Alt-Right Politics: Kate Steinle, Trump’s “Wins,” Non-Virgin Purge, and Meghan Markle

Listen to “Kate Steinle, Trump’s “Wins,” Non-Virgin Purge, and Meghan Markle” on Spreaker.

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most mainstream mid-week news program. Panelists Richard Spencer, Gregory Ritter, Don Camillo, and Hannibal Bateman discuss: 1) Will Kate Steinle’s tragedy inspire Trump to finally build the wall? 2) Trump gets some “wins,” while a Damoclean sword hangs over his head. 3) Sexual-assault allegations are omnipresent and cascading—will any non-virgin survive the purge? And finally, 4) Meghan Markle, the American mulatto who would be queen.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Meghan Markle is a stripper whore mud baby n-word but Kate Middleton is oh so nice. If you’re not 200% white expect these fuckbois to tear you down to shreds. Prince Harry is so great and he’s badass but we’re not going to trust his judgement because he fell in love with someone who actively seeks to muddy the bloodline. Holy shit, I could give half a fuck if she’s part black, maybe let’s talk about refugees who don’t want to assimilate instead. It sounds like the Alt-Right wants to foster the hateful judgement of others rather than solving the issues that matter to white culture and I’ve seen colored people defend white culture more than these cackling true cucks.

  • Hey guys, something I’m curious about.

    Why are you all so concerned about false rape allegations if nobody is getting sex, anyway?

    Here is what I will tell my son’s: If you go around lying to women to get them in bed and then throw them out like trash, don’t come crying to me if you get accused of rape. You’ll be paying your own damned legal bills.

    If you are going to have casual sex before marriage, do like Anglin says and pay a prostitute. It’s much more fair and honest, and less hurtful and damaging to women of your own race.

    Now, I think y’all said that so far, the men accused have been uniformly degenerate scum, so what is the basis of your fear that all boomer men with testosterone will be destroyed by this?

    Women, there is only one way to avoid rape, don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position to begin with. Men, if you don’t want to be accused, make like Pence and protect yourself. And keep your dick in your pants till you’re married.

    • By the way, lest I be accused of “feminism”, let me remind you, that seduction was a tort at common law. Fathers could ruin chads who destroyed their daughters lives.

  • Excellent listen. What a great group of goys.

    Don’t be afraid to occasionally include women on the podcast. I worry that anytime you include a female into a bunch of guys, it changes the entire social dynamic and the guys start competing with one another…that’s why I recommend only doing it occasionally. But we need to branch out to females, and there are a bunch of women who are doing great work on the far-right (Tara McCarthy., Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, Faith Goldy, just to name a few).

    We have a real opportunity right now to demonstrate to the left and to females in general that it is those of us on the RIGHT who treat women with respect, who gladly accept women into our movement WITHOUT objectifying them and harrassing them (as so many on the left do and as so many on the left are now seeing their downfall because of).

    • Exactly! We also need homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, BASED African-Americans ( SHIELDMAIDEN Lauren knows these well wink wink) to prove that the Alt Right is not homophobic, anti-semitic, islamophobic or racist. As everyone knows THE LEFT R THA REEEEEAL MYSOGINISTS!

      We on the right, we only want to please THE SHIELDMAIDEN PRINCESSES! Women should not be at home, they should be in the public sphere telling men what to think and do, anyone who disagrees with me is MGOTW with A SMALL PENIS HAHA! (I gotcha, betcha never heard that one before! mic drop!, dumb white racist BTFO).

      Seriously KYS.

      • I’m not talking about bowing down to women, you rotund, sackless pile of shite. Jesus Christ you must have the IQ of an ant. And you don’t even have backbone enough to use anything but a anonymous ‘guest’ account….or maybe you found it far too “complicated” and physically exhausting to sign up for an actual account. Go listen to Wolffie James on Selite’s first or second episode of ‘wochenschau’ (I forgot which it was) if you want to get an idea of the type of women I’d like to hear on the podcast. That chick is far more hardcore than a timid, dimwitted peter-puffer like yourself will ever be.

        There is a small but very vocal cabal of female-hating, fat-assed men with micropenises within the AR (of which you are a part, ‘whiteknight1488,’ congrats). The AR needs to start distancing itself from those pathetic, embarrassing souls if we’re ever going to enter the mainstream and affect real, lasting political change.
        Optics matter, and those guys have the ability to make us look like absolute shit.

        Women of the far-right are one of the most effective means of attracting new people to the movement. Tomi Lahren is one of the first people that got my attention and got me interested in non-mainstream politics. It’s great that you want to see all women take on the traditional role of a female but let’s face it: it’s not going to happen. Women’s suffrage is here to stay, it’s not going away any time soon. You need to grow up and learn to deal with reality on reality’s terms, boy.

        I’m sorry that you’ve never gotten laid in your life, but that is nobody’s fault but your own (and the fault of your parents for doing such a piss-poor job of raising you and for transmitted to you such damaged genetics). The AR shouldn’t allow awkward, shitty outcasts like yourself to dictate policy on behalf of it. You and those like you are nothing but an embarrassment to the movement. PS – Feel free to have the last word, I’ve wasted enough time arguing with a mentally-ill retard. But next time man up and use your REAL account so I can recognize you for the slimy coward that you are.

  • Hey guys, heads up, your recording volume is usually pretty low. Hard to listen to while doing things.

    Hail victory

  • Great show this one fellas.

    (Please don’t put any women on the show and ruin it. Thank you for taking a stand Ritter,)

    *I feel 90% that 2 years from now there won’t be a wall at the US border. I have felt this way for a while, and that latinx commentator that was part of the Trump camp – AJ Delgado – also predicts that there won’t be a wall.

    * I feel 75% that Trump will be impeached – or at least proceedings will occur and stifle all action. (I’m with you on this Richard).

    PS: Don Camillo, as someone that is possibly bordering “on the spectrum”, I enjoy your long winded divergences in to history monologues. At worst they are endearing, at best they are very interesting. If I was an ugly man, women would probably find me insufferable. Keep up the good work buddy. I hope you are as handsome as I am.

    $$Comments for the Russia Paywall Show:

    Very glad to hear some firm stances on the alt right’s dynamic with Russia. The information presented by Law on Trotsky and Stalin was gold – I am familiar with it but it is something that people need to understand.

  • The Blessings of Diversity!!!

    Depriving THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS of the very very great benefit of a very very severe labor scarcity= 0 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOREVER+mass expulsions…

  • Imagine

    A Nonwhite Majority US Military….

    Protecting our freedoms!!!!

    Our majority Pakistani Muslim American USMC…They want to protect us….

    They want to protect us….

  • I wouldn’t countersignal French colonialism so much. If you have to fuck nigger women, pretty sure those Algerians are the best that you can do. I’m sure at least half of their middle-aged women must be better looking than this stripper Harry’s marrying. She doesn’t even measure up to John McAffee’s missus, FFS.

  • This #MeToo revolution is a perfect example of why you do not include women. They bided their time and finally turned on their allies when somebody (Trump) used a policy of containment against leftism. Once you fence off a group without a weak enemy, internecine conflict ensues.

    Men and women relationships are for one thing, sex. You cannot be friends, you cannot ‘marry your best friend.’ You can only marry your lover. Every other male-female ‘friendship’ is an imbalance based on mismatched Sexual Market Value, with one hoping to convince the other into a sexual relationship.

    Very few can actually work with their lovers because men and women are not meant to be together 24/7. This is where everything is going wrong.

    As hilarious as it is seeing these Jew professionals get their comeuppance, probably 90 percent of it is absolute nonsense and we all know it, except for almost all women, including Alt-Right women. They actually believe in this feminist conspiracy ‘rape culture.’ They STILL use the DR3 literally in this case, even though we men use it facetiously. Watch them close ranks and start clucking about how they are all ‘rape survivors’ against me.

  • regarding Steinle killing, the jury found him not guilty because of an accident. It is possible to be guilty of illegal gun possession and not guilty of murder/manslaughter. They should have also charged him with negligent homicide, which would be a lower standard of intent than manslaughter. Also, most states have felony murder statutes that could have enhanced the penalty because he committed the killing while in the process of committing a felony (felony possession).

  • As far as the epidemic of sexual assaults by Democratic Party Men goes…

    No doubt that Robert Mueller has raped cockroaches….

    Just like Bill Clinton has raped cockroaches many times….

    Poor defenseless cockroaches…

  • I hate to counter signaling you, but I don’t buy that woman goes to African sex tourism because of imperialism spirit, due to it is not a conquest but capitulation.
    I am on 99% convinced that white woman instinctively would always prefer white man.
    there is no reasons from evolutional point of view to choose president of Zimbabwe over average european man.
    She do it either because it’s trendy or she want to show how she is not racist or want to build career in hollywood.
    and the most popular case she want to spit on his ex or just some random white guy
    because she know it will make his mad

    • That is why they wait at the airports welcoming in the most barbaric Third World savages. They want to bring the ‘safari’ home. People on here literally cannot handle this fact. It’s not the virtue-signaling SJW women you need to be worried about. It is the women you trust because they are the ones getting banged when you aren’t around. We can’t even acknowledge this is happening. If Southeast Asian women were invading our countries as refugees, it would be WHITE WOMEN lining up with cement trucks, bricks and machine guns at our borders.

  • Sometimes I am truly baffled as to how the Alt-right managed to sink so low. I would be genuinely surprised if many people in this movement would be able to find their way out of a toilet. This is the extant of just how badly broken the moral compasses of these people truly are. Do you people not realize that the salvation of the European race rests in the mass conversion of Europeans to Islam?

    • mass conversion of Europeans to Islam actually will benefit white man, It will give more control over women and remove moral boundary
      But of course I would prefer to find better solution

    • How can liberals be so devoid of any skills of observation? I am not a Christian or a religious man of any means, but I can see why Christians believe their god has blinded liberals and progressives. The muslims tell you who they are, show you who they are, and even kill you to prove it. Yet perhaps out of some stupid sense of being a SJW, you refuse to see it. Do you not understand that there is no such think as a “conversion” to Islam. Islam means submission. The muslims tell you it means submission. You don’t convert to Islam, you submit to Islam. You may as well say the only way to save Europeans is to become slaves. But you’re like, “no, no, no, your religion is not about submission, slavery, or killing for Allah.” They tell you they will kill you for saying that, and you still deny it. You are literally insane, but unfortunately you are all too sane in your insanity.

        • That deserves and old fashioned LOL. Like Salman Rushdie said, all along it was just Mahound, he himself in his own heart. Seriously though, you would have to kill me. And unlike the Christians, I shoot back

        • I’d take an Islamic Europe full of Europeans over a Christian Europe full of Arabs and blacks personally.

          But I don’t think it’s so cut and dry.
          I doubt these millions of Middle Easterners are invading Europe to go door to door to sell Qurans.

          This is an economic and biological war. They want our wealth and our genetics.

        • Whites will never accept Islam. Islam is a hocus pocus bunch of nonsensical crap for low IQ racial groups, such as Arabs and Blacks, sort of like vodoo.

    • I knew it. I saw this coming. These MGTOW ‘white sharia’ Roosh V- worshipping types would soon be peddling the mass conversion of Islam to alrighters. Are you trying to sabotage the movement? Do you actually think that you can win hearts and minds by pushing Islam? You are heading down a dangerous path. Do not be fooled into thinking it is the answer. You are being deceived.

      • This is a leftist troll you stupid woman. I know you hysterical hens cannot see the difference, but right now YOU are worse than him. Thanks for exposing yourself. Make yourself useful and start counter-signaling feminism.

        • I have seen enough of your comments to know that you are utterly consumed with hatred and bitter to the core. Just getting through each day must be an epic struggle for you. I come to this site to be informed and to offer support. I have a white son, therefore I have much to be concerned about. Your vile rantings toward the women who support altright only prove that you do not care about the movement. You only seek to divide. You cannot continue the white race without white women, yet we appear to be your number one enemy. You need to figure out what you hate more-white women or white extinction.

          • Feel better? You’re right, this rhetoric isn’t nice. Politics is war by other means. You women are excused from war despite the privileges you have and we men do not. WE have a stake in this, not you. You will never understand that just as we will never understand being pregnant. I am not about to let this movement being destroyed because you stupid bitches have the feelz. The Ron Paul Tea Party was so easily commandeered by neocon Glenn Beck in one calendar year and turned into some day-after 9/11 Groundhog Day…literally called ‘the 9/12 project.’ It won the 2010 midterm congressional majority and disappeared forever after that. It became a pathetic caricature…baby boomers wearing actual tea bags from their hats, showing up at goddamn town hall meetings saying ‘get the Government out of my Medicare.’ It’s a fucking joke and I will not let you menstruating calfs ruin it like you ruin everything else. Politics is nasty and you can’t handle it. You’re trying to spread the #MeToo here. You can’t even handle rough comments like mine. DONT READ IT BITCH. We are in a war that YOU aren’t subject to. LET US WIN IT.

          • Maybe Weimar Republican’s tone is not good, but what he is saying is correct. Nobody, not even on the edgiest corners of the alt right takes conversion to Islam seriously because we all, after becoming redpilled on race, understand the racial sub-text of Islam which is obviously anti-European to the core.

            Feminism is a much bigger problem in the alt right than conversion to Islam, the latter does not exist, the former is sucking up resources and energy and giving them to 90IQ mudsharks like Lauren Southern who parrot some shitty early 2000s Republican party talking points, sprinkling them with an ‘It’s okay to be white’ and some pepe memes occasionally.

    • Mohammed raped a nine year old girl. What a disgusting piece of shit. You sissies are so pathetic, cutting up your women’s privates because you’re so scared they’ll otherwise be driven to cheat on you. Remember that WE have the brains that have created the greatest weapons in history, and we are now waking up. Now, go live as your prophet told you to -wipe your ass with your bare hand and rape some idiot OF YOUR OWN FUCKING RACE ( or your camel). (P.S.: We’re all enjoying the hell out of watching the US and the Israelis rub your faces in the dirt over Jerusalem!!!! Please, go burn down your own shit-shack village in protest!)

  • Sect. 4: Yes, thank you for revealing that the real reason for forcing Edward VIII to abdicate were his political sympathies. The course of history would have been much different if he had been king. The whole moral thing was phoney, even back then. Hardly anyone knows this.

    • Anyone who refuses to burn the Union Jack is a traitor. Let us spit on the graves of the traitors. Glory be upon those of us who show the Ulster no compassion. Let us spit on the graves of their dead.

  • I smell reptilian Jewry. I expect to see William/Charles to die in a random plane crash in the coming decades.

  • Dang, I thought it said Martina Markota at first. Would definitely listen to 2 hours of convo with her, or about her. I like the loose, comedic feel of this ‘cast. Are all of them like this?

    • So here’s the trick.. if you click through to Spreaker, you should either be able to:
      # Click the download button to download
      # If that takes you to a login page- go back, right click on same link and ‘save link’ to download

      Spreaker is retarded, but it is what it is..

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