Kate Steinle Is A Turning Point For White Consciousness

Yesterday, the Alt-Right held a demonstration protesting the verdict in the Kate Steinle case and demanding that Kate’s Wall be built.

There was about 100 police officers and a massive squad car column. Never seen DC shut down like this by such a small group.

In general, the case of Kate Steinle is an immediate win. It is the perfect hill to fight over. We don’t have that many resources to throw around, but this is a precision strike against a chink in the armor of the enemy.

It’s hard to argue with dead girls gunned down in cold blood by a Mexican criminal whose first excuse was that he was aiming for sea lions.

…I mean, what kind of an excuse is that? Is that a thing among Mexicans? To just randomly shoot cute animals for the fun of it? Is that really an explanation that makes White people, who overwhelmingly treat nature and animals with respect, feel easier about the verdict?

This is how White people treat animals.

Apparently not.

Even the bastion of bullshit that is Reddit is up in arms. This is in regards to the WaPo article calling everyone concerned about Kate’s death a White Nationalist.

It’s amazing how detached the liberal class is from reality. They think that they can smear ANYTHING by associating it with White Nationalism. But it turns out that some things can’t be besmirched so easily, and that associating concern and sympathy over Kate with White Nationalism was a disastrous move.

Some of our rhetoric regarding the hypocrisy of Chosenites decrying identity politics for White goys, but not for themselves seems to be seeping into people’s minds. Slowly but surely, lads. Slowly but surely.

Keep in mind that Reddit and this subreddit as well are heavily-policed communities. It’s not a bad response considering. Thanks to us forcing the Kate issue, and our enemies doing what they do best – throwing a tantrum – the mask slips, and people can see the anti-White agenda shine through.

This great PR victory is made all the more possible by the ideological fervor of our enemies. They can’t seem to even fathom the stupidity of associating people concerned with the death of a pretty White girl with White Nationalism.

More and more people are simply throwing their hands up and saying, “so be it, I’m a White Nationalist.”

That’s how we win by the way.

We simply associate ourselves with issues that most White Americans feel strongly about. The flag, protecting our borders, free speech, the Constitution – all of these values are implicit White values. All we have to do is come out strongly in favor of them to have the media lose their shit, chimp out against these things and label them as “White Nationalist.”

A tranny on a bike harassed the group. Great optics for their side.

Overnight, more people find the ideas of White Nationalism more palaptable because they are now associated with things that they value.

If the WaPo hates White Nationalists, then they must be doing something right!

We don’t need to counter-signal Amerikaner values. We just embrace them and add a little something extra to the program.

We love the Constitution AND we’re race realists, and everyone who loves the Consitution must be a race realist too.

That’s a good message to send. All we have to do afterward is step back and let the media amplify it with their shrill kvetching. These people hate everything to do with America, and they feel emboldened enough now to come out in open defiance of everything that Amerikaners hold dear.

Antifa showed up to protest “White Supremacy” and in effect, to protest Kate.

Let them, we’ll be waiting for the droves of new recruits with open arms.

Vincent Law
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