‘Tis An Odd And Sick Soviet Sequel

Interestingly, a lot of ordinary people still don’t see or understand what is really going on in the Western World.

While most of what is published in this article will be neither new nor profound to the Alt-Right faithful, this article is necessary as a kind of primer for those who are new to the movement or who have a creeping sense that something is deeply off in Western society, but don’t know precisely what it is, or haven’t had anyone lay it out in plain English for them.

The left weaponizes language. All political factions do so to some degree or another, but the left does so in some of the most extreme and extremely dishonest ways. Take the recent case of Tony Hovater, the young man who was profiled by the New York Times recently in an insufficiently deprecatory and propagandistic way. Nevermind that this is what journalists are actually supposed to do, namely report the news and inform people, rather than try to advance the cause of Cultural Marxism, nevermind that.

Anyhow, after the New York Times wrote up an insufficiently unflattering article about the guy, he and his wife were fired from their jobs. The internet thereupon exploded with glee. The childish, third-world imbeciles who currently occupy the contemporary United States think it is a fantastic development that people are being persecuted merely on account of their ideas, ideas of course which have absolutely no bearing on whether someone can actually do their job.

This is clearly considered another form of “social justice” and in every sense moral and desirable, especially when “Nazis” are fired or punched or jailed or whatever. And yet to my knowledge no actual Nazis have been punched or fired or jailed, just innocent individuals the left has conveniently, albeit inaccurately labeled “Nazis”. The thing is, actual Nazis haven’t really been around for 75 years or so, and the men being punched and fired are not even Neo-Nazis, if we are being intellectually honest! In the Cultural Marxist totalitarian worldview that predominates in the Western World, anyone the Cultural Marxists label a Nazi deserves no rights and can’t possibly be defended morally, politically, or otherwise. It is not a worldview that can sustain a free people.

That said, if you know anything about Marxist movements and governments, this is nothing new. The Soviets were notorious for purging and imprisoning dissidents. In fact, one of the most beloved and overused epithets of the Bolsheviks themselves was none other than “fascist”. They were acutely fond of that one. It was widely used in print and in everyday society to describe anyone who the regime didn’t approve of, or who it was useful to brand an enemy of the people and the “people’s revolution”. It seems nothing has really changed.

The left is using the same exact tactics of their communist forebears.

And yet in the same world where everyone to the right of Stalin is a “Nazi”, the term “Cultural Marxist” is considered a conspiracy theory (see Wikipedia). Which is really rather stunning to be frank, but I think strong indirect proof nevertheless that the media and big tech are in the hands of the Cultural Marxists themselves. After all, the left has long since abandoned the liberal values that once supposedly energized it. Free speech? Nope. Free association? Nope. Actual societal progress? Nope. Equal standards? Nope. Essential economic liberties? Nope. The veil has slipped it seems. Our political left can’t yet get away with some of the brutal methods and means the political left of old regularly employed, but they want to, and they are pushing and pushing the boundaries of the law and civil society with every passing second. The modern political left is a totalitarian movement if ever there was one. Indeed, persecuting people for mere ideas, not even actions, is arguably the height of totalitarianism. What’s more, there really is no amount of force they are not ready to approve to advance their hard egalitarian agenda.

This all is why “Cultural Marxism” is the most apt and accurate term to describe the modern political left. No “conspiracy theory” required. Because a devout belief in egalitarianism (racial, gender, etc.) has by and large come to consume all the other values of the political left. There is no real “liberalism” left on the left. Leftists have taken the root principles of Marxist philosophy to their only logical conclusion. After all, most hierarchies, economic and otherwise, which naturally develop in practically every human setting, are not really all that fair or just. They’re useful, they’re essential, but “just”? Not so much.

However, rational societies prefer use to equality. Because “equality” sounds good, but “use” is good.

Furthermore, you can see that the culture wars of the communists of old are today still being fought against the same “oppressive” hobgoblins: the ethnic majority, the church, anyone who believes anything other than the official orthodoxy of cultural determinism, traditionalism, natural bonds rooted in biological difference (race) or ideological difference (religion, etc.). Even the basic ideological structure of Cultural Marxism is borrowed from traditional Marxism. We are told that America will finally be delivered when we have at long last overcome our shameful racist history, and become an equal and socially just nation (presumably by eliminating white people). The parallels to traditional communism are thus all too plain to see. Instead of calling for a permanent proletarian revolution we now have a permanent revolution not of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, but of various oppressed groups against racists and sexists and whites and males any other group the Western power class is wont to vilify or undercut, who, in the Cultural Marxist ideological paradigm, take the place of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie respectively. These oppressed minorities, in their valiant struggle against the stand-in bourgeoisie, are now the ones who must achieve social and economic parity and overthrow the oppressor class, so as to finally deliver us all from the shackles of human hierarchy and the scourge of unequalness.

It’s the same ugly Christmas sweater in other words, albeit in different wrapping paper. And when you’ve seen it, when you’ve worn it, when you’ve known it, it’s just as disappointing, only the human price tag has many more zeroes.

It has been said that “liberalism” is premised upon the values of liberty and equality. But the truth is liberty and equality are only really compatible along the margins, or if we posit a very limited conception of either. Any society that obsesses over “equality” will invariably be extremely hostile to liberty, and any society that takes “liberty” quite seriously will be indifferent to “equality”. America was founded as the latter type of society, but has devolved into the former. We are without question today a society fixated on fixing every degree of discrimination, inequality and social injustice imaginable. Ours is not a healthy or a free society.

It is not a society in which real liberty is possible.

Every liberty Americans historically took for granted is today either outlawed officially, outlawed effectively, or at best highly insecure: freedom of association, freedom of discrimination, freedom of speech, democracy, property rights, etc. In a society that permits even trivial amounts of capitalism, true economic equality is essentially unattainable (of course it is never obtained in traditional Marxist societies either, since the apparatchiks and overlords at the top hoard the wealth and the resources even as they peddle Marxist inanity to the enserfed masses), and the left seems to partially, though begrudgingly accept some degree of it, but the zealots and radicals on the left seem to be on an almost constant, unyielding crusade to eliminate every inequality conceivable.

Of course, as it was with traditional Marxism, equality and social justice are not really either, properly speaking. What they are, are systems of organized persecution against selectively chosen and demonized groups. The traditionally Marxist Soviets were after ethnic Russian land-owners and industrialists, not the politically connected, effete elites and Bolsheviks who came to hoard Russia’s wealth. The Cultural Marxists today claim to be seeking equality, but they never demand that Jews or East Asians or Indian-Americans apologize for their privileged positions, forfeit their disproportionate power, or deny their own racial existence. Their animus, redistributive policies and diversity quotas are almost exclusively directed at white people, especially white males, who are relatively speaking, not inordinately successful, if you are interested at all in the data. These patterns are easily observable in any Marxist totalitarian society. The real beneficiaries of Marxist socio-political systems are almost always the mendacious, the corrupt, and the well-connected, and the real victims of such systems are not those with truly undue power or wealth, but instead ordinary, honest people who find themselves trapped in a twisted, degenerate, miserable society, where true individualism is stifled in its entirety. Marxism never actually makes anything better.

It simply shifts wealth and power from those who produce things of value and possess actual leadership skills, to whoever parasitic, ideological plutocrats wish to shift it to.

You can readily observe this phenomenon in Silicon Valley today. The Cultural Marxist loons out west are hell-bent on giving coveted positions to supposedly (but not really) oppressed people so as to achieve equal representation for this group or that. Why? Because social justice! Because diversity! But what value has social justice? None. What value has diversity? None. In a free, capitalist society, people earn wealth through free market transactions. They benefit by benefiting others via their creativity and productivity. They are rewarded not because they’re particularly useless but because they’re particularly useful to the rest of us. What’s more, they are rewarded for their deeds, not for their status or membership in some perennially underrepresented or biologically defective group.

This peculiar objective of eradicating largely harmless inequalities between populations (like increasing the number of women in the technology field through diversity preferences) possesses essentially no value to society. It is just another type of redistribution, or inequality correction as it were, rooted in Marxist thought. It is hostile to the workings of the free market, to free speech and to free association. Indeed, every essential liberty seems to have become subordinated in recent years to the dictates of Cultural Marxism.

However, you won’t hear this on the evening news. You won’t read anything like it in the New York Times either. All our Cultural Marxist overlords seem interested in talking about are “Nazis” who don’t actually exist. They are masters at engineering consent and illusions. But it takes real skill to convince ordinary people of an absurdity like Nazis being ubiquitous in American society, that they are running amok in the streets and influencing the president, all in a thoroughly Marxist totalitarian state such as ours, where Americans live under the iron-fist of top-down oligarch control and domination, reinforced by frightening military technology and mass surveillance, whereas the Cultural Marxist psychopaths so evidently tyrannizing us, lying to us, brainwashing us, terminating us, persecuting us for our political views, they don’t even exist!

Now that’s impressive.

But really, how long can it continue? Illusions as grand as this, and of a magnitude comparable to the diversity myth (that it is our “greatest strength”), are fragile because of their obvious falsity. When Gorbachev opened the Soviet Union to information from without, to self-criticism, to Western ideas, it ultimately led to the fall of the Iron Curtain. The internet was a kind of second glasnost, this time for the West, whereby those who formerly filtered and controlled access to information in the Western World, suddenly found themselves unable to control it and to so effortlessly deceive the people. The Alt-Right’s seed was formed in the agar of that liberation from censorship. But will it be enough to ultimately dismantle the illegitimate power system that today rules over our people so diabolically? Only time will tell.