Taking a Stand — Ep 7: Mr. President, Build #KatesWall

Eli Mosley and Greg Ritter join Brian Brathovd (voice of Caerulus Rex) to talk about the planning and execution of the Operation Homeland demonstration that took place at the white house on Dec 3, 2017.


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  • AltRight is moderating my posts! This is proof that I’m to something. I can’t provide a link because the Deep State agents moderating this site will take it down but you HAVE to google Gateway Pundit’s exposure on Richard Spencer. Spencer has been exposed as a Bush lackey working with the CIA. Don’t trust him with your personal information. I didn’t believe it at first and neither will you but Gateway Pundit has proof. If by some miracle my post is not deleted then please, PLEASE – if you read no other article this year read that article. God be with you.

  • Is it possible to provide link/download button? Can’t find this on the Spreaker website…

    Good job with the rally BTW!

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