Kate Steinle Memorial By Identity Evropa Dubbed ‘Hate Shrine’ By Anti-White Media

Identity Evropa did a remarkably simple and powerful action the other day.

Notice how simply, touching and NORMAL it was?

It would be hard to associate goose-stepping Neo-Larpism with making a shrine to a murdered woman killed by an illegal alien criminal. But the media and anti-White institutions in this country took that as a challenge.

As many of you know by now, Trump had some choice words to say about the verdict.

The media narrative was something to behold. A shrine to a dead woman was turned into a White Supremacist “hate shrine”. Which is exactly what we need more of.

This is a winning formula on many levels. First, it triggers the media and anti-White establishment into overreacting. In fact, the city has removed the “hate shrine” as of this writing.

Second, it is hard to argue with a topic as emotionally charged as the brutal murder of an American woman by an illegal. It’s a good hill for us to fight on, and a bad one for the Left to die on.

Third, it is always a good idea to be in agreement with President Donald Trump on an issue. We should counter-signal the man only when we have to, and latch onto whatever he tweets out at 4am and amplify it if it matches up with our agenda.

It’s not hard to see why inquisitive White minds might start having doubts about why a memorial to a murdered woman is a no-no now. And it’s a sobering thought that “Bronx Juries” of non-Whites and liberals will now let actual murderers get away with their crimes and do it to stick it to Whites.

We all know by now that if there were such a ruling for the killer of some black criminal, there would be a Cat 5 chimpout by Blacks. Meanwhile, so far, even the parents of the dead girl are coming out against the “hate shrine” dedicated to their daughter.

I don’t know about you, but the self-loathing and cowardliness of most Whites is difficult to witness day in and day out.

And the day of reckoning when the grapes of White wrath will be harvested always seems to be in the indefinite future.

But Kate Steinle will become a rallying point for ethno-nationalists all over the country despite what her parents and the anti-White media think about the matter. And I think we’re going to hear a lot more about Kate Steinle in the coming days.

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  • Remember Justine Damond, the white woman shot by the Somali cop in MPLS? That was probably just as vile as Kate Steinle’s murder.

  • The Memorial to Kate by IE is brilliant! Kudos to IE. More of this please! This will give the J-Left media kittens… Good article here, thanks.

  • Anybody remember Amy Biehl? She was a white American graduate of Stanford University and an Anti-Apartheid activist in South Africa who was murdered by a black mob in 1993.

    Biehl’s family supported the release of the murders. Her father shook their hands and stated:
    “The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue… we are here to reconcile a human life [that] was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.”

    Two of the men who had been convicted (and later pardoned) of her murder were employed by the foundation established by Biehl’s family.


    • Thanks for that retrospective.
      Just like that young German woman, riding her bike home in the evening.
      She was pulled off by some piece of retarded garbage, raped and thrown in the river. I think was about 19 or 20.
      Her parents asked for donations to the refugee centers in her name.

  • Pretty sure the Steinle parents had the memorial removed because they didn’t want their daughter’s grave politicized by “Evil WHITE Supremacists!”
    Wellllll whatever. In a Neo-Nazii WHITE Supremacist skinhead society that action from the parents should have them guilty of treason and offensive acts against a sainthood, and hopefully placed in a dungeon.
    Filthy rotten liberal shik. We all know it was the mother.

  • I am disappointed that the Steinle family cucked out. They are probably California liberals. Their friends probably pressured them and fed them lies about IE.

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw footage of the beautiful memorial to Kate was: “Wow. How could anyone not find this touching. It demonstrates the true humanity of IE and alt right values and ideals as a whole.”

    For 48 hours the country witnessed “A Kinder, Gentler Nationalism.”

  • Most whites are cowards cause their civilization breeds these traits within people. All civilizations are slave societies and when you have democracy, you put female traits in charge and the rulers can rule with intimidation tactics and promisses. Let the chips fall where they may. We will see more Kate Steinles before we get through this. Through is the only way out.

    • They also asked the jury to consider lesser charges such as manslaughter, but they still didn’t convict.

    • I do tend to believe that the prosecution DID “overcharge” the case. The only factor that makes me argue against my own point is that the jury was given 3 different charges: Murder, Manslaughter and Felon in Posession of Firearm. The jury could have and should have indicted him with manslaughter. J

      • Yea, you missed it buddy. Her own people try to morn her death and her parents allow themselves to be used by the liberal forces that caused the death of their daughter. I cannot imagine a more greedy, disgusting people. Shame on them and you.

        • It does look like an attempt to use the crisis to the outsider, considering the murder itself happened back in 2015 and no memorial was set up back then. Prents may be full-on libshit zombies as well.

  • “I don’t know about you, but the self-loathing and cowardliness of most Whites is difficult to witness day in and day out.”

    It’s disgusting to watch.

    Black’s get murdered and their moms and pops (if he’s around) act like they won the ghetto lottery. White’s get murdered and their parents act like they are embarrassed to be white.

    There is a middle ground and we as a people need to start taking it and fighting it. This endless white guilt, white flight, white shame is repulsive.

    Luckily, there are two things I am certain of.

    It will end eventually, both in the US and Europe, it’s just a matter of when. The longer it goes, the harder and messier the cleanup is going to be, but in the end we will reclaim both Europe and the United States.

    We are gaining numbers every single day, even if it’s not as fast as we would like. Incidents like these do nothing except to serve to wake up more people to what is going on around them. The snowball grows slowly at first, but eventually it’s big enough to roll downhill all on it’s own.

    We’ll get there. I just want to be alive to see it when we get there.

  • Can’t remember the last time a memorial to honor someone was forcibly removed so quickly. In case someone missed it, it was the Steinle family that had it removed.

    • What a disgusting, filthy family. Their daughter looks on from then grave in shock at what a traitorous family she had.

  • Cultivating pietas toward the homeland and one’s own will certainly catch on with the White Americans who are dazed and lost in Jew sociological space.

    This will shift the Overton Window.

    • I don’t understand the bad feelings many in the Alt Right are so angry at their fellow country men and women. I don’t see whites hating whites or whites with white guilt. where is this happening?

      • ha! the first sentence should be “I don’t understand the bad feelings you have toward many of your countrymen and women” bad editing!!

      • It is all around you So-called whites demand that companies and the government hire fewer white people. They insist that colleges admit fewer white people. They mandate fewer opportunities for white people. They take from whites so that they will have fewer resources. They mock white culture or say they have none, insult whites every day, and accuse them when they are innocent.

        • i think i know what you are saying. the programs that have been set up to insure minorities have a chance to get into some better paying jobs etc. have you been turned down for a job because you are white? it happened to my husband years ago. a Hispanic man got a job my husband was clearly more qualified for. (repairing jet airplanes…maintenance position..HIGH paying too!) they were good friends and studied together. My husband was disappointed but was able to be happy for his friend. He ended up finding a good paying job that is much more stable than working for airlines. We have so many different cultures with diff ideology and needs in our country…it’s becoming very hard to deal with.

          • I have been turned down several jobs because I am both white and Protestant. I have been denied access to government programs that are available to non-whites. I have been in police custody solely because I am white. I have been denied scholarship opportunities because I am white. I was told I could not use a career center at my university because I am white. I have been denied networking opportunities because I am white. I have been a criminal victim numerous times because I am white. I was forced to wake up as a 12 year old at 5:00 am to take a 1 and 1/2 hour bus ride, one way, to an inner city school because I was white. There, gangs of blacks who had failed 3 or 4 times (yes, 17 year olds) would beat me up on a regular basis because I am white. The response from school officials was, “Now you see how it feels.” That is literally what they said. I have been beaten, cussed at, threatened, spit on, called the Devil – someone tried to light my car on fire – and on and on, for one reason and one reason only: I was born with a shiny white fanny to a poor Christian family. Now I am told I caused all the world’s problems. To Asians I am stupid, to feminists I am a rapist, to blacks I am a racist, to globalists I am lazy, to Muslims I am immoral, to rich liberals I am uncultured, rednecks think I am a trust fund baby (because I actually went to college on student loans), and to all non-whites I am the Oppressor. All I have ever done is try to put milk in the refrigerator for my family and myself, while trying to help those whom I can and who would accept my help (many don’t, because I am white). have never been given anything because I am white: not a job, an opportunity, resources, a seat in the front of the class near a trash can (which supposedly is white privilege), a home loan, or anything.

  • The War on Whites is never ending.

    White/Europeans the only group you can legally discriminate against.

    The anti-white ‘establishments’ has created a system of laws that marginalize White/Europeans, and only White/Europeans.

    White/Europeans are under attacked in our own Nations.

    Anti-White Terrorism happens every 30 seconds in the United States.

    White/Europeans in the US are victims of more than 500,000 violent inter-racial crimes every year.

    We are being told we must live with terrorism.

    We are being told the whole world has as much right to be in white countries as the founding stock.

    White/Europeans are being beat in the streets for their political beliefs.

    Whites can’t even attend a Trump rally without being attacked.

    White/Europeans comprise an estimated 6 to 7% of the entire world population.

    Only 2 to 3% of White/European Women are of child bearing age.

    The United States of America was forged out of the wilderness by our forefathers…

    The United States of America is a White/European Nation.

    The US Constitution is the highest law of the land.

    The United States of America is our inheritance, it was willed to us.

    The preamble of our US Constitution, states; ‘to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and your posterity.’

    Forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    “Diversity” is a code-word for White Genocide.

    “Diversity” is a crime against humanity.

    “Diversity” in the United States is Treason

    • We don’t have to live with this. It’s time for us to step into the light. Speak up and call liberal white people what they really are: Self-hating, self-harming, Prozac popping “racists” if they utter any anti-white comment or rant.

  • The link is slowly being made to normies.

    “Anti-racist” = anti-White

    Pro-White = Hate, to them

    You are White, and whether you care about that [yet] or not, they hate you.

  • Perhaps Kate Steinle’s family are just tired of being in the media spotlight. The family probably understands that if they say anything controversial, they will become a target.

      • You just touched upon the problem with White people the world over. A lack of intentionality. The first commandments of God were to multiply and subdue the Earth.

        When a man takes a woman, he is intentionally engaging in an act that can and eventually will produce a child. The man, and by extension his woman, then have to acknowledge that the world is dangerous for children and needs to be subdued. The rest of that couple’s life needs to be spent subduing and shaping the world for the child and the children of that child.

        Whites today are on autopilot. Sex is just sex. If a child comes along, oh well. Work is just work. If something gets built that isn’t really useful or only benefits someone else’s people, oh well.

        God made Adam to rule the Earth. Rulership requires planning and intentionality. These two things require knowledge and discipline. Now you know where to start.

    • Running away won’t make the problem go away.

      There is nowhere to run to we have exhausted the entire planet running away from The Godman’s Tomb, either reclaim the honour of Christ’s Tomb or die the death each backed into his own corner.

      If people don’t reject the oil hegemony, the soft globalist way of living it will eventually eat them to keep itself alive.

      Secularism and Humanism have betrayed you. Technology won’t save you. Only Christ’s Kingship can.

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