Towards A Kinder, Gentler Alt-Right

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

Before the Alt-Right movement can grow, the general public needs to know exactly what it stands for. After Charlottesville, the Alt-Right was claiming a victory while the media was going wild with claims of white supremacy and murder. Commentators like Judge Jeanine Pirro were speaking as if the Alt-Right were a bunch of knuckle-dragging, toothless, one-eyed pirates who live to kill black people. In my view, this was an inaccurate attempt to smear a group of nice young men who deserve much more credit than that. But then, people like Judge Jeanine don’t don’t visit the website or watch the videos.

White supremacy brings to mind ugly images of four black girls being blown up in a church in the 1960s. Back then, the KKK allegedly lynched black men for no reason, accused them of crimes they didn’t commit, and burned crosses in their front yards, terrifying them. While the KKK knew that blacks were a superstitious bunch and that this imagery terrified them, it didn’t go over well with gentle Whites. To be associated with this group nowadays especially is not a good thing. At the same time, no one from the Alt-Right seems to be doing much about it.

We should seriously consider becoming a political force that stops subversive lawmakers in their tracks. The Alt-Right should start a Congressional White Caucus, White lobbies, and White organizations promoting the interests of White Americans. They should run for office to promote their cause, even if they don’t win. There is a good reason for this that has nothing to do with racism. Minorities throw in our faces the fact that by 2042, Whites will be in the minority. If that is true, it makes perfect sense for the Alt-Right to start standing up for themselves just as Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians do.

You might try getting on the phone and making calls to start.

Tomorrow, I will call the offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator John McCain. I will say that I am calling on behalf of the Alt-Right and if they support The DREAM Act, we will insist that President Trump start investigating their business dealings. In Feinstein’s case, she has become wealthy while in office because she allegedly steers government contracts to family members. McCain has some dirty ties to Saudis. I will call them traitors and tell them America deserves better. You might think that this will lead to nowhere but I can assure you that I have left some of the receptionists utterly speechless because people rarely do this. Imagine how much more effective I would be if hundreds of others made the calls with me.

Chuck Schumer introduced the House Bill that helped create the Visa Lottery Program. Therefore, the Alt-Right should orchestrate a campaign to get this man out of office, even if it means going door-to-door. He has been in office way too long (since 1998) and is nothing but a traitor to our country. Once conservatives see that you are willing to be pro-active in supporting their interests, they will be happy to support you. Everyone has something to give. Older people may have money to contribute while younger people have the time and energy to get things done.

Which brings me to my main point.

We have to make news. Not the kind of news that reporters can twist for their own purposes, but the kind of news that tugs at Americans’ heartstrings. How about starting a fund to buy presents for children of soldiers serving in Afghanistan at Christmas? Contact the local news and ask them to air the story.  You have to be your own advocate because few people will be, especially if they have something to gain by shutting you down, like the illegal immigrants and their advocates, or the NAACP.

Visit soldiers in the hospital. Raise money for the benevolent association of the local police. European-Americans, particularly the Irish, are the ethnicity most represented in law enforcement and the military. Shake their hands and thank them for their service. Be known for your good works and not just for whining about the America that you didn’t inherit. Give people a reason to be on your side and you might find that your movement is growing in a way you didn’t expect.

Luckily, it seems that our guys are getting the message. And I have no doubt that we will continue to improve and grow in a positive direction.

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  • only time id shake a cop’s hand is if he retired and got a real job. they are in the way of real justice, i dont care what color they are or if they off a nig now and then

  • Isn’t the House leadership already effectively the Congressional White Caucus?

    Seems to me the writer is urging whites to act as if they’re a minority group when they aren’t. Even after whites supposedly are no longer the absolute minority, they still will be because a significant percentage of latinos consider themselves white racially. After a couple of generations, they’ll be considered plain old white, just as happened with Italians who also “became” white.

    Also, over 15% of children born in the US are multi-racial or multi-ethnic. While that remains a distinct minority, its impact on family ties and perceptions of kinship is far more pervasive. If it hasn’t already happened, the day is coming when a majority of white Americans have a fairly close relative of mixed race/ethnicity. That makes the likely success of any sort of racial re-division that much more remote.

    In all likelihood, the alt-right will remain a place for folks to go to complain to sympathetic ears about the demographic changes taking place in the West, but it almost certainly won’t succeed in reversing those changes. Hard truth, but there it is.

  • when I sperge about the jews writing dialogue for their black actors on snl like kill all whiteys and state that fox is not new and they have all done it, eddie murphy too. people listen and their signs of defiantly defending trucks of peace and their fearless defece of them are silently removed. werks for me … moron.

  • One positive action would be to reinvigorate the word “folk” and its numerous derivatives to buffer the non-violent handing-on of folkways often demeaned as “racist”. As well for other lexical creativity to button up leftist hocus-pocus. Relish your English tongue and its many perennial words.

    Also, cynical charity to benefit the military/police? The sworn enforcers of U.S. globalists’ extraction empire, abroad and at home? I’ll pass. People the world over rightfully fear the United States’ murderous foreign policy. Let’s not parrot the rest of the political mainstream. If the Alt-Right could become a force for ending U.S. encroachment on other nations’ self-development, that would do a lot to stabilize the English/European demographic at home. Refugees don’t have to be welcome if there aren’t millions upon millions of them.

  • The problem is that you’re going to face violence as this movement logically concludes with mass deportations or genocide, not to mention you’re costing wealthy people money and we all know how much they like that.

    Try convincing people who still have a lot to lose to withstand those physical and financial assaults, en masse. This is why decadence leads to downfall. Those with less to lose act more boldly and therefore ultimately win, only to have decadence destroy them, which is why empires fall. I know it’s a cheesy reference, but think of Godfather 2 when they’re in Cuba and Michel says, and I’m paraphrasing, “they can win because they’re willing to die”, i.e. they have more to lose. It’s disturbing, but things will likely have to get better before they get worse. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight, but folks are going to just have to experience graffiti and crime for themselves before they realize that “we can’t all just get along” for the sake of Africans and the like not having to live the lives that their ancestors created, but rather can hone in on our legacy because it’s helping to make some other white guy rich/and/or and powerful.

    • If the logical conclusion of this movement is mass deportation and genocide, then this movement is nothing but a fantasy for those unable to adapt to the world as it is. Mass deportation and genocide aren’t going to happen here, nor should they.

  • If I were to give the Alt Right one piece of advice right now it would be this….Focus on the Culture, ignore everything else and focus on the everything else later. You have millions and millions of discontented people because we live in a degenerate, corrupted culture. You can instantly capture their allegiance by providing the antidote. Then get to work buliding a politcal party and run, run, run until you win and once you do, kill democracy as a political system, then do as you said and fix this culture to one of health again thru education, media and institutions.

  • By the way, y’all seen the madman looking to unseat Paul Ryan? He signals a little (I will serve Minnesotans (or wherever the fuck) of all colors!), but he’s pretty legitimately based. Told a Jew to go back to Israel yesterday. Maybe he can start our White Caucus

  • In some places (like India), this kind of “community service” tactic works for nationalists. But we are too far gone in America. Nationalism is way too marginalized here. A cultural and moral reformation is necessary. The Alt-Right should engage in ideological dissemination, creating books and media that directly critique egalitarianism, tolerance, diversity, while belitting people who cling onto those values. When the culture changes, the rest will follow.

    • That has been done for decades. Cultural critique has been a specialty for the far right longer than most of us here have been alive.

    • “The Alt-Right should engage in ideological dissemination, creating books and media that directly critique egalitarianism, tolerance, diversity, while belitting people who cling onto those values. ”

      Directness is not Spencer’s forte. He’s all about vagueness and prancing around, which is why he’s so ineffective at everything.

  • For an article named “Towards A Kinder, Gentler Alt-Right” there is an awful lot of trash talking.
    A lot of jew hatred, a lot superfluous name calling and bunches of drama. As a guy looking at Your posts it gives me the impression of a lot of anger and racial hatred.
    I’m not judging you here if you guys don’t want to be called racist you might want to watch how you talk about race.
    I always tried to treat everybody with a great deal of respect, not necessarily because I respect them. but because I respect myself. as a man and a credit to my race
    People expect you to act like racists, Talking that way just confirms what they already think. It violates your principals and drives people away.

      • First of all_____________- I’m not Jewish. I am an American of pure Irish heritage, and my family has been Catholic for several centuries. On top of that, I’ve had my DNA checked. So, in all likelihood, I am much less likely to be Jew than you are. So you can lay off with the stupid parentheses.
        No, obviously you’re pretty stupid, but possibly somebody else will see this post and pick up on what I want to talk about.

        I am aware of the “Jewish” Problem; there seems to be a Jew at the bottom of every conspiracy or anti-christian attack on our country or our race.
        Ashkenazi Jews and Singaporean Asians are considered the smartest people on the planet, so possibly the reason that so many Ashkenazi Jews are in dominant position is that they are intelligent people and Jews look after themselves, after all, that’s all we’re talking about doing what the Jews do. Look after one another and we should that the critical point of forming an identarian movement.
        But a lot of this anti-jewish just seems is so over the top just like_____________ put those parentheses on me not knowing who I am what I’m trying to say.
        How much of this identitarian movement is self-protection
        identarian reaction to new paradigms and much is hate and resentment, Like to hear reasonable answers.

      • It’s of respect I have for Myself as a White man that I use language that is appropriate.
        If a black is a low class, crude, rude. stupid, black, man; then he’s a nigger.
        If he is a low class, crude, rude. stupid, White man; then he’s white trash’
        But to say they’re not good decent Americans that happen to be black is on its face stupid.
        Just talk straight like no bullshit white man. Control your emotions.

    • I agree. I don’t see how these people think the alt right can grow and gradually gain acceptance and sympathy by normal people (goal) by continually representing the worst stereotypes.

    • If whites were racists, we wouldn’t have all of the nonwhites here in America. It is a dead issue. If you don’t like the way they speak, then you are on the wrong website. Quit trying to impede on their freedom of speech. They’ve got the Jewish elite, the Hispanics, and the blacks for that. Never mind that this country is their inheritance and no other people have contributed to it.

      • I don’t think he said that all whites are racists. It’s rather silly to assert that all of any group have the exact same personal characteristics. What he did say is that if the alt-right doesn’t want to be dismissed as a bunch of irrelevant racists, maybe you should stop behaving like a bunch of perpetually aggrieved, irrelevant racists.

  • Well, Spencer goes on rallies with David Duke. Duke, the eternal “ex”-KKK (#TheEternalEx) has served as scarecrow for the system for decades, probably still serves as a Fed – and nowadays became a kind of cartoonish, effeminate “anti-Zionist” (even though some coherent “zionists” are among the healthiest Jews around). Definition of PR suicide. Start from there.

    • True. However, isnt the other end of that spectrum to let the left screetch NAZI! KKK! and thus split us up into managable groups and eliminate us one by one? Isnt there a point in gathering around issues? And not disawow? Guilt by association is a very powerful weapon in the lefts arsenal and i see merit in ignoring it?

    • He’s appeared on David Duke’s show once and the only rally they’ve been at together was Charlottesville (where, to my knowledge, they didn’t interact). Guilt-by-association is a lazy criticism anyway.

  • Excellent! In Sweden I have seen this exact transformation from “thugs” to “thinkers”. Being mean to innocent people gives you nothing. Showing that you are innocent and that you only strike back against people who are mean to you, THAT is the way forward.

    This is another example of how to move forward, our music video “Payback Day” from our second album:

  • This feminist scourge in the Alt-Right has outlived its usefulness. HeilGate and Charlottesville were the Night of the Long Knives for the Alt-Lite…now this countercoup of this latest batch of feminism ascendency (#MeToo) will be the end of the Camwhore shekel-hound.

    Gaining 2k views per video and 25 comments parroting a man’s talking points does not make you integral to a burgeoning political movement. There are only so many Internet marriage proposals these NEET virgins can make to somebody like Lauren ‘Southern’ (((Simonsen))) before this false advertising of stripteasing ‘tits-for-woke’ can no longer be defended as a net gain for white nationalism.

    Trump won. We do not need based homosexuals, mongrels, nonwhites and feminists anymore. We are entering the next phase of this struggle, so it is time to adjust the memes and symbolism to be prepared for the next order of battle, which is only hampered by these amateur optics.

    • Trump isn’t worth shit to us right now. He is a fart in the wind. At best, he was a fire and forget weapon to be used to keep Shillary out of office so we could have a few more years of breathing room. Explain how Trump being President means we need to push away every single woman from the AR. More to the point, in a world of (((minorities))), why are White women your most pressing target?

      • My guess is he made the journey from normie Republican, to Manosphere to Daily Stormer and it shows. He doesn’t really know anything about anything yet, but he thinks he does, and so refuses to listen to any opinions that contradict what Anglin or Heartiste or whoever have lead him to believe. To be clear, the aggressive Misogyny exhibited by Weimar and everyone else like him has nothing to do with Fascism or National Socialism, and us REAL Fascists disavow this buffoonery (even if I think it’s hilarious.)

        We support traditional gender roles, not egalitarianism. One gender isn’t better than the other, their just different and have different strengths and weaknesses. They are therefore suited for different roles in the movement and in life in general. Men and women should exist in harmony with each other. I’m opposed to Feminism because it pits women against men. I’m opposed to people like Weimar on the opposite extreme of the spectrum for the exact same reason. White women who aren’t degenerate THOTs should be treated with respect. Clowns like Weimar should not.

        Female podcasters who do good work should be supported. Tara and Southern are not among them.

        “We are entering the next phase of this struggle”

        Mid terms are coming up. Get your Poms Poms ready girls.

          • No I don’t. Sorry if I didn’t agree with something you said and it upset the balance in the “brotherhood.” Just because I disagree with the dumbass things you say, it doesn’t mean I’m a feminist. Like I said real life isn’t as black and white as you seem to think it is.

        • He wasn’t talking about me, cockbreath. Nice pseudo-psychoanalysis of me. Very Jewish of you.

          You actually want to side with Antifa because they are ‘woke on Jews.’ LOL no they are not because many of them are Jews. That says all we need to know about you.

          I know far more about many things than you know about one topic.

          ‘Female podcasters who do good work should be supported. Tara and Southern are not among them.’

          LOL name one that is relevant. 10k views per video is not relevant, sycophant.

          Keep thinking an election will save you.. You are so ready to stay a rebel against because it is easier. You have no idea what Trump actually represents. Chaos, which is his most valuable quality.

          • LOL I clearly said it wasn’t meant to be. Not all Anarchists are Antifa either dumbass. Also that would be a last resort in the event that you start fundraising for cops… You know the same guys who pushed you into hordes of bolsheviks in Charlottesville. Their not your friends. They would probably take your money, and then go right back to kicking your asses. Eventually you have to stop bootlicking, and recognizing who your real enemy is. And I didn’t psychoanalyze you at all. I just guessed that you went from normie republican to manosphere to daily stormer… Is that wrong?

        • I’m all for respecting and cherishing women (unironically) but that cannot be accomplished so long as they insist on being seen and heard; conspicuous women are categorically nontraditional.

          • Yes, there are very few modern women who are actually deserving of respect. But thats all the more reason to be respecful to those who are genuinely traditional.

            Good seeing another Italian Canadian here btw. Saluto Romano!

      • You are indeed young. If you are against Trump you are siding with the (((media))), never forget that. Trump is not Hitler. He is Bismarck. He is razing everything and creating a vacuum. That is his job. Paving the way for somebody far more ready to replace the wreckage. Stop being a knee-jerk wimp and read between the lines. He just made Israel a bulls-eye again.

      • The mind of a woman is simply incompatible with the Alt-Right. Everyone needs to learn fast that the minorities – even (((my fellow whites))) – ultimately are inconsequential. It’s the race traitors and white women that do not understand their proper place in the coming restoration of the European patriarchy. All the minorities are nothing more than a nuisance.

        • Really? ‘Cause there are an awful lot of drugged up and drunk white men in our streets right now. Hope they’re ready by the time the restoration comes.

    • Had to upvote, on balance. Trump just laid the next foundation stone for the apocalypse by recognising Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. We all know that in our grandchildren’s or great grandchildren’s time it will be the Capital of the World and the Temple will be rebuilt. If only we could have saved them from that.

      • What apocalypse? He only articulated the status quo that was clear to all in the first place, especially in the ME. Donald Trump cucks for the nose, LE GASP!


      • Come on, remember how he ‘intervened’ in Syria? Just bombed an empty airfield in the desert, clearly as a deal with certain powers to ease the impeachment nonsense. You cannot rebel against every institution at once. This is all just for show and won’t actually happen. LOL it’s gonna take four years to relocate one building a few miles away?

      • I tend to think that Trump was in the tank with the globalists and just threw out some breadcrumb s to make the loss of our sovereignty less painful.

  • Melinda Santa Cruz seems like a nice lady and I’m pretty sure she means well, but if I catch any of you fundraising for the systems pigs, shining their shoes or otherwise whoring yourselves around for mainstream acceptance and I’m switching sides. More Anarchists are Jew wise than many of you think AND their cop wise. ACAB and never forget it. In a better world we’d be able to set our differences aside and the Anarchist proles could unite with the Fascist proles to take out our common enemies. We could smash the state AND gas the kikes together and then go our seperate ways. But in this reality tunnel it just wasn’t meant to be. You conservatives are weird to me though tbh. Crush your enemies!

    • I am pretty sure she called upon the AR to call the offices of the “system” and accuse them of their sins until they start to sweat. She didn’t mention supporting them in their bullshit.

      • “Visit soldiers in the hospital. Raise money for the benevolent association of the local police. European-Americans, particularly the Irish, are the ethnicity most represented in law enforcement and the military. Shake their hands and thank them for their service. Be known for your good works and not just for whining about the America that you didn’t inherit.”

        I actually agree with the last part. We should be doing more youth outreach, charity, community engagement. The left does it and thats why so many young people turn left in their teens, when their minds are still being molded. We want to swoop in there and do that molding instead, so they don’t grow up to be self hating whites, who believe in that 666 different genders nonsense.

        I started out as an Anarchist at 14 mainly from going to punk shows at a local youth/community center that were held monthly in my town. Impressionable young people are open to new ideas and they are likely to hold onto some of those learned ideals throughout their life… for better or worse. Casapound in Italy does this sort of thing a lot. Also the Left does things like Food not Bombs and stuff like that. It’s how they get on the good side of people in their communities. We don’t have to totally copy them, but these are outreach tactics that could easily be emulated to our advantage.

        Casapound, Golden Dawn, and other European Nationalist groups all do this kind of thing, and this is how you earn good optics for your cause and win people over in the communities your operating out of without kissing the enemies ass or compromising your ideals.

        • I believe we are in agreement then. The article mentioned a two-handed approach. With one hand we help our people and engender support and generational foundations. With the other hand, we reach out and touch our enemies within the system’s boundaries to keep the pressure on them. Men handle fighting. Women handle hearts and minds. Half of what attracts the nutty lefty women to the left is the warm fuzzy feels of “helping” and “making a difference”. I would love to give those people an outlet that does nothing to hurt them and benefits us.

    • She’s needy and attention seeking and basically adopting the #metoo rubbish that the casting couch whores are trying to get away with irl. Insulting to any thinking person, let alone any thinking nationalist hedgehog.

      • She’s just saying we should clean up our public image… The same thing all the optic fags have been saying for months now. While I don’t agree with the specific ways to do this that she mentioned, or the how optic fags think you do this, the general idea isn’t wrong.

  • To make news you have to do stuff that the media will report since the media think it will serve their purpuses. By either making white advocacy look evil, stupid or weak. Or more probably, by trying to use the billions invested in demonizing white advocacy to smear some political enemy, such as Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump was extremely adept during the campaign at hitting a sweetspot where the media reported about something he said in the beliefe that it would hurt him. While it actually gained him support among the public. Donald Trump had a better grasp on the tastes of the electorate than the media and used this wisdom to get elected.

    So I think this article is somewhat naive. It assumes that just because white advocates do something, it will get reported. This is not true at all, the media will only report what it believes will hurt white advocates.

    There are two possible successful strategies for white advocates to use the media.
    EITHER do things that will let the media hurt the white advocates in the general public but that will give white advocates more support, because their advocacy and actions apeals to a substantial subset of the public.
    AND OR gatecrashing. Ie, do stuff that the media can use to hurt its political enemies, such as Donald Trump, by associating white advocates with such enemies. But that will gain more support and fame for white advocates.

    Sure, the alt right can sometimes get lucky, as with the shrine to Kate. But that assumes the enemy will always be stupid and that it will fail to reassess and adapt. That would be a fools hope.

    • “So I think this article is somewhat naive. It assumes that just because white advocates do something, it will get reported. This is not true at all, the media will only report what it believes will hurt white advocates. ”

      Someone should hire you, but I expect that if anyone will do so it will be in 2 years time when the next election is to be fought. You cut through a hell of a lot of crap to get to that. I think Trump would sense that.

  • Watch women go crazy… The races AND the sexes should be segregated. That way birthrates explode upon losing your virginity on your wedding night at 18. Works for the Mormons, the Amish, the Mennonites. Thumbs down away!

    • I was a Mormon for 20 years. They smile a lot, shake your hand, bake cookies for you, and then do whatever the hell they want. That is what I am suggesting.

      • That’s kind of what I imagined. Anyway, thank you for this article. I think you are basically right. In order to get a critical mass of womenfolk to do this sort of thing, I think we need visible women on YouTube giving women moral “permission” to acknowledge to themselves what they already know deep down. I wish I could be more help, and please forgive my bitchy comments. None of them had anything to do with you or your thoughts.

  • Golly gee I wonder if this will get thumbed down lol… Beta-Orbiters, chivalrous white knights and mangina cuckolds are worse than feminists. These simps get zero respect from the very women they are defending, the men they are dispatched to fight or even from themselves because they would not be doing it unless they were trying to get laid or protect what most resembles their daughters. It’s pathetic. They are nothing but fungible wheels in woman’s platonic harem. You are nothing but her unpaid handyman. I saw a breathtakingly insightful comment from an unapologetic THOT recently that subdivided her needs (men) into: Friend, Provider, Lover.
    Think about it…the ‘friend’ is the guy who listens to all her problems, but can’t so much as get more than the ‘just friends’ hug where she spreads her ass out as to not make pelvic contact with you (watch this in action).
    The ‘provider’ is the cuck who marries her after she has experienced diminishing returns on her ‘fun’ years (limitless promiscuity) and subsidizes her entire existence and may or may not sire her biological children.
    The Lover is the Chad or Tyrone or Ahmad she surreptitiously lusts over and just might be slipping some pussy to when her cuck is slaving away at work.

    Do your worst, ladies. LOL

    • Why the focus on sexual activity? This is the internet. A penis doesn’t travel well through coax cable. No one here is trying to get laid. I believe the discussion is about where women can contribute the most since we have made it clear that they are not going to head the movement.

    • I know too many decent women to think that this is the typical woman (it sounds black, tbth) but I also don’t believe any man should be naive.

      The truth is, if you aren’t your wife’s first, can you trust her? I honestly don’t think so, and this isn’t a race issue. If a woman has had another lover, when happily married they will still fixate on that man regardless of how crap he treated her.

      It’s presumably the same with men. After each stupid pointless argument I ask myself, what if I’d married that one instead? Though the magic of Facebook allowing me to see the aging process affecting the couldabeen’s is an unexpected blessing at times.

      I think there is an innocence in youth and if a woman is captured in holy matrimony by a decent man while she is a maiden the chances of them succeeding are significantly increased. i.e. if the marriage practices of the 1950s and earlier were adopted.

      The woman needs to be sane of course, or able to be controlled by a decent man. And the man needs to be decent. This is where Charles and Diana fell apart.

      • But you don’t know most women. I don’t either. Women wear a cherub facade that nobody is allowed to talk about. They are like icebergs…most of them are submerged under the surface. There is an entire world of a woman’s mind (50 Shades/Twilight) that we are not even allowed to discuss as evidenced by the harpies sentries and white knight praetorians placing me under thumbs down arrest, even on a radical website like this. They are afraid of discussing this, which is extremely relevant juxtaposed with nationalism……to the young beta buck below.

    • It may be basic bitch to say, but today’s environment isn’t conducive to white knighting – it’s a liability; women end up weaponizing it. When women talk about men not providing for them (like their fathers or grandfathers), the riposte should be, “Why is there not a meal or slice of pie (literally or figuratively) in front of me right now and why do HR departments exist?”

  • Bring pro-white ideas directly to the people through community-based efforts. As a woman, I feel this would be a very fitting way to contribute to the movement, and awesome optics. We already have the figureheads, the thinkers, the warriors – we don’t have community organizers. Attack ’em on all fronts.

    • I believe the point of the article is that we should behave the way we would to our own if we had already won all battles and achieved all goals. We haven’t yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t act like the citizens of the civilization we dream of building. We won’t get there by talking about doing good things. We have to actually do good things while spreading our message. She is using her God-given femininity to improve our image and soften our hearts to our own people. There is a difference between feminism and femininity.

      • For the record, I do not support the feminism I was indoctrinated into as a young woman. I am not talking about being weak, I am talking about finesse. People have to be able to relate to you to support your cause and agree with what you stand for. The image of white supremacy will get you nowhere. You should focus on help8ing the military and law enforcement because they are mostly white.

    • Dude… What did I try telling you? Nobody respects the guy on the street corner who is in the midst of a shouting match with a little old lady. It might make you feel tough, but it makes you look like a psycho, and everyone just ends up feeling bad for the lady. It’s the same way on the interwebz. BUT NOBODY TAKES MY INPUT SERIOUSLY! Now she has her own featured column on the site. I hope your proud of yourself. Sit in the corner in your dunce cap and THINK about what you’ve done!

      • You are faggot. You think because you got a good little thumbs up that means you got laid. Hint….it doesn’t. I bet you have even donated to these e-thots. LOL so cool because the ‘voice of reason’ on an anonymous comment section….meanwhile I’m the one in real life that is affable, while you’re just some lonely pussy panhandler. You are blinded, my beta-orbiting cuck pal. Your only comments are reactions to mine counter-signaling feminism. You are like a eunuch guarding a queen.

        • See the problem with you Stormtards is everything is black and white to you. This is the third time I’m explaining to you I agree with the sentiment, the camwhores need to go, I just don’t agree with your approach. It’s just my 2 cents. Don’t spend it all in one place now…

          • I don’t care about thumbs up or down. Most of my comments get downvoted these days too.

          • Yes you do. You want to get an assist. I know your mentality well. You are playing the white knight. You are programmed to think this will win you something by doing a random woman’s dirty work because you want something from them. It’s painful to witness even in written form.

          • Watching you autistic virgins slap fight over your discomfort around women is making my fuckin’ day. I’ve had moments where your ‘movement’ has made me nervous, this site completely fucking cured me of that – thanks.

      • Absolutely not. The truth is non negotiable. You do not make peace with those who will turn upon you the minute their interest wanes. You do not worship fools simply because others worship them.

  • The best way to end this destructive miscegenation would be to take white women, who have suffered the most vicious physical abuse, similar to how every decade an old lady gets mangled by her pet chimp she thought she could domesticate, and put them on tour like an elementary school PSA about drug use. Show young children the harm that miscegenation does to your women, as the speakers have to breath from a trachea pipe, pop in their false eyeball and remove their article limbs because they thought they could come back from going black.

  • “We will insist that President Trump start investigating their business dealings.” Threats such as these would be counterproductive. White people who would be inclined to support a “kindler gentler alt-right” respect the rule of the rule and dislike abuse of power. Obama did that shiite, and whites didn’t like it. They also wouldn’t like it with Trump just because he is white. Besides, the Left will just laugh and mock you, b/c there is no way Trump would do that.

  • I appreciate your efforts in the movement, but quite I don’t think much of your ideas…no offense…look, the establishment can do what it does because it has sufficient support among the white population…the establishment obtained that support by shaping the worldview of young minds…a worldview is set by the age of the early 20s…
    the establishment shaped those white minds through propaganda, starting in the school curriculum…and then the establishment ideas spread into the popular culture via hollywood…

    they have been doing this for decades…

    it’s a propaganda war being waged on whites by the establishment …

    if we want to win we have to fight back with propaganda…it all starts there…then in a couple decades, THEN you might have enough worldviews to make some headway with the tactics you propose…

    but for now just create propaganda get it into the minds of young whites…cellphones are our conduit into their minds…

    • We need to focus on the very well injustices we see against whites everyday. The British and the Americans like the underdog, and they dislike injustice. Just tell the truth, point out — very loudly mind you and with panache and style – the racism against whites, point out the oppression of whites, point out the lies, and point out the tyranny. People will notice, and they will defend you. People are so tired of lies from the government and the media, they yearn for the truth, and flock to it.

    • That would be a waste of efforts. Elections are won, not by the voters, but the people who stay home. That is how the left manage to shape consensus over time even without ever reaching majority support for any of their positions. The Alt-Right already have enough supporters to bring it to the next stage. Now, 80% of your efforts should be to mobilize your own supporters and demobilize the boomers and leftists. Having someone like Richard publicly speak about white identity embolden masses of people to speak up in their personal lives. You must have a public presence and you must hold public events. There is no way around it.

    • I’ve already seen it done by the Mormons and they have an ethnostate in Utah. They have gotten a lot further ahead than the Alt-Right. You might think about that.

  • There’s already a Congressional White Caucus. It’s called the Congress of the United States. What you really want is a Congressional White Supremacist Caucus. That’s never going to happen.

  • This boomer is deranged like so many women on here. Quoting George HW Bush? You are acting as a (((moderating force))) like I have said women naturally do. We cannot afford that. This is a war. You would not understand since women have never been subject to conscription, oh wait that chick in Vikings so ‘We wuz maidenz.’

    Just stop already with this female victimology. Women didn’t create the Alt-Right. They don’t create any inventions, businesses or institutions, but they do force men to include them in theirs after it has established itself (social proof) since status is a woman’s primary motivation, obtained THROUGH men (usually marriage, but now defamation).

    Stop acting like ‘MGTOW’ is this conspiracy taking over the world. We do not need stereotypical female histrionics poisoning this final holdout of western civilization, where so many MEN have lost everything covertly supporting this nascent movement. Name one woman that has lost something, just one. Oh Casey Anthony lol…who still gets laid and pampered by needy men. Hey she could become the next alt right e-slut to win us more followers to wake normies up because she has nice tits!

    Right now all you clucking hens are acting like neocons led by Glenn Beck in 2009, successfully commandeering Ron Paul’s Tea Party and turning into some day-after 9/11 Groundhog Day, literally called 9/12 project.

    It was a groundswell of anti-socialism, anti-Obama rage co-opted into another impotent Zionist loop. It was a complete caricature by the time it shot its wad in the 2010 midterm elections and disappeared forever…elderly and boomers wearing actual tea bags on their hats like this was all a big joke…then attending town hall meetings and yelling ‘Get the government out of my Medicare’ not even ironically.

    This #MeToo women’s revolution WILL spread everywhere. Women here are going to support it and take down the Alt-Right. It is in their nature.

    Look at them quoting (((Theodor Adorno’s))) ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ – every guy is a closeted homosexual projecting his suppressed homoeroticism if he is against feminism, Marxism or does not include a woman everywhere he or groups of guys go.

    That is where this bizarre obsession with homosexuality comes from where we have to affirm and prove every other breath that we like pussy and that nothing else aside from getting laid by every hot chick that walks by matters. Nobody thought or behaved like this before this Jew book was published in 1950.

    The Alt Right is a young man’s game. Create your own women’s groups if you must, but leave the decisions to the people (men) who must sacrifice their well-being on a daily basis to dissent against International Jewry.

    • Do you want White women in a White ethnostate? If you do, try to create a separation in your mind between the worst aspects of women and the women here who are trying to be a useful and positive influence for our benefit.

        • I never said that women need to lead the pack. That destroys the pack. I am telling you that women have a role in the pack. Don’t chase them off.

          • No they do not. They are never there when the going gets tough. They are only here to reap the benefits. They will follow us no matter what we say. Just have faith. Look at the way they follow niggers despite the abuse they are put through.

          • The women who go with non-whites are messed up to begin with. It is no surprise that they stay with the “men” who abuse them. How do those women have anything to do with our women? I want White women around me. I enjoy them. I love them. I want to lead them into better circumstances. That is in my nature as a White man. Do you really believe that White women have no place in the society? Wives, mothers, lovers, etc..?

          • You sound very young and you keep traipsing through my comment ignoring answers to your own leading questions. I am here to help YOU. Stop doing this, amigo. You will get women by not following them. Trust me.

          • Ok. Neutron star level density here. I assumed you were younger than me (31) due to your focus on “getting women” and worrying about downvotes. If you are indeed older than me, you need some perspective. Maybe a vacation. We are not discussing how to attract women to the AR. We are discussing what the women, who are already here, can do to better serve our interests. Explain how, better yet why, we would want to get more women by being right and strong if we are just going to tell them to fuck right off once they get here.

          • FFS. Look again. Women serve by serving men. Those who wait also serve, etc. The new way should not copy the unproductive optics of the old way, simply because it is expected. Women have their own, special and irreplaceable value. But is it not in leading the people away from destruction.

          • When you learn how to read and take data away from what you have read, please come back and look at my posts again. You just might see my point.

          • Your mind is too linear in this instance. You are again, which I have failed to explain conceptually enough for you, using anthropomorphism (applying manlike qualities to non-men). Women do not think like us. They do not see a problem-solution in the objective way we do. They are not problem-solvers, they are problem-seekers.

            Anytime male-female of any species are in proximity, sex is always the most inescapable ambiance. FFS look at al of these industries being upended right now because of mere allegation.

            If you do not understand this, you never will. Women follow strength. They are never ‘convinced’ by ‘principle’ like men are. That is not the female disposition. They give birth and displace their pain receptors to continuously give birth. That mind trick is also used elsewhere. I can tell this is too much for you to take in this discussion because you deflect, skim and then gaslight me every answer I give you.

          • In the home and kitchen. Of course, I understand that is a difficult position to take in the Current Year – as my Prime Minister likes to say – but in the Fascist state it is a necessity. You lead men and instruct (similar to children) women.

          • This is just stupid. Women have been leading political movements since long before they got voting rights. I don’t know any specifics for the US, but the temperance movement was dominated by women in my country, and I believe women in the US sold bonds during the war?

          • Name one female president. You make my point so easy. Women CONVERGE into established male movements (social proof). They are never there in the beginning. They will do this with ANY movement because it represents power. Temperance was a disaster. It led to prohibition and gangsterism, which we suffer from to this day. It was the porto-feminist movement. Try again.

          • He actually brought up the temperance movement; you shouldn’t even take him seriously… WTF!! Women sold bonds or assembled armaments… yeah, Ahmed could do those things too, doesn’t mean I want him in my non-sand country. The only excusable defense for Blue is he’s reeeallyyy new or commenting in bad faith (or just dumb AF).

          • >Name one female president
            What about Angela Merkel and Theresa May, the current leaders of the two most powerful countries in Europe? If women can’t hold power, who are the feminists you are fighting against? But yeah, you lost me. Good luck making this train wreck main stream.

    • I’ve known instinctively for a long time, way before I discovered the Alt-Right (MGTOW is superfluous), that women’s opinions do not substantively matter. The more beautiful they are, the less they should matter… Scratch that, even the ugliest, “smartest” woman should never be taken seriously in the political realm.

  • Going after Schumer is probably a lot of wasted effort. He gets over 90% of the African and Jewish vote plus high % of Hispanic and white liberal voters and even does ok with the cucks. If the altright is entering the swamp(electoral politics) it needs to focus on races where it can make a difference. Plus NY state is so F’d up many are voting with their feet-leaving.

  • I would agree that good PR is helpful when it comes to both recruiting people to our cause and to undermining/delegitimizing leftist propaganda. I’m all for it. I will gladly hand out Christmas gifts in the name of the alt-right. However, as others have pointed out, the meek will not inherit much of anything, except oblivion. White nationalists will benefit most from a public face of niceness, but only if it is backed by an iron fist, anonymously and covertly smashing the faces of everyone standing in our way.

      • Armed struggle can wait until there are no options left or after the US collapses which will likely happen by the late 2020s due to debt.
        Till then I would suggest reading up on and what a few people with even moderate understanding of military tactics, chemistry and electronics can do.
        For instance was done by 10 guys none of whom had advanced degree’s with nothing more then a couple hundred dollars worth of easily bought chemistry equipment and over the counter materials.

      • No, it means letting the lesbians, gays, faggots, and dindus fight the 1st Guards Tank Army.

        Winning where Napoleon and Hilter could not, and dying on the eastern steppe. You know, in Operation NAS2BTC,MF (“N1ggas ain’t supposed to be this cold, Muthaf*cker!”)

        Simple message to Red State America (The Good Goyim)…
        “Hey YT, why fight for a (((government))) that hates you.”n

      • It wouldn’t be a direct fight. It would be an asymmetrical, cellular structured tactics and would avoid direct confrontation. This is the structure used when one force is much larger than their opponent.
        It has been used since the Jewish Maccabees fighting the Romans in the Bible
        Individuals or small groups will attack high-value targets such as government officials, deep state bureaucrats, media and other opinion-makers and leaders that are involved in the coup d’etat of Donald Trump
        .These sorts of operations similar to the Phoenix operations of the Vietnam era or current Spetznaz Procedures.We have 300 million guns in America this nation is impossible to take over so long as we maintain our faith.
        God forbid it should ever come to bloodshed.But if it does may our American nation win.

    • There is never a bad time to be righteous. Especially in war. A gentle hand to our people. A sharp sword to our enemies.

    • James Mason says the only two honerable options are total attack or total drop out. I advise the latter. Be as self sufficient as possible and refuse to feed the beast. Chip away at the system little by little until its our time to strike. The strike hard and strike deep!

  • Meh. I want to live in the world where white men have seized the monopoly of force on this planet. We’ll have to do that sooner or later if we want to survive.

  • So you’re already giving up on your goal of a white ethno-state where tens of millions of people are forcibly deported and relocated? And of course everybody would go along with that plan because the little weird weasel Richard Spencer said so.

    • And when Jeanine Pirro opens her big yapping mouth on Fox News….

      The syphyllus sphirocheetes….

      Come flying out in her ejecta of saliva……

      A shockwave of it …

  • Good article. We need to make it clear that it’s possible to advocate for your group interests without being full of hate or fear for other people. It’s difficult sometimes, considering all the hate that gets thrown at us, but we need to be the better people. I know this is something they already do, but Alt-Right leaders need to make the distinction between us and the KKK/neo-Nazis clear at all opportunities. If we allow ourselves to fall into the same toxic, ultra-taboo pit as they have, the Alt-Right will be over. We have a very thin window of mainstream acceptance; once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  • The author and some of the others here must live a nice, sheltered, lily-white life free from all diversity-related stress.

    It’s not about being nice. It’s about power, money and control.

    You think Jews are in the position they’re in because of politeness? They swindled their way to the top. They take positions of power and they never give it up. They lie every chance they get. They never give an inch and they hate whites as much as they can every single day. Never forgive and never forget. By any means necessary, and the preferred Jewish tactic is by way of deception they wage war.

    Apparently we have people who aren’t paying attention and have learned nothing over the years. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a saint. It doesn’t matter if your argument is perfectly logical and based on facts. It doesn’t matter if Jesus came back. Media would slander and libel Jesus Himself if it was in their interest to do so. (((They))) already killed Him once.

    Whatever morality we wish to observe should be for our interests and because we believe it is right to do so, not just for show and not just to please our enemies who don’t give a damn anyway. The latter is a coward’s way and typical of sellout cuckservatives.

    • I think the message behind the article is about public outreach and how we present ourselves more than anything. Of course our ultimate objective is going to be power and control (as with all political movements), but we can only do that once we’ve won people over.

    • You don’t get power, money, and control by being a fringe weirdo. Corporations are all about money, power, and control yet their public face is nothing but niceness. You catch flies with honey, not vinegar.

    • We should bear in mind that our positions aren’t amenable to the strategies of our enemies; they’re inclusive, while we’re exclusionary, which I don’t mind. The optics question cannot be dismissed (go ahead and LARP away from us… losers) but kumbaya cucking won’t work for us. Forget appealing to women, i.e., acting effetely; if we attract a critical mass of men, the women will fall in line. The HR department approach is for the cowardly; we need to be dignified but firm.

  • Jeanine Pirro is a stupid cunt. Does anyone need more than the fingers of one hand to count the number of Fox News ‘personalities’ that don’t deserve justice on the DOTR?

    • Also, while real Christianity is a strong part of every White nation, black/liberal Churches are not Christian, and are simply Communist camps. There is no difference between four black girls killed in a American package bombing of a communist encampment in America in the 60s, and four Jewish girls killed in a German aerial bombing of a NKVD building in WW2. Both are unfortunate, but unavoidable situations if their parents insist on putting them in danger.

    • Literally what I’ve been saying for months… Since before CVille. But everyone called me a Nazi LARPer.

      Literally what TWP is already doing, but all everyone does is call them Nazi LARPers.

      Normies don’t like the Alt-Right because when they see long articles deconstructing the metaphysics of Pepe the Frog, they think it’s a joke. Frankly, I agree.

      • Dude, I’ve got nothing against the TWP, but they unironically Roman salute. That is Nazi larping any way you cut it. Its fine by me, but that will never be a serious political force in the US. Also, choosing to NOT larp =/= cucking.

  • “start a Congressional White Caucus, White lobbies, and White organizations promoting the interests of White Americans.”

    Absolutely. Kyle Bristow and the Foundation for Freedom describes his group as a pro-White version of the $PLC/ADL. That is exactly what we need.

    Remember too that local politics are often very easy to influence, few people get involved and it’s typically low profile but can have a significant impact.

      • 404 Not Found…

        What’s the controversy media fire you’re talking about? Is it different from the usual shit-talking from leftists?

          • Meh
            If we congratulated Lauren Southern for being a mudshark, I’m pretty sure the leftists would still be making fun of us anyways for being hypocrites…
            Don’t get too wrapped up in leftist rhetoric.
            They’re only going to congratulate us when we’re doing something that is bad for us.

          • Sorry. You are still giving the enemy a biological weapon to use against you. It doesn’t matter whether you think she deserves it or not.

          • Ma’am. Step away from the keyboard.

            That lazy piece written (mainly cut and paste) by a jewess is nothing.

            “Tara whatsername insists in a long-winded moan that she can take flack.”

            “Coalburning Iberian Lauren Southern says that she should be free to choose her non feminist lifestyle while selling clothing and flashlights and talking about traditionalism.”

            That you missed every possible criticism of them and the paedo supporting media’s fish waving, proves the point that you can best contribute by shutting the fuck up.

            Let the men shitpost. Make tea and keep house. And STFU for everyone’s sake.

          • As soon as a leader comes along who will keep the petty beta tyrants in line, I’ll be on my way.

          • You’re right. The Alt-Right has become a joke because of ‘muh White Sharia’ and people like Andrew Anglin and Weev calling for a white Afghanistan. This isn’t going to happen. The very idea is laughable. Better to concentrate on realistic goals and stop living in fantasy land. But I suppose ‘patrolling thots’ on the internetz is considered a strategy by these morons.

          • Lexi. Shut up. You are humiliating your sex and yourself.

            Women will not enter deciding positions in Alt-Right (male) movement. Fact.

            Arrange action with other women if you will. We can even join you in happenings with male comrades but you will not enter our planning and action spaces as female individuals. Segregated but together as groups, that’s the way.

        • It’s like this: White women are the key to smart White sons. Do you want the smart genes on the X or do you want your enemies to have them?

          If the latter, by all mean turn the alt-Riggt over to the short-bus faggots.

          • Lol, you’re right.

            Let’s gib more money to less emotionally stable, less ideologically rooted, less intelligent versions of Evalion like Tara McCarthy or Sinead.

            Step #3 will be victory, right?

          • I don’t care whom you give money to, but a PR offensive such as this ridiculously untimely article is suggesting won’t matter much if you can’t even be civil to your own womenfolk.

            I don’t care either way. All that matters to me is White survival and flourishing. If running off the best women is the way to do that, so be it.

            Of course, I’m fucking skeptical.

          • Honestly, are you just incapable of making a single logical argument without appealing to the ad feminism.

            I would much rather have cloning than a granddaughter forced to live with you.

          • Women are like uppity niggers…nothing is ever enough. They constantly push the envelope until everybody suffers….Including themselves. Look at the NFL…they have white people worshipping them and making them millionaires and it still isn’t enough. The niggers still spit in the face of their idolatrous paymasters. They need to be handled like Clark Gable or James Cagney or Sean Connery would. Open fist, closed fist or backhand.

    • They’re just edgy trolls looking for a reaction. Don’t take any notice. They’re a minority.

      • It makes no difference whatsoever if they are minority, if the silent majority doesn’t control them.

        Feminism: Fool me once, shame on you.

        MGTOW: Fool me twice, shame on me.

        The Jew wins again, and again, and again.

    • Calm the fuck down, woman. The only women getting “run out” are Lauren Southern, an Alt Lite race-mixing cam-whore and Tara McCarthy, who isn’t even white.

        • You mean you need MEN to do your dirty work, like always. You would do better work if you led a women’s alt right group. Segregation needs to come back in all forms. That means between the sexes too. That way with fairer laws and reformed marriages will cause exploding populations like Mormonism, Amish and Mennonites. In the mean time you can stop quoting (((Adorno))) calling every guy a homosexual for not agreeing to feminism.

          • I don’t call every man who disagrees with me faggot, just beta joker’s like you who think women are all psychopaths.

            Now, you are actually talking some sense about women having their own space on the Alt-Right. Men also should have theirs. But we have to have mixed spaces too.

            If you menfolk expect us to submit to your authority, you are going to have to hear what we have to say.

          • That is what I have been saying. But all you do is call me a faggot. I would have a hard time not bashing a woman’s orbital bones who said that to my face, which is how it ALWAYS used to be. Don’t you ever forget that. MEN are the only reason you have ‘freedom.’

            YOU are being protected from the worst vices of men by men. Women used to protect their men from the worst vices of women, but you stopped and got greedy and drunk with feminism.

            There used to be these things called SALONS that you womynz took away from men. The enlightenment was literally created in these male spaces. Guess what happened to those? Women wanted to be included and turned them into some hag parlor, just like you want to turn the Alt-Right into a harridan hug parlor.

            We used to have beer halls too, where women were seen as sluts if they entered until the 1960s because it meant one thing.

            And no, if men expect a woman to submit to man’s authority, they will make her. Don’t you ever forget that. You cannot talk to a man like this in person. Thumbs down me all you want, but I am trying to save you from a trip to the hospital for some unfortunate soul you cross.

          • Almost entirely correct. The one thing I would add is that a woman who submits willingly is a wife. The woman that has to be forced is a slave. A man always can force a woman to serve but runs the risk of encountering the man that she belongs to by choice.

          • One of the most well known Parisian salons was held out of the home of a woman who participated in it. It wasn’t 100% men.

          • I agree that we have to listen to what you have to say, but you have to be willing to accept our decisions after we have heard you out. This is less about dick waving and more about being the sex best suited to steering the ship.

    • You dont get it. Movement doesnt need women at this point. Once we need women they will be standing in line just like they were for Hitler.

      I am not against women in movement, but women who want to be part of it need to understand they are entering male space governed by male rules and male standards. If you cant handle it, get out of the way.

      • I think I get it:
        – We need to radically change muh optics to get more people into the movement to become more mainstream.
        – We don’t need women that comprise 52% of the population.
        Makes sense.

        • Where is our Uncle Adolph? I’m quite certain he wouldn’t put up with these short-bus faggots and their rabid hatred of half our race.

          • How does bullyciding 15/16 White Tara McCarthy help that situation? And what did the male vote look like?

          • And yes, women are misguided, but then whose fault is that? The POZ is so pervasive that even most White men have trouble resisting it. Look at poor Alex here. I’m not disrespecting him. We all had to fight our way out from under the brainwashing.

            White men turned the media over to the Jew. Hitler tried to stop this, but a bunch of other White men destroyed him, at the behest of the Jew.

            We could do this all day. Lord knows there is plenty of blame to go around.

            How does it help the situation?

          • Didn’t realize you were red pill on the Hitler question.
            Lauren Southern is a mudshark, and now no Alright man is going to take her seriously. That’s reality and that is not going to change. But alright if you think we are fighting for no reason than ok, I agree let’s not let this get blown out of proportion.

            Regarding Tara McCarthy and the other female Altright celebrities, I can’t speak on them as I don’t pay too much attention to them. My own criticism has mostly been directed to Southern.

            Of all these girls the only one I really do like is Lara Lokteff… She seems to be a good wife, mother, intelligent, feminine, cultured, and names the Jew.

          • Feminism right here. Classical inverted pyramid logical RIGHT here. You just interchanged Jew with ‘white men.’ This is the same statistical inversion tactics niggers use to explain how it is not they but whites who are the most dangerous people in the country because of ‘DWI arrests.’

            You are a feminist. ADMIT IT. You would be happy to see Hillary as president because it means womynz have broken the glass ceiling. They haven’t bother to break the glass basement of trash collecting, mining or soldiering on the other hand lol.

            ‘Rape culture’ isn’t real lol

      • The women on youtube, “Alt Right” or “Alt Lite” are doing great work. They are not entering male spaces – quite the opposite, it’s males brigading the women’s social media accounts like 14 year old girls.

        The fact is these males who complain about “thots” are simply not successful at doing anything but creating online circle-jerks and occasionally parading around in “muh streets” in costumes, so get very jealous that people would rather watch videos of a pretty girl than them. It’s petty – and it’s unmanly.

        • They criticize young women who speak up for Whites for not being married with children, but those of us who are married with children can’t speak out publicly, because we’re married with children.

          Nor does it matter whether we ask for $$$. I’ve never asked anyone for anything, but they don’t want to hear anything I have to say either.

          The criticisms are disingenuous.

          • I Know Lexi, I hear ya. You would think they would welcome the support of white women who genuinely care about the alt right. Unfortunately I think many of them have been poisoned with MGTOW and Roosh V kool aid and it’s seriously warped thier view of ALL women. We’re ALL whores, closet feminists, and aspiring coal burners.

          • Yes, this kind of positive and encouraging message is just the the type of thing that will drag the alt right out of the fringes of the internet and into the hearts and minds of the average CNN watching white normie.

          • Where are you now? You’re destined to become old men who are still meeting in parks to hide from ANTIFA and giving an giving speeches while being sprayed with bear repellant. You aren’t really going anywhere.

          • Classical feminist false equivalency. How many times does this need to be explained? YOUR body changes when a man has sex with you. HIS body does not. He exists to sow fertilizer. You exist to incubate said fertilizer. You are attracted to his prowess. He is attracted to your inexperience. The more women a man is with, the more attractive he becomes because of mastery. The more men a woman is with, the more unattractive she becomes because her body and mind become warped by overuse and misuse and unreliable. A white man banging and ditching some useless gook is making him MORE attractive to you, while also sparing the white race of another ho being created.

          • That’s unfortunate but beside the point. You are still urging whites to surrender White women’s genes and bodies to non-Whites, which is not good for us. Of course, it’s not surprising. We already know you don’t have our best interests at heart.

            You accused me of calling any man I disagree with a faggot, but you know perfectly well I don’t do that. Take Hipster Racist. I vehemently disagree with his statements concerning women’s fitness issues in a previous thread, but I will always treat him with the respect he is due as a genuine pro-White brother who has our best interests at heart. He loves his race, all of us, men and women.

            You, on the other hand, have already said you would help hajis kill my White sons if they would resist your desire to enslave their sisters.

          • Oh boy here we go again. You keep bringing your kids in this. DON’T DO THAT. That is unprofessional and immature, and leaves them open to attack. I won’t do that because I’m a gentleman, but somebody else will. Stop personalizing the impersonal. This is the Internet. I don’t know you, you don’t me. This is the perfect battlefield. This is the North African campaign. European men, European weapons, a third world wasteland.

            Look at your posts. Nearly all of them are sounding the alarm on ‘short bus MGTOW faggots.’ You are a broken record. This is why women are not creative. You just copy and paste other people’s words. Look at my posts. None of them are the same. Disagree with me all you want, but at least I am being original.

            First you said I want to enslave women, then you said I want to kill white men, then you said I want to give women women away to nonwhites.

            I am Batman to you because I am whatever villain you need me to be.

          • Nope. Sorry. Doesn’t work that way. I see a white guy with a non white woman, or find out he dated one- instant turn off and he’s black listed in my book. Two way street my friend.

          • LOL that’s not how a woman’s mind works and you know it. Stop trying to give yourself male characteristics. That is like saying I know what childbirth feels like.

          • What about whataboutery, you fucking shill. Can’t manage to get white men under your stupid thumb and now you have to play the race card like a fucking nigger.

            Fuck off to Lesbianistan.

          • If Southern’s offense is “unrepentant coal burning” that should be made clear.

            What did Tara do?

            Some say she’s not White. I don’t buy that. Any White man who saw her with a black man would rightly be furious.

        • I use the term “bed wetters” for this flavor of the mob… i.e. these who think they´re allowed to reflexively screech around “thot”, “control them”, “in cages with them” as soon as they spot something feminine. It´s cringe… they are so embarrassing… pubescents who for the first time get near to a female and are out of themselves with excitement, and rant and spout and give by any means expression to them feeling tickled and excited by seeing feminine charms. Bed wetters…

          • Look at your language. You’re not a white nationalist and never will be. You’re just a feminist who wants to control and chastise men. It’s embarrassing that you are even here. Fuck off and STFU.

          • It really doesn’t matter what language I use, because you’ll criticize and ridicule everything I say anyway. You seem to have a bizarre, intense desire to hate women like us. You imagine us as feminists to justify your hatred for us. Please just stop. Just act like a civilized human being and not a deranged psychopath.

      • You acknowledge that at some point women will be needed in this movement- but how do you expect them to suddenly support it after they’ve all been callously driven out? You make enemies of your OWN women then want them to join you? I’m quite sure most of the women wouldn’t have followed Hitler if he and his Nazis did nothing but trash and alienate them. The preservation of white people and its culture is the issue here. Do you wish to achieve these things or not? This is a white womens issue just as much as a white mans issue. White men and women need each other and each other’s loyalty now more than ever. And pushing white women away will only succeed in losing the support of millions of people that you do not have the luxury of losing. The alt right already has an uphill battle in trying to convince the people that it’s not a bunch hateful bigots. How dare people like you jeopardize the cause by scaring and pushing away people who might otherwise be drawn to the message?

      • And furthermore, to say that the alt right doesn’t need women right now is not only stupid, but flat out incorrect. It needs every possible voice it can get. We need numbers. Our objective is here is preserving white culture. That is the MAIN issue. If we are unable to achieve that, then none of these other issues will even matter. Let’s not lose sight of the most important issue here. We need to achieve our goal, then we can worry about other matters. First things first. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And white women and men warring against each other is a losing battle.

        • You will follow us to the gates of hell if we had any sort of status and you know it. Women always follow populism. That is why this purge is necessary. You will follows us regardless. Besides, if you are threatening to become Antifa over mere words, you aren’t worth protecting to begin with.

          • The fact that you believe some of us would become Antifa because we were bullied by some insufferable internet jerk shows how little you understand people. I can only speak for myself but I can guess that many of these women are the same way and that we follow the alt right because it represents who we are. I know that’s difficult for you to accept. I wonder if driving us to the other side is what you actually want? That seems to be your life’s purpose. The manosphere has done some good in that it has opened men’s eyes on many issues, but an unfortunate unintended (?) consequence has been that it has created a monster of malicious hatred of all women by some of its followers- you being a prime example- incessantly regurgitating all the MGTOW buzzwords and Roosh the Muslim V talking points.

          • Haha you blazed right past my brief thesis that you will follow us men no matter what. You are dangling this pretend defection like you dangle pussy to desperate men in order to get your chores done. You hate that ‘intolerable’ (irresistible) men like me are taking away your beta toys.

            What you are seeing is not caused by some nefarious character you fathomed up. It is the natural order. Everything you are preaching is artificial. It can only be held together by the majority of men having faith in something that they believe benefits them, which it no longer does.

            You wanna know where all those Jews went wrong this #MeToo bullshit? They asked these shiksas if they would watch them receive themselves. A Gentile TELLS the woman to do it for him. Women will never forgive you otherwise. Now run along with your dog-eared, sticky pages of 50 Shades of Grey and pretend that you just want a ‘nice guy’ who ‘respects’ you. LOL

          • You don’t know me or anything about my personal life. You spew out things that you assume about someone like me but everything you say is wrong and so off base. Unless you know someone and what kind of life they lead, it is unwise to speak the way you do. Does it make you feel stronger, smarter, more righteous for abusing and insulting people you don’t know from Adam? People who should be your ally? You only make a colossal fool of yourself and other people see it too.

          • *relieve themselves

            Ok I will take off my mean persona just this once, my dear. Politics is ruthless. This movement must remain radical so that it can negotiate with its adversaries on its own terms. My job is the fitness part. This isn’t a feel-good hug box. I encourage you to create your own women’s groups to discuss womanly things instead of shoehorning them into the main male parts. This is the Internet. Civility does not apply. Strength and reason do. Real beliefs and ideas can be discussed without moderation to fully flesh out possibilities. I know you won’t understand, but that’s ok.

        • I am exactly right. We are not going to win this by numbers or with ballot box. You dont seem to understand what is really going on and what is ahead of us. Its going to be exactly as Anglin once said: We’re going to be stacking or we’re going to be stacked. We are really really good at stacking.

        • “Numbers” include jews, possibly jews (who changes their surname , FFS????), dark eyed bleached hair activists with evident \ tendencies in the near past.

          Yeah, numbers. Coalburners with Patreons are going to build the ethnostate, etc.

  • I agree. We aren’t hate filled idiots, we are normal white people interested in preserving our heritage and culture. There is nothing hateful or racist about that, and I, like most alt-righters, hold no animosity to non-whites.

      • Most of us aren’t racist. We want Europe to be white and Africa to be black, as they naturally are. That’s in the interests of everyone

          • Because I don’t hate non-whites. Face it, it’s better for everyone if we all have our own countries instead of mixing. You’d have no black people and no white people eventually, just identical mixed people.

          • Yeah, Alex doesn’t understand that when he says stuff like that (“I’m not racist!”), it doesn’t win over Normies or gain the respect of Leftists / Anti-Whites. It just indicates that you’re weak.

          • Alex, you seem nice, but let me help you understand. When leftists call a White person “racist,” they literally mean a White person who wants White people to continue existing. I know it’s hard to understand. I resisted this, as it was a painful realization. But trust me, if you listen to what they say, that really is clearly what they mean.

        • There is a limited amount of living space on the planet. We are aiming for a birth rate above replacement. What do you think is going to happen?

    • “… and I, like most alt-righters, hold no animosity to non-whites.” You must not live around them, then. Because, I assure you, most non-Whites hold plenty of animosity towards you.

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