept it and move on. Too many other important things.

            The show’s over, pal.

          • You are only here to stir shit. I am not reading your Jew websites. Your obsession with this MGTOW thing really says it all…you just want to invade every single male arena and inject it with feminism and label any man who is opposed to your devious plans as degenerate.

            You are the very creature that needs to be banned before you spread your dyke-scissoring #MeToo coup. That is a women’s Will to Power. It is THE culmination of a century of feminism. This was its goal and we are witnessing it.

            You keep hinting that you have a degenerate past. It sounds like you have a deep insecurity about it and want to include as many others as possible to create an overriding consensus of forgiveness to atone for it. You seek mass amnesty rather than individual redemption because women are hive-minded.

            I have written extensively in other posts about solutions. I cannot help you, but can remind you that Woodstock is over and you relics are reveling in the debris left behind. You are also a fag hag. Gays and straight women have a frenemy relationship, which both need to be kept out of nationalism.

            The Alt-Right is an assimilation of many concepts, which to people of meager intelligence (women), can seem disparate or contradictory. Neoconservatism also has a seemingly contradictory portfolio because one of its staples is neoliberalism, which is far too complicated for you to understand.

            You should get back to ladies night bingo where you badmouth your husbands and lament how you did not birth any daughters. It would also help if you could leaf through your sticky copy of 50 Shades of Grey objectively rather than masturbating to your sadomasochistic machinations every couple of pages.

          • If I’m only here to stir shit, why is it that I only turn up when you MGTOW faggots show up and start bashing women?

            On what basis do you claim the right to sit here and go off on women without us getting to say anything in our own defense?

          • You’re projecting again, feminist dyke. You are the one who cites all of the homosexual nationalists I have never listened to, whom you admire and relate to (even somehow helped your marriage, ok?), yet you call me a homosexual for being intolerant to you and your homosexual agenda. Irony.

            You womyn aren’t here to help – you are here to be included. Big difference.

            You are a distraction.

          • Let me explain to you the difference between homosexuality, faggotry, and bicuriosity.

            (I) Homosexuality

            This is a psychological disorder that causes a person to be sexually attracted to persons of the same sex. As of now, there is no known cure. Moreover, we are not now able to look for a cure, because this condition has been normalized.

            Jack Donovan is unfortunately a homosexual, a fact which he regrets. He has said numerous times that he wishes it could have been different, because he would have liked to have a family.

            (2) Faggotry

            This most often overlaps with homosexuality, but not necessarily so. The faggot is a miserable subversive who seeks to destroy traditional family life, because they feel excluded for one reason or another.

            (3) Bicuriosity

            This is a heretofore entirely unknown disposition, primarily affecting those highly intelligent and/or sensitive individuals who tend to be relatively gender atypical. For example, an artist or philosopher (like Wosie) who has always felt somehow “different” from other boys might begin to wonder whether homosexuality might provide the clear identity and sense of belonging they are missing. They probably already know a number of homosexuals, who tend to be over represented in their fields of interest, anyway. These people obviously have an interest in convincing such people that they are in fact homosexuals and recruiting them into that lifestyle. It really doesn’t help when people like you take such a rigid approach to gender roles that anyone who deviates in the slightest winds up thinking there is something wrong with them. Nowadays, they probably would have had me so confused I’d have asked for hormones to get hair on my face. I won’t even mention what might have happened to Wosie if he were born twenty years later.

            Fortunately, Wosie came through it, and embraced his identity as a White man. Now, instead of using that big brain to help tear down society. He is using it to help secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

            The problem with mediocre jokers like you is that you seek to subjugate women because you can neither inspire or seduce us. You don’t want better men to inspire us either. Since you can’t compete, you want to change the game.

            What you don’t understand is that you don’t have to seduce us, because these Alphas will do it for you. We can’t all have Wosie’s genes, but we can all have his approval. He offers his approval to us so long as we marry and make a family with a White brother. All he asks from you is that you try and be worthy of it. Same with Richard, and Mike, and even crazy Andrew.

            Seriously, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you the last word. Take your best shot. Then, how about that Christmas Truce Wosie asked for? After that, you can go back to telling me what a filthy feminist whore I am.

          • You are a fucking crazy old lady, but you are correct that, yes, I do want to strip you of your rights because they deprive everybody else of theirs, from the men you allegedly love (indentured servitude), the unborn (a woman’s ‘choice’) to deputized white knights (state resources).

            You keep thinking you have me figured out with your Jewish protractor I’ve enumerated as per (((The Authoritarian Personality))):
            1. Small penis
            2. Bitter permavirgin/Incel (social misfit/failure-to-launch/sexist/misanthrope)
            3. Latent homosexual projection

            That just must be it, huh? That ‘mysterious’ female mind always rationalizes it down to those three slide-rule categories because women only think with their pussy.

            The only thing you *might* (not really) make a technical argument is 2., but only because *everybody* is 2. to a degree, including women.

            It just varies from being unable to obtain sex for just a few hours, to literally never being able to obtain it forever, unless it is purchased. You can’t just snap your fingers and make sex happen within 5 minutes if your husband is at work, even if you are the sexiest woman alive. You have to set it up because, as degenerate as society is, there are still animalistic rituals everybody follows.

            Saul Alinsky surprisingly made this point by saying he literally could not give $20 away in NYC during the Great Depression by approaching random people on the same block for hours because people would not accept it since that is not a normal ritual. People just assumed something was wrong with the money and wanted no part of it. So there goes your attempt to pigeonhole me.

            I get 95 percent of my ‘romance’ from partying, so it is only a weekend warrior thing because I have to work, unlike you female freeloaders, and I sure as hell will never engage in bigamy (marrying the woman and the state) with these disgusting, valueless sluts, who I started conquering (in front of their own mothers and brothers sometimes) when I stopped asking one question….’do you have a boyfriend/husband?’

            It’s amazing. Why should I trap myself in some loveless/sexless ‘matrimony’ when I can easily (sometimes) get married women to pull my dick out of my pants in public by saying ‘do it’? More importantly, why would I marry a woman if she is doing that to a random guy (me)? There is always somebody bigger, stronger and better looking not too far away, which is what women are always after, and that is not something I could ever get used to as long as it is incentivized at my expense by this society.

            So thanks to you ‘free love’ Baby Boomers I am contributing to white genocide instead of giving our people 3-7 warriors because I will not allow my property, my finances or my progeny to be taken from me and squandered by some menstruating calf, who has more rights than me, while I whither away or become imprisoned because I cannot afford the ransom or the toil.

            This old lady love you have for this Plaid homosexual is similar to the fan base of MILO. I can tell you have hung out and engaged with some bizarre, degenerate people and you still sympathize with it. In your strange dissertation on homosexuality, you left out lesbianism. Very strange. That makes my point every time. You genuinely love feminism and women’s rights, which are incompatible with nationalism.

            You think challenging my fortitude by emasculating my sexual prowess is supposed to upset me. That’s always the go-to for women.

            The only time you actually upset me was when you thumbed down one sincere post below, and even that was temporary.

            Go ahead old lady, claim that I can’t seduce women. The onlookers seem to notice a different story….especially from your direction.

            But no, you can tell I know what I’m talking about even though you’ll never admit. I’d bet I’ve been with more women than you, but that may not be true if my suspicions about your hippie orgies are correct. We can agree that we both like pussy.

          • If you don’t understand why modern white women deserve all the criticism they get, you are part of the problem.

          • Do you have some sort of commission from TPTB to run me off this site? If you don’t, fuck off. If you do, how about telling whoever sent you to just ban me and be done with it?

  • Emily Youcus gets it. She’s my pick for the alt right model.
    She’s supportive, talented, beautiful and interesting, and doesn’t feel the need to dominate a man’s sphere of influence.

  • Muh divine goddess worship, mudhut nationalism now. One of the things these bitches dont get, and there are many, is the nature of the men of a pre-current year dissident right persuasion. Alot of men were quietly educating themselves over the past decade on some or all fields of philosophy, technology, economics, politics, social sciences, history, evolution, theology, feminism, law, etc.

    Men took it upon themselves to educate themselves to make up for the education we were never given. Possibly taught ourselves, how to write, how to speak, how to be leaders, foind our courage, made ourselves into something different from the status quo. We read about great men who did great things, and realized how absent this is from our cultural landscape. The impetus being the shit show that is the current year world and the desire to understand the complexities and the search for solutions. In a sort of soft self-exile or detachment from the trajectory of our nations. As a result, there is a massive knowledge base to be found collectively on the right. Also, a seething contempt of the status quo a keen awareness of it fault lines and weaknesses. Theres been a massive amount of work done both individually and in groups. Mostly misunderstood and frowned upon by everyone surrounding the individual: friends, wives, girlfriends, parents, siblings, coworkers, etc. There was very little incentive externally. Meanwhile, all we had to do was resubmit to the broken cultural norms and forget about everything we knew to have a much easier life.

    So now, its very jarring to see the way womyn have come into this ‘space’, if you will, and demanded things, and status, all whole denigrating the progress and holding so many of the men in contempt. Its also very obvious to those of us with a discerning eye, which is most of us. These women want to transfer the precepts of the culture at large into the right, with such arrogance and smugness, and they don’t see a problem with it. Birch, you’re trying to bring everything in here that we hate and left behind. Knock it the fuck off and have some fucking respect for once in your pissbaby, narcissistic, shallow little lives. If you want respect, shut the fuck up and quietly prove yourself for once. Close your entitled mouth, and take your narcissism elsewhere. You are tracking liberalism into the house, and leaving little feminist footprints everywhere. Guess what our response will be, we don’t want you in here. Act right or leave.

    A lot lf the women are obvious try hards and don’t know shit either. I don’t care about fashygoyette1488s opinion about how ekwal history was and how a real man worships women. Stop referencing Joan of Arc. You look so silly and you haven’t even begun to understand. Stop with the “u must be a bitter loser with a small dick hurt durr.” Nobody brought up each others dicks all the time until you showed up. Thats the shit you are bringing to the table here, and its a disgrace.

    Id bet this comment will be buried underneath the disscusions of women crying like children and acting exactly as I’m talking about here.

    • I just looked back at Become Who We Are, which is, as I understand it, a kind of mission statement for this site. There was nothing whatsoever there about this being a men’s space. This has always been a White Identity site.

      If something that was previously not a men’s space subsequently becomes one, it might be appropriate to provide some sort of notice of that fact. Otherwise, White women might assume it is just as acceptable for us to come here and defend ourselves as it was for you to attack us to begin with.

      To any extent this is primarily a men’s space, it’s only because we don’t really bother posting much here unless there is some particular need for us to do so.

      If this is to be a men’s space going forward, are White women to have a space? As I alluded to downthread, we are demonized in the MSM for being White, then we are demonized here for being women. On top of that, the men are encouraged in their malicious attempt to destroy a woman’s YouTube channel, where she works with men for the good of White people.

      Let’s be honest, you are not being put upon here. Rather, you are attempting to exclude us from a space where we were welcome and treated with civility. If you believe that is the way forward, so be it, but let’s don’t pretend it is women who are crashing the party and invading your “space.”

      • So much nagging and whining.

        “If this is to be a men’s space going forward, are White women to have a space?”

        Yes, if you create one.

        And I love you.

        • That’s the whole point. Tara is creating something, some of the men have decided to try to tear it down.

          I love you, too. Merry Christmas.

          • No, she’s not. She is beta-harvesting all these needy, hopeful men. The male equivalent to romance novels. She is leading them on with
            traditionalist buzzwords, telling them what they want to hear. She is not ‘recruiting’ new shitlords or women. She is just a masturbatory echo chamber like all these other cheap sluts. Politics is not a dating arena. This bullshit has run its course.

      • The alt right has a longer history than I’ve been around since the early days and I can assure you that since we formed a coherent worldview, the two main pillars of our movement have always been 1) White nationalism and 2) anti-feminism. It has always been a male dominated and near male-exclusive idea space. Even so, nobody really has an issue with women joining our forums or speaking up. The problem is when you all try to staunch the anti-feminist sentiment and try to co-opt our movement for e-begging and beta farming purposes. For example, if white women responded to the “white sharia” meme in roughly the same proportion that men did, there would be no issue. Instead, what you see is 99% of the “alt right” women countersignaling white sharia and any notion of reversing both 1st and 2nd wave feminism. You all effectively act as an in-group only concerned with your interests at the expense of white men, who drive the alt right movement.

        Believe me, the alt right as a political movement will do just fine if we never gain another female sympathizer. We aren’t the GOP trying to win the next election. You act like white people are going to vote ourselves out of this.

    • Hooray! This is why I will never trust the law. He is going to be guilty of something because they would not go to all this trouble otherwise. Even if he did nothing illegal, he asked for it trying to show off guns and possible death to an enemy media outlet looking for any excuse to lock him up. You have to be careful and have nothing to hide. That is why you should let a cop search you any time you are harassed because they are so certain they have entrapped you that they call in bored reinforcements to help with the procedure, but then end up looking like assholes to their colleagues so they just let you go out of embarrassment.

      • Yeah. I mean he fucked up for sure. I was pretty pissed at him for awhile after CVille. But his being held without bail for 3 months, for the crime of defending himself against Communist lynch mobs, was cruel and unusual.

  • “Your blasphemy against the history of Europe is to a level unforgivable through words alone, and you need to have your face bashed in by the fists of good men before a great horned shrine…
    “Don’t sit here and pretend you’re a nice traditional girl when you fight against any implementation of traditional values. Say aloud what you are, on the streets, to your families, on social media: “I’m a despicable whore.” Do it before it is too late, because I swear to whatever gods may be that when the purge comes if you have been using traditionalism as a cloak for your revolting degeneracy your name is going on a list and we will be coming to make you pay for it. You will feel the punch to your throat first, but the hours afterwards at the hands of a WHITE SHARIA gang will make that seem as just a brief and gentle touch against your skin. Your ribs will be broken. Your face will be broken. Some of you will not live to tell about it. This I promise: a much needed correction is coming for you soon, you disgusting skanks.”

    This corrosive sentiment obviously does not represent all of those here, but some here are taking it way too seriously. Also some in this very comment section advocating having sex with twelve year old girls. Are these the kind of people with which the alt right is okay fraternizing?

    • I’ve been told I should be “raped by a pack of niggers” and my children should be put to the rope.

      Is there a line at all? Apparently not. Massive, massive failure of leadership here. No excuse for this disgrace.

        • You remember when alt-Right muckety-mucks got all bent out of shape because Hunter Wallace had some fat people at his Shelbyville rally? That apparently was an embarrassment, cuz muh optics. Yet, here we are.

          Honestly, words fail me, and let me tell you, that doesn’t happen very often.

          • lol you two have been bickering like an old married couple like all week. It’s been hilarious to watch tbh.

          • This wildly over -the- top woman bashing in the alt right is a special operation devised by our (((enemy))). Might as well wait it out till after the drama ceases and then rejoin the movement later, if there is a movement left by then. It is retardation on parade.

          • It looks that way. It’s pretty devastating tbh fam. The mainstream society tells me I’m shit for being White, so then I come to a “pro-White” site, and get told I’m shit for being a woman.

            BTW Caerulus Rex, I just went to listen to your interview with KMac only to be greeted with more mealy-mouthed shit.

            I don’t need any role models. I already have White babies. How many do you have? Maybe you need a role model.

            I want to hear intelligent commentary from a pro-White perspective.

            So fuck you for that.

            By the way, you condoned a bully coding campaign against this:

            Tara McCarthy Urges Young, White Women to Start Having Babies to Save …
   › tara…


          • Just to twist the knife, maybe Jared Taylor will send me an email telling me just what a “filthy whore” I am.

          • I know let’s all have a great big laugh at the fact that a middle-aged Mom who dindu nuffin feels like absolute
            and total shit. Isn’t it just so god-damned funny!


            I’m “part of the problem” after all, because I have White children who I want the best for, according to this awful bitch.


            But never mind, I can’t really be a sincere pro-White. I’m just here to cause trouble, because that’s just how I roll.

          • Put a fucking sock in it, woman. Christ. Nobody here hates you or women in general. You are making this all about you and what you want because you want attention, but it is bigger than you. Just relax and drink some boxed wine or something. We are doing this for a reason that you simply cannot comprehend no matter how many times and ways it is explained to you. Just wait when it is over and you will see that it wasn’t that bad but necessary for this movement to advance to the next stage.
            It’s OK to have a pussy

          • That’s fine. Contrary to what y’all seem to think, I have no desire to spoil your fun.

            I got bullycided off TRS forums, for nothing. But I was like, alright, that’s fine. So I took my parting shots, and told them all to fuck off.

            Then it started over here. Really, is it mission-critical to go off on us even here? There can’t be one single space anywhere where the old rules of common decency still apply?

            If you say it is, fine. I’ll have to trust you.

          • Listen to yourself. You are following us into our locker room talk and then getting offended by it because some of the guys you see changing clothing are not your type. Politics is war by other means, which you are happy to leave yourself and all women out of because it is brutal and unpleasant. We are evacuating the women and children in our politics because it is about to get very ugly and we need the toughest people representing whites, not dancing girls.

          • You “don’t have time” to police the ranks! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

            Translation: “I am a spineless manlet who is afraid to stand up to a bunch of petty tyrants on the internet.”

          • This movement isn’t a joke, but jokes are how we communicate. Women would not understand because women are not funny. ((Jerry Lewis)) gets an honorary parenthesis removed for his insight about how humorless and talentless women are.

          • Perhaps, but then measured, rational dialogue is hardly the currency of the realm in these parts, mow is it?

            As you menfolk say, you lead, we follow.

      • You are still taking it personally. That is why women are not leaders or pioneers. You will never understand this concept because you are too self-centered. I have gotten more abuse on here than any leftist and am the most-hated guest here. Boo hoo it means nothing. Read between the lines, stupid whore.

        • So, you’d slough it off if a woman – or anyone – hoped to see you get raped? Give me a fucking break! You’ve EARNED the abuse you’ve received on this website. Nobody will tolerate your sociopathic tantrums, and women will shun you for lashing out at them. Deal with it!

        • People like you are a joke, but a dangerous joke. You laugh off something like that as unimportant. If people like this comprise followers of the alt right then it is doomed, it will ultimately self- destruct- which maybe exactly what it needs. Those that write these articles don’t hesitate to address the ‘woman problem’ which wasn’t actually addressed, but say nothing of the truly destructive element of those that make up its followers. Unless it is explicitly called out, it is implicitly endorsed. Or at least it doesn’t bother altright enough, which in itself, is disgraceful.

          • You know, I remember that first article saying that alt-Right should be a young men’s movement. (Was it on Daily Stormer?). I thought nothing of it at the time, because it’s true that young men usually drive political movements, and they have the most to gain from this thing.

            I never imagined it would degenerate into this epic shitshow. It was literally only a few months ago that a woman could actually have a civil discussion on this site, hard as that is to believe now.

  • Watch the ending of FULL METAL JACKET.

    The Viet Cong female sniper was a great patriot who gunned down American Imperialists raping her nation and using women as whores.

    Alt Right women are the Viet Cong warriors of the Struggle.

    Greeks understood. There are three aspects to femininity: Graces, Muses, and the Furies.

    Alt Right women are the Furies. The Valkyries.

  • I’m confused. Is targeting Tara McCarthy? Out of all the women in the Western world, Tara McCarthy?

    I can see how Lauren Southern mildly annoys some Alt Righters. Southern does not happen to annoy me, nor on the other hand am I especially a Laurenfan, but I can see it. I even somewhat get the THOT-patrol thing. But Tara McCarthy?

    I like Tara. Don’t you?

    • Vincent, I don’t know how to say what I just said without sounding like a concern troll. Concern trolling is annoying. I just don’t understand the enmity (if that is what it is) toward the one person in question. She seems like a curious choice of target to me, so I’m a little confused. That’s all.

      If it relieves the perception of concern trolling, then feel free to delete this comment. And feel free even to delete the other comment, too, if you wish; but cut Tara some slack, would you? She has earned it.

      • Tara as a choice of target makes perfect sense when you consider that the people doing the targeting are not pro-White, they just hate women.

        • Do you see anyone attacking Lana Lokteff? No? Guess why? Because Lana didn’t decide to go feminist when Lauren Southern was attacked. Tara Mccarthy did, unfortunately. She demanded the Alt-Right be policed for wrong-think.

          Article is solid, Vincent!

        • Vincent, I am 52 years old, have been married 22 years, and have six children. I was never man enough to haul a pouting girl out of the big mall in St. Petersburg as you did, I suppose (that was quite the image your Aug. 23 article painted), but I am just too old now to be affected by online sexual taunts, unfortunately. Good luck finding a younger target.

          I do not rebuke. Alt Right chest-beating serves a valid, limited purpose; and you’re fairly good at it. I get it. My generation’s right wingers (early Gen X) white-knighted, pearl-clutched and failed, so you are wise not to emulate us; but even so, if you’re chasing away the inoffensive likes of Tara McCarthy, then I suspect that something has gone amiss with your plan. That’s all.

          I’d cut Tara some slack, despite her business relationship with the irritating Vox Day, but it’s up to you.

    • We aren’t targeting her. She targeted us and called for our purging. And not for the first time. This most recent attempt to demand disavowals for the privilege of getting to have her in our clubhouse was sparked by the trolling of Lauren Southern.

  • Richard, I address this to you because of the Nietzsche connection. Have you seen the 1933 “Pre-Code” film “Babyface?” A cobbler and devout Nietzsche scholar is a father figure to Barbara Stanwyck’s character. He preaches to her a sermon of sorts to “exploit herself, be a master not a slave, you have power over men, use men to get the things you want.” Watching “Babyface” today is ironic and quite timely…her lifestyle ruined all men in her path. I ask myself, “Have career women ever really changed?”

    • Yes, Babyface was a prophetic cinematic masterpiece. And no, career women have never changed. They have destroyed the workplace, and destroyed the family unit as well in the process.

    • I watched that movie a few weeks ago and it is jaw-dropping. That is exactly how women use their sexuality, only they aren’t smart enough to articulate it. They have a limited power of social climbing through this tactic, and they can never go all the way to the top and replace the CEO, but a few can marry him and fleece him and force him out of his leadership, but everything else collapses with his departure. This is what all these harpies are not getting…goodwill… when you ruin basic trust, you have ruined everything. Women have made themselves entirely untrustworthy and are proud of it.

  • It is hilarious to observe white nationalist men who have race mixing pasts ( usually with Asians) or who are themselves unmarried or childless launch a war against a 22 year old NON alt right woman for her behavior (Lauren Southern) or they attack Tara McCarthy for having evolved into far right thinking over a two year time frame…are you kidding me ? Then there is the sour grapes issue- these women make more money online than the men, and they are condemned for using makeup or wearing tank tops etc. ( i e being a normal girl or woman). Hint for you guys : sex sells. Get over it. . Andrew Anglin/DS started this anti women stuff, he is just a sensationalist, he wants to be the most extreme person on the internet. He and his clique write about how glorious it would be to rape and beat up white women, he wants white women locked up in cages. So this is a good look for our cause ? In the wider culture we are the laughing stock right now over this war on women thing . Hitler never spoke like this. Oswald Moseley , Enoch Powell, Rev. Coughlin, George Wallace , George L. Rockwell, Dr. William Pierce, etc. none of these guys said we need to rape our women, but now its a common destructive and divisive ‘meme’ (ahem). And the kicker is , I’m sure Anglin isn’t sincere. White Sharia most likely originated with our (((enemy), white sharia is poison.

    • Then you have the self-admitted Jew and Allan Ginsberg-lookalike who is pulling Andrew Anglin’s strings while he is trashing White women at every opportunity and calling for violence. People are attacking Tara McCarthy (who has said some stupid things, admittedly – like claiming Germans gassed Jews during WWII) for her 6.25% Jewish-Indian blood while this unpleasant-looking Jewish snake goes free.

      It’s a fucking farce.

      Fuck the Alt-Right.

    • So basically you are so thirsty that you would marry the sloppy seconds of a nigger and you think that we should too because you don’t want to fantasize alone. That is called a circle jerk cuckold.

    • This is 100% the same argument used for defending Milo. His pedophilic tendencies were brought to light by left-wing ‘operatives’ allegedly and so we all should have rallied around this freak reflexively.

      Meanwhile Tara McCarthy and her coterie say we should disavow people who have been made the target of scorn by the media through no fault of their own. Protect the guilty who have good PR and scorn the innocent who are hated most by Jews.

      What a clever strategy.

  • Women are like wayward dogs – you let them out without a leash and take your eyes off them for a second, they instantly run away and bond with the first person who scoops them up. They are built to have short, yipping attention spans, instantly forgetting their past and running towards anything ‘yummy.’

    That is why you build a perimeter around your house, use a shock collar and extreme training to make them flinchingly docile every time you raise your voice. When they make a mess, you rub their face in it until they stop doing it.

    People used to ask when a woman got a black eye…’I wonder what did she say to deserve it?’

    THAT is when ‘men were men.’ The 1950s was not some Disney version of a mythical female halcyon. It was held together by brute force.

    It’s amazing that we allow women to circumcise their sons when they should be declawing their daughters.

    One thing that cannot be stressed enough is to put up their food/water bowls for most hours because women are prone to become fat cows who eat themselves to death since food represents something far more than fuel to them but some tastebud orgasm or something.

    • Some alt right men are so terrified of the globalists that they spend all their energies attacking an enemy they think they can actually defeat. Ie, women that are on their side. Well, at least as long as these snivelling cowards can do so from the security of anonymity.

      • Is that glinting armor and impotent joust sticks I see? Scandinavian men have gotten so pathetic. A year ago in Las Vegas, a Danish giant walked up to me during New Years after I had my hand on his nonwhite-loving blonde sister’s lower back, making her giggle, and I would have been relieved if he took a swing, but instead called me a ‘beautiful man.’ I am starting to think that Vikings never existed. Maybe they did, but certainly not in Scandinavia. I just could not see these people picking up a battle ax or raising their voice, despite being the best looking people on earth. So depressing.

        • However that might be, im talking of YOUR behaviour in this thread. You are obviously obsessed, bringing your personal hangups to the movement. Attacking women that are bravely open with their identities. And that have published loads of material that have swayed tens of thousands of people. From the protection of anonymity. And shivering in your boots at the thought of YOU being doxed. Its pathetic.

          • I am very familiar with Swedish history. My favorite Swede is Charles. You are a far cry. I have trie, but you will never see the light. You like it. That is called cuckoldry. I am trying to push you to improve yourself, but you will not do it. Sensationalism and rudeness is part of that strategy, but you are a lost cause because you enjoy the abuse. All you can do is virtue-signal about how praiseworthy these nonexistent warrior women you speak of because it gives a thumbs up and me a thumbs down zero-sum. You are officially siding with the media trying to dox the Alt-Right because they also side with feminism. God help you. You speak about hunting when your country bans guns. That is how I know you are a LARPer. People in my family own gun ranges. People in your family help refugees.

          • And what about the fat men, of which there are MANY? Should women be allowed to trim them down by brute force? Lord knows, I’d go “Goodbye Earl” on a man like you!!! #URSUCHANINCEL!

        • As for your babbling about vikings, they are a millenia away and only people without roots and tradition identify with them. Me, i care about my family and those that came before me and the provinces they came from.
          For example, learning about hunting and going hunting and experiencing what my father did and my fathers father and becoming part of a living tradition. Those are the things that give me identity. Not larping about vikings. Of course i know more of our history than you do but what you thought was an attack merely sounded like someone who had watched to much TV to me.
          Something that IS usefull is to read surviving germanic law codes, both from the continent and from scandinavia. In sweden our legal system is crumbling, it was made to handle obedient swedes in good times, not for managing ethnic conflict and millions of people from MENA with cultures that have evolved for thousands of years to be in essence weapons. Then law codes from a more rough and clan based society are fruitful reading. So if you have an interest in ancient germanics thats what i would recommend. Instead of your superficial babbling.

  • The Alt-Right is winning, while every other institution is collapsing, precisely because it does not have a female presence to inevitably undermine it. Those women are playing the role of the Jew better than any actual Jew could even dream of.

    Look at them freak out calling you a virgin, homosexual or whatever else because they know it is bullshit and their one and only card to play is a man’s deepest fears.

    Men do not belong in delivery rooms and women do not belong in politics. Stop being amateurs. A woman’s ‘image’ only appeals so much before it becomes a joke. Evalion was actually the most effective,. but we saw how spectacularly she flamed out. All they do is sow division and sexual tension as a form of entertainment and social mobility.

    Lauren Southern does nothing of substance. Prancing around acting cheeky…God, what a cornerstone of white people. Jesus Christ. Open your eyes, people. There is a limit to this bullshit.

    Women in the Alt-Right are groupies trying to outlive their usefulness – they are meant to be cheerleaders, not managers. They all just end up being barracks whores without the title anyway.

    Why do you think men and women have separate chess leagues? Because women are not very bright.

  • No you idiots, you’re killing your own movement but nevermind Richard Spencer who is married but sleeps around with teens and drinks nonstop. Nevermind the current and past degeneracy of the men, including their Asian fetishes.

  • This isn’t the alt right, but I recall that on an old forum, the phora, a person “starr” was made into an admin. Then secret conversations revealed that they just wanted to have sex with her and didn’t even consider her intellectually useful.

  • “It doesn’t make any difference whether she starts at 12 or 18 other than that waiting until 18 gives her no stable male romantic influence to lead her through puberty and into adulthood, allowing for all sorts of degenerate influences to crawl into her life and lead her astray from her proper path”

    You despise and run women out….but you tolerate pedophiles who lust after pre-pubescent girls. I wonder if the MSM is aware of this??

    • He touched upon an extremely touchy subject and took it to far, but leave it to a cliche woman to bring in her otherworldliness. LOL since when is a teenage girl prepubescent? The horniest nymphs are now just undeveloped toddlers to you crazy feminists. Only the abstract, erratic mind of a woman can pull that one off. Thumbs down away, cunt.

  • This article demonstrates once again that the official male/Stormer-type version of the Alt Right is not evolving adequately and is going nowhere. You are already passee.

    The best and most intelligent AR thought leaders are now in fact the women–and those men who work WITH them, e.g. Mark Collett, the Golden One, Henrik Palmgren, and yes, even Ramz Paul. These people are doing great work–whether you call it AR or not. You guys, on the other hand….boring bitterness and sour grapes!

    • Hahahahahahahahah. Yea all we need is cunts to guide us and rule over us. And btw I have three kids, one a daughter, just in case you accuse me of ladidadida…

    • Friendly reminder-The last time men were “evolved” enough to let women lead them around by their dicks was the Stone Age.

      What a wonderful time that was.

    • See this is what happens when you are obsessed with attracting the biggest possible amount of dead weight, and have a big tent model. Everything the movement stands for gets thrown out the window and we succumb to a dictatorship of the mob. This is why I no longer call myself Alt-Right. There are literally people who are “Alt-Right” now who think Richard Spencer is too edgy, and James fucking Allsup should be the official leader.

      I blame the Hipster Racists of the movement for this monstrosity. He thinks that hiring strippers to attend our rallies would be a good look because it will attract more people. Yeah, but those people are there for all of the wrong reasons and they aren’t even paying attention to what your trying to communicate to them.

      Your supposed to make the masses come to you. Not cater to them. Heimbach is the only “leader” in the movement who has a clue.

      • I’m a simple blogger, yet people make up the most absurd fantasies about me. Johnny boy here just made up this one: “He thinks that hiring strippers to attend our rallies would be a good look because it will attract more people.” Obviously I’ve never said anything even close to that.

        Ironically, an actual stripper, the non-White “Tila Tequila” was invited to the NPI conference, did “Hitler salutes” with various attendees – some of them Jewish. But that wasn’t me.

        • You’ve said numerous times that your goal is to make white identity as mainstream as possible. In this very comment section you say hot girls are 10 times more valuable than actual activists. I guess because you feel the white people you want to bring in are too stupid to get on your side without pandering to their lowest primal desires. If thats the case then what fucking good are they and why do we need them?

      • It is only necessary that I should get downvoted for speaking the truth. But someday my sould will rise from the grave, and the whole world will know I was right!

  • Until very recently I supported altright. I’m now convinced that its poisonous and needs to die. I will always advocate for white people and hopefully in the near future something will replace it. A movement that has real men at its helm. Not damaged, bitter psychos. It needs a rebirth, with MEN who are commited to the cause and our people. With few exceptions, the losers that populate this site don’t have white peoples best interests at heart. They see it as just an extension of the manosphere, pathetically attempting to create some kind of pseudo Islam for white guys. With all the woman- hating venom and lunacy that goes with it. Have a nice eternity in the fringes of the internet.

    • Which “men at the helm” are bitter psychos?

      There are a few woman-hating sociopaths like Anglin who for some strange reason is incredibly triggered by Tara McCarthy, but they don’t speak for the vast majority I assure you.

      These types have always existed and always will. 3% of the male population is psychopathic and 20% are mentally ill.

      • I meant that a better alt right needs real men at the helm. I know it’s not all you guys that are the problem, but too many. So many seem to have lost sight of the purpose of the alt right.

      • I don’t get this thing about Anglin. I have never heard him say anything terribly nasty about women, other than either (1) jokes, or (2) contexts where it is very clear that he is only talking about degenerate women, usually some combination of both.

        And what is this about Tara McCarthy. He was fine on her show. Am I missing something?

        Also, Jack, you have to understand, vocal minority sets the tone.

        Also, I get the impression they are winning over Richard Spencer.

        Whenever, the menfolk start saying “women this” and “women that”, always followed by something negative and never positive, serious trouble is afoot.

        And to be frank, I am not remotely opposed to Devlin’s original article on hypergamy. I think it’s speculative, but ultimately there may be truth in it, and it’s always better to be aware of these things. What stuck out for me when I listened to an interview with him about it was the idea of a four year itch. I thought all women should know about this, so they could keep it in perspective should they get restless in their marriage around that time. If they decide to just ride it out based on this, it could save a White family!

        The problem is this notion that such education is pointless, because women have no capacity for self-reflection or insight, but rather must be managed. This is getting into very dark territory indeed, and in my opinion, rules out traditional marriage as we have known it the past thousand years or so.

        • Good grief. We have not lived in this feminist entrapment called marriage for a thousand years. It has not even existed for 50 years in its current form. It used to just be called man and wife. It is absolutely not worth participating in. I cannot believe I was duped into believing that I actually needed this nonsense. There is absolutely ZERO benefit for a man. In fact, it is a danger to his livelihood. Most people aren’t even married anymore so it is trending toward obsolescence and we will return to some sort of harem fiefdom.

        • Okay, Lexi, you are not a troll, but your approach is just not going to work. If these guys are determined to avoid one thing, the one thing they are determined to avoid is co-option by feminism.

          I don’t exactly like the way some of these young guys boast any more than you do, but I get why they do it. It’s necessary. It’s an attitude. It’s an attitude they must stoke. For now, they have no useful alternative.

          When they’re older and have wives and children, they’ll more clearly see the bigger picture; but in the meantime, you and I must allow them room to operate. They’re doing important work, and they’re doing it precisely by (a) violating perverse social mores and (b) mocking anyone who tells them to stop.

          Consider the alternative: they might credit feminism and end up like my generation, like the Gen X right. The Gen X right failed. These guys are not failing, at least not so far. What they’re doing is working, so I’m backing them (even if I am too old to be one of them).

          Yes, you’re right. They’re not overtly nice to right-wing girls. Let ’em be, Lexi. Let ’em be.

  • Funny how this article has over 300 comments, while today’s articles combined have less than 50. A lot of people have vagina or dick on their minds, eh???/

  • Most of what’s written by AR people on this site and elsewhere on relationships, women, and men are cringe. The vast majority of the AR comments expressing opinions on gender relations are cringe. They constantly give me an impression that these people have never talked to a real human being before nor have they been in an actual relationship. The male commenters decry all that is human about humans and skew heavily toward logical explanations for everything, as though that gets you anywhere in any type of relationship. In psychology, there is a term for it – intellectualization, and it’s a defense mechanism against the feeling of emotional discomfort and pain, and often used in relationships to obfuscate and overpower, NOT to build a strong, loving bond. The female commenters either feel victimized or attempt to be one of the guys, deny their true reactions and kiss up even to obviously unclever and aggressive commenters (in psychology – reaction formation – also a defense against emotional pain).

    The result is a lot of AR people are hard-headed, self-righteous, inflexible and ready to offend and devalue. They love to paint unrealistic pictures of girls in flowing dresses frolicking in the wheat fields (seems to be this website’s favorite) and uber invulnerable men who don’t give a damn about a damn thing as their ideals while their real-life relationships probably look more like the one depicted in the new Jew movie “Mother!”

    Now can ya’ll please stop talking about something you have no clue about.

    I look forward to reading someone’s analysis of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and its meaning for all of us to help me understand it. Thank you.

    • у тебя какая-то еврейская психотерапия, сам какую-то заумную хуйню написал и других в этом же обвиняешь

    • A lot are that’s for sure, but you should recognize them as the frauds they are. First of all, no man should be giving advice on women and relationships who is a virgin. You may laugh at this but Nick Fuentes is one such person. He’s a virgin 19-year-old kid talking shit as if he knows everything about the world, oh and his favorite music is Kanye West he has all his albums. What a joke.

      Also, if you have never had a stable relationship with a woman for at least a year, you shouldn’t be running your big mouth either.

      This would eliminate the vast majority of these imbeciles.

      • So very disappointed in Nick. I really thought he would be a strong voice for marriage, but he has failed here.

        In the past, he has very firmly told women what we must do, yet has refrained from demonizing us. He is only 19. My hope is he will get back on the right track soon.

    • I understand the hatred for sexism toward women. But so many women today don’t give a damn about what happens to their sons. It’s a two-way street. The more we embrace Jew-lead lies like feminism, the more we allow society to denigrate fathers and the family unit, the worse things will get. Men deserve to be heard just as much as women. Asking women to accept a small amount of responsibility and accountability, to actually cooperate in the relationship is not too much to ask.What is best for the family is what matters most. Feminism is all about stripping honorable ideas of duty and responsibility for the sake of pure narcissism. That’s not healthy. That’s not a good environment for raising children to be mature, responsible adults.

  • In the last election, a seasoned politician faced a bumbling newbie, treated him and his followers with contempt, and refused to campaign in key districts because they were “a basket of deplorables”. The election was hers to lose, and she lost it

    Let’s learn from the mistakes of others, and not repeat them. There is no such thing as a disposable voter. We need all the public support we can get if we are to get off the internet and take back power in the real world, and chasing away 52% of the population is not a good move politically.

    Even if some females look like attention-seeking fools, if they are spreading a message of White Pride they are on our side. As for the rest, they are still OUR women, Jews have stolen them by indoctrination in feminism and multiculturalism at fake universities. We need to take them back! The Alt-right needs an outreach program for this huge block of voters.

    Young women spend hours daily online on social media, spreading whatever political philosophy they believe. That is why Jews have weaponized them, they are extremely useful. They could and should be working for us. Let’s make this happen!

    • Kaiser, this “movement” offers nothing for women – no rights, no meaningful identities of THEIR choosing, and no respect from the “incels” who dominate it. Women are out of your reach, politically and personally. Of course, that’s also one reason why you #deplorables went “alt”. It’s very unfortunate, really. I think a lot of you WOULD ditch this “movement”, if you were no longer domestic rejects.

          • Ok. What is traditionalism to you? Because to me, it’s about putting family first. NOT our own selfish desires… as feminism and other liberal movements fight for. It’s about taking responsibility for what matters most… the family. That includes your spouse.

    • You think you’re some political strategist expert when you’re a know nothing. Pandering to womyn is the same way we got here.

      • “You think you’re some political strategist expert when you’re a know nothing.”
        Do you want to keep LARPing on the fringes of the internet, or do you want political victories that actually change society? Grow up.

        “Pandering to womyn is the same way we got here.”
        I am not suggesting pandering, but rather to engage women and bring them over to our side. The current rhetoric is not helpful, it is chasing away potential converts. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

        • “I am not suggesting pandering, but rather to engage women and bring them over to our side.”

          Same thing as pandering,functionally. The call by women to alter our behavior is a shit-test and you are about to fail it.When you are done “engaging them”,the movement will be hollowed out and handicapped and once they’ve gotten everything they want out of it,the women will leave for the next crowd of suckers who will pander to them,leaving us with our dicks in our hands.Seen it happen to 4 or 5 communities now just in the last 10 years.

  • “But women in the West have adopted Feminist thinking patterns and identity as the Sisterhood of Traveling Skanks instead of as just White women.” LOL !

    Great article.

  • “Divide and rule, the politician cries;
    Unite and lead, is watchword of the wise.”

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • The truth that we can see in our daily lives is that women only truly have any sort of respect for men that they originally formed a relationship with when they were younger, in the same way that women despite their whorish ways tend to have some respect for their father. As they grow older their ability to form paternal attachments wears off and they lose the ability to truly respect a man (other than on a primal level of having a temporary lust for Chad so long as he never shows any emotional vulnerability or human qualities) ever again. This paternal respect in which the woman follows the man as opposed to falsely viewing herself his equal is a key element in proper romance between men and women which is why our truly redpilled ancestors who where completely untouched by juden propaganda married young women. It was simply obvious to them. They knew that leaving women to sit until they turned ages like 18 simply made them spoiled and bitter. You ever seen a really hot girl with an average dude? I have too, and most of them met when the girl was very young. He is no Chad but because he formed such a crucial part of her development she is attached to her partner in a way that she never could be to Chad and wouldn’t dream of leaving.

    We also know that the ideal breeding age and age of peak fertility, scientifically speaking, for a woman is around 16. So what do you trust to lead you toward breeding habits, juden propaganda or natural laws? Adhering to the ridiculous age of consent of 18 (or even 16 or 17) is suicide for the white race and one of the primary causes of the breakdown of modern relationships. A man should being courting a girls as soon as possible to ensure that a proper paternal attachment between him and her is formed and should begin engaging in sexual conduct with her as soon as her biology, not juden kikery, deems she’s ready (and as long as he stays loyal to her for life as she should after decades of such contact with him it won’t matter one bit to her whether she started at 14 or 18).

    The primary goal of a female in life is to find one man and devote the entirety of her feminine resources to him (affection, loyalty, sex, child-rearing, housekeeping,etc.) to support his masculine endeavors throughout his life. This is the only proper way and any other relationship arrangement is inferior. It doesn’t make any difference whether she starts at 12 or 18 other than that waiting until 18 gives her no stable male romantic influence to lead her through puberty and into adulthood, allowing for all sorts of degenerate influences to crawl into her life and lead her astray from her proper path. Quit getting kiked altright. Don’t take my word for it. Instead of trying to make a diamond out of the coal of washed up legal whores, find a 13 or 14 year old QT and flirt with her a bit. You don’t even have to do anything that will put you at any legal risk, just court her a bit and feel the difference between a girl who still has that uniquely feminine natural respect and admiration for you and your average adult thot. I guarantee you that it won’t be long before you’re ready to find one and help develop her into a proper woman to eventually marry, cementing your place in her mind for life and creating an unassailable bond between you two. Or you can keep hunting in the trash can for Tyronne’s leftovers. It’s your choice.

    • I don’t disagree. The problem here is that fathers don’t think this way anymore so when they find out you are talking to their daughter they are going to flip their shit, a few tables, and probably end up in jail. The news will carry the story of a brave father protecting his daughter and the would-be suitor is toast. The entire cultural mindset has to shift back about a century to a century and a half to get anything done.

      • I’m not strongly opposed to teen marriage by any means, but I am not at all convinced it is the one best thing.

        Nor do I believe sexual experience destroys a woman’s bonding capacity. I do think men should consider how much sexual experience a girl has before meeting her, but primarily because promiscuity is positively associated with psychopathic traits to begin with. That is, the inability to bond is not caused by the promiscuity, but concurrent with it.

        My early dating experience has made me just that much more grateful to have a committed man who loves me.

        It’s not ideal of course, but at least I’m happily married.

        As I discussed earlier, to be happy in the home, a girl must have a strong sense of purpose. Traditionally, that sense of purpose came from knowing we had a sacred duty to pass on our culture to the next generation. When you take away a woman’s pride of culture, of course you take away her whole reason for being a woman, to continue the biological and cultural life of her people. Before a woman understands this, she is really not ready for marriage.

        • No one cares what a cunt like you thinks. Back to the fields with you; we have rows to hoe, cows to milk… Put your scarf on, the sun is not your friend.

          • Indeed, why would you listen to me? What advice could a happily married woman with a houseful of children have to offer that would be of any help?

            I’d suggest you start caring, you lowlife dickless faggot. This thing is about to blow and you will be back to the ghetto, having destroyed everything Richard has tried to do these last ten years or so.

          • I have three kids, thanks. I would have had three more if the evil cunts would not have killed them.

          • Yet you women are hopelessly and tragically attracted to these very men who can bang dozens of women rather than the simpering incel galloping to your cyberspace rescue one gigabyte at a time. You won’t even allow us men to talk about this. You fear men starting to organize for their own interests because you know how much you have benefited from women organizing for their interests. Ironically a woman, (((Ayn Rand))), theorized Going Galt, which you call ‘MGTOW.’

          • OK. As long as you’re honest that alt-Right means men’s Advocacy, now. It is no longer a White advocacy movement.

          • See what I mean? I know all your tricks. No different than a stripper doing the standard twirl pirouette because she is just going through the motions. You aren’t even arguing with are broadcasting a narrative to shut this awakening down, even though it’s a natural confluence. You have a line that you and most women have drawn where you stop being these cutesy internet cheerleaders when you realize that ‘trad-con’ is not just a meme that you can virtue-signal and automatically get into good graces of men who are fed up with all of it, just like it works in THOT world.

          • It is not a natural confluence. You can identify primarily with your race or your international brotherhood of Wife Beaters, but not both.

          • What wife? These bitter incel mgtow virgins never talked with a woman in real life. They’ll die virgins. But you got it right with “international”, most of these losers are not even white.

          • It’s a sad day when Hitler himself respected women’s voices better than people on the internet. Grow up, guys. We need all the support we can get, from men and women. Let’s just agree to disagree with some of the things Lexi is proposing.

            And Lexi, you could do with a little humility and temperance yourself. Everyone’s perspective should be respected. For all you know, you might learn something.

        • There you go again. You keep counter-signaling feminism, yet out of your fork-tongue you venerate all of its virtues…and still blame men for all the ills of society. You want it all. You are still forwarding feminism to even further depths that it hasn’t even advocated yet. You want it to advance where male promiscuity is shamed while women’s is decriminalized…another cognitive dissonance fantasy. And I really do not want to speak about your family, but you keep bringing it up in the most snobbish and ironic way to the point that I do not think you have a happy family. Sorry, I just see bit of wishful thinking. Somebody who has something does not constantly need to remind the world that they have it, unless they are trying to convince themselves.

        • BTW fan, I was talking about the gold souls here, the ones who say, “the unexamined life is not worth living. “When elite women ask, “What is the point of all this?”, you should have an answer. Luckily, there is a easy one, to continue our people and/or to bring glory to God.

          The others will follow, the silvers for status, and the bronzes for a simple life free of hassle and disorder.

          Feminism would not have worked without White guilt. White pride is the antidote to feminism.

        • I agree with that sentiment. Consider that women played a large part in creating goods and services within communities using craft/trade skills that overlap nicely with art.

  • Alternate title: An autism blanket for virgin spergs.

    Look, I don’t have much respect for these thotty “im so trad” girls who are attention sucks, but we have to recognize that such attention is not zero-sum. They have the potential to bring people to the ideas of the alt right, even if we find them “impure” or sometimes embarrassing in their dull thottiness. That one girl who just quit (don’t remember her name, could never watch more than 30 seconds of her videos) had 50k subscribers.

    Also: I think the “of course women belong in the alt right: in the kitchens of alt right men!” message is counterproductive, and has to go. Of course the alt right should extol the virtues of feminine nature in marital and maternal bond, but there is more to it than that, and the way the message is phrased, even from mein Fuhrer Richard Spencer, is simply drawing on the same old manospheric angst. Instead of saying “huh huh huh yea, stoopid gurls, all they can do is make sandwiches, they so dum”, lets talk about feminine and maternal beauty and virtue with the reverence, even spirituality, it deserves.
    As far as messengers and female thot-leaders for the alt right, I’d be far more pleased with people like my French grandmother: strong, older women who are highly educated and raised families; aristocratic women who can command a room without saying a word; women for whom we dedicate reverence and a temporary quieting of our raw masculinity. If you think thats beta or that I’m cucking, then I would guess you haven’t met such a woman.

    • Agreed. Unless these women are hard core hypocrites or spread proven disinfo, let them be. Women will always try to use sex appeal to get ahead, its just natural. The real culprits are the weak white men- we need a male version of thot patrol instead.
      ( Also, condemning young women for a ‘past’ is ridiculous when you consider their age and the fact that the men in our movement also often have a questionable prior history too).

      This civil war in the Alt Right is making us look like shit on a shingle. In the wider culture, we are being cast as the ‘Lil Rascals women hating club’…and rightfully so, we deserve it.

      • I think “let them be” is exactly the right sentiment.
        “What is needed therefore is a radical ‘conversion’ of the feminine principle to the opposite principle; moreover, it is absolutely necessary for the masculine principle to remain wholly itself. Then, according to metaphysical symbols, the female becomes the ‘bride’ and also the ‘power’ or instrumental generating force that receives the primordial principle of the immobile male’s activity and form…”
        “If birth is not a matter of chance, then it is not a coincidence for a being to ‘awaken’ to itself in the body of a man or a woman. Here too, the physical difference should be viewed as the equivalent of a spiritual difference; hence a being is a man or a woman in a physical way only because a being is either masculine or feminine in a transcendental way; sexual differentiation, far from being an irrelevant factor in relation to the spirit, is the sign that points to a particular vocation and to a distinctive dharma.” – Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World

        We talk about how women follow strong men, but we should understand that before that happens, they must have their own spiritual selves and awakenings. The cultivation of the feminine spirit must come from female leaders in the movement (leaders of women, to be clear). Such wholly formed women can be sublated by the “immobile” masculine spirit.

        The idea that women are pure negation or idea of masculinity (instead of a separate, though changing, “principle”, as Evola calls it) is not traditionalist, its reactionary anti-feminism, which fails in its avoidance of supporting feminist ideas.

        The calling-out of the truly opportunistic and hypocritical thot-leaches should be done by alt right leadership alone. Twitter trolling, if necessary at all (probably not), should only follow such condemnations. Don’t call yourself a fashy goy and then spurn the hierarchy. Except in the obvious cases, you can only judge the character and past of a women who you are thinking about marrying. Holding up “no girls allowed” signs on twitter and autistically dissecting the ideas and behaviors of women reveals these men to be looking for a woman to lead them and thus reveals their mommy issues.

        Instead of thinking of the question as being the place for women “inside” the alt right, we should conceive of a parallel alt right for women. Respectable women of virtue will inevitably rise to the top of such a movement, and they can do their own policing. Those women will in the course of the formation of the traditional feminine spirit conform to the men and movement of the alt right. We need not fear otherwise.

        So, “let them be”, and don’t give them so much attention as to indicate a need for them to be more than they are.

  • Of course women belong in the Alt Right.Not on the same level,but as wives and mothers,supporting acts if you will?I am at one with the ideology of the Alt Right.I have no problems declaring my race unique.The preservation and progress of my white race drives me.

    • Exactly, they have no place whoring themselves on youtube for cash. If they are not married and don’t have children then they are part of the problem and essentially useless.

      • Your opinion about the propriety of women YouTubers doesn’t mean shit.

        Only one thing matters: results.

        Winning comes first, not your sense of decorum.

      • Knock that slut-shaming crap off. It’s not helping us. You’re making women like Lexi hostile and intolerant. Look at her posts.

        I don’t like Lauren Southern anymore because I don’t trust her. She’s working as a Zionist neo-con. I have no doubt. The Jewish blood-libel makes all Jews untrustworthy. I don’t dislike Lauren because she’s a woman. It’s because the serpent-like behavior of Jews is scary. We can’t let that poisonous snake free in our house.

    • Exactly. I am not even opposed to women starting their own movements to foster structure that women require. The real target here is not women or even THOTs, but their thirsty, hopeless orbiters forever indexed to the cuck shed.

      White knights are so virulent because their entire belief system is being challenged; they are being forcibly awoken from their wet dreams.

      • I agree with your goal there. The problem with trying to root out the heresy of beta orbiters is that the more zealously you try, the more people that become betas in your eyes. I donate to AR causes. I am a member of this site. I have never donated to any of the female youtubers despite being fond of their outreach to would-be AR women. Even still, you have called me a cuck.

  • This is not a good look, and I seriously hope that we move past this drama as fast as humanly possible. It’s time to grow thicker skin or move the fuck along already, we don’t have time for this shit. People act like there’s not a million things to fucking do.

  • Wait, Lauren Southern is still a thing? I don’t really pay attention to drama whoring or the handful of personalities who are clearly in it for attention and nothing else.

    I’ve watched a handful of Tara McCarthy videos, but from what I saw of Southern she was just a female milo who was less dumb on race.

    Which means…. wait, let me guess – mudsharking?

  • Fair enough. Suum cuique. Women who hold with that should stand by that.

    The question is ‘one’s own’. If her: ‘one’s own’ is the Victim Identity status of some Jew ideology concocted for the ruin of the goyim and its [very temporary] gravy train for approved Victims, then yes – men putting THOT behaviour on notice is probably something she will want to talk to her wymyns’ group about in her safe space.

    If her ‘one’s own’ is her own people and natural justice – then why hasn’t she called out the femocrats and the Victim Status hierarchy in her own social circle? Maybe she wanted to but didn’t know how. Well now its time to learn how.

    Just like Liberalism and the Victim Status hierarchy has created an entire lexicon to put down and put in the wrong normal White people of both genders, it is time the Liberals and entire ISMcracy were hoist on their own libtard. Time they were made to feel the burn.

    White people can certainly wordcraft a range of terms for the Liberal ideologies and Victim Status identities and deliver these home truths across the social spectrum and not just on the net.

    Western nations are ZOGs. There is a lot of archival photography about how occupied White nations treat collaborators with the occupying power – both male and female. Given the nature of ZOG and the genocidal nature of its occupation of White nations, I would say THOT notice and cuck shaming is pretty tame.

  • “But a lot of women seem to not get the joke and I think it is because they are conflating issues here.”

    Yes, this is what women do, they don’t get the joke and thats why theyre a nuisance to every group of boys having fun on their own. “Hey there’s that THOT whos hot but she doesn’t get our jokes so just be nice any maybee one of us gets his Dick wet later” when it was all about the jokes in the first place. Stormer is sucessfull cause they don’t give a rats ass about this failed concept that plagues our pussy whipped societies.
    Years ago i warned that there will be an influx of women into right wing movements cause they will follow the emotional young men, the fools and their money there. How its here and they get BTFO’d and its beautiful.

  • A woman’s value, like it or not, stems entirely from her fertility, which has a limited shelf life for whatever reason. Feminism weaponized female sexuality.

    Since fertile women are perpetual adolescents, they must be dictated to be productive members of society by a strong man (from her father to her husband), which they are currently not if you haven’t noticed.

    They have so much luxury, freedoms and pampering….privileges unseen in even the royalty of medieval Europe. Women are so spoiled rotten that they invent these fictitious doomsday scenarios just to fill the void in their drama-starved, unchallenging lives to the point that it destroys society. It starts off as torpedoing the livelihood of a man they are codependent upon, then it spirals into virgin white knights who would pay to be abused likewise, until no man is left untouched by a woman’s self-destruction and inability to live below her means.

    Only in the last few decades has all of this erratic female behavior been called ‘women’s intuition’ or ‘feminine mystique,’ when women are really not that complicated to understand.

    Society had it right plopping them in front of a tv watching these unwatchable soap operas while the men did all the important things, but that still wasn’t enough. Little Johnny had a strange resemblance to the milk man too.

    Women are our great misfortune.

    • In her natural habitat woman toils day and night. Spinning, weaving, sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, nursing (a break from the toil), tending to her milk cow and hens and more. The devil will find work for idle hands to do. That is part if the problem.

      We, men and women, must and will return to a natural order. A housewife with few duties is not part of it.

      To the Mop
      To the Loom
      To the Garden
      To the Nursery
      To the Hearth

      • Well, the clothes and dishes now clean themselves, nannying has been outsourced to mass-production female pedophile daycare from cradle to college or an abusive illegal alien babysitter, the gardening, mopping and all other chores have been insourced to illegal aliens, freeing up the spoiled THOT to play tennis and bang the minority pool boy while the clueless husband is slaving away at work paying off this castle and all its court jesters.

        • When we take back The Nations, why would we continue to produce things, such as cheap, abundant electrical power, that women use to have their chores done by magic (and then complain about having to load the washing machine!)? They will be grateful or they will be in the field with a hoe. And they will learn to cover up then, as the blazing sun on their head will not be nice and friendly it is sitting by the pool with a martini watching Julio mow the lawn.

          • I see femicommies and homos down voting this. Us men produce the entire material world that allows modern women to live the life of a queen yet they are ungrateful. I understand women (and homos) are confused and feeble minded. But when we take The Nations back, be grateful or go to the fields to toil.

            After the Day of the Rope and the Great Cleansing you will have no excuse.

        • We work just as hard as ever. You don’t have a large family. Otherwise you’d know that. You menfolk spoil the kids with a never-ending stream of god-damned toys and trinkets, and then women force them to pick up their shit! Sometimes I feel like a God-damned strawberry picker for all the time I spend hunched over!

          • Lexi, I’m sorry but I don’t think you have any idea how hard your life could be. I dare say you probably have no idea what it’s like without refrigerator let alone natural heat being pumped into your house so long as the gas bill is paid. Women had to suffer through the cold winter with nothing but a fireplace or iron stove. Do you know how much of the house those devices can heat?? Not a lot without proper vents. PLUS, they had to churn butter, bake, pick, skin, cook, sew, sew, sew… yes, they did a lot of sewing because that kept everyone alive in winter as much as anything. When dad was away, trying to hunt food for winter… guess who had to chop wood in his place? And all of this was simply for survival. That’s what pisses us all off about feminism. They are not being realistic or practical when they say men put women in their horrible, oppression roles. It was actually the harshness of nature herself that put men and women in their roles. And if you succeed in fulfilling those duties, women should be made to feel absolute pride in their accomplishments as mothers and wives. BUT NO. Again, feminism convinces these women that there’s nothing honorable about any of that. And that’s part of the big plan to divide men and women and break up the family of white Europeans.

      • No. We are entitled to a spiritual and intellectual life as well. My grandmother prayed and read her Bible everyday. No Twitter resulted from this.

        Indeed, our whole civilization is embraces this premise. Women have always received spiritual instruction right alongside the men. The Medieval Church offered sacraments and worship opportunities to both sexes indiscriminately, because our people reject the notion of an incorrigibly destructive female nature so popular in these circles nowadays.

          • Craicher, women aren’t your slaves or your cattle. If you’re supportive of the FULL lives they create for themselves, they WON’T be anywhere near you. This “movement” is totally toxic for women. I hope your comment reaches every woman who so much as considers joining the alt-right.

          • No. If that is what you want, it will have to be by force. Your whole family will hate you, and your life will be pointless.

          • Grovel at your church? Do I smell a heretic?

            Also, that picture results in the stooped Grandmother whos back hurts so much she just wants to die instead of enjoying her grandchildren. This is why men invented machines.

          • That, and you’ll have to rape her, because she’ll be to physically exhausted and racked with pain to actually want to have sex.

        • What we need from women is responsibility to the family, to us and our children as well as herself and her spiritual and intellectual life. Feminism advocates for women to disrespect and even hate men at every turn. It teaches women to care more about personal desires than what’s best for their family, especially their children. This is not good… for men, women, for children, for society. The core strength of any society is built on the virtue of family by families.

    • No, a womans value does not only stem from her fertility. Humans are the only mammals that have menopause. This is because we are an intellectual species. Women at the age of 45 have been better at propogating their genes by transferring knowledge and looking out for their grandkids and grandgrandkids instead of trying to squeze out one or two more pups. That womens value is more than fertility is at the core of the very knowledge that underpins our movement.

      • We have menopause because we would never have lived this long in the past. Of course it’s not a woman’s “only” value but it is the most important one. If a woman has no kids she is of little value. Nothing Lauren says is revolutionary, she only has followers because boobs. Imagine a really ugly girl or a man saying what Lauren says, he wouldn’t have 1/4 of the followers. Women like this just drain the cash and energy of men because we are programmed to think that a good looking woman is a genius.

        • No. You are incorrect. Humans are the only mammal that have menopause. All other mammals breed until they die. Exactly contrary to what you said, menopause is a proof that humans lived quite a bit past menopause in the past. Otherwise it could not have evolved.
          You do not understand evolution. You only used your ignorant and shallow opinion to get another chance to blurt out more bile against LS that has done nationalism more good at 23 than creatures such as you would do in 100 lifetimes.

    • Not so.Fertility is one part of our usefulness,does not define our value in total.What good is fertility without loving hands to rear a child.Even sub species are fertile.
      ‘Spoiled rotten’ is a myth.My grandparents were reared in poverty as were my parents.My grandmothers were very strong.I have been raised with that same strength and fortitude.

  • Never forget that the early feminists (LOL the good ‘first wave’) were the ones safely idling away in Great Britain, handing out white feathers to any ‘man of fighting age’ who was not in uniform or getting blown to bits in the trenches and No Man’s Land of the Western Front during WWI. Back then so many men on injured leave were handed feathers and gave them a nice uppercut as a tactile riposte that so many buttered and fattened feminists deserve today. The ghetto gangbanger thugs had it right all along in this instance.

  • I am sick of all these self-righteous harpies, who can’t even balance their own checkbooks or sex lives, giving men unsolicited ‘advice’ on masculinity.

    Women need their own movement and their own websites. They already have the WNBA and LPGA, and you’d think that would be enough, but no….they get a pass because they donate their husbands’s money to shekel-starved persona-non-grata male content producers more than men do, so nobody can ban them.

    Not even two months ago I was sauntering around a food expo in a casino banquet hall with ‘Christian Grey’ written on my name tag. The sudden giggly-outgoingness displayed by women of all ages towards me says all you need to know about how unserious these creatures truly are. I wish I had written Harvey Weinstein to juxtapose the reactions.

    If women allowed society to be masculine again, they would not need these smut pulp fictions, dildos, vibrators, boxed wine, ice cream tubs, therapy, drugs, netflix or a litter of cats because society would become a living, satisfying fantasy for them.

    • It is a man’s job to give his woma(e)n direction and a driving goal. If you are waiting for women to do that for themselves, you will be waiting a long time. Think heat death of the universe. I take your point here but I don’t think it is about women letting society be masculine. If men were what they should be, there would be no denying us much less letting us do anything.

      The women at that expo responded to you. They obviously knew you were not the porno version of Batman’s alter-ego. Christian “Bale” Grey: “I don’t date, I fuck. Hard. And at night I fight crime.” A woman is driven by passion as a planet is warmed by the sun it orbits. The more passionately bright the star, the more alive the planet.

      • I don’t recognise the women you speak of here.Love of husband and family are the main drivers of women.Materialism has distracted us,but it’s just temporary.Those who love ‘objects’ above their folk are not worth the investment.

        • I think you made my point and I think we are in agreement. The love of the husband leads to the family. Without the man, there is no true driving energy and the woman has no way to pour out her creative, God-given, life-affirming, creative power. She turns to materialism, alcohol, Tyrone, etc..

        • I’m sorry to disagree with you. But it’s not just materialism. It’s narcissism in general creating a wedge between men and women. And the more women let feminist harpies speak for them, the wider that divide will get. Feminism is the enemy of men, women and family… at least for us goyim.

  • Jesus fucking Christ on the cross, the autism in this thread…

    Look guys, I get it. It feels like girls only want chads. But it only feels that way cause you were probably poorly socialized and got your view of society from tv shows. Tv shows written by guys who were losers in high school with no confidence who also thought only chads got girls.

    Point is, quit being a faggot who listens to your feelings and ignore that shit cause in reality not all girls only want a chad. Get a job, do something with your life like a hobby or education, tone down the negativity and you’ll meet someone eventually. At least that’s what how it worked for me.

        • You still can’t see the difference between selfpity and realizing your own situation. The whole “White Genocide” meme is a form of self-pity. Reactionary movements are emotionaly driven. At some point you have to confront the possibility that you just don’t find a significant other half, simply because the numbers don’t add up. Most men in history didn’t. And many of those who passed their genes had to capture and rape a woman. You don’t understand that the nuclear family fantasy is delusional.

        • “Look goyim, just be a good wageslave without any masculine quality whatsoever and shiksa will come eventually”.

    • You are Peterson Posting here with this “get a job” bullshit. As if that would be the problem. Your advice can be boiled down to “invest yourself further into a system that destroys you”. I rather would give young men advice on being a sucessfull outlaw and run with that for a time on their own terms that more of these dead-end hobby advice posts. Ugly truth is, almost no one has any meaningfull talents, no one will reach his full potential, there is no soulmate and we all gona die.

  • Our race is being sieved right now, not by man-children, but by selfish women who expect to start settling down at age 30, when the sunset starts to dim a woman’s glowing voluptuousness (quintessential value), and her remaining eggs are all expected to be successfully putted in on the back nine of her fertility.

    This has been a disaster for our birthrates. You can expect to sire a maximum of two offspring with this twilight fecund strategy. This on top of the inevitable divorce and horrid upbringing, with a revolving cadre of low-investment surrogate cocksmen…er…I mean….father figures.

    • No. We need to figure out how to counteract and shut out the Jewish / Marxist / feminist brainwashing being pumped into these women’s heads.

  • Thumbs down me all you want, but women in the Alt-Right are doing the very same veiled threat Muslims do immediately after an Islamic terrorist attack.

    As soon as any anti-Muslim statements are made, the ‘moderate’ Muslims say, ‘You can’t treat Muslims this way…it will just create more terrorism.’ So after these attacks advance the profile of Islam, they quickly consolidate those gains as facts-on-the-ground.

    Blacks and all nonwhites do this too with open threats to white critics of open borders: “your grandchildren will be black and brown.” There you have it…literally threatening to rape your daughters.

    The Alt-Right women are doing the feminist version of this…unloading female empowerment and cheap advancement just to be ‘noticed’ while threatening to bolt to the opposition….. facts-on-the-ground feminism.

  • About Bitcoin:ALL GROWTH COMES INTO END!!!

    And it’s the reason why MAGA!!! will fail….already has failed….it’s the physics problem underlying MAGA!!!….MAGA!!!!…MAGA!!!!

    Real MAGA!!!!=The passage of the 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!

    God Bless Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers!!!!

  • She is afraid. But of what?? Could it be a fear of choosing a cheater, a disloyal person, an infidel?? Whites must be loyal to our own kind and to are wives and children.

  • “See, no man gets up in arms about other men being called cucks – which is the direct male equivalent of THOT”

    LOL, no it’s not. THOT is a niggerism and means a whore. Niggers call all women hoes because niggers are dumb and antisocial just like Anglinites.

    You can be a whore without necessarily race-mixing and working against your race. The concept of a cuck comes from whites and has a different and much worse meaning. They are not equivalent. You should already know this.

    Let’s be clear here, Lauren Southern was never Alt Right. Just look who she consorted with: Milo. Now we find out she has more in common with Milo than we thought. The downward spiral for Lauren started during her exchange with Spencer when she proclaimed that white Americans had no right to advocate for a white American ethnostate and “what is white anyway?” Clearly she is anti-white. Now we know she also defiled herself with a mulatto. No, Lauren, you don’t get a pass because he voted for Trump. So with all that we have plenty of evidence to establish Lauren’s intent and character. Lauren is done.

    I’m aware that some of our ladies such as Bre Faucheux did in fact patrol Lauren for those absurd statements. Credit to them for that.

    Here’s my standard: everyone gets patrolled for degeneracy, no exceptions. One of the first things they did when the NSDAP took over was increase laws against degeneracy. Men were punished more than women, as they generally thought women were seduced rather than perpetrators.

  • So we are suppose to get mad at a woman for being sexy, for dressing provocatively, while weak men fawn over her ? Seriously ? (Some of ) You guys are pathetic.

      • Which one are we referring to ? I was speaking generally, to the reference you made of women in tank tops…maybe I had Miss Rose in mind due to a recently viewed vid by Roosh (but she dresses modestly, except one time? )
        The white sharia/ thot meme is very destructive. Anglin/ DS stated this when he added elements of PUA and MGTOW to white nationalism and the Alt Right. He and his staff write about how glorious it would be to rape and beat white women to a pulp. This is an obvious operation designed by our (((enemy))).

        Traditionally, Aryan women played a prominent role in society- read “Germania” by the ancient Roman writer Tacitus.

    • A thing for thought.

      “Not to mention a complete waste of valuable resources. We are in a fight for our lives and some women want to exploit white genocide for their own financial benefit. I know this sounds unfathomable, how could someone be narcissistic enough to take advantage of the death of our people, but there are some psychopaths, mainly women, exploiting our situation for their own personal benefit.

      These women are the scum of the Earth.”

    • I think we all love sexy women. We just want them where they belong, on their backs, or on their knees, otherwise in the kitchen.

  • When I see a spoiled, entitled modern feminist who never had dirt under her nails I want to put a hoe in her hand and send her out to the fields to dig potatoes.

  • I would say they do, just like women belong in your family.

    Families are comprised of both men and women. Doesn’t mean you do everything together, or that everyone is interchangeable. It doesn’t even mean you get along perfectly well all the time.

    You do some things separately, you do some things together. When you have differences you find a way to settle them. You can’t simply exclude one sex from your family.

    In the end, your family is all pushing for the same goal (betterment of the family), and you’re sticking by each other when things are going poorly. Everyone has their place in the family and everyone has their role.

    Our bigger goal, a secure, prosperous future for white people, needs to be the main goal for us.

    Do women have a role in that? They have to have some kind of role in it, which means in some way they need to be part of this movement.

  • Women want high-quality men, men want high-quality women.

    Alt-right guys are always pushing for White men to lift more, learn more and just be all around better. We have entire websites dedicated to such topics.

    I’d like to see alt-right ladies do the same. I know it’s a much different dynamic, but modern young women are in desperate need of guidance. They have all but forgotten how to be women.

    • Exactly right, and the point of the article. Alt-Right ladies need to be THOT patrolling or, if you prefer, guiding the members of their sex. But let’s be straight with each other, would anyone want to go back to a time when he/she had far less social standing than the Current Year – that is what we’re talking about after all? Of course not, that’s why they aren’t really our partners in this endeavour, much like the POC and (((others))).

      • How do you figure women had less social standing in the past?

        Do you mean less freedom?

        Freedom to do what?

        Less political power?

        To what end?

        Less opportunities?

        To do what exactly?

        How do you think feminism has been good for women? I don’t see it.

        • This is basic bitch alt-lite-tier crap. It’s a zero-sum game, not lose-lose. White men lost to women, POC, etc. Their gain was our loss. Your gender has won a lot without the responsibilities that men must always bear. The female sex is living through its halcyon years, which is not to say that there aren’t negative outcomes from time to time.

          • You did not answer question. How did women gain from feminism?

            Political power: I still don’t have any, now my husband doesn’t either.

            Opportunities: I don’t want your shitty jobs. Motherhood is a much better gig.

            Freedom: To rush around all damned day trying to do everything and doing nothing well. No thanks.

            I’ll wait for you to tell me how feminism benefitted women.

    • Was it /fit or /b on 4chan where the guys who lifted and got super fit then still couldn’t get a girl and all that extra T from their manly behavior just made them hyper-aggressiv and angry about that? =D
      Dating is a zero summ game and there are just not enough fair maidens for every pumped up ex-NEET to go around.

      • Yeah, as it turns out, women need a man that has masculine qualities under all of those muscles. This is sorta like how men need women who have feminine qualities under those tits.

    • I agree, but telling women what to do or shouting at them from a thousand twitter handles for not being exactly what each one wants is not how we get them to do that. My suggestion: these low-caliber bandwagoning thots should generally be ignored. Exemplars of a new path for femininity should be celebrated as such. The working-on-ourselves part is playing the same ancient game. The highest caliber women will follow our strength and example, not our spergy whinny shouting. And these women who spread our ideas but are not themselves all that great deserve no undue attention.

  • Vincent, if Lauren Southern goes on to have White children, does the taint of her former mudsharking pass to them as well? Or can they be pro-Whites in good standing when all is said and done?

          • Only has “coal burner” definition.

            If I may venture an answer. The “coal toll” is the Internet version of being put in the stocks.

            Said violator is immobilized and then subjected to humiliation, abuse, and shaming in order to be mortified and become chastened and thus elevated and uplifted by serving as an example for others.

          • No the “toll” is usually getting an STD, beaten up then left single with ugly dumb kids…if you are lucky. If not murdered

            In this case its losing your E-celeb career. She will be made an example so others wont burn the coal.

          • Speaking for myself, I could never respect a woman that’s been with a non-White.

            I would never wife her up.

            No Alt-Right organization would take her seriously either.

            Just look at what happened to the women in Europe caught sleeping with Nazis when the Allies returned.

            That’s a pretty good standard to go by.

          • Peering into people’s past, and their Mom’s and their wives, sounds like a dangerous precedent to me.

          • It doesn’t matter one way or the other does it now?

            Whenever you alienate people from this movement, you are literally depriving my children of allies or potential allies, weakening them further in a world where they are already vastly outnumbered. I would ask that you not do that unnecessarily.

          • Weinar, Weimar, Weimar, I’ll make you a deal, you stop claiming that women have no interest in White nationalism, and I will stop constantly reminding everyone that we do indeed have a stake in WN by bringing up my children.

            You, of course, have no stake in this movement whatsoever. As you said yourself, you would open the gates to the enemy yourself if our White men won’t force some poor White girl to have sex with you and be your slave.

            Indeed, you are such a slave to your dick, that if you ever do get a girlfriend, you will be so pussywhipped, you will do whatever she says. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see you in a pink pussy hat at a feminist rally someday in the not-toi-distant future.

            I have heard it said that if the young men of this movement were offered a “fair relationship deal,” the movement would collapse. If that is true, our movement is, of course, built on sand. I don’t know if it’s generally true or not, but I know it’s true in your case.

            And if I am wrong, do tell me what experiences have led you to hate women so much?

          • I am so bored with you. You are gonna miss me when I leave here after THOT-gate has helped the patriarchal countercoup quash the lesbianic uprising. I do not care about your children, but I think you don’t either.

            All you got are the same 3 tactics from (((The Authoritarian Personality)));
            A white male opposed to feminism and Marxism is:
            1) a closeted homosexual
            2) Involuntarily celibate (virgin/antisocial misfit)
            3) a misanthropic sadomasochist

            You are badly in need of a good dicking. I am not into any mediocre plain Jane as you have described yourself, but I am a charitable man and I can see your pussy is very lonely right now and feeling unappreciated. I may even let you buy me dinner afterwards.

          • Weimar, avoiding white knighting is well and good, and not letting feminine concerns dictate is wise, but you go too far, don’t you think? What is your purpose? The spiral is not an end in itself.

          • Still not an answer. How do you secure the loyalty of the descendants without extending an opportunity for redemption to the sincerely repentant wrongdoer?

    • Don’t be ridiculous. You cannot blame the children for the crimes of their whore mother. Besides, PLENTY of white women with white children are banging black men as we speak. What would become of them?

      • Maybe whatever genetic influence comes from former mudsharking will remedy the extreme individualism of White men as a result of which they have given our countries away.

        • Ok, now you are just trolling. I showed you a possible future outcome of women’s bad actions and you get pissy and advocate enrichment? This is the point where the man gives the woman a spanking to trigger her reset switch because she has lost sight of the objective and is going for distance and irritation.

          • Sorry Rex, if you wanted perfect purity, you should have thought of that in 1964.

            If I have a spanking coming so be it.

          • I was born in 1986. I would have to be named Martin Seamus McFly to be capable of thinking anything in 1964. My dad was born in 1962. Perspective on how long ago the very oldest of the boomers, and more importantly, their parents, who held the majority at that time, destroyed this country would be helpful.

          • How is any of this relevant? I am not blaming you personally, but what’s done is done. I don’t see how questioning the genetics of anyone whose mother had sex with a black man before they were born is remotely helpful in building a White solidarity movement. Nor do I see how cornering young women who have strayed helps matters. If you tell them the White community no longer embraces them, you really are just telling them they might as well go have black babies since they are ruined. Are you not? I’ve no desire to put words in your mouth.

            I’m not particularly bent out of shape at the idea that Southern shouldn’t speak for us. The question is where does she go now? You and I both know she is probably further to the right than she lets on and would probably very much like to have White children some day. It is easy to point fingers and shame women, coming up with practical solutions for the times we live in is hard.

            Moreover, what you menfolk must understand is that at some point a line will have to be drawn on purity spiraling, and you will have to muster the will to hold that line.

          • ‘I don’t see how questioning the genetics of anyone whose mother had sex with a black man before they were born is remotely helpful in building a White solidarity movement.’

            And so the truth comes out…no wonder you are so defensive.

            I have been right all along and the only people that don’t know it are the white knights who don’t want to believe it. All you women know I’m right. You would not be here if you have not fucked niggers.

          • Remember, if you are worried about genetic quality, you need to be thinking about the smart genes on the X. Admittedly, I haven’t read the article, but I’m willing to bet that is much more significant than any epigenetivs from former mudsharking.

          • Have you not noticed that there are times I agree with and times I disagree with almost everyone here? When people do the right thing, I applaud them. When people do the wrong thing, I condemn them. You are not talking to an amateur here.

      • So there’s your answer then. Any child of a former mudshark is out. Have you told Week this? His Mom adopted a black kid. I’m willing to bet she was a coal burner, too.

        Is Weev out then?

        Think first, then post.

        • You are making appeals to authority here. I care nothing for those people you mentioned. They are not my spiritual, moral, or ethical guides. I take it you are not pleased with the possibility that women can do epigenetic damage to our entire race by being trash?

          • The facts are what they are.
            I fear your puritanical approach is a luxury we cannot now afford, thanks to the inconceivable foolishness ofen letting non-Whites into our countries.

          • This is not an appeal to authority. I am insisting you acknowledge the destructive corollaries of your purity doctrines.

  • Do women belong in the alt-right? Well, technically, nobody does. Your “movement” straddles the line between a cult and a crime syndicate. Most of your targets are innocent and, often, vulnerable people. And when you suck them into the alt-right, you eviscerate most – if not all – of their lives. The upper rungs of this “movement” are vampires, not activists. Though, I guess you’re fine with that, since vampires are White. #ridiculous

    As for your treatment of alt-women, it is undeniably DISGRACEFUL! Because you SO loathe ALL women, you demean, betray, humiliate, intimidate, and alienate your female fans and admirers. And that misogyny discredits most of your “reasons” for perpetrating those abuses. First of all, you impose a double-standard of behavior on the women in your “movement”. Cantwell revealed his body, and none of you shunned him for it. Spencer, Cantwell, Anglin, and Enoch have all dated Jewish and non-white women, and you never called them “mudsharkers”. This very website will NEVER quit requesting donations from its readers. Total hypocrisy!

    Secondly, this “movement” extremely antisocial, even to its own adherents. I’ve read your vicious comments about Enoch’s disabilities, Heimbach’s size, and Mosley’s and “Weev’s” alleged Jewish heritage. You like to view yourselves as “PC rebels” who’ve transcended the need to consider others’ feelings. But, honestly, that’s impossible to do, and I think a lot of you know it. Women certainly do, whether they’re “alt” or not. This “movement’s” “casual cruelty” dishonors women’s values and social roles, many of which benefit YOU. When you’re not thugging out on the “alt” ‘Net, you DO appreciate women’s regard for etiquette, nurturance, and empowerment. So, integrate those dynamics into this trash heap of a “movement”. You need women in it, and they’re appalled and afraid of your brutish antics. Your survival depends on meeting them half way.

    • For some reason, rather than just busting taboos when it’s necessary for us to do so as part of asserting our interests, it’s now considered actually funny to hurt people’s feelings for no reason whatsoever.

      The sickest part is, the more you hurt someone’s feelings, the funnier it is. There is a word for taking pleasure in others’ pain: sadism, and it’s generally not considered a positive trait.

      • Men and women communicate differently and for different reasons. Men love to bust each other’s balls and insult each other. Women like to give backhanded compliments and hold grudges. Consider what happens in the military – you get constantly insulted and dressed down so you don’t whine and cry when your feelings are hurt. Men aren’t women and women aren’t men. That is a good thing, not a bad thing.

        The “issue” here is simply young beta boys that get off on trolling women and women trying to tone police men. The solution? Sexual segregation, and in mixed spaces only men – not boys – should talk to women and women should toughen up and ignore stuff they don’t like

        • Only you’re a man, why, because you’re a ’50s cuck? The ’50s only get us back to where we are today. Let me ask you, is it possible to be a man in the contemporary era and what permutation of man can one be?

        • Counterfactual. Not true. Black men love to insult one another, as far as I can tell. White men prefer a Männerbund, in which the hazing is measured within useful bounds, in which the men (after settling captaincy) chiefly build one another up.

      • I don’t know about your grandmother (I’m as you may have guessed southern European), but she wouldn’t have been so outspoken. It’s unbecoming of your gender – that is what we have to return to.

        Are we seriously discussing feelings? We have to deport millions of people. Women just don’t have the stomach for it.

      • You see? Trolls like you are why the alt right has a “woman problem”. You drive women away when you make crude jokes at their expense. On this website, men have laughed at women’s bodily functions, hobbies, careers, and Constitutional rights. Keep that up, and the alt-right will always be a third-class movement.

        • Allow me to correct you. They are always and ever privileges not rights, as your Talmudic reasoning has shown over the many decades of judicial precedence.

        • Site665. Thank you for your “advice from an enemy”. We’ll be sure to do the opposite. I have some advice for you. Cultivate rewarding hobbies, because following politics and culture will just make you depressed!

          • This is wise advice for all of us. Taking up blacksmithing has never been so appealing. Sometimes people need a break from this. It can eat away at you.

  • In the end, women belong in the home, in the garden, in the nursery, at the hearth, at the loom, and at harvest time, in the fields. This is her natural habitat. We just need to get there. Eventually nature will win.

  • At some point I was scared that you can start cucking, but it’s turned out to be a Great article.
    we can only promote married woman with white babies, who can be a good role model for the next generations, like Lana.
    it was charlottesville 2, cucking destroys movement, strong position attracts new people

        • Non-Whites come to NPI events. Everything else you said is completely unfounded.

          Donovan was an invited guest. Why are you holding her to higher standards than the people hosting the conference at the time?

          • “Non-Whites come to NPI events.” Irrelevant straw man.

            Everything I said is 100% true and there is photo evidence. You’re talking nonsense, Vince.

            I’m holding her to the same standards as everyone else.

            Did I burst your bubble? You’ll be okay. Live not by lies.

          • You made me chuckle at the thought of you picking a fight with Lana and winning with only that pic in your arsenal.

          • Why are breeds invited? Who invites them. And why sodomites too? Would would want their boy around that sodomite?

        • Thats Master Chim nigger, and he ain’t no “Afro-Mestizo” He’s Italian-Puerto Rican, and his non-european DNA is negligible.

          • Looks like a breed, walks like a breed, talks like a breed; its a breed.

            Ok, maybe she was caught off guard, got into a photo but if she defends that sodomite, child molester, nigger fucker, prison mentality, animal torturer and probable government plant, then that is something else all together.

            What’s the story?

          • In cases like Master Chims I apply Evolas Spiritual approach to race. He isn’t 100% biologically European, he makes no secret about that, but his non-white components are less than 20%… I think one of his parents was half and half. But he’s got the soul of a European Warrior, that many biologically pure Europeans are lacking these days. If I found myself in a fight I’d rather have Chim on my side, than a 100% pure white who is a coward.


            As for Donovan a lot of people say the Way of Men is a really good book, and he says a lot of things which are true in it. Shrugs. I havent read it yet… Homosexuality is never okay, but Donovan was a big name in these circles at that time, and was invited there I assume by Spencer. I wouldn’t be too hard on Lana for taking a picture with him.

          • Agreed. Faggot or not, I found his Way of Men to be insightful and helpful for a Wife. I recommend it as a gift to brides. I have understood my husband better ever since reading it, and it has improved my marriage as a result.

          • You and your brood deserve nothing but the rope. Here’s to you hanging you disgusting whore.

          • I bought The Way of Men recently, just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. It’s such a popular book in these circles that I figured I should actually read it and have an opinion on it beyond, Donovans gay, fuck Donovan. While I don’t approve of homoesexuality at all I don’t take the absolutest approach on it, especially when it comes to things like books and writers. Yukio Mishima was gay. He was a more dedicated and fanatical Nationalist than most of these internet tough guys, and wrote some damn good books too. Oscar Wilde is another exception to the rule.

        • Is that true? What she said? That Donovan character is a disgusting animal who deserves the rope. The dusky one I have no clue.

          That is fucking gross.

      • She is very sensual, but her last ’roundtable’ with all those harpies really was troubling. I don’t know if she was doing the Joe Rogan interviewing technique where she is just being agreeable, but I hear dangerously pro-feminist undertones. Feminism is just as bad as diversity because it is diversity. It’s all for nothing if feminism is off the table.

  • I think it is a matter of defining role. I do not believe that women should be police officers or serve in combat. They were not made for it. I don’t believe that men should be changing diapers. I have watched Tara McCarthy’s videos and I haven’t gotten much out of them. I wouldn’t say she shouldn’t be posting them. She has a right to freedom of speech.

    • How convenient…you don’t have to worry about being shot. You’ll just let the men have that privilege, while you the ‘right’ and ‘equality’ to vote for more wars for him to be privileged to get his legs blown off in. Just yesterday you said men ‘need to have their asses kicked and drafted into the military.’

      You will be the first sold into slavery to Libyans on a discount.

      • You go fuck off and die for saying women who birth and raise their precious little boys and then send them to their death in war aren’t sacrificing anything.

        How about you go straight to hell you dickless little piece of shit.

        • I get what you are trying to say, but that argument will always take you down in flames. It is a matter of comparison. The man gets shot to pieces. The woman gets to cry. Men are ended by war. Women are set back by war.

          • You are trivializing the grief of a bereft mother.

            I would much rather die than lose one of my boys.

          • But you won’t actually kill yourself over it. This exact same storyline has been made into many films where there is a choice of trading one character’s life for somebody else’s after he has already died, but it has not once been attempted in IRL. That does not change the fact that women are exempt from war and all of its deathly hardships that nobody gets out of alive in the end whether it be by bullet or booze. Nice try though in making yet another male tragedy all about you, the woman.

          • Wow, I knew the White man’s technology was a thing to behold, but I didn’t know bereft mothers could die in place of their children. Tell Kate Steinle’s Mom. I’m sure she’ll be very interested.

          • I have been to many funerals throughout my life watching mothers bury their sons of all ages from infant, teenager, soldier, middle-age and even elderly. There is nothing sadder. The pain in a mother’s eyes haunts me more than anything I have ever witnessed in my life. I can remember being 6 or 7 and seeing this little angel in a tiny casket under a little blanket surrounded by beanie babies, the open house and the empty crib. The little sister kissed him goodbye. I have seen an elderly woman watching her son die in hospice and how she did not want to be there to see the moment his life ended, and then how the other family member was trying to honor her wishes even though she would not budge because she did not want to leave her son and did not know how to properly depart. So it was suggested that she just say goodnight. As she did, he touched her arm even though we thought he was long gone, as he had not made any other movements for hours aside from death-rattles.

            That still does not change the fact that women are resilient. So much so that it is irksome how quickly they bounce back from romance or other things. They do not leap to join their men in death. Suicide is a male phenomenon, particularly white men.

            So although women suffer from a loss, it does not kill them while it kills men.

          • You really are a cunt. Thumbs down away bitch. I hope you get raped by a pack of niggers. You know what you are doing here and it is just about stirring shit. Any woman involved in politics is to be avoided like a man into knitting or baking. Something is just off about them. Instead they have ben made into this bizarre masturbatory fantasy to con thirsty beta orbiters. I can just tell you yearn to be better looking so that you can go slutting it up before your pussy goes dry.

          • Yes, and in a world where the mother magically dies when her son is shot apart on a battlefield, there would be no war. Women would see to it. Again, getting ended is an infinite progression from every other thing that can be quantified. The man dies, the woman continues.

          • Wrong. I would take a bullet for my kids. If I die, their lives go on as they have everything ahead of them If they die, I lose everything. I couldn’t go on without them. The mere thought of it makes me want to put a bullet in my head.

            Seriously, did you not lose a beloved pet when you were a boy? And feel such intense pain you felt like it would kill you? Now imagine a mother’s grief.

            BTW, any evidence one way or the other on women having political influence and the likelihood of war-making?

          • Again, I agree that women suffer when they lost the men they love. That is not being disputed.

            As for the proof of women having power over war..I can tell you right now that any woman that I have ever loved could have influenced me either direction with a hand on my chest and a few gentle words. I think you underestimate how much influence a woman has with the man that really loves her.

            Or for a less clean version: Lewinsky could have gotten everyone’s taxes lowered if she had suggested it while sucking Clinton off.

          • No, I do not underestimate the power of a beloved wife, which is why I think women suffrage is irrelevant at best, and an extremely dangerous temptation at worst. Any elite can manufacture grievances and conflicts of interest when they need to divide and distract the population.

            I was just wondering if women, on the whole, tend to accelerate, or put a brake on, aggressive tendencies within nation-state.

        • Is it just me?

          But all these women tangling with WR just bring to mind discussions I’ve observed between women and a man when the women desire the man.

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying anyone here is pining for WR.

          What I’m saying is that the tone and content of the attacks from the women very much resembles conversations I’ve been a spectator of from the sidelines.

          In those conversations, there is a man the women secretly like. And they like his verbal attacks, too. Because it gives them the opportunity to be strident and to express their womenhood by ganging up on him and telling him off. The women become flushed, and self-satisfied, and attractive as they bring out their strength and femininity which is otherwise dormant or hidden.

          The chin out, face uplifted, chest heaving, shoulder wagging is as apparent in some the verbal sparring here as it would be in a video debate.

          And my comment is directed towards the men. The women seem utterly oblivious to the fact that this how they come across in these kind of stand-offs.

          • Is that a long way of saying “Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful when you are angry”?

        • Ah I am reminded of your pantsuit hero with that fiery quote, my horny little butterfly…

          “Women have always been the primary victims of war; Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat.”
          -Hillary Clinton

          There are no words for how deranged women truly are. I think they fake it because they know they can get away with it. Perhaps such absurdity is the only reason they can get away with it.

          • Ah yes, the guilt by association trick. White advocates say some things that Hitler said, so we’re all Hitler. Same shit.

            I never said women were the primary victims of war. You speak in ridiculous absolutes, such as “no woman has ever sacrificed anything.” I say, no actually women have sacrificed a great deal, so accuse me of claiming women are the primary victims of war.

            “Logic for Dummies” might provide you with some edifying holiday reading. I think it’s about 20$ at Amazon.

            Now, listen here you dickless little faggot. I would rather be sacrificed to Quetzalcoatl, in the customary fashion, than lose any of my boys to war.

          • Neatly put. But, Lexi, one cannot praise a woman who is taking part in this thread/spiral. Because how would that work? If I praised you, then Vincent would remind me that my praise is not going to get me laid, and (despite my age, 20+ years marriage, six kids) Vincent would in this context HAVE A POINT.

            I don’t even talk like that, nor have I ever insulted a woman the way some of these young guys do, but what do you want them to do? They cannot just be nice. My generation tried that. It doesn’t work. Not in this context. These young guys are going to have to strut their hostile swing for a while. The devil may care. Good manners would be preferable, but to destroy feminism is more important than good manners right now.

            These young guys don’t know how to combine good manners with their assault on feminism—and why should they? My generation didn’t know, either; so the right wingers of my generation chose the good manners and look where that got us.

            These young guys will figure it out, balance it, eventually, after they’ve aged and their fire has cooled; but for now, we need that fire. Anyway, my generation seldom helped them. When these Millenials were kids and we still had influence over them, what did we teach them? Little of value. Not good manners, at any rate; and never much truth.

            Vox Day is annoying, but he has a razor wit, self-made money and a hot wife, and so some of these young guys are under his spell. One can stay away from Vox himself (I do), but there is an attitude. You just can’t police it. That won’t work. If it did work, then the Alt Right would necessarily fail.

            It is what it is. I see no useful alternative. Charlottesville was inspiring. Long live the Alt Right.

      • So, you’re okay with female vets? Not according to your other comments! You can’t have it both ways, Weimar. If you’re burdened by a disproportionately-male military, then society must make it accessible to women. If Israel can do it, then so can we.

          • The small remaining part of me that is nihilistic would love that. The rest of me that I have worked the last 10 years to rebuild thinks that if we keep uping the stakes with mentally ill liberals, the result will be death. They will gladly crash the jet into the ground just to spite people who are sane.

          • I think accelerationism has been proven to be an effective strategy. Look at the blowback from Antifa and Kate Steinle and all the other events of the last year.

            Worth writing an article about actually.

          • That is true. I just never want to underestimate the destructive capacity of satan’s favorite children. If we push these feminists (aka old school witches) far enough, they may start sacrificing their virgin (xe/xir) to open a hell mouth.

          • South Korean feminists literally do.

            If feminists here started doing the same thing and breaking into baby boy wards and killing white children, maybe we would have a revolution.

            Or maybe not.

            I also am not sure if its worth rolling the dice on that one.

          • Well, this is clown world so we would have new agencies devoted to helping those crazies reintegrate into society. Gasping White liberals would be talking about ways to help those poor women all while burying dead babies.

          • I would totally support this. It’s ugly, yes. But again, winning is what matters now. I think this would be very effective. Women should know that if we demand equal rights, we will lose our special privileges that we have always enjoyed as White Western women.

        • Hey. That’s not an argument. “If X can…so can we.”

          If something is wrong, it’s wrong. Don’t matter who X is.

          It’s the way of men to make war. It is not the way of women to make war.

        • I’d welcome them getting their legs blown off with every other guy. At least they would earn their ‘rights.’ But that is not going to happen. There is no such thing as a female ‘veteran.’ No, Israel does not use female soldiers. Those are called barracks whores and photoshoots. Since when are you part of ‘we?’ Don’t you have some same-sex bakery to molest children in or whatever it is that you weirdos do?

    • The problem is that you believe anything AT ALL that isn’t told to you by your father or husband. The ’50s were degenerate also, we forget that too easily.

  • I still think these thot-screechers are bed wetters
    (the word “thot” makes me barf…. it this because it´s a nigger word…. ? ).

  • I wonder why 90% of the comments here are from “guests” and very few are “members”.
    At $9/month, I think most of you can keep up.
    And don’t snark on me; just sign up please.
    Of course Lauren shouldn’t be standing around with her ample chest exposed, attention seeking and getting off on it.
    Of course, AR women should counsel and shun such women.
    Most AR people think Lana Lokteff is a pretty good role model for AR women who want to be involved and who have some intelligent perspective to offer.
    She’s a proud wife and mother and she co-pilots the business her husband pours his life into.
    Classy woman with her priorities in order.

    • Excuse me, ample chest? As an ass man I don’t really care one way or the other, but I certainly wouldn’t characterize it as “ample”. Lana’s ok because she has male supervision; she’s not running the show.

    • Nope. The only reason Lana gets away with having an opinion while female is that she enjoys the protection of an alt-Roght busband. That’s it.

    • I donated to GAB and was doxed for my troubles. So I’m not too keen to hand over the ol’ PayPal details anymore. Luckily I’m not in Britcuckistan or I’d be in gaol for offending some mudslum who came to a site just to be offended.

    • I’ll have to wait until after the holidays. I’m busy trying to pay $1,000 for a crown because the Democrats gave my dental care to the illegal aliens.

      • Yeah, it is almost like the government likes to tax white people to bribe brown people to vote for more government jobs and higher government salaries. We should probably build a wall.

    • Well said. Now prepare yourself for the inevitable backlash for speaking while in possession of a uterus.

        • You are speaking to a member creature. Someone who actually contribues. Instead of just sowing division and bitterness. And slander against people that put their own lives on the line. Unlike creatures like you that dont even put you cash on the line.

          • Yeah, I guess it takes a squatting guest to know one, hypocrite. I may not put my shekels on the line because that is a pointless surefire way to be doxxed. Unlike you I do my contribution IRL prowling the streets in the night, baiting niggers slinging dope exclusively to whites (who regularly overdose outside my bedroom) and pimping wayward white women because they all think I’m a cop. Yes, even the filthiest, most-oven worthy degenerate whites have a guardian angel, me. I venture into black territory and do a quick lap in their bars and quickly leave when one asks me if I am a US Marshall, but not before asking pressing questions to make them fearful of every white man they try to approach of possibly being undercover. What have you done? Counter-signalled the mean troll?

          • Terrified of being doxed and using your anonymity to attack women that stand in the open with their identity and their lives on the line. You are a coward that attack women that are brave. You disgust me.

          • What are women actually risking? Men protect women.Do these women stand by the men who are doing that? No,they poison the community men set up to do that demanding leadership positions and deference and make it impossible to do that job.They get men killed or imprisoned who put their lives and bodies on te line to defend them and they have absolutely no remorse or self-reflection about doing it.None.

          • What men would those be? I’ve had to protect myself my whole life. and I doubt any woman is going to get protection from whiners.

          • Fuck you cowardly Swede LARPing as a viking. What do you do? You get your panties in a wad over RANDOM internet comments. They could be weirdos in fishnets. I live in the real world unlike you pussies in Canada or any other whitopia. You losers have never seen gun shots or carjackings. I see and hear them from my window. I have lived in places where niggers would pick fights with me at the gym, the bar, at work and every other place you LARPers take for granted. These cowering niggers, who beg for their lives in bloodcurdling cries that none of the video games you daydreamers play can imitate, as somebody is firing at them, are tougher than you pussies pretending to be to be valuable members of society can ever be. No wonder you bow before women.

          • In case you haven’t noticed Sweden is getting swarmed with third world street trash, who are bringing in all kinds of crime and social decay.

            Toronto, where I live, just became 51% non-white, and I’ve lived in my fair share of crime ridden shitholes.

            The situation is serious in all traditionally white countries right now, not just in the USA. Get over yourself stanky yankee.

          • If you actually do that…you may be Batman. Please be the AR Batman. That would be the best news story ever. I would donate to your Hatreon and buy your armour.

    • When the site first started I was donating a lot more than $9 a month, every month, until the paypal got shoad after Charlottesville. I do put my money where my mouth is. The reason I have not become a member is I haven’t been a fan of the direction the movement has been going in since Charlottesville. If things turn around, that could change. Still I have donated to various groups and causes that I agree with and support, many of them crossover with this site (I remain a Red Ice member) and will continue to do so.

      Italy is going into an election year in 2018 and I’ve been donating heavily to Casapound every month as I want them to do well in it. Just because someone isn’t a member of this site specifically don’t assume they don’t contribute anything to the cause. I’m not a wealthy man and can not contribute to every website I read. It is what it is.

      • I am glad to hear that. I too wish I could support more people in more places. Being upper-middle class would help but I am not quite there yet.

      • Point of contention: If women would leave the labor market, the salaries for men would balloon like mad. Companies would have to compete their asses off and offer the best benefits ever seen to attract the men to come work for them. We have a labor surplus.

        • Our children are more well adjusted, because they aren’t being taken care of by strangers. Also, don’t forget that we have meals and pies waiting for us after work.

          • I honestly don’t know what you mean. Feminism is the satanic opposite of femininity which makes the world go around. People are so used to this “THOT patrol” to counter the natural inclination of men to be white knights that they forget that it actually is ok to white knight for a woman who is doing exactly the right thing. You are an example of friendly fire. If 1 in 100 women does the right thing, she is going to draw fire before anyone finds out she isn’t to be shot at.

            Also, if you are doing the right thing, those criticisms are not directed at you. For example, I never assume someone is addressing me when the word nigger is used. I am a 6’5″ white titan. The word doesn’t apply to me on any level so I don’t assume it is directed at me.

          • Here is what I mean.

            The desire to drive women out of the movement completely stems from a paranoid self-contempt among the menfolk. They were fooled by the Jew, who pretended to be on their side, but really had a distinct, and hostile agenda. They fear that if women are allowed any voice at all, we will be like Wormtongue, whispering subversive poison in your ears.

            I understand this fear, but ultimately it must be set aside. As you said above, my husband would make more money but for women in the workforce. European women would have much more freedom to move about without having to worry about hajis and their sexual emergencies.

            Yet, WR and such insist that women cannot be trusted because we all benefit from feminism. This is an error. So, yes, WR is referring to me when he says “feminist.”. But like that mensch Eric Stroker said on David Duke the other day, feminism hasn’t done the vast majority of women one bit of good.

          • For the love of God, can you all do something about that autocorrect? I am sorry, Eric S t r y k e r, for Christ’s sake!

          • No.It stems from the fact that you build exactly jack shit and therefore don’t understand the value of things that men build or the amount of work it takes them to build it so you just play with our shit and then smash it on the ground when you’re finished with it,the fact that you shit-test movements to death,and the fact that we don’t have TIME to do this again,assuming we could to begin with.

            We got to where we are through a stroke of miraculous luck,and hard work put in by EXCLUSIVELY men.I know,because I was one of the ones who did it.We hashed this shit out in comments sections of other websites and other boards before we had our own websites. You were off getting high on your own queefs talking about feminism and celebrity gossip and whatever.

      • There we have it, she wins the grand prize. This is why the meta-politics of the West must be reformulated. Men and women always fall back on these tired catchphrases that end up handicapping us before we’ve even gotten started.

      • And if women hadn’t all decided they wanted to have “fabulous” careers working in cubicles so they could pretend to be men,employers would have to pay men enough money for them to make a living.

    • If we are going to go hardline patriarchal here, no. Women need to do exactly what their husband tells them to do. For a man like me, that means being present where I am, working with me to build a dynasty. For citizens, home life directly informs public life.

  • What could possibly go wrong?


    competing for the same scarce LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE of America…

    with millions of young LEGAL IMMIGRANT Muslim Males…..and their male descendants……

    • Then the question is, who is superior? If you let your living space taken away then maybe you just don’t deserve it? What woman wants most from man is confidence and what kind of protector can be a usual white male whos biggest fear is to be called racist? As it is so prevalent today, women automatically see white males as betas and any nignog or mudslim is preferred because they don’t give a, so they assume that those will protect their women when need arises. It might be so, it might be not but sad truth is that most white men will not, they are beta soyboys who can’t and won’t protect even themselves so women must turn away from them.

  • As far as I’m concerned, the target audience of these female Alt-Righters should only be women; the message must be directed only at women. The men should be taking their cues from other men. You want to help? Attract other women to the cause and leave the men alone. Speak to the men in private. We need to return to a kind of Victorian ethos with regard to the sexes.

    • Agreed. Let’s be honest, we … I mean they, watch Lauren for her looks. I can’t stand the AltRight podcasts (any show) where there is a woman talking for more than 5 minutes. They all sound so stupid. Even Becky sounds like Tila Tequila.

      • If the purpose was to jerk off, isn’t there material to be found on the internet that’s, shall we say, more to the point?

        • Men get really really excited when women take an interest in anything other than being a woman.

          It immediately gives them the idea that they can actually talk to the woman, befriend her, maybe even love her for more than her looks and skills in the bedroom.

          For the romantics in our sex, its a huge turn on.

          • There are plenty of topics to broach just not politics. Not to go all Freud posting, but many of these betas probably didn’t have firm, authoritarian fathers – that role might have been filled by their mothers to unfortunate consequence.

          • Well yes, I know there’s truth in that. I’m just average-looking, but never had any shortage of suitors.

            Wouldn’t the solution be to actually educate women, so there are more of us to go around? I don’t mean that we should educate women to compete with men in the workplace, but rather educate them in the useless, beautiful things.

            The entire reason I’m here is because my broad, liberal arts education left me convinced that the most important thing I can do is to pass on my love of the White man’s art, literature, and philosophy.

            When I first became aware of our demographic peril, I immediately became WN. I didn’t have to think about whether or not I should care that White men are threatened with extinction. I already knew that would be an unspeakable tragedy.

          • Of course. Women make life worth living. There used to be charm schools that taught women how to be chatty but not loud-mouthed, how to play instruments, entertain, be a good hostess, throw parties, etc etc.

            We should bring them back, but that would be contingent on bringing standards of behavior back – which the Left will fight tooth and nail.

        • No. It’s like I have explained to you many times now. Diminishing returns. There is only so much porn you can watch before it gets boring and stops working. Somehow a woman matching your political views has become part of the whole climactic package. Sensual woman uttering political alignment gets these fantasists off.

  • More useless alt right virtuespiralling. The more people that question the establishement the better. Lauren has done so in an effective and cheeky and enterataining way in the past that reaches tens of thousands of people that are far far far beyond spergs to reach.
    And Tara is the most sensible person on the alt right period, I dont know anyone whose opinions and perspectives I agree with more. A big tent is better than a small tent and anyone that is friendly to the alt right and raising hell with the establishement and the left is a very welcome and apreceiated fellow traveller and part of the fam. Or the extended fam at least.

    • “Tara is the most sensible person on the alt right period.” LMAO. That tarot card reading, superstitious woman the most sensible? Yeah, okay, whatever.

        • What? What makes you think I was in the airforce? And what did that have anything to do with what I just said? Look, I don’t hate Tara. I think she’s okay overall. But she is a little inane, certainly not the most sensible. She’s into superstitious shit and sometimes when she starts to get philosophical it’s more cringe rather than eye opening. What am I suppose to say she’s a perfect Goddess or something just because we agree on some things? Give me a break. Everyone has their faults, even me, and there’s nothing wrong with pointing those out.

          • The newagie stuff is cringie to me too, to tell you the truth. However, I believe religion is vital for a successful struggle. Whenever I look at history, the only ones that pulled through against great odds are religious people. Such as Mormons and Amish and othoer such. Secular people might kick and thrash a bit buth then they just go meeh, economics, and accept the status quou. Whenever secular people did som change they were just cashing in advantages that were already there. So even though its cringie, I apreciate the effort, maybe it will contribute. Even failed attempts at bringing us religion are important imho.

          • I think huge self restraint is in order in pointing out other peoples faults. Its low energy. And also, being a dissident is, well, not for everyone. It tends to gather people with quarrelsome personalities, thats why we became dissidents in the first place. Hence, we need to discipline ourselves to speak softly, to not countersignal, to try to make up for our rather disharmonious base demographic. We are very easy to turn against one another just because of the type of personalites that become dissidents.

          • If I would attack Alt-Right, I would do exactly that. I would sniff out the weakest links, beta cucks in movement and introduce them some sort of feminism, has done miracles in countless Western countries. I would let them sniff some e-pussy and direct all their energy into endless masturbation instead of struggle and fight for self-presevation. By continuous whiteknighting over some worthless skunk they will pussify the whole movement into oblivion and it’s done. As it is way easier to be soft than to be strong, many will follow by letting their softer side free. In a blink of an eye they will literally cry when someone calls them racist and then they are not a threat anymore.
            Alt-Right needs women, of course, but only strong women with strong traditional values not some virtue signaling wannabe softcore actors.
            Same goes for men. If you are so disturbed if some skank is called out for her bad behavior then maybe this isn’t for you? If you share principles with Alt-Right and want it succeed, ask yourself this – if any chain is as durable as the weakest link, do I really want to be that weakest link?

          • I apreciate all the women that are in the alt right. And I apreciate women that are free journalists and are friendly to the alt right, as LS clearly is. It gives the movement legitimacy. Because women generally come once men have built the structure, they are usually not pioneers. So the more women we have, the more we signal we are an established movement. And the higher prestige our male leaders get.
            We are working with the naked ape here, we have our instincts and women fronting for the movement works in favour for us. so stop being a destructive sperg?

    • Yep, you don’t grow a movement by kicking out members. Unless their behavior is really egregiously disruptive, the phrase you’re looking for is “Welcome Aboard!”

    • Indeed. Here I thought we were living on extraordinary times, facing extinction and all that, but never mind. What’s most important right now is that we mind our Ps and Qs.

      • Yes, Meszaros as much as called her a whore, this even though Tara publicly announced she was engaged. Funny way to try to get money from them by leading them on.

    • But Lauren isn’t friendly to the Altright. That’s the point. I don’t agree that she’s a sex worker (that was typical Jewish overstatement by Weev) but she is certainly not doing anything except building her own career.

      • Agreed. If Lauren would come out and openly declare her loyalty, I could understand fighting for her. At best, she is a “fellow traveler” who acts as a gateway to us.

          • Yes, it is. That is why I mentioned it. I believe she is a gateway, much as Milo was. I got to the AR from /pol/ and Milo got me geared up enough to want to fight. Seeing him waltz right past the liberal Maginot line and deliver blows time and time again to (((feminism))) was inspiring. Maybe we can win!

            Lauren wants to straddle the fence so she can go back to quasi-mainstream if the AR gig fails, which it just did for her. If she would commit 100%, I would overlook many things for the sake of the benefit she could bring. Victory is far more important than nailing one young woman to the wall with her sins.

    • Tara is being overly sensitive and demanding. She’s going to abandon her beliefs because of some online trolls? She’s being a typical selfish, flighty female. Other than that I do like her and she is an ally in contrast with Lauren Southern who is not.

      • I apreciate her being in the movement alot, as I said, her perspective is the one I agree with the most. Hence, when people attack her I give what support I can.
        Btw, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? Do you face a fraction of the attack from the establishement and lefties that Tara does? Are you on the SPLC most wanted list? Are you fronting with your own face? AND getting attacked by alot of irresponsible shitheads from your own ranks? When you are, then you have a right to call one of our leaders “selfish” and “flighty”. Until then, close ranks and give support.

      • I don’t think she said she was changing her beliefs, but rather, sue is disassociating with the Alt-Right, because the men do not want her. Isn’t that exactly what a submissive woman is supposed to do?

        • There are two brothers who desire the same woman. One brother loves her while the other brother merely lusts for her. As soon as the woman does something that the lusty suitor doesn’t like, she gets his scorn.

          What is she to do?

  • Please go back over the past year & read comments on all social media. Long before the Lauren S thing many -shall I call them- boys have radomly attacked AltRight women just for being women in comment sections of articles pertaining to anything other than gender relations. A woman can be on here agreeing, even cheering on AltRight men & someone would just randomly call her a thot or mudshark. I don’t believe this is the majority of the Men on here. I believe it is just bunch of young boys lashing out & feeling tough. In the past I have tried to even encourage AR guys & tell them there is a good White Woman out there for them & not give up hope. I was met with hateful judgemnts & insults. I was accused of being with black men & being a whore. When I shared personal information, I have never dated outside of the White race, married to a White man with 2 White children I was then called “post wall” that knows nothing. I just brushed it off but many young women want an AR trad man & this is very scary to them. If a young woman in internalizing opinions made about Lauren S then she has some growing up to do. However, immediately insulting a woman just because she is a woman is very bad for the future of the AltRight. If a man has nothing to love then he has nothing to protect. Therefore, no reason to make logical decisions in politics, leadership, morals, ethics & lifestyle. Wife & children give men a reason to be MEN. We all have to start over, not blame each other for the decisions of our parents or the left & rise above, being strong & united.

    • Same exact situation with me. Even back when it was Nothing but viscous abuse. Even when I was on thier side !!!???

      • Its strange. In the swedish dissident movemetn we do not have this at all. Everyone is extremely supportive of one another. And this women-hatered just doesnt exist.

        • Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Swedish society matriarchal, hence the rampant POZ. No thank you and this is coming from a Canadian.

          • Im unsure. The dissident movement is not matriarchal. And we actually tend to have fewer young women centerstage. Almost all “personalities” and leaders are men. The young women in the movement are mostly backup. In the fascist movement women do alot of the behind the scenes work and textchecking and taking care of the families and food during rallies and such. There is one young mother with a strong personality that does the podcasting and representing together with her friend while she is a housewife and her husband brings in the money. In sweden its very easy to get fired if you are a dissident so its a good setup.

            In the broad spectrum nationalist movement one of the big leaders is Ingrid Carlqvist, former MSM journalist in her fifties.
            There are some journalists and youtube channels that are women but they tend to be middle age and they mostly do journalistic work and wallraffing officials and journalists.

            I guess the situation is alot more desperate here and the supression of dissidents much harder. That might fuse people together or make for stronger gender roles in the dissident movement. In a fight for survival all people become conservatives I guess. Maybe the Golden One have some better insights into this than I do.

          • Maybe, there is truth to that. But I think the extremeness of sweden is better explained by social democracy.
            Imho, women do not have the instinct for protecting the border. In history and evolution womens only contact with enemy warriors was on their own doorstep when their own men are dead or driven off. So they only have instincts for surrender and make nice. So giving women equal power over border protection is a catastrophy waiting to happen.

          • Once they’re at the table they want to have a say in anything. That’s the error.

            No woman is going to step away from the table over an issue because it is “men’s business”.

          • We do it all the time. I rarely comment on anything having nothing to do with women and children, and when I do, it’s only because I think I can bolster the menfolk’s position somehow.

          • Exactly. The good White “manosphere” blogger Rollo Tomassi calls it the “war bride dynamic.” We men have bred women over history to mate with the winners of war. They literally sit on the hilltop waiting to see which men survive the battle, knowing they are going to get raped by the winners anyway, so may as well make nice and enjoy it. It’s just evolution, it’s instinct.

            It’s also why no one really cares if a White man fucks a non-White woman, but we hate it when White women have sex with a non-White. Men define the tribe; the Mannerbund is the origin of Aryan culture.

            Which is ALSO why men whining about women is so pathetic and faggy. You shouldn’t EXPECT women to by “loyal” – they have to side with the winners regardless. When White men win, White women fall in line and do what they are told. Fact is, it’s EASIER for White beta boys to bitch about White women than it is for them to stand up for the White race, which is why you see all this anti-women faggotry – it’s literally the boys who grew up with no fathers “rebelling” against their mothers.

            The losers in the sexual revolution? Young beta boys and old women – and it’s those two groups that are constantly bitching at each other. You see it right here on this thread. Older mothers complaining about hostile anti-women trolling coming from beta boys from divorced families.

          • Lots of tough talk from somebody who browses sites he allegedly laughs at. You wannabe standouts keep alluding to these mysterious websites that I have never heard of. I know the female-friendly porn ascetic (where dilettante females tell you what you want to hear) is part of your New Age climactic dimension, but it doesn’t win the said calamitous war that you are so keen on white knighting us into just to win the heart of women who won’t respect the outcome regardless. I will not stop you from laying down your life because you think you are not worthy of used pussy, but I will not join you because I am tired of sloppy seconds acting more virtuous than Mary Magdalene.

          • Thats an incomplete story. Women invest huge resources in their offspring. Offspring that is killed when others take over. If we are talking very young women you have a point, otherwise its just more one eyed misogyni. Imho, women have no instincts to protect the border. Which is also the only thing i want from central authority, military protection. Hence, it would make sense that women do not have influence over central authority. Local authority thought is all about sharing social risk.

          • I don’t get this shit about women revelling in war at all. From the moment you have a child, you are invested completely in the tribe, and more specifically the men of the tribe. You see this in voting patterns as well. Married women with children vote with their menfolk, much to the dismay of menfolk.

          • If old women are harmed by the sexual revolution, then all women are harmed. That’s the thing about getting old. It happens to all of us.

            The young women may not know it harms them. We will tell them, so long as the men don’t run us off.

          • Not exactly, what you menfolk forget is that you have also bred us to seek out men who will not kill us. We want a man who is aggressive enough to protect us, gentle enough to be nonthreatening to ourselves and our offspring. This manifests itself in somewhat schizophrenic behavior, but only be women are not consciously aware of these competing tendencies.

        • Yeah, its a very American thing. Identitarians in Europe even have a lot of cuties in their ranks.

          It’s nice.

          • I wonder why it is almost exclusively an American thing? Women are women no matter which continent they were born on. What makes this such a powerful issue here?

          • It’s an Anglo thing, and I say this as an Anglo. We have, er, “interesting” sex relations.

            In the terminology, spanking/BDSM is called “English.” Our women are mouthy in public, in private we literally tie them up and spank them. Outside of the bedroom they are uber-feminist, in the bedroom they are submissive kittens.

            I don’t know why. It’s a mystery to me. But it is what it is.

            Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer’s family says they are part Jew, “Weev” himself has at times, but now claims he is Anglo/German Protestant. “Weev” is the main driving force behind the anti-woman “White Sharia” “Thot-bullying” stuff. Weev posts long elaborate fantasies of hurting women and BDSM/bondage scenarios of putting gals in “scold’s bridles” and the like. Weev is just a troll, often hilariously funny, but he’s also clearly mentally ill, and it would be really stupid to take anything he says seriously.

            I blame myself because five years ago I was a second-tier “manosphere” type blogger, massive traffic, and was somewhat influential in that crowd. I piggybacked racism on sexism, and it worked. But frankly I’m now a White Knight because I think we WON the war on feminism – now there are LOTS of women promoting marriage and family to the younger White gals – which is what I wanted and used to complain about bitterly. So I find the beta whining about this stuff just beating a dead horse at this point.

          • I feel bad for weev. He is so talented, and we need him. He had a terrible mother and a terrible childhood. He will work through it.

          • I agreed with that on GAB and I will do it here. I agree wholeheartedly. When a woman does what is proper, a man should do what is proper. The only reason to ever pull protection from a woman is when she is not meeting her obligations and needs a dose of reality. Even then, it is to her correction, not destruction. That has been done at this point.

      • Some men are rabidly anti-feminist, sometimes that can manifest itself in unpleasant, irrational ways.

        We all have room for improvement.

    • Sorry to here, but sites such as this one shouldn’t be pick up venues. We used to have gentlemen clubs (not the stripper kind) but we lost them; we require male spaces. Women should be operating parallel to but not with us – that is bona fide trad. Giving women a say at the table was and continues to be an aberration.

      • You’re right. It is a parallel structure. When I was a kid, I watched my European mother, her mother, her sisters, et al cooking together in the kitchen, laughing, hooting, singing, making noise.
        In the dining room, the men sat, playing cards, drinking anisette, cracking walnuts, laughing, hollering, and having fun.
        When the meal was ready this enormous family sat together, bowed their heads to thank God and proceeded to enjoy the bounty of life brought to the table by every valuable participant.

        You can’t beat it….it’s the best that life has to offer, it’s what we fight for.

        Many AR men and women have been atomized and have never experienced a scene like the above.
        But such is the end game in it’s forbidden simplicity and we are going to have to learn to be decent to each other if we are going to survive.

        PS…that said, I sympathize with the men here who would like just one space where they can interact without women in the mix.
        I get it; the resentment which is pretty justified imo.
        So I’m retiring from posting after this comment.

        • You see my first reaction is to be like, “No don’t go, now I feel bad” but that’s how we got here in the first place. Before long people are demanding that the government provide, with taxpayer dollars, sex reassignment surgery. Notice her last two sentences guys, pure HR/female trickery, trying to tug at my heartstrings. How many white betas fall for this? If it’s not our women, it’s the POC, etc. Why the postscript at all?

          • Why? You’d just try to destroy that, too, like you did to Tara for having the nerve to take the initiative and build a YouTube channel.

        • Does that “just one space” have to be the entire alt-Right, with women being bullycided off every site?

          I have a suggestion: Just ban women from these sites, period. Offer an online suggestion box, and if we have something to say we’llpost it there.

          By the same token, menfolk, if anyone needs to start policing each other, it is very clearly you.

        • Why are you leaving? You already acknowledged the most important thing, men and women are different. Not in a way that ones are better or others are worse but in a natural way, as a fact that men and women are different, therefore they have different roles in life. This acknowledgement alone puts you above most women and some men in this site. You can think, not just feel as women tend to do. You should be leader of thot patrol, sane woman who shows that closing ranks in the name of unconditional feminism is not an option and any skanks behavior will be corrected if needed by worthy women first and foremost. Calling out tendencies of beta soyboy whiteknighting are also highly encouraged. You told what you saw as a kid and it seems you liked it. Help us recreate that. Show that besides brains you got some balls too :D.

          • If men want apolitical women who can’t carry on a conversation about anything but how to make a perfect pie crust (fascinating a topic though that is), why the angst over Lauren Southern? Demand –> Supply.

          • Sorry, I guess I came off kind of bitchy, but it was more haste than anything. Yes, women have good times together, and men are entitled to their own space. I don’t disagree with that.

            But there is also a time to come together. I like the yin/yang symbols. There is a speck of each in the other. Sometimes, men like to help out with the cooking. My husband loves to grill, and we have this little window where we can talk to each other while I’m in the kitchen and he’s watching the grill outside. That doesn’t make him less of a man. It’s just that little speck of domesticity in him that we both enjoy.

            By the same token, I like to talk about politics sometimes. That’s my little speck of masculinity, I guess, and apparently most men don’t mind it, and often even seek it out. I don’t think gender roles need to be rigidly enforced. They just kind of happen on their own, even in relatively companionate, near-egalitarian marriages like mine.

          • That’s the sort of thing most men prefer.
            The issue is that we’re in a tight situation and anything other than survival and strong performance cannot be tolerated.

    • Insurgencies attract all types. From idealists, to those that have just been trampled by the powers that be, opportunists. And psychopaths and sadists that want to misbehave and get protection from the herd. I think that is the effect we are seeing.

      • Please explain to me what precisely women have to offer the Alt-Right besides feels? I for one can get my feels elsewhere.

        • Numbers, as in “strength in”, that is what they have to offer. Don’t turn away members, they will get pissed off and join the opposition.

          • Female opposition, oh no!!1 When the eventual shit hits the fan where do you think they will be? Honour, loyalty are qualities of white men.

          • Aside from the hard core that is the base of every movement, we also need normies (which most women are) to vote for our politicians and provide a broad base of social legitimacy that is the foundation for any long-term success. Don’t write off potential foot soldiers.

        • People like looking at women. Thats why companies hire women to do comercials or do press conferecnes or represent. Hence, having alt right women doing the presenting brings more people. It also signals success. Young women are highly prized that can choose what they want to be associated with, they tend to be welcomed. Having women visibly choose the alt right increases the prestige and status of the alt right.

          • This is all true. But they aren’t truly conservative and aren’t truly traditionally minded.

            If you think about the challenges that any man who publicy tries to advance the AltRight faces, what they need more than competition from a young pretty woman who won’t live the values that she makes money from talking about, is for that woman to back him up as his wife.

            Until Lauren and Faith etc start walking the walk and popping out babies for chad nationalist husbands they are just competition and we have to recognise that the brand that they are pushing is a very jewy one.

            And it’s not even a step back. Most women’s grandmothers had better happier richer lives with less luxury and more hardship. Because they were allowed to be women.

          • You are thinking me me me. Having women publicly joining the alt right strengthens the movement. Check out the golden ones video on the issue.

          • Don’t forget that deep down the GoldenOne is a Swede. You make some good points but appealing to the GoldenOne as an authority on women across the West misses the ma.

          • The Golden One was created in a lab under the mountains by the Emperor. He just looks like a Swede. 🙂

          • I apeal to him as an authority on nationalism. Swedish nationalism is in the forefront of being uniting rather than being divisive. This is part of that. Examine for example this “weimar republic” poster, he is clearly driven by emotion rather than intellect, otherwise he would not post a gazillion comments with the same message. He is not even a member, he contributes nothing but bitterness and spite. Give me LS or any of the other women fronting with their names and time even if their opinions do not line up exactly with ours anyday rather than this loserpatrol.

          • You are just some inexperienced cuck who enjoys being in the passenger seat while your disrespectful women order you around. My job here is to make sure needy nationalists like you don’t get delirious on your own thirst. I am only here until THOT-gate ends and the countercoup is complete. I cannot believe what pussies the vikings have become.

          • Guys like Weimar Republican understand that time is running out for a conventional political solution to all of this, so I wont diss him even if he does rant a lot. Almost all of our European countries and colonies are going to be non-white in less than a century. The whole world is going the way of Brazil and India, (i.e., crime-ridden miscegenated shitholes). If you aren’t furious about that, then I don’t think you’ve fully grasped the situation.

            Can we save the West by getting cute girls to make nationalism cool again? Maybe. But for how long? Winning elections is nice and all but (((democracy))) + (((media))) + (((international finance))) means that the rot will eventually set in, whether in this generation or the next. There’s no more room for compromise.

            Weimar Republican is right to shake beta-cucks out of their false sense of safety. Having some cute girls talk about nationalism is nice and does help, but it also gives noobs a false sense of hope. Jews, non-whites, and niggers aren’t going to stop fucking with us just because Lauren Rose and Faith Goldy got upset on Youtube. Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy deserve to be called out for mudsharking and threatening to leave the movement because of some mean comments online. If mean tweets on the internet are enough to get you to give up on securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, then you shouldn’t even be here.

            I think the Golden One is great, truly. But the Swedes have a culture that is unique to them. Modeling ourselves after them may or may not work. I think this is an issue that cuts across the entire European Imperium to be honest. What makes sense to Italians and Germans, might not make sense to Swedes, and what makes sense to Americans, might not make sense to South Africans, etc.

            I guess my view is that women can be a part of this movement, but there’s no room to put up with bullshit. Keep the good ones and discard the THOTs. How much time are we going to spend apologizing to female Altrighters that some guys are too rough? Are the men running the risk of becoming too soft thinking we can complain our way out of this? Both the men and the women need to understand their place in this.

          • Yep. This guy thinks the Alt-Right exists as a jobs program for young men. Obviously, it’s wonderful when we can provide that, but the point is to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Moreover, Tara might bring more money into the movement, which will help more men, etc.

          • And it has now been proven that all those Hardees commercials with the hot chick eating an overstuffed burger and it dripping all over her has NOT increased sales. It does not work. Why? Because it’s not sexy.

        • How about you stop purposely driving them off and see what help may come.

          As I once explained to a bunch of woman-bashers on another site, Khadijah bankrolled the spread of Islam. Now there are a billion of them.

          • The early Muslim rapists had to kill thousands of infidels but sure, a woman bankrolled the spread of Islam. All the levels of poz to get through.

          • Look, history is not a matter of opinion, or what you think is common sense, it is a question of recorded facts. Historical facts are what they are regardless of whether you find them counterintuitive. Now if you are going to comment on history, fucking get your facts straight first!

    • Men also need to step up their game. There’s a very vocal MGTOW faction in the Alt-Right, they should know when they’re over-stepping the line.

    • But women in the West have adopted Feminist thinking patterns and identity as the Sisterhood of Traveling Skanks instead of as just White women. They think like an ethnic minority group and close ranks when one of their own is criticized, instead of standing with their husband, their father, their brother, etc.

      This kind of behavior leads Alt-Right men to question their loyalties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • When men run riot on these sites saying all women are psychopaths, and get no push back cuz bros > hoes, just exactly what the fuck do you expect? And who exactly is being disloyal to whom in such a scenario?

    • Men don’t want women to try and guide them. Even white women.

      It is because we listened to bright, sociable, intelligent women that our countries have all started turning to shit. Those bright, sociable, intelligent women should have fought to stay out of the public sphere and to avoid the corruption of social and political life that their presence brought.

      If you want to do good, focus on the girls.

    • My 2 cents.

      It’s clear that you haven’t spent any time on the forums or any of the watering holes of anarchy and total free speech that birthed this movement.

      Many young men however, have. There, being relentlessly called a faggot or worse is just part of acceptable debate and discussion.

      Most young men who came out of these cauldrons developed very thick skin. And when they talk in the comments sections or w/e, they don’t really have a filter.

      Its not really about you being a woman. Its about you overreacting. Casual profanity is just a part of anonymous internet culture, there’s no changing it and there’s no point in getting offended by it. They’ll respect you if you dish it out in equal measure their way, instead of melting down.

      • No, actually it’s because you turned the country over to Jews, one transaction at a time, because you put your own individual advantage above the good of the tribe. Yes, women were shamed into going along with it, but own up already.

        • That’s a hot take indeed.

          I assume by “you” you mean “boomers” and therefore not actually me.

          But my point about who is making these types of comments should put your mind at ease.

          • I wasn’t talking to you at all. I just posted in the wrong place.

            But yes I was talking about the boomers.

      • There is some truth to what you say, but in fact the hostility directed at women is particularly virulent, or perhaps just particularly relentless.

        • Probably because you take the bait everytime and overreact. Don’t get so worked up over it. Or just call them faggots and move on.

          These same techniques are used on the Left to get them to overreact and redpill normies about how insane and anti-White they are.

          These autistic mean-spirited trolls are our greatest weapon in the memetic wars. Don’t police them.

          Just let them do their work.

      • /pol/ causes accelerated evolution of the outer dermal layer in 99% of all people exposed to it. It kills the other 1%.

      • Overreacting? I would agree with you if I was overreacting. However, I have always praised Alt Right Men & just given encouragement. So, I am not sure what I said to deserve to be attacked or insulted. Thanks for the feedback. I hope all of these kinks get worked out so the Alt Right will be a tight & successful movement. The ideas are great & have a lot of promise. But if it just stops with men then it will die because no children will be born to carry it all onto the future. I just don’t see the point in anyone being mean to anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

  • Good article, Vincent. The problem about calling them out, is that when you do, you are accused of either being “jealous” or a “prude” or both. If people don’t want to hear it, you can’t make them listen.

    • Lauren has an army of white knight cuckolds ready to defend her mudsharking ways. The top comment on her latest video is someone saying they hope Lauren marries a black man and has black babies to piss off racists. LOL. No joke, check it out for yourself. The cucks are literally begging lauren to have black babies and these are the people who are suppose to be our “allies.”

      • Right. Excellent example. In any “half-game”, where a movement waters down the movement (even temporarily) in order to make itself more palatable to the shy, inevitably it is the shy the movement is trying to entice that end up pulling the movement DOWN instead of the movement lifting UP the shy. The whole idea of letting newcomers “test the waters” is a losing proposition.

        Isn’t that how we got in this mess? Setting up programs like affirmative action, that ended up lowering standards for everyone.

        If the leaders of a movement stick to their guns they will find that the shy have more courage than they were given credit for, and will join the movement once they realize they can’t manipulate the leadership to kowtow to them.

        And for those that are lost to the movement when standards are adhered to: most of them would have been lost eventually anyway even if they were given a lite version to join initially and temporarily. Or they would have have ended up stuck in the lite version.

        • There is no need to water anything down, boss. As was explained above, Southern supported identitarianism in Europe because she was comfortable with that. Spencer criticized her for not going further. Perfect.

    • Just plain flat-out truth right there. Women simply cannot criticize women who use their looks for advantage without being told we must just be fat and ugly jealous pigs.

      (By the way, not that I think there is a damned thing wrong with using your sex appeal to save the White race. Unlike many here. I have skin in the game, a houseful of White children, that is, and I actually want to win.

      • Depends of the definition of “win”. One might think that you meant using your sexuality to attract a 6 foot 5 black Nigerian stepdad for your children to feel safe and satisfied. I hope it wasn’t so, was it?

  • Absolutely amazing that this mess has even come about. I mean, I just don’t see what any guy could possibly see in this Lauren. Truth is, she’s just slightly better than average-looking at best – and unlike quite a few other women, she has absolutely no semblance of elegance or class. If you’re really sexually aroused, I could perhaps see that you’d be attracted to her, just like you would to pretty much any other woman. But how could one possibly develop any affection for someone like that? Even less, send her money?

    For comparison, here are two female contestants from Olympia, the film about the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Those were proper girls whose looks one could actually become infatuated with – especially the one on the left.

    Where’s the class, elegance and style of these alt-lite women? I just don’t see it.

    • Spencer rightly called out Southern for supporting ethno-nationalism in Europe while claiming that USA & Canada are for everyone – using the same logic that half of the anti-White “fascists” on this site use all the time.

      This “thot patrol” bullshit started because Tara McCarthy, some inoffensive pro-White girl on youtube got trolled for … some stupid reason, by a bunch of incel loser anime NEETs that male E-Thot facefags know is their target market that will cough up shekels for exclusive access to their circle-jerk podcasts.

      10 pretty pro-White girls on youtube are FAR more valuable to the cause than 100 fat LARPers in plastic helmets doing “muh streets activisms.”

        • I’m not an “equality feminist” because I don’t believe that men and women are equal. I am openly sexist because I support patriarchy and socially reinforced sex roles. I am somewhat of a “radical feminist” because I don’t believe that trannies are actually women.

          Lauren Southern is mostly just a neo-con doing the anti-Muslim shtick, she’s not that hot and she has a manly voice. Tara McCarthy is ok looking and she’s pro-White but personally I’ve never watched any of her videos all the way through because she’s just a chick and I can’t follow “chick logic.” I will admit that watching videos of Brittney Pettibone and her little sister has made me think extremely pornographic thoughts. Lana Lokteff is awesome and APurposeWife is cool. Most of them are pro-White and give good advice to young White girls, so good for them. They also make pro-Whiteness look like something all the cool beautiful people are doing.

          I love to troll women online but only if they post on my blog, I don’t chase chicks around the internet like a 14 year old mean girl or some thirsty beta faggot.

          Also you’re gay.

      • Both fat LARPers and pretty girls are useless, but men in three-piece or double-breasted suits (a la Spencer) is another story – 100% on board with it. Women and fat LARPers do not command respect and admiration; who the hell wants to follow a woman or listen to her high-pitched voice for an extended period of time – just pathetic?

      • I don’t mind Spencer calling her out for that one bit. He did as he should have. On the other hand, I am damned grateful to anyone who will even go so far as to say that Europe should be White.

      • Those LARPers don’t tend to consider themselves Alt-Right (some are openly anti-Alt-Right). I agree with the general message of your comment, however. People need to focus on the bigger picture.

      • 1) North Americas not for everyone, but it never has been and never will be a “white ethno state.” Black Americans are American and should have their own ethno-state on North American soil, probably in the South where their numbers are highest. Injuns also aren’t going anywhere. Hispanics already have their own ethno-states all over South America, and thats where they belong.

        2) It’s a Canadian thing. Nobody in Canada considers “white” their ethnicity. It’s just a skin tone. Italian is my ethnicity, Canadian is my nationality, white is my skin colour. There are real differences between different ethnic groups, and I would hate to see all whites assimilate to Anglo/Jewish/American/White identity. This would be the death of our European identities and can not be allowed to happen.

        3) Lauren Southern isn’t white. She’s a Jewess. Tara McCarthy isn’t white. She’s a quarter Jewess, quarter Pajeet… But she “identies as European.” Their both E-Merchant camwhores and should be purged. You’ve shilled for both numerous times, making you a kike enabling faggot and if it was up to me you’d be sent to internet Siberia with the both of them too. Indeed all of their enablers should be sent to internet Siberia.

        4) “10 pretty pro-White girls on youtube are FAR more valuable to the cause than 100 fat LARPers in plastic helmets doing “muh streets activisms.””

        That’s just, like, your opinion maaan

        • Sorry you are wrong Johnny. Early American citizenship was for whites only, and this was explicitly stated in state and federal laws, and in many state constitutions.

          • *rolls eyes* Right. But there were already people here. Native Americans. Yeah I get that your ancestors massacred them and took their shit. But that doesn’ change the fact that those who survived remained a part of the demographic make up of the continent.

            Then “muh WN founding fathers” imported blacks from Africa and made them pick their cotton. More non whites in your “white ethno state.” At this point their roots are hundreds of years deep here. Their more American than I am. Your ancestors totally fucked them over, and they are owed reperations for it. Reperations in the form of land and sovreignty.

            Also they really weren’t defining white as European. They meant White British, and perhaps more broadly Western European, but White British were meant to be the dominant group. As an Italian why would I want to go back to the good old days of getting lynched by WASP faggots? Why would the Irish want to go back to being indentured servants? White Nationalism doesn’t take ethnic differences into account, and WASPs tend to think that ethnicity is unimportant, mainly because it is everyone else who is expected to assimilate to their identity. They don’t have to lose anything. What if I don’t like WASP identity, and don’t relate to it at all?

            America was built on a shitty foundation and you were always ging to end up with the fucked up degenerate country that you have today. It can’t be fixed. It’s time to burn down the house and start anew. It’s a big landmass and several new organic nations can be formed. People who think that we are going to deport hundreds of millions of people or genocide them are fantasizing and can not be taken seriously. So basically the whole movement.

        • These dark women have a very important role to play mind you. When they take a liking to a simpler girl because she is “adorably clueless,” they can be fiercely protective. I have cast a spell on a couple of these girls and fallen under their protection as a result. I am very grateful to them, and I love all of them as sisters for it.

          Now, Ladies you know who you are. Find that girl that needs a little help to look as beautiful on the outside as you know she is on the inside and give her some help. She probably never wears that cute dress in her closet, because she doesn’t have the right necklace to go with it. So go shopping in the back of your closet and help her out.

          • And by the way, don’t pull an Emma Woodhouse. Your job is to help Harriet get noticed y a man she would be happy with, not you.

  • “Do you have a past career as a dress-up toy for nerdy men to take pictures with and jack off to later?”

    I went to a car show and found out that the car show models don’t care about cars at all! They are just there for eye candy. I demand they be purged from the car show because Muh Automobile Principles! Plus I don’t even care about cars I was just at the car show to try to pick up the models by pretending to care about cars. I’m fucking outraged.

    • I don’t follow your circular reasoning; why purge the models if one is only there for them and why would one be outraged. Which is it, principles or models? That being said, these beta/numale men make me sick; I don’t understand how anyone gleans anything interesting from these women. I demand that Lauren Southern make YouTube videos about delicious pie recipes: apple, pecan, etc. Or you know, just fuck off.

      • Honestly I’m a bit confused too. At first it appears Hipster Racists is comparing alt-right women to car show models; they are only there to attract a man to the alt-right much like a show model is just there to attract a man to the car. They aren’t there for their opinions or anything else and therefore should not be “purged” for any of those reasons. However, his final sentence seems to contradict that point with the point that if a man joins the alt-right just for the girls and not for the principles then why should we care about attracting them in the first place? Unless he’s simply saying that people who demand principles actually don’t have principles but in that case who does? The ones who don’t demand any?

          • Win what? O yeah, woman, as usual. As Al Bundy said, don’t try to understand women. Only women understand women and they hate each other.

          • Not nationalist women. Happiness and success for any White woman means a better future for my kids. Lana is a beautiful White woman with a gorgeous husband. When I see an exemplary White couple, I see hope. I am bound to her by a common history and destiny. That is one of the perks of being a nationalist woman. A beautiful, happily married White woman warms your heart rather than burn you up with jealousy.

        • FFS I was being sarcastic. YES, Alt Right women are like models at a car show. They are there mostly for eye candy because people like looking at women. Stupid incel NEET LARPtards that whine that they are being “taken advantage of” by women are literally the fucking stupidest morons on the planet. Don’t give them your money, problem solved. If you are giving a “thot” your attention and money hoping to get sex out of them, you aren’t really interested in pro-White ideas anyway, thus you’re both a hypocrite as well as a moron.

          • >If you are giving a “thot” your attention and money hoping to get sex out of them, you aren’t really interested in pro-White ideas anyway, thus you’re both a hypocrite as well as a moron.

            >these exact same THOTs are worth more than anything a young man can do for this movement.

            Don’t understand. I thought these were the most important people in the Alt-Right according to you only a few comments up.

            Don’t see the logic. But hey man, whatever makes you feel better about sitting on your ass and making pointy-elbowed critiques from the sidelines. Kinda like the Jewish kid sitting on the bleachers at football practice and acting above it all.

            Great mental image to understand the context of most of your comments.

          • I don’t think you get it Vincent, he’s just too big brain nibba for all of us. Should have studied the Talmud more.

    • If they are there just as eyecandy then they are no harm. As soon as those models start to boss you around and tell you what’s what then they should be purged, don’t you agree?

      Sometimes I think that cuckoldry is day job for some men.

      • Purged means they are no longer used as eye candy. Correction is a much better method. There is space between On and Off, Black and White.

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