The Normalization Of The Alt-Right

If there is one thing that we can take away from the Trump campaign it is that being an egghead does not win you elections. It doesn’t win you the love of the masses either. Hell, even I have that instinct to shove a big brain nibba into a locker, just cuz.

It’s downright instinctual, and there’s no point in fighting it really.

And for what would you be fighting for? The vast majority of our natural base are natural conservatives. They don’t need an Alt-Right decree or essay to make them love their country and hate the Leftists that are conspiring to destroy it. Take an average American and he’s not even that interested in whether you think Hitler was a good guy or not, but he leans towards the side of America dindu nuffin wrong and he thinks you’re weird for bringing that topic up.

But you might not realize that if you are an egghead or a sperg. You might think that he’s just lost to the cause forever or something equally ridiculous.

This is because eggheads are unable to emotionally connect with people, or emotionally empathize with groups. They care only about one thing, like, say Sonic the Hedgehog or Trains or Holocaust Revisionism. They light up when their pet topic gets discussed, and clam up when the conversation veers in a different direction that they aren’t comfortable with.

So instead of meeting a normal person halfway, they decide to try forcing their point of view on them through the most retarded means possible – through foam-mouthed, wide-eyed spergery.

Now, Donald Trump is not an egghead. But Donald Trump is clearly very smart. He’s so smart that he realized how to win. He decided to not act like he was high on his own IQ supply the whole time and won the hearts of White America.

Hell, he made it look easy.

And I ask you honestly, what does the Alt-Right believe that is so unpalatable to normal Americans?

Strong borders? Women being women and men being men? Love for our people?

These are winning issues, fam. Again, Donald Trump proved that. Oftentimes, (and I am guilty of it myself) we tend to look at things from a completely black-pilled perspective. Many Alt-Right recruits used to live in the libshit archipelago of this country. They came out of the experience haunted by the depths of depravity of these people. They almost became SJW golems themselves and as a result, they violently reject everything to do with these people.

But as bad as things are, there is no need to overreact.

Things are gradually progressing in our favor. As hard as we pull people to our side, the Left simply pushes them in our direction. For god’s sake, there were literal purple-haired trannys on bikes and smarmy DC apparatchiks protesting our Kate’s Wall demo. Great optics for their side! So we should leave the welcome mat out, and leave the snooty eggheadedness behind. We should not be acting like an exclusive Frat, a super sekrit club or a Comicon convention.

And here I know my words will probably fall on many deaf ears…

But the Left tries to push “the new normal” on everybody in America. And that just makes us the real normal. All we have to do is just be more normal than them and not decide to be the avant-guard of some Neo-Feudalist Zen-Sunni Mentat ideology.

The Left is snooty, elitist, and just a guarantee of a bad time at the party. We gotta be the guy people want to talk to while at the party. Being intentionally weird or elitist or just not normal is counter-productive.

Look, there isn’t a single plank in the Alt-Right platform that isn’t absolutely healthy, natural and normal. We just need to emphasize how perfectly sane it all is. And by the way, Normalization does not mean Normie-zation.

Our principles do not need to change. Everything is solid and backed by reams of data and graphs and memes to make it all palatable. We just need to turn off the spergery (or just purge, baby purge them all) and turn on some of that emotional empathy.

In other words, we must be somewhat approachable. Make normal people wonder why the media and the politicians are throwing hissy fits about us when all we’re doing is just drinking our beer, and saying normal shit that everyone knows but is too afraid to say out loud.

Normal, normal, normal. Let that word sink in.

Would a regular American want to get a beer with an average Alt-Righter or not? That is what is going to make our opinions “normal” or not. Counter-signaling all the things that an American holds dear means you not getting invited for a beer the next time. It might mean you getting stuffed in a locker instead.

I like where we’re going. I like how things are changing.

We’ve stopped throwing IQ charts in people’s faces. We’ve started talking about Kate Steinle instead.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I wonder what a small (100-200-ish), private gathering with an audience of boomer conservatives who are sympathetic to the race question would look like? Topic would be tailored to audience — ‘How can we prevent the U.S. from becoming Europe in 20 years…Ask the race realist himself, R.S.” or some other general talking point. Title would be more tantalizing.

    List non-egghead, real-life talking points in the outline. Things like — “If your intelligent, white, athletic son is having trouble getting into college, will your future grandson have any hope?” This specific complaint is real and widespread. My wife’s cousins (many, many) either recently entered or graduated college and I can relate incredible first hand stories of bias against white males (high GPAs, etc.). More importantly, it has angered people.

    The disgruntled, well-heeled boomer is a thing. It’s not all roses. Yes, they love the corporate tax cuts but the SJW insanity has pushed them into this camp whether or not they admit it. IMO it’s easier to discuss reality with that generation than younger peers. They have a better historical perspective.

    I picture an informal Q/A session, sleeves rolled up, with people who need to be red-pilled further. Perhaps some required reading prior — the single best book recommendation as an entryway for a boomer. Tickets could be $100 or $125-ish (or $200 per couple with 50+ couples on invite list, or whatever) with hope that any number of attendees would make legit donations. Or, at least, put it on their radar screen. Tight, highly controlled invite list; unpublicized.

    Serves multiple purposes — grows movement in an underserved segment, offers chance to relay unbiased viewpoint to people who may never get it otherwise, and opens potential fundraising channels.

    This is not meant to come off as elitist.

  • You’re absolutely right. I saw these problems coming long ago and I think many did. We tried to hold onto as many people as possible each time the optics issue, women and normie-cucking arose… Maybe it’s time to draw lines about what sort of treatment of our own is acceptable and what is not and should be called out… Because right now we have social anarchy in the Alt-Right… Most of us didn’t sign up for Sperry LARPy MGTOW+swastikas anarchism… If that were of interest, we’d be on the other side.

  • I disagree with eliminating the ANY pro white people for many reasons. The main one is that the left has opened the Overton window so far that the new normal is completely anti white and pro gay in such a way that we need our own extremists to neutralize their trannie commie fuks that wave the hammer and sickle flag and attack people unprovoked. The left has their spergs and we need ours. Afterall who protected your people from physical harm and possibly death at Charlottesville?

  • Lot’s of anti-Trump spasms on AR because he’s not LITERALLY HITLER. Even if you got a Hitler II you’d still whine he’s not Hitler enough, that’s what happens. But if your really got the Hitler he would be too Hitler. These things failed for a reason people, the whole national-socialist system was class destruction, when you destroy the organic Catholic triad of classes there’s nothing holding the society together except this one guy, the party and the national idea. That’s not good enough, souls cannot be satisfied with this. The Monarch had Heaven on his side, the Leader has nothing except the temporal promise of a better tomorrow. Utopianism.

    Trump obviously knows what he’s doing on some level, he mobilized half of USA by being emphatic and genuine, by promising them some semblance of the Natural Order (like not murdering the unborn and keeping borders safe), he is a walking father figure with national legitimacy. Despite the soviet-level ideological backing Clinton got she went down.

    Why are you people so irate when you have this man in a high place you can rally around, not officially but there’s nothing stopping you from working that angle AND getting the message out that’s beyond the mere materialist dialectic you see on Breitbart. All that with the good side effect of preventing another Bush/Clinton.

    This one motivated man, a rich nobody in the eyes of the technocratic political elite, could be a once-in-a-hundred-years occurrence unheard of in a technocratic democracy.

  • Brilliant. Just brilliant, this is exactly how to win a culture war. Another great article, Vincent.

    May I add our “Payback Day” music video from our album Dissidentica (2017) as a comment on how you can deliver a hard straight forward message and still make it appeal to the masses:

  • Stop Islamophobia and spread enlightment about the two WW by collecting simple truth.
    You’ be universal (like truth) and would win global sympathies.

    Leave the women alone with their bs, they will calm down automatically.

    Don’t be racist in a personal way and kind to peaceful foreigners.
    Ignore the false MSMleftist, discuss with open ears with the real one.

    Always fight MSM staff&do not talk to them.

    Writing that as a german.

  • Milo’s ‘dangerous faggot’ tour Down Under kicked off this week. A Zionist Jew with apex Victim Status who is running the full script from the High Ground on Australia.

    The view from the grassy knoll, however, takes a dim view of Milo.

    He is a ‘White’ male who doesn’t have to check his privilege because, as a faggot, he is granted full right to freedom of speech by Our Betters. He is married to a black so he gets to play the race card on the Whites, a feminist who gets to play the wymym card on the wymyns, a Catholic who (he says) got sexually initiated by a pedo priest – cue (oooh the horrible, evil Catholic Church. Boo. Hiss).

    He is a unicorn who is entitled to break all the PC taboos, rulz and regs because of his apex Victim Status.

    All the Libertarians have welcomed him with open arms. These are the people who would lose their jobs if they so much as sang along to ‘Nigga, Nigga, Nigga’ by Gangsta Rap on the radio or get hauled before an anti-discrimination tribunal for years of lawfare if they referred to the Apex Gang crime wave now terrorising Melbourne as an African crime wave.

    Milo is here to tell us it is the forces of Antifa that keeps the Land of Oz silent and politically correct. And they did dutifully show up to throw rocks at the police for his Melbourne gig. Big deal.

    • So you need an altright brand of milo. U need to get the libertarians to believe there will be no “liberty” bc non whites don’t vote for it

  • Another ridiculous pro-cucking article.

    I’m sure Lenin was just like “okay, communist principles are the greatest, but let’s tone down our rhetoric about taking the wealth of the rich. The normies want the money of the rich anyway without us having to say it.”
    Or Hitler
    “Okay enough about the Jews fam, normies don’t see them as Germans anyway, we don’t need yellow stars or any identifiers.”
    Or Napoleon
    “Maybe the Jacobins are beheading all these people, but we have democracy now, there’s no reason that we should take over and crown myself emperor because the Parisians want a representative government.”

    The strength of a movement is not winning over mindless normies. Call me a sperg if you want, but there’s no way we’re going to win by slowly trying to convince those that are heavily invested in the current regime remaining in power (including conservative normies)

    What would actually be beneficial is if the alt right set up martial arts and defense training classes and started organizing a militia alongside the political activism. We are going to need a defense force when all hell breaks loose and we are completely ill prepared.

    In addition, Spencer should run for President just to get his ideas out there and to further delegitimize the system.

    What isn’t going to work: waving American flags like patriotards, pretending that we’re just like the normies, and that moderating our message will in any way be beneficial.

      • Because that’s the only alternative?
        Although the Swastika is a lot less cringe than waving the flag of the people and institution that want to destroy you (American)
        How about a new symbol for what the movement stands for? Namely whites.
        How about instead of cucking the message we do things that actually matter like the examples I mentioned above? The movement got as far as it did because it wasn’t a normie movement. A shift to the center is death.

    • Agree. The left has been winning with their egg heads and spergs to the point where the present normal is immensely anti white.

  • That was a lot of writing to end up saying we should talk about “winning issues”. What else, beyond opposing murderous illegal immigrants, do you suggest we talk about? Over the weekend, I sent a copy of the hysterical satire clip of “It’s ok to Die Hard” where Bruce Willis is wearing a sandwich board on the street that reads “It’s ok to be white” and Samuel Jackson tells his kids to call the cops because there’s going to be a killing. I sent it to seven different friends. It’s funny and has the “winning message” of non confrontational, non-egghead point. None replied except one who asked me why I sent him something racist.
    You BETTER know your geeky pie charts and you had better have data and facts to back up your points because, many people you know have been seeped and stewed in the blue-pill pot for their whole lives and not all of them are mindless, emotionally led idiots, thank God. We will see if my little text takes root with one or more of them. These are not millennials though. Maybe that’s where the disconnect is. Some people are in their 30’s and 40’s and they have children. If you want to win, in the long term, these people need to be won over as well.
    This article here coupled with my own recent experience scares me. How infantile and petty have people become? When did emotion overrule minds in your group of friends? Thankfully, I must say, it appears my circle of friends are going to need more than this article suggests, to red-pill them. I’m not even sure what it is that this article is suggesting we are supposed to be doing. I don’t mean that to be offensive, but there is no “there” there.

    • Gee idk, why not send them a pic of Kate instead of sending Die Hard memes?

      But what you said at the end is true. We do need to eventually start winning over the 30s and 40s.

      • What other issues are considered “winning issues”, though? Like I asked initially, what issue beyond obvious opposition to murderous illegals meet that criteria?

  • So… that means no exterminatory rhetoric? The so polular “throw all gays from rooftops”-meme… and the “helicopterride”-meme against leftists? The popular “White Sharia”-meme that makes us so likeable for the public? The popular “kill the kikes”-meme? Decrying any common leisure activity as “degeneracy”… of-course punishable with extermination? All this time-honored material… just scrapped?

    So… the Right will no more create a huge army of mortal enemies by threatening 85% of the polulation with violence and extermination? What is this? Is this a perestroika? Why would the Right all on a sudden become intelligent? We were happy making 85% of the population our mortal enemies because we value our principle of exterminating any dissenter so much higher than… well, than simply decency, and then… political intelligence, politically mature behavior? In order to actually reach political goals, and the survival of the White Race, rather than purity signaling and delusional and actually simply braindead posturing?
    I mean, all this plain stupid behavior was good, respected and celebrated on the Right? Why on earth change it?

    This is a very strange article… I am puzzled.

    • nothing says “listen to my ideas” like marching around yelling “the Jews will not replace us.”
      this movement is highly entertaining but until the guys carrying around Nazi shields are thrown out and the bigotry and blaming is cast out you’ll always be about as popular as Antifa with normal people.

      • Yup. Pushing out the hardliners and radicals in hopes of convincing the normies that they are being genocided by the jews and the wimminz is beyond stupid. The normie wouldn’t care even if it were true. The only thing the normie cares about is big macs, porn and nigger ball. Their dead weight that will hinder and not help bringing about any kind of real change. Their only usefulness is convincing them to vote Republican so they can be disappointed again and again, until eventually tasting the sweet release of death. To hell with normies.

        • You can’t push out the core. I mean where will they go? They’re stuck. Besides this isn’t even about them. Most of the core is solid and I don’t consider them spergs or eggheads or elitists.

          • I guess what I’m referring to is the growing divide in the movement between Alt-Right and Hard Right. That’s who I was referring to when I said “hardliners and radicals” and what I assumed you were referring to when you said “spergs.” Ultimately I’m not behind the scenes so I don’t really know what going on internally, and I guess Heimbach was invited to the rally last weekend, so it’s probably not as bad as it seems on the outside, but on the outside it looks bad.

            Ever since Charlottesville there has been a non stop push from the moderates to push out the “Nazi LARPers.” Optics this, and being more palatable to normies that and “dude your gonna alieante the faggots” and blah blah blah.

            We give the moderates one simple rule. Don’t punch right. It’s a pretty good system as the spergs get to make fun of everyone since there is nothing to our right and they have to take it and focus their energy to their left where it belongs. But then they broke the rule and it’s turning everything shitty.

            Now this Salon article is going viral and the left is playing divide and conquer, and the moderates are still punching to their right, because their fucking morons, which is how they found themselves in the moderate position in the first place.

            Basically if they don’t stop punching right and don’t start punching left, then we’ll have no choice but to punch through them to get to the left. Theres no way this ends well…. Especially for the moderates.

  • The Marxists are hoist on their own libtard. You can’t satirize them. To attempt to ‘outdo’ their PC with Alt Right arguments will just tighten the screws on heads that are already jewed and exploding with insanity and inanity.

  • Monarcho-Fascist Distributism is the ONLY path forward. Anything less is pure cuckery and all cucks get fed to the lions after the insurrection.

    • Reminders of what, exactly? Seriously, I get nothing from this except that, we should not discuss IQ because our friends are dim, emotional zombies who can’t handle or don’t like facts or data. Do you hang out with people like that? How do you spark a conversation up about race realism in a non-chalant way and not come across as a “racist”?

      • Easy. Just say that blacks make your daughter or wife or gf or _____ feel uncomfortable. Make it so that they’re insensitive to the concerns of a womyn if they disagree. That’s your emotional in.

        • “Easy. Just say that blacks make your daughter or wife or gf or _____ feel uncomfortable”

          Yeah, that’ll really work in 2017, genius.

  • Hunter Wallace needs to write for this site again. He is about the only one of the “serious” writers I can actually take seriously. Vincent writes good material on occasion but then other times it’s like he’s high on white pills that he bought from some disheveled drug dealer in a MAGA hat. Like what the hell is he even talking about here? “We just got be more normal than normal, man. Like so normal that normal people think they’re not normal anymore. Feel me?” Mix in some stupid crap about Trump as if I even care about that fat lying turd anymore.

    • Hunter is bitter and it shows. I agree with you about the hollowness of this article but then you go anti-Trump which is ridiculous. There has to be a transition point. There is never going to be an immediate halt and reversal. That’s where Hunter seems to become bitter. Maybe you as well. Hopefully not.

  • >We should stop playing dress up and just act like normal white people
    Thank you.

    Another important note is that you are not running for office. For that reason, parallels to the Trump campaign are not always useful.

    • Yup the “bros” against “egg heads” and spergs” will have victory where the Third Reich could not. Makes total sense.

      If / when this ideologically fatal bro contingent meets its end in mass graves at the hands of an inevitable counter-force that they can not repel, history will have warned them. You sooth yourself against enemies within, Vincent, like a baby with a bottle, while the eternal victors have been nurturing their sperg / egghead culture for millenia.

      Now, if the egg heads and spergs are not the cause of their eternal victory, which I am willing to grant for the sake of argument that they are not, we can at least observe that they are not any cause for defeat. Thus your strategic logic is completely wrong. Thus it is subversive, at minimum. Thus you are represent a seemingly greater tide of what is both a major cause for internal ineffectiveness if not outright fatal divide.

      But we need infantry as well, so I’m good with the anti-intellectual bros if they are good with grabbing rifles and keeping the Italian style (read: nigger) nattering to a minimum. Though, I’m also willing to bet that many internet alt right bros are essentially soft faggots with little fighting experience in real life.

      There are good reasons why the Germans only saw Germanic people as truly White.

      • The Third Reich was victorious. What were you reading? they were ONLY defeated militarily, not politically.

  • An egghead couldn’t win the presidency. As smart as Elon Musk is he couldn’t win.

    People don’t like basement-dwelling spergs and anti-social retards like those who inhabit Daily Stormer. Those type of freaks should be kept in their cages and let out periodically to attack certain enemies, but never let them run wild in general society.

    Anyone saying Trump isn’t smart is a liar and a moron not living in reality.

    Wharton has a minimum SAT requirement that equates to about a 145 IQ.

    Alt Right/white nationalism will continue to grow because we’re the ONLY ONES WITH A SOLUTION. All these other groups eventually lead to Third World hellholes. The great African migration into Europe continues.

    • Fantasies are not solutions, and more Republican governments are not going to turn your fantasies into realities.

  • “Being intentionally weird or elitist or just not normal is counter-productive.” We should avoid Roman salutes and Nazi-larping. I have discussed this issue with an alt-right friend, and we think that that stuff scares normies.

  • Great article!! Lets talk about winning issues. Lets not scare Whites who are intrigued by us.. Corp America & MSM are at War with us. The stakes couldn’t be bigger. This isn’t about your favorite website. The biggest fear of the ADL is that we’ll clean up our act, come out IRL & replace the GOP and we will be am uncorruptible force. Lets make their nightmares reality.

  • Excellent article as usual, my dude. The simplicity, relatability, and wit of your arguments prove your point in spades.

    I think there’s a more-than-vaild argument to be made in defence of eggheadism *after* we’ve won the war for Civilisation — one of America’s original sins, imho, is its unthinking anti-intellectualism and visceral anti-elitism, neither of which is healthy and both of which tend to lead to an “Idocracy” scenario — but until then I couldn’t agree with you more, we must win over and weaponise Nixon’s infamous ‘Silent Majority’.

    They agree with us ‘prima facie’ anyway, and it’s only a load of overdone, overwrought sperging on minutiæ that can lose us this fight. Simply put: they know we’re right, but are afraid to follow us down our dialectic rabbit holes, and get easily scared off.

    Mobs follow chads. 1776 Philadelphia proved this. 1789 Paris proved this. 1917 Saint-Petersburg proved this. 1922 Rome proved this. (Conveniently disregarding the fact that I vehemently disgree with the reasons and outcomes of the first three revolutions in this list), they all share a common trait from which we would be wise to learn: they were led by a vanguard numbering only in the tens or hundreds. It was only after they began their fight that the people rallied to their cause. After all, most American-born colonists wanted to remain British subjects; most French peasants loved their King; most recently-freed Russian serfs idolised their Tsar; and yet here we are, all thanks to a bunch of chads, who didn’t need to explain themselves at length.

    ‘Acta, non verba’, and the rest will follow.

  • What? Have we started compromising away from an ethnostate already? That was quick 😐 (Do normies talk about ethnostates? Maybe when they’re drunk, eh?)

    • And good piece by the way. Dang I wish I could edit comments. Is this commenting system open source? What’s it called?

    • >Have we started compromising away from an ethnostate already?
      No. But the movement should not be centered around issues outside the scope of the public conversation.

  • Good article. Often I feel the alt-right excludes me because my views are not radical enough. I just want a country where whites are, for once, treated equally. Separate but equal may be the only way to create true equality (anyone who can’t see that Brown vs Board of Education led to the massive oppression of whites is willfully blind – Plessy was right), but I don’t think that is realistic in my lifetime. Until it is, we should advocate for at least equality.

    • That doesn’t work. Remember, demographics is destiny- having different birth rates between the whites and non-whites will destroy such a system. Even if the Hispanics and blacks were benevolent, the differential in the US means that a great portion of the population is made of their number and they are a net drain on the government.

  • Low quality article.

    Pretty much everyone to the left of someone on the alt right is a cuck, and everyone to right is a sperg.

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