Kate Steinle Is A Turning Point For White Consciousness

Yesterday, the Alt-Right held a demonstration protesting the verdict in the Kate Steinle case and demanding that Kate’s Wall be built.

There was about 100 police officers and a massive squad car column. Never seen DC shut down like this by such a small group.

In general, the case of Kate Steinle is an immediate win. It is the perfect hill to fight over. We don’t have that many resources to throw around, but this is a precision strike against a chink in the armor of the enemy.

It’s hard to argue with dead girls gunned down in cold blood by a Mexican criminal whose first excuse was that he was aiming for sea lions.

…I mean, what kind of an excuse is that? Is that a thing among Mexicans? To just randomly shoot cute animals for the fun of it? Is that really an explanation that makes White people, who overwhelmingly treat nature and animals with respect, feel easier about the verdict?

This is how White people treat animals.

Apparently not.

Even the bastion of bullshit that is Reddit is up in arms. This is in regards to the WaPo article calling everyone concerned about Kate’s death a White Nationalist.

It’s amazing how detached the liberal class is from reality. They think that they can smear ANYTHING by associating it with White Nationalism. But it turns out that some things can’t be besmirched so easily, and that associating concern and sympathy over Kate with White Nationalism was a disastrous move.

Some of our rhetoric regarding the hypocrisy of Chosenites decrying identity politics for White goys, but not for themselves seems to be seeping into people’s minds. Slowly but surely, lads. Slowly but surely.

Keep in mind that Reddit and this subreddit as well are heavily-policed communities. It’s not a bad response considering. Thanks to us forcing the Kate issue, and our enemies doing what they do best – throwing a tantrum – the mask slips, and people can see the anti-White agenda shine through.

This great PR victory is made all the more possible by the ideological fervor of our enemies. They can’t seem to even fathom the stupidity of associating people concerned with the death of a pretty White girl with White Nationalism.

More and more people are simply throwing their hands up and saying, “so be it, I’m a White Nationalist.”

That’s how we win by the way.

We simply associate ourselves with issues that most White Americans feel strongly about. The flag, protecting our borders, free speech, the Constitution – all of these values are implicit White values. All we have to do is come out strongly in favor of them to have the media lose their shit, chimp out against these things and label them as “White Nationalist.”

A tranny on a bike harassed the group. Great optics for their side.

Overnight, more people find the ideas of White Nationalism more palaptable because they are now associated with things that they value.

If the WaPo hates White Nationalists, then they must be doing something right!

We don’t need to counter-signal Amerikaner values. We just embrace them and add a little something extra to the program.

We love the Constitution AND we’re race realists, and everyone who loves the Consitution must be a race realist too.

That’s a good message to send. All we have to do afterward is step back and let the media amplify it with their shrill kvetching. These people hate everything to do with America, and they feel emboldened enough now to come out in open defiance of everything that Amerikaners hold dear.

Antifa showed up to protest “White Supremacy” and in effect, to protest Kate.

Let them, we’ll be waiting for the droves of new recruits with open arms.

Vincent Law
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  • @Vickyjoy:

    I beg to differ. Women have always been – for the most part – followers. And women being relegated to their traditional spheres (i.e. family, childcare etc.) worked admirably well for millennia.

    We have only started having massive problems with women since they started meddling in worldly affairs (of which they for the most part have no understanding of).

    Women allowed themselves to be used as agents of chaos by the Jews that sought to poison and destroy Western society.

    Consequently the solution can only be the restoration of traditional gender roles and the relegation of women – once more – to *their* respective spheres.

  • Reading a bunch of the comments here is very disappointing. There sure are a lot of very beta, loser males (not men) here who get off on hating even the very best, most intelligent & virtuous women who make huge positive contributions to the AR movement. Those women, like Tara and many others, are true AR leaders, though they lead in feminine ways. Throughout our history, there have always been intelligent & virtuous white women who were leaders of one kind or another. That will never change.
    These vicious beta males are only detrimental to the AR and to white society. They lack virtue & are pulling our people & the AR down. They are inadequate, but instead of improving themselves, they hate on others. Their bile is 100% sour grapes and jealousy. So pathetic and despicable.

    • “Throughout our history, there have always been intelligent & virtuous white women who were leaders of one kind or another. ”

      Name ten.

      • There are many different kinds of leadership. Without even having to think about it for very long:

        Beatrix von Storch, Frauke Petry, Phiyllis Schlafly, Marine LePen, Marion LePen, Ann Coulter, Margaret Thatcher, Florence Nightengale, Hedy Lamarr, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Isabella of Spain, Joan of Arc, and yes, on of course a much lower level within the AR intself: Tara McCarthy, Wife-with-a-Purpose, Lana Lokteff, Lauren Rose and many, many others. The list could stretch for many pages.

        You only see what you want to see. How about you educate and improve yourself instead of spewing venom toward half of our race?

        • LOL Joan of Arc is closer to a fictional character. Hedy Lemarr is Jewish. Anything named LePen is an election loss. Ann Coulter dates Hindus, Negroes and Keith Olbermann.

          Just stop while you’re behind. Women are NOT leaders. Where were you during Charlottesville? ON THE OTHER SIDE dying of heart attacks.

        • Going back to the 1400’s (Isabella of Castille) and 1500’s (Elizabeth I of England) to find noteworthy white women leaders kind of proves the point that there haven’t been many. The traditional role of women has been as bearers and raisers of children and supporters of men. Perhaps you should consider that keeping to that proper role is the best way to restore families.

    • You’d think after enduring a torrent of “you’re a Nazi!” insults, alt-righters would have thicker skin.

      That goes for both the women and the men.

      Honestly, I blame the problem on not spending enough time on the forums and going through the torrent of verbal abuse like the vets used to have to.

  • Paste that photo to your Zuckbook Page without commentary. Let your boomer and cuck relatives squirm.

    Ask them to “choose”. Don’t let them talk if they won’t. No slinking away from their selfish greedy vain consciences. They need to choose. They need to choose.

  • LOL. I can’t blame the family for not wanting their daughter’s memory besmirched via an association with a bunch of racist losers. If you really cared you would have left flowers or teddy bears anonymously instead of trying to use this poor’s death to promote your noxious agenda.

  • Gorgar endorses the switch from Trump’s Wall to KATE’S WALL.

    Maybe wall funding could be part of a larger violence against women law?

  • Another way to think about the murder of the Katie Stienle…

    Not too long after the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT Increase Act..

    Monumentally Greedy White Male CEOs…and Monumentally Greedy Chamber of Commerce Types enjoyed the nonwhite scab labour that the 1965 Act provided them with…….Being monumentally greedy…these treasonous Evil Doers….lobbied…went out and brought politicians who would 1)crank up nonwhite Legal Immigrant Scab Labor….and when this wasn’t enough….2)nonwhite illegal alien scab labor….

    So why did these Treasonous Evil Doers do this?

    Answer:To deprive the Historic Native Born White American Working Class of the very very very great benefit of a very very severe labor scarcity….And the very very great benefit of a very very very severe LABOR SCARCITY=high real wage labor markets…2)increased labor market bargaining power for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS in relation to the BOSSMAN…

    From which it logically follows that Katie Stienle was murdered by a Mexican Gang Banger…………………Because of the post-1965 Republican-Democratic Parties…..owned by powerful CEOs…..labor policy of depriving The Native Born White American Working Class of the very very very great benefit of a very very very severe labor scarcity……

    Young Beautifull Katie Stienle was MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD!! by the vaulting monumental GREED!!! of the Chamber of Commerce and the MEGA-CEOS OF GOOGLE…

  • The physics problem MAGA!!! faces:What happens if Trump blacktops most of America..America’s biota…with fucking hot steaming GD black asphalt…to create high paying middle class jobs for Hindu…Chinese….Korean…Iranian…Korean…Youth?

    This is another problem with Civic Nationalism Cuckholdery…..

    Just think about this…you don’t even have to respond to this….but it is a very real…nightmarish possibility…..What are you willing to give up for being a White Racial Foreigner-White Minority in America for Donald Trump’s Glorious MAGA!!! Civic Nationalists Jobs Program….?

    Donald Trump attempted to poison our water supply in Mt Kisco with an adjacent Gulf Course for Japanese Corporate Executives…

    Think about it…

  • So glad to see that the Alt Right is moving away from the “death to America, the founding fathers were evil” attitude that used to be so prevalent. That was never going to be a winning strategy.

    • The appropriate iconography already exists. We don’ need to borrow from 1930s Germany except to troll Chosenites,

  • As I said the other day, the typical reaction from reddit Democrats has been: “thanks, San Francisco, you just re-elected Donald Trump.” Glad someone noticed.

    Nice American flags, btw, I wonder who bullied the “activists” into “opticucking?” Either way, good job, bullies!

  • Politics is a cooperative game. If we simply ignore the context we live in and try to shape a political movement completely out of our own imagination, then it will remain irrelevant. What we should learn from the “it’s okay to be white” campaign is that we need political opponents.

    Ridiculing boomer conservatives is effective, debating them is taking a step back into the political reality of yesterday. That is why we should accept the premises of the lefts attack on America and embrace it. Allow the leftists to set the stage, then use the Papa John strategy to conquer it.

    When black people connect the American anthem to slavery, you embrace it and make the anthem into a symbol of white identity. When the left call the US a white fascist state you embrace it and make the flag into a symbol of white identity. When they attack statues of “white supremacists” you embrace it and make them into symbols of white identity.

  • Alt Right Men are the last line of proctection against Native Born White Christian American Women being sold into sexual slavery in OUR FRIEND ISRAEL!!!!….and Saudia Arabia…..and Idaho City Idaho…and Muslim Michigan…..

    Think about it…..

  • Camp of the Saints…

    Civil War Two by Chittum…

    From which it follows that:This is the ENDGAME for Our People……

    • Chittum was wrong about so much. Can’t believe he never considered how pozzed Whites could get. He just assumed that all Whites would just wake up together. Never took into account Antifa types.

      • Ok….but what I think is true about the current situation is that The Historic Native Born White American Nation is in the cognitive dissonance stage…it’s been a prolonged one. The major institutions of this Society have turned against Our People. This why it has been prolonged…..I believe we are most definitely seeing signs that they are transitioning out of it.

        And if Trivers’ book on the biology-ethology of betrayal is accurate….then we can predict that the US will go into a state of very high National stress…..It will get very ugly….It got very very ugly starting on 9/11…..9/11+4 weeks afterwards…..It was a whole month of being unpozzed……It really was….

  • Eureka! This is EXACTLY the secret formula, the path to growth and victory! Embrace that which is, in fact, both implicitly and explicitly white. “American” really does mean white because only Whites are legitimately and fully American.

    • Not according to the law. And what the heck does “legitimately and fully” mean? It means nothing. It’s just a bunch of gibberish.

      Either you’re an American citizen or you’re not. It’s an either or proposition.

  • Who do we blame for Katie Stienle’s murder?

    A Fish stinks from the top of it’s head…

    From which it logically follows that Segey Brin and Larry Page are to blame for Katie Stienle’s murder…

    Behind every GREAT FORTUNE is a very GREAT CRIME!!!

  • The Democratic Party is waging an over-the-top war of violent racial extermination against 1)The Historic Native Born White American Working Class and 2)Christian Russia…..

    Civic Nationalism=Cuckholdery…..

    From which it logically follows that the only viable option for our People is:NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN GUT LEVEL RACIAL TRIBALISM….THE RACE!!!….LONG LIVE THE RACE!!!!….It’s our Racial Tribal Turing Test…that no Pakistani Muslim “American”…such as Khizir Khan…could ever pass….all Khizir Khan can do is agitate for our People’s demographically violent race-replacement by waving MUH CONSTITUTION!!!! at the Old Farting Hairy pantsuit wearing Lesbian’s coronation as Alpha Bulldyke of America….

    This is the logical foundation of the Alt Right….what else could it be?

      • The racial extermination of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class is real…as in real-time….

        And it is occurring because of the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act……For the moment, I won’t be long winded about it….

        If the Chinese in Han People China wake up today and find that China’s elite Engineering Schools and Universities are colonized by Hindu Legal Immigrants from India….and if the Han People in China wake up today and find that they have been race-replaced in a majority of China’s Tech-Engineering Companies…and in China’s Space Program with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS from India…….How do you think the Han People in China would react?…..Answer:The Chinese in China would correctly believe that they are being targeted for Demographic-Racial Extermination….and the Chinese People in China would act accordingly…..It would be over real quick….Complete intolerance for their demographic-racial extermination….China would go into a state of high National stress within a few hours….

        Substitute Israel and India…and do the same thought experiment…..

        • I see. So no one is being exterminated. Whites are being displaced by non-whites in certain highly technical fields. That’s true and the majority of post-graduate engineering degrees in this country now go to foreign born people from Asia. How do you propose to stop this from continuing? If those students are excluded from America, more employers will just pursue them by opening up in India.

          Also, I don’t know that many working class whites ever populated America’s elite schools. Overwhelmingly, those places were taken by the sons of the well off. The working class worked the factories; the rich guys owned the factories.


    LOL uh oh…Lauren ‘Southern’ (((Simonsen))) just got busted for her coal-burning ‘past.’ Just another reason to not trust a ‘based’ woman. There is a reason they are radical. Look at Tomi Lahren…that was obvious. Look at Ann Coulter. It’s a joke.

    In fact, Republican white women are MORE likely than even Democrat white women to engage in miscegenation.

    So what is worse….a white harridan feminist who is so picky she literally walks around downtown Portland with a cat in a bag (have seen two on separate sides of the same street) because she can’t find her perfect man, or a ‘principled’ trad-con ‘based’ white woman who surreptitiously beds nonwhites?

    I assure you most women here have, or are, banging black guys. Just look at Sinead. She can only dub cute songs about Jews and shame white guys who bang Asians or bash feminists, but she just can’t bring herself to putting down all these feral thugs. Gee, I wonder why?

    • There are some such as myself who care deeply about white people and their future, and that includes insuring it by not interracially dating or miscegenation with ANY non- white. Not just blacks. I do not and have never done so. (Yuk). I support the alt-right because I care about the future of my white son, and future descendants. Please understand and have faith that there are some of us out there who are not what you described.

    • I’ve never understood this obsession with a super-minority of race mixing harlots (men or women).

      They are statistically insignificant, and you should be glad they’re overtly displaying what poor choices they would have made as marriage material.

      White intermarriage isn’t a problem because 1) it’s very, very rare, 2) the people that do it are leftists, and they don’t have kids. The link you posted just shows that retards who adopt inter-racially are 0.6% more likely to be republican than democrat. Also statistically insignificant, and a very small number to begin with.

      • “White intermarriage isn’t a problem because 1) it’s very, very rare, 2) the people that do it are leftists, and they don’t have kids.”

        If I had a penny for every time I’ve seen a large white whale running around with 4-5 nappy headed kids, I’d be freakin’ George Soros by now.

      • common sense tells me that person who prefer sex with browns don’t really want to fight for europeans, she just exploit movement to earn money

      • This commenter has specifically said outright that he would “open the gates” for the enemy if the alt-Right does not comply with his demands concerning women. I’m not sure what he’s doing here, but I’m suspicious.

        I used to think that MGTOW was the ugly mirror image of feminism. I have now come to realize that is an insult to feminists.

        Not even the very most extreme feminist lunatics ever spoke about men the way these creeps talk about women. In fact, they said just the opposite. The most radical feminists generally claimed that men were no good, but only because they were misguided. Now they call it toxic masculinity. MGTOW claims that women are psychopathic by nature and cannot be improved through education. Matt Parrot once called conservatives “short-bus liberals,” because they agree with all of the Left’s premises, but aren’t smart enough to work out the logical conclusions of these premises. I fall MGTOW short-bus faggots, because their views lead as inexorably to faggotry as the old radical essentialist feminists’ views lead to lesbianism. After all, you can’t have an amoral psychopath with no empathy or conscience involved in your children’s’ upbringing now can you?

        There were some feminists of the “essentialist” persuasion early on, but they had no lasting influence because they were (1) full of shit, and (2) offensive to any woman who cared about their fathers, brothers, nephews, and of course their very own sons. MGTOW was arguably a helpful foil to the alt-Right when they could make us seem moderate by comparison, but that only works if there is a strict firewall in place. If they become identified with the movement, it’s over.

        • LOL you feminists slay me! You just gave an apologetic screed for feminism. That’s all you did. The Alt-Right badly needs a countercoup before you crazy harlots hijack this movement like you hijack EVERYTHING else and ruin it.

          Just like all the based homosexuals and mulattos of the Alt-Lite were purged with Charlottesville, feminism is next. It has to happen.

          We have reached the inflection point where women need to accept their role if they are gonna talk the talk. You E-THOTs have reached diminishing returns on beta-harvesting desperate virgins.

          You can call any critic of feminism a faggot or a ‘MGTOW’, but you know it isn’t true. You have never had sex with a woman, so you don’t know how to conquer them or how they function.

          Not one woman has sacrificed for this movement or in any war….and don’t you dare say ‘muh Joan of Arc.’

          The only blood you are shedding is your monthly pussy blood flow. How many women have been doxxed and their livelihoods ruined? Name just one. You can’t.

          You stupid bitches have zero concept of sacrifice. You did not have to sign any Social Contract, while we have to sign it on our blood.

          You would gladly accept multiculturalism if it meant preserving feminism, so shut the fuck up.

          ‘Stay in your lane.’

          • Yes, you are a faggot, and either stupid or intellectually dishonest. If I say axe murderers are worse than rapists, does that mean I’m a fan of rapists?

            Obviously, not.

            Even you are not stupid enough to make that claim in good faith.

          • LOL I have gotten more pussy than you…or, well, maybe not because you seem to really be into pussy and very anti-male.

            You histrionic dykes make zero sense. Go critique my three windy comments on Spencer’s article and tell me I hate women. You can’t. Everything I say makes sense. It only seems hateful because you are not used it.

            Women are not leaders…you are receivers. Stop trying to fool all these young men who have nothing to begin with. You feminists are Marxists in panties.

            All you can do is call any critic of feminism a homosexual, an incel or a weirdo. That rhetoric comes directly from (((Theodor Adorno’s))) ‘The Authoritarian Personality,’ which pathologized any white male who was not a leftist, as all of these things.

            According to you Shabbos shiksas, any groups of men are prone to homosexuality if they are alone in a room without women moderating them.

            You use these pithy insults because you are scared. I do not hate women and I do not even hate you or Sinead. I hate the power women have because they are irresponsible, just like you are displaying here. You are selfish. You actually enjoy the pain you cause men because you think it’s the cost for your ‘freedoms.’

            You even shoehorned that feminist fable of ‘rape’ into this. Just admit you believe in abortion, no-fault divorce, VAWA and all the rest of the feminism that have killed white birthrates and families.

          • I am more than happy to discuss these things with you, and I am not scared of you.

            First of all, you accused me of causing men pain. How do you figure I have caused men pain, and enjoyed it? I have been happily married for many years, and do not wish harm on any White man. Moreover, I’m not the least bit bothered by men spending time together without women. I think it’s healthy and good. Sometimes, I bitch about my husband to my Mom, and she will often say, “What a loser. Get rid of him.” Of course, her point is that if that’s all I have to worry about in my marriage, I’m very lucky. We chuckle and I get on with my day.

            I absolutely reject no-fault divorce. Abortion is more complicated, but I will say that I would have no problem banning it in a White ethnostate. By the same token, men who get women pregnant and fail to legitimize the child by marrying the mother before the child is born should be declared unfit so the Mother is free to consent to adoption over his objection.

            As for VAWA, I don’t know the particulars, and it may be a bad law, but I don’t think it should be legal to beat your wife if that’s what you’re asking. Amish men seem to be able to have many children and happy lives without beating their wives, so I don’t understand why other men can’t.

            This brings me to the reason I call you a faggot. If you believe that women must be treated like garbage in order to be happy in their marriages, and you act on this belief, your children are going to hate you, unless you teach the, to hate her first. Have you thought this through?

            I support alt-Right men 100% in taking back their roles, but I will not be silent while you attack women’s traditional roles. I take frontal attacks on motherhood very seriously. And you are, of course, attacking motherhood. You have said that women are amoral psychopaths without empathy or conscience. I take that as a declaration that you would take my children away from me if you had the power to do so.

          • See, you are being hysterical, which women tend to do. When did I ever say I wanted to take your children? Am I a pedophile too? When did I ever attack motherhood? See this is why I only recently stopped taking women seriously. You cannot rationalize with them because your minds are inscrutably wired.

            You are still trying to rationalize the irrational: feminism…and you still bailed on it. Under no conditions, except for the obvious 3, should women be able to kill the unborn. It is dysgenic.

            Women have an insatiable lust for conflict. You will dedicate decades of your lives brooding over your coworker, neighbor or relative because she made a comment about your dress. That is not healthy for leadership, sorry. I understand that a little bit of drama is fun and necessary, but only for hausfraus ensconced in childrearing, not politics.

            Whereas I am sure you have heard the same type of male story ad infinitum, but it’s true….men bully each other, get into fights, but then become best friends…for whatever reason. Women do not. It does not mean we want to have sex with each other. We are not even allowed to share our ‘feelings.’ You harpies have made us all homophobes (scared of being considered gay) if we not only share emotions, but listen to a man share emotions.

            Not saying that it’s not Darwinian fitness to help make men stronger, but the concomitant feminism is not. Something has to give. It cannot go on like this. Laws of thermodynamics.

            When I lived in Fl, the first conversation with my neighbor was VAWA. He had footage of her with a butcher knife, yet he was the one arrested and fighting it the entire time I lived there. The bitch was just some black slut he never saw again too. ANY woman can do that to you.

            I don’t care that you ‘don’t support that.’ You DO support it by the fact that you are using all of your energy stopping guys like me from meming the tolerance for feminism out of existence. You enable its continuation. YOU should be doing what I’m doing to free me and others up to other matters, but you won’t, so I have to help clean house.

            All it takes to end this is enough women shitposting ‘End no-fault divorce.’ But it just isn’t in your nature to surrender your advantages, so they will either be taken away or simply become useless and unenforceable (more likely) from diminishing returns of chivalry, as fewer and fewer men are taking these positions because of the dire ROI we have all witnessed.

            The Amish are White Sharia practitioners. LOL I support them.

            I have been locked in a jail cell with 6’7″ niggers telling me I have privilege after harassing groups of blacks in the worst areas of this country and me not backing down. I walked in Juarez, Mexico wearing my Trump shirts and got swarmed by oompa loompas. I have pics. I drove to Charlottesville. That’s just a few things off the top of my head.

            I don’t want some THOT who has never been in a fight telling me how to fight. I have ZERO incentive at this point to defend a woman because they first of all do not respect white knights, which every young man needs to be taught.

            As for treating women like ‘garbage’…sorry, but you do need to be. Nobody respects a ‘nice guy’…especially women. I started getting action when I watched others treat women ‘horribly’ and realized the truth that women like it. I was very reluctant because it felt unnatural, but you just get used to it since that is what women truly want…and they won’t forgive you for not giving it to them.

            They are happier than a pig rolling around in mud when they see drama. I don’t know why, but it reifies them.

            Of course I wish it did not have to be this way, but it is, and I am not going back. I wish I did not have to play the villain, but somebody has to, and besides, it works.

            The minute you stop treating your dog like a cuddly beanie baby, and start roughhousing and giving him orders… suddenly he follows you everywhere and is suspicious of anybody giving you attention.

            The internet is going to get a lot more hostile to women and eventually it will end social media, which is a good thing.

            Tell me I’m evil or gay or a liar all you want, but these nude pics of women in my bed say otherwise.

          • If you don’t want women in politics, and want to revive traditional gender roles, then why do you debate politics with women online? Who cares what they think?

          • LOL I’m not white knighting. I actually agree with the sentiment, but not the approach. Tara McCarthy stops doing her horrible podcasts when she loses her audience (95% men) so make fun of them for looking to teeny boppers for their political opinions. Making fun of her might be easy and fun, but as long as dudes are giving her those hatreon sheckels she’s not going anywhere.

          • Men like you feel threatened by Tara’s and other women’s intelligence and beauty. They make you feel inadequate. You feel inadequate because you are, in fact, inadequate. High-quality, intelligent men are not threatened by high-quality, intelligent women.

          • hahaha Tara is a 6 at best and hasn’t said anything interesting or thought provoking in her entire youtube career. NOBODY is intimidated by mediocrity. Nice try though Freud.

          • There is only one way people listen…ridicule. They call it bullycide now. I do this out of love. These E-sluts have peaked at 3000 views per video. We do not need them. Most of them are mediocre looking anyway. They are not doing anything productive other than leading these thirsty beta-orbiters on and I am sick of seeing these poor bastards stung along. NOTHING productive comes from this. These bitches aren’t ‘waking’ any new people up. They are doing what women do….self-preservation. No offense, but open your eyes and act like a fucking man.

          • lol cool story muh nigga. Real men get in shouting matches with random wimminz who have different opinions than them. This is the only way to crush feminism!

            We’re basically agreeing with each other so whatever. All roads lead to Rome as the saying goes.

          • Ahaha No True Scotsman fallacy…”a ‘real’ man would…”
            No stupid. A real man has whiskers, a deep voice and broad shoulders. Stop with this cuck rhetoric. Women are automatically on our side no matter which direction we go, so we might as well go in the right direction. How hard is this for you to understand? This is pointless to discuss. You will never seen the light until it is broken on your head.

          • In all this verbiage, you have not responded to my basic points.

            If you believe I am an amoral psychopath with no conscience and no empathy, and yet you don’t want to take my children away from me, then there is something deeply wrong with you. Amoral psychopaths with no empathy or remorse are not fit to raise children. The whole foundation of Western family life, including the very idea of motherhood, rests on assumptions about women that run completely contrary to your narrative. You attack the premises of motherhood and replace them with anti-motherhood premises, but claim innocence.

            Moreover, if you believe women must be treated like dogs, and you act accordingly, you are going to have to sever the mother-son bond by about six or seven at the latest, or else your children will hate you for mistreating their beloved mother. Who will move in to fill that void, and what will be the result? A cycle of pederasty and faggotry. “Women are for children, boys are for pleasure,” as the Pashtun say. White Afghanistan, indeed.

            You cannot raise a child with a person whom you believe is a psychopath so bereft of reasoning and reflection that you must keep them in line with brute force. (Boys and girls are responsive to virtue education from about five, by the way.). The day to day logistics won’t work out, regardless of what degenerate magazines you keep under your bed.

          • The Amish do not practice White Shariah. You cannot beat your wife if you are a strict pacifist. They correct their wives, when needed, with Biblical counseling, and shunning (not divorce) only when that has failed. Result: Big, happy White families.

            You say you support them, yet they are a refutation of all you say about women.

          • Once again the irrational female mind rears its dimwitted logic. ‘White Sharia’ does not exist and never will, just like Pepe, because it is a goddamn meme, Miss Buzzkill.

            The patriarchal Amish are cartoon cutout of this meme. Their women are made to be modest and disciplined, thus ‘White Sharia.’

          • You are mentally ill. Everything you write is your projection of your own mental illness and viciousness onto others. You have no true intellect or discernment, no nobility, spiritual insight or sincerity. You provide and represent nothing of value, so it would be better for white society if you removed yourself.

          • Where do you come up with this shit? It sounds like you parsed through a few select comment sections, mixed and matched all of the exciting ones into a medley of what YOU rationalize as satisfactory to your confused mind, and then assign this bizarre world view to any male who disagrees with you. That is feminism.

            You are applying male qualities to abstract female psyches with these Jewish concepts of ‘psychopaths.’ That is anthropomorphism.

            Women give birth, which men cannot. Their minds biologically bend (like a snake unhinges its jaw to eat a rat) to distract from the inveterate discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth to propagate the species. They also use this unwitting mind trick to defame men, if society is numbed to female nature. That is where my theory of female amorality derives. Women can do something so heinous to men without guilt because they gain status by it, a primary female motivator. That is what feminism is all about: not empowering women but disempowering men from even knowing about female nature.

            I understand, you are afraid of this budding antifeminist rhetoric emerging everywhere in the Alt-Right. Most women are because you want to keep feminism in the ethno-state, but it is not going to happen. No matter how many times I explain it, you will dodge this.

            You are saying you WANT me to take away your kids? Really don’t understand this left turn you took, but I don’t want them. In fact, I do not want any children in my house that are not mine. But you unearth another uncomfortable truth….women ARE comfortable living with somebody else’s children under their roof it it means having access to their alpha fathers. That involves another windy dissertation, which I will spare you, about biological female diplomacy….not because the female disposition is diplomatic, but because their bodies have represented a bargaining chip for their tribal fathers and warring tribes, as I explained in different comments.

          • He is an autistic psychopath and an admitted criminal who has done jail time. Such men are thugs who shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely in society. Such “men” are the kind that decent, real men, husbands and fathers, used to beat the crap out of and lynch.

          • If you are not an actual criminal yet, you certainly have a criminal mindset. You are vulgar, evil and poisonous. You envy women who are superior to you. Women lead in ways that you cannot comprehend in your narrow understanding.

            Since you yourself are no leader and never will be, you must therefore be a “woman.” Your mind is retarded, prick.

          • Shut the fuck up stupid. You throw around melodrama as casually as you have sex with strangers these days: ‘Evil.’ So by mere WORDS I am worse than somebody who has killed somebody?

            There are no women who are superior to me or any other man here. It is not your role. Stop dividing us. GTFO

    • Not every woman who follows altright is a feminist. I certainly am not nor have I ever been. There are some such as myself who care deeply about white people and their future, and that includes insuring it by not interracially dating or miscegenation with ANY non- white. Not just blacks. I do not and have never done so. (Yuk). I support the alt-right because I care about the future of my white son, and future descendants. Please understand and have faith that there are some of us out there who are not what you described.

      • Sigh, another NAWALT. Yes, I know there are some, but they are far and away outnumbered by those who are. But you are still part of the problem because you are telling me to ‘have faith’ and be hoodwinked by unicorn women who do not exist. I did that for far too long and see so many young guys doing it right now.

        That one Jewess video saying ‘you are a feminist if…’ was correct because you have been given all of these privileges, so you are a de facto feminist whether agree to it or not.

        If you were antifeminist, you would be trolling EVEN harder than me. You would be saying…’Look, bitches, I see the light. This free ride is ending. It is time for a change.’ But you won’t because women are too selfish.

        There were indeed anti-feminist women until the 1970s, who were legitimately fearful of ‘second wave’ bra-burners passing the ‘Equal Rights Amendment,’ which would have given us literal communism, negatively affecting the feminist utopia we have today.

        Women would be subject to military subscription and combat like men are, which I would be ok with and would actually endorse feminism if women actually represented their proportion in sacrifice, but they do not because they do not have to.

        Phyllis Schalfy types died out because she and the feminists had a Rapprochement. They both agreed that women need to be pampered and men need to die at their expense and just blindly trust women who have the power to torpedo your livelihood and political movement.

      • And what will you do if your white son brings home a black woman and tells you he’s in love? Or brings home another white guy and tells you he’s gay? What will you do then? And please don’t say you’ll raise him in a way that prevents that from happening because millions of others have said the same thing.

    • Why is this getting so many downvotes?
      As far as I can tell Weimar Republican is correct…
      Did anyone here really think Lauren Southern was going to save the Aryan race? If you donated shekels to her, you’re an idiot.

  • I dont know if these attacks are done by our covert people or the liberals really are this stupid. This sort of extremism is pushing regular conservatives right into our arms.

  • Yep.

    Unfortunately, it’s going to take a number of tragedies to wake white people up to what is going on around them.

    This is but the first of probably many.

    I wish there was a different way for whites to open their eyes and see, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

    • Logic suggests you’re wrong. This was a tragic murder, no doubt, but it was one person and it happened several years ago. Two months ago a lone white guy killed 58 mainly white people in Vegas in a few minutes and wounded another 500. Last month, another lone white guy killed 26 people in a Texas church. Another white man killed 20 mainly white kids at Sandy Hook. No white people I know accept personal blame for what these killers did. No sane person would. In the same vein, very few are likely to buy Trump’s attempt to pin this one killing on illegals generally.

      Besides, the numbers are pretty clear: if someone white dies at the hands of another person, the odds about 90% that the killer will be another white person. Harping on about the exceptions doesn’t change the rule.

      Just sayin’

        • No Steve. Plainly you’re bring up the low end of the bell curve when it comes to intelligence.

          The US population in 1900 was only 76 million. By 1910 it had risen to 92 million; less than a third of today’s population.

          The overall murder rate 1900 – 1910 never was higher than 6 per 100,000, so the total number of murders in any year was, on average, less than 5,500.

          Yet you claim 86,500 interracial murders each year during that decade.

          Even today when the US population is 300 million, there are on average 15,500 murders a year. Nowhere near your fantasy figures.

          Fuck logic indeed! Let’s just make up numbers and get emotional. That’s so much better.

      • “No white people I know accept personal blame for what these killers did.”

        You’re right. White people don’t want mass murders on the loose. We prefer they be locked up.

        Unfortunately, for your side, there are hundreds of self proclaimed “sanctuary cities” which do everything they can to shield hundreds of thousands (if not more), violent criminals from prosecution and deportation. They do everything they can to protect violent illegals.

        What happened is far from one incident, and the perpetrators of such crimes are not viewed as scum that must be stopped, they are viewed as people who must be protected and released back into society.

        So your story holds no water.

        “Just sayin'”

        • Your beliefs hold no water. The average illegal is less likely to commit a violent crime than the average American. Yes, there are some violent illegal drug gangs, but they’re the exception. The vast majority illegals try not to come to the attention of law enforcement because they don’t want to be deported.

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